New Bad Days 8: Subway Felony Crimes Increased, Citizens Killed On Their Blocks, More Gang Activity In Schools, And A Brazen Yet Clumsy Cash Heist.

Sure they don’t lie, but so do the numbers not shown that officials and mostly citizens won’t like

According to the NY Daily News, felony crime on the subways as seen a distressing uptick, in contrast to the marked drop in slight increments in murders and assault.

Just recently in 2 stations in Brooklyn, on a C train heading for Lafayette Ave., a bigoted man spat and yelled at a man he assumed was gay, then attacked him with a flurry of punches. Reportedly the culprit was dressed in red sweatpants and wearing purple headphones (interesting color schemes for a gay basher). Also on the C by the Utica Ave. stop, a 23 year old woman was harassed by a group of teenagers throwing candy at her. As she got off on Nostrand, the group followed her and one of them, a 16 year old girl, punched her and fled.

On a 2 train heading to the Borough Hall stop, a woman was suddenly slapped in the head by a man for no reason. Both assailants ran off the trains after the incidents.

On a 7 train at the 111th st. stop, a woman was sexually harassed by a man who gleefully exposed his little prick and masturbated in front of her.

Staten Island:

By Elm Park at 8:45 PM, Keith Keita, 42, was a block away from his home when he was shot at twice by a passing vehicle, one of the shots making contact killing him. The victim may have known his assailants.

Another man was shot twice in the chest, killing him, in Port Richmond in front of a liquor store at 10:50 p.m.


At John Bowne High School in Flushing, 3 teenage boys aged 17 and 18, attacked and stabbed a 16 year old student during classes. Condemnation of the mayor by the union head for school guards immediately followed over perceived willful indifference and retaliatory measures of exposing such crimes on school grounds.

In Middle Village, a man was held up in front of his home by another man pointing a shotgun who demanded his jacket and gold chains. The culprit had an accomplice

In South Ozone Park on South Conduit Ave. a homeless man was found dead around 8:30 in the morning on the grass dividing the road and the Belt Parkway.

An elderly woman was hit by a car by an unlicensed driver in Rego Park.


In Wakefield late afternoon at 4:50 p.m., a man clad in a bullet-proof vest carjacked a postman out of his car and shot another postal worker as he tried to aid the victim. The thief sped off and crashed the vehicle, then proceeded to rob a SUV at gunpoint and crashed it into another car. In the same area, a convenience store was held up at gunpoint by 2 men who fled in a black SUV.

In Williamsbridge, A 26 year old woman was shot in the back of her head, and her killers left her for dead on the street. Residents heard laughing in the vicinity of the crime scene. This is the second deadly shooting in a week involving a young woman

In Middletown-Pelham Bay, a courier was tackled, beaten and robbed by a man crossing the street, knocking a bag containing $48,000 in cash out of his hands. The culprit had an accomplice to assist in the robbery and made out and fled with less than half the amount.


In the Bowery section, a man was slashed across the neck after an argument which escalated into a brawl. The culprit is still on the loose.

A tourist was choked and robbed of 12,000 dollars by 3 men, one of them the victim was acquainted with, in a Greenwich Village Hotel on 14th st. by 8th ave.

In the East Village, a burglar simulating possessing a gun, burglarized 7 apartments in 6 buildings during all times of the day.


At the Borinquen Plaza Houses, an elderly housing apartment building in Williamsburgh, 2 robbers broke into a patrol office, beating up one of them and robbed 5 men of $958 dollars and 2 gold chains.

In Besonhurst, an 38 year old woman was hit by an unlicensed driver, leaving her critically injured.

In Flatbush, A man was shot dead following a fight with another over a girl by Erasmus High School after midnight. Also in the area, a 15 year old boy was shot in the head by a 17 year old boy who assumed that the victim was in a rival gang.

In upscale Clinton Hill at 10 p.m., a woman was attacked by a mugger who punched her repeatedly and stole her purse.

At Public School 165 in Brownsville, a 17 year old was sexually assaulted by a 7 teenage boys as they pushed her into the boy’s bathroom, and forced her to perform a salacious act.

In Dyker Heights, a 71 year old man was killed crossing the street. The driver in the incident was quoted “I’m sorry, I made a mistake. This is the second time this happened to me”

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