Obviously Known: The COVID Tombs In Industry City

Here are the trailers containing the corpses of over 750 people who died of COVID-19 in the high end hipster community worksite and foodie consumption and wellness culture wonderland Industry City’s backyard hidden lot in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

The bodies have been stored there for nearly a year. Although it’s possible that some could have been recently shipped and left there because the deceased has no one that can claim them.

But to those people who have relations to the dead in these cryonic tombs have to continue to navigate through the city’s kakistocratic red tape to have their relatives moved and finally rest in peace…


The city still has the bodies of about 750 New Yorkers who died during the pandemic in refrigerated trucks at Brooklyn’s 39th Street Pier, with no timetable for when their remains will be moved to Hart Island or elsewhere, officials disclosed this week.

The city will try to reduce the number of bodies being held on the Sunset Park pier “in the near future” and let families know about the transfers, Dina Maniotis, a deputy commissioner with the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, told a City Council committee Wednesday.

Hundreds of bodies have been stored in trucks since April 2020, fluctuating between 500 and nearly 800, according to various medical examiner estimates compiled over the past 13 months by Columbia’s Stabile Center for Investigative Reporting and THE CITY as part of the MISSING THEM project.

Several Council members criticized the slow burial process for those in storage, while others questioned whether state and FEMA funeral assistance programs would meet the growing demand from families.

“Why do we have these temporary storage facilities?” asked City Councilmember Mark Gjonaj, a Democrat whose largely Bronx district includes Hart Island. “If there is capacity and those families have already expressed the willingness to have their loved ones buried in a public burial at Hart Island, why are we delaying that any longer than we have to?”

It’s hard to notice the bleakness with all the hipness, creativity and vibrancy going on here.


Turns out even Industry City has two cities…

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