Primary Congressman Gregory Meeks Out Of Office 5th District By Writing In A Vote For A Ham Sandwich. Gregory Meeks with his hands still free.

Queens, N.Y.

The problematic and one of the most corrupt elected officials in Congress, Gregory Meeks is running to maintain his position today in District 5. He is the most luckiest of tainted politicos in D.C. and a big fat ass solicitor of donor cash.

He is able to “serve” his district by living in a mansion in St. Albans that he couldn’t afford and relied on payments via a loan from an indicted realtor and a Democrat fundraiser who donated personally and laundered cash through one of his companies so Meeks could pay back the realtor. The congressman, through his elected official position and shady money lending through party donations, is basically a squatter in his own palace. He also was involved in a grift with a crony non-profit over $56,000 that was supposed to be donated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina but they never received it.

While his district is suffering from myriad problems like pollution, the biggest amount of home foreclosures in Queens and steady crime rates, he has continued to live large and lavishly at the expense of his constituency, so he has to fucking go.

He has two opponents that are not familiar for the reason that they don’t have enough money to compete, which is how the DNC and the DCCC wants it, because you know decisions were made. So instead of not voting for the unfamiliar, write in someone or even something that you are familiar with.

But I propose for the 5th district, the FIGHTING 5TH, the most qualified candidate to usurp the perpetually corrupt and useless Meeks is by writing in the blank space and vote for a Ham Sandwich.


Why a Ham Sandwich? Why the hell not? It’s not indebted to corporations and their donor money, not ethically challenged and doesn’t owe money on a house like that fat ass Meeks.

And it’s not a waste of your vote, because as someone once said, people would vote for a ham sandwich if they could, so why not finally oblige and make reality that theory*. That way if the candidate above wins, maybe the political parties will stop shoving assholes at us to entrust our tax dollars and dwindling faith and hope with. And maybe it will inspire more formidable independent candidates to run too.

So do your duties citizens. Don’t waste another vote. Vote for Ham Sandwich and primary that jerk Meeks out.

*Actually, the real origin was about how a prosecutor could indict a ham sandwich if he or she could, which shows that Gregory Meeks existence in Congress is mystifyingly baffling considering all the shit he’s pulled.




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