New Bad Days 3: Man Dead From Getting Shot In The Face At Night Club In Hip Bushwick.

NY Daily News

A gunman fatally blasted a 22-year-old man in the face at a Brooklyn nightclub Sunday morning, cops said. The assailant shot a fellow reveler once in the face at Brooklyn Asylum, a late night venue on Flushing Ave. near Scott Ave. in Bushwick around 5:20 a.m., according to police. No immediate arrests were made as cops investigated early Sunday.

That’s supposed to be a nightclub? Shouldn’t there be a sign bearing the name? That looks like it should be the office of a hapless contractor, accountant, lawyer or fringe political candidate running for office. Of course it’s not the only one. And hipsters are willing to pay 2000 to 2500 dollars a month to live around there.

In other crime affected areas worth noting the past week:

In Rochdale, Queens a woman, Maria Palaguachi, was stabbed and slashed to death with a meat cleaver in her home by her daughter.

In East Flatbush, Brooklyn, a 19 year old, Trevon Dickens was shot to death after a conversation with two acquaintances.

In Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, a teenager was shooting a bb gun at passer-by’s from his apartment building. He has been caught.

In Forest Hills, Queens, Ryan Chin was plowing snow at his house when his neighbor attacked him with a knife and stabbed him.

In Harlem, Manhattan, Darnell Williams, 31 was stabbed to death with an icepick after he held a grocery store door open for a person that escalated into an argument and led to violent confrontation with his attacker.

And at a Pelham Bay Park train station in the Bronx, a commuter got stabbed multiple times by a  mentally ill man. In the same story, the NY Daily News points out that stabbings and slashings are down 7.6%.



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