New Bad Days 4: Man Stabbed To Death In Pricey Hell’s Kitchen Steps Away From Police Precinct. Woman Also Stabbed In Pool Hall In Less Interesting Richmond Hill. Multiple Shootings On The Streets Of Harlem, Despite The Specter And Results Of Gentrification In The Area


Manhattan, N.Y.

After an altercation between two men on 36th street and 9th avenue, a sharp dressed man stabbed another man in the chest and fled the scene of the crime. The victim went around the corner to the police station on 35th street, where he bled to death from his wound. The unidentified suspect (unidentified? why?) turned himself in, possessing two knives.

Three people were shot in Harlem in a span of 30 minutes short distances from each other early evening between 8 and 8:30 PM on 119st and St. Nicholas and 124th street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

An elderly couple were randomly attacked by a unhinged man, who suckerpunched the 70 year old victim and assaulted his 69 year old wife at the Port Authority Station on 42nd street and 8th avenue.

Queens, N.Y., particularly the Dirty Southeast

In Richmond Hill, in a billiard lounge (sorry billiards AND lounge) on Lefferts Blvd near Jamaica Ave., a brawl spilled out front between two women leading one of them to get stabbed by a man associated with one of the brawlers. The 102nd NYPD precinct is around the corner on 118th st.

In Jamaica on 171 st. and 107 ave., a woman was shot inside her home from a thug passerby.

Let’s be careful out there everyone.

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