Impunity City Turns Three The Hard Way


Happy birthday to this. Impunity City, my contribution to reporting on the existential terminal stasis of my/your/this city and elsewhere is three years old today. Which makes it old enough to go to the bathroom by itself and qualify for pre-k.

It hasn’t been as busy as I want it to be, readership and clicks are still low but it has picked up lately thanks to being bequeathed the Queens Crap blog and my own and overly busy twitter account (just hit 200 followers, noice). So despite my still amateurish writing skills, it’s still justified to keep this running and going. In fact, with all the stupidity and corruption going on by our exalted leaders and people of undeserved influential status, this digital publication is one of the few checks to balance out all that wretched perpetual bullshit.

So to properly commemorate this anniversary along with the entermann’s danish above, this post and all the rest of the post to everyone and I mean everyone who still reads the Crapper and all of my consistent viewers on my social media account. You all make this possible and it gives me hope that one day I might get paid for reporting on these miserable occurrences, policy travesties benefiting the most avaricious, the collective lethargic mind state of the cellphone dependent and the still predominant power structures now rapidly fucking up society.

Gratitude and salutations. Goin’ on an on and on till the break of dawn…

Still live.



4 thoughts on “Impunity City Turns Three The Hard Way

  1. Happy Third birthday!

    Part of the reason why views are low is that everyone’s getting their news/commentary/etc. off of Fakebook and Twitter now. The views for major news sites and magazines are also dropping. All of this is why I’m hoping Big Tech gets broken up. Basically, a handful of sites have completely dominated the internet, and it’s not fair. Besides, it goes against the spirit of what the internet was all about.

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  2. Agree, in fact I am wholly responsible myself because I go on Twitter too. These platforms definitely need to be broken up, but in Facebook’s and Amazon;s cases and how they got their billions by usurping personal data every second, they are better off dead and buried.

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  3. Don’t hold out much hope for that, lest we get some Teddy-R in the WH again (Warren?). But he was of a different make and era. Happy friggin’ birthday!


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