New Bad Days 9: Territorial Subway Seat Hoggers Brutally Attack 2 Commuters, Street Fighting Turds, Daylight Purse Snatching And Cat Burglarizing, And Some Nut Entitled To Pie.


In the Bowery train station on the Lower East Side, a gang of  6 African-American men (pictured above) ganged up on and assaulted 2 commuters after one of them, aged 53, asked one of the suspects to make room on the seating area so he could sit down. The younger commuter, aged 30, engaged in an argument with one of the suspects which escalated into a fight as the assailant’s friends proceeded to join in on the beat down of the 30 year old. One of the suspects pulled out a hammer and repeatedly beat the victim with it. As the older commuter went to protect his friend, the gang jumped off the train and fled from the crime scene.

Also on the Lower East Side, at a trendy bar called “Libation” a fight broke out and spilled onto the street and one of the patrons took out a box cutter and slashed his opponent in the face.

In Yorkville, a mentally disturbed man attempted to steal an Entermann’s cherry pie without paying. As he was stopped by employees of the store, the pie thief reacted violently as he snatched a chain off of one of them and swung it at the worker and then grabbed an umbrella nearby and started swinging at other workers trying to restrain him.



In a catering hall in Flatlands, shots were fired at a girl’s sweet sixteen party.

Also in Flatlands, A 16 year old boy raped a 14 year old girl in a homeless shelter.

In the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene, a man was stabbed to death inside his apartment.

In Williamsburg, a 15 year old kid walking down the street was approach by a young man soliciting money when he suddenly punched him in the face, causing the victim to drop his phone as the suspect picked it up and ran away with it.

Also in Williamsburg, a truck driver driving while intoxicated high on pot ran over an 11 year old girl leaving her with critical internal injuries.


In Kingsbridge, an 83 year old woman was robbed of her purse and knocked to the ground by a woman in her 20’s.

In Fordham, at 11:30 AM, a burglar climbed a fire escape and broke into an apartment and stole close to $2,000 worth of jewelry


In Woodside, a trio of burglars broke into a 60 year old woman’s apartment and stole 4,000 dollars, jewelry and electronic items at 9:30 in the morning.

In Forest Hills, a 70 year old woman was knocked to the ground and robbed of her purse. Reportedly, the suspect may have been involved in similar incidents in the vicinity.

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