Voter Apathy Ensures Governor Kathy Clown’s Primary Victory

New York, New York, USA

Thanks to over 12,000,000 registered voters not showing up to the polls on a very pleasant summer day, Kathy “Clown” Hochul luckily won the Democrat Primary race in a landslide despite her brazen in plain sight corruption and being a very stupid person, allowing her to continue her path to officially be the first elected woman governor of New York. 

Less than a million registered Democrats showed up to fill the box for her over the surprising second place winner, the publicly absent advocate Jummane Williams and the mild mannered underdog Tom Suozzi who actually dominated the debates against his two unqualified foes with excellent barbs against them and solutions to the problems the incumbent has exacerbated with her idiotic decisions and her self-serving greedy actions to keep herself in power and accrue even more personal wealth while in office.