New Bad Days 24: The City Goes On A Decrimilization Spree Rendering Hard Drugs,Loitering And Turnstile Jumping Menial Offenses (The Last One Universally Justified) And The Presence Of Bikes Abound In A Variety Of Incidents


A fight during a party on a boat on by East 23rd st and the FDR drive at Waterside Plaza around 3 in the morning led to a man clipping a police car in his SUV and breaking a wooden barricade as he tried to flee from the area.

In Midtown West, a man stabbed a 19 year old man in the back after an argument by a Chinese takeout and a man trying to flee police in his car after a chase out of a parking garage drove in the wrong direction hitting a bike rider and clipping approaching vehicles on 7th avenue.

In the East Village, a man shoved his way into a woman’s apartment around 8:30 p.m., stabbed her and stole $500 over a drug deal dispute.

In Harlem, 10 people were shot in 2 separate incidents during the late evening. 7 were shot at leaving a party by Morningside Park and 3 were shot at during a robbery attempt at the Carver Houses leaving one kid paralyzed

Also in Harlem, a parked garbage truck went on fire under the metro-north elevated train tracks.

Again in Harlem, three men attacked one middle aged woman on a street corner, hitting her with a bat, punching her in the stomach and slashing her face.

In Noho, an ogre an orc a vandal hopped a gate to the Our Lady Of Fatima church and destroyed 3 praying statues.

In Chelsea, a handicapped gay man with a walker waiting at a bus stop was attacked by a man who punched him and yelled slurs at him then rode away on a bike.

In Hell’s Kitchen around midnight, a bike rider running the red was hit and killed by a box truck driver.

At the Delancey street station on the J train platform on the Lower East Side, a 65 year old man was assaulted by a man with punches and kicks to his body as he was on the ground.

In Central Park at 11:50 p.m., a man speeding on West Drive, lost control and crashed into a tree, killing himself


On a rainy evening at 4:30 a.m. in Williamsbridge, a man was shot in the face after a street hassle.

Also in Williamsbridge, a livery cab driver was held up with a knife to his throat as 3 men stole his car, wallet and phone.

In Hunts Point after a concert festival around 6:15 p.m., a gunman went shot multiple times into a parked car with a couple sitting inside, killing the man and wounding the woman.

At the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in Claremont, a man armed with an assault rifle shot a doctor to death, wounded 6 others and shot himself to death when he couldn’t immolate himself over perceived employment disputes.

At Devoe Park in University Heights, a gang brawl involving a knife, a bat and a gun led to one kid getting stab and another with a head injury

In Longwood, a man attacked a bodega clerk with a credit card machine and proceeded to steal cash from the register.

In Concourse around 7 p.m., a man was attacked by 5 men who beat him down with a bat and tried to run him over in a car.

In Soundview, a father of 2 kids was shot in the head and died over a game of dice.

In Claremont, a 22 year old man was stabbed to death for his designer belt after he was surrounded by 2 men in a deli.

Dead over this. $500 dollars for this.


In Glendale, a fire ripped through a farmer’s market and the apartments above them resulting in the injuries of 11 firefighters and 3 families homeless

In Maspeth, a 16 year old girl was found on the street unconscious only in her underwear after drinking booze at a pool hall and being assisted by two men.

In South Ozone Park at 1:00 a.m., a woman robbed a bodega at gunpoint then rode off on a bike.

In Richmond Hill, a man stabbed his cousin to death in their house during a dispute.

In Corona, a schizophrenic man stabbed another man in the neck and shoulder and rode off on a bike.

In Long Island City, a man killed himself and critically injured his passenger when he drove thru a red light and hit an 18 wheel truck.

Also in Long Island City, a woman was grabbed in the ass by a pervert at the Court Square station at 11:30 a.m.

Again in Long Island City by Queens Plaza, a recently poured concrete floor collapsed at a tower construction site injuring 6 workers


In Brownsville, a man having a raging fit bit a cop while the police were trying to calm him down.

In Starrett City, a woman heading for the laundry room was confronted by a man with a pistol who attempted to rape and rob her, but failed when the victim fought back.

In Red Hook, a woman was found dead, dismembered and beheaded floating by the pier.

At John Jay High School in Park Slope around 11:30 a.m., a man with a knife stabbed a 19 year old man, bit a 17 year old boy and slashed a 42 year old man on the ear.

In Bushwick on the L train at 3:40 p.m., a commuter was threatened by 3 men, one brandishing a gun, and was pulled off the Bushwick/Aberdeen station and robbed of his cellphone.

Also in Bushwick, a three year old boy was left abandoned barefoot on the sidewalk at 5:20 a.m.

Again in Bushwick, a bike rider was hit and killed by an SUV at 3 a.m. The driver left the scene. Another bike rider was run down by a hit and run driver in a bike lane.

In Midwood, two disgusting women went into a drug store and opened up a package of baby wipes and starting cleaning themselves in the aisle and beat up a worker who went to confront them.

In Crown Heights, a bus popularized on social media was torched.

And now to go along with last years decriminalizing of at times excessive charges of pot smoking or possession, public imbibing and peeing on the streets, D.A. Cy Vance has decided to cut some slack on the abusers of society’s destructive vices with the lessening of charges for possession and usage of heroin and painkillers, crack and cocaine and also for jumping the turnstile and the old pastime of loitering. As I stated in the headline, train fare evasion, in light of recent events involving the fucking MTA and the persistent shitty and now life endangering service they are providing, it is not worth paying $2.75 to ride daily under the proclaimed state of emergency condition it’s in. But everything else might be overkill and could be a way to find a reason to shut down Rikers if nobody is going to charged for anything. Sounds conspiratorial but these decriminalzations are looking like a ploy to get the new jails built now. Especially with one being shockingly considered in tony Beorum Hill.

The hysterical thing about the master plan to shut down Rikers is that De Faustio may have reservations about it. As shown when he was confronted by an activist in his peculiar workout gear.

Although this looks like a reason to rejoice in thinking that cops will be busy getting the murderers and the robbers off the streets, it is not going to end the cause of the crimes, for a lot of these incidents involve the trafficking and abuse of the drugs now being treated less seriously. And addicts of course will resort to anything to get a fix, which historically involves thievery.

And of course that these drugs, idiotically including marijuana are federal contraband and are pursued with absolute zeal by agents and prosecuted nationally with zero tolerance.

The X factor of how this social experiment might not mostly have the desired positive results is that a lot of people take advantage and short cuts to get what they want, especially in this overtly cynical political state were in today and going by Nietzsche’s view of mankind. If there is an analogy here, take the NYPD’s abuse of stop and frisk and how that went awry and how much it has cost the city because of wrongful arrests and the national interest in the incarceration and death of Kalief Browder, which is how this all got started. It’s not hard to imagine what society will look like if the shoe is on the foot of the ones that will take advantage now.

Certainly repeat offending will not tamper down with all this leeway and it might lead to a worse and more arbitrary and oppressive version of “broken windows” policing.

The big problem is that there has to be repression of obnoxious, repellent behavior and respect for the rule of law, and this all hinges on the public and the hopes that they will be moderate and discreet of their vices and refrain from recidivism and habit and of course respect the men and women in blue who are being ordered to let them be.

And with the economic disparity going on this town, the rise in hedonism going on in trendy gentrified areas and of course the wanton civic abuse going on in city hall, it’s not looking so rosy. Or even vibrant.

Let’s not overlook loitering. It’s going to make street corners more menacing again, and also all those long vacant shuttered storefronts, building plazas and town parks after dark occupied with newly minted street scum.

Which will be capital for monetary exchanges for goods and services for their opioid needs.

Our legislative officials better tread lightly from here. Judging by the Mayor’s petulance, it looks like they don’t really know the shitshow they started.

Are you ready for the summer?


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