New Bad Days 14: A Week Of A Trend In Stabbings.



In Hollis, an argument between two men in front of a bodega escalated into a fight that led to a stabbing.

In Jackson Heights, a school teacher at I.S. 145 twisted a kid’s middle finger.

In a Flushing internet cafe, a middle aged man stabbed and killed a teenager over a computer console seat after an argument escalated when the victim’s friends tried to forcefully procure it for a game they were playing. The suspect had 6 priors involving assault and larceny charges.

Also in Flushing, an 86 year old man was conned and robbed of  41,000 dollars by a man who claimed to be his grandson and trying to get his life back together after doing a stint of marijuana possession in the Dominican Republic.

A cop was bitten by a pit bull as his unit tried to enter an apartment on drug warrant in Far Rockaway

Two thieves broke into a home in Fresh Meadows and stole 80 large in gold bricks, 2 guns and 50 large in cash around noon.

A 75 year old man waiting for a bus in Flushing was sucker-punched by a homeless man with 24 prior arrests.

In St. Albans at 1:30 p.m., a man coming home from the supermarket was approached by a man who demanded money and drugs, followed by another one with a gun. When they broke into his home and tried to tie him up, the victim broke free and retrieved the weapon but was attacked by one of the thieves with a meat cleaver who proceeded to slice his face and body as he ran, only to be confronted by a third man wielding knives. There are no other details from this attempted robbery or if anything was even stolen.


In front of a restaurant/bar/niteclub in the Lower East Side, a brawl between two women spilled out onto Ludlow St. with one of them being knocked to the ground by a big man.

A female school crossing guard threw shit and tried to stab her roommate in Harlem.

Also in Harlem, a man in a Spider-man mask attempted to rob a pharmacy with a box cutter and failed when the druggist refused his demands for painkillers.

At a Social Security office in Lower Manhattan, a security guard punched and assaulted a man aiding a wheelchair bound person after an alleged argument.

Also in Lower Manhattan, a woman was severely injured when a hammock mysteriously fell off an office building.

And again in Lower Manhattan, a man was ambushed and robbed of his laptop and 12 android TV boxes by an associate and 3 other suspects in an apartment building by the FDR drive.

On the Upper West Side, a man stabbed a 24 year old man to death in front of a restaurant following an argument over a crack sale. (Suspect in video above)

A woman leapt to her death from the top of a luxury apartment building by Gracie Mansion in Yorkville.


In Brownsville, a man burglarized a construction site and stole a refrigerator and stove. He is also a suspect in other burglaries at other sites and apartment buildings.

At a housing project in Williamsburg, a man was shot and killed at point blank range. The suspect and an accomplice who fled are still at large.

At the 18 Avenue F line train station in Borough Park, an MTA worker grabbed and molested a 19 year old woman on the platform. The suspect was also accused of soliciting and stalking her.

In Gravesend, a man stole keys from a woman’s car and broke into her apartment and robbed her laptop and other valuables.

In Bushwick, a man jumped onto the tracks at the Gates Ave. J line train platform as the train arrived, killing himself.

In Flatbush, a man was stabbed by another after an argument in a hallway and when the victim tried to kidnap his one month old baby at 4 in the morning.

In a park in Midwood, a man was found dead on a bench from a drug overdose.’

In East New York, an MTA worker coming home from work was accosted by 3 men and shot to death blocks from her home.


A diplomat’s wife was caught shoplifting at a Marshall’s in Kingsbridge.

In Morris Park, a man broke into a home around 5 p.m. and assaulted a woman repeatedly who wound up being stabbed by the victim’s 11 year old son in self-defense.

After failing to rob a pharmacy in Harlem a few days before, the Spider-man thief robbed a bank in Fordham.

At a middle school gym in Morissania, a 12 year old girl was bullied and coerced into performing a sex act on her boyfriend by a group of 4 boys. The school, the Bronx Writing Academy had 3 other sexual incidents in the last year.

In Eastchester, a man was found dead, beaten and shot behind a house.

In an apartment building in Mott Haven at 4 a.m., a sexual predator broke into a room of a 3 year old girl and molested and violated her, leaving the young victim covered in vomit.

Staten Island:

A passenger in an app-ordered vehicle was shot at from a gunman in a BMW, allegedly following an argument at a strip club.

Are we having fun yet, New York City?





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