Scenes Of Queens: Blockbuster Redacted, Stonked

This scene is located in Howard Beach.

This Blockbuster Video location died when the chain got usurped by online rental and indiscriminating movie and show greenlighter Netflix about 10 years ago.

But all is not entirely lost for Blockbuster, because their spirit remains very much alive and well thanks to the social media short stock trading wealth redistribution revolution against Wall Street that’s going on, with the stock riding on the coatheels of the once dying retail video game store Game Stop, which also suffered the same fate failing to compete with online and app derived gaming.

Oregon Live

How crazy is the stock market right now? The penny stock that represents the smoldering remains of the bankrupt Blockbuster Video empire surged more than 700% on Tuesday.

BB Liquidating Inc. has continued its run Wednesday, up as much as 302%, Bloomberg reports.  The stock’s volume, writes the business news outlet, “was 70 times the three-month average, showing that even the most retrograde of old-technology stocks isn’t immune to the ebullience of retail investors and day traders.”

The Blockbuster blitz — coming on the heels of (and perhaps inspired by) the day-trading, Reddit-driven GameStop stock surge — has left even seasoned market watchers scratching their heads.

“Who exactly is buying shares of Blockbuster’s liquidation holding company is unclear,” writes the financial-markets content service Seeking Alpha.

The sudden rise in BB Liquidating’s stock is eye-popping enough that the news has jumped beyond the market’s players and begun to make waves on social media.

In consideration to what’s going on with Blockbuster’s stonk revival and the property management’s decision long ago not to extract the sign, maybe the city should consider this structure worthy of absurdity landmark designation like the Pepsi Cola ad in Long Island Cityinstead of it being a reminder of how Mayor de Blasio responds to Freedom of Information requests from good government groups and reporters.

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