New Bad Days X: Child Predators Edition


In Crown Heights, a gang member and convicted burglar, Rainford Salmon, trained kids in the neighborhood to break into apartments and steal valuables. Taking literary license from Dickens’ Oliver Twist’s fiendish character


with the same ignominious manner as Mayor De Faustio is unwittingly using from the “Tale Of Two Cities” that has caused widening economic discrepancy in the 5 boroughs.

In Cypress Hills (not Cyprus Hills, Gothamist), a deranged mumbling man and former gang member, Rafael Martinez, tried to abduct a 4 month old baby girl from her mother, Yubarbina Peña at the J train station Alabama Ave. Mrs. Pena and her mother-in-law valiantly fought off the lunatic with the aid of another commuter leading to the culprit’s arrest.


In Morningside Heights, a 12 year old boy was the intended target as shots were fired at a barber shop.

Let’s be extra careful out there citizens. And it’s Easter time, so remember keep smiling.

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