New Bad Days 15: Ultraviolence In The Up And Coming Vibrant Bronx And Queens, Shelters In Brooklyn And Other Sunny Afternoon Criminal Activity


On a street corner at Mott Haven in broad daylight, a vendor trying to prevent a thief from stealing his merchandise was attacked by 5 men that assaulted him as he fell down hard on the pavement as many witnesses stood there and watched. As the victim was lying there unconscious, two men punched him in the head on the ground. The latter as he was eating a sandwich.


In the middle of the afternoon, an 82 year old woman was accosted by a stranger who snuck up behind her in front of her apartment in Red Hook, forced himself inside and robbed her of 70 bucks.

In Williamsburg, a man sneaked into a bus and set it on fire.

In Bushwick at a homeless shelter run by a Mayor De Faustio and Dept. Homeless Services Commissioner Stephen Banks perennially approved non-profit Samaritan Village, a shelter resident pummeled another man with a belt buckle around his fist, leaving the victim bloodied on the pavement. At another shelter in the same area, a stolen gun was found in a closet.

At another homeless shelter in East Flatbush, a man struck another with a metal pipe and fought with a security guard.

At a middle school in Williamsburg, 2 boys stole a sweater from a girl and attacked and sexually assaulted her in a stairwell when she tried to retrieve it.

In Cypress Hills, an fiendish intruder broke into a 21 year old woman’s apartment at 3:30 p.m., drugged and raped her as her 9 month old son was playing in the next room.

In Canarsie, a gunman shot two other men, killing one, over an rumor then an argument over a missing girl


In Rosedale, a fifteen year old used a ladder to climb up to 2nd floor window and broke into a 4 year old girls room and sexually assaulted her. The kid has a prior for that same offense. The little girl claimed that 2 other boys molested her previously.

In Rochdale at 11:30 a.m., 2 middle aged men broke into an apartment and robbed 15,000 dollars from a 64 year old woman and left her tied up in duct tape.

In Jamaica, a person jumped in front of an approaching E train in the Suthpin Blvd/Archer Ave station and killed himself.

Also in Jamaica, 3 men, one holding a gun, robbed a man of his cellphone and another man was found stabbed to death behind a flower wholesaler warehouse by Guy R Brewer Blvd.

A female correction officer shot her ex-boyfriend to death in his car and shot and killed herself in front of a correctional facility in trendy Long Island City.

In Hollis, a 52 year old woman was found dead and slashed in the face.

At a massage parlor in Flushing, a man attempted to rape a masseuse


At 10:40 a.m., a dapper upper class man yelled “We are white power” and “you are an immigrant” to a random Asian man in Midtown and assaulted him with punches to his face.

In the East Village during the afternoon, a male teen was wielding a knife threatening to stab anyone on the street


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