New Bad Days 101: This Is Also Hochulstopia

2022 in New York Fucking City turned out to be another banner year of high felony crimes and misdemeanors. While murders and shootings went down slightly from getting thousands of guns off the streets, every other major index crime skyrocketed. The biggest gains were opportunity crimes like petty and grand larceny, burglary and auto theft (which saw the highest gain again for the third year in a row) and crimes of ultraviolence like assault and and hate crimes. Crime on the subway went up a frightening 30%, which has blown back to less passengers and longer waiting times for train arrivals and a transit system teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, which was wholly perpetrated by the negligence of  Kathy Clown Hochul in her year as interim governor of New York State.

While crime continue to rise all over the five boroughs while Kathy Clown was and flying over them in one of her corporate donor’s chopper, she obstinately stood by her belief and the establishment narrative that the city crime was all a figment of citizens imaginations, I mean perceptions, just like Mayor Eric Adams was gaslighting the public about. Basically comparing the dangerous rise in crime stats to the level of crimes committed in 1990. She would take this perception of her own in her bid to win a full term as Governor which led her opponent Lee Zeldin to gain on her in the polls. Despite the threat, she persisted in her perception of low crime by maligning Zeldin, the local news and everyone else not fooled by her gaslighting by calling a right wing conspiracy.

Kathy Clown Hochul (governus stupidus corruptus)

Kathy Clown held on to her “data” base perception of crime and perception of a conspiracy of journalists reporting and people experiencing crime into the one and only debate she had with Zeldin, defiantly telling him and her constituents how it wasn’t that important to discuss the crime issue and how difficult it has been to convict repeat offenders as recidivism rose with the bail reform law along with the raise the age and discovery laws that were passed under Cuomo and which she insisted on keeping them going. Realizing how stupid she sounded, she ran away from the press like a recidivist criminal fugitive to maintain her denials of crime on the streets and subways and the revolving door justice system for repeat offenders.

After Zeldin tied and jumped ahead of her in the polls, Kathy Clown feebly and patronizingly acknowledged the rise in crime and was still able to narrowly win the election, which was a big fat sigh of relief for District Accomplice Alvin Bragg who Zeldin promised to fire immediately once he got to Albany after his own shitty year in prosecuting/not prosecuting criminals.

It’s stunning how Hochul managed to squeak a victory despite her reprehensible denials of the rise in crime and how her fear mongering of the criminalization of abortion (which would have never happened) trumped the legitimate fear of the breakdown of public safety. In a city and state where recidivist criminals seemingly had more rights than their victims and are less locked up than consumer products at a chain pharmacy store.

Also stunning is how she still won even though her one effort to bring down crime to ban guns in “sensitive places” and “gun free zones” still didn’t stop guns from getting on the streets everywhere else given the continuing proliferation of ghost guns and also how knives have become the weapon of choice with slashings and stabbings up 40%.

Another thing Kathy Clown blatantly ignores is the rise in “traffic violence” on the streets from the rise in auto theft. And despite her approval for street cameras to be on 24/7 it still hasn’t deterred reckless drivers from speeding, and why should they be when Hochul feels she doesn’t have to abide to traffic safety regulations herself since her security escort fleet of SUVs is equipped with tech to avoid those same speed cameras regular folks have to deal with

After promising to focus on crime after winning the governor’s office, Kathy Clown reneged on her “day one after election day” promise to modify the bail reform and raise the age laws, the latter being responsible in the rise in gun violence among teenagers as perpetrators and victims. And if Kathy thinks voters who almost fired her are engaging in a conspiracy of perception about the reality of rising crime on the streets she should listen to the kids who have to struggle with fears everyday just walking to and from their schools:

Francis Lewis High School News

On Wednesday, April 27, two Francis Lewis students were severely injured during a drive-by shooting in the Fresh Meadows area. On April 8, Angellyh Yambo was an honor student walking home from school when she was shot in the Bronx and killed while two others were hurt. At least 40 children and teenagers have been shot this year, some of which occurring on their commute to and from school. In this day of age, many teenagers don’t think twice when asking their friends to hang out or get a slice of pizza. However, after this increase in crime in New York City, many teens are wondering if they are truly safe when commuting to and from school. 

The incident on April 27 hit too close to home for some students at Francis Lewis High School as two of their fellow classmates were injured in a location well-known and visited by many. 

“I have realized that I have become more alert to my surroundings,” freshman Amaris Olazabal said. “I try to minimize the places I go to make sure that I am truly safe. If I do go somewhere I try to look around to give a closer look as to where I am.”

On the two school days following the shooting on April 27, metal detectors were randomly deployed by the NYPD Safety Division in the school lobby. 

“When coming to school on April 28 there was a line to enter the school along with police and metal detectors inside,” freshman Thea Boumakis. “I felt a little safer than I would on a normal day, knowing that there was extra security after a horrific event near us. I don’t think it’s necessary to keep them permanently, but on that day and the day after it was comforting.”

Olazabal also shared her personal experience when commuting to school those two days. 

“I remembered that I had to walk to school that day and I had to walk fast because I kept thinking someone was following me,” Olazabal said. 

Throughout the country,  cities are attempting to make sure that students arrive at school safely in the morning and back home in the afternoon amid a spike in teenagers being.  A school district in the District of Columbia is employing more adults to “monitor students on their commutes and ramping up security”.

“The rise in crime personally affected my commute as a student,” freshman Loren Kim said. “I have to take certain precautions that I shouldn’t have to. Being safe while walking home should be guaranteed and it’s sad that it has become something people have to think about.”

That was written a week before summer vacation in June.

And while Mayor Eric Adams repeatedly mentions how Albany’s discovery deform laws have upended society in the city he runs he won’t criticize the governor by name in order to keep some sort of optic of cooperation between city and state leaders, but it looks more like he’s afraid of offending her. Thankfully, NYPD Commissioner Sewell wasn’t afraid of calling her out for her insouciance and tardiness to take action, just like how slow Hochul was to get funding to the make the subways safe with her and Adams plan for rapid response teams of cops and mental health professionals (which is still dormant). Hochul also irrationally vetoed a bipartisan bill focused on tamping down the fentanyl crisis that has killed more New Yorkers from overdoses in the last two years than COVID-19 and has been wholly avoiding the migrant crisis adding to city’s perpetual homeless crisis as well.

The thing that’s most appalling about Hochul about her dishonesty about the state of New York is when she claimed that she was the mother of the state’s 27 counties, which includes NYC’s five boroughs. If this is how a mother of a state acts, then NYC and the rest of New York should be placed in child protective services


The suspect is also wanted in connection to two other sex crimes.

In the West Village, a man jumped a woman jogging by the Hudson river before sunrise and threw and beat her down to the pavement and then strangled and raped her. Then he stole her wallet and cellphone and rode away on a stolen citibike. The man got caught by cops trying to leave town at the Port Authority station and was found to have 25 priors and was wanted for two other sexual assault muggings earlier in the year and the month before nearby his recent attack after evading them for months by migrating around town on his bike and sleeping in construction sites.

Residents in the village were taken aback by Mayor Adams’s NYPD claims about how evasive the rapist was when everyone and their dog in the area saw this man roaming the streets and pissing in parks for 5 months straight. The creep was able to do so thanks to the massive rise in felony index crimes in hip city neighborhoods like this one.

Also in the West Village, a naked man walking on the sidewalk strolled into a parking garage where five cops were deployed to detain him.

Again in the West Village, a naked man walking on the sidewalk strolled into a parking garage where five cops were deployed to detain him.

And again in the West Village, a man stalked a corporate news anchorman to his house and tried to force his way inside to meet him by kicking at his door.

And again in the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a man and a woman got killed falling under the tracks of the moving L train when the man tried to rescue her from committing suicide in between cars.

And again in the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a transit worker caught a mentally ill homeless man trying to shelter and sleep in the dispatch room and then he attacked her with a hammer. Then he ran away and hid from the cops under the L train. 

In Times Square, two teenage boys smacked the shit out of a pop singer’s brother as he passed by them on the sidewalk and the punks robbed his wallet. Then they tried to buy weed at a smoke shop nearby the scene of their crime.

Also in Times Square at the 42nd St. Station, a man got killed by the arriving E train while he was trying to pick up something he dropped on the tracks.

Again in Times Square at the 42nd St. Station, a man randomly attacked a transit worker who punched her in the face and then he kicked another transit worker who came to her aid.

And again in Times Square, a man committed suicide by jumping from the window of his unit at a supportive/affordable housing building.

And again in Times Square, a fugitive wanted for murder of a woman in Massachusettes got caught by cops at the Port Authority Station.

And again in Times Square, a homeless man stabbed another homeless man twice while they were fighting on the sidewalk.

In Greenwich Village, a woman involved in a protest against a rally for Gov Kathy “Clown” Hochul by the Stonewall Inn got accosted by a man who stole her sign and then when she tried to get it back the man manhandled her and then gripped her throat with his bare hand while City Council Member Crystal Hudson held her for him.

Despite the physical assault by the man, cops didn’t arrest him or anyone involved in the ruckus and to this day we still don’t know who the choker was or he works for or was working for that day.

Also in Greenwich Village, a colony of rats had their own Stonewall riot when a yogurt shop took down their shanty and attacked the workers while trying to dismantle it causing them to run away and postpone the demolition.

Again in Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a homeless man got stabbed to death on the walkway to the platform. The killer was suspected of another slashing on a 6 train the following day. Despite the rise in killings and violence on the subway, the MTA came up with the idea to take transit workers out of token booths and make them be glorified ushers to guide commuters around and report crimes in action. Worst fucking transit system in the universe gets worse.

And again in Greenwich Village, a woman zapped an app-hail livery driver with a taser and robbed his wallet when he arrived at her destination.

In Midtown, a tenant caused a massive fire inside his apartment at a luxury residential building that wound up injuring 43 of his neighbors when he was charging 5 ebikes and their lithium batteries exploded, spreading the blaze across the hallways and to apartments above his. The man had numerous ebikes and scooters inside his apartment that he was using as a micromobility chop shop and had so many he left other ebikes and motor scooters in the hallway, even though there was a ban on storing them inside the building which the owner and management never bothered to enforce.

Over 200 Ebike battery fires have happened inside residential buildings and commercial spaces since they were made street legal by the New York State Senate and NYC Council the year before. Most of them are caused by batteries mostly imported from Asian nations and brought through online sites (and probably through black market methods through encrypted apps and social media) and which are not compatible with the brand of the bikes or motorcycles, batteries that have not been URL approved and mainly because they are cheaply assembled  (although I believe that the reason these batteries are exploding more often is because they are way too powerful since a lot of ebikes and e-scooters and uniwheels are capable of going above the 25 mph speed limit set for cars).

For example:

Even in the face of these facts, the destruction they have caused and hundreds of people displaced from their homes and the 6 that were killed from these improvised explosive devices, the city still hasn’t or are deliberately refusing to regulated these e-motored vehicles because the app food delivery corporations have become too big.

Also in Midtown, a man engaging in a drag race with another driver on 5th Ave. in the dead of night crashed into taxi in the middle of the intersection while going 100 mph, leaving the cab driver crippled and without a job. The traffic violence derelict was released on his own recognizance with the freedom to drive again.

Again in Midtown, a woman stabbed a man in the back at a restaurant after he and his girlfriend dissed the waiters and waitresses and then got into a violent ruckus with her and her friend while she was celebrating her birthday.

And again in Midtown at the 50th St. Station, a woman got framed for drug possession after she lost her purse and went to retrieve it at the Columbus Circle station where cops found 14 vials of crack inside.

And again in Midtown, a man attacked a homeless paraplegic man in a wheelchair on the sidewalk in front of a high end department store and robbed his cellphone after placing a chokehold on him and threatened a Samaritan with a knife who tried to stop him in broad daylight.,496&quality=75&strip=all

No city for this man

And again in Midtown at the 53rd St. Station, a man held a woman up at knifepoint on the staircase and robbed her cellphone.

And again in Midtown, two men ambushed three people coming from a diamond merchant building and robbed 72 large of jewels, diamonds and gold watches from them at gunpoint.

And again in Midtown, big banks collectively decided to lock down their ATMs because of the rise of homeless people using their warm vestibules for safe shelters instead of sleeping in the dangerous ones the city negligently provides for them. And residents and business owners in the district live in fear because of the rise in crime and destitution not seen since the bad old days of the mid-80s.

And again in Midtown, a man went to a corporate news building bearing a sword and an axe with the intention of speaking to their world politics reporters.

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, two women and a man hassled a couple sitting on seats on the S train and ordered them to get up while spewing racial slurs at them and then they beat the man down when he wouldn’t comply. Amazing how these people had the energy to beat down people even though they were two lazy to stand for two stops.

And again in Midtown, cops detained a man on the street who they suspected of stealing a cellphone from a commuter at a train station, but found out their suspect was already serving time at Rikers for another crime. But they managed to find out he was wanted for sexual assault when he grabbed a woman’s ass on a Chelsea street a month earlier.

And again in Midtown, a man squatting at a hotel for weeks got busted after he left a mess behind in a room that wound up being investigated for traces of WMD’s after a housekeeper got sick cleaning it up from inhaling a pile of talcum powder the derelict left behind.

And again in Midtown, a commuter told a mentally ill homeless man to stop jerking off on the 6 train.

And again in Midtown, a couple of artful dodgers ripped off 18 tourists of their purses, wallets and cellphones in a two week pickpocket robbing spree at a pop up shopping center inside Bryant Park.

And again in Midtown at the 51st St. Station, a man killed himself when he stepped on the third rail trying to cross the tracks to the other platform and then the 6 train arrived and dragged him on the track bed. Looks like this man didn’t want to walk to the north end of the platform where he would have found the escalator leading to the uptown train.

And again in Midtown, a man got so incensed by a protest group demonstrating inside a library that he stole one of their signs and then got into a tussle with another man who happened to be an on-duty cop deployed there and wound up arrested.

And again in Midtown, a man intentionally bumped into a 71-year-old woman on the sidewalk and then power slammed her to the pavement.

And again in Midtown at the 51st St. Station, a man ripped out a plant from a planter on the street placed on the avenue’s curbside to discourage people from parking their cars on it and dropped it on a woman who was going down the stairs to take the 6 train downtown.

And again in Midtown, a woman stabbed another woman to death who she roomed with at a homeless shelter to during a fight with her for playing music too loud. The murder victim did professional modeling but still couldn’t afford an apartment in New York City.

And again in Midtown, a man got caught shoplifting from a weed store and got away with some product but workers were able to grab his backpack as he ran out the door. Then the skell returned to the store to retrieve his backpack and stabbed one of the workers after he refused to give it back in return for the stuff he robbed.

And again in Midtown, a man slashed another man in the face to settle an argument inside a deli.

And again in Midtown, an argument between pot dealers on a street escalated into a brawl and a woman getting slashed in the face.

And again in Midtown, a young man walked up to three cops and slashed them with a machete, one of the them a rookie he gashed on the head who was working his first day on the streets of New York. One of the injured cops shot him to get him to drop his weapon. The young man recently converted to the Muslim faith and planned to pull off a terrorist attack in the city while he was camping out in Forest Park by Richmond Hill and near by Kew Gardens.

And again in Midtown, a man stabbed another man in the neck with a pair of scissors during a street fight.

In East Harlem, a pizzeria owner intervened in a robbery attempt by a junkie who tried to mug a 15-year-old girl right in the presence of a cop and a pusherman. Then another junkie lied down half naked on the sidewalk shooting up by a parked NYPD van filled with cops. Since the safe injection site opened the year before in Bill de Blasio’s last month as mayor, the area has become a real life Hampsterdam from The Wire (which happened to be that shitty bastard mayor’s favorite show). But at least these junkies groom themselves on the trains where it’s more sanitary.

Also in East Harlem, a man got beaten down to a pulp on the street by a mob of 30 ATV and dirtbike riders after one of them intentionally damaged his rearview mirror and then they ganged up on him when he went to check on it. After the victim was left for dead after the savage lynching, a man got into his car and stole it. The victim died from his wounds 3 weeks later which is when this incident was officially released to press by the NYPD. The victim was with a woman he was dating at the time who wasn’t identified.

The man was a member of a cure violence non-profit organization that deals with ex-convicts and wayward youths trying to get their lives back together to avoid criminal recidivism.

Again in East Harlem at the 116th Station, a man fell off the platform and onto the tracks and got rescued in time before the 6 train arrived by two cops and Samaritans helping out.

And again in  East Harlem, homeless junkies occupied an entire street nearby a safe injection site that’s been around for only a year and set up tents and personal spaces to shoot up heroin and fentanyl in plain sight.

And again in East Harlem, a man shot another man and a woman on the street.

And again in East Harlem, a man bum rushed a restaurant wielding a baseball bat and walking a pitbull and used it to choke a waitress. Then he pulled out a knife on two waiters and stabbed them when they tried to kick him out.

And again in East Harlem, a 60-year-old man was found stabbed to death on a stairway at a park, then the killer stole his car but got nabbed a day later by cops who arrested him. The killer also slashed a man to death by a bar in the Lower East Side and then came back to East Harlem and attacked a waitress with a bat and slashed two waiters at a restaurant following a dispute with her.

And again in East Harlem, winds knocked over a water tower on top of an apartment building at the Lincoln Houses and spilled through the ceilings of every apartment and down the stairwells on Christmas Day.

In Harlem, a man got shot in the ass inside his car and a gang of teenagers fled from the scene of the crime.

Also in Harlem, two women got shot at by a gang of men in ski masks while they were hanging outside the grounds of the Samuel Houses.

Again in Harlem at the 148th St. Station, a man snatched airpods off the ears of a commuter on the 3 train and then he hit him with cane multiple times when his victime tried to get his property back.

And again in Harlem, a woman stabbed another woman in the arm during a street fight.

And again in Harlem, a man broke into and vanalized a restaurant and robbed thousands of dollars of computer equipment.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the leg on the street in the dead of night and limped to a nearby hospital.

And again in Harlem, a man shot another man in the gut on the street in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, a young man stabbed his 16-year-old girlfriend to death inside their apartment where they just moved into following a domestic dispute after he caught her on the phone talking to another man and plunged his knife into her neck when she tried to get her phone back. The young thug was already on probation for four robberies he committed during the year.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a man punched a cop who caught him hopping the turnstile and wound up arrested for the 100th time after he recently served time for sexually assaulting a woman on the subway a few months earlier.

And again in Harlem, a 14-year-old boy got shot in front of a church in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem at the 135th St. Station, a man blasted pepper spray in the 2 train’s conductor’s face when she open the window to check the platform.

In Chelsea, a 15-year-old got into an argument with 71-year-old man while he was walking his dog and then the kid brutally beat him down and the injuries he inflicted wound up killing him weeks later.

Also in Chelsea, two men shot a man to death and also wounded an off duty prison warden and another man with a stray bullets in a planned hit in front of an upscale art gallery. 

Again in Chelsea, a Neo-Nazi from the Ukraine military fighting Russia was honored by a shitlib fauxgressive “independent” film promoter during their film festival at a movie theater.

And again in Chelsea, a monopoly coffee shop’s upscale cafe was found to have moth hives inside their coffee bean roasters and excessive mold in their ice machines. Those would make some shitty lattes.

And again in Chelsea, three men and a woman robbed over $225,000 in jewels that were on display during a jewelry and watch merchants convention at a pavillion. The crew pulled off the heist by dumping the baubles into a rolling garbage can.

And again in Chelsea, a man plowed into and killed an app-food ebike delivery man with his car and then fled on foot.

And again in Chelsea, a man followed another man coming out of an apartment building at the Fulton Houses and jumped him coming out of a deli but the other man fought him off by pistol whipping him. Then the man got up and shot his foe to death with a bullet to the back of his head.

And again in Chelsea, a bouncer kicking out an unruly patron out of a bar continued brawling with him outside, then the man landed a punch on the bouncer that knocked him down to the pavement and he died from his injury a week later.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man stepped out of his car and shot at another man on the street.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man with a grudge against a woman who works at a gay nite club threw bricks and a rock at their window on four different occasions, the last time when people were hanging out inside.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, an impatient SUV driver rammed into a horse carriage and caused the horse to break out and run towards Columbus Circle. The maniac naturally kept driving after he got his way.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless man stabbed another man to death following a dispute when he wouldn’t spare a cigarette to the victim.

In Union Square, a man shot another man twice on the street and fled. The victim wouldn’t divulge his assailant to the cops.

Also in Union Square at the 14th St/Union Square Station, a man slashed another man in the face and stole his handbag on the platform.

Again in  Union Square at the 14th St./Union Square Station, a man hung from the staircase by his underwear for shiggles and tik tok.

And again in Union Square at the 14th St./Union Square Station, a man attacked a woman on the L train platform and slashed her with a knife, then he slashed a Samaritan on the head who tried to stop him.

And again in Union Square at the 14th St./Union Square Station, a man got hassled by the city’s subway security guards who told him not to use the emergency exit to leave the station, then he took out his celly and one of the contractors slapped it off him and she and the other two guards dogpiled on him and beat him down to the floor. Cops also patrolling the station arrested two guards while the woman guard ran away but eventually turned herself in.

In Penn Station, two men got nabbed by cops possessing automatic rifles who had plans to shoot up synagogues while visiting the city.

Also in Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man attempted to abduct a tired 10-year-old boy while his 16-year-old brother and 15-year-old sister fought him off as other commuters didn’t come to their aid on the 2 train. The kids were commuting to their school in Brooklyn from the Bronx at the time and instinctively knew there was something wrong with the creep when he boarded their train on 149th St. in Harlem.

In Central Park, a man committed suicide by hanging him self inside a gazebo.

Also in Central Park, a bigot pushed another man to the ground after yelling Kanye West’s name and anti-Semitic slurs while he was pushing a bicycle that was also lugging a wheelchair with a sign that saying “hungry and disabled”. So this goldbricking prick is pretending to be a cripple during the day to panhandle and then he rides home.

In the Upper East Side, a man threw rocks at a Yeshiva middle school and broke a window.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man arguing with two other men on the street settled the dispute by stabbing both of them.

Again in the Upper East Side at the 86th St. Station, a man whacked another man with an umbrella inside an elevator.

And again in the Upper East Side, a woman got instantly killed by a hit and run driver who rammed her while she was crossing the street and then she got hit by a bus in another lane from the impact.

And again in the Upper East Side, a woman broke into a professional and Oscar-winning actor’s town house and got caught by him robbing presents under his Christmas tree. The woman also pulled off two other burglaries and robberies from stores in Kips Bay and also stabbed a man who caught her trying to rob his property from his apartment in the same neighborhood in October. Because the victim of this crime was a celebrity, Mayor Eric Adams made his most passionate statements about the problems with recidivist criminals in New York City.  One day a hard rain is going to fall…

In Kips Bay, a man pulled out a gun and pointed at pedestrians while riding a citibike on the avenue.

In Downtown Manhattan, a recidivist pickpocket thief struck again and robbed a wallet from a mark right nearby of the criminal court building where he just got released for pilfering wallets from two other victims.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Rector St. Station, a man attacked a commuter on the 1 train and beat him up and bit his hand and made off with his cellphone and wallet.

Again in Downtown Manhattan at the Park Place Station, two cops patrolling the platform warned a man not to stand on the edge and then the man attacked them while they tried to pull him back and then he resisted arrest.

And again in Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a man walloped a transit worker with a pipe while she was mopping the platform.

And again in Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St./City Hall Station, cops caught a man trying to beat the fare while going through the emergency door and discovered he was wanted for pilfering $1,350 in wallets from the backpacks of two women at a pharmacy and another train station.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, hundreds of migrants sleep rough outside of the federal plaza building in the cold while waiting on line to get cleared by Immigration and Customs to live and work in America. Whoever told these people there was sanctuary in New York City for them fucking lied.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a man randomly punched another man in the face as he was commuting to work.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a man shot another man to death inside an apartment building at the Alfred E Smith Houses after he tried to gun down his girlfriend while chasing her on the streets after mugging her for 50 bucks in Crown Heights and hit a 96-year-old man with a stray bullet while he was waiting at a bus stop. Then he went back to the Crown Heights and shot a 17-year-old girl to death in an apartment building at the Kingsborough Houses. He wound up turning himself at the 77th precinct but put up violent resistance while his arrest was being processed.

Prior to this shooting and killing spree, he along with a gang of three other men robbed over $4,000 from a man in an apartment at the Kingsborough houses in August and beat up his girlfriend during a domestic dispute at her apartment in the Bronx and robbed a bodega at gunpoint in Crown Heights and made off with nearly 3 grand.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, District Accomplice Bragg dropped numerous charges against a gangbanger who robbed over $25,000 in handbags from three high end designer stores at gun point in the Upper East Side and let him loose back on the streets because of Albany’s bail reform and discovery laws. The man was also previously charged with statutory rape of a 15-year-old girl.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a municipal worker who happens to own a gun threatened to shoot his fellow co-workers multiple times at Comptroller Brad Lander’s office.

In Fidi at the Bowling Green Station, a man took off his pants and skivvies in front of a woman and then did a lap dance on her. Then he got off the train and fled on the Staten Island Ferry.

In Washington Heights, three dogs died from consuming rat poison left on the streets by the city in Mayor Adams Captain Ahab like obsession to rid the city of rats.

Also in Washington Heights, a woman and her dog accidentally bumped into a man and then two gangbangers approached her and insulted her and her pet, then one of them bashed a traffic cone on her head from behind and split her forehead open. Then the goons stole her cellphone and bounced.

Again in Washington Heights, a man sexually molested female students with massages under the guise of vocal training while also getting them drunk and high on pills and extorting them for references to work in shows on Broadway at a theater school he ran and owned where he also embezzled over $400,000 from.

In the Upper West Side, two men tried to phish mail from a mailbox and got caught by a citizen and then they rode away on an unlicensed motorcycle on the sidewalk.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 96th St. Station, two men ganged up on a 73-year-old man and beat him down with a cane on the 1 train.

Again in the Upper West Side at the 96th St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping from the platform into the arriving C train.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a man asked a commuter an odd question and stepped off the 2 train, then he jumped back inside and slashed him in the face for no reason.

And again in the Upper West Side, a gang of six men attacked two men and a woman who were heading to a protest from behind and robbed a cellphone and coat from one of the men and then tried to rob the woman’s purse and beat up the other man who tried to stop them. Then the goons threw a brick and eggs at them and bounced.

And again in the Upper West Side, a woman working for Jeff Bezos’s company punched a man in the face when he intervened during an argument she was having with his doorman.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a homeless woman monopolized a corner of a car on the 2 train with target bags of her personal belongings while eating a four pack of vanilla pudding. Another result of Mayor Adams homeless policy failure from his promised sweep of mentally ill people from the subway  and further evidence of how dangerous the city shelters are.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a 16-year-old boy snatched a phone off a commuter’s hand on the platform.

In the Lower East Side, a woman got into a mental episode inside a bodega when she pulled a box cutter on the worker who tried to aid her. Then she chased him on the streets to another bodega where he went to hide from her. When that bodega owner locked the door to protect his fellow small business worker, the woman cut her clothes off with the box cutter until she was fully naked and tried to force open the door to get in.

Also in the Lower East Side, three men clad in black masks held up a smoke shop at gunpoint and made off with $1,500.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man and his 91-year-old mother were found dead inside their apartment.

In Chinatown at the Canal St. Station, cops caught a man jumping the turnstile and he threw a couple of punches at them and wound up tazed.

And again in Chinatown at the Grand St. Station, a woman threatened another woman and her daughter with a dildo and a knife on the D train and got restrained by two off duty housing cops.

And again in Chinatown, after nearly 2 years selling imitation upscale brand handbags ,purses, jewelry, watches and sunglasses on the sidewalks during the pandemic that stretched from Church St. on Canal st. to around the corner on Broadway to Walker St., the cops did a sweep of the multi million dollar broad daylight black market and confiscated all the fake merchandise that filled up three trucks.

In Soho, a dog fell out of a loft window from the third floor and died instantly from landing on a roof of a parked car. The tenant was harboring 7 other dogs in her odorous residence and got them back a week later despite complaints from her neighbors.

Also in Soho, a water main broke and flooded the Canal St. station and caused a river on the streets.

Again in Soho at the Canal St. Station, two men approached two commuters on the E train and beat them down to the floor and stole their cellphones and a handbag.

And again in Soho, a group of men set up shell games on the sidewalks by lux retail stores, targeting and ripping high end consumers going to lux retail and designer stores for thousands of dollars. The hustlers only troubles came when some marks demanded their money back and attacked them.

In the West Village, a wall collapsed inside a pizzeria and destroyed the eatery along and left damages to a donut shop and a fried chicken joint causing them to close business and also the apartment building above them which displaced dozens of elderly residents and added them to ever growing homeless crisis.

In the East Village at the 14th St. Station, a man got into a brawl with another man on the platform and bashed his head multiple times with a glass bottle.

Also in the East Village, a man got killed while crossing the street by a speeding hit-and-run driver.

Again in the East Village, two men loitering in front of a Mickey D’s jumped a 69-year-old man passing by them and beat him down to the pavement.

And again in the East Village, a man was found dead on the street in a pool a blood after he got his neck slashed during a fight in front of a bar.

In Inwood, cops shot a fentanyl drug dealer down and killed him and also wounded his partner after he pulled out his gun following a bust at their apartment during a drug deal.

Also in Inwood, an argument between two men inside a bodega over a dirty look escalated and then ended when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man to death in front of his teenage daughter.

Again in Inwood, a 64-year-old woman got killed instantly from a stray bullet that hit her in the face from a shootout between two men on the street nearby a grocery store where she was about to go shopping at with her son.

And again in Inwood, a man shot another man on a street corner to settle an argument.

In Hamilton Heights, a man got shot on the street following a dispute with two other men and tried to flee in his car and wound up crashing it on the median before dying from his wounds.

Also in Hamilton Heights, a five alarm fire engulfed and destroyed an apartment building following a gas explosion and left over 100 people and children homeless.

Again in Hamilton Heights, a man pulled out a baseball bat from his sweatpants and bashed it over homeless man’s head from behind. Then he stomped on him with his foot as he laid on the concrete. The thug wound up back on the streets following his arrest and arraignment when a judge lowered his bail by $32,500.

In Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a man got stabbed three times by another man who tried to rob money from him on the F train after the perp initially asked him to spare a cigarette.

Also in Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a man bumming a cigarette off a commuter suddenly attacked him and grabbed him by his backpack and got into a tussle when the commuter fought back. Then the skell stabbed him twice and ran away with it.

In Hudson Yards, a man got busted by the cops trying to pull a drug deal with 20,000 fentanyl pills and then the judge released him on his own recognizance following his arraignment.

Also in Hudson Yards, a car exploded while parked on the street by a luxury residential building. Unfortunately, the Vessel was unharmed from the blast. The FDNY determined it was from a mechanical problem. Because we don’t want any other high end businesses high tailing out of the oligarchs playground like Neiman Marcus did.

In NoMad at the 28th St. Station, a man lying on the train tracks got instantly killed by the arriving R train.

In Gramercy, a superintendent caught two woman and a man smoking pot inside an apartment building he worked at then the man bashed him over the head with a chair when the super told them to GTFO.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a homeless man brought a barbecue grill retailing for about $1,500 onto the platform.

In FiDi, a man shoplifted $5,000 worth of products from three chain pharmacy stores after hitting them 23 times in a little over a month.

In Murray Hill at the 33rd St. Station, a man slashed a commuter in the head twice after he pretended to stretch for relief on the 6 train.

Also in Murray Hill at the 33rd St. Station, a man stabbed another man in the back while they were fighting on the platform.

On the Manhattan Bridge, a woman committed suicide by jumping into the river from the pedestrian path.

On the Henry Hudson Parkway, a man got shot and robbed inside a livery cab and got dumped on the road.

On Randall’s Island, nearly two dozen undercover cops deployed to monitor drug use during an electronica music festival were found to be getting loaded on booze while on duty.

In the Meatpacking District, a man got the shit kicked out of him while attempting to carjack a DEA agent at gunpoint and got pistol whipped and dropped down to the cobblestone road.

While recidivist criminals continue to walk the streets again and again following numerous crimes, Mayor Adams has ordered the NYPD to arrest people for filming them for getting what is considered to be too close to them while they are conducting arrests. This has led to over 300 arrests which is a 14% rise in fauxgressive fascist Bill de Blasio’s abominable last year as mayor of New York City. A total of nearly 700 summonses were written to citizens witnessing and filming police actions on the streets.

But at least Adams finally deployed thousands of cops to the transit system to stem the surge of felonious crimes which went up by 40% compared to last year. Even though he waited 11 months to do it. Commissioner Sewell emphatically felt what the 8 million New Yorkers with 35 million opinions were feeling about the Mayor’s tardiness and slow response for public safety concerns on the city’s subterranean mental asylum.


While that’s going on, young White people drink beers and hard seltzers on the subway trains with impunity and privilege.


In Coney Island, cops on patrol caught a man pulling a gun on his girlfriend on a street corner and then shot him down and killed him after he drew his gun and shot at them and kept shooting until he collapsed to the ground. 

Also in Coney Island, an emotionally disturbed man walked out of a hospital dressed only in a patient gown tried to run across the Belt Parkway and got hit by a car and killed.

Again in Coney Island at the Stillwell Ave. Station, a drunk off his ass aristocrat investment banker tried to breach a transit break room and punched her in the face after she locked it and then she whacked him on the face with her thermos in her lunch bag and her fellow workers came to her aid and restrained him for the cops to take him downtown.

In Crown Heights, a woman got hit with three spray bullets while a shootout between two men occurred in front of a bodega as she stepped out of her mixed use apartment building.

Also in Crown Heights, a domestic dispute between a woman and her son in their apartment escalated and ended when she shot him twice in the head. Then she dragged him down the stairs and dumped him outside on the sidewalk and walked over him in front of her neighbors and cops that just arrived to the residence.

Again in Crown Heights, a young man got shot in the foot during a dispute with his assailant on the street.

And again in Crown Heights, a 96-year-old man got hit by a stray bullet while waiting at a bus stop from a man trying to shoot down a teenage girl he was chasing on the sidewalk by the Kingsborough Houses.

And again in Crown Heights, a man shot at four other men on the street and missed and a stray bullet blasted through a van window and hit a man driving by them.

In Brownsville, police responding to a domestic disturbance call showed up to find a man sitting on his porch with a machete and a knife. Then the man walked toward the cops and a lieutenant shot him twice after multiple warning to disarm. The man survived and was arrested.

Also in Brownsville, a man shot another man on the street in a ride-by.

Again in Brownsville, two men held up an off-duty C.O. at gunpoint on the stairway of an apartment building at the Langston Houses and robbed his watch, bracelets, $1,000 and his government issued gun off him.

And again in Brownsville, fusillade from a shootout between two gangs on the street led to stray bullets breaching a firehouse, putting holes into fire engines.

And again in Brownsville, a man beat another man to death on a street corner after he accused him of stealing stuff from him at the apartment building where they lived at.

And again in Brownsville, a man stabbed another man to death by under the tracks in the dead of night.

In East New York, a man got shot to death in broad daylight after he engaged in an argument with two other men on a populated street.

Also in East New York, a man shot another man to death on the street from a drive-by.

Again in East New York, a man rear ended a man’s car that was stopped at a red light and then his accomplice pulled a gun out when their mark started arguing with him and then he jacked his ride and rode away with his car as his accomplice trailed behind. The dastardly duo pulled off this same stunt in 3 other serial carjackings in the same town and also in St. Albans and Flushing.

And again in East New York, a gang of four men ambushed a smoke shop worker as he was closing the store and forced him inside so they could robe $500 worth of vapes and his keys.

And again in East New York at the Liberty Ave. Station, a young man got annoyed by a gang of teenagers vaping on the platform, then one of them attacked him and stabbed and bit him during a brawl.

And again in East New York, a tenant’s apartment went up in flames when the ebike battery he was charging exploded. His two dogs nearly died from the blaze.

And again in East New York, a man shot another man in the ass and stole his car.

And again in East New York, a man climbed on top of a tractor trailer at a truck depot yard and threatened to jump from it and then tried to run from the cops who talked him down for over an hour.

And again in East New York at the Broadway Junction Station, cops caught a man jumping the turnstile and also caught two guns on him, one of them which dropped when he tried to flee.

And again in East New York, a man shot a 17-year-old boy on a street corner in broad daylight.

In Cypress Hills, a man pursued another man on the streets and gunned him down, killing him instantly with a shot to his back.

Also in Cypress Hills, a woman burned to death inside in an apartment building fire where she was squatting in by her boyfriend who tied her up on a chair and lit her on fire after she destroyed his comic books and video game console.

Again in Cypress Hills, a man got pulled over by cops in his SUV during a traffic stop and then he hit the gas and wrecked their patrol car and proceeded to drive against traffic and sideswiped three parked cars and ran multiple red lights during his getaway attempt. He got caught by cops a few blocks south during the brief ultraviolent chase and was found possessing an illegal handgun.

In Bed-Stuy, a grown ass man shot gel pellets from a toy rifle at a woman and her adult son from a car while they were walking on the sidewalk. The chump bawled inside the courtroom during his arraignment and bail hearing.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man car jacked an app hail driver at gunpoint then the thief crashed into a dumpster trying to get away and wound up getting arrested by cops on the beat.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a drunk driver hit a man while he was jaywalking crossing the street. The man died from his wounds over a week later.

And again in Bed-Stuy, in less than a month after Mayor Adams and his Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch declared that “the rats don’t rule this city, we do!” Department of Buildings inspectors went to the Mayor’s rowhouse apartment building he owns and found a thriving rat colony dwelling on his property and fined him 600 dollars. Which Adams used tax payer dollars to appeal the charges in court and won.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man in the chest on the street in the dead of night.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man in the leg on the street in the dead of night.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Rockaway Ave. Station, a man went through the emergency gate while smoking a joint and immediately got the attention of two cops on patrol there. Also getting their attention was a gun he was possessing, leading to his arrest.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a woman was found dead from a strangling inside an apartment at the Albany Houses.

In Red Hook, raccoons, skunks and possums have joined the rat population in settling on the grounds at NYCHA’s Red Hook Houses while climate change mitigation renovations are still being implemented.

Also in Red Hook, a massive fire destroyed tons of evidence at a warehouse run by the NYPD where they were storing ebikes and motorcycles with lithium ion batteries, despite knowing how capable they are in burning down apartments and houses. Except they weren’t being charged before the inferno.

In Flatbush, a man emptied his clip on another man on the street and got him once on the leg.

Also in Flatbush, a man ran towards a 12-year-old boy walking to school and whacked him over the head with a crutch.

Again in Flatbush, a 17-year-old boy got shot to death on the stairwell of an apartment building.

In Midwood, a man having a mental episode in the middle of the street while obstructing traffic refused to comply two cops on patrol who tried to detain him and then he fought both of them and threw one of them to the asphalt and ran away. The man eventually wound up handcuffed by other cops deployed to the vicinity.

Also in Midwood, a woman and her four children ages 1 to 8 got plowed by a hit and run driver when she was picking two of them up from a school bus as the lowlife blew through the bus’s stop sign. The lowlife abandoned the car a few blocks away.

Again in Midwood, a man committed suicide by shooting himself at a hospital while he was a patient there.

In East Flatbush, a man was found dead inside a freezer at a bakery he worked at.

Also in East Flatbush, a 79-year-old woman heading to work at her beauty salon got instantly killed by a hit-and-run driver right when she exited her car.

Again in East Flatbush, a man shot another man to death in the middle of the street.

In Coney Island, an emotionally disturbed man walked out of a hospital dressed only in a patient gown tried to run across the Belt Parkway and got hit by a car and killed.

Also in Coney Island, cops on patrol caught a man pulling a gun on his girlfriend during an argument they were having on a street corner and then shot him down and killed him after he drew his gun and shot at them and kept shooting until he collapsed. The man was drunk at the time.

In Bensonhurst, a transgender woman stabbed her father to death in his kitchen and also stabbed her sister as she tried to stop her following a domestic dispute over a laptop and her lack of desire to get a real job. The killer then tried to cover up the murder by claiming it was a home invasion by two men who wanted to rob her father’s safe.

In Gowanus, a man shot at cops and tried to run them over following a routine traffic stop and got away after they fired back.

In Sunset Park, two little girls ran onto the middle of the street unsupervised and got hit by a car.

Also in Sunset Park, a man was left to die on the steps of a church with a knife in his chest.

Again in Sunset Park, a man stabbed his girlfriend to death inside their house during a domestic dispute.

And again in Sunset Park at the 25th St. Station, a man robbed the cellphones and wallets and a purse off two tourists while feigning to be armed with a gun.

In Williamsburg, a man walked into a niteclub where walked at with critical internal injuries he got following a car crash and then died later at a hospital.

Also in Williamsburg at the Marcy Ave. Station, a 15-year-old boy killed himself falling off the J train and landing on the third rail while trying to surf it. Death literally fixes stupid here.

In Gravesend, a man got shot to death following a ruckus involving four other men in an apartment building courtyard.

Also in Gravesend, a man shot another man in the gut by a Mickey D’s in the dead of night.

Again in Gravesend, a man shot another man and a woman who were sitting inside a car following a fight with them at a hookah lounge.

In Kensington, a man charging ebikes inside his apartment ignited a three alarm fire that engulfed three floors of the building.

In Canarsie, a man got pulled over by cops in his car who they suspected was involved in a shooting in the vicinity, then he hit the gas and hit a cop as he sped off. Other cops shot at the vehicle and the driver abandoned it blocks away along with his accomplice who wound up arrested.

In Canarsie, a gang of three men threw their gunz in the air like they didn’t care and shot a fusillade of bullets at a man and missed. on a street corner in broad daylight.

Also in Canarsie, a stray bullet from a broad daylight shooting on the street pierced the windshield of a city bus.

In Greenpoint, a man threw a bunch of cinderblocks from his apartment window and damaged three cars they landed on.

In Sheepshead Bay, bigots mailed Nazi propaganda posters to a pizzeria owned by two Jewish men.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, two men held up a Postman at gunpoint and robbed his mail carrier bag and loaded it into an unlicensed van.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, a man attacked a traffic cop and pushed him against the car as his saggy pants fell down after he got a parking violation ticket.

And again in Sheepshead Bay, a man ambushed a 74-year-old woman in the lobby of an apartment building and robbed 20 bucks off her after he threatened to hit her with a wire cable.

In Bushwick, two men got shot in front of a restaurant from a drive-by in broad daylight.

In Boerum Hill, a man rammed his car into another car on the avenue and shot and hit two other men who were inside of it.

In Prospect Heights, a man ordered a coffee and donut vendor to give him food for nothing and then he punched the small businessman in the face and stole his tip jar after breaking a window on his cart.

Also in Prospect Heights at the Grand Army Plaza Station, a 16-year-old boy grabbed a woman sitting on a bench and dragged her on the floor by her neck for the purpose of joining the gang who was with him during the act of ultraviolence.

In Prospect/Lefferts Gardens at the Winthorp Ave. Station, a woman behaving erratically on the platform followed a woman going up the staircase and threw caustic liquid from a perfume bottle on her face.

In Borough Park, a woman delivering packages for an e-commerce and delivery monopoly corporation at a building helped herself to other packages inside the lobby that were also delivered by the same company and logistic competitors and drove away with them.

In Ocean Hill at the Rockaway Ave. Station, an argument between a woman and two other woman escalated when one of them got pushed onto the train tracks.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a man brutally beat his therapist during their session at her office. Then he went back home to East New York to his mother’s house where the cops tracked him down and then he came outside holding a machete and a knife in his hands and refused to comply with a NYPD lieutenant trying to negotiate with him to put down his weapons and then the cop shot him.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a man slashed a woman in the face with a straight razor on the street in broad daylight.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays/Atlantic Ave. Station, a man walked up to MTA cop and a transit worker taking money out of metrocard machines and challenged them to a fight after they didn’t want to fist bump him. Then the kook followed both of them to the Union St. Station in Park Slope on the R train and continued following and talking shit at them and then he got into a tussle with the transit officer and tried to take his gun away and wound up getting shot by him.

In Clinton Hill, a man jumped a young woman on the sidewalk and tried to rape her. The woman fought back and escaped from his clutches.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man destroyed his girlfriend’s apartment during a domestic dispute and then got into a tussle with cops who showed up to arrest him and he pulled out a gun and shot a cop in the foot while resisting arr and ran for it. Then a cops shot him while in pursuit leading to his arrest.

In East Williamsburg at the Broadway Station, a man got caught by cops illegally possessing a key to open the emergency gate and also possessing a loaded gun.

Also in East Williamsburg, drug dealers were selling balloons filled with laughing gas to hipsters going to a rock/disco band’s concert. What could possibly blowback from this latest drug trend?

In Garriston Beach, a registered sex offender took over three houses from two landlords while living rent free in a garage at one of them while taking advantage of the pandemic while they were away and rented the homes to other seedy people like him who threatened them when they returned to reclaim the properties.

In City Line at the Grant Ave. Station, a man fell onto the tracks and cops pulled him out before the Manhattan bound A train arrived.

In Park Slope at the Nevins St. Station, a man randomly punched a commuter in the face on the 2 train, then he followed his victim as he tried to run from him and pummeled him again and transferred to the 4 train.

Also in Park Slope at the Atlantic Ave. Station, two women robbed a wallet from a commuter’s purse on the platform after one of them distracted her by speaking another language as her accomplice deliberately bumped into her. Then they spent over a grand shopping with their mark’s bank cards at the nearby mall by Barclays Center. The hottie artful dodgers were also seen in Greenwich Village buying weed with a stolen credit card at a hemp shop.

Again in Park Slope at the 7th Avenue Station, a man was tripping balls while smoking crack on the F train.


In Jamaica, an argument involving a group of men inside a deli escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and shot three of his foes and bounced.

Also in Jamaica, a 16-year-old boy got shot in the gut on the street in broad daylight. Hours later, cops busted a man currently on parole possessing a ghost gun nearby the crime scene.

Again in Jamaica, a city coroner robbed a $800 handbag from a dead man after looking over his body at his apartment.

And again in Jamaica at the Parsons Blvd/Archer Ave Station, a man stabbed another man in the chest following a fight and an argument on the mezzanine.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot another man to death at a shopping plaza street in broad daylight.

And again in Jamaica, two men bumrushed a man inside his apartment and pistol whipped him then robbed his cellphone.

A 17-year-old boy who did the first shooting of 2022 in New York City of a cop on break from patrol in East Harlem was found in a juvenile center in the World’s Borough on an unrelated charge.

In Far Rockaway, a 12-year-old girl got busted by safety agents for possessing a loaded gun in her backpack that her 14-year-old boyfriend told her to hold for him at a public middle school.

Also in Far Rockaway, a 63-year-old man got killed when he got hit by a car while jaywalking across the boulevard.

In Flushing at the Main St. Station, two teenagers hassled a man on the 7 train then one of them shot him with a gel gun and then they both punched him. When the man got off at 74th Ave., the punks pursued and caught up to him and robbed his sunglasses after slapping him around.

Also in Flushing, a man sucker punched a 74-year-old man and stole his bags inside a shopping mall.

Again in Flushing, a man got shot to death inside a SUV following a crash with a van during the slaying. The driver abandoned the SUV and left his friend for dead and ran for it.

And again in Flushing, a man got shot to death and wound up flipping over his car after his assailant shot at him from a Benz while in pursuit.

In South Richmond Hill at the 111th St. Station, a man accused another man of staring at him and then he stabbed him when they got off the A train while brawling with him.

Also in South Richmond Hill, a woman got mowed down and killed in cold blood by a tractor trailer driver making a sharp turn on the Van Wyck Expressway service road and hit her as she was riding her bike and kept on driving. The woman was riding from the supermarket after shopping for Thanksgiving dinner.  Even though the NYPD had a description of the killer truck driver, he still remains on the loose.

Again in South Richmond Hill, a man bashed another man with a crowbar during a fight on a street corner.

And again in South Richmond Hill, two men got stabbed during a rumble with three other men on the sidewalk in the middle of the night.

In South Jamaica, five students engaged in a rumble inside a high school that focuses on careers in law enforcement.

In Astoria, a man shot another man on a street corner.

Also in Astoria, two men walked towards an off-duty cop getting out of his car then one of them shot at him and missed and then they both bounced.

Again in Astoria, a man sucker punched a city bus driver when his stop arrived and ran away.

And again in Astoria, a gang of teenagers beat down and stabbed a 15-year-old boy on the street and stole his celly.

And again in Astoria, a gang of four teenage boys jumped a 15-year-old boy on the sidewalk, whacked him with a cane and a stick and beat him down to the pavement after they accused him of assaulting a friend of theirs.

And again in Astoria, a man walked up to two men and shot them as they were hanging out in front of a niteclub.

In Elmhurst, a gang of thieves broke  into a used car lot by breaking the lock on the gate with ease and stole 26 vehicles right after the dealership closed early on Sunday.

Also in Elmhurst, a man hit a motor scooter rider with his car while blowing a stop sign.

Again in Elmhurst, a man got killed instantly after getting lynched on the street by a gang of men when one of them picked up a 2 x 4 piece of wood that was left on a barely cordoned off pile by city contractors nearby a gas station to improve the infrastructure in Queens. Only one of the lowlifes has been arrested.,682&quality=75&strip=all

And again in Elmhurst, two men rolling on a motorcycle on a sidewalk grabbed a 12-year-old girl by her necklace and ripped it off by dragging on her on the pavement for 10 feet and then speeding off. The worst human beings alive as aptly described by their young victim pulled the same stunt snatching chains off six other women in Corona and Jackson Heights and from another man in the same town.

And again in Elmhurst, a man beat his three year old son to death at a hotel homeless shelter and his wife tried to cover it up by claiming the boy ran into a wall while choking on a chicken mcnugget.

In Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt Ave/74 Ave Station, a man smacked another man on the head with his backpack after he got accidentally brushed by his victim’s own backpack on the staircase.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man got busted selling blow to a cop and was later found in possession of a gun and rounds of bullets from a police warrant search of his apartment.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man got killed after he got hit by a car while jaywalking.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man impersonating a delivery worker sneaked into an apartment building and robbed packages from the lobby. Then he got caught in the garage by a worker who tried to stop him but got the better of him during a brawl and escaped.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man sneaked up behind an 85-year-old woman while she was going to her car in a parking garage and shoved her to the concrete and ripped off her purse from her walker.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man shot three other men on the street around sundown.

And again in Jackson Heights, two men ambushed another man in front of an apartment building where he lived at and brutally beat him down and stole his wallet.

And again in Jackson Heights at the 74th Ave./Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man killed himself when he got hit by the arriving F train after he jumped onto to tracks to get his cellphone that he dropped there.

In Ridgewood, two men easily jacked a car with it’s engine left running after forcing a man sleeping in the back seat to get out at gunpoint while the vehicle’s owner went inside a 7-11. 

In Kew Gardens Hills, a young man got shot to death at a bus stop down the block from a high school in broad daylight following a dispute with two other young men. One of them who was caught with a loaded gun blocks away from the homicide scene.

In Long Island City at the Queens Plaza Station, a man whipped out his dick in front of a commuter and flogged it in front of her.

Also in Long Island City at the 36th St. Station, a man held up a commuter at knifepoint and stole her cellphone and fifty bucks and then sexually violated her by grabbing her tits on the M train.

Again in Long Island City, a minivan got left abandoned on the onramp by the Queensboro Bridge and then exploded into flames.

And again in Long Island City at the Court Sq. Station, a 17-year-old held a knife up to a commuter and accused him of taking a picture of him with his cellphone.

And again in Long Island City at the Queensboro Plaza Station, rambunctious teenage boys hijacked the N train and spewed vulgarities over the intercom.

And again in Long Island City, a gang of a dozen teenage boys beat down and stabbed one boy with a shank in the middle of the street in front of the Board Of Education building in broad daylight.

And again in Long Island City, a man stole a UHaul pickup truck and hit a man while he was crossing the street while being pursued by the cops.

In Murray Hill, three men held up a man at gunpoint while he was in his car stopped at the red light. Then they jacked his car and bagged his head and tied him up and drove to his house and robbed cash and property off him. The three thugs also held up a man at gunpoint in his car while parked but failed to steal it when it wouldn’t start, so they stole his cellphone and backpack with 4 grand inside it instead

Also in Murray Hill, a man got into an argument with his wife by their house over the podcast she does about abusive relationships, then he took their sons into his SUV, told them to fasten their seat belts, and then he hit her with the vehicle at full speed and flipped it over while doing it. Then he crawled from under thee car and walked over her and stabbed her in the gut.

In Ozone Park at the 104th St. Station, a man snatched a backpack off a 63-year-old man on the platform and punched him when he tried to get it back.

Also in Ozone Park, the NYC buildings commissioner got caught gambling in basement casino at a pizzeria and was forced to quit his job.

Again in Ozone Park and also South Ozone Park, Woodhaven, Jamaica, Whitestone and Maspeth, two men robbed nearly a dozen stores at gunpoint and made off with $12,000 in cold hard cash and also $800 in metrocards. They also stopped by two towns in Brooklyn and stuck up and robbed $3,000 from two delis during their 3 week serial robbery spree

In South Ozone Park, a woman renting a room at a house who scraped her landlords car with her keys and tried to set the house on fire while having her rent partially paid by the city through the PHEPs program, slashed another woman living in another SRO in the face during a domestic dispute.

Also in South Ozone Park, three teenage boys got into a rumble with two young men on the street and stabbed both of them in a gang related attack. One of the men died from his wounds.

Again in South Ozone Park, a man lost control of his car while speeding on the freeway and flipped it over and landed into a car towing lot and died in the explosion following the crash.

In Richmond Hill, three men broke into a house in broad daylight and stole a safe containing $10,000.

In Woodside, a gang of three men jumped and beat down another man on the sidewalk and robbed his wallet.

In Forest Hills, a man broke into an apartment building and broke into a mailbox and stole a package from a tenant.

Also in Forest Hills, two men held up a smoke shop at gunpoint and robbed $10,000 from their register after one of them gave a warning shot.

Again in Forest Hills, a man is promoting and producing real time wrestling matches on the R train. Because it’s the “City Of Yes” and you can do whatever the fuck you want to make money.

And again in Forest Hills, two teenage boys held up a 15-year-old boy at knifepoint at a bus stop and robbed his bookbag.

In Brookville, an off duty NYPD detective caught a man lurking by houses on his block and then the man pulled out his gun and shot at him. The cop fired back but the perp escaped in the dark of night and left his weapon behind. This shootout garnered the attention of the FBI.

In College Point, a man in his car got pursued by two other men driving an SUV and a pickup truck and then they trapped him on a street corner. Then the man got out of his car to flee and the pickup truck driver backed up into him but their target still able to escape. Then one of the men in the SUV pulled a gun out and fired at him as he ran down the street and into a store to call the cops.

In Sunnyside, a gang of three men involved in a string of hold up robberies of gas stations and convenience stores held up another gas station at gunpoint and robbed it of $1,700 but got caught trying to flee by cops on patrol and arrested. The gang also held up and robbed a deli in East Elmhurst and eight other robberies in Ridgewood, Flushing and Maspeth during their two week crime spree.

In Rosedale, a 77-year-old man inflicted with dementia beat his wife to death inside their home.

In Dutch Kills, a migrant committed suicide by hanging himself in his room at a hotel homeless shelter.

In Laurelton, a man shot another man in the face and another man on the shoulder during a fight with them inside a catering hall.

In Glendale, a man yelled at another man in another car and shot him after driving away on the parkway.

Also in Glendale, a man carjacked another man at gunpoint as he just finished parking his car.

In Hammels, a man shot two men on the street following an argument.

In Springfield Gardens, an EMT stole a credit card from a 79-year-old woman’s purse while he was sending her to the hospital and used it to buy two bottles of Moet.

Also in Springfield Gardens, a man stabbed his grandmother to death following an argument with her about him smoking weed in her house and then he stabbed her daughter and her disabled stepdaughter to death in their bedrooms as they all were still sleeping. Then he stole her car and tried to hide out in Virginia where the local cops tracked him down after he ran out of gas and then extradited him back to New York City. The killer never bothered to change his clothes that was still covered with the blood of his victims.

Again in Springfield Gardens, a man got shot in his car and crashed it into a pole and died from his wounds.

In Rego Park, two men robbed a bottle of pain medication from a pharmacy after manhandling a worker and holding him up with a can of mace.

Also in Rego Park, a man got arrested following a traffic stop when cops found a cage with abused and emaciated dogs inside a cage in the back seat. The dogbeater had other priors for animal abuse who infamously made headlines a year earlier when he was raising and breeding pit bulls in an apartment and then attacked and beat down the landlord homeowners with help from his brothers when they tried to kick him out.

In Bayside, two men broke into a house through the back door and held a elderly woman up at gunpoint and then they placed a helmet on her head and bounded it and her wrists with duct tape and robbed cash from her.

In Hollis, a Suffolk man got caught by the cops with 2 kilos of fentanyl in his trunk during a traffic stop.

In Woodhaven, a middle aged woman got plowed by a hit and run driver while she was still in the crosswalk trying to cross the boulevard where you get less than a minute to get to the other side of the street.

Also in Woodhaven, two men slashed the tires of a man’s car while he was shopping at a fish market, then they pursued him as he drove east to Jamaica where he stopped at a gas station to refill his tires. The one of the men sneaked into his vehicle while their mark was using the air pump and stole a bag with 500 bucks and a gold ring inside.

In Middle Village, mounds of trash and plush furniture were found dumped on green spaces and the ball parks.

Also in Middle Village at the Metropolitan Ave. Station, a dispute between three young men on the platform escalated when one of them took off his strap and smacked his foe in the face with it.

Again in Middle Village, a raging fire destroyed a bar and a deli next door.

In Jamaica Hills at the Parsons Blvd. Station, a gang of three men pounced on a commuter waiting for the F train and beat him down and stole his cellphone.

In Maspeth, a woman killed a man with her car as he was exiting his truck while speeding and crashed into another truck and survived.

In Kew Gardens at the Union Turnpike Station, two men held up a commuter at gunpoint on the platform and robbed his backpack and cellphone.

Also in Kew Gardens, a man crashed his car into a tractor trailer while driving drunk and wound up killing his friend who riding in the front seat beside him.

Again in Kew Gardens,at the Union Turnpike Station, a man hassled a commuter on the F train and ordered him to give him his belongings and then he slashed him in the face when he couldn’t get nothing from his victim.

In Corona, a man got shot following a dispute with two other men on the street.

Also in Corona at the Junction Blvd. Station, three men surrounded a commuter and stole his wallet when it fell out after one of the thugs took out a knife and cut his pockets on the 7 train.

Again in Corona, a man got killed when he got hit by two cars while trying to cross the Grand Central Parkway on foot like Frogger.

In North Corona, a man shot another man in the shoulder after he didn’t get nothing from him during a stickup robbery attempt.

In Queens Village, a woman was found dead on the street by a row of bushes.

Also in Queens Village, a man slashed another man in the face during a street fight.

In Jamaica Hills at the 179th St. Station, a man attacked an MTA worker and punched her i

In Howard Beach, a woman got run over by a SUV while crossing the street and died from her injuries.

Also in Howard Beach and also Broad Channel and Rockaway Beach, an overnight rain storm flooded the streets from the rising water in Jamaica Bay. Despite numerous weather forecasts in the days before the storm, the mayor decided to go overseas to Greece and Qatar to study anti-Semitism and the World Cup soccer tournament instead. Although he surely was planning to bounce for about a week when his buddy Bishop Whitehead got arrested and indicted.

In College Point, a substitute teacher strangled a student at middle school.

In Fresh Meadows, a man got jumped, beat down and slashed by three men on the street following an argument with them. 

At JFK Airport, a woman failed to smuggled 28 pounds of blow when TSA agents found it inside her wheelchair.

Also at JFK Airport, cops busted two men at a hotel trying to smuggle over 32,000 fentanyl pills to sell on the streets of New York.

Again at JFK Airport, a man got caught smuggling disassembled parts from an automatic gun inside of jars of peanut butter by the TSA.

On the Triborough Bridge, a woman committed suicide by jumping off the pedestrian/bike path into the river.

In Broad Channel, a man mistreated and tortured 45 puppy dogs he harbored inside cages at his house.

On the Cross Island Expressway, a man got into a car accident with another vehicle and then he got hit by a speeding car when he exited his own and wound up with his leg amputated.

On Rikers Island, a services contractor had it’s contract terminated when it was found their workers where smuggling drugs, contraband, burner phones and shivs into the prison facilities.

Also on Rikers Island, an inmate serving time for murdering his girlfriend stabbed a C.O. over a dozen times.

Again on Rikers Island, a bunch of convicts broke into a locker room and stole riot gear and got into a brief prison riot with C.O.’s in the intake center.

And again on Rikers Island, an inmate attacked and brutally beat down a C.O. after he was let out of a holding cell with other prisoners.

And again on Rikers Island, an inmate serving time for murder attacked a C.O. while he was searching his cell for contraband and bashed his head  on the floor and knocked out 10 teeth from his mouth.

And again on Rikers Island, an inmate was found dead inside him cell, making him the 19th prisoner to die on the prison island.

And again on Rikers Island, C.O.s got caught smuggling drugs and booze into the prison facilities.

In Rockaway Park, cops confiscated a school short bus that was repurposed as a very cool unlicensed weed shop.

In Arverne, cops caught two men involved in a drug deal inside an apartment building and then they made the dash on the street. After one of them got caught and cuffed, the other perp got shot by the cop during a tussle for his gun.

Also in Arverne (by the sea), a baby sperm whale washed up dead on the shore.


In Belmont, two men got brawling inside a bodega escalated further when one of them had the advantage and stabbed his foe multiple times while he pinned him to the floor. Then the wounded man took out a gun and chased him outside and shot and wounded him but then he got shot down and killed by cops who were patrolling the vicinity at the time.

Also in Belmont, a man got shot on the street from a stray bullet and walked to a hospital nearby.

Again in Belmont, a man shot another man in the gut inside an apartment building.

In Mount Hope, a woman stabbed her 11-month old baby and 3-year-old son to death and tried to hide them under a pile of wet clothes inside the bathtub and also tried to burn down her apartment at a cluster building homeless shelter. The woman had an argument with her boyfriend and the father of their children the night before. She also suffered from mental illness and thought her kids were possessed by the devil because of their father’s tattoos.

Also in Mount Hope, a man shot at three men on a street corner, killing one with a blast to the head and critically wounding the other two men.

Again in Mount Hope, a fire on the fifth floor of an apartment building killed a man and his mentally impaired daughter inside their unit.

In Mott Haven, a superintendent stabbed a man to death inside a SRO building following an argument about bringing discarded furniture into his unit out of concern about bedbug infestation.

Also in Mott Haven at the 149th St. Station, a man pulled a knife out on a 11-year-old girl and molested her on the 4 train.

Again in Mott Haven at the 149th St. Station, a man harassed a woman in front of her child on the 4 train and then he stabbed a Samaritan on the arm who tried to defend her.

And again in Mott Haven, a man shot two men on the street, one of them dying from his wounds.

And again in Mott Haven, a man on an ebike shot a man to death while he was walking with his friends on the sidewalk heading towards a playground.

And again in Mott Haven, a homeless man refused to pay back a woman 20 bucks he borrowed to buy blow and punched her in the face. Then she brought two other men to help her and then the man shot her and he wound up getting shot four times by her boyfriend.

And again in Mott Haven at the 149th St. Station, an argument between a man and two women on the platform escalated when he shot pepper spray at them that wound up hitting another woman who wasn’t involved in the dispute and her 2-year-old son in their faces.

In Melrose, a man stashed his gun inside his girlfriend’s 6-year-old son’s backpack that the child discovered was inside while he was at his school.

Also in Melrose, two teenage boys stuck up a 12-year-old boy with a knife and robbed him inside an elevator at an apartment building.

Again in Melrose, a man got killed after he crashed into a car while riding his e-scooter.

And again in Melrose, two women and a man on a little rascal scooter got shoplifting at a department store by a worker who caught one of the women pushing products in a baby stroller. Then the two women assaulted the worker as the man rolled over his foot and they got away with $300 worth of merchandise

And again in Melrose, two men viciously attacked an autistic man while he was with his mother on the street and beat him down with a stick and stabbed him and stole his shoes, sweater and hat and ran away.

And again in Melrose, a man got shot following a confrontation with two other men on the street.

And again in Melrose, a security guard and a 16-year-old boy fell down an elevator shaft during a brawl after the guard tried to stop him from shoplifting

In Bedford Park, a man pounced on a 77-year-old woman from behind and stole her purse.

In Edenwald, a 16-year-old girl got hit by a stray bullet from shots fired near a playground where she walking by while going to a store to buy sugar for her mother on Thanksgiving.

Also in Edenwald, an argument between two men in an apartment building hallway escalated and ended when one of them shot the other man to death at the Baychester Houses.

In Soundview at the Morrison Ave. Station, a man stabbed another man in the neck to settle an argument by the turnstiles when he was trying to sell him a metrocard swipe.

Also in Soundview, a man shot another man in the leg on the street at midnight.

In Fordham Heights, a 14-year-old boy got shot to death by a 17-year-old girl and another teenage assailant while he was walking on the street with his older brother and two friends of his. The motive for the killing was over a dis from a drill rap song.

Also in Fordham Heights, a man shot another man to death from behind with a point blank blast to his head on the street.

In Concourse, two men on a motor scooter shot at two other men on the street during a ride-by.

Also in Concourse at the 167th St. Station, a gang of three men jumped a commuter and slashed him in the face.

Again in Concourse, a man got shot after he walked out of a dunkin’ donuts and then died from his wounds when he crashed his car into other vehicles inside a parking lot while trying to get away.

And again in Concourse, a man solicited a 14-year-old girl with a cellphone and then he grabbed her breasts and ran when she refused.

In Parkchester, a mentally ill man hung from the elevated train tracks with one hand while naked and fell to the ground when the 6 train arrived at the Westchester Ave. Station and survived.

In Foxhurst at the Simpson St. Station, a woman punched a 10-year-old girl in the face after she accidentally bumped into her as commuters shoved inside the 5 train and then she punched the girl’s mother in the face. 

In Longwood at the 149th St. Station, a man stabbed another man during a fight on the 6 train.

In Norwood, a man got caught dealing smack from his car and caught him with 7 million dollars worth of fentanyl and heroin during a search inside his apartment.

Also in Norwood, a man stabbed a cop in the arm as he was trying to get him medical assistance.

Again in Norwood, a fire in an apartment building killed a 76-year-old resident.

In Highbridge at the 167th St. Station, three men and a woman got into an argument with a man on the platform and then one of them slashed him with an ice pick.

In Woodstock, a mentally ill man who was on parole after serving time for a homicide confronted another man and his 8-year-old daughter on the sidewalk and then tried to abduct her in broad daylight.

In Wakefield, a man opportunistically robbed a car that was idling and abandoned it when he noticed there was a 1-year-old baby on the back seat.

Also in Wakefield, a man grabbed a woman walking on the sidewalk and took her to a construction site and forced her to give him a blowjob.

Again in Wakefield, a man shot another man to death from behind while the victim was arguing with another man in front of a bar/restaurant.

In West Farms, a homeless man living under a bridge wound up dead in the river after he fell off his hammock while sleeping.

Also in West Farms, a teenage gangbanger shot three teenage boys in front of a bodega and hit a 62-year-old man with a stray bullet who was walking by.

Again in West Farms, a man got caught by cops and the feds dealing 6 kilos of coke worth $300,000 with the Big Guy’s face on one of the bricks.

In Tremont, a rumble in front of a Boys & Girls Club building led to four men getting stabbed in the dead of night.

Also in Tremont, a construction worker got killed on the job when an excavator bucket fell and landed on him at a development site for an affordable/supportive housing apartment building. Sounds like they are in a rush to get this finished.

In Marble Hill, a boy slashed another boy at a playground after getting into an argument during a basketball game.

Also in Marble Hill, a man got shot while driving his car and wound up dead after losing control and crashing it into other cars and flipping upside down in the middle of the street.

In Allerton, a man shot a gas station attendant in the head after he waved at him to come outside and help him with his car, putting his victim into a coma. The gunman is also suspected in a similar shooting at a gas station in Philadelphia.

In Morris Heights, a tenant started a fire in his apartment on the top floor of his building when the lithium ion battery on his ebike exploded while he was charging it.

In Westchester Square, a man got stabbed during a fight while hanging out his friends inside an apartment building and bled to death from his wounds.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a man was beaten to a pulp and left for dead by a park.

Also in Kingsbridge Heights, a man shot another man to death inside his apartment.

Again in Kingsbridge Heights, a man held up a bodega at gunpoint and robbed $2,000.

In Kingsbridge, a man involved in a car chase with another man shooting at him while in pursuit wound up crashing his Benz into a bus and then he ditched it and jacked a car from another man to continue his getaway and wound up hitting a bike rider and crashing it into a tree.

In Castle Hill, a man hooked up with two women and raped and robbed over $3,000 from both of them at knifepoint at the same hotel.

In Co-Op City, two men attacked an app-hail driver after he took them to their destination and held him up at gunpoint and then the driver hit the gas when one of them tried to snatch the keys and crashed into parked car. So the goons stole 370 bucks off him instead and bounced.

In Charlotte Gardens, a man shot another man to death at point blank range in the chest on the street in broad daylight.

In Crotona Park, a woman ambushed a man when he stepped out of a barber shop and yelled at him. As he was walking away, she summoned another man who was hanging outside and they all got into a heated argument which escalated when the woman punched him in the face and then her friend shot him to death in cold blood in broad daylight.

In University Heights, cops patrolling the streets in unmarked cars caught two men changing license plates on a car they were stealing and then one of thieves hit the gas and rammed into both vehicles and also hit a cop and rammed into other parked cars while getting away. The car was found abandoned blocks away.

Also in University Heights, a handicapped man stabbed another man to death on a street corner while he was in his wheelchair.

Again in University Heights, a man got shot in the leg on the street in the dead of night.

In Mount Eden, two men ambushed a food delivery man at an apartment building when one of them sucker punched him and his accomplice helped him beat him down and robbed 300 bucks and the food order he brought over.

Also in Mount Eden, a man molested a 14-year-old girl on a city bus and then ran away while a Samaritan was pursuing and filming him.

Again in Mount Eden, a man held up a Mickey D’s at knife point, then he jumped behind the counter and snatched a couple of double cheeseburgers and a 20 and 6 piece chicken mcnuggets and bounced.

In Parkchester at the Lawerence Ave. Station, a bigot beat the shit out of commuter while shouting slurs at him on the 6 train.

In Bedford Park at the Bedfork Park Blvd. Station, a man got caught by cops going through the emergency gate to beat the fare and also possessing a loaded gun in his backpack.

In Hunts Point, a professional actor from film and television was left for dead by a scrap metal yard after a friend of his dumped him out of his car after he overdosed from heroin.

In Highbridge at the 167th St. Station, a man and a woman harassed an elderly commuter on the D train and then the man punched her multiple times until some Guardian Angels intervened and held him for the cops who arrested him. But the man wound up back on the street with only a desk appearance ticket for his assault. The Angels also aided a woman on another train after a man yelled at her while he was holding a baby.

Also in Highbridge, cops engaged in a shootout with two men following a car chase in a vehicle they stole in Manhattan.

Again in Highbridge, a gang of three boys surrounded a 12-year-old boy and robbed his sweatshirt and backpack after one of the brats pulled a gun on him.

In Morris Heights, a man deliberately looking for trouble went up to another man on a street corner and slapped the phone out of his hand and stabbed him three times.

Also in Morris Heights, a man shot another man to death and wounded a man he was with in front of a liquor store.

In Pelham Gardens, a man shot his upstairs neighbor to death over music being blasted inside their house.

In Pelham Bay Park, a man was found dead on a trail still decomposing.

In Fordham Manor, a man shot another man to death inside a deli to settle an argument.

In Van Nest, a man got shot to death following an argument with his killer and a woman on a street corner.

In Crotona, a man shot at a group of people on a street corner while they were having a vigil for a friend who got killed on the streets. One man got killed and three other men got wounded from the fusillade.

On the Cross Bronx Expressway, a woman got killed instantly when a tractor trailer crashed into her car after she rear-ended a U.S.P.S postal truck while speeding.

In Throggs Neck, a woman got caught with a loaded gun inside her house when cops showed up to investigate a domestic dispute with her relatives.

At the Bronx Zoo, a mentally ill man climbed into a reserve pen for deer.

Staten Island

In New Springville, a brawl between two teenage boys in a shopping mall food court escalated when one of them stabbed the other in the gut with a knife.

In Port Richmond, a man jumped another man from behind and put him in a headlock and stuck him up at knifepoint and made off with his wallet containing 3 measly dollars.

Also in Port Richmond, a man attacked a city bus driver while he was still inside the service vehicle after he tried to break the mirror off of it and then he repeatedly punched the driver and tried to pull him out through the window.

Again in Port Richmond, a man brutally beat down another man and stabbed him multiple times on the street.

In Rosebank, a gang of five men bum rushed a smoke shop and held it up at gunpoint and robbed $1,500 worth of vape pens.

In Bloomfield, a man weaponized a fire extinguisher and sprayed his fellow workers at a “fulfillment center” owned by tech oligarch hundred billionaire.

In Graniteville, a 75-year-old man was stabbed to death where he slept inside his apartment after only two months living there.

In Great Kills, a man brutally beat down another man on the street and then tried to break into a house by kicking at the door. Then the lunatic charged at an EMT who was aiding the victim and punched her in the face and dragged her on the pavement until another EMT tried to stop him but was beaten up by the thug’s father who joined in the melee. When cops arrived to arrest the goons, the son resisted by assaulting and biting one of the officers.

In New Dorp, a man tried to bounce from a police station after he got arrested for stealing a car.

Also in New Dorp, a man broke into a bagel store by breaking the glass door hours after workers closed up and robbed a safe containing $3,000.

In Eltingville, two men attacked a woman at a train station and beat her down to the concrete and slashed her in the face on the crowded platform.

In Annadale, cops raided an apartment of a fentanyl drug dealer and caught him in possession of over 200 baggies of the narcotic in pill form. Recent reports have exposed that a narcotic made for animals is being mixed with fentanyl to make the high last longer.

In Fort Wadsworth, a man broke into a restaurant by smashing a window with a rock and stole two bottles of wine. The owners had to spend 2 large to fix the damages.

In Eltingville, a man stole a car and wrecked it while fleeing from the cops who pursued him and caught him in possessing a bag of cocaine.

In Stapleton, cops busted a man for dealing crystal meth who once murdered a man on the street in New Dorp 6 years earlier.

Also in Stapleton, a man held up a Dunkin Donuts at knifepoint and hopped the counter and pilfered 750 bucks from the register.

Again in Stapleton, a man got killed during a shootout with two other men on the street.

In West Brighton, a man shot two other men in the middle of the street.

Also in West Brighton, two men beat down and suffocated another man who was obstructing traffic with his van in an intersection.

In Charleston, a 17-year-old boy got caught by cops in a car he stole and then he hit the gas and wound up crashing into a fence and getting arrested along with an 18-year-old woman who was riding with him.

In Mariners Harbor, a 73-year-old man got killed by a hit and run driver making a turn without yielding while he was crossing the street

Also in Mariners Harbor, cops pulled over a man driving erratically in a gold car and then he floored it after giving them conflicting answers about his identification and dragged one of the cops down the street. Then he ditched the vehicle and got caught and arrested in possession of over 50 vials of crack after trying to run away.

In Meiers Corner, a man shot at another man and his son with a bb gun from his car and drove off.

In Grymes Hill, a fire engulfed a house and killed two children and injured four other children.

On the Staten Island Ferry, a new boat that cost the city 85 million dollars went on fire and left over 800 passengers stranded in the middle of the harbor for hours until tugboats came by and brought them to other ferries that took them back to St. George.

A Christmas Corral Of The U.S. Treasury: Trump Signs Oligarch Welfare Bill Into Law a sign of overcompensating for, you know, the signature gets hyuger every time he writes it.

Washington D.C., United States Of America Under Financial Totalitarianism

Lucy Van Pelt: I know how you feel about all this Christmas business, getting depressed and all that. It happens to me every year. I never get what I really want. I always get a lot of stupid toys or a bicycle or clothes or something like that.

Charlie Brown: What is it you want?

Lucy Van Pelt: Real estate.

                                                                                                                                    Charles Schulz

It was written, rewritten and rewritten, then it was signed (wow was it signed), and it is done. The Oligarch Welfare Bill is now the unadulterated law of the land.

It was done with relative ease, since it didn’t even require a thorough reading by the establishment Republicans or the cooperation nor the presence of the establishment Democrats and Bernie Sanders in the final days of crafting this Piece Of Shit bill. All it took to barrel it through was to bribe Bob Corker by adding a last second provision tax break for pass through income via LLC’s, virtual company entities that work more like tools in making revenue in the business of real estate, which the retiring Senator accrued millions of dollars in while he has been a public servant.

It turned out the reason for Corky’s nay vote the last time was that this provision was not in the despicable bill’s house version and was added and authored by Utah’s Sen. Orrin Hatch, a man from the poor people and the chicken coop. So much for the senator taking a moral stand against Trump and massive deficits.

Senator Hatch was not only thinking of Corky and his aide, but himself and his wife and a posse of other GOP senators and house representatives with collectively millions of dollars accrued from real estate and equity holdings to profit immensely even more from the Oligarch Welfare Law (haven’t heard much reporting on how or which elected Democrat members will profit from their real estate holdings if they have them though). Including standout young’n house speaker Paul Ryan, who has been champing at the bit to get this bill created and ratified so the donors he sucks up to can now repatriate their massive tax avoiding wealth, collectively worth 3 trillion dollars, that have been trapped on their island shelters and lower taxed nations at the generous lower rate now instituted.

With all that hoarded money free at last, it can then flow through their LLC’s untouched by the Feds. Leading to more gentrification of the cities where they have invested properties in, which will cause more high end speculation. It will also kill small businesses like restaurants and bars, for LLC’s are also involved in dining and nightlife establishments too.

Now that their collaborated powerball winning legislation is now law, they are now (the only ones) celebrating. And since the Oligarch Welfare Law also includes massive tax breaks for alcohol distribution, they will surely doing shots with 100 year old scotch, bathing in 50 year old wine, and showering each other with the finest high end champagne.

The biggest winner is of course the elected and currently serving President (and his plutocabinet members). Continuing his lifelong streak since birth of privileged good fortune. And it’s a good thing too, since some of his branded properties have removed his ubiquitous name off of their buildings, which might have cost him quite a lot of cash (it’s the only evidence that he has divested from his businesses, by being forced to). With the passage and his ridiculous giant signature, which resembles a pathological liar’s lie detector chart pattern, ratifying it, the money will continue to flow through his world wide web of shell companies, ensuring and his billionaire status and a nice tax payer funded nest egg for his next of kin and their next of kin.

As for everyone else, the first year might be fine if you don’t own a home in New York, New Jersey or California, with the doubling of the standard deduction, but all those minor token tax cuts come to a screeching halt in a little less than a decade to justify the exorbitant costs of Oligarch Welfare Law, which with all the speculation on how it will make up for the 6 trillion dollars with all of the cash concentrated for the top earners by happenstance does not account the costs of future military conflicts or the catastrophic effects from hurricanes, sea level rise and land erosion and the long promised trillion dollar infrastructure plan Trump touted days after the white power siege of Charlottesville, will effect the nation’s budget in the next 5 years as these cuts get bigger for the top. Maybe the reason why they have not ended DACA is because, well, they need those kids to contribute to the redistribution of wealth with their weekly paychecks when they become adults. Maybe that will put a stop to build the new Wall Of Mexico (Nah).

So once you get your returns in 2019, don’t spend it too fast. Hell, don’t spend it at all if you are able to avoid sickness or injury, or from a climate disaster, no matter how impossible it is. For it’s the same logic that the avaricious, self-serving and donor-serving members of Congress utilized to craft this odious, rancid law. And they are not even done, for they are now concocting their B plan to fund it if these tax cuts cost the nation’s budget to implode. In fact this plan was implemented 2 weeks before they wrote the bill, knowing full well they won’t have the funds, current and speculative to finance them.

The Washington Post: Congressional Republicans are laying the groundwork to overhaul welfare programs for the poor

Republican lawmakers are preparing plans to restructure America’s welfare system, including putting new limits on who’s eligible for anti-poverty programs such as food stamps and housing benefits.

The details of the planned overhaul are still being determined, but congressional Republicans have already introduced policy proposals that would impose new work requirements on some of America’s welfare programs. Last year, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) unveiled a poverty plan as part of Ryan’s “A Better Way” agenda, which also called for the imposition of new work requirements.

The plans at the time were largely markers of future intention, signaling the party’s vision but not indicative of an imminent push for legislative action.

Something tells me this is going to take some filibustering  from the Dems to nip this and kill this in the bud if they have the spine (nah.) Extreme filibustering.

Figurehead Trump did not even wait to sign this. In all certainty he also didn’t fucking read it. In his golden ukelele string maned covered head, he wanted to fulfill his promise to sign the bill before Christmas. The thing is of course that the promise he was most concerned about, after all the other failed ones regarding immigration and travel bans, was the promise to enhance his personal wealth. This is the fleshed out, current reality based adaptation of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, except that Scrooge sleeps through the four ghosts that invade his dreams and continues hoarding his wealth siphoned from the masses. As the timid elected Democrats, collectively resembling the meek assistant Ratchett, let him get away with this shit without true assertion and protest.

So forget about any Christmas cheer and gift giving in the lower and middle classes in the near future. Don’t want to forget those that yearn for higher education. For we have to pay their fair share now and our children and their paychecks are the future. Extreme fair share. Hopefully us proles will be able to hoard our money as well as the higher society populace of corporate executives, shareholders and of course our chosen members of legislative and executive public service did.



The Oligarch Welfare Bill god on their side, Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell in a moment of solemn praise for growing wealth disparity. Say your prayers, nation and society.

Washington D.C., The Cesspool By The Potomac, U.S.A.

“The city of Washington was built on a stagnant swamp some 200 years ago, and very little has changed. It stank then, and it stinks now. Only today, it is the fetid stench of corruption that hangs in the air” 

Lisa Simpson

“Cash rules everything around me, CREAM get the money, dollar dollar bill y’all”

Method Man

The “Tax Cut and Jobs Act”, this abominable bill to further continue the repatriation of wealth that has been going on for over 30 years is a virtual death sentence and double taxation on the citizenry of this nation. Unless anyone in the middle and lower classes wins the state lottery or avoids injury or sickness, in 10 years they will be more responsible maintaining the solvency of this country and it’s budget than all the greedy misers it is solidly ascertained to benefit.

This is a budget plan for corporate and inheritance welfare that no one is confident in. No one that counts anyway according to the Senate leader, House speaker, Figurehead Trump and his plutocabinet, which consists of the Tax Policy Center and about 70% of the people of this nation who are aware of this circle jerking by the donor money whoring GOP members of the legislative and the current executive branch.

You think after the last national tax cuts passed with bipartisan approval from the 80’s and 90’s, and the truly irresponsible hazardous ones from 2001, 2003 and the one approved a year after the bailout of the banks in 2009, which was one of the greatest acts of unacknowledged socialism since the New Deal, that these ultra successful corporations and beneficiaries of personal wealth would feel somewhat content with what they have achieved and earned with all the breaks they got. Fuck, no. You think that these people (including corporations, for they are considered individual persons) gave a shit if they were willing to spend so much money on lobbyists influencing legislation to install loopholes and donating to dutiful congressional whores instead of using that cash to give dutiful raises to their employees? Fuck, no.

The gargantuan cut to repatriating money from offshore bank accounts placed there by corporations is supposedly to encourage them to use the savings to create jobs here. So with these obscene tax cuts, will there be raises, better health plans and retirement benefits for all their efforts, eliminating the need for a nationwide raise of the minimum wage to $15 and universal coverage? Fuck no, either. Will all that money they will save legally evading their fair share of taxes go towards innovation or opening up new facilities for manufacturing products like clothes? Fuck no, either. For all that money will continue to stay put in their personal portfolios and accounts, only now they will keep the money in the basements of their sprawling mansions. Hell, they might just be able to build actual poolside banks of their own to keep their government sanctioned ill-gotten gains in and the money they will save on a p.o. box in a hut on some island resort. As the working poor will continue to live check to check and the middle class will continue to struggle to maintain themselves and accrue their own savings.

According to the authors of this bill, these cuts will pay off in the long run with all the new business it’s prospected to generate. What is not prospected by these jackasses is the inevitable burdens this will place on the people and their livelihoods it’s proclaimed to help. What is not prospected is the immediate effect it will have on the people, who vote but don’t donate, on the deleterious effects on their health insurance programs, their ability to own a home or rent, and what will happen when they are aged and unable to work.

It doesn’t even take into account on what happens when the affordable care act gets repealed, which will give millions of people a virtual death sentence lead to a jump in mortality rates. Or even how the future military conflicts, which might include a new world war induced by the idiotic social media insulting by Figurehead Trump and his catastrophic stupid executive order determining Jerusalem as the sole capital city of Israel, will affect the oligarch welfare tax cut. But the small mega-moneyed population doesn’t want to pay taxes for their vast personal property and foreign investments.

And they certainly don’t want to pay for their other properties in coastal cities and metropolises in New York and California, via the cuts for pass-through companies like LLC’s that consist of partners unnamed and unverified and foreign, which have been wholly responsible for the spread of rampant gentrification of them and the elimination of state and local tax deductions for it’s citizens. These new profits will come at the expense of street infrastructure and transit services, law enforcement, fire prevention and public education, which will certainly be vulnerable for privatization.

The obvious beneficiary and most important to our leader Trump, is that all these cuts will benefit him and his brand (though both are not mutually exclusive), his businesses and his family. Making this look like the brazen quid pro quo between this president and the GOP hacks that disgruntledly backed him last year after all the disparagement he gave them. It looks like their masochism paid off.

This bill if verified will have the most detrimental impact on the nation and it’s citizens since the Patriot Act, which has dwindled the freedoms entitled to everyone in the first and fourth amendments and has not stopped or discouraged terrorism at all and like this oligarch welfare bill, was rushed into legislation and approved without a thorough reading. But at least that didn’t have chicken scratch revisions to it placed just hours before convening to vote on it.

This is less legible than the letter Navin Johnson got from Bernadette Peters in The Jerk, which in his case he had difficulty reading because his dog Shithead gave it to him while he was taking a bath.

Besides, according to two sniveling senators, you should take responsibility and be more frugal. Sen. Chuck Grassley advises the people, which includes his constituents, to avoid spending money on booze, women and movies. For leisures like those can only be enjoyed by his moneyed donors and trust fund babies, which they will be able to partake more in with all the extra money being doled back to them to enable their frivolous spending habits.

This 500 page abomination is nothing but a government sanctioned Ponzi Scheme. For the multi-trillion dollar plan to be funded, it has to rely on induced investment monies extracted from the paychecks of the current workforce, then the future workforce once they get old and retire, depriving them of their hard earned money that would have went to pay for college debts and/or expensive health plans. And in the next 10 years their paychecks as retired people dependent on the social security and medicare that they invested in by working all their lives to enhance more obscene personal wealth for oligarchs and their heirs and the avaricious executives of multinational corporations and their shareholders.

Most of all, Trump and his family and his oligarch peers make off like the bandits they are. As their long time American Dreams, which will by law become a luxury, for collective wealth concentration will become infinite.  And no one will be able to do a fucking thing. Even a true revolution would be thwarted, because they will have the finances to own their own police and military. Which in the case of Figurehead Trump, he already has with the votes of you, the people. 

Essentially, it’s a domestic attack on everyone and the nation, not immediate like being attacked by a foreign enemy looming on the horizon, but a gradually slow disemboweling of people’s personal dwindling finances. It is plain and simple economic fascism. In a way, the oligarch welfare bill is sort of like how that hypothetical question given at polls of what would you do if you just a got a million dollars, except it’s billions over time with the help of a compliant congress of spineless beggars. The answer is clearly “I got mine”, because is if this piece of shit bill does pass, those whores who are in congress and the senate certain to lose their seats by the screwed over voters would not even give a shit because they will be set for life via their investments and personal fortunes, which they had no trouble building while remaining in their elected positions. These tax cuts will give them absolute finality to retire in tax payer funded comfort.

If “It’s A Wonderful Life”‘s Mr. Potter, the biggest symbol of selfishness, corruption and avarice, was still alive or even real, he would be doing donuts in his wheelchair all over the snow covered streets. Just like all those certainly to benefit for the next decade will do in their new private jets and yachts.

Executive Carnage/Sabotage: Donald Trump Jr. Made A Huge Mistake And Clears The Air About Everything About His Dad’s, Putin And His Oligarch Peers And The Deep State’s Motives


Well, Well, Well, it looks like the proverbial smoking gun became the proverbial mushroom cloud around the machinations and the elevation of the electoral winner of once candidate and current president, Figurehead Donald J. Chump. No, Trump. Everybody knows his name, there is not a need to goof on his name with a simple rhyme or even make a Fraudian slip getting it wrong. And it’s all thanks to his hapless idiot son, Donald Trump, Jr..

On the cusp of the primary victory trouncing irrelevant opponents and with the presence of secret service in the homebase namesake tower of his father and grandfather, Junior received a meesage from an old friend in the public relations field of the entertainment industry, one Rob Goldstone regarding salacious and incriminating dealings about his dad’s opponent at the time, “Manifest” Hillary R. Clinton, with Russia while she was secretary of state. From the email correspondence with Junior, Mr. Goldstone procured what he called “high level sensitive intelligence” from a Russian real estate oligarch, Aras Agalarov, whose son Emin is a pop star that his agency represents whose ties to the current president stems from his purchase of the 2012 Miss Universe pageant that was held in his homeland.

Goldstone further detailed on the email correspondence, a very vulnerable venue to dispense high level intelligence, that it was part of what he proclaimed was Russia’s support for the then candidate. He also states that he will arrange a meeting with a crown prosecutor high powered attorney from the declared enemy nation with ties to Agalarov that will give them the damning details about Hillary.

Junior responds to this by writing, “If it’s what you say it is, I love it!”. He doesn’t inform the feds, or even his dad (until later apparently), he writes “I love it!”

Junior made a h(y)uge mistake.

And made another one when to get the jump on a long article about the email exchange by the New York Times, probably sensing how discussing trading foreign intelligence to destroy an opponent and the democratic process in an election would lead experts and regular people to assume that treason was committed to empower his father.

H(y)uge mistake. Because all it did was expose the nefarious deeds and essential players involved, mostly by referring to the presence of campaign chief Paul Manafort and current advisor and de facto State Secretary and young ward Jared Kushner along with the porcine P.R. man who set up the fete. Shortly after this feeble attempt at transparency, it turned out that the lawyer who showed up as Junior claimed was nothing sinister like election tampering and voter manipulation but inquires about adoptions and the Magnitsky Act, Natalia Veselnitskaya is an influential and powerful lawyer who represented banks that lent to the Trump’s and Kushner’s real estate holdings, the Kremlin and the FSB spy agency and money laundering oligarchs. The meeting was also presided by Rinat Akhmetshin, a former Russian spy and career Ameircan lobbyist, whose expertise runs the gamut from corporate hacking of rival energy companies to media manipulation through social media, which includes doing damage to the legacy of one Sergei Magnitsky of the act Natalia wanted dismantled. Providing the translation for the visitors was Anatoli Samochornov who did translator work for Natalia’s court hearings involving her money laundering clients and a second translator at the meeting Irakly Kaveladze, who was involved in, guess, a money laundering scheme to move Russian billions through American banks involving shell companies.

Donald Junior really was totally out of his element here with this coterie of Russian players of dark espionage, dark web, persuasion and sophisticated global thievery. D.J. was so gung ho to impress his dad that he absolutely did not bother to vet the individuals involved or even their true intentions. Which going by the chicanery of all the 5 Russian players so far is all about lifting sanctions against their homeland, their ruler Putin, and all of the Russian corporations they have clear ties to. Or even realize that the guy who summoned this dispicable group, employed a British spy who dug dirt on his pop, which turned out to be the haphazard Steele dossier published by Buzzfeed.

Now Junior’s stupid decision to release the transcript of the meeting set up not only exposes his willingness to deal with a foreign state to taint the presidential election and Senior’s opponent, but it shows that he wanted to be a bigger player in the campaign as much as his bro-in-law Jared was, who happened to own a major new york publication at the time with the New York Observer (now Observer), to what is now a disastrous result. It immediately brought to mind the strenuous, needy and perpetually flawed character from the cult classic TV show “Arrested Development”, Gob Bluth, a bozo who constantly craved the attention and respect of his father, imprisoned and fugitive real estate tycoon George Bluth, who Donald Jr. bears an almost uncanny resemblance to.

No not this picture.*&output-format=auto&output-quality=auto

Yeah, this is the one, separated or misplaced at birth.

Thanks to D.J.’s bumbling, there can no longer be a shadow of a doubt of the intentions of everyone involved in the last few years of the Trump reign of executive carnage:

From Putin and The Russian oligarchs, the lifting of sanctions derived from the imprisonment and death of a lawyer investigating the illegal gains and transferring of billions of dollars, so they can make and launder more through international real estate, whose holdings include the luxury dwellings in many of Figurehead Trump’s namesake towers.

That Wikileaks may have been tricked with getting Hillary’s revelatory and incriminating emails to influence and win HER primary, that the source, Glucifer 2.0 may have been tied to Russian spies and the 400 fat kid that Trump mentioned during inquiries about this may be Rob Goldstone.

From the Republican establishment of greedy conservative and hypocritical christians, who rode the Trump train to the white house so they can pass their heinous society and government killing legislation to enrich themselves and their donors.

And of course the President himself, who is only there to enhance and promote his name and brand. Who did it by all means necessary too. From trashing his opponents to even embracing Bernie Sanders platform to get elected, and it worked like a charm. This also shows that he is still running his businesses while holding government office, since the only thing he’s done is sign preposterous and nonbinding executive orders, looks befuddled and detached addressing the press and at functions, and has profited immensely in just a half year’s time.

But it’s not working out like it was planned after all.

Because Congress cannot get anything done despite the Republicans having the Senate and the House. The health care repealed failed. The travel ban is still failing. They can’t get their monstrous budget passed. They are more reviled than ever before. And the voting public are getting hip to single payer health care and party primary elections to oust them.

And Figurehead Trump is getting aggravated for he could have the sense that he got played and exploited by the Republican D.C. establishment, if going by his recent regret of hiring Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. Trump actually thought that the position was meant to defend him only.  I guess it’s cheaper to have your own personal A.G. than hiring a high powered firm in civilian life.

He is also feeling the walls closing in, maybe literally since he is starting to get antsy at the Mueller Commission’s decision to focus on his business dealings with Russia than on the election because of all the notorious characters in the room and the majority of his plutocabinet’s ties to the perceived enemy nation. He is also assembling a bevy of lawyers and  planning to preemptively give himself and his kin presidential pardons as if he is speculating criminal charges. Surprising since he was so certain about how the president cannot have a conflict of interest.

For the past 6 months, the president has been strutting around abusing his position when he wasn’t on his cellphone typing stupid opinions like he owned the country. Recent behavior exhibited by the now confirmed Figurehead showed his dictatorial leanings, unchecked ignorance and unbridled petulance. Even when the LPGA U.S. open was held at his golf course in New Jersey, he was watching it in a giant clubhouse fortress and resembling Kim Jong Un watching his military dance for him when he was clapping for the winner at the end. The North Korean analogy gets even better since 10 of the top 15 ranked finalists including the winner were all South Korean.

Trump has become the emperor with no clothes. Actually, all his life he has been that, shamelessly walking around with his dick flopping and dangling with festering puss oozing herpes sores, as his empire and personal wealth grew and grew with the aid of government tax breaks and organized crime.

And now it looks like the proverbial chickens have come home to roost, thanks to his eldest and dumbest progeny, who to save face for maybe the final time remarked that his son was a high-quality person as if he was a key of uncut cocaine.

This real life/real time political tragicomedy wrote itself and like most programs after a while, has become stale and predictable. The collusion committed by the Trump 2016 campaign was wretched and egregious, but mild compared to the willful tolerance of the Republican Party who continued to back him and are now in power and squandering it. It’s even led to the continued immorality of the Democrat party establishment who are riding on the gross incompetence and existence of Figurehead Trump to still manipulate their voter base. And judging by their recent attempts to capture vacant seats with the corporation palatable picks, are still failing. The White House and the Deep State has gotten so reprehensible and power mad that even the government ethics commissioner Walter Shaub couldn’t take it anymore and felt his position had become unjustified and up and quit, a decision wrought with the symbolism and unofficially the fact that actual ethics or even the concept of them no longer exists in elected office or maybe society as a whole.

And now bipartisanship has arrived in D.C. as both parties in the Senate has revived the sanctions against Trump’s pal Putin’s Russia, daring the Figurehead to veto it and look like a treasonous patsy and hearings have been scheduled for the hosts of that notorious sitdown on the 25th floor of 725 5th avenue.

And it’s all because of Donald Trump Jr.. Who in two strokes of his cellphone in the span of a year did what the legendary Gob Bluth did and said in every episode of his famed sitcom…

He made a huge mistake. Or in Trumpspeak, a hyuge mistake.

For this, the nation might thank him one day for the dismantling of decades of entrenched government corruption. Let’s thank him now for making his dad sweat harder in the past week and coming months.








Senior Editor And Daughter Of The Owners/Publishers Of The Washington Post Throws Fucking Obscene Lavish Party In The Hamptons., Lally Weymouth. By herself and with Figurehead Donald Trump and his wife Melania in 2011. Old friends.



Last Saturday, the divided and distracted people of this nation had officially become a sideshow when this event happened in Southhampton, Long Island, N.Y.

On that day, this country had become another interdimensional colony from another realm when this party collective of widely diverse supposed ideological differences optically feuding with each other came together for the hostesses pre-birthday and upcoming movie release party of an upcoming potentially Oscar regaled Steven Spielberg film.

From the White House, super senior advisors to the President: Sort Of Secretary of State Jared Kushner and First Daughter/Lady and now seat filling de facto President Ivanka Trump, Chief Counselor, Goebbels reincarnate and bullshit artist Kellyanne Conway, unofficial Plutocabinet member Carl Icahn and deputy national security advisor Dina Powell. Senator and member of the new “resistance” Charles “Chucklenuts” Schumer . Billionaires and financiers for the partisan political establishment, Charles Koch for the right and George Soros for the left. NYPD commissioners and bitter rivals William “broken windows” Bratton and Ray “stop and frisk” Kelly. And various big name journos for the Washington Post, tasked with keeping democracy dying in darkness.

In these times of utter confusion, cynicism and abject cruelty among the citizenry, earlier revered by the inaugurated Trump as you, the people, this party cannot be more untimely, tone-deaf, insensitive and offensive. The Washington Post has been railing against the antics and widespread corrupt connections of Figurehead Trump for the past year and a half with such zeal that that at times most of their reports had to be corrected for missing major facts, contributing to Trump’s and the public’s disdain and his own desired physical abolishment for the proclaimed fake news medium. With this shindig, it’s clear to people why that may be and it should be clear now that Trump’s ongoing social media spats is just the same distracting fodder that he used to provide the WWE with in his time as a pro wrestler feuding with the Small Business Commissioner Linda McMahon’s husband.

This party, although obviously not the first of it’s kind if you just go on any digital search engine for images of our money betters soirees, is the 10th circle of hell manifested. This happening is veritable proof that life as we know it in it’s current form is a joke and a lie if you don’t have obscene amounts of wealth, whether earned or inherited (mostly the latter). These lavish party people don’t give a goddamn, a shit, a fuck or a flying fuck about the concerns and problems of the middle class and the working poor that they feign (with now underlying mockery and contempt) to represent and inform. As George Carlin once proclaimed and prophesied just a few short years before his way to soon death, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. A quote which may now have to be inscribed in the nation’s constitution.

This party makes Marie Antoinette’s notorious and dismissive words to the suffering proles in 18th century France sound like a charitable suggestion for single payer health care and affordable housing and free college for all. This event happened despite the acrimony and polarization going on in the streets and the justified fury of the people confronting their elected representatives at town halls.

This blatant display of apolitical crapulence comes on the heels of the recent shooting of Republican elected officials at a field during a baseball practice. Is this party what was meant about the bipartisan unity demanded by all those effected by that day of terror and by Figurehead Trump. And wouldn’t this party trigger and inspire another disgruntled mentally ill citizen to consider this a proper target for his or her sense of immediate vigilante justice?

Mostly, this party put together by a major publisher of journalism, by one of the giants of the fourth estate, flies in the faces and insults the intelligence of the public and the right to be informed. And solidifies the rotten state of class division and widening wealth disparity overwhelming towns and cities as public services are being denied them to enrich people like Ms. Weymouth and her wealthy sociopath guests with generous tax cuts.

Certainly, they all had a good time and will continue to do so, even as it comes at the expense of the people’s growing fears and the concept of reality. Unless something happens to make people like Lally think twice about her next gathering of uber-equals. Say a revolution. With that prospect, it’s more likely she will hire military contractors to fortify her next one.