New Bad Days 11: The Brooklyn Brand Is Not Looking So High End And Hip In The Past 48 Hours.

We are so much better than this.


A man was shot in a playground in Williamsburg at 9:00 p.m. and later died.

Also in Williamsburg, a man fell off a building balcony and plummeted to his death. The incident was upgraded from suicide to murder.

And again in Williamsburg, where the rents are stupid retarded high, a gay couple were accosted by two teenagers shouting bigoted slurs and threw a brick at them.

Once again in Williamsburg, where luxury grey and black tumorous towers loom across the street from rent-stabilized sturdy apartments, at the Bedford Ave. L train station in Brooklyn, a MTA worker caught a derelict urinating between cars and had police remove the pisser from the train was stalked, assaulted with punches and strangled by a dickhead thug commuter who defended the foul whizzer and did not appreciate what he determined as “snitching”.

In Flatbush at 11 p.m. a man was shot after he heard a knock and opened his door to the shooter. He died hours later.

In East New York, a woman bystander was grazed by a stray bullet from a hail of gunfire that was coming from a Foot Locker store nearby.

In Bensonhurst, Arcelay Camilo went on a robbery spree impersonating a cop clad in a polo shirt with a shield emblazoned on it.

A woman who edits the popular regional website Brownstoner, Cate Corcoran was slashed across the face by a crook who stole her iphone on the C train in Bed-Stuy.

At Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn Heights, during some roller skating discount, melees broke out among the groups. A single 15 year old girl was punched by another girl and then was surrounded by 6 more girls and was beaten down by the group and robbed of her iphone. And in another incident at the same park, 2 teenage boys, ages 16 and 18 were accosted by a gang of kids, one of them brandishing a gun, and were beaten and robbed of their valuables, notably (just guess) an iphone and a Salvatore Ferragano belt.

Salvadore Ferragamo belt, where is some access hollywood reporter when you need one? Hey what are you getting bludgeoned or shot for?


In Belmont a 19 year old man was shot in the neck on the street late afternoon at 5:10 p.m.


A man robbed a NYCB bank in Howard Beach and tried to escape by hiding in a nursing home.

At John Bowne High School in Flushing, 3 kids were caught with knives trying to enter the school. A kid assaulted a cop trying to break up a fight he was involved in. And another 3 teens (possibly the same ones) stabbed a 16 year old in a hallway by the cafeteria.

A homeless man, robbed 4 churches of different faiths in Elmhurst, Corona & Flushing. His motive was that he was on a mission against God.

A contractor, Declan McElhatton, was charged with arson for illegaly using a torch that caused a massive blaze in an Elmhurst apartment building that left 67 families homeless.


At the East Broadway F train station in Chinatown/L.E.S., a transit worker cleaning turnstiles was assaulted and attacked with pepper spray by a woman farebeater.

A man committed suicide by jumping out a window of the Helmsley Tower in Midtown, a week after a banker swindled by Bernie Madoff jumped to his death out of a hotel window 2 blocks away.

A man was stabbed twice by his cousin in Soho on W Houston St. and Broadway.

And an aspiring rapper named Ju was slashed in the face with a blade in the East Village. He tried to take an Uber car to the hospital, which the driver later kicked him out for getting blood on it. The victim was subsequently arrested after being treated for stitches for prior trespassing violations.

The suspects, 5 of them, are still on the loose


New Bad Days X: Child Predators Edition


In Crown Heights, a gang member and convicted burglar, Rainford Salmon, trained kids in the neighborhood to break into apartments and steal valuables. Taking literary license from Dickens’ Oliver Twist’s fiendish character


with the same ignominious manner as Mayor De Faustio is unwittingly using from the “Tale Of Two Cities” that has caused widening economic discrepancy in the 5 boroughs.

In Cypress Hills (not Cyprus Hills, Gothamist), a deranged mumbling man and former gang member, Rafael Martinez, tried to abduct a 4 month old baby girl from her mother, Yubarbina Peña at the J train station Alabama Ave. Mrs. Pena and her mother-in-law valiantly fought off the lunatic with the aid of another commuter leading to the culprit’s arrest.


In Morningside Heights, a 12 year old boy was the intended target as shots were fired at a barber shop.

Let’s be extra careful out there citizens. And it’s Easter time, so remember keep smiling.

New Bad Days 9: Territorial Subway Seat Hoggers Brutally Attack 2 Commuters, Street Fighting Turds, Daylight Purse Snatching And Cat Burglarizing, And Some Nut Entitled To Pie.


In the Bowery train station on the Lower East Side, a gang of  6 African-American men (pictured above) ganged up on and assaulted 2 commuters after one of them, aged 53, asked one of the suspects to make room on the seating area so he could sit down. The younger commuter, aged 30, engaged in an argument with one of the suspects which escalated into a fight as the assailant’s friends proceeded to join in on the beat down of the 30 year old. One of the suspects pulled out a hammer and repeatedly beat the victim with it. As the older commuter went to protect his friend, the gang jumped off the train and fled from the crime scene.

Also on the Lower East Side, at a trendy bar called “Libation” a fight broke out and spilled onto the street and one of the patrons took out a box cutter and slashed his opponent in the face.

In Yorkville, a mentally disturbed man attempted to steal an Entermann’s cherry pie without paying. As he was stopped by employees of the store, the pie thief reacted violently as he snatched a chain off of one of them and swung it at the worker and then grabbed an umbrella nearby and started swinging at other workers trying to restrain him.



In a catering hall in Flatlands, shots were fired at a girl’s sweet sixteen party.

Also in Flatlands, A 16 year old boy raped a 14 year old girl in a homeless shelter.

In the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene, a man was stabbed to death inside his apartment.

In Williamsburg, a 15 year old kid walking down the street was approach by a young man soliciting money when he suddenly punched him in the face, causing the victim to drop his phone as the suspect picked it up and ran away with it.

Also in Williamsburg, a truck driver driving while intoxicated high on pot ran over an 11 year old girl leaving her with critical internal injuries.


In Kingsbridge, an 83 year old woman was robbed of her purse and knocked to the ground by a woman in her 20’s.

In Fordham, at 11:30 AM, a burglar climbed a fire escape and broke into an apartment and stole close to $2,000 worth of jewelry


In Woodside, a trio of burglars broke into a 60 year old woman’s apartment and stole 4,000 dollars, jewelry and electronic items at 9:30 in the morning.

In Forest Hills, a 70 year old woman was knocked to the ground and robbed of her purse. Reportedly, the suspect may have been involved in similar incidents in the vicinity.

New Bad Days Focus Edition: Looks Like The Mayor And The NYPD Overlooked Something Before Bragging About Historic Lower Crime Stats-Fatal Heroin And Myriad Opioid Overdose Epidemic And Other Dumb And Costly Policing Procedures

NY Daily News: Opioid overdoses killing New Yorkers at record pace

Heroin needles in their arms. Prescription painkillers swallowed or crushed and snorted. And gel scraped from fentanyl patches eaten by abusers.

These are the ways a record number of New Yorkers — about 1,300 people — fatally overdosed last year. That’s more than twice the number of people who were murdered or killed in car wrecks — combined.

Officials attributed about 80% of the overdoses to opioids; out of those, 90% were caused by heroin or fentanyl, a powerful synthetic drug.

I could recount to you story after story that would literally chill you,” Dermot Shea, the NYPD’s chief of crime control strategies, said Thursday. “Pregnant women overdosing. A couple, one is saved and an hour later we’re responding back to the same apartment for the other.”

The overall number of overdoses jumped about 39% last year from the year before. And the number of overdoses has more than doubled from two decades ago, prompting some health officials and cops to compare the opioid crisis to the crack epidemic of the ’80s and early ’90s.

The problem has gotten so bad, the NYPD has begun tracking opioid overdoses in “real time.” Every overdose report — from heroin or pain killers — is tracked in a system called RxStat — similar to the NYPD crime-tracking system CompStat — to identify “hot spots.”

While 1,300 people fatally overdosed in the city last year, 334 people were murdered and 225 died in car wrecks.

Between 2011 and 2015, heroin sales arrests in the city increased by 57%.

NY Daily News: Nine people overdose in 24-hour span amid New York City’s opioid epidemic

Nine people suffered overdoses across the city in a 24-hour period from Wednesday to Thursday — one of them in a bathroom at Macy’s in Herald Square.

The cluster of overdoses — four died and five survived — underscores the pervasiveness of the city’s opioid epidemic. In two of the cases, paramedics successfully administrated Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of opioids, including pain killers and heroin.

It’s good to see yeoman reporting and transparency and information coming from the NYPD, although if these were released earlier it would have interfered with a temporary self-celebratory photo exhibition and monthly press releases and comparative stats from ye bad old days of yore in the 80’s and early 90’s when crack cocaine was the scourge.

Speaking of crack, a diluted cheap free base version of cocaine, a lot of the smack distributed to customers were mixed with the synthetic but still deadly fentanyl.

I guess this unfortunate expose had to see daylight after the recent busts of a wretched violent drug consortium based in Queens and a massive Medicaid and Medicare embezzlement and drug dealing conspiracy led by a physician and a former assemblyman from Brooklyn and a spate of overdoses in cop centric Staten Island.

Credit undoubtedly goes to the solid police work to busting these ravenous bastards, but there is obviously a lot more outlets out there, and now they will be operating further underground and more stealth, but one can’t help wonder if this scourge exacerbated with the ubiquitous presence of Rite Aids, CVS’s, Walgreen’s and Duane Reades all over the 5 boroughs, with some that are literally on the same intersection on every corner.

So the tally of crime related deaths, and last time I checked, trafficking, selling, possessing and using heroin, a schedule 1 drug in company with the glorious kush, the sticky icky and medically beneficial marijuana, is a crime. And this crime  So with 1350 fatalities, an increase of 900 a year before, the total crime related deaths last year was 1,684 including murders.

Not very pretty at all.

Also not pretty and bordering on retarded was a cop’s urge to channel the spirit of Jack Palance and quoting Metallica’s song about the death penalty to ward off some trouble making kids near a high school in Midwood, Brooklyn:

What was this cop, still not identified a week later, so let’s call him Officer Twat, trying to accomplish here besides trying to provoke a confrontation no different than some gangbanger or the legendary outlaws I previously referred to. Especially Jack Palance in Shane:

Sometimes, with stupid shit being demonstrated like this, it makes you wonder if the ones given the responsibility to serve and protect the public from criminals are just itching to utilize the weapons they were assigned any chance they get, well, because they are there and it’s just a waste not using them like that. Like Figurehead Trump’s observation about our nuclear stockpile. It is really like the NYPD is trying to get sued. Like it hasn’t cost the taxpayers enough already.

Then there is this shit going on in Greenpoint, Brooklyn over a parking space, which is as much a rarity and as endangered as the polar bears in the arctic and a impenetrable defense from the Knicks. Apparently, the city saw quite a money largesse generator here.

New York Shitty

If you happen to own a motor vehicle and find yourself needing to park it in Greenpoint listen up, you will undoubtedly find what I am about to relay of the utmost interest.

See the highlighted area above? The one which seems to be demarcated as a legally permissible parking space if one consults the lines drawn on the street? Well, it is most decidedly not legal and has become quite the revenue mill for our traffic enforcement officials. I have seen (and in one case, photographed) “meter maids” loitering nearby— in one case, for nearly twenty minutes— waiting for someone to park in this space so he or she can issue the motorist a ticket.

Before I proceed I would like to make it known why this space is illegal. Some time ago there was work conducted on the street proper. It was by Con Ed, I believe. This required moving the bus stop for the B43 and B62 approximately fifteen feet to the north (or, referencing the above photo, to the right). Given buses need a wide berth of passage this change is quite understandable and indeed necessary. The question still arises as to why the lines on the street were not changed, but we’ll table that matter.

I know what you’re thinking:

Okay, so the bus stop was moved? What’s the big deal here?

Well this is where it gets interesting, gentle readers. You see this bus stop has since been moved yet again. This time to the south. It is presently located roughly in front of our local C-Town: 953 Manhattan Avenue

What I can tell you— because I have seen it with my own eyes and filmed it— is “traffic” has stepped up their game regarding the enforcement of this illegal parking space. They are no longer simply issuing tickets. They have started towing the vehicles outright. And, as of this morning, they are breaking into said misplaced vehicles if need be in order to tow them. Don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself. Seeing is truly believing.

Given the NYPD, and specifically the 94th Precinct, have had a spate of bad publicity lately (I am being very kind here), one would presume, hope, they would be endeavoring to foster better “community relations”. However, stuff like this (enforcing an illegal parking space whose reason for being illegal in the first place is no longer extant) does the exact opposite. Want to (further) erode the respect and trust of the community one serves? This here example is a sterling way to do it.

And the insightful cherry on top of this arbitrary abuse of authority

Some can make the argument that the police are merely doing their job. This is a very short-sighted stance to take. The reality is the police cannot be everywhere and enforce every law all the time. They have to prioritize and enforcing this space (as illegal parking) has been made a priority. I want each and every one of you to think about this. I want you to ask yourselves why this is so (because I just spelled it out for you). Ca-CHING!

Indeed, The NYS also lays down the horrendous expenses for having the misfortune of doing the felonious deed of assuming the right to park in an ample space for a few hours or in front of your living space.


This is something to think about when it comes to other deployments to threats to living in a society, real or perceived. Like walking through a park at night in your own neighborhood or riding a bike cautiously crossing against the red with no one around (the Idaho stop), or even riding a bike around an obstruction as an illegally parked vehicle, building development or even a police car. Or even just conversing with friends on a sidewalk or stoop.

Despite all that, everything is just fine in the greatest city in the world. Except all that depressing heroin usage. Because of this, most of our cops now have to be babysitters for these junkies with naxolone at the ready, which will probably have to take over the space on their belts for those assigned with tasers. At least they will have a reason to use the naxolone though. And it’s reassuring they didn’t use the tasers as defibrillator substitution when naxolone or narcan wasn’t available. So we taxpayers dodged an expensive class action suit right there.


MTA, Re: Lefferts Blvd Station-The First Quarter Of The Year Is UP


Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y.

Where does the time go? It sure flies when you’re being stagnant, right MTA? Right Governor Cuomo? It’s April 9th as this is written and the station, 10 days after the first quarter of the year. While it has shown some improvement and new structure, is still one bottleneck forming staircase and inoperable elevator poor excuse for a station.

The stairs were supposed to be ready on April 1st. Can’t say enough about the uncanny scheduling as this has made fools of thousands of commuters. Although with the horrendous way the worst transit system in the fucking universe operates, sometimes at times these little big annoying things seem intentional.

Anyway, there was some encouraging things to see the other day in these first new days of spring as I actually saw life forms donning proper apparel and protective head wear, 3 of them, actually putting the pieces together on the looooooonnnnnggggg anticipated completion of the south stairway.

026April 5th

I assure you readers, they were there, I saw them really. One of them actually turned around and saw me observing them and paused as if he recognized me. Another hardhat also suddenly stopped for a bit too. Noticing my smartphone and assuming correctly of it’s camera setting. But being respectful of people’s sensitivity, I waited till they went back to work to snap a pic so not to spark a confrontation and distract from the relevant matter of finishing this goddamn fucking staircase as soon as possible. You think 2 years to modernize a station would be long enough. Did the Empire State Building take this long to build? Hell Fucking NO. And it was built AHEAD of schedule by a week. This daily combination slog and eyesore is behind by at least a damn year and a half.

At least they noticed the health hazard bird shit partition and scoured as much as they could…

lefferts shit 005

…yet to no avail


Yet they missed a lot of spots elsewhere

This delay is offensive enough. Really, MTA, you only got 3 contractors working on the weekend? So I had to be reminded again with a visit (can being reliant on the nearest subway entrance to commute count as a visit?) to the 86th street station in Yorkville about how the second avenue subway/galleria got the priority fast track so our megalomaniac ambitious governor had to build his pseudo legacy in real time with his command and worker bee swarm deployment to finish it on time. Well, more precisely for his stupid new years eve party.

Behold such envious beauty, although I take some smugness at the fact that after 4 months they have no one working the newsstand.

Admittingly, these are great pieces. It’s a fine reverential immortal tribute to NYC’s greatest songwriter that eradicates the stain of sweet Lou’s last aural shit sandwich collaboration with Metallica, Lulu (“I AM THE TABLE”, yes “I AM THE TABLE”). But come on, Chuck, as great as they are, 2 self-portaits? Is this why, as with the other 2 stations, it took so years to get the trains running down there? Well, they are there and they’re awesome so C’est La Vie, Que Sera Sera, IT IS WHAT IT IS (somebody brutally kill that last saying)

Hopefully, commuters will show up this lovely Monday morning to 2 staircases, if going by the might and skill of those 3 mortals can probably attest. I wouldn’t count on it at all since it still looks a bit skeletal and they have to move all that shit surrounding it. In all probability it might get done by Friday or maybe a strike of lightning by the Zeus of state officials, Mario’s son. He has plenty of time to wield his mighty authority to summon an army of flourescent safety vest clad drones to complete the task now that he is done crafting his vote pandering budget. Unless he has the misguided gumption of starting his 2020 presidential campaign early.

New Bad Days 8: Subway Felony Crimes Increased, Citizens Killed On Their Blocks, More Gang Activity In Schools, And A Brazen Yet Clumsy Cash Heist.

Sure they don’t lie, but so do the numbers not shown that officials and mostly citizens won’t like

According to the NY Daily News, felony crime on the subways as seen a distressing uptick, in contrast to the marked drop in slight increments in murders and assault.

Just recently in 2 stations in Brooklyn, on a C train heading for Lafayette Ave., a bigoted man spat and yelled at a man he assumed was gay, then attacked him with a flurry of punches. Reportedly the culprit was dressed in red sweatpants and wearing purple headphones (interesting color schemes for a gay basher). Also on the C by the Utica Ave. stop, a 23 year old woman was harassed by a group of teenagers throwing candy at her. As she got off on Nostrand, the group followed her and one of them, a 16 year old girl, punched her and fled.

On a 2 train heading to the Borough Hall stop, a woman was suddenly slapped in the head by a man for no reason. Both assailants ran off the trains after the incidents.

On a 7 train at the 111th st. stop, a woman was sexually harassed by a man who gleefully exposed his little prick and masturbated in front of her.

Staten Island:

By Elm Park at 8:45 PM, Keith Keita, 42, was a block away from his home when he was shot at twice by a passing vehicle, one of the shots making contact killing him. The victim may have known his assailants.

Another man was shot twice in the chest, killing him, in Port Richmond in front of a liquor store at 10:50 p.m.


At John Bowne High School in Flushing, 3 teenage boys aged 17 and 18, attacked and stabbed a 16 year old student during classes. Condemnation of the mayor by the union head for school guards immediately followed over perceived willful indifference and retaliatory measures of exposing such crimes on school grounds.

In Middle Village, a man was held up in front of his home by another man pointing a shotgun who demanded his jacket and gold chains. The culprit had an accomplice

In South Ozone Park on South Conduit Ave. a homeless man was found dead around 8:30 in the morning on the grass dividing the road and the Belt Parkway.

An elderly woman was hit by a car by an unlicensed driver in Rego Park.


In Wakefield late afternoon at 4:50 p.m., a man clad in a bullet-proof vest carjacked a postman out of his car and shot another postal worker as he tried to aid the victim. The thief sped off and crashed the vehicle, then proceeded to rob a SUV at gunpoint and crashed it into another car. In the same area, a convenience store was held up at gunpoint by 2 men who fled in a black SUV.

In Williamsbridge, A 26 year old woman was shot in the back of her head, and her killers left her for dead on the street. Residents heard laughing in the vicinity of the crime scene. This is the second deadly shooting in a week involving a young woman

In Middletown-Pelham Bay, a courier was tackled, beaten and robbed by a man crossing the street, knocking a bag containing $48,000 in cash out of his hands. The culprit had an accomplice to assist in the robbery and made out and fled with less than half the amount.


In the Bowery section, a man was slashed across the neck after an argument which escalated into a brawl. The culprit is still on the loose.

A tourist was choked and robbed of 12,000 dollars by 3 men, one of them the victim was acquainted with, in a Greenwich Village Hotel on 14th st. by 8th ave.

In the East Village, a burglar simulating possessing a gun, burglarized 7 apartments in 6 buildings during all times of the day.


At the Borinquen Plaza Houses, an elderly housing apartment building in Williamsburgh, 2 robbers broke into a patrol office, beating up one of them and robbed 5 men of $958 dollars and 2 gold chains.

In Besonhurst, an 38 year old woman was hit by an unlicensed driver, leaving her critically injured.

In Flatbush, A man was shot dead following a fight with another over a girl by Erasmus High School after midnight. Also in the area, a 15 year old boy was shot in the head by a 17 year old boy who assumed that the victim was in a rival gang.

In upscale Clinton Hill at 10 p.m., a woman was attacked by a mugger who punched her repeatedly and stole her purse.

At Public School 165 in Brownsville, a 17 year old was sexually assaulted by a 7 teenage boys as they pushed her into the boy’s bathroom, and forced her to perform a salacious act.

In Dyker Heights, a 71 year old man was killed crossing the street. The driver in the incident was quoted “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. This is the second time this happened to me”

Good Riddance

Leonard Litwin, 102, Real Estate Magnate, Pioneer Of Pay To Play For Tax Breaks And Municipal Services.

NY Times

In 2015, two extraordinary federal corruption trials in New York led to the convictions and resignations of the state’s two most powerful legislative leaders in Albany and exposed long-hidden bribery connections to Mr. Litwin’s empire, laying bare a seamy world of payoffs, political favors and legislation that reaped staggering profits and savings for the real estate industry, and for Glenwood Management in particular.

Mr. Litwin was not charged with any crime, though he was named a co-conspirator in one case, and never appeared in a courtroom for either trial as the juries convicted Assemblyman Sheldon Silver, a Manhattan Democrat and former Assembly speaker, and State Senator Dean G. Skelos, a Long Island Republican and Senate majority leader, of bribery, extortion and conspiracy charges.

In both trials, prosecutors showed that Glenwood had received favored treatment in Albany by giving $10 million to political campaigns since 2005, mostly through a maze of 26 limited liability companies. Under a nonprosecution agreement, Mr. Dorego, a senior executive of Glenwood, testified that payoffs to leaders and members of the State Legislature assured Glenwood of continued benefits in taxes, state financing and rent laws. One program alone, he said, saved up to $100 million.

In the Skelos case, the jury found that the senator and his son, Adam B. Skelos, had pressured Glenwood and two other companies into providing benefits worth $300,000 to the son, who was also convicted. By naming Mr. Litwin a co-conspirator of Dean Skelos, prosecutors were able to elicit testimony from Mr. Dorego about conversations he had with Mr. Litwin on the amounts and recipients of payments.

While Mr. Litwin carefully avoided publicity, he was in the news periodically for his political donations. Campaign finance records showed that over many years he gave millions to governors, state legislators, City Council members, candidates for office, and Republican and Democratic organizations. Public records also showed that he spent millions on lobbying.

In July 2013, the New York Public Interest Research Group reported that Mr. Litwin had given Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo a total of $625,000 in campaign contributions since December 2010, apparently making Mr. Litwin the governor’s largest donor. At the time, Mr. Cuomo was raising $1 million a month from contributors for his 2014 re-election campaign.

Mr. Litwin also gave large sums to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, and to many Republican officials, including former Gov. George E. Pataki and state legislators, particularly members of the Senate who favored real estate interests. Money trails in the 1990s showed that Mr. Litwin and other developers were heavy supporters of Republicans who pledged to abolish or limit tenant rent protections.

Like other wealthy campaign donors, Mr. Litwin circumvented contribution limits by funneling many smaller gifts through dozens of limited liability companies he controlled. While legal, such gifts are worrying to advocates of campaign finance reforms, especially when the donations are made by individuals or companies doing business with the government.

While politicians tend to minimize the impact of such donations, tenant advocates and others contend that the money is a prime mover in debates over rent laws and state and city regulations affecting the real estate industry. In any case, Mr. Litwin’s corporation benefited from special state financing, tax breaks, construction subsidies and other largess.

In 2002, federal investigators said Mr. Litwin and dozens of other property owners had received illegal tax breaks arranged by a consultant who was charged with bribing tax assessors in a scheme that cost the city $160 million in revenue over four years. But the suspect, Albert Schussler, died of a stroke before he could testify, and Mr. Litwin and other owners denied knowledge of a crime and were not accused of wrongdoing.

Liberty Plaza won approval for nearly $100 million in special state financing and a 20-year real estate tax exemption, and was the first new apartment building erected in Lower Manhattan after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Congrats, you got away with it. And influenced a new generation of unconscionable avaricious and opportunistic power hungry scumbags. Thanks for having the decency to avoid running for president of the United States.