Queens Is Burning Now: Massive Fire Destroys A Strip Of Apartment Buildings And Stores On Liberty Avenue, Leaving Many Homeless

Richmond Hill, Southeastern Queens, N.Y.

NY Daily News

A fast-moving inferno tore through a row of buildings in Queens late Saturday, destroying at least eight homes and leaving dozens of people homeless.

The seven-alarm blaze started just before 11 p.m. in a store on the first floor of a row of two-story buildings on Liberty Ave. near Christopher Ave. in Richmond Hill, the FDNY said.

More than 200 firefighters responded to battle the fire, which quickly spread from the store to a dozen second-floor apartments, officials said.

Fighting the blaze was also complicated by the row of building’s positioning under an elevated L train station.

L Train Station NY Daily News?

It’s the fucking A train line, you idiots. Nice of you to recognize this part of town for once, though it lacks artisan food, craft brew gardens and the misfortune of not being in goddamn Brooklyn.

And for focusing on one individual, the fireman, instead of the locals who have no homes now, which will add to the 60,000+ already compiled.

This is the 3rd major fire involving a row of small businesses in the past 3 months in  Queens. A very alarming trend considering the rise in crime and indigence in the borough, particularly in the southeastern section.








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