Mayor Adams Tells Reporters To Manufacture Consent For Him

City Hall, Downtown Manhattan, New York

Oh, boy, looks like Mayor Eric Adams has let the job get to him or he’s in over his head, even with that massive ego he’s been carrying since primary election day last summer. That same ego is also getting bruised by New York City’s legacy media press, which at one point the nearly two month Hizzoner welcomed with open arms and treated with reverence that was entirely absent for 8 years when Bill de Blasio was stifling them and then suppressing them in the last 2 years of this pandemic. But 45 days later, which has seen a massive rise in all index crimes and his failed attempt to persuade Albany’s obstinate and arrogant legislative leaders to reform the bail reform laws that have exacerbated those crimes, Mayor Adams has decided to scapegoat journalists for his disappointing return to the city for the way they wrote about it and told them he wasn’t going to answer their questions anymore unless it’s about the issue or the theme of whatever he’s publicly speaking about in future “media availabilitys”

Although it might not be just the Albany powwow that Adams is frustrated about. The nascent mayor is having immense difficulties filling out administration positions (even though he’s going buck wild consolidating and rebranding a lot of municipal agencies into bigger ones). But Adams wouldn’t have these issues if he hired people who didn’t have major conflicts of interests like working for corporations that do business with the city or trying to manufacture a six figure salary nepotism deputy position for his brother. Another thing that’s surely pissing off Adams about these meddling reporters is all the stories written about his majorly tainted Chief Of Staff Frank Carone, who was just recently under two federal investigations regarding a deadbeat med tech LLC he had a partnership with that didn’t pay rent to a warehouse landlord for months, and get this, that consortium even decorated their space while still behind over 200 G’s on the rent.

Apparently, Adams Albany debacle was the tipping point for him with the local corporate news, and now he’s glowering to journos right to their faces and making demands to newspaper editorial boards for not reporting accurately enough. (I mean he got a pear and an apple from Assembly Speaker Cousins for fuck’s sake). Never mind the fact that these are the same editorial boards that universally endorsed him for mayor and never mind the other fact that these are the same journos that practically boosted Adams to the mayoralty by writing him up as is victory was predetermined on the second right after he won the June primary by a snatch’s hair.

The worst aspect of all this the Mayor’s megalomania and he doesn’t even realize how much of a dictator he sounds like. Or it’s possible he actually does, because what his diatribe is all about here is he wants to control the content coming from the press. Government control of the press. The most warped thing about what Adams wants from city journalism, one of many warped things about his whiny power grab, is for reporters too look like him. Adams seriously feels that he’s being ostracized because he feels the press is too White for him and if there were Blacks and POC reporters they would be more understanding, sympathetic. The mayor is defiantly race baiting and calling for biased reporting and for Black and POC to act as stenographers to tow the mayor’s office narrative.

But even if the papers hired Black or other POC journos so it would fit “the prism” he wants, they will still have to write articles that stays within the Mayor’s prism, which is his and his administration’s narrative. This was exposed when Adams hypothetically mentioned how would the press like it if deputy mayors would distort their news to them, basically telling reporters that if they don’t report the way he likes, don’t expect any transparency, accountability and truth from his administration. Adams has shown he will literally use spite if reporters don’t write what he wants to hear and sunk as low to use the race card to do it.

New York City can only hope that Adams’ tantrum was a one time thing, but when he played his hand at that presser and showed it full of race cards, it actually revealed that he’s still harboring bitter vindictive feelings that he displayed when he yelled about “crackers” at a convention right when his mayoral campaign began that was just revealed only few weeks ago. Now he’s channeled vindictiveness to the current press corps (which also consist of Blacks, Latinos and Asians), the same journalists that his administration’s media office approves access to. Adams blatantly conveyed this petty ante vendetta when he reassured a young man on stage who he thought was nervous in front of the press to not let “them” get to him. While also referencing himself.

What truly make Adams blathering about his perceived mistreatment from the fourth estate more egregious is that he signed an executive order that (allegedly) specifically required municipal agencies to respect the rights of constituents and the press and provide them with services to see the city records in a timely fashion, complete with a study by the NYCLU with it’s chairman Norman Seigel standing on the platform with the mayor. And the ink was not even dry on that EO when Adams violated it himself by mockingly cutting off Daily News reporter Michael Gartland right when he was going to ask two questions and was regulated to uno.

And this is where Adams,  a mayor clearly not playing with a full deck but is throwing race cards and anteing up his perception of divinity, demanding the press to be nicer and more emotionally intelligent with him after his grandstanding decree for better transparency and accountability, trashing the entire press and demanding those things precise things from them with unmitigated projection and impunity. And it only took one week for Adams to violate his own EO. For the second time.

The race thing with Adams is nothing but a distraction for what he and his administration of corporatists and cronies really want, total control of narrative. Past New York City mayors used to rail against the press too, notably Rudy, Bloomberger and of course the thin skinned empty cranium The Blaz, but even they never crossed the line between government overreach of the press like Adams did, giving them an ultimatum if they don’t report the way he likes (he went to Albany and got a pear!). Sure elected officials harbor deep feelings to control stories that make them look bad or bring sunlight to their graft  but Adams literally wants to manufacture consent regarding his policy decisions, his relations with fellow officials and his personal affairs.  Which is ridiculously ironic since the “White editorial press staffs”  manufactured consent to get him into City Hall, constantly referring him as “most likely to win the election” and “certain mayor”.

This is beyond Donald Trump’s repetitive exhortation of “fake news”, Adams wants total control of information itself. Like all authoritarians, autocrats and dictators and his buddy President Joe Biden who also has monstrous contempt for the press that once protected him, Adams also knows that who ever controls the narrative has all the power over the people and their ideas and thoughts and society as a whole, which he not so subtly referenced during his six minute hate rant against the press in the room with him, literally accusing them of manipulating their readers minds by calling his disastrous trip to Albany the disaster that it was.

But Mayor Eric Adams would rather order reporters, preferably Black and POC reporters, to manufacture consent for him so he can build these prisms to cover his ass in case his other meetings with officials turn to shit. Then he’ll will demand more prisms when his policies and programs collapse and fail. While Adams will be living large in his own prism, New York City will be left in the dark and languishing in it’s own prism.

Or prison that is. A prison under government established and reinforced cognitive dissonance.

The Staycation Mayor


Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.

The Summer of New York City during the still happening pandemic is only about a week old and Mayor de Blasio was just exposed strutting around town in a ludicrous, unbecoming and inappropriate get up for a man in his elected position and with numerous crises that are still happening under his purview as the Blaz has in short time transitioned from the Mayor Of NYC to the Staycation Mayor of de Blastopia. The Blaz showed up at a playground in Bushwick dressed like a flamingo neanderthal and that corpse from that weekend 80’s movie, grinning like an idiot and posing for pictures to be dispensed on social media in an obvious attempt to distract the press from reporting from the malaise happening on the streets and in his administration and the persistent threat of COVID-19’s Delta Variant.

Look at this fucking hipster, brought to you exclusively by his faithful patsy flack Bill Neidhart

Apparently Mr. Bill sees nothing wrong with the optics of this knowing full well how loathed his boss is to over half the city’s constituents, what’s even more inappropriate is the Blaz is partaking in games with children and beating them, most recently in a kickball game with his schools chancellor as a teammate (??!!). But more appalling is the way the press is reacting to this on the twitter. Not asking them to say anything bad, but after the way the Blaz has been treating them it be better if they don’t say anything at all (which is how Blaz wishes it could be).

Especially coming from local corporate news daily spokespeople like Michelle from Eyewitness News:

After giving my eyewitness observation, the long-time veteran news lady did a cut and run tweet and decided to deny my existence. Way to prove my point about accountability and transparency in the news.

Speaking of transparency, The Blaz can’t be any more clearer that he’s trying his goddamndist to distract everyone and avoid confrontation with the realities that he doesn’t want to see much less the ire of his constituents by crashing children’s summer playtime activities and turning them into safe spaces to avoid scrutiny

On a high note, no post about the Blaz can be complete without him naturally fucking up. In his narcissistic zeal to promote himself and his self-serving hashtag summer initiative, he posted a picture of him wearing his shades on the city’s government account and the reflection caught something quite as inappropriate as his dumb ass shirt.

The more this idiot keeps screwing around the future of NYC is going to have more blight. But he’ll just switch those shades for the rose colored ones he’s been wearing for 7 and a half years.

This post is dedicated to MIke Gravel and you too Michelle Charlesworth.

New Bad Days 75: Daily Shootings And Gang Violence Resurface In The Bronx, Manhattan And Brooklyn In A Rise In Violence Not Seen In 30 Years While Clashes Between BLM Protesters And Police Supporters Escalate, An Occupation Protest At City Hall Goes Awry And Barhoppers Persist To Party Hard In Defiance Of A Novel Virus On The Streets Of New York

Screenshot_2020-07-24 Memorials-sprout-up-for-slain-Bronx-high-school-basketball-star jpgquality90stripallw1200 jpeg (JPEG [...]

Following the daily relentless George Floyd protests against systemic police brutality and the exposure of the NYPD equally relentless aggression against the people participating in them even when violent crimes were rising on the streets of the five boroughs particularly shootings in 10 precincts, Commissioner Shea and Mayor de Blasio decided to abolish the plain clothes anti-crime units that were tasked with getting guns off the street.

Since that decision, it has correlated with a 205% rise in shootings which included 112 people getting shot in 9 days at the end of June, concluding a month where shootings went up an astonishing 130% compared to 2019 for this month. 40 people were shot at on the 4th of July alone. Murders are up 23% heading into August.

Commissioner Shea attributes the bloody violence happening daily not to his (and surely de Blasio’s) decision to suspend the anti-crime unit, which was recently deployed to selectively enforce pandemic protocols towards Black and Latinx people in lower median income neighborhoods but on the city and state bail reform laws enacted at the start of 2020. Both of them along with Chief Monahan also cite that the court system has not been fully available because of the coronavirus, even though hearings have been going since the pandemic first hit NYC in March.

Even though all of the Mayor’s, Shea’s and Monahan’s theories are debunked by the fact that the majority of the shooters have not been caught and are still running around on the streets and shacking somewhere else because the NYPD are making remarkably less arrests than they have last summer in 2019.  About over 60% less, which correlates with the horrendous rise of gun violence and killings.


Another factual reason why is that illegal guns are easier to get now as federal agencies tasked to stop gun trafficking are overwhelmed and understaffed because of the pandemic. A sociological reason might be that the worst elements of society collectively feels that the police can be overcome because of the reform laws enacted knowing that cops will be hesitant to apply submission holds during a difficult arrest with a perp for fear of being arraigned for a chokehold and the general hatred and mockery being dished from the protesters. And a logistical reason could be that lots of cops were redeployed from precincts to monitor all these impromptu protests in the last 50 days since the curfew protests, including the recent ones by Blue Lives Matter, which ironically has led to refunding the NYPD with more overtime pay.

But after a month of infighting and blaming, the Blaz and Shea have come up with a 6-point solution to tamp down on the daily fusillades and homicides racking up and they didn’t need to come up with an anagram to initiate it. Declaring to End Gun Violence Now and although no wants to get shot, the goal in it’s title is still unrealistic considering how relentless the gun violence on the streets are and a majority of them are not caught, it’s ambition is as comparable the Blaz’s Vision Zero street safety initiative for pedestrian and vehicles which has not done much for neither and people are still dying.


But at least de Blasio’s NYPD has a plan for now, even if the goals are what they should be doing in the first place. After they make some progress with this, maybe they’ll also come up with plan to end knife, machete, fist, kick, non-consensual sexual and blunt object violence too.

It’s basic, but it’s worth a shot. No pun intended.


In Harlem, a 7-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet shot from the gun fired by a 16-year-old boy while she was eating on the stoop as her mother was taking out groceries from her car when someone took out a gun and fired it during street fight among a group of men. A man also got shot in the leg during the melee. The mother is now contemplating ordering her groceries from home. I’m sure Bezos and all the other shop from home tech predators are onto to this unfortunate demographic.

Also in Harlem, during a fight over a drug deal, a man knocked down a homeless man causing him to fall on his head and to lose consciousness and dying from his injury later in a hospital.

Again in Harlem, a wheelchair bound man took out a gun and fired four shots at a group of men following an argument he had with them.

And again in Harlem, cops in NYPD SUV’s responding to the aforementioned shooting above stopped in their tracks on the avenue when a block party was still going on and a pickup up truck was obstructing the road ahead. When the cops turned on their sirens to get the crowd to disperse, a majority of people threw glass booze bottles at their vehicles, leading the cops to retreat and leave the vicinity in what can be described as blowback from the weeks of protests calling for their abolishing and also the systematic brutality the NYPD executed against those demonstrators.


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And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a man got gruesomely slaughtered to death when he got hit by an arriving train after falling off the platform when he was trying to break up a fight between two women and then a man intervened and shoved him towards the tracks.

And again in Harlem, a man yelled at another man inside an apartment building that he was going to kill him, then he chased him out on the street and shot him to death.

And again in Harlem, three men and a woman were shot on the street and four men were shot at a party three blocks away.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot in the back steps away from Morningside Park and died without naming his killer to the cops.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot to death after arguing with his killer by Central Park.

And again in Harlem, stray bullets pierced through the walls of a man’s apartment from his 6-year-old girl’s bedroom.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot in the torso on the street in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot in the ankle in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, a woman abducted her 7-month-old baby boy despite losing custody of her other children for being a neglectful parent.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot on the street and tried to flee but collapsed and then his friend crashed his car trying to drive him to the hospital. Then he died.

In East Harlem, a man and a woman got shot at multiple times by the FDR drive.

Also in East Harlem, a 15-year-old boy got shot in the chest and refused to snitch on his shooter.

Again in East Harlem, a man got shot to death while he was riding a Citibike going home and got caught in the crossfire of a shootout.

And again in East Harlem, a 17-year-old boy got shot to death while hanging out with his friends on the grounds of the Washington Houses.

In NoMad, a man and a woman got shot at on the sidewalk in a drive-by shooting after leaving a rooftop bar where they had a fight with other people. The woman died after she took the bullet to the chest for her boyfriend as she pushed him out of the way as he got hit in the leg. This murder happened down the block from Jeff Bezos’s new three story lair on 26th Street.

In Downtown Manhattan, a militia of cops charged protesters that occupied the park grounds by City Hall for a week hours before Mayor de Blasio showed up for the budget hearings with City Council. Cops removed barricades the protesters took to guard their occupation and then arrested three people after the front of the surrogate courthouse building got tagged with political and vitriolic graffiti overnight.


The occupation grew to over 400 people and was able to match the numbers of the NYPD as they continued to curse them out and resist their presence enough to make the cops back up and stand at ease across the street from the park.

Occupiers decided to name it CHAZ (City Hall autonomous zone) after another protest group’s disastrous attempt to form a permanent protest zone in Seattle. The Naked Cowboy stopped by to have discourse with him but got smacked in the back of his head. In a bizarre development, protesters have also attacked journalists trying to report from the occupation, shockingly taking the same approach the NYPD did with journalists trying to cover the Black Lives Matter earlier in the month during the city wide 8 p.m. curfew.

Although the park already had poor people sleeping in the park, more homeless people arrived to the “abolition zone” which unfortunately led to outbursts and fights inside the occupation.

A couple of men protesting got aggro while following a NYPD inspector on the street and used their freedom of speech to make verbal threats to injure him and they wound up getting arrested. Then the phalanx of cops stood and watch a protester add more graffiti to the surrogate courthouse.

Another protester got irrationally irritated by a NY Post reporter who stopped by there and swung a 2×4 piece of wood at him while trying to knock the phone out of his hand and then ran away. Another protester threw his fist at that reporter without provocation. Police in the area treated the journalist’s charges against them with insouciance and did nothing.

Although the park already had poor people sleeping in the park, more homeless people arrived to the “abolition zone” which unfortunately led to outbursts and fights inside the occupation. Which made the sight of a man unloading loads of baseball bats from his car  by the AZ and handing them to various individuals very off-putting.

The police suddenly got active when Occupy City Hall protesters ran onto the Brooklyn Bridge as a unity march against gun violence organized by community faith activists and military veterans was crossing it along with members of the NYPD’s SBA union. When some of the protesters attempted to block the path on the bridge road, the cops deployed there along with Chief Terence Monahan managed to arrest three of them. Other protesters watching from the pedestrian path intervened in the arrest as one of them took a cane and whacked Monahan on the finger and two other high brass officers on their heads and then ran away on the road as her fellow protesters got into a violent clash with bike and motor scooter cops that rolled up on the pedestrian/bike path.

The City Hall Abolition Zone came to an anti-climatic yet still unsettling end when de Blasio’s NYPD arrived in riot gear with brand new shields and marched their way through the occupation and kicked everyone out with one guy getting cuffed for not giving up the fort as he threw a brick at the cops.

Which saved President Trump the trouble of sending federal sanction secret police to NYC to stop more graffiti being written on federal buildings.

Just walk away…


After the park was cleared out and the buildings and sidewalks powerwashed, it was discovered that the occupiers were going to the bathroom through a sidewalk grating above a catch basin in the City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge Station. Gross but fitting considering the way de Blasio turned his workplace into a pay-to-play cesspool for 6.7 years.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Wall St. Station, a man got slashed in the neck on the 4 train.

Again in Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a man pried open a plywood wall and found then stole a hand truck with tools and copper wire worth over $20,000. Then got on the J train and split with his plunder.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a woman was found dead floating in the East River.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man stole a Mazarati from the dealer’s showroom building and stopped and ditched the vehicle at the red light and got caught by cops who were conveniently right there to grab them. The dealership had one of their luxury cars stolen by a woman from the showroom the week before.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man got fired from his real estate firm when he got frustrated with bottle refuse coming from residents of a homeless shelter hotel so he rolled a bunch of them back at the hotel. The man also caught a junkie from the shelter shooting up smack at a phone booth.

In the Upper West Side at the 86th St. Station, a man assaulted an off-duty cop and robbed her purse on the 1 train and ran out but got chased down by a Samaritan who caught him at the end of the platform. Following his act of heroism, the Samaritan continued his commute but succumbed to a heart attack and died at the 72nd St. Station.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man got shot to death on a street corner allegedly over an argument during a dice game.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man got killed and three people got injured in a car wreck when the driver lost control on the parkway and flipped the car upside down and landed on the median while speeding.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man was shot in the head by a street corner and died a week later from his wound.

In the Upper East Side, a 79-year-old woman was found dead bound and gagged with plastic bags around her head in her apartment in a lux building.

In Hamilton Heights, a man got killed while sitting in the back seat of a Mercedes as the driver ran a red light and collided into another car. Then the driver ran away.

In Morningside Heights, a man slashed a 2-year-old boy in the face in his stroller being pushed by his nanny while walking on the sidewalk.

Also in Morningside Heights, a man was shot in the back on the street and later died from his wound.

In Inwood, five people were shot at on the street, leaving three men in critical condition.

Also in Inwood, people setting off fireworks on the street caused an apartment to go on fire when some of their mortar rockets hit the building, leaving a mother and her daughter homeless.

In Central Park, a drunk man barged into a soccer game being played at 1 a.m. and stole the ball and kicked it around. When the pissed off crowd told him to get lost, the man took out a gun and shot one of the players in the leg. Who the fuck plays soccer after midnight? That’s as weird as flying a kite at night.

In Kips Bay, a man ambushed a woman on the sidewalk, put her in a chokehold and ran away with her purse.

In Chelsea, a man grabbed a purse containing an asthma pump and hearing aids off a 79-year-old woman and dragged her on the sidewalk as she wouldn’t let go. The bastard pried it off her and ran down the street.

Also in Chelsea, a man lurking by a supermarket attacked the manager with a hammer and hit him on the head as he was about to open the store, then the thug ran away. The perp was there regularly and was caught shoplifting and sexually harassing the workers there. The victim remarked that the conditions he’s seen the area in reminded him of the Bad Old Days.

In Midtown, Mayor de Blasio with his fucking wife and Al Sharpton and his National Action Network gathered together to paint a Black Lives Matter mural on the street in front of Trump Tower to spite the President of the United States, manifesting a de Blasio pandering virtue signalling tweet in real life as onlookers were booing his insincere act of tokenism to the social justice movement.

A few days later it was vandalized with red house paint as a man strolled by and took a can out of bag and spilled it on the slogan and ran off. After it was immediately cleaned up because the Blaz prioritizes civic duties when it comes to his vanity (and also his donors) it was splattered again the next day with blue paint by a transgender woman accompanied by three other LGBT women.

Then a Black woman showed up to the mural and channeling Jackson Pollack stylistically and mentally, spilled and smeared black paint all over the word Black while prosyletizing to passerby and gawkers with cellphones. Two cops meekly tried to restrain her but the power of Jesus compelled her to shove one of the cops away with such force that he hit his head on the asphalt. Hours after that woman got arrested, a White man wearing a MAGA hat ran over to the mural and splattered it with paint again as another man was waving a Blue Lives Matter flag in support. So with the latter vandalism on his message to Trump, the Blaz got the reaction from the demographic he was expecting.


When released on her own recognizance, while on her own recognizance she went into Bed-Stuy and Harlem and defaced those murals too with black paint with a couple of her allies, almost causing a near riot and getting into fights with residents witnessing their self-righteous yet constitutional vandalism.

Also in Midtown, a man drove and crashed an SUV he stole into a high end brand jewelry store.

Again in Midtown, protesters marching on the street surrounded an SUV and refused to let the driver through. Then they threatened to flatten his tires and used bikes as an obstruction and the man decided to drive on through, taking a bunch of bikes down the road that were placed under his vehicle. Following his arrest, the driver got off without charges.

And again in Midtown on the East River, two blockheads tried to beat the sweltering heat by hopping on an inflatable swan and chillaxing on the water only to wind up adrift and rescued by the FDNY. You know normal is fucked when life is imitating Sunny in Philadelphia.


And again in Midtown, a woman with a hammer furiously banged on a lamp post and then got chased by cops for blocks while she was swinging it at bystanders.

And again in Midtown at the 51st/Lexington Ave. Station, a homeless man got beat down by a cop and physically thrown off the 6 train along with his belongings when he refused to get off a near empty car because he had his bags on the seats. After kicking his bags like trash on the platform, other cops arrived and placed him on the floor and hogtied him and then the man was put on a gurney. The cop who arbitrarily targeted and brutalized him got off without charges.

In Washington Heights, a man was shot in the leg on the sidewalk.

Also in Washington Heights, a woman and her stepfather were ganged up on and beaten down inside a deli by a gang of men and women following an dispute instigated by one of the attackers.

In the Lincoln Tunnel, water started spewing inside from the walls.

In Inwood, two men involved in a drag race with another vehicle jump the gun and peel out and then an unmarked police car follows in pursuit as they speed on avenues and boulevards and under the elevated tracks and blowing red lights and going the wrong way on one way streets which resembles scene for scene in the Oscar-winning movie The French Connection.

Also in Inwood, a cop got hit and knocked to the pavement by a drunk driver in an SUV trying to flee from a supermarket parking lot where a party was going on that he and other cops were trying to break up and get people to disperse.

In Murray Hill, a parking garage building’s facade collapsed injuring a man sitting in a parked car from falling debris.

Also in Murray Hill, the side of an abandoned apartment building collapsed onto a construction site next door.

Again in Murray Hill, a man died and three of his fellow workers got injured when a scaffold collapsed under them as they were doing a job on a building facade.

In Greenwich Village, a naked man occupied the fountain at Washington Square Park for over a month and turned it into a cool single guy studio apartment complete with a patio table, a lounge chair and a rug to tie the whole area together.

Following this profile by the NY Post with photos by William Farrington; NYC Parks Police, the NYPD and even another homeless man tried to moved his stuff off the fountain and were unsuccessful. The naked man, who claimed to be the son of God, refused the authorities suggestions/light demands and offers to go to one of the city’s hazardous homeless shelters so they let him be. Then the naked man laid down and placed his head on a stuffed unicorn and took a nap.

A day after he took a nature shower in his birthday suit as a Black Lives Matter rally was happening in the park, the naked delusional deity got into a handicapped wrestling match with two other men in the middle of the fountain which garnered the attention of 12 cops on patrol and gave them the justification to finally arrest him and send him to the hospital. And he still came back and tried to reoccupy the fountain again while in the buff.

Also in Greenwich Village at Washington Square Park, two men threw two balloons filled with red paint and splattered two monuments of George Washington that’s on both sides of the Arch.

Again in Greenwich Village at Washington Square Park, a gay pride march and live stream rally attended by thousands of revelers got disrupted by the NYPD when they caught a man writing grafitti on a patrol car and people tried to interfere with the arrest, leading to two more people getting arrested and cops fending off the encroaching crowd with pepper spray and billy clubs. A cop got knocked off his motorcycle during the clash of cops and citizens on the street. This riot coincided with the 51st anniversary of the Stonewall riots.

Also in Greenwich Village, four men torched an NYPD patrol van just before the crack of dawn.

In Battery Park City, a dead man was found floating in the Hudson.

In the Lower East Side, a homeless man taking shelter under a scaffolding has assembled a makeshift sidewalk condo filled with discarded furniture, piles of trash bags and an art collection as construction workers continue to develop the lux hotel while the derelict smokes K-2 and shits where he pleases.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man aggressively approach a woman in front of a bodega and slashed a man in the hand who tried to defend her.

Again in the Lower East Side, a shitty bar biting the name of a Cure classic song promoted and threw a COVID block party with their leisure vagrant vectors getting loaded on the street without masks on two nights in a row.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man shot another man 4 times on the street and rode away on a bike.

And again in the Lower East Side, two men stole an ATM machine by a Spanish restaurant by prying it with a chain attached to their van and drove way with it dragging on the road in a 2 minute heist.


And again in the Lower East Side, a man was tasered then stabbed to death by his assistant inside his luxury condo over a debt the killer owed him. The killer left and returned to the building with a power saw and chopped the victims limbs and head off then left the remains and his tool in the condo and booked down the staircase when his victim’s cousin showed up to check on him.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man was shot multiple times in the leg and another man got shot in the ass at the LaGuardia Houses and both of them refused to snitch on the gunman.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man punched a bus driver in the face when he was asked to put a face mask on before boarding.

In the East Village, a sinkhole manifested on the road and half-way swallowed an SUV.

Also in the East Village, a stray bullet pierced through an apartment window at the Jacob Riis  houses, hitting the door of a 13-year-old boy’s bedroom while he was sleeping.

Again in the East Village, three men on bicycles rode up to a man hanging out with his friends and shot him multiple times, hitting him once in the chest.

In the West Village, the Upper East Side and Hell’s Kitchen, people are loitering and obstructing sidewalks and the streets in front of bars while drinking from open containers while not wearing masks or social distancing. They steal glassware also.



In Bed-Stuy, as a group of people were having a BBQ cookout party by a playground, three men rolled up and jumped out of an SUV and chased three men running by, hitting and wounding three men and killing a one-year-old boy with a shot to his stomach from a stray bullet as he sat in a miniature chair. The child’s devastated grandmother lambasted the city’s stunning reactive responses to the rise in gun violence in the past month. Commissioner Shea made a personal visit to her and her family to give condolences and assurances and Mayor de Blasio stopped by their home later on right before he scheduled a speaking availability on the street following a march organized by community leaders. Whey couldn’t the Mayor and the Commish show up together?


Also in Bed-Stuy at the Norstrand Ave. Station, a woman got called a cunt by an MTA worker when she told him to put a face mask on.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man and a woman both got shot at and hit in their legs on the street.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man stiffed an app-food delivery guy with a counterfeit bill, then beat him up when he demanded to be paid.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got shot in the arm during a street fight.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a 66-year-old homeless woman walking to a hotel got hit by a stray bullet that came from an argument between two men that escalated when one of them took out a gun across the street.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot at two men in broad daylight hitting one man in the stomach and another one in the leg as he was holding a child and hopping behind a car for him and his kid to hide.

And again in Bed-Stuy, six boys chased a 12-year-old boy into a bodega and beat him down  with kicks and punches and threw soda cans and shopping baskets on him as he laid on the floor.

Also in Crown Heights, a woman sitting on a stoop relaxing in the shade got punched in the face by a man walking by.

Again in Crown Heights, a man who was helping a woman carry her groceries to her car got jumped by two men who hit him with a chain and his own cane after he told them and four other goons they were getting drunk with to stop insulting the woman.

Again in Crown Heights, a man was shot to death when his livery cab dropped him at his destination where his killer was awaiting him.

And again in Crown Heights, a man shot at a crowd of people hanging out on a stoop in a drive-by. One man got hit in the ass.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot to death in his car and his passenger also got shot in the leg in a drive-by.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot in the arm following an argument with his shooter in front of a bar.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot at by two men in the hallway of an apartment building while he was sitting on a bench.

And again in Crown Heights, a 12-year-old boy got shot in the leg on a stoop with a bullet that was meant for someone else.

And again in Crown Heights, a man on a motor scooter shot a man on the street then chased him on the sidewalk, forcing his victim to run into a bike shop to hide and then shot him to death. The victim wouldn’t cooperate with the cops during his final breaths.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot on the sidewalk in broad daylight by a man on a motorcycle and later died from his wounds, while a community led peace walk and rally attended by Mayor de Blasio was being held nearby.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot to death by his car after he got spotted by three men hanging out across the street.

And again in Crown Heights, the facade of a building broke off and debris landed on a man as he was walking on the sidewalk.

In East New York, a man in disguise wearing a wig and trenchcoat walked up to a man and a woman sitting on a stoop and shot them to death with 20 rounds from an AR15 rifle. A neighbor exasperatingly expressed frustration and grief about the fact that Commissioner Shea shut down the plain clothes anti-crime unit that was tasked for removing illegal guns from the streets. The killer got caught trying to hide in West Virginia.



Also in East New York, a man got shot during a fight that broke out at a house party.

Again in East New York, a man was stabbed to death inside an apartment building.

And again in East New York, a man hassling a woman on the street got punched in the face by her son and made him leave. The man then came back with a gun and shot her son to death by blasting him in the chest.

And again in East New York, a woman watching a couple of men blowing up fireworks near children in the courtyard of the Pink Houses approached them and asked them to stop it. Then the woman got into a tussle with him and then ran when he pulled a gun out and shot at her as she fled into her mother’s apartment. The woman brought a man she knew with her and confronted the men again as they were still lighting off fireworks, then one of the goons called the man who shot her and he chased her again this time shooting her in the back and killing her, then standing over her body and shot her 7 more times to make sure he finished her off.

It should be prudent to mention that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams advised his constituents to what that heroine did by persuading these assholes personally instead of calling the cops. Now a good Samaritan is dead and a lowlife is lurking on the streets. Along with one more illegal gun.

The heroine decided to do this following the advice of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams who suggested that of his constituents instead of calling the NYPD and it cost her life.

And again in East New York, stray bullets from a shootout on the street pierced through the front door and windows of an elderly woman’s home as she was sleeping in her bedroom.

And again in East New York, a man got shot twice following a dispute with the gunman on a street corner.

And again in East New York, a man got beaten to death inside his apartment and was left there for days.

And again in East New York, a man sucker punched a city bus driver in the head and busted his eye when the driver asked him to put on a face mask and he refused. Another maskless vector called a bus driver a racial slur when he was told to do the same. These fucktards should be reminded that 130 MTA workers died from coronavirus shuttling scum like them around during the lockdown

And again in East New York, a man got beat down by two men he caught and tried to stop from stealing property from his backyard.

And again in East New York, a man got shot to death inside the lobby of a public housing building.

And again in East New York, two gunmen jumped out a car ran towards a man and pumped 3 bullets into him as he was about to get into a livery car.

In Cypress Hills, a man was shot to death following an argument with his killer in front of a hot sheets hotel.

In East Flatbush, a candelight vigil in front of an apartment building entrance got violently disrupted by two men who walked up and shot at the crowd, hitting three women and two men.

Also in East Flatbush, two men got shot at on the street following a dispute with other men. One of them didn’t survive. Another man was shot to death in the area.

In Flatbush, an 11-year-old boy got shot in the leg in a drive-by while hanging out on a stoop with three men.

Also in Flatbush, a 69-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy both died in an apartment building fire.

In Bushwick, a man got shot in front of an apartment building entrance.

Also in Bushwick at the Morgan Ave. Station, the latest tropical storm seeped water onto the platform like a bunch of rats collectively taking a piss.

In Williamsburg, a man was shot to death after he was confronted by three men on dirtbikes who were trying to rob his chain in a courtyard at the Willamsburg Houses.

Also in Williamsburg, an apartment building’s door and sidewalk got vandalized with anti-cop graffiti because Speaker Cojo’s boyfriend lived there after the city budget bill passed to cut funding from the NYPD. But not in the way some citizens liked it.

In Coney Island, a man got walloped with a pipe while getting mugged by a gang of men on the D train.

Also in Coney Island, four men jumped and slugged an app-food delivery guy then smacked him with a bottle and stole the food and the e-motored cycle.

Again in Coney Island, a man got tazed by cops when he tried to attack them by Nathan’s

In Brighton Beach,  two men broke into a store and robbed a couple of cellphones.

In Canarsie, a man speeding in his SUV lost control of it and hit and killed a man riding a scooter and then plowed into a fire hydrant and a tree.

Also in Canarsie, two men got shot at and hit during a drive-by in front of a house.

Again in Canarsie, a man got shot on the leg on the sidewalk.

And again Canarsie, a man was shot on the street and bled to death at the hospital.

And again in Canarsie, a man walking on the street suddenly turned around and fired a gun on three people, hitting all of them and then ran away with his buddy.

And again in Canarsie, a drive-by mass shooting left five people with injuries on three different blocks as a woman got blasted in the chest four times in front of the Bayview Houses then three men got sprayed on the street and a man riding a scooter with a woman got hit in the back as they were riding causing them both to fall onto the street. Then the gangstas dumped the vehicle by the conduit in East New York.

And again in Canarsie, a man was shot to death in the hallway of an apartment building

In Brownsville, a man was killed and a woman he was with got wounded from being shot in front of a public housing building.

Also in Brownsville, a man was shot to death at point blank range to the face on a tennis court in broad daylight.

Again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death by the Hughes Houses.

And again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death near a street corner.

And again in Brownsville, a man shot another man in the leg because he stared at him.

And again in Brownsville, a man got shot at multiple times as he was walking to the bodega.

In East Williamsburg, a woman got shot in the head and a man got shot and hit 3 times when they were leaving a BBQ party at the Cooper Houses.

In Sunset Park, an off-duty cop hit a bike rider with his car. When he went to check on the man he hit, another man came by and yelled at him and then the cop pushed him away and left. The cop subsequently got charged for assault for the shove.

Also in Sunset Park, a man got cuffed by cops when they caught him trying to cut the brake lines under a police car, but actually cut the wrong cable. The idiot was arrested and then released for punching a cop in the face during the clash between Abolition Zone protesters and NYPD on the Brooklyn Bridge a few days earlier.

Again in Sunset Park, a man lost control of his p

In Bensonhurst, a man smacked another man in the head with a bottle in front of a bodega.

Also in Bensonhurst, two men ran up to a man on the sidewalk and knock him down and robbed his wallet.

Again in Bensonhurst, three men injured themselves while speeding down the street in a luxury sports car and crashing into a pickup truck in the intersection, causing the truck to mount the sidewalk and hit a pedestrian as the lux car wrecked three parked cars. None of the three were charged with causing the wrecks because none of them admitted to driving the car. Really, NYPD?

In Brooklyn Heights, a man stabbed another man inside a bodega because he stared at him.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a man held up a Dunkin’ at gunpoint and ran away with $400.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a man broke into a dumpling house and robbed an Ipad and $250.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man broke into a bar and robbed over 20 grand of booze and tech devices.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, two men used a rock to bust into a diner and robbed it of $600.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man stabbed another man and kicked him while he was on the floor inside a deli after he felt he was being stared at.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, an event at a sneaker store was abruptly cancelled when hundreds of people showed up and tried to force their way into the store like a pack of buffalo to purchase sneakers designed by some DJ as some fiends lit up and tossed firecrackers into the crowd as if there wasn’t a pandemic still around. This is why you don’t say shit like “we crushed the virus” Guvner Cuomo.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Barclays/Atlantic Ave. Station, a man kicked and busted down two windows at the end of the cars on the Q Train.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Union St. Station, a man obliterated virtual ad monitors on the station’s walls on the platform.

In DUMBO, a man caught another man stealing his bike and let him have it when the thief stuck a knife up at him.

Also in DUMBO, a man pushed a man riding a Citibike and rode away with it.

And again in DUMBO, a woman got grifted by a man who robbed her of $4,000 by setting up an apartment listing. How does she feel? Dumbo.

In Clinton Hill, a pizza delivery guy got pistol whipped by two men who robbed his pizza pies.

Also in Clinton Hill, an 18-year-old man chased a 15-year-old girl on the street and assaulted her with a metal cane.

Again in Clinton Hill at the Atlantic Ave. Station, two men ambushed a man as he got off the Q train and beat him down and robbed his wallet and watch.

And again in Clinton Hill, a man on an e-bike assisted a man feigning to be lost and got shoved off by two other scoundrels who rode away with it.

In Fort Greene at the Fulton St. Station, a man attempted to rip off a woman’s purse on the 2 train and tried to drag the woman off the train at the next stop.

Also in Fort Greene, a man got slashed when he got mugged by three men on the street.

Again in Fort Greene, a man threw a rock at another man’s head and ran away.

And again in Fort Greene, a gang of teenage boys surrounded a man on the sidewalk as one of them rolled up on a scooter and stuck him up at gunpoint and pistol whipped him, enabling his posse to rob his phone and cash.

And again in Fort Greene, a man mugged another man at gunpoint and robbed his phone and wallet.

And again in Fort Greene, a man attempting to board a city bus threatened to stab the driver and other commuters when he was asked to put on a face mask.

In Carroll Gardens, a man opportunistically snatched a handbag from a woman that wasn’t paying attention at a park and robbed $600 that was inside of it.

Also in Carroll Gardens, a woman had her bike stolen while she was at her boyfriends house.

Again in Carroll Gardens, a man snatched a designer purse off a woman but got caught by a Samaritan who returned it to the owner.

And again in Carroll Gardens, a three story gym collapsed to the ground following a stop-work order from the D.O.B..

In Boerum Hill, a man held up a tobacco shop at knife point and robbed some smoking products.

Also in Boerum Hill, two men got shot during an argument on the street.

In Cobble Hill, a man broke into a car and robbed the airbag.

Also in Cobble Hill, a bigot spray painted the words white power in front of a building displaying a Black lives matter sign.

In Gravesend, a one-year-old was beaten to death at his apartment. The mother was not charged so the killer is still somewhere out on the streets.

In South Slope and Windsor Terrace, a man flashed his choda at a mother and her two daughters when they were by their window at their house and he whipped his nub out again at two girls who were walking their dog.

In Dyker Heights, a march in support of the NYPD got confronted by protesters from a Black Lives Matter group that was organized by a White man and a White woman. As Black LM stood on the sidewalk and shouted slogans and conveyed dissent about the march, it caught the attention of a group of Blue LM supporters who chased after them and started brawling with them on the sidewalk, leading the NYPD to ironically shield the Black LM group, whose grand marshal got kicked in the balls during the melee. The Blue LM goons settled to yell obscenities and spit on them when they got filmed on a street corner by a journalist who then pursued those men later as they walked on another street and wound up getting assaulted by one of them, who took her camera and smashed it to the ground. Cops rolled up on bikes and then grabbed her but let the violent and intolerant goon walk away.


The following day in Bay Ridge, another Blue Lives Matter march got disrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters who showed up to jeer their support for the NYPD and outnumbered them, leading into inevitable violent clashes on the sidewalk and on the streets as eggs were thrown at the cops. A woman got sucker punched by a man while she was against a fence in a crowd, leading to two men wailing on her attacker. One man who wound up getting shoved by a cop and tackled and tased by another cop threw a construction worker helmet into a crowd that hit a woman on the head earlier during the chaos. Other pro-cop attendees blatantly slugged Black LM protesters with impunity as cops shielded them as protesters continued to taunt them. Division and disorder continued under the Belt Parkway between the two groups. Later in the evening, protesters lit up fires on the street and some Black LM got into arguments with men hanging out in front of bars who shouted out vulgarities and homophobic slurs. Then everybody went home after spending a glorious 48 hours of pointless shouting and political stands.

Also in Bay Ridge, a homeless man was found dead on the grass at the Belt Parkway. Then the cop that found the body talked a man out of committing suicide on the Verrazano Bridge.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man riding his bike rolled into a garage and stole a bike and rode away with it.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a man heading into a public housing building decided to pull out his gun and engage in a shootout with someone as a mother and her child were going inside the door.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, a man trespassed into a medical office and robbed $26,000 of supplies.

And again in Sheepshead Bay, a man got shot in the face while sitting in his car when a man came out another car that pulled over and aimed for his head.

In Brighton Beach, a woman attacked another woman on the street and stole the sneakers off her feet and continued to pummel her. When a man knocked her off to stop the assault, the woman took off all her clothes and stood naked in the middle of the street with her arms spread like Christ.

In Midwood, a man speeding down the street in his car ran a red light and collided into another car that wound up killing a woman crossing the street from the impact.

Also in Midwood, a rap video shoot with a fancy luxury car parked on the curb was disrupted by a drive by shooting as a white car zoomed by a group of people, with a woman getting shot in the hand.

Again in Midwood, three men yelled a bigoted slur as they drove by a man walking across the street, then they chased him and beat him down when the man gave them the finger.

In Borough Park, a man got killed by a drunk driver who crashed into his car while he was unloading grocery bags. The drunk killer driver got off without charges.

In Marine Park, an 11-year-old boy and 18-year-old woman got killed in a car wreck when their 16-year-old friend fucked up and crashed into parked car while doing donuts in Floyd Bennett Field.

In Flatlands, a man got into a street fight with another man and decided to equalize it by flashing his piece, causing his foe to run. The gunmen left but went back to the area because he forgot to pick up his dog and arrived to find the cops waiting for him.

Also in Flatlands, a 16-year-old boy got shot in the back immediately after he walked out of house where a party was going on.

Again in Flatlands, a total shit-for-brains putting on a fireworks show in an alleyway shot a roman candle fireball into his house while he was distracted and ignited a fire inside. Despite the burgeoning flames growing, he goes back into the house to bring out more fireworks to blow up. As the idiot was blowing up a mortar rocket as his friends gawked ,the flames appeared from out the window and the revelry of the group of people stop as the man pathetically tries to douse the massive flames with a hose. The house then gets engulfed by the inferno, leaving about 10 people residing there homeless.




In Far Rockaway, a man and his stepson killed each other as they fought over a gun at a street corner.

Also in Far Rockaway, a man was shot in the ass from a drive-by shooting.

Again in Far Rockaway, a man got shot in the head in the middle of the block.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man was shot multiple times in a hallway of an apartment building.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man walked up to a parked car and shot the driver in the abdomen.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man was shot while sitting in his car during a drive-by.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man got shot in the back and a woman got shot in the elbow inside a courtyard.

And again in Far Rockaway at the Mott Ave. Station, a gang of men threw a firecracker at another man on the platform and then beat him down at the Euclid Ave. Station in East New York.

In Jamaica, two men held up a man at gunpoint as he was sitting in his car at a parking lot and robbed a bag of cash and his cellphone.

Also in Jamaica, a man shot at another man who was standing in front of house while riding a bicycle. Guess we got to call these ride-by’s now.

Again in Jamaica, a 14-year-old boy was shot at in the middle of the block after he was approached by 3 men.

And again in Jamaica, a pimp and a woman held two teenage girls hostage for months at a hotel forcing them to sell their bodies for cash that he kept after he raped one of them.

And again in Jamaica, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver while he was riding his bike.

And again in Jamaica, shots were fired at an empty parked vehicle

And again in Jamaica at the Jamaica Ave Station, a man jumped down off the platform onto the tracks and waved an empty gun around, but was talked down by two cops who came to his aid.

And again in Jamaica, a woman got hit by a stray bullet on the street.

And again in Jamaica, a man was beaten down by another man inside a store and died from his injuries days later. The man’s daughter had to do the NYPD’s job for them and get a murder charge against the killer because she wasn’t convinced by their accidental death report.

And again in Jamaica, four cops got into an argument then a brawl with a man as his 3-year-old child was standing nearby as they beat him down, tazed him and pulled his hair after responding to a noise complaint that was sourced to his house. The man is suing the city for 10 million dollars.

In Jamaica Hills, a 76-year-old man got beaten to death on a street corner and his daughter had to figure out how he died because the NYPD were being insouciant.

In Jamaica Estates, a man forced a teenage girl into a alley at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her.

Also in Jamaica Estates, a man shot at another man in the arm while riding his bike.

In Howard Beach, a brawl between two men in a tiki bar escalated when one of the men crashed a chair over his foe and then the other man decided to channel Wyatt Earp and took his gun out and shoot it but missed his target and hit another patron instead. After over 10 cops showed up at the crime scene, it turned out the gunman was a retired cop so he naturally skated away without charges as his attacker got charged with assault.

In Ozone Park, a homeless man got killed while walking on the sidewalk by an SUV driver who lost control of her vehicle and jumped the curb and hit him after she was cut off by another driver.

Also in Ozone Park, a man broke into a house through the front door and stole a cellphone.

In South Ozone Park, a woman was beaten to death inside a room of a hotel that was converted into homeless shelter.

Also in South Ozone Park, a gang of five men stole 4 cars in the span of of 8 days and used them for mugging food delivery men also, robbing over $1,500 of cash and their phones from them along with their food. Two auto thefts happened when the victims left their keys in the ignition.

In South Richmond Hill, three men carjacked a man at gunpoint while he was sitting in his car and drove it to Astoria and went on a spending binge with his credit cards.

In Flushing, a man broke into a family’s house and tried to kidnap two children while they were sleeping in their beds. He grabbed the 7-year-old girl and took her outside and threw her down the brick steps and left her there. Then he  went back inside and tried to grab the 5-year-old boy  but did not succeed but threatened the kids parents not to call the cops and he ran out the house and fled.

Also in Flushing, a woman about to commit suicide was stopped by a housing cop who saw her in her car with a gun.

Again in Flushing, two men broke into a liquor store and cleaned it out, robbing over 73 large in cash, booze and scratch off lottery tickets.

In Jackson Heights, a man having a domestic dispute with his girlfriend repeatedly stabbed her in their apartment, the woman’s daughter got her leg sliced trying to stop him and then the man attempted suicide by stabbing himself multiple times.

Also in Jackson Heights, a NYPD officer stalked his ex-girlfriend and broke down her door at her house with planters after months of sending threatening messages to her phone.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man randomly attacked another man passing by him and threw him on the sidewalk causing him to break his neck.

Again in Jackson Heights at the 74 St/Roosevelt Ave. Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass on the down escalator.

In Briarwood, a man and a woman broke into a man’s house to get high and drunk.

In Ridgewood a 12-year-old boy stalked a woman to her apartment building then tried to rape her but got his ass kicked and ran away.

In North Corona, a woman got hit by a drunk driver while he was chugging a beer as she was about to drop off food to a charity to help people who got infected and their families devastated by the coronavirus pandemic. The vagrant collided into her and pinned her to her SUV as she was taking bags out and then tried to flee but got caught by Samaritans who chased him down.

In Rosedale, a man got killed as he got hit by a car while trying to cross the boulevard.

In Long Island City, a man shot up another man inside a playground.

Also in Long Island City, two men fighting in a courtyard escalated when one of the men pulled out a gun and wound up getting shot at by cops who arrived at the scene in progress at the Queensbridge Houses.

Again in Long Island City at the 23rd St./Ely Avenue station, the latest tropical storm that hit the five boroughs caused it to vomit water on the platform and onto to tracks.

And again in Long Island City, a man looted 20 grand’s worth of furniture and tools from a building at a construction site.

In St. Albans, a 14-year-old boy was shot at twice on a street corner as he was riding his bike.

In Astoria, hundreds of people gathered on one block and had a coronavirus baccanalia party going on while clustering on the street, serving booze from hatchbacks, blowing up fireworks and dancing on ice cream trucks till the middle of the night virtually blowing off the fact that we are all still in global pandemic.


The NYPD showed up and some threw shit at them and left with no one getting arrested. This apparently was the tipping point for our elected head muckety mucks de Blasio and Cuomo even though COVID leisure and pleasure vagrant vectors have been clustering on this block for a fucking month.


In addition to countless sightings of sidewalk and street blocking by them in other heavy bar populated areas in the East Village, West Village, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Williamsburg and even nearby Long Island City where a luxury hotel has a literal petri dish on their rooftop pool full of party people pathogen spreaders. Which will not deter people from getting loaded and mingling on Steinway St. again.

Also in Astoria, a man broke into a deli by shattering the glass door even though he barely touched it and robbed it of $2,100 and a bunch of cigarettes.

Again in Astoria, a man got shot as he was driving into the Grand Central Parkway when a car rolled up by him in a drive-by.

And again in Astoria, a man riding a bike he stole stopped by a bike shop and stole an e-bike from there. When the shop worker caught up to him, the thief punched him and rolled away.

And again in Astoria, a man riding shotgun in an SUV  shot at a group of people on the sidewalk and two men from that crew shot back at them.

And again in Astoria, two men held up and robbed a gas station at gunpoint, grabbing $450 from the register and the cashier’s cellphone. One of the thieves was wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and BLM cap. This not only shows how he denigrated the social justice movement with his criminal act, but also sadly showed how the movement’s slogan has been reduced and devolved into a commercial brand.

In Woodside, a man attacked two men in their seventies with a knife and slashed and stabbed both of them on the 7 train.


This is happening in Trump’s America, you idiot.

Also in Woodside, a neo-Nazi wrote a German white power slogan on a park bench.

Again in Woodside, a woman got shot in front of a house and didn’t snitch on her shooter.

In Corona, a man deliberately bumped into a woman on the sidewalk, yanked her hair and grabbed her cellphone and ran, but decided to drop it when a Samaritan chased him.

Also in Corona, three people were shot in the parking lot of the World’s Fair marina.

Again in Corona, a man punched another man down to the pavement where he hit his head and wound up in a coma

In Elmhurst, a man was shot to death in front of a restaurant.

Also in Elmhurst, a man punched another man in the face in front of a deli and ran after he left him unconscious on the sidewalk.

Also in Dutch Kills, a man stepped out a taxi cab then jumped a woman on the sidewalk and robbed her backpack containing $2,200.

In Middle Village, a man got killed in his SUV after he exited the mall parking lot into the street when man recklessly driving a box truck he stole in Richmond Hill slammed into him after wrecking 20 vehicles parked and in motion while running red lights and going the wrong way on streets prior to the collision. The killer then tried to flee by entering the Metropolitan Ave. Station but got caught by cops on the M train.

Also in Middle Village, Blues Lives Matter supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters confronted each other in a park and got into a heated dispute that was thwarted when the overcast skies brought a storm in to disperse the crowd. A hard rain’s a gonna fall…

In Maspeth, a man expecting to meet his girlfriend got ambushed by two men who held him up at gunpoint, pistol whipped him and robbed his cellphone.

In Glendale, a man got attacked by a homeless man who whacked him with a pipe and stole his phone as he was sitting in front of his house.

In Forest Hills, a handicapped man in a wheelchair accused of stabbing a woman at the 71st Ave station was mistaken for another wheelchair bound homeless man who committed the actual attack on the platform.

Also in Forest Hills, a man returned to his car and found a swastika scratched on the exterior.

In Kew Gardens Hills, two men and a woman broke into a house through the back door and stole a bunch of jewelry.

In Rego Park at the 63rd Drive Station, a man got hit by the R train when he was walking on the tracks.

In Oakland Gardens, a city sanitation worker got arrested after he clocked a guy in the mouth for not wearing a face mask and after the vector spat on him inside a bagel shop.

In Linden Hill, a woman fought off a man trying to rip her clothes off on the street in a rape attempt.

In Bayside, a Black Lives Matter protest march clashed with a Back the Blue rally on the street as BTB supporters took cheap shots at BLM activists with one slapping a woman and a man getting arrested as his group was getting pepper-sprayed by cops to the delight of the BTB crowd.

Windows on the 7 train have been getting smashed during a vandalism spree.

Crime in public parks in Queens went up 106% before the city locked down because of the pandemic. And grand larceny and auto theft has gone up in the 102nd Pct. by 130 %.



In Mount Eden, a man was shot to death in a drive-by shooting as when a car rolled up beside him while he was crossing the street with his 6-year-old daughter. Three men were charged with the brazen gang motivated murder.

In Morris Heights, a 17-year-old boy got killed when he got shot in the neck by a man he was arguing with at a BBQ birthday party. The shooter previously strangled two of his relatives.

Also in Morris Heights, two men got shot at on the street.

In Highbridge, a 3-year-old boy got severely burned when a firework got loose and shot into his mother’s apartments window that came from a group of men shooting fireworks in the alley outside their building.

Also in Highbridge, a man got confronted by a gang of six men on the street, then one of them took out a gun and shot both of his legs.

Again in Highbridge, two men were shot to death inside a car parked by the expressway. One of the victims was packing heat.

And again in Highbridge, a man got shot in the ass on the street.

And again in Highbridge, a woman got shot in the leg from a stray bullet while she was walking her dog.

And again in Highbridge, a shootout between two gangs went off in front of a public school as one crew was still blasting as they were peeling out in a luxury car like an grindhouse movie.


In Foxhurst, a man was confronted by a gang riding bicycles and got into an argument with them. Then one of the gangbangers took out a gun and shot at him, leading the man to take out his own gun and fired off a bunch of rounds at his foe and his crew. The man was an off-duty cop and the gang of men are still roaming the streets.

In Claremont, a man was shot to death on the street from getting blasted in the chest

Also in Claremont, three men were confronted by two armed men running up the stairs in an apartment building and two of them got shot down and killed. Police investigation is determining if this was in retaliation for the drive by murder of the man who got killed in front of his daughter on the street.


Again in Claremont, a man attacked two gay men and slashed one of them in the face while trying to steal their bag. A few weeks earlier, the skell became a viral video story on social media when a cop put him in a chokehold during an arrest in Rockaway Beach, which led to the cop getting suspended and arrested.

In Crotona Park, a 14-year-old boy got chased down by cops who thought he was with a group of other people who threw rocks and debris at their car and then tazed him, causing him to fall and bust his lip and break his tooth. The kid and his family are suing the city for $3,000,000.

In Crotona, a 15-year-old boy got shot in the back on the street.

Also in Crotona, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing the street.

In Fordham Manor, a family is left homeless after their apartment went up in flames from fireworks that were left on the roof of their building got ignited from the fireworks coming from the street.

Again in Fordham Manor, a man got shot in the leg while he was riding his bike.

And again in Fordham Manor, a man was shot in the ass in front of an apartment building.

In University Heights, a man got pinched by cops who caught him walking on the street carrying a grenade launcher and wearing a kevlar vest. Not known if he was all out of bubblegum.

Also in University Heights, a man got shot in the leg during a robbery on the street.

Again in University Heights, a man and a woman viciously attacked two women at a buffet restaurant and stole a cellphone off of them.

In Morrisania, a man was shot to death in a drive by as he was sitting in a livery car.

In the South Bronx, an app-hail livery driver got stabbed eleven times in his car.

Also in the South Bronx, a man charged another man on the sidewalk and stabbed him.

In Concourse Village, a man loitering in front of a Home Depot with a bike and a baseball bat who menaced other people passing him suddenly confronted a man and a woman and accused them of staring at him, so he took the bat and swung at the man’s head and knocked him down.

Also in Concourse Village, a man was stabbed in the arm in the middle of the street at 3 a.m. where Mayor de Blasio took his desk from City Hall and placed it there so he could sign police reform bills while another Black Lives Matter mural got painted on the street behind him at 4 p.m.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a man stabbed his ex-girlfriend in the back multiple times while she was pushing their child in a baby stroller, causing her to fall to the pavement with the toddler.

In Parkchester, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver that was involved in a high speed chase going after another car. The driver was never charged with a crime and was released on his own recognizance.

Also in Parkchester, a man riding a motor scooter took 4 shots at a man on the sidewalk and caught him on the arm.

Again in Parkchester, a man shot at another man in the middle of the street following an argument with him.

In Norwood, a man dragged a woman out of an apartment building and onto the street, beat the shit out of her and tried to rape her.

Also in Norwood, a man was shot to death on the street.

Again in Norwood, a man was shot to death on the street following a dispute with 3 other men.

In Hunts Point, a man crashed his luxury car into a minivan and killed it’s driver, then he and another van ditched the vehicle and ran into another car that came by and got away.

In Mott Haven, four men got pissed at a man who blowing up fireworks too close and directly at them inside a city park, which bloodily escalated when the man stabbed all of them with a knife. One of the man he stabbed managed to procure the knife and stabbed him back, leading to all of them winding up in the hospital.

Also in Mott Haven, an NYPD SUV got shot at from a stray bullet while two cops were sitting inside. Or maybe an intentional bullet.

Again in Mott Haven at the 149th St./Grand Concourse Station, a man beat down a woman with a cane as she was standing on the platform.

And again in Mott Haven, four men hassled a man coming out of a bodega demanding to use his cellphone and beat the crap out him and stole it when he refused.

And again in Mott Haven, a man got punched in the face and fell on his head on the sidewalk after an argument with his attacker.

And again in Mott Haven, two men got in a 72-year-old woman’s face on the sidewalk and robbed her purse.

In Soundview, a man was shot twice on the street.

In Melrose, three men beat the shit out of one man and stabbed him four times to settle an argument they had with each other.

Also in Melrose, a man shot at five men sitting on a stoop an hour after dawn while he covered his face with his t-shirt and still managed to hit two of them.

Again in Melrose, a woman and two men beat down and poisoned a 65-year-old man to death in his apartment during a robbery, then threw him out of a window wrapped in plastic where he landed on the roof of a Mickey D’s.

In Belmont, a man was shot at 5 times and hit in both of his legs while walking on the sidewalk and stalked by two men.

In Classon Point, a group of people managed to dodge a drive-by shooting directed at them.

In Woodlawn and Wakefield, two men ripped off portable ATM machines frpm the walls of a motel and a laundromat with their bare hands, then cracked open the bottom of an ATM at a pizzeria and made off with the loot.

In Unionport, two teenage boys got shot on the street at a quarter after three in the morning and they are not saying a word about who targeted them.

In Fordham, an online charity fund to raise money for small businesses that were robbed and vandalized by the looting and destruction caused by saboteurs of the George Floyd Protests totaling $50,000 has not made it to them yet.

In New Lots, an EMT rolled a stop sign in her ambulance and ran over a 65-year-old man and killed him

In Mount Hope, a cop got attacked by a man while writing up a ticket for parking his car in front of a fire hydrant. As the cop and his partner cuffed him, the perp resisted being put in the car and continued to wrestle with the two cops. As the tussling continued, one of the cops bodycams fell off and a man standing by them kicked it away, which provoked the cop to attack and try to arrest him. The cop had difficulty as that perp successfully wrestled him and kept him in a headlock and then ran away. All the while some obnoxious jagoff was filming it and coaching the pricks to fight the cops.

The man who assaulted the cop turned himself in and was immediately let go by a judge for the case to be fully investigated, so the skell can go back and loiter on the streets and fuck with somebody else. This development made de Blasio very unhappy.


Staten Island

In Stapleton, a man was shot to death by the Stapleton Houses.

Also in Stapleton, a man was shot to death on the street from a bullet to the head.

Again in Stapleton, a man tried to shoot a man to death while inside his car.

In St. George, a man got shot up multiple times on the street.

In Bloomfield, ten people got busted by the cops for smuggling fireworks and three cars, one of which was hauling 3 alligator carcasses. Sounds like they had a plan to manufacture luggage and other accessories.

In West Brighton, a man shot another man in his legs to end an argument.

In Port Richmond, a man was shot in the back in broad daylight.

Also in Port Richmond, a man was shot to death on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

In Bulls Head, a man broke into a vape shop with a rock and robbed a bunch of juuls and cash and is connected to 17 other burglaries of other small businesses in a little over a month.


In New Springville, a 15-year-old boy got conned by a man selling a designer belt and he swiped his backpack that contained $200 to pay for it.

In Concord, a man got shot at twice while sitting in the back seat of a car after he and the driver engaged in a dispute with other men who stopped by them in a car at the intersection.

Also in Concord, a man was shot twice in the arm on the street.

In Midland Beach, a man led cops on a high speed chase on the streets because he had crack rock on him.

In Castleton Corners, a man punched another man in the face over a money dispute and robbed 72 bucks off him.

Also in Castleton Corners, a man was shot in the dick on a street coner.

In Clifton, a 15-year-old boy was shot twice behind a building and then took a walk to a hospital.

In New Brighton, a man was shot at multiple times in the middle of the block.

In Arlington, a man who was just released from prison got shot to death inside a deli.

In Eltingville, a man stalked another man walking on the sidewalk, then he grabbed him from behind for a little bump and grind.

In Great Kills, four creeps broke into a school and stole $400 worth of electronic items.

A man ripped off dozens of businesses grifting cash and services from them by impersonating a fire marshal complete with fake badge and official shirt while exploiting the pandemic for personal gain.

On the Staten Island Expressway, a giant garish caricature banner of Mayor de Blasio in a Che T-shirt and holding a severed head of Lady Liberty was found dangling on an overpass.






Jailing And Starving The Messenger To Feed The Manufacturing Consent Beast

The rendition of Julian Assange 60 days ago is and should be the most important issue and story in the news. Meaning corporate owned news. Since his forced removal from the Ecuador Embassy and into a British penitentiary, he has been leveled with additional indictments and wrongly indicted as a spy by President Trump’s Department of Justice and is now facing an extradition trial in February 2020, surely to give him plenty of time to think about his nosy interests in the brutality and plundering done in America’s name. Which in his case was the release of the Iraq war and occupation files procured by Chelsea Manning which featured the notorious and monstrous “collateral murder” video where some troops rained death from above, killing a group of people including two journalists for Reuters.

As with everything the extremely big bad orange man baby says and does, it’s really fucked up and a tad inexplicable that he’s doing this to Assange. Even though the Wikileaks release of Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails was found to have nothing to do with any Russian “collusion” to lead to his victory, it would have been safe to assume that Donnie would have showed some empathy and sympathy with Julian’s plight being that he is also a victim (and potentially a casualty) of the fake news media he’s always (and at times rightly) bitches about. Another fucked up thing is that Manifest Hillary and her diabolical minions went out of their way to subvert democracy and Trump never bothered to “lock her up, lock her up” for the obvious seditious acts that were revealed by that idiot John Podesta’s email and text message dump (another promise denied to his base). Yet it’s not a surprise being that Trump has had it in for journalists since his salad days as a young slumlord and disaster casino magnate during his developing years as a celebrity real estate scion.

But Trump has yet again deferred to his repugnant administrative fellowship. This time the state and security departments run by psychopaths Secretary Mike Pompeo and NSA advisor John Bolton, two men who like the mendacious Mrs. Clinton want Julian Assange vaporized. After all if it wasn’t the accidental reveal in a court order referencing Assange’s indictment as a precedent to legitimize his arrest, it was Pompeo declaring Wikileaks as a non-state intelligence agency. Which is quite easy to pull off in a nation where money and corporations are cast in iron as speech and individual persons.

Because in order to pull off this warped interpretation of justice like misusing the espionage act on a foreign citizen, you have to control the narrative. In this case the predominant false narrative pushed by the powermad and data-obsessed in U.S. government “intelligence agencies” to the Military Industrial Complex to the too big to fail Banking Industrial Complex and finally to the obeisant gaping mouth monkeys in corporate networks news and even entertainment divisions, whom with repetition remind the viewers that Assange is not a real reporter.

But all that shit I mentioned above is way beyond my pay grade as a amateur reporter (but semi-pro ranter) with a digital publication, which is zero. But I know fucking well enough that Assange is a real reporter and news publisher despite all the bullshit maligning of his name and repression of his news organization. How come, Mike? Because it’s ingrained in first amendment of the U.S. Constitution you fat fuck.

The outrage and outcry of his arrest and demands for his release are abundant and universal on social media, but the press continues to remain silent, insouciant and even elated at Assange’s unlawful imprisonment. And being a local scribe, you don’t have to look that far than the New York Daily News. New York’s hometown paper, which has reached it’s centennial as a daily publication, has relegated this crucial story and fascist menace against their own journalists to the back pages right next to the obituaries. Which is not so much a subtle hint of where they expect Assange to wind up soon than an ironic plea of surrender from the paper and it’s mission as a source for news and information about the goings on in government and on the streets.

To top this cognitive dissonance reporting off, a recent NYDN op-ed desired for a memorial for journalists who wound up sacrificing their lives for their jobs, which included a lunatic’s machine gun massacre of five reporters at their office in Annapolis and the plotted assassination butchering of Jamal Kashoggi by our ally Saudi Arabia in their embassy in last year. But what the NYDN doesn’t seem or want to get is that the current jailing and treatment and spurious baseless charges and indictments of Assange is just the longer drawn-out and bloodless version of Kashoggi’s murder, meaning by using and abusing the laws on him with the same effect as how sanctions against a country would cripple it. The powers involved at Trump’s Dept. Of Justice are also making sure that Chelsea Manning will break too by levying daily fines and then doubling the fines on her the longer she holds out for refusing to testify against him in a grand jury hearing. It’s not like 15 men holding down one man and cutting him to pieces with a bonesaw, but these arbitrary litigious torture tactics are designed to drive both Assange and Manning to delirium or even suicide, which Manning already attempted during her Senate run.

It didn’t take long for the manufacturing consent goon squads to take advantage of this fascist attempt to massacre and butcher uncomfortable facts from the public view. In Australia, police raided the home of a journalist and the country’s network studios for reporting war crimes committed by their nation’s military in Afghanistan. And the self-proclaimed greatest President since George Washington recently threatened to have a Time magazine photographer arrested for trying to take a picture of a beautiful letter from his dictator buddy Kim Jong-Un.

Who know what other consequences might arise during Assange’s detainment as he awaits his extradition trial next year, not only what is expected to happen to him during his incarceration given the maltreatment he received while holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy, but what watching and reading the news is going to look like during that time. If the current format of perpetual decomposition of news coverage directed to a mostly disinterested audience with short attention spans and instant gratification addictions, you might get what NBC New York news is promoting right now. Which is to disseminate the news as if they were little pop up ads so people can be somewhat informed of current events during their mentally decrepit and addictive habits of binging on their favorite TV shows.


5 stories at 40 seconds a pop. NBC News NY must think this is providing a service to inform the public. This is the future of the fourth branch of government? This is the standard that will be taught in journalism classes?

But it has been the standard for quite some time now since the proliferation and dominant omniscience of the cellphone and also in a way the fact that able citizens are putting in more work hours but that’s a whole another story. The story now is that you the people are each going to continue to be less informed and more distracted with bullshit from corporate news outlets while they will continue to be under dutiful watch from all invasive sources of oppression and will be more over-meticulous of what gets published or deemed worthy of information by the likes of your government, telecoms and most fearsome of all web service companies like the trillion dollar tech overlords Facebook, Google and Amazon which will eventually design their algorithims to fit the desired information and ideologies that will be disseminated to the masses if Julian Assange gets convicted and the fourth estate gets usurped and consolidated into a cheap cartoonish propaganda machine.

Which will be fucked up for professional independent digital publications and outlets and a dinky little blog like this one here. Until then, meaning February when Assange’s trial starts, Impunity City here is going to keep on reporting and opining about the shitty state of current affairs and scold and shame and hopefully banish the fascist ratfuckers who want to reinterpret the news under the dangerous, dishonest rubric of maintaining security and safety of not only the nation and the illicit policies and criminal acts in the name of America but to manipulate the minds and numb the senses of all citizens to unwittingly yield their right to be informed.

Free press. No compromise.






New Bad Days 57: Saudi Arabian Sisters Found Dead By The Hudson River Duct Taped Facing Each Other Crucifix-Style Doesn’t Warrant Further Investigation Or Local Or International News Intrigue ; Career Woman Stabbed To Death By Fellow Tenant At Co-Op Building; Elderly Man Killed By Asshole Trying To Catch The Train; Racist Picks Fight With Man In Pizzeria And Cuts His Eye With A Knife; Bronx Bodega Owners Demand Panic Buttons Following Frequent Violence And Robberies At Their Stores; Thief Easily Robs A Jewelry Vending Machine; Gang Chases A Man Into A Brooklyn Mall And He Shoots And Kills One Of Them As Security Guards Back Away; Man Stabs ACS Worker During Child Welfare Check; Teenager Brawls With Rikers C.O. And Kerry Kennedy Pays His Bail; Crime Scene Filming At Beauty Parlor Where Eric Garner Was Killed Gets Disrupted By Pissed Off Residents; Teenage Girl Escapes Custody From Cops That Inspires A Massive Deployment Street Search; Various Subway Violations Ranging From Groping, Lewdness, Assaults, Stabbings And Obnoxious White Privilege Vagrancy And Vandalism Rises Up As Well As Shootings, Stabbings, Muggings, Gang Attacks, Domestic Violence, And Road Rage By Citizens And City Service Workers And Alec Baldwin Gets Punchy Again.

Screenshot_2020-07-11 Edit Post ‹ Impunity City — WordPress comAbove: Tala and Rotana Farea. Sisters at the mercy of apparent Saudi Arabian oppressive sexist policies and American indifference.


In the Upper West Side in Riverside Park, two sisters were found dead duct taped by their wrists and ankles together in a crucifix position facing each other lying on the rocks by the Hudson River. The 22-year-old woman and her 16-year-old sister ran away from their home in Virginia when they got a notice from Saudi Arabia for them to return to their home country. Only recently they tried to apply for immigration asylum status in the U.S.A, but couldn’t get it (Trump’s draconian immigration policy could have had an effect on this).

Which is how they wound up in the city with both of them deciding to end their young lives in Manhattan living the high life and splurging on shopping, fine dining and swanky hotels until their credit maxed out. Winding up sitting by the Hudson and praying to their deity according to a passerby who last saw them.

Despite being duct taped together face to face and their bodies showed no trauma that would appear from jumping off a bridge, The NYPD is still determining that this was a suicide. How do you get the momentum to jump in the river or even move when you are bound like a cross facing each other? How does two people (or even one) capable of bounding each other together by their extremities with duct tape? I’m not a cop and never watched an episode of CSI and only occasionally watch Law and Order SUV (which with these sisters troubles and demise would make a great episode), but the only plausible way to commit a suicide pact like this would be is that they would have bound each other while laying down by the water on the rocks in the hopes that the river would rise to take them in.

The rebuffed asylum request by America’s immigration services along with the demand from their oppressive oligarch-royal ruled homeland makes this even more sinister, especially considering that asylum requests are usually by migrants to flee from oppressive and entrenched criminal nations. And it’s weird that these young women were rejected in the first place as if they were suspected terrorists or something.

Weirder still is the NYPD’s apparent insouciance for this case considering the notorious and now transparent fatal tactics used by the hierarchical government of Saudi Arabia to get what they want and in contrast of the efforts the NYPD and the NYFD took to find Karina Vetrano’s killer. There is also the factor that these sisters were spending lavishly in the city which shows that they probably came from a wealthy family and the trail they left at the various places where they made their purchases would undoubtably be of interest to Saudi officials looking to detain them as well as ICE agents who trace the whereabouts any illegal immigrant working in this city alone. And what about that witness? Is there a timeline of when he saw them praying and when they died? The determinations and conclusion of this case by the NYPD’s CSI of these two sisters has become WTF and FUBAR.

The second most distressing thing about the death of these two sisters is the total and revolting lack of local news coverage for this tragedy. What would have been the reaction by the local stations of CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and Pix if these two women were White, or even Black, Spanish or Asian. Or American citizens in general? The only news coverage the deaths of Tara and Rotana Faera have received recently was on RT News.

It should be noted that the killer who slaughtered and dismembered Brandy Odom in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn is still on the loose.

Also in the Upper West Side, a 70-year-old woman was murdered in her apartment by a 24-year-old woman and upstairs neighbor who stabbed her in the neck. The woman had a long career in creative divisions of every ad firm. Her home life at her building was marred by the invective confrontations by newer tenants for her dogs that she rescued and feeding pigeons daily by the building and Riverside Park leading to constant badgering by the buildings co-op board who were inundated with complaints, at time dubious, from fellow tenants, leading her to be fearful of leaving her apartment in her final days.

Again in the Upper West Side at the West End Secondary School, a teacher attacked one of his students by pulling the chair from under him and pushing the desk to pin him against the wall.

And again in the Upper West Side, a vandal spray-painted swastikas on an concrete outpost by the Hudson River.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man committed suicide by jumping off a roof of a building at the Amsterdam Houses.

In Penn Station at the 34th Street Station, an elderly couple that just got off the 3 train were bumped by a man who ran into them trying to catch it from leaving. The selfish savage glimpsed briefly at them and turned and boarded the train instead of seeing if they were o.k. as the 89-year-old man he knocked down was lying on the platform unconscious and bleeding from hitting his head on the concrete. The victim died two weeks later after being in coma from pneumonia from internal bleeding in his brain.

In Midtown, a man ran towards an off-duty police officer and punched him in the head, then wrestled with him on the ground while trying to wrest his gun. The cop fought back and the man ran away but was apprehended by him and another detective. The attacker had a prior arrest for assaulting an MTA cop back in February.

Also in Midtown around 2 p.m. by Bryant Park a food delivery man attacked and assaulted a 64-year-old man with his bike lock and whacked him in the twice then five more times as he laid on the ground.

Again in Midtown, a manager at a restaurant got attacked by a man who feigned looking for employment who put her in a chokehold in a basement office then robbed her backpack and $400. The suspect is also wanted for breaking and entering into a synagogue robbing it of $400 and breaking into the basement of a fabric store and assaulting a maintenance worker there and stealing hi wallet.

And again in Midtown, another recidivist petty criminal rap star’s crew went buckwild when they were turned away on the orders of the “talent’s” new manager at a restaurant where there was a party being held for the “talent” for his clearing of sex abuse charges of using a minor for a lascivious video. The rapper’s crew returned to the ritzy joint and got into a tussle with the security as one of them crashed a chair over a bouncer and an ex-cop working security shot his gun hitting one of the “talent’s” acquaintances in the gut.

And again in Midtown, a man got stabbed in the back and arm during a fight with his attacker.

And again in Midtown, a man riding his bike on 5th Ave. got hit and critically injured by a private waste carting truck driver that was driving beside him

And again in Midtown at the Trump Tower, guarded by a NYPD surveillance tower and a phalanx of city cops, a man shoplifted a $1,600 bag from the Gucci store and split.

And again in Midtown, a vandal spray painted something in Spanish on a wall of a church run by the United Nations and ran away when the guards caught him in the act.

And again in Midtown, a venture capitalist scumbag and his three toadies got a man drunk and went to his luxury apartment to beat him down and tortured him for his bitcoin account and stole his laptop, cellphones and a thumb drive containing his password.

In Hell’s Kitchen, four teenaged boys are involved in a robbery and mischief spree in various restaurants and bars  as they robbed a cash box from a restaurant during closing hours; provoked and menaced customers at a restaurant as one pulled a knife on a worker who ordered them to leave and popped a football player balloon at a bar they got kicked out for harassing customers for cash and last robbed customers of their phones and a pocketbook a sushi restaurant, noodle shop and another bar on the same night.

Police on Tuesday released photos and videos of a group of teenage robbers who have hit seven restaurants and watering holes since Sept. 29.

In the East Village, a man held up and mugged a sanitation worker at knifepoint on the block where the city decided to park the garbage trucks after their lot closed for a luxury developer on West 30th St. and West St in an unsettling karmic irony of the city’s incompetence, obliviousness and crass deference and obeisance towards the real estate overlords.

Also in the East Village, a man lamping in his car smoking a cigarette while showing off his $95,000 watch was approached by three men on bicycles as one of them asked if he could spare a cig, then another one of them yanked the watch off his wrist and they all rode away. Yoink!

Again in the East Village, a man snatched a credit card from an apartment building and went to Target at the East Village’s Greatest Apartment building around the corner and used it to spend $327.

And again in the East Village, a man who committed suicide in his car by ingesting poison was found by police a week after his confirmed death.

And again in the East Village, a man attempted suicide by jumping from an apartment building.

And again in the East Village, fireworks being set off  sent misinformed people running in a panic on the streets thinking that they were gunshots.

In Harlem, a father and son both got stabbed by a man who got into a scuffle with them and later came back with his crew and ganged up on both of them. The son wound dying from his wounds. A woman was arrested for holding the murder victims arms while the killer stabbed him nine times in the torso and two brothers involved in the stabbing are still on the loose.

Again in Harlem, a man walking by a convenience store shot at another man twice at point blank range, wounding him and also injuring a woman in her leg who was inside from the shattering glass.

In East Harlem, a man got shot in the leg by the Jefferson Houses.

In Hudson Yards, a woman was found dead in her bathtub in a condo of a luxury apartment building after she fell on her head on the lobby floor and she was left behind by her ex-boyfriend

Also in Hudson Yards, a charter bus driver hit and killed a homeless man crossing the street and kept driving until the cops pulled him over by the Holland Tunnel.

In Soho, a man who is a video game executive that’s refusing to pay over $28,000 in rent and threw loud parties in his loft sub-letted by a woman who for months have tried to evict the derelict by legal means wound getting herself arrested instead by the NYPD on claims that the obnoxious tenant made threatening phone calls to him. Despite the fact that the woman has an actual eviction order for him notarized by the marshall’s office.

In Kips Bay, a man in his birthday suit repeatedly punched a police car.

Also in Kips Bay, a man followed a woman and solicited her for money then followed her to a building and grabbed her purse but failed to snatch it from her despite verbally threatening her.

In the Lower East Side, a man randomly slashed another man in the face with a knife by the Sara Roosevelt Park.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man slashed another man in the head after a brawl broke between patrons at a bar.

In Union Square, a man ran up to a woman and punched her in the face, knocking her to the ground after he randomly punched another woman nearby.

In Washington Heights, a man expecting a date to arrive at his apartment through a social networking app was ambushed when he answered the door by five men who barged in and robbed him of $400, metrocards and headphones.

Also in Washington Heights, a man wearing the mask from Scary Movie shot at a man three times hitting him in the chest, groin and leg and a 17-year-old girl in the chest and ran off.

In Chelsea, an app-hail livery driver got killed by a speeding hit-and-run driver when he stepped out of his vehicle to drop a passenger off.

In the Upper East Side, a man killed himself crashing his motorcycle into a NYPD Tactical Emergency vehicle.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man had his 10 large watch stolen by a woman he banged in his apartment that he hooked up with on a social network dating app.

Again in the Upper East Side, a man broke into a Dunkin’ Donuts at a quarter to four in the morning and made off with bags of bacon and coffee. (Could be for a worthy cause.)

In Times Square, an idiot tourist playing with his toy drone crashed it into an office building window and got arrested after he offered to pay for the damages.

Also in Times Square at the station of the same name, an idiot bum stood at the edge of the platform, dropped his pants exposing his ass and proceeded to urinate on the tracks as the R train was arriving. And yes, service had to be suspended so he could finish.

SubwayCreatures on Instagram ““That_s New York City for you” train stopped a foot before where he was standing subwaycreatures”

In Gramercy, a man held up a 7-11 at gunpoint. The suspect had purple hair and was wearing a hat.

In Central Park, a man walking with a woman was attacked by a man who smacked him in the head with a rock and rode away on a bike.

In Herald Square, two men snatched shopping bags full of merchandise from a man who was trying on clothes at Macy’s. When the vic pursued them down the escalators, one of the robbers punched him in the face and he and his accomplice ran out the department store. Somehow security couldn’t stop those thieves being that merchandise was probably paid for but mostly that despite all those cameras as well as security and undercover guards they still got away untouched.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless man hit a man on the head with a broomstick by a fruit stand after his victim refused to give him a dollar.

In Stuyvesant Town, a man sidled into an apartment building as a woman was entering it and then followed her into the elevator and proceeded to sexually molest her. The woman ran out of the elevator and the man caught her and dragged her to the stairwell and forced himself on top of her and strangled her. He ran away when she managed to scream.

Also in Stuyvesant Town, a man held up a bar at gunpoint and robbed it of $700. He was wanted for 3 other armed robberies in Brooklyn.

Again in Stuyvesant Town, a 66-year-old man committed suicide from jumping from an apartment building landing on the oval loop.

And again in Stuyvesant Town, three people tried to swindle a chicken wing restaurant by attempting to get change for fake hundred dollar bills for small purchases.

In Greenwich Village, a man attacked an 83-year-old man and a 69-year-old man in two mugging attempts as he was walking westward and made off with nothing.

Also in Greenwich Village, a three-time Emmy award winning actor punched a man in the face who sidled in a parking space one of his relatives was saving for him. That’s what you get when you stop an entitled guy from taking his reward.

In Inwood, a woman walking through a park was jumped by a man who held her up by gunpoint and then robbed her phone and forced her to sexually please him.

In Washington Heights, a man got killed driving his motorcycle when a livery cab driver ran a red light and crashed into him. The driver did not have insurance nor owned the car he was in.

In NoMad, a man got stabbed in the leg then his attacker ran off.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Brooklyn Bridge Station, a man grabbed a commuter on the platform and pushed him to the tracks. The commuter was saved by a Samaritan who pulled him up in time as the 6 train was arriving.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, a two vehicle collision caused a box truck to careen into the pillars by the World Trade Center memorial.

Again Downtown Manhattan, a vandal scrawled a racist threat on the African burial ground monument on Reade St.

In Columbus Circle at the station of the same name, a man came off the 1 train with giant fucking palm tree.

Also in Columbus Circle at the station of the same name, a man boarded the D train and stood behind a woman and whipped his dick out and whipped it good and came on her and fled when the train arrived at the Rockerfeller Center Station. Check out the super funny NY Post take.

Man accused of ejaculating on woman on Manhattan subwayIs Ms. Logan referring to the perp’s mental faculties or the fact that a bodily fluid was excreted?

A man with 50 priors got sentenced for breaking into 16 Metrocard dispenser machines in the past four months.

Also in the subway, the city is allowing a man to vandalize advertisements posted in subway stations because they lamely mock Donald Trump. Anyone else that would tag these posters or graffiti the walls with political opinions would get fined or even cuffed, but it’s some entitled transient gentry geek so it’s acceptable.

Update to the Proud Boy beatdown in the Upper East Side, the man who organized the event at the Republican club where he was recreating the public butchering of a Japanese Socialist activist was brandishing a sword in full view like Jack Sparrow after the brawl was broken up as a bottle flew in his direction and then he fled in an Uber vehicle. Instead of taking the weapon from that bloviator, the NYPD hunted for the bottle chucker instead. One of the Proud Goons arrested is a resident of Jackson Heights.

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Now, imagine that this was a Black man waving around an object in a threatening or even joking manner and cops were deployed to quell the situation, because I can.


In Mott Haven, an unhinged man walked into a pizzeria spewing racial slurs and targeted his vile rage to a man sitting at a table who then moved to another one to finish his slice to get away from the jerk. The vulgar racist then stood in front of the door when the target of his rage was trying to exit and raised his elbow to him. The man then threw a cup of soda at him and got slashed in his eye by the psycho.

Also in Mott Haven, an off-duty cop was driving home with a fellow cop when they got caught in a crossfire between two gangs and wound up getting hit and wounded.

In Allerton, a man got killed from a shot to the face by a man he was arguing with.

In Norwood, three men held up a deli at gunpoint, tied up the workers and robbed it of $1,100 and drove off in their getaway car.

Also in Norwood, a 19-year-old man entering the 205th St. Station was approached then chased by three men who caught him and stabbed him multiple times in the stomach.

In Soundview, a man attempting a stick up at supermarket got shot to death by the manager who was armed with a shotgun and blasted him when he jumped the counter.

In White Plains, a app-hail livery cab driver molested a woman while she was napping in the back seat and then drove her to Conneticut and abandoned her there. The lecherous pervert still charged her for the fare for the obscene amount of $1,047.

In other app-hail related chaos in the Boogie Down, a livery driver got hit in the head with a brick by a passenger when he got pissed when the driver picked up another passenger to share the ride because the attacker ordered a pool ride by mistake.

In Fordham Heights, a man followed a 63-year-old man to his apartment and sucker punched him, knocking him down to the floor and then stood over him and robbed his groceries and $40.

In Claremont Village, a man was killed and his son was wounded as they were going home when they got caught in the crossfire of a shooting on a stairwell inside the Butler Houses

Also in Claremont Village, a man stabbed his brother to death after fighting with him in their apartment.

In Claremont, a 15-year-old girl arrested for grand larceny made a dash for it by jumping out of a police car and running away while handcuffed. The NYPD spared no expense in hunting despite her not getting that far:

A phalanx of cops, including K-9 units, an NYPD helicopter, and Emergency Services Unit officers with shields and body armor, descended on a six-story apartment building on Sheridan Ave. by E. 172nd St.

For a teenaged girl, they deployed an excessive amount of cops akin to what the city is using to escort El Chapo to his court hearings. It’s like they were hunting some Marvel comic mutant.

In Highbridge, in a crime scene similar to the lynching murder of a teenage male that made national news just last summer, a gang of teenage males chased a 15-year-old boy into a bodega and savagely beat him down in the store aisle. They were heroically chased out by the store’s manager and employees.

Also in Highbridge, 12 men ganged up on one man and pummeled him with a baseball bat and a cane.

Again in Highbridge, another gang of kids tried to rob a deli while menacing other customers, but the store manager chased them out with a pipe. This lead to a protest rally with other store owners and the appearance of their district councilman to demand the stores be equipped with panic buttons.

In Sugar Hill, a man was stabbed to death and his father was wounded during a brawl with a man they were arguing with inside their apartment building as he called his crew to assist him.

In Morrisania, a teenage boy followed an 11-year-old girl into a park bathroom and raped her.

In Melrose, an 87-year-old woman waiting on line at Mickey D’s was randomly grabbed by a man who shoved her to the floor and walked out with his rolling luggage.

Also in Melrose, a manhole exploded on the street, injuring 3 citizens and 2 cops

In Longwood at the Intervale Ave. Station, a man got stuck on a escalator by his shirt causing him to get choked to death.

In Fordham, an ambulance crashed into a store and injured three people inside.

In Kingsbridge, a man running from the cops tried to escape by jumping onto a fire escape from another building, but hit the railing with his head and fell three stories to the ground. Yet he survived, just like Wild E Coyote or Jason Bourne.

In University Heights, a man fell five stories from the roof of a building and lived when he landed on a pile of garbage. Almost like how Susie Greene survived a fall by her sicko nanny.

In Wakefield, a man threw hot oil at his sons and daughters and a 60-year-old woman and a 87-year-old woman during a dispute, burning his 2-month-old grandson and trapped them all by moving furniture to the front door and sparked a blaze inside the apartment by torching the couch.


Brooklyn thief sees golden opportunity, heists $13,000 of jewelry from vending machine

In the dumb hipster capital of the world Williamsburg, some stupid woman who placed a vending machine filled with bespoke upscale expensive jewelry in a park area by a shitty luxury apartment building had it plundered by a man who used bogus credit cards to steal over $13,000 worth of merchandise.

Also in Williamsburg, an intoxicated off-duty cop crashed his car into a parked vehicle going the wrong way on a one-way street.

Again in Williamsburg, a man stole a ninja bike parked in front of a crappy looking luxury apartment building.

And again in Williamsburg, a boy threw a pipe at a window of a synagogue and ran away with his 3 buddies.

In Downtown Brooklyn, where tower hyperdevelopment is taking place, guns are being stashed in those construction sites by gang members for their self-defense from rivals in the area before they go to their court hearings.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, six gang members chased a man into a shopping mall. When the man ran into the Target dept. store, the security guards were to scared to stop them. As the gang surrounded the man inside the store, the man pulled out his gun and one of the gang members pulled out a knife and started fighting with each other. It ended with the man shooting his pursuer in the chest and killing him and ran out the store with the gangbangers chasing him into the street. According to relatives and friends of the dead man, he had a “bright future”.

In Brownsville, a drug dealer beat one of his customers to death when he found out his victim bought drugs from another pusher which prevented him from buying blow for himself.

Also in Brownsville, a man lurking on the street sneaked up behind a 68-year-old woman walking with a cane on the crosswalk and snatched her purse while dragging her on the asphalt.

Again in Brownsville, a bus driver contractor left a crying 2-year-old girl alone in his bus.

In Prospect Heights, anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled on and inside the halls and stairwells of a synogogue on a week of heightened bigoted attacks influenced by the carefree vitriol spewed from Figurehead Trump’s mouth. After misinformed assumptions that led to the cancellation of an event, it turned out that the vandal was a typical White supremacist it turned out it was a Black man that once worked campaigning for Barack Hussein Obama and Bloomberg’s Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

In Flatbush, a 14-year-old boy got shot in the face during a dispute with other teenagers and a 17-year-old boy got shot in the leg three hours later in another part of the town.

In Canarsie, a man got murdered in front of his apartment by a man who shot him in the head and chest.

In Ditmars Park, a man approached a parked car and shot a woman livery driver sitting in the driver’s seat three times in the shoulder, arm and chest.

Also in Ditmars Park at the Church Ave. Station, a woman was attacked by a man who stabbed her in the chest, punched her in the face and called her a racial slur after she stepped off the Q train.

In Clinton Hill, a man jumped and punched a woman as she was jogging by him and attacked her three hours later by hitting her with a cane as she was walking back to her home. The suspect is still on the loose and sports a face tattoo. Hard to believe Mike Tyson’s worst decision to ink his face decades ago would become a lifestyle trend.

In Sunset Park, three teenage males jumped a drug courier from behind, threw him into a parked vehicle and robbed his backpack containing the product by cutting the straps with a knife.

Also in Sunset Park, a drunk man got hit by a passing vehicle when he walked into traffic and suddenly paused.

Again in Sunset Park at the 72nd Precinct  in a reverse #MeToo, a police sergeant stuffed a pair of clean panties in a fellow cops mouth when he complained of her leaving her skivvies lying around the locker room they share. The NYPD has transferred the sexy sergeant to the 17th Precinct in Manhattan.

Graphic content: New photo in the case of the NYPD 'underwear' copWell at least the dildo looks clean too.

Again in Sunset Park, a man was followed to his home by a group of men from a neighborhood security who accused him of yelling an anti-Semitic slur at them and was initially sparked over a street hassle over a parking space. The men surrounded him in front of his door, assaulted him and tried to drag him out as he was going inside.

And again in Sunset Park, a man stabbed an ACS worker in the back after she advised him to properly bathe his kids during a visit following a report about the children not getting proper care from their guardians.

In East New York, a man got shot to death around the corner of a restaurant after arguing with three men defending a waitress they allegedly harassed.

Also in East New York, a 14-year-old boy tried to smuggle a loaded gun in his backpack into his school then ran away when he got caught.

In Bed-Stuy, a man was shot to death by a man he was arguing with inside his apartment.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man in a ski mask walked up to two men in front of a bodega and shot at one of them hitting him in the elbow.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a 77-year-old loan shark was murdered in his house from a gunshot to the back of his head.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, a man attacked an off-duty cop while he was walking his dog, hitting him twice in the face.

In Gowanus, a delivery man got slashed three times with a huge knife by a man who got pissed when he was asked to back up his car so he can move his truck to let him pass through.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man murdered his girlfriend in her apartment by slashing her neck and attempted suicide by slashing his own.

In Fort Greene, a man hit another man in the head with a fan during an argument in a homeless shelter.

In Brighton Beach, a man jumped a woman as she was crossing the street and dragged her to the ground while robbing her handbag.

In Manhattan Beach, two men, one clad in a yellow safety vest, robbed an 87-year-old woman of $2,500 after she let them in her house when they told her they were utility workers.

In Midwood, a mentally ill man was inexplicably walking up and down the block while waving two knives in his hands passing by a synogogue.

Also in Midwood, a man walked up to a man and kicked and punched him in the head causing his yarmulke to fall off. This should be a good time to write that bias crimes are on the rise in your city.

In Bushwick, a man shot a woman to death and killed himself inside her mother’s apartment.

Also in Bushwick, a man who got bludgeoned in his head stumbled into and passed out inside an apartment that was for sale and was found by the broker who was showing it to a client

In Borough Park, a 74-year-old man dazed from a medical episode crashed his car into other parked vehicles and collided into a elevated train stanchion. He was then roughhoused by a cop who aggressively tried to pull him out of the drivers seat until he was stopped by two EMT’s. The driver was smoking a cigarette at the time.

In Brooklyn Heights, a garage door was tagged with swastikas written in what looks like chalk or correction fluid. (It’s chalk)

In Bay Ridge, an MTA worker out on bail for flashing four girls was busted again for lewdness when he backed up his vehicle obstructing an 18-year-old woman walking on the sidewalk. And when she went around the car, he left the door open so she can see him choking his chicken.

Also in Bay Ridge, six dud grenades were found in a closet that were left behind by a previous tenant.

In Gravesend, a mentally ill man cut up his 91-year-old mother days after she died in their home of a heart attack.

In Park Slope on the F train, a man rubbed up against a woman’s thigh and masturbated after molesting her.

In Greenpoint, two men shoplifted pills, Rogaine and whitening strips in two robberies from the same chain pharmacy store.

In Bensonhurst, a 65-year-old man got hit by a car while he was riding on his motored scooter. Which incidentally, is what a bunch of stupid ass nerds and a hipster scrotum licking city councilman wants citizens to commute with when the L train shuts down.

On the R train, a woman was slapping a man so silly it made him scream and cry.

On the J train, a stupid hipster woman arranged a luxe birthday party in a train car that included imbibing alcohol that lasted throughout the whole route of the line despite MTA rules and vagrancy laws prohibiting it and being witnessed by commuters and a transit worker. Despite the high end meal, it had the ambiance of and the planning, assembling, and creative stylings normally utilized by white trash. The shitty shindig’s nadir was when the hipshits set up a pinata and the moron smashed it with a wine glass. Hey Andy Byford, where’s your new zero tolerance anti-social policy concerning littering you bloody twit?

Grotesque gilded age entitlement in action. Instagram and snapchat must die.

On the L train, a kid laying down on the seats playing with his cellphone had his comfort zone disrupted by a fat hipster who sat down on his legs as he was ensconced on his cellphone.

mankidspread (Isabel)


In Sunnyside, a man killed himself crashing his car into a telephone pole seconds after speeding down the street in a drag race.

Also in Sunnyside, a man driving a motorcycle was killed along with his passenger when he rode the wrong direction on a one way street and crashed into a van.

Again in Sunnyside, a man wanted for breaking into a woman’s apartment and jerked off beside her on her bed, stalked another woman walking her dog to her apartment building then leered into her window and flogged his junk again.

In Jamaica, a bouncer at a niteclub arguing with men outside pulled out his piece and shot at them, wounding one of them in his leg.

Also in Jamaica, a street hassle between two men ended when one of the men whacked the other in the head with a baseball bat.

Again in Jamaica, a man got shot in the leg by a man he was arguing with in the middle of the street.

And again in Jamaica, three women shoplifted three wigs from a beauty shop and assaulted and knocked down a worker who tried to stop them. The wigs were worth a total of 87 bucks and colored black, brown and black with purple highlights.

Screenshot of video, courtesy of NYPD

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot to death by a man who he had a fight with at a baby shower earlier in the day.

And again in Jamaica at the Sutphin Blvd. Station, a man got stabbed in the face while he was sleeping on a bench on the platform.

And again in Jamaica at the Parsons Blvd. Station, a woman challenged a woman to a fight on an escalator then walloped her in the face with punches.

And again in Jamaica, a man got stabbed repeatedly during a street brawl.

And again in Jamaica at the Sutphin Blvd. Station, a bunch of hustlers are jamming metrocard machines in order to sell swipes for two bucks to tourists trying to fill their cards for fares. One of them called PIX News reporter Mary Murphy a bitch and another one called her a snake in the grass as he rapidly scurried away with his cane. Without limping.

Also in Woodside, a man leaving a strip club got surrounded by five men as he was about to get in his car. One of the muggers pulled out a gun then the gang jacked him of $150,000 worth of jewelry.

In Woodside, a doctor and three of his workers were arrested and indicted for running an illicit oxycodone prescription drug ring from his clinic where the pills wound up being sold on the street by pushers.

Again in Woodside at the Northern Blvd. Station, a man boarded the 7 train and sat down,  spread his legs and crowded a commuter next to him. When the man complained, the spacehogging asshole punched him in the face, breaking his nose and glasses.

And again in Woodside, a serial pervert home invader and peeping tom has been menacing the town for a year.

In Richmond Hill, a man robbed a bank of $17,000 just by a showing a note to a teller. Two hours after he ran away from a bank in Woodside he tried to rob after the teller pressed a button to notify police.

In South Ozone Park, a 90-year-old woman got killed by an unlicensed hit-and-run van driver as she was crossing the street on her way to her home

Also in South Ozone Park, two men shoplifted power tools worth $1,795 from a Home Depot and easily waltzed out.

Again in South Ozone Park, a man held up a cellphone store by feigning to have a gun and robbed it of $850 in cash.

And again in South Ozone Park, a woman was accosted and yelled at by a drunk off-duty fireman parked by her house then grabbed her by her neck and hair and attempted to hit her with a metal rod.

In Ozone Park, a cop committed suicide by shooting himself in front of the 106th Precinct after he left a bullet on a desk, drove around the block and following an argument with 3 other cops.

Also in Ozone Park, an off-duty corrections officer along with three of his friends brutally beat down a man who crashed his car into his. When cops arrived to find the man beating down the victim, the three other men already fled and they had to pepper spray and use a taser on the man as he resisted arrest to try to attack the other guy again.

In Maspeth, three women held up a livery cab driver at gunpoint, made him drive to Elmhurst and forced him to apply a condom to his penis then robbed him of $49.

In Long Island City, a man was found dead in the drivers seat of a parked truck.

Also in Long Island City, a woman in a hotel room answered a knock on her door and four men barged in and assaulted her, tied her up with duct tape and robbed her phone, drivers license, credit card and $100.

Again in Long Island City, a man got jumped, beaten and slashed by four men on the street.

In Sunnyside, a 64-year-old man in his car was confronted by two men and engaged in an argument with them. One of the men punched him through the open window and ran away with his buddy.

Also in Sunnyside, a man and a woman held up a commuter gunpoint on the 7 train and robbed his cellphone then got off the 40th St. Station.

In Ridgewood, the town had the highest total of opiod overdose deaths in the borough in the last year.

Also in Ridgewood at the Grover Cleveland High School, cops were called to detain a belligerent 19-year-old student but were disrupted by a guidance counselor who was goading the student to resist and then punched one of the cops in his face. Ironically in a case when it comes how the NYPD deals with their own rogue cops, the D.O.E. decided to re-assign the counselor elsewhere.

Again in Ridgewood, three men that broke into a home got caught in the bedroom by it’s resident. One of the home invaders grabbed him and held him at gunpoint, then decided to run away with his accomplices on the roof.

And again in Ridgewood, three men held up a man at gunpoint and robbed his wallet, phone and sneakers.

In Bayside, Little Neck and Whitestone, two men broke into four houses but came out with nothing during the invasive spree.

In Elmhurst, a 17-year-old boy was stabbed in the chest across the street from a school, 3 individuals were charged.

Also in Elmhurst and in Corona, a man robbed four women at knifepoint and slashed two of them making off with $2,500 in cash from two purses, a wallet and their cellphones.

In Flushing, a woman got killed crossing the street from a driver making his turn in his SUV.

Also in Flushing, an off-duty cop was mugged at gunpoint and robbed of his backpack.

Again in Flushing, a car exploded on a road by the Van Wyck Expressway, killing it’s driver.

And again in Flushing, a man was shot to death on the street around the corner from his house.

And again in Flushing, a woman got hit by a pick-up truck as she was crossing the street and died from a head injury.

And again in Flushing, a man got stabbed to death inside his apartment.

And again in Flushing, a man clobbered a 14-year-old boy on his head from behind with a blunt object after the kid accidentally bumped into him walking on the sidewalk

And again in Flushing, a man going into his car was jumped by a man who placed an automatic pistol to his head then stole his backpack.

And again in Flushing, two men broke into a bar and robbed a bottle of hooch and a cellphone.

And again in Flushing, an 86-year-old man got killed in the crosswalk by a driver in SUV making a turn.

And again in Flushing, a couple in their sixties were both found stabbed to death inside their apartment in a seedy SRO building.

In East Flushing, a man got shot to death by two men in front of his house.

In Auburndale, a man broke into several parked vehicles by schools and day care centers stealing property left inside.

In Hollis, a man hit another man with a bat to his head during a street hassle.

In Forest Hills, a man robbed a bank by handing a teller a note after he got blown off by a teller in a bank across the street that he tried to rob. He then successfully robbed a bank in Elmhurst using the same method.

Also in Forest Hills, a man got killed crossing the street by a hit-and-run driver who thought he hit a log and was scared to stop according to a man who wasn’t with him at the time. Even though the jerk kept driving despite wrecking his windshield

In Astoria, a man broke into three apartments in the same building and robbed two of them stealing $6,400 worth of cash and jewelry.

Also in Astoria, a hit-and-run driver hit a 13-year-old boy and broke his ankle while he was crossing the street

In Fresh Meadows, a man was stabbed to death in his bedroom and left dead there for days until his grandmother showed up after not hearing from him.

In Middle Village, a man trying to break into a house got caught by a woman inside who banged on her window and scared the man to fall off the second floor deck. The prowler then ran away like Mike Myers.

In Jackson Heights, a man got stabbed by a man in a lighted mask who attacked him with a butcher knife.

In Laurelton, a man molested a 13-year-old boy inside a deli at 5 in the afternoon.

In Maspeth, a pack of raccoons have occupied the Grand Avenue Bus Depot scaring the shit out of bus drivers and city workers and beating the shit out of alley cats. The furry fat urban animals have also occupied the wonderfully named Jackie Gleason Depot in Sunset Park in Brooklyn. worries, they’re citizens like you and me.

In Bayside, an app-hail livery driver was caught masturbating by a 14-year-old girl who was in the back seat when she noticed he was leering at her in the rear-view mirror. The service, LYFT, refused to cooperate with the NYPD in disclosing the creeps name and allowed him to pick up fares for the corporation for another two weeks.

In Roosevelt Island, five men were nailed swindling a homeless woman who won a four million dollar settlement from the city from a subway accident where she lost both of her legs. The woman gave one of the men $800,000 so she can run up a tab at his deli to get cartons of smokes to resell at a profit, and a check worth $880,000 that she placed in a bible she carried was robbed from her wheelchair.

On Rikers Island, an inmate threw a table at a C.O then attacked him. After the C.O. fought him off and tried to restrain him, the inmate broke free and charged at him as he wrestled the C.O. and started swinging punches at him on the floor. The C.O. got up and the inmate continued with his attack which extended across the hall and seemingly ended with the inmate throwing a garbage can at the C.O. All this happening as other prisoners just casually walked by like it’s just another regular day at the prison complex and top brass officials at Rikers blows it off as minor incident.

Well, it turns out that watered down incident report worked, because that aggressively hostile inmate is an 18-year-old man with eight prior arrests for robbery, gun possession, i.d. theft, and assault just like in the video footage just had his $1,500 bail paid off by the RFK foundation in their obliviously self-righteous ill-conceived program to bail out prisoners that can’t afford to pay, no matter what their prior charges were and how violent they are. So he’s back on the streets again. Stay tuned.

Also on Rikers Island, two of the suspects from the Trinatarios gangbanger machete killing of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz attacked two C.O.’s by throwing a bottle of piss at them and verbally threatened them with murder.

Reported rapes are up 50% reaching a high not seen in 25 years in precincts in North Queens. NYPD is still attributing this disturbing crime trend on the #MeToo  movement even though there wasn’t social 25 years ago when women were getting raped at this level.

Staten Island

In Stapleton, in front of the beauty parlor where Eric Garner was murdered after being placed in a chokehold and pinned face first to the concrete by Officer Pantaleo, a bottle was thrown in the direction of an actor and profanities were yelled at a film crew that was shooting an arrest scene of him and two other actors as cops for a TV show featuring a cop-killer actor, an actress that was involved in a burglary of a studio with her son in Astoria, and an actress who played a character that offered to suck “The Dude”‘s cock for a grand. The director, a former NYPD cop, professed not knowing that was the exact location where the fatal abuse of excessive force occurred.

In West Brighton, an off-duty firefighter was found in a car wreck after his brother crashed the vehicle they were in into a telephone pole. A Corrections Officer neighbor of theirs tried to aid them by offering to park the car in his driveway. After he does that, the fireman gets in the C.O.’s face and starts assaulting him as his buddies show up and ganged up on him and his song while he’s trying to ward them off with a broomstick as they were assaulting them with punches.

In Edward Markins Gardens, a drunken domestic dispute between a couple at their home escalated into the husband getting stabbed in the gut and killed by his wife.

In Clifton, a professional boxer attacked his ex-girlfriend at her apartment and strangled her while violating an order of protection against him.

In Stapleton, a man stopped another man on the sidewalk and told him to submit to a body search then robbed his wallet containing $500.

In Marines Harbor, two men attacked two other men by slashing one and punching the other robbing a cellphone and headphones.

In Port Richmond, a man with a prior felony conviction for drunk driving smashed his car into a fence while DWI.

In New Springfield, a man was caught videotaping a woman with his phone while she was in a changing room in a clothing store.

In Concord, the woman who killed two children running a red light in Park Slope committed suicide in her apartment.


The Renowned Comic Wolf. Blowing shit up on the corporate news establishment asses.

All hail comedian Michelle Wolf, for the White House Correspondents dinner is a circle jerk event that needed to not only be taken down the proverbial peg but have a colossal verbal shit taken on it.

The last time this show was taken down verbally for the phony gala it was when Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report took the mike and massacred George W. Bush’s domestic and foreign policies and the illegal invasion of Iraq that the corporate mainstream news media in attendance refused to query or cheerleaded for. Other noteworthy comedians performed too in the past years but no one were expected that an moderately familiar but critically and standup comic peer hailed lady comedian was going to nail the uselessness, complicity and cowardice of the CMNM with the same devastating relevant joke fusillade that she fired at Figurehead Trump with.

Which is probably why she cleared the vetting process to perform on the dais. Being that the last 3 years of Trump toxic presence as a media curiousity and elected leader of the nation has nurtured massive feminist activism, having Michele to entertain was a easy and safe choice. Little did the audience know what material was going to come from her shrill yet adorable voice.

The Wolf got loose and immediately bashed Trump by pointing out his cowardice for not showing up, describing him as a shitty lay and accusing him of being not rich at all . She even got the audience in the crowd participating in a call and response of the old gag “How broke is he?”. The audience of elites, while barely audible during Wolf’s performance, gladly participated.

Her jokes on Don Worthless were correct and appropriately profane, after all he did dish it out during his pathetic rallies and his social media platform vomit, but it was when she roasted the corporation-owned news media where she really got vulgarly vicious. She goofed the name on demoted aide Kellyanne Conway and joked that the proverbial soundless tree should fall on her so she couldn’t break free and yelled at the crowd to stop putting her on TV.  She leveled the soulless Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for her persistent defensive lying for the Trump administration and called her a white lady Uncle Tom. The truly great thing when she roasted those two appointed deceivers is that her punchlines were actually facts and fucking hysterical. Michelle’s take down of Sanders was the most apt description of her character and her abuse of her position since Jim Carrey’s painting.

She crucified CNN by citing the network to be only credible to recommend noodles. Mocked MSNBC for their network stars, calling Morning Joe and Mika a #metoo that works out, the living disappointment Rachel Maddow for her elongated buildups to her focus features and Megyn Kelly for being an expensive bust. And Fox News by not even acknowledging them as journalism. As with the Trump gags, her punchlines were actually hysterical punctual facts. Political comedy hasn’t been this precise and funny since Bill Hicks was spreading his stand up vitriolic gospel on this mortal coil.

The greatest punchline was at the end and really got the elitist crowd to cringe, seethe and shut up was when she accused the corporate news industrial complex of their collective obsession with the president as being in love with Trump, and she said it with the giddiness of a girl teasing another at a slumber party. Her admonishing joke at their deserved expense was like a dirty bomb blowing up in their comfort zone dimension and destroyed the fourth wall in the bought and controlled fourth estate. Even when she broke the ice when she segued it back to the Trump How broke is he joke after she demanded of them to reimburse the president because he needs the cash they made off him and distracting the nation with updates of his stupidity and antics, the elitist crowd responded back begrudgingly. Which Michele capped by saying that Don has to grab pussy to find loose change. She then finished by reminding the correspondents that Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water.

Knowing how right the divine Miss W was, which Les Moonvess and Jeff Tucker, Comcast, Disney and Fox can personally attest, every celebrity news person and hack pundit have vilified her for her profanity and what they deemed as inappropriate breaches of decorum in their established fake watered down reporting world. As these corporate news cretins are collectively insinuating condemnations, fomenting notoriety on her and looking to destroy her career as a entertainer. They even are taking the side of Aunt Lydia target Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a pathologically lying woman who undermines and condemns reporters every time she takes the podium at the White House!

Well, turns out that the mainstream news conglomerates have failed bigly, because Michelle Wolf is hyuger than ever. (thought I use some Trump vernacular, because they ARE in love with him). Ms. Wolf has done what George Carlin did with his seven dirty words that you (a long time ago) couldn’t say on TV that made him once a target, except she said over a 1000 dirty words to describe how fuck the news media are to their collective faces on their turf.

.Belatedly taking the mantle from Jon Stewart, which the corporate news complex thought they were safe from mocking scrutiny since his retirement, Michelle Wolf is now the King Of Informative Comedy. (yeah, King, in this genre it’s gender neutral). So the corporate news hacks better stop bitching and whining about being made fun of for their disservice that has let this nation turn to shit and let a bald broke ass charlatan run the country. It’s probably going to take a while for the fourth estate to rebuild but Michelle is going to be here for a long time, on stage at clubs and on her Netflix talk show to throw joke grenades at them when they fuck up again.

Oh yeah, news media, New York doesn’t have clean water either.







The Sinclair Order: Manufacturing Obeisance

Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which owns 193 stations nationwide, gave all of their local news stations a memo “must run” mandatory order to read a P.S.A. to their viewers warning them of the corporation’s perceived theory of the proliferation of fake news from networks and digital venues that they did not bother to cite. To be more precise, media and digital news outlets and venues that they don’t run.

Initially exposed by one of Trump’s news media nemeses, CNN, Sinclair calls this memo their command “anchor delivered journalistic responsibility message.”

Hi, I’m(A) ____________, and I’m (B) _________________…

(B) Our greatest responsibility is to serve our Northwest communities. We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that KOMO News produces.

(A) But we’re concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

(B) More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories… stories that just aren’t true, without checking facts first.

(A) Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think’…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy.

(B) At KOMO it’s our responsibility to pursue and report the truth. We understand Truth is neither politically ‘left nor right.’ Our commitment to factual reporting is the foundation of our credibility, now more than ever.

(A) But we are human and sometimes our reporting might fall short. If you believe our coverage is unfair please reach out to us by going to and clicking on CONTENT CONCERNS. We value your comments. We will respond back to you.

(B) We work very hard to seek the truth and strive to be fair, balanced and factual… We consider it our honor, our privilege to responsibly deliver the news every day.

(A) Thank you for watching and we appreciate your feedback.

The script propaganda above was leaked from a Seattle TV station that Sinclair owns. But it’s dissemination to the other networks was so synchronized that it caught the attention of Think Progress which compiled other Sinclair station’s news feeds as their news anchors read the companies editorial propaganda.





This surreal video portending the potential of a passive fascist state run media was outdone with point blank depiction, remixing and condemnation by the sports website Deadspin.




This video shows not only the obvious irony and projection of Sinclair’s pathetic warning to their viewers about the threats about the networks they target for disseminating misinformation driven by ideological agendas with demagogic accusations inspired by the repetitive words and bilious twitter rants of Figurehead Trump in a deal organized by his daughter’s fucking husband to the media behemoth in his campaign surge to victory that is still being honored to this day. The bigger danger here is the way hundreds of people who have a modicum of celebrity from their TV anchor positions were willing to submit and follow the executive’s insidious and seditious directives to condemn fellow journalists and mislead their audience just to hold on to their jobs.

Sinclair not only wanted to beat their competitors by slandering them but wanted to also send a message that any dissent or disagreement by their employees will lead to retribution. In essence to promote and continue a vile workplace tactic of absolute control exploited by unscrupulous employers. This video and the source inspiring it, the Sinclair memo, is manufacturing obeisance not only among the newscasters reading this with hostage like expressions on their faces but to the general public.

But on the subject at hand, Sinclair’s Order is the most recent case of a history of corporate news media’s hand in manufacturing consent. A few years ago, someone compiled a video of various news networks throughout the nation reading the same weakass news stories with similar scripts as with the Sinclair Order without any variation. Which was pointed out gleefully then distressingly on the Jimmy “Voice Of America” Dore Show.


So the warnings were there all along. And now it’s reached the virtual point of return being that Sinclair saw absolutely nothing wrong with what they were doing and are emboldened thanks to the plague-like media consolidation that spread right after Figurehead Bill Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act in 1996  (which Dore pointed out the other day) that has neutered broadcast news ability to inform the public with honesty and integrity in the last 20 years. Exacerbated by the shutting down of long time print publications from the mergers the Act made possible.

Which is why we have an idiot in the White House right now, a willful and defiantly uninformed idiot. When Figurehead Trump heard that Sinclair was getting reamed for issuing their Order touting his moronic talking points and Fake News refrain, he trashed other networks like NBC and CNN on his social media feed, utterly missing the fact that Sinclair is not a network and simulcasts and makes money off of other networks like NBC.

Days after the damning videos and nationwide outrage from the social networks (except from the familiar faces of corporate national news media of course, even NBC), the chairman of Sinclair Broadcasting, David Smith recently blathered to New York magazine that there was no reason for the print media to exist anymore because it’s all fake to him and controlled by lefties. Tripling down on his demented personal quest to render extinct the original base for journalism that made his massive undeserved wealth and current odious influence on Trump possible.

And in a few weeks, Sinclair is about to get FCC permission to buy Tribune Media which owns and runs networks in major cities including New York’s PIX News, whose news broadcasters and programs already look and sound like a dutiful repetitive soft news factory. Which will continue the programming or agenda of preferring processed useless news stories focusing on entertainment and viral videos over stories regarding civic, civil and political issues and injustices.

But the problem with existential demons like Sinclair it’s not just about profits anymore, it’s about power. And information is power as Gareth (UK) and Dwight (US) from The Office once said and to Sinclair, Trump, and established elected officials from both political parties, both of those things shouldn’t be in the hands and minds of the citizenry but in the hands of said insecure, unscrupulous, greedy leaders and corporations. What they want is their viewers and their constituents (what will be left of them) to continue to be ignorant and enslaved yet still able to be accusatory and consume. And utterly dependent on their not at all benevolent masters.

Can’t be any more extremely dangerous to democracy than that.








Mayor De Blasio Irritably Tells Student Reporter He’s Not Doing Affordable Housing Right Now!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/highline27n-1-web.jpgWhoever asks me a question about city policies gets a fat lip.

The High Line Park, New York, N.Y.

NY Daily News: Mayor de Blasio finally visits the High Line eight years after opening

Mayor de “Faustio”, still on his city hall reality tour, had his massive crack team of aides arranged a trip on the upscale High Line Park in Chelsea. The stroll was accompanied by students from the P.S. 33 Chelsea Prep School, some of his commissioners and his nemesii gaggle of reporters.

The nice unseasonably humid day was marred as Mayor Big Slow arrived 20 minutes late and seemed grossly unprepared about the aspects of the upscale gentrifying park and the fact that he has never visited it once in his term. (Well, he has been busy) The students were very knowledgeable about the lush greenery around them, enough to impress the mayor and were very observant and inquisitive about the press accompanying him and how he was trying to ignore them. He responded to the kids that they “followed him around”. Silly press doing their jobs to inform the public about accountability from elected officials and authority figures.

But it’s where he went later to his alma mater at New York University to meet with an old roommate of his that he dropped this Freudian slip grenade to a student reporter as he was exiting the building.

According to The New York Times:

As Mr. de Blasio left the university, a student reporter named Sam Raskin, tried to ask a question about affordable housing. “We’re not doing that right now,” the mayor said as he made his way out the building

Emphasis fucking mine.

“We’re not doing that right now”. Ok, now this quote is isolated and out of context. And there is no video, as of yet, to see the expression on his face or body language delivering these lines. It definitely is though, his usual response when he refuses to answer questions that doesn’t, to him, involve what he policy is discussing, as when he bolted from a press conference in front of a billionaire row tower in Midtown. But now as witnessed by journalists during his recent electioneering stroll as he refused to answer any questions pertaining to policy and his plans and policies when/if he gets re-elected, it has devolved into full blown venomous contempt at anyone that asks a question, no matter how soft, like when he was asked about the sumac the student pointed out, but certainly those that are pertinent to the constituency.

“We’re not doing that right now”. This dismissive and insulting response may just damned himself and his mayoralty despite it being an attempt to insultingly blow off a budding journalist. And might have put any credibility regarding his affordable housing plan into the crapper. Where it belongs. For the majority of these mixed income buildings, even the measly 20% that thousands of the poorest citizens of the 5 boroughs are not affordable at all. The area median incomes continue to rise because of overvalued real estate speculation, more luxury towers keep rising and even the market rate apts. in these new buildings are having an effect on the actual rents and the qualifications for yearly salaries to apply for them. A recent crop of new buildings in Brooklyn and Long Island City measly affordable apartments start at around the 800-1000 range while the majority of the units go for the insane and fabricated market rates of $2,000 for a studio, $2,500 for a one bedroom, and $3,000 for a two bedroom.

The real crazy part of de Faustio’s 10 year plan for 200,000 affordable apartments, in congruence with probably more than a half a million luxury apartments, is that the plan was already in fruition back in 2012 (and even that plan was horrible and detrimental). So even though he implemented his policy just last year, some of the buildings and the actual policy were already being used, so technically, Bill hasn’t produced much. Except make this affordable housing scheme even worse, by licking the boots of his predatory developer donors and listening to the technocratic stratagems of their public relations firms and his deputy mayor Alicia Glen.

Another take from the Times piece should make anyone pause at this man’s disgusting obliviousness, which possibly the kids there did too. At 26th street on the High Line, there is this big window overlooking the street and acts as a cinemascope for the view east, which consists of the project housing across 10th avenue just across the street from the upscale leisure and arts scenes and tower utopia that have engulfed the stretch:

The entourage stopped at an area of benches set out over 26th Street and looked through a frame at a public housing development across the street.

“It is just a big open viewing station; that’s all it does?” Mr. de Blasio asked.

“It was meant to showcase a lot of what people don’t see in the neighborhood,” Robert Hammond, the co-founder and executive director of the Friends of the High Line, told him.

Very cool,” the mayor said.

Very. Cool. If he can only get a view of the utter lack of coolness of similar projects in other places, as those buildings roofs continue to leak, mold continues to fester, and rats and roaches continue to invade and spread disease. This is what’s going on now, as it’s been for nearly a half century, with the real affordable housing in the city he governs.

Student journalist Sam Raskin may have finally got the correct answer from this mayor about the affordable housing stagnation going on, albeit inadvertently. And de Faustio may have exposed himself as the stupid fucking idiot he is just because he couldn’t answer a simple question. Especially something he deceptively bragged about not long ago too.

He knows what it is, and that’s why he is stonewalling. 2 recent stories detail how his current plan is not helping the working poor at all, and how the overvalued rental market rate is exacerbating the costs of living here for the majority of tax-paying residents whose salaries can’t keep up when the rent is due compared with the wealthier citizens, who can actually afford to live in these alleged affordable housing buildings and have a better chance winning the lottery for the apartments they would qualify for, and still have a robust savings account.

Good job Mr. Raskin and the kids at P.S. 33, you all did more to expose this fauxgressive neoliberal jerk than what the dailies and the prosecutors have tried to do since his elected office transgressions began 3 years ago.









Senior Editor And Daughter Of The Owners/Publishers Of The Washington Post Throws Fucking Obscene Lavish Party In The Hamptons., Lally Weymouth. By herself and with Figurehead Donald Trump and his wife Melania in 2011. Old friends.



Last Saturday, the divided and distracted people of this nation had officially become a sideshow when this event happened in Southhampton, Long Island, N.Y.

On that day, this country had become another interdimensional colony from another realm when this party collective of widely diverse supposed ideological differences optically feuding with each other came together for the hostesses pre-birthday and upcoming movie release party of an upcoming potentially Oscar regaled Steven Spielberg film.

From the White House, super senior advisors to the President: Sort Of Secretary of State Jared Kushner and First Daughter/Lady and now seat filling de facto President Ivanka Trump, Chief Counselor, Goebbels reincarnate and bullshit artist Kellyanne Conway, unofficial Plutocabinet member Carl Icahn and deputy national security advisor Dina Powell. Senator and member of the new “resistance” Charles “Chucklenuts” Schumer . Billionaires and financiers for the partisan political establishment, Charles Koch for the right and George Soros for the left. NYPD commissioners and bitter rivals William “broken windows” Bratton and Ray “stop and frisk” Kelly. And various big name journos for the Washington Post, tasked with keeping democracy dying in darkness.

In these times of utter confusion, cynicism and abject cruelty among the citizenry, earlier revered by the inaugurated Trump as you, the people, this party cannot be more untimely, tone-deaf, insensitive and offensive. The Washington Post has been railing against the antics and widespread corrupt connections of Figurehead Trump for the past year and a half with such zeal that that at times most of their reports had to be corrected for missing major facts, contributing to Trump’s and the public’s disdain and his own desired physical abolishment for the proclaimed fake news medium. With this shindig, it’s clear to people why that may be and it should be clear now that Trump’s ongoing social media spats is just the same distracting fodder that he used to provide the WWE with in his time as a pro wrestler feuding with the Small Business Commissioner Linda McMahon’s husband.

This party, although obviously not the first of it’s kind if you just go on any digital search engine for images of our money betters soirees, is the 10th circle of hell manifested. This happening is veritable proof that life as we know it in it’s current form is a joke and a lie if you don’t have obscene amounts of wealth, whether earned or inherited (mostly the latter). These lavish party people don’t give a goddamn, a shit, a fuck or a flying fuck about the concerns and problems of the middle class and the working poor that they feign (with now underlying mockery and contempt) to represent and inform. As George Carlin once proclaimed and prophesied just a few short years before his way to soon death, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. A quote which may now have to be inscribed in the nation’s constitution.

This party makes Marie Antoinette’s notorious and dismissive words to the suffering proles in 18th century France sound like a charitable suggestion for single payer health care and affordable housing and free college for all. This event happened despite the acrimony and polarization going on in the streets and the justified fury of the people confronting their elected representatives at town halls.

This blatant display of apolitical crapulence comes on the heels of the recent shooting of Republican elected officials at a field during a baseball practice. Is this party what was meant about the bipartisan unity demanded by all those effected by that day of terror and by Figurehead Trump. And wouldn’t this party trigger and inspire another disgruntled mentally ill citizen to consider this a proper target for his or her sense of immediate vigilante justice?

Mostly, this party put together by a major publisher of journalism, by one of the giants of the fourth estate, flies in the faces and insults the intelligence of the public and the right to be informed. And solidifies the rotten state of class division and widening wealth disparity overwhelming towns and cities as public services are being denied them to enrich people like Ms. Weymouth and her wealthy sociopath guests with generous tax cuts.

Certainly, they all had a good time and will continue to do so, even as it comes at the expense of the people’s growing fears and the concept of reality. Unless something happens to make people like Lally think twice about her next gathering of uber-equals. Say a revolution. With that prospect, it’s more likely she will hire military contractors to fortify her next one.




Fascism Wins In Montana: Candidate For Congress Engages With Reporter, Picks Him Up And Body Slams Him, Breaks His Glasses, Gets Charged For Misdemeanor Assault And Wins Election For Vacant Congressional Position Anyway. Greg Gianforte, Doppleganger J.K. Simmons from “Whiplash”

Montana, U.S.A.

So it begins. The establishment of “Fear Itself”

Following the illegal oppression of the right to protest by a foreign country, and months of all those accusations of fake news by the fake chief executive since holding office on January 20th 2017 (and a reprehensible remark by the DHS chief John Kelly on press protocol at the Coast Guard graduation ceremony).

A reporter from the Guardian, Ben Jacobs, attempted to get answers from the Republican candidate about aspects of the Expendable American Health Care Act after he wouldn’t divulge any details or opinions the last time he was asked by another reporter from that publication.

Initially trying to blow him off by passing the reporter to an aide of his, as is the usual procedure for these sold out miscreants, elected and running, not even a second later, he let is inner heel wrestler personality take over.

The candidate literally body slammed a reporter. In front of witnesses and most damnably in front of a Fox News affiliate:

At that point, Gianforte grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him. Faith, Keith and I watched in disbelief as Gianforte then began punching the reporter. As Gianforte moved on top of Jacobs, he began yelling something to the effect of, “I’m sick and tired of this!”

Jacobs scrambled to his knees and said something about his glasses being broken. He asked Faith, Keith and myself for our names. In shock, we did not answer. Jacobs then said he wanted the police called and went to leave. Gianforte looked at the three of us and repeatedly apologized. At that point, I told him and Scanlon, who was now present, that we needed a moment. The men then left.

Here is a dramatization of the account above:

That bastard who feloniously assaulted the reporter was charged with misdemeanor assault citation by the county sheriff, who is also a donor to his campaign.

The day after, Greg Gianforte won the election.

Something tells me that this motherfucking prick assaulted this reporter knowing full well that he would get away with it and the people would turn out big for him, and he assumed right. For he has just exploited the momentum gifted to him by Fighurehead Trump and his persistent maligning, libeling of the free press who declared was the enemy of the American People.

As I wrote about of extreme precedence, this follows recent excessive charges and convictions of those who work and yearn for accountability from our snowflake representatives during Trump’s currently brief reign. Like the arrest and sentencing of an elderly woman protester from Code Pink, laughing out loud during Jeff Sessions hilarious confirmation hearing. A reporter who got roughhoused and handcuffed after attempting to question HHS Secretary Tom Price, who later praised the police for their ordered repression. A reporter from the National Press Club trying to ask questions at an FCC hearing got thrown against and pinned to a wall by security guards and was later thrown into a bathroom and was interrogated by them.

And here is the result of these felonious assaults on democracy. The election victory of an entitled, insecure, obscenely and undeservedly rich and inherently corrupt, violent snowflake asshole. This is not a dystopian novel, comic book or movie anymore. This is reality. There is going to be more of this. In fact, N.Y.C.’s own Mayor Big Slow De Blasio has been demonstrating passive aggressive oppressive tactics for the past few months when all investigations were dropped against him for his pay for play and slush funding approach to governing.

If anything, and judging by Fox News showing solidarity after the initial shock of the free press smackdown by Greg, this might light a long overdue fire under the bottom line attentive asses of the corporate news media. Thanks to the suplex heard around the world, it has gave birth to a new market of hardcore, unapologetic, uncompromising  investigative journalism. If not, then they better arm reporters like Ben Jacobs with brass knuckles and baseball bats.


Apparently, the newly elected congressman had endorsements from 3 major dailies from the state and had an early advantage because of early voting. So Greg “the Lame Undertaker” Gianforte choke slammed a journalist knowing full well he had the election locked and the support of major newspapers, of a obsequious sheriff who donated to his campaign to bring down serious charges and despairingly, a subservient public who supports fascist acts and violent intimidation to oppress reporters and dissenters.

What Gianforte did is what mobsters used to do to anyone who would question their intentions. Mario Puzo couldn’t write this shit up. Figurehead Donald Trump has taken his experience working with the Italian and Russian mafias to build his empire in NYC and beyond and has now instilled it in his administration and is infecting the machinations of government processes and local politics in the states of America.

The Congressman beat up that reporter because he knew he already won the election.

These political gangsters have to be whacked, stat.

Lead, Book Purging And Censorship Displaces Reading, Writing And Arithmetic At Borough Schools

Left to right then left to right; generic photo of health hazardous water fountains, a pile of discarded textbooks from a secondary school in Manhattan, the student journalists at Flushing High and their snowflake asshole dictator principal.

To be a kid going to school today is quite an adventure. While most will have to deal with fascist peer pressure, sadistic bullies and all their studies centering on obtuse exams provided by CommonCore standards, now they have to deal with those assigned for their health and well-being mucking up their educational process and progress into adulthood and bringing their parents along with an additional thing to worry about to add to the terminal stasis of struggling with the cost of living in the 5 boroughs of NYC.

A few short months after an public/intermediate school in Manhattan was found to have enormous levels of lead in the water coming out of it’s shower pipes exceeding the scandalous contamination in Flint, Michigan, recent reports by the DOE has shown that one out of  20 of the faucets in 80% of the city schools borough wide, including drinking fountains and taps from cafeteria kitchens, have similar and extra dangerous amounts in their plumbing. One particular school in Crown Heights, PS 289 had a water fountain by one classroom that had lead levels of 15 ppb (parts per billion), 1.7 more than the most found in Flint, back in December 2016, which parents of students at the school were only notified of just a few weeks ago. Even the recently installed Pre-K schools across the boroughs have shown lead contamination in their drinking fountains.

The response by officials have been dismissive and encouraging, or dismissively encouraging as a health official quoted that there isn’t much of a risk:

An official with the city Department of Health and Mental Hygiene downplayed any dangers posed by the Room 222 fountain.

“These testing results don’t reflect a steady state or result,” said Dr. Oxiris Barbot, the agency’s first deputy commissioner.

“If there was a true risk here, we would have seen it already,” she said.

As is habit under the hand of Mayor De Faustio and his cabinet, this devastating health concern is being handled with a contradictory but reassuring sounding response:

City officials found the high lead levels in 10,633 samples taken from 1,278 public school buildings, representing 8% of 132,276 samples taken.

But the amounts revealed in the long-awaited test results did not indicate potential harm to students, schools Deputy Chancellor Elizabeth Rose said.

“Families should rest assured that water in schools is safe for students and staff to drink,” Rose said. “The number of elevations are minimal and we take immediate action to remediate all fixtures.”

After this bland assurance from Ms. Rose, parents of students are advised to equip their kids with thermoses (more stuff to carry to school), bottles of poland spring or from of the corporate soda companies (more money to spend), or maybe Brita filters of their own. In the meantime, costs to refurbish or replace these tainted pipes and demands by concerned borough hosts presidents to provide bottle water to those schools affected will probably encroach double digit millions.

As if the risks of drinking tainted water without being informed by those responsible for their welfare during the day is not tense enough, now the kids will have to struggle and literally mine in garbage for books and hide them from demented overseers to be traditionally taught. Because at a high school in Manhattan, the Life Sciences Secondary School, Principal Kim Swanson and Assistant Principal Derek Premo have made the supply-side cost-cutting decision to get rid of all the textbooks, primers and even classic literature to make way for the supposed dominance of technology replacing paper and the fact that they personally don’t like books.

Swanson and Premo, who took the helm of the 616-student joint middle and high school in 2015, sent aides from classroom to classroom in November to collect the books. Workers also emptied book storage closets. Hundreds of tomes were tossed over the Thanksgiving break.

“They made an announcement that they were getting rid of the books because they were antiquated and outdated, and we should be using new technology,” a teacher said. “I hid some of my books to prevent them being taken.”

“We’re not allowed to use books,” said a second staffer, who advised struggling students to “go downstairs, grab a book from the pile, and take them home — because they’re just going to throw them out.”

These people were hired in executive positions to run a facility for teaching and learning. Apparently, in their zeal to waste taxpayer funded money to destroy these books, the school still doesn’t have enough computers to go around and learning and grade averages have regressed.

To complete the city’s DOE malfeasance hat trick of debilitating the youth of today, there is the pervasive spread of obstructing journalism and manufacturing consent by higher echelons. Flushing High School’s Principal Tyee Chin ordered to kill the publication of these aspiring student journalists, the Flushing Advocate, because of what he perceived was negative criticism of the teachers under him and being slighted by not having his tyrannical face on the cover of the issue.

Tyee Chin has refused to publish the third issue of the fledgling Flushing Advocate, calling everything in it and a prior issue “negative and disparaging.”

I will not approve this edition,” Chin declared in an e-mail.

Chin cited a feature that infuriated him: “What Makes a Good Teacher?” which quotes multiple students.

One sophomore commented, “Good teachers help you struggle less and help you get motivated, but to be honest, Flushing High School lacks in those kinds of teachers. Out of my 8 classes, only 3 of my teachers really care.”

Chin was also displeased by the placement of his “Principal’s Corner — a note from Mr. Chin” on Page 4 in the last issue, a student said. “He’s like ‘Give me the front cover’ . . . He got really angry about that.”

The behavior of this vain snowflake official comes hot on the heels of recent events involving Mayor De Faustio’s disturbing efforts to control the narrative in his responses and non-responses to reporters at press conferences and public appearances, and somewhat similar to the corporate news media’s decisions to slant reporting to their target demographic ideologies.

But mostly, this gives the impression that our city schools are trying to condition the kids for the rough times ahead and make them adjusted to squalid conditions, unskilled labor, and shoddy, uninformative reporting. Mostly it’s too disengage them from the desire and the right to be informed.

These are offenses that should warrant punitive actions like fines, suspensions and in the case of all three, the firing of these people responsible for the welfare of toddlers, kids and young adults during the working hours of their parents. Which again leads to the question of the person assigned to this duty…

Where in the frickin’ city is School Chancellor Carmen Farina?

Why here she is, materializing to decree that all schools, including 80% of those with excessive lead toxicity amounts in the water, those that threw thousands of books into the garbage and the one where journalistic integrity and reporting is controlled by one vain prick, have one bathroom for transgender students.

NY Daily News: Every NYC school must provide a single-stall bathroom for students with gender identity concerns

Every city school must arrange for at least one designated single-stall restroom to protect students with medical issues or gender concerns, the schools chancellor said Tuesday.

The designated bathrooms will provide an additional safe space for the students and will not require special permission or medical proof to be used, according to Chancellor Carmen Fariña and the city Department of Education. All school buildings will have single-stalls installed for students by January 2018, Fariña vowed.

To reach that goal, school officials will team up with custodial staffers and principals at each school to identify an existing single-stall bathroom in their building that can be converted for student use, officials said.

This woman is an idiot. What are really the qualifications for those kids to be permitted to use them. And how does transgender apply to kids anyway? Back in the day, they used to be called tomboys or tomgirls (I think). When I heard this applied to kids, I thought parents were approving sex altering operations for their prepubescent offspring.

And the costs to determine where to install these “safe spaces” and deciding who will use them will be astronomical. There’s also the prospect that this will not stop bullying, for bigoted kids will just wait for them by these new facilities to verbally or physically beat them up instead of in the required bathrooms. Clearly this comes from the orders from the corrupt Mayor De Faustio and the usual inclination of neoliberals to follow the political activist trend of the moment.

This self-satisfying nonsense comes at the expense of suffering students everywhere, at least the ones who yearn to learn and be truly independent. Both progressive and conservative. Instead, this city and the ones that legislate it would rather have the kids dumb as shit and uninformed. That’s a good way to keep the permanent government system thriving by the next generation of voters, whose minds are warped by lead poisoning, to choose stupidly or lazily not show up on election day at all.

Executive Carnage Proceeds: Figurehead Trump’s Congressional Address Involving Expensive, Expansive Police State And Military Budget Spending Impresses Corporate News Conglomerates. WWWBD? (What Would Wayne Barrett Do?)

Image result for Trump congress speechThe President Of The United States in dickface mode as those next in command, Fric And Frac behind him dutifully applaud

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

What an uncomfortable and yet unpleasant sight it still is to see the words President Trump together, as well as the everyday reality of accepting that fact and of the bedlam he is causing in his position. Which made it even worse when the day arrived of his first address to Congress. To see him walk down the aisle in the role given to him by a desperate, disillusioned and disgusted with the status quo and elitism in government, it still looks unnatural and it gives the impression that his election victory and current occupation is just a spin-off from his rotten reality genre NBC program.

But before he addressed congress he acknowledged the First Lady Melania Trump and it may have been the first time that raucous wolf whistling and guttural whoos ever greeted a woman of such a dignitary position.

The contents of his speech he gave mostly was another rerun of all his shallow campaign promises, ludicrous budget spending proposals and pandering jingoistic bromides. More billions for the fucking wall on the Mexican border which is based on speculative profits and theories about returning jobs but for now WE THE PEOPLE are going to pay for. Something called VOICE, which looks like his crack(ed) team aides struggled to come up with a mnemonic for asinine program, which a special victims unit for those subjected to crimes by alleged illegal immigrants. More billions for the Military and Surveillance Industrial Complex. To pay for all this government expansion, which for some reason all the supposed conservatives in the house and senate based their campaigns and tenures rallying and fights against wasteful government spending and overreach, there will be drastic cuts to arts and education, and inevitably on the abolishment of the taxpaying citizens health care apparatus of Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA, along with the de-funding of social security.

These plans, although little detailed and devoid of any substance or sustenance as effective policies, anticipates that international wars are on the horizon. As shown by Figurehead Trump’s bonehead attack on a village and Al Qaeda base in Yemen, resulting in the deaths of not only enemy fighters but civilians including children and the destruction of multi-million dollar fighter chopper and the death of Navy Seal, Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens . This was the result of Trump leaving all his war making decisions on Defense Secretary Mad Dog Mattis, whose prior experience supervising quagmires in Iraq should have gave this attack some slight hesitation. But it’s horrible results just made a soldier’s wife a widow and an excuse for the Figurehead to pass the buck and blame the generals (after all, it was their decision). If there is a lesson here, it’s shown that despite Trump’s repeated assertions, not warning about an attack on the enemy like his predecessor did, doesn’t yield success or even intel, no matter how many times he invokes it and how his press secretary over-enthusiastically yells it.

And nothing will be questioned by the sycophantic lobotomized monkey Republican  majorities in the House and Senate for his mystery war plans, especially after the elongated standing ovation, deservedly so, to sad sight of the widow Carryn Owens, praying and weeping to the heavens. Despite the sick, make that SICK, comment of the ovation breaking a record, any mission Figurehead Trump will assign will get partisan majority support in homage to yet another fallen fighter on a misguided and poorly planned attack. Despite the call of a thorough investigation by the Navy Seal’s father William Owens

Which brings this to the crux of this post, the mainstream news media of print, digital and broadcasting.

Prior to the address, former Daily Show and actual Fake News Anchorman, Jon Stewart, made a plea to the fourth estate to be aggressive with their collective reporting on the daily diarrhetoric bullshit, brazen incompetence and policy bedlam results coming from the Trump Administration, in addition to Trump’s libelous, slanderous accusations of their networks, newspapers, and news websites reporting. Jon, still funny and current but very rusty, implored them with a very old and kinda lame popcult reference to “get their groove back”.

Which apparently fell on deaf ears, because the general and collective response after the speech was numb and neutered. For the reason that he spoke his best words about his best plans in a somber tone. Stunningly overlooking all the shit he spewed about the news media in the past month as President Figurehead. Stephen Colbert, comeback player of the year, aptly remarked as if the media was impressed that the unhinged president had become hinged. After all the twitter vomit the Figurehead spewed from his stubby vienna sausage fingertips, the news conglomerates resumed normalizing him.

In denial of the omniscient fact that…



Well, since they won’t get their groove back, and they never had any groove in the first place, I like to also offer some proactive motivation. In the hopes of inspiring the insipid throngs that are actually paid to inform the masses. And to use a legend’s recent passing to guilt them into it.


What Would Wayne Barrett Do?

Wayne Barrett was a stalwart, tenacious, muckraking award winning journalist for the Village Voice. And the most persistent chronicler on the wheeling, dealing and stealing tactics of Figurehead Donald J. Trump when he was a real estate scion wonderboy developer in NYC in the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. While Donnie was making a name and local celebrity of himself with his grand ventures in redeveloping hotels, sweeping up prime Manhattan real estate, and starting his idiotic ruinous conquest of casino franchises in Atlantic City, Wayne Barrett was dissecting his deal-making by diligently and thoroughly and uncompromisingly reporting on the corrupt machinations within them. Wayne got under Donald’s skin and broke his brain to the point when the few times they ever met or were acquainted, Donald actually offered to buy tried to bribe him with a luxury apartment when he learned he resided in Brownsville and an incident that got him arrested pursuing Trump on his birthday.

The dogged determination and persistence of Wayne Barrett to inform the public about the habitual cheating and sociopathy of Trump, before he became the brand and the leader of the free world and the mess he inherited, may be the inherent reason why the Figurehead has such a vehement imagined distrust and the modus operandi for controlling them and the narrative around his deranged directives.

Wayne Barrett was the under-heralded seer regarding Don Worthless. For he saw and wrote how unmerited his earnings and status were, by ripping off many contractors and exploiting migrant workers. Associating with a nod and a wink with mobsters and gangsters, characters he can easily identify with their similar achievements of dishonest wealth. By frivolous litigation at the expense of city taxpayers to get zoning permits and tax abatements, which he would eventually get with the aid of spineless elected majority democratic officials. He had fucking perditious subhuman traitor to Americans, Roy Cohn for a lawyer. And through his biography of his subject, which was unfortunately renamed to make Trump look like a fucking hero, confirmed and set in stone his documenting of the trust fund baby and predatory developer he was. Which subsequently led to his temporary diminishing of his personal wealth and investor and bank support, forcing him to regain his celebrity and wealth with creative tax evasion and becoming a charlatan on TV by becoming a recurring character on WWE shows and his own culture killing show The Apprentice, parlaying that to his transformation from human to brand, slapping his names on towers around the world without lifting his stubby vienna sausage finger or losing a hair, or in his case without mussing his weave. And still dealing with mobsters and gangsters.

Which as this nation now knows, did not deter him the least.

For if it wasn’t for the news conglomerates obsession with celebrity, no matter how lame, the elevation of Trumpy would probably never happened. If they would have did what Wayne Barrett did and reminded the nation and him personally of all the shit he pulled, the strife he caused, and the lives he ruined and the weakening of government he opportunistically took advantage of, maybe he would not be goddamn fucking president.

Now there are some out there carrying on the spirit of indefatigable intrepid reporting, but like Wayne Barrett, in a limited setting, despite the omniscience of the internet. The Young Turks, The Intercept, Reason, Democracy Now, Propublica  come to mind. But they are not big enough like the whales that are the major networks of CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and their cable and local affiliates or the corporate owned establishment papers like the Washington Post and The New York Times. And the only anchorman that approaches the zeal of Ed Murrow, Walter Chronkike, and Bill Moyers, is Keith Olbermann, who is limited in 5 to 10 minute snippets via GQ magazine. So the majors and the celebrity anchors, editors producers and writers, if they truly give a million shits and flying fucks about this country, the environment, it’s laws and the need to inform the masses, who are getting massively pissed off on both sides of the ideological aisles, better start doing their jobs that they are getting paid billions of dollars from advertising and ratings to do.

If anything there is no excuse to avoid the uncomfortable facts to show a celebrity’s appearances, spending habits and palatial dwellings. Because the biggest and dumbest celebrity is signing the orders and directing the laws right fucking now and for the next 3 and 3/4 years.

So all of you professionals in the news industry and even you executives, (especially you Les Moonvees) and especially those attending the White House Correspondents dinner next month…

What Would Wayne Barrett Do?

Wayne Barrett, 1982

“There’s No Check on Trump Except Reality”

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