Mayor de Blasio, Dostoevsky’s The Idiot Redux-The Stupid Fucking Idiot

New York, NY

“Don’t let us forget that the causes of human actions are usually immeasurably more complex and varied than our subsequent explanations of them. And these can rarely be distinctly defined.”

“Let us become servants in order to be leaders.”

Prince Mishkin, The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“I don’t care, my friend”

  Bill de Blasio, Mayor Of New York City

Mayor De Blasio has been quite the character since his somewhat celebrated yet constituent sparsely voted electoral victory almost 4 years ago. Especially since his declaration and promise of his mission to end the proverbial “tale of two cities”. Well, since that inaugural portent, the landscape of the boroughs has become virtually alien as is the residential citizenry. The cost of living has become next to impossible for all the long suffering natives thanks to growth of tower pestilence, nurtured in the guise and ruse of implementing affordable housing. The infrastructure and transit services have reached their breaking points from population overcrowding and street reshaping. And the local government offices are more entrenched with corruption and glad-handing.

This was not supposed to be this way considering the ideological bent of our once seemingly caring mayor, who ran on a campaign of encompassing equity and progressive policies to benefit and to provide security for all.

Today, alas, the remnants of these promises from the current mayor have been nothing but utter lies and have manifested into great spoils for his donors, his gilded base, and himself.

There has been a lot of invective towards De Blasio for the way he betrayed the constituents and citizens of the city he runs. Names like The Dope From Park Slope, De Bozo, De Bigassio, De Sastero, The Mayor Of Simpleton, and of course this site’s repeated referrals Mayor Big Slow and De Faustio, the latter in my biased opinion probably the best and most apt of his character (and lack of) being that he sold his soul to the proverbial devil(s) for his lofty position and current standing as a dominant unopposed favorite to be re-elected.

But there is also another one, and it cannot be more well deserved for a person who is walking around like he owns the joint and behaving with unabashed arrogance and thoughtlessness and displaying an imperial hubris.

Considering his progressive ideology, it brings to mind that poor unfortunate soul in Fyodor Dotoyevsky’s classic and confounding novel, The Idiot, Prince Mishkin, an epileptic man of an exalted position who possessed a compassionate soul and inherent concern for the less fortunate. A Christ figure who eventually suffered when he thought he could influence his avaricious peers to change their ways after they took advantage of his charity and naivete. Well, in Bill’s case, his similar kowtowing to his peers, advisors and betters (city council, public relations, real estate and bankers) has reduced him to a shell of a man with a powerful position.

Mayor Bill de Balsio has become The Stupid Fucking Idiot.

There is one small difference, Mayor De Blasio has enthusiastically accepted his fate and has become even more powerful despite being as vulnerable and weak as Prince Mishkin, who wound up suffering from his affliction. Only because of a legion of real estate overlords, maggot marketers and promoters and a recalcitrant and weakened press. But mostly emboldened by a ton of fucking luck by having his corruption cases dismissed when Figurehead Trump fired Southern District Attorney Preet Bharara as the case was about to head for trial and the gruesome McDonnell decision by the U.S. Supreme Court which officially legalized buying influence and dispensing political and legislative favors in government.

Vitriolic, yes (clickbaiting, obviously). But how can there be other ways to describe this shell of a person without vulgarly simplifying it? Especially with the behavior he has exhibited in this year since being fortunately cleared of charges of pay to play governing and running a shadow government in City Hall.

Consider the promise he made in the two cities tale. The plight of the working poor and middle classes (the latter which he has yet to acknowledge) have got worse. All the while his advisors and donors have devoured all the spoils of the city, and his staffers have gotten massive raises for the same positions they hold or for promotions of dubious stature. Also, his and his staffers lawyers have benefited sweetly from representing them in their criminal trials as well as representing the developers that they lobbied to get sweet zoning permits for.

Under this one city he promised, scumlords of all stripes have took advantage of the cities utter lack of enforcement and continued oversight of the criminal shenanigans and tactics, from environmentally hazardous gut renovations, tenant intimidation by hiring goons to harass them, letting newcoming tenants use airbnb with strangers coming and going every week.

His affordable housing is joke and also fraudulent and parts of it were already implemented in his proposed 10 year plan, some buildings were already being planned and built since 2012, so basically he has turned getting equitable housing for working poor people into a 14 year plan. The amount of affordable apts. allotted from every tower built with market rate apts. is miniscule. The lottery also benefits more for newcomers to the neighborhood where they are built instead of people that have been here longer and would like a change of scenery or to move to safer location.

Of course his answer to the needs of people struggling to make rent as the majority of them have seen wages remain stagnant, is to build more shelters or transfer former cluster buildings into full-time shelters. 90 of them. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the real affordable housing plan. Putting people into shelters, because with lousy wages you can’t pay rent, and the costs of housing singles and families cost about $3,000*, which is actually the speculative/fabricated market rate for dwellings in the hot and determined to be hot towns. It’s a income disparity, economic inequity win/win.

*Update: It is actually $5,000.-ed.

If you break it down, the affordable housing plan that purports to build and maintain 200,000 apts. relies on the building of around 500,000 market rate apts. and also luxury studios and one bedrooms worth around 1 to 2 million. Idiotic.

Property taxes also went up but mostly in poorer neighborhoods. A big inequity issue arose when it was found that wealthier enclaves, including the mayor’s beloved Park Slope home paid less taxes despite the homes higher worth for being in market rich areas, this inequity also spilled over to apartment buildings, as landlords in poorer neighborhoods have bigger tax burdens than in luxury tower dominant hip areas.

And there is all those people who he felt comfortable around with, once and still, and office machinations that he feigns ignorance of or was allegedly too stupid to notice.

Like those criminal donors at the beginning of his campaign run and the first years of holding office, two festering boils Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Riechberg, who with their donations/bribes were able to run roughshod and use the NYPD for their own personal escort service and get their properties violations overlooked by the Department of Buildings. More favors and oversights were doled when Jona contributed mightily for de Blasio’s pathetic and failed attempt to steer state senate elections to Democrat candidates.

There was also the Rivington House medical care center plunder with the deed flip arranged by his deputy mayor Anthony Shorris. Resulting in a near 100 million dollar profit for the predatory equity seller.

And just recently, a lobbying firm was able to steer donations worth over $60,000 to the Blaz through a convenient loophole.

And of course there is the Campaign For One New York, a slush fund raising 501 (c) (4) that was established to get his pre-K and affordable/luxury housing programs started. Around a couple of million of dollars were donated to this false charity by the usual suspects from real estate, LLC’s and public relations and promotional groups. He topped off the ending of this fund by reading a creepy book to children in a pre-K class about a kleptomaniac raccoon called the Secret Pizza Party, whose fable was not so coincidentally similar to the mayor’s illicit fundraising effort.

So obsessed with his pre-k and slush fund raising mission, he overlooked the security of newborns in the Hasidic community who continue the practice of metizitzah b’peh which entails the mohel putting his mouth on the infants penis to suck the blood out, all because of his debt to that community that supported his primary, which subsequently led to report of babies contracting herpes from the disgusting custom. And the children of his public schools and NYCHA buildings in potential danger of consuming water containing Flint level lead contamination.

There is also his handling of the prisons which he left in the road tripping and shiftless hands of the recently resigned Joe Ponte and his other tax payer funded car traveling underlings. While security at Rikers deteriorates and violent crime and gang activity escalates.

There is also his moronic and indifferent concept of transparency. By refusing to release his emails in full, doing government business on personal servers including his farm team of staffers and aides. Redacting everything on every message. His administrations persistent refusals to respond to FOIL requests ranging from police brutality, lead levels in water, official meetings with unelected and unappointed people of interest to the actual qualifications for affordable housing apartments.

Lobbyists, for a brief time the agents of the city, has raked in close to 200 million dollars in the last 2 years. The most to De Blasio’s pal and protest placard holding James Capalino who was the top earning lobbyist in the past 2 years making 26 million representing the overlords of real estate, which has resulted in the shutting down of hospitals and the pillaging of waterfront properties for luxury glass behemoth towers. His other fave firm Berlin/Rosen, the latter of which had unfettered access to City Hall during city planning meetings, also made millions in the short time of de Blasio’s term and has expanded to other major cities.

And to confirm and compound his aggrandizing fucking stupidity, he has the most staffers working for him than any mayor in city history. 300 people are working for Mr. Bill at 6 figure salaries. How many little brains does it take to shape policy and run government efficiently? Or is this more like a neoliberal cult. Or maybe an imitation of a WeWork building. (A “startup” by the way, is another large contributor to his campaigns and CONY, and has offices in every part of town below 59th street.)

But the probably the most offensive and egregious thing he has done, was his hosting of a street renaming in the honor of Daily News Legendary Reporter Jimmy Breslin. When he mentioned that Breslin focused more on everyday people than the famous and the powerful, there was an underlying sneer to that statement considering his position and his total contempt for the local press. Especially what he thought Jimmy meant to hold leaders accountable to the citizenry. He really couldn’t help stressing that Jimmy did his best reporting on everyday people, as if Jimmy was soft and less diligent on the elected and appointed officials abusing their positions to enrich and empower themselves. De Blasio obviously was referring to the junket there at the renaming when he stated the/his problems with the media today was focusing on the boldface names instead of the regular folk. But when 3 men producing a documentary for Jimmy there tried to oblige the blaz and try to interview the guy putting up the street sign, a DOT staffer obstructed them because they weren’t approved (By whom? the worker or the mayor?)

His contempt for the press and his idiotic demands to stay on topic is as if he was the executive producer for the news team questioning him.

There are just infinitely more reasons how stupid this man is and how unqualified he is for this elected position. His recent blog post on his rejected donor list is not even a revelation being that it was factually untrue but more like it was expected of him. The guy steadfastly doubles back and passes the buck whenever any incompetence or intransigence is laid upon him, for which he is truly responsible and arrogantly in his 4 years refuses to acknowledge and accept.

Bill de Blasio has to primaried out. He is clearly too stupid to work in government (but apparently quite adept at raising money by any means necessary, which shows in abundance by his prior job as campaign manager for Manifest Hillary’s senate campaign). He also cannot be trusted. Ever. His plans for the poorest residents in this city requires years to decades for it to manifest as he basically admitted in the last debate. That is not enough time. And it apparently also has to come after his donor’s demands for more riverfront luxury buildings, high end flophouse hotels and that equally stupid idiotic BQX trolley everybody in those districts don’t want.

Let’s get this bum out of office before he does anymore damage and ruins more lives with his cowardice, beggary and willful ignorance.

Because this city doesn’t need a stupid fucking idiot running it who will always conveniently don’t know or didn’t read about things like impropriety in his cabinet and in the unscrupulous decisions and choices he will surely make in the future.

This post is dedicated to Jimmy Breslin, and Fyodor Dyotoevsky

Executive Carnage/Sabotage: Donald Trump Jr. Made A Huge Mistake And Clears The Air About Everything About His Dad’s, Putin And His Oligarch Peers And The Deep State’s Motives


Well, Well, Well, it looks like the proverbial smoking gun became the proverbial mushroom cloud around the machinations and the elevation of the electoral winner of once candidate and current president, Figurehead Donald J. Chump. No, Trump. Everybody knows his name, there is not a need to goof on his name with a simple rhyme or even make a Fraudian slip getting it wrong. And it’s all thanks to his hapless idiot son, Donald Trump, Jr..

On the cusp of the primary victory trouncing irrelevant opponents and with the presence of secret service in the homebase namesake tower of his father and grandfather, Junior received a meesage from an old friend in the public relations field of the entertainment industry, one Rob Goldstone regarding salacious and incriminating dealings about his dad’s opponent at the time, “Manifest” Hillary R. Clinton, with Russia while she was secretary of state. From the email correspondence with Junior, Mr. Goldstone procured what he called “high level sensitive intelligence” from a Russian real estate oligarch, Aras Agalarov, whose son Emin is a pop star that his agency represents whose ties to the current president stems from his purchase of the 2012 Miss Universe pageant that was held in his homeland.

Goldstone further detailed on the email correspondence, a very vulnerable venue to dispense high level intelligence, that it was part of what he proclaimed was Russia’s support for the then candidate. He also states that he will arrange a meeting with a crown prosecutor high powered attorney from the declared enemy nation with ties to Agalarov that will give them the damning details about Hillary.

Junior responds to this by writing, “If it’s what you say it is, I love it!”. He doesn’t inform the feds, or even his dad (until later apparently), he writes “I love it!”

Junior made a h(y)uge mistake.

And made another one when to get the jump on a long article about the email exchange by the New York Times, probably sensing how discussing trading foreign intelligence to destroy an opponent and the democratic process in an election would lead experts and regular people to assume that treason was committed to empower his father.

H(y)uge mistake. Because all it did was expose the nefarious deeds and essential players involved, mostly by referring to the presence of campaign chief Paul Manafort and current advisor and de facto State Secretary and young ward Jared Kushner along with the porcine P.R. man who set up the fete. Shortly after this feeble attempt at transparency, it turned out that the lawyer who showed up as Junior claimed was nothing sinister like election tampering and voter manipulation but inquires about adoptions and the Magnitsky Act, Natalia Veselnitskaya is an influential and powerful lawyer who represented banks that lent to the Trump’s and Kushner’s real estate holdings, the Kremlin and the FSB spy agency and money laundering oligarchs. The meeting was also presided by Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Russian spy and career Ameircan lobbyist, whose expertise runs the gamut from corporate hacking of rival energy companies to media manipulation through social media, which includes doing damage to the legacy of one Sergei Magnitsky of the act Natalia wanted dismantled. Providing the translation for the visitors was Anatoli Samochornov who did translator work for Natalia’s court hearings involving her money laundering clients and a second translator at the meeting Irakly Kaveladze, who was involved in, guess, a money laundering scheme to move Russian billions through American banks involving shell companies.

Donald Junior really was totally out of his element here with this coterie of Russian players of dark espionage, dark web, persuasion and sophisticated global thievery. D.J. was so gung ho to impress his dad that he absolutely did not bother to vet the individuals involved or even their true intentions. Which going by the chicanery of all the 5 Russian players so far is all about lifting sanctions against their homeland, their ruler Putin, and all of the Russian corporations they have clear ties to. Or even realize that the guy who summoned this dispicable group, employed a British spy who dug dirt on his pop, which turned out to be the haphazard Steele dossier published by Buzzfeed.

Now Junior’s stupid decision to release the transcript of the meeting set up not only exposes his willingness to deal with a foreign state to taint the presidential election and Senior’s opponent, but it shows that he wanted to be a bigger player in the campaign as much as his bro-in-law Jared was, who happened to own a major new york publication at the time with the New York Observer (now Observer), to what is now a disastrous result. It immediately brought to mind the strenuous, needy and perpetually flawed character from the cult classic TV show “Arrested Development”, Gob Bluth, a bozo who constantly craved the attention and respect of his father, imprisoned and fugitive real estate tycoon George Bluth, who Donald Jr. bears an almost uncanny resemblance to.

No not this picture.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Yeah, this is the one, separated or misplaced at birth.

Thanks to D.J.’s bumbling, there can no longer be a shadow of a doubt of the intentions of everyone involved in the last few years of the Trump reign of executive carnage:

From Putin and The Russian oligarchs, the lifting of sanctions derived from the imprisonment and death of a lawyer investigating the illegal gains and transferring of billions of dollars, so they can make and launder more through international real estate, whose holdings include the luxury dwellings in many of Figurehead Trump’s namesake towers.

That Wikileaks may have been tricked with getting Hillary’s revelatory and incriminating emails to influence and win HER primary, that the source, Glucifer 2.0 may have been tied to Russian spies and the 400 fat kid that Trump mentioned during inquiries about this may be Rob Goldstone.

From the Republican establishment of greedy conservative and hypocritical christians, who rode the Trump train to the white house so they can pass their heinous society and government killing legislation to enrich themselves and their donors.

And of course the President himself, who is only there to enhance and promote his name and brand. Who did it by all means necessary too. From trashing his opponents to even embracing Bernie Sanders platform to get elected, and it worked like a charm. This also shows that he is still running his businesses while holding government office, since the only thing he’s done is sign preposterous and nonbinding executive orders, looks befuddled and detached addressing the press and at functions, and has profited immensely in just a half year’s time.

But it’s not working out like it was planned after all.

Because Congress cannot get anything done despite the Republicans having the Senate and the House. The health care repealed failed. The travel ban is still failing. They can’t get their monstrous budget passed. They are more reviled than ever before. And the voting public are getting hip to single payer health care and party primary elections to oust them.

And Figurehead Trump is getting aggravated for he could have the sense that he got played and exploited by the Republican D.C. establishment, if going by his recent regret of hiring Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Trump actually thought that the position was meant to defend him only.  I guess it’s cheaper to have your own personal A.G. than hiring a high powered firm in civilian life.

He is also feeling the walls closing in, maybe literally since he is starting to get antsy at the Mueller Commission’s decision to focus on his business dealings with Russia than on the election because of all the notorious characters in the room and the majority of his plutocabinet’s ties to the perceived enemy nation. He is also assembling a bevy of lawyers and  planning to preemptively give himself and his kin presidential pardons as if he is speculating criminal charges. Surprising since he was so certain about how the president cannot have a conflict of interest.

For the past 6 months, the president has been strutting around abusing his position when he wasn’t on his cellphone typing stupid opinions like he owned the country. Recent behavior exhibited by the now confirmed Figurehead showed his dictatorial leanings, unchecked ignorance and unbridled petulance. Even when the LPGA U.S. open was held at his golf course in New Jersey, he was watching it in a giant clubhouse fortress and resembling Kim Jong Un watching his military dance for him when he was clapping for the winner at the end. The North Korean analogy gets even better since 10 of the top 15 ranked finalists including the winner were all South Korean.

Trump has become the emperor with no clothes. Actually, all his life he has been that, shamelessly walking around with his dick flopping and dangling with festering puss oozing herpes sores, as his empire and personal wealth grew and grew with the aid of government tax breaks and organized crime.

And now it looks like the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, thanks to his eldest and dumbest progeny, who to save face for maybe the final time remarked that his son was a high-quality person as if he was a key of uncut cocaine.

This real life/real time political tragicomedy wrote itself and like most programs after a while, has become stale and predictable. The collusion committed by the Trump 2016 campaign was wretched and egregious, but mild compared to the willful tolerance of the Republican Party who continued to back him and are now in power and squandering it. It’s even led to the continued immorality of the Democrat party establishment who are riding on the gross incompetence and existence of Figurehead Trump to still manipulate their voter base. And judging by their recent attempts to capture vacant seats with the corporation palatable picks, are still failing. The White House and the Deep State has gotten so reprehensible and power mad that even the government ethics commissioner Walter Shaub couldn’t take it anymore and felt his position had become unjustified and up and quit, a decision wrought with the symbolism and unofficially the fact that actual ethics or even the concept of them no longer exists in elected office or maybe society as a whole.

And now bipartisanship has arrived in D.C. as both parties in the Senate has revived the sanctions against Trump’s pal Putin’s Russia, daring the Figurehead to veto it and look like a treasonous patsy and hearings have been scheduled for the hosts of that notorious sitdown on the 25th floor of 725 5th avenue.

And it’s all because of Donald Trump Jr.. Who in two strokes of his cellphone in the span of a year did what the legendary Gob Bluth did and said in every episode of his famed sitcom…

He made a huge mistake. Or in Trumpspeak, a hyuge mistake.

For this, the nation might thank him one day for the dismantling of decades of entrenched government corruption. Let’s thank him now for making his dad sweat harder in the past week and coming months.








Fascism Wins In Montana: Candidate For Congress Engages With Reporter, Picks Him Up And Body Slams Him, Breaks His Glasses, Gets Charged For Misdemeanor Assault And Wins Election For Vacant Congressional Position Anyway. Greg Gianforte, Doppleganger J.K. Simmons from “Whiplash”

Montana, U.S.A.

So it begins. The establishment of “Fear Itself”

Following the illegal oppression of the right to protest by a foreign country, and months of all those accusations of fake news by the fake chief executive since holding office on January 20th 2017 (and a reprehensible remark by the DHS chief John Kelly on press protocol at the Coast Guard graduation ceremony).

A reporter from the Guardian, Ben Jacobs, attempted to get answers from the Republican candidate about aspects of the Expendable American Health Care Act after he wouldn’t divulge any details or opinions the last time he was asked by another reporter from that publication.

Initially trying to blow him off by passing the reporter to an aide of his, as is the usual procedure for these sold out miscreants, elected and running, not even a second later, he let is inner heel wrestler personality take over.

The candidate literally body slammed a reporter. In front of witnesses and most damnably in front of a Fox News affiliate:

At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, “I’m sick and tired of this!”

Jacobs scrambled to his knees and said something about his glasses being broken. He asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer. Jacobs then said he wanted the police called and went to leave. Gianforte looked at the three of us and repeatedly apologized. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that we needed a moment. The men then left.

Here is a dramatization of the account above:

That bastard who feloniously assaulted the reporter was charged with misdemeanor assault citation by the county sheriff, who is also a donor to his campaign.

The day after, Greg Gianforte won the election.

Something tells me that this motherfucking prick assaulted this reporter knowing full well that he would get away with it and the people would turn out big for him, and he assumed right. For he has just exploited the momentum gifted to him by Fighurehead Trump and his persistent maligning, libeling of the free press who declared was the enemy of the American People.

As I wrote about of extreme precedence, this follows recent excessive charges and convictions of those who work and yearn for accountability from our snowflake representatives during Trump’s currently brief reign. Like the arrest and sentencing of an elderly woman protester from Code Pink, laughing out loud during Jeff Sessions hilarious confirmation hearing. A reporter who got roughhoused and handcuffed after attempting to question HHS Secretary Tom Price, who later praised the police for their ordered repression. A reporter from the National Press Club trying to ask questions at an FCC hearing got thrown against and pinned to a wall by security guards and was later thrown into a bathroom and was interrogated by them.

And here is the result of these felonious assaults on democracy. The election victory of an entitled, insecure, obscenely and undeservedly rich and inherently corrupt, violent snowflake asshole. This is not a dystopian novel, comic book or movie anymore. This is reality. There is going to be more of this. In fact, N.Y.C.’s own Mayor Big Slow De Blasio has been demonstrating passive aggressive oppressive tactics for the past few months when all investigations were dropped against him for his pay for play and slush funding approach to governing.

If anything, and judging by Fox News showing solidarity after the initial shock of the free press smackdown by Greg, this might light a long overdue fire under the bottom line attentive asses of the corporate news media. Thanks to the suplex heard around the world, it has gave birth to a new market of hardcore, unapologetic, uncompromising  investigative journalism. If not, then they better arm reporters like Ben Jacobs with brass knuckles and baseball bats.


Apparently, the newly elected congressman had endorsements from 3 major dailies from the state and had an early advantage because of early voting. So Greg “the Lame Undertaker” Gianforte choke slammed a journalist knowing full well he had the election locked and the support of major newspapers, of a obsequious sheriff who donated to his campaign to bring down serious charges and despairingly, a subservient public who supports fascist acts and violent intimidation to oppress reporters and dissenters.

What Gianforte did is what mobsters used to do to anyone who would question their intentions. Mario Puzo couldn’t write this shit up. Figurehead Donald Trump has taken his experience working with the Italian and Russian mafias to build his empire in NYC and beyond and has now instilled it in his administration and is infecting the machinations of government processes and local politics in the states of America.

The Congressman beat up that reporter because he knew he already won the election.

These political gangsters have to be whacked, stat.

Manifest Hillary

Today is the day. It’s been set up for her for decades. It’s especially been premeditated with her massive early superdelegate advantage in the primary. It’s been choreographed with a complicit media.  It’s been set up with lots of money, good, shadow and dark. Hillary Rodham Clinton has major superstar celebrity and oligarch support. But mostly it’s been buoyed, although not as she, her crew or anyone breathing expected of a repulsive power hungry demagogue who has never held elected office, the worst candidate ever to run for president.

This should have been a piece of cake. It probably would have if Bernie was the candidate, but it’s too late for that. So we have to settle for HER. Donald Trump will attempt to bring fascism and plutocracy in your face, but with H-> at least it will be a mild form of it, which is how it’s been under Obama and widespread neoliberal policies the last 8 years. At least we will have a semblance of our personal freedoms and not an outright denial of them.