New Bad Days 19: MS-13 Gang Member Found Dead, Butchered And Rotted In Queens Public Park, Bicyclist Stupidly And Recklessly Mows Down Waitress In Brooklyn And Gets Away With it, Some Guy Jumps On Police Cars Like An Escaped Gorilla*, And Heroin/Fentanyl Is The Crack Of The 21st Century


Alley Pond Park



A 16 year old male member of the notorious widespread gang MS-13, who had prior arrests and survived an earlier stabbing, was found dead with multiple stab wounds in his chest in Alley Pond Park in Bayside by a bird watcher on Sunday afternoon.

A dead body was found floating n the east river by Hunters Point Park in Long Island City, an area that has seen high end luxury tower overdevelopment and obscene rent increases.

At a middle school in Elmhurst, an 11 year old student brought a BB gun to school to show off to his friends and fired it and struck a teacher in the ankle.

In Ridgewood, 5 men were arrested for solicitation in a prostitution sweep on the corner of Cypress Ave.

In a shopping mall in Flushing, a 60 year old was loitering around a children’s clothing store, Chuck E Cheese and a video arcade and molested and groped a woman and 3 girls aged 8 to 11, the latter ones the deviant asked them if “it felt good” and “do you like it?”


In Midtown West, a brawl in front of a public school among two students returning from suspensions, led to one of them attacking the other with a knife and slashing and stabbing him, then proceeded to stab 3 other teenage males and fled the area.

A block away from that incident on 51st by Broadway, a man who got pissed off at a truck driver hopped on the side of the vehicle as it was moving, jumped off when the road narrowed from construction partitions and got his backpack caught on a fence and fell off and got crushed to death by falling under the truck’s wheels

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a corrections officer shot himself and a female police recruit showing off his gun in a bar.

At the F station in Herald Square at 1:10 p.m., a 50 year old woman got slashed in the face by a man following an argument on the platform.

On the Lower East Side near Sara Roosevelt Park, a 61 year old grandmother collecting recyclables to earn some extra money was mugged, brutally beaten and bloodied and left lying unconscious on the ground by a 23 year old man.

At the 14th street station on 8th avenue in Greenwich Village, a man committed suicide, severing his legs and died by jumping in front of an incoming uptown train around 11:15 a.m.

In West Harlem, a person got shot around 5:15 p.m.

In East Harlem, a burglar broken into a woman’s apartment and stole $3,500 dollars in electronics and jewelry. This is the fourth such incident of a dramatic rise of burglaries in that area’s precinct in the past month. These young pioneers uptown better call their realtors, looks like they got cheated.

In Harlem, which some fools are trying to rename SoHa to fabricate housing and rental market rates, a mentally disturbed man pacing up and down the streets in front of moving traffic at the intersection of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and 119 st jumped on top of the roofs of two police cars and another black vehicle.


In Eastchester, a man entering an unlicensed cab was robbed of his gold chain. In pursuit of the thief, the cab driver got shot by a man who met up with the crook.

In Westchester Square, a Meals On Wheels aid group’s trucks that deliver food to seniors have been vandalized in their lot.


In Bed-Stuy,  a bus driver was sprayed with a toxic substance by a woman wearing a surgical mask.

Near the Brooklyn College campus in Flatbush, shots were heard from a nearby brawl at the intersection of Nordstrom and Flatbush aves.

A woman got punched in the face as she tried to defend other commuters subjected to racial slurs on the 4 train at the Nevins St. station in Downtown Brooklyn.

In Gravesend, a 12 year old boy approached an 80 year old woman cleaning up in front of her house and punched her in the face following two prior incidents when he hit her with a metal rod and tried to set her coat on fire.

In Greenpoint, a 43 year old woman was struck by a bicycle rider who ran the red light, causing temporary memory loss, injuries to her foot, clavicle and head, and economic duress, since her employer doesn’t provide health insurance. According to the police report, the biker claimed he was unable to stop (was this idiot riding a fixie sans brakes?) and was not even arrested or issued a ticket (???!!!).  New York Shitty has a profile on the victim and where you can donate to help her, since her precinct is shelving her in the Marginal Victims Unit.

Also in Greenpoint at McGorlick Park, a man was bashed in the head and slashed in the face by 3 men when he was trying to return a pack of cigarettes he saw one of the culprits drop on the ground.

And throughout the 5 boroughs, most heavily in Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island, overdoses from heroin and fentanyl has rose 22% compared to last year at this time. A total of 344 people have died so far. These deaths have not been included in the NYPD’s monthly crime statistics and reports.

*try not to misconstrue this as racist. and if you do, you never been to one of those drive thru safari habitats

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