The Blue Wall Of Insouciance: Police Captain Exposes NYPD Crime Reclassification Malfeasance

Liars with statistics. They like what they prefer to see.

NY Daily News: NYPD captain claims some cops are fudging crime stats to advance their careers, igniting police investigation

Police brass are investigating claims by a veteran captain who alleges that some NYPD commanders are misclassifying felonies to hold down crime statistics in a bid to further their careers.

Capt. Marash Vucinaj has gathered 156 cases over the past two years from multiple commands that he contends show a pattern of downgrading some felony-level crimes to misdemeanors. The crimes include thefts and attempted thefts, assaults and assaults on cops. He does not claim the manipulation extends to murders and rapes.

The purpose, he said, is to shift crimes out of the all-important index crime category — made up of murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and auto theft.

 Among the methods he claims he has seen:

  • Classifying incidents where cops are injured by suspects as resisting arrest, rather than assault.
  • Classifying grand larcenies as lost property and ignoring details that suggest a crime took place.
  • Classifying incidents where someone purposefully shot at someone but missed as “investigate shots fired,” reckless endangerment or criminal mischief.
  • Classifying incidents where a would-be thief slipped his hand into someone’s pocket or bag as misdemeanor “jostling” rather than attempted grand larceny.
  • Compressing several crimes with separate victims into one complaint report.
  • Failing to record crimes in the city handled by other law enforcement agencies.


High-ranking police officials sharply disputed Vucinaj’s claims of any widespread downgrading of crime. “I take serious offense at these allegations that crime reports aren’t taken right because cops shed their blood for these crime reports,” said Dermot Shea, the chief of crime control strategies.

“It goes against everything we’re trying to do to deploy our resources. We need those crime reports to deploy appropriately.”


A few days after touting and actually celebrating the record low murder rate (just 290 dead, a murder every 36 hours, hooray!), our NYPD of this/your city is under new scrutiny for downgrading the severity of crime statistics.

The creativity behind this according to Captain Vucinaj is disturbingly and conspiratorially widespread, showing an insidious sophistication that resembles the craft and skill sets of the biggest public relations firms. For example, Mayor de Faustio’s buddies in Berlin/Rosen.

Captain Vucinaj’s study revealed drawn down and peculiar reclassifying. Like shootings, targeted and crossfire, being filed as criminal mischief, basically associating sporadic gunfire with throwing eggs or toilet paper on Halloween. Shootings also qualified under the redundantly described reckless endangerment. The severity of such lethal activity got conveniently and literally lessened as long as the shots don’t hit or kill anybody.

Like how four people were held up at knife point and robbed and how three women had their wallets lifted and both were filed as one robbery because it was committed by one suspect.

Speaking of lifting wallets and also cellphones, the latter seeing a great increase because of it’s ubiquity and exposure, crime reports fell under the term “jostling” if the victims happened to robbed while asleep, bumped into and even with the perp just putting his hand in a purse or pocket, or classified as lost property instead of the standard, serious and accurate charge of grand larceny. Because your cherish personal belongings aren’t that essential you materialists, especially those fancy phones containing all your vital personal data and information.

The standout and most egregious of criminal activity is the diminishing of resisting arrest. What was previously classified as felony assault resulting from injuries caused during struggles was marked down to misdemeanor assault according to Capt. Vucinaj’s probe while working in the Transit Division. A remarkable amount of over 2,200 incidents out of over 3.500 involved a cop getting injured during an arrest with a rambunctious suspect in the span of 6 months.

Why that outstanding statistic is not revealed is not disturbing enough. But it makes a shitload of sense of why perpetrators are emboldened to go down with a fight before getting cuffed.

Similar altercations have happened in the last few months when a chump knocked over a cop after he was stopped jumping the turnstile when his train arrived, and a mentally ill man engaged in a struggle with two cops on a platform, causing one of the cops to fall down the stairs trying to apprehend him as he fled.

What’s perplexing is that these machinations are being ordered by the top brass of the precincts.More perplexing is that cops react with fervor and fury when a colleague gets shot or injured and this is going to encourage, as it has already, more skells to battle with cops and resist arrest. And it puts the cops on the street in more precarious and dangerous positions and situations, it may lead to more excessive use of force or another senseless, preventable and ultimately galvanizing fatality. The chiefs overseeing these crime spins are putting the lives of citizens and cops at more risk.

As with the standard procedure for investigating crime patterns, these markdowns gain more validation and credulity considering Deputy Inspector Peter Rose, recently promoted from captain from his precinct in Greenpoint. The same Inspector Rose who marginalized/reclassified the meaning of rape by stating that being raped by someone you know or dated is not as serious as being raped by a stranger (you can always depend on the kindness and aggressive sexual advances of those familiar with you, to misquote Tennessee Williams). Nearby in Bushwick, a woman had tremendous difficulty shaking off a stalker because the precinct she reported to kept giving her conflicting advice to avoid writing up her experience and told her flat out that she was wasting her time. An almost exact treatment by two precincts was given to a woman who was assaulted on the train because of the fact that the attack occurred when the train was moving as officers gave her conflicting excuses of where to file a complaint.

As with all great stories of the process of law enforcement and justice, there has to be a motive behind this. Maybe an ulterior motive. And it could only be, albeit cynically, is to make the neighborhoods virtually safe for habitation for market rate renting and home and condo ownership. As recent reports show a herculean percentage of whites moving into neighborhoods were crime was rampant in the bad old decades of the 70’s and 80’s like in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick. And with the recent hyper-development in the South Bronx, Jamaica, Queens and the MIH zoning development being pushed by the city in East New York and East Harlem it is sure to get virtually safer there soon too.

It sure looks like the overlords of real estate are defining the charges, because all those nasty murders and muggings will make moneyed individuals think twice about living in these new posh burghs.

And these methods and stats seem to be in sync with sociopolitical and city planning interest from elected officials and those gadabouts in development and real estate for the  (quasi-)imminent closing of Rikers Island.

Captain Vucinaj should be highly commended for his due diligence for this irresponsible white washing and fudging of the stats, and the distressing fact that Compstat, like all technology, is not, never was and never will be infallible and can be easily taken advantaged of by the minds and hands of conniving humans. And since the persecution and casting out of Detective Frank Serpico, Captain Vucinaj has unfortunately become just another victim of the perpetual Blue Wall Of Silence and the sad, maddening culture of unquestioned exclusivity and fraternity of the NYPD.

Privately, police sources said, Vucinaj is known as a stickler for the rules and is not well-liked. “Cops don’t like him, his peers don’t like him, and no one wants to work with him,” one police source said. “Look at how frequently he’s been transferred.”Vucinaj, 45, has 24 years on the job and is the highest-ranking active-duty officer ever to publicly make such claims. A captain since 2009, he has been in 10 commands in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.From 2004 to 2007, he was assigned to Interpol in Lyon, France, by then-Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly. He also commanded the special frauds squad and was twice selected to help write promotional exams. He has never been formally disciplined.For the past six months, however, he has been marooned in a do-nothing post in Transit Borough Brooklyn without an office phone, he says, as retaliation for reporting crime stat manipulation and other misconduct by commanders to Internal Affairs and the Quality Assurance Division — the unit that audits NYPD crime stats.All too often, the NYPD retaliates rather than investigates when officers report internal misconduct, and that sure looks like what’s happening here,” said Christopher Dunn, associate legal director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.“Instead of going after Captain Vucinaj, the department should be getting to the bottom of his reports, which come from a high-level official and raise serious concerns about downgrading and other wrongdoing.”The last time chicanery like this was going on was when it was exposed by a regular cop, Adrian Schoolcraft,  who also exposed endemic corruption involving ticket and arrest quotas, and the reclassifying and lessening serious charges of those arrests, arbitrary and retaliatory orders and assignments, the unconstitutional usage of stop question-and frisk and disregarding citizens complaints of vagrant and criminal activity. For doing his duty to protect and serve the public and not the culture of corruption fostered and enabled by precinct command and control, he was taken from his apartment by his fellow officers in the Emergency Services Unit and had him thrown into a psych ward at Jamaica Hospital in an attempt to get him institutionalized. That idiotic CIA-style rendition mission cost the city $600,000.This time it’s a decorated Captain and a city being run by an inveterate liar mayor. Although fortunately for Captain Vucinaj, he is protected by his high brass rank.As with all great stories of the process of law enforcement and justice, there has to be a motive behind this. Maybe an ulterior motive. And it could only be, albeit cynically, is to make the neighborhoods virtually safe for habitation for market rate renting and home and condo ownership. As recent reports show a herculean percentage of whites moving into neighborhoods were crime was rampant in the bad old decades of the 70’s and 80’s like in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick. And with the recent hyper-development in the South Bronx, Jamaica, Queens and the MIH zoning development being pushed by the city in East New York and East Harlem it is sure to get virtually safer there soon too. This isn’t standard procedure, this is a conspiracy.It’s like there is new blue wall being built next to one of silence. A bigger blue wall of insouciance. 

Law And Order: Marginal Victims Unit

New York, New York


Chief Peter Rose of the 94th Precinct in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Reportedly has never been raped or sexually assaulted in his life.

NY Post: NYPD captain: Date rape is ‘not a trend we’re too worried about’

A Brooklyn precinct commander said date rapes are “not a trend that we’re too worried about” compared to stranger rapes — drawing fury from City Hall and his bosses at the NYPD.

Capt. Peter Rose, commander of Greenpoint’s 94th Precinct, scoffed that most of the alarming 62 percent jump in sex attacks in his jurisdiction over the last year were date rapes. Rose admitted to DNA Info that he gives priority to catching the perverts who randomly rape strangers, not those who attack dates or other acquaintances.

“Some of them were Tinder, some of them were hookup sites, some of them were actually coworker — it’s not a trend that we’re too worried about because out of 13 [sex attacks], only two were true stranger rapes,” he told the news website. “If there’s a true stranger rape — a random guy picks up a stranger off the street — those are the troubling ones,” he blathered. “That person has, like no moral standards,” he said. At a meeting of the precinct’s community council on Wednesday night, Rose stuck his foot further down his throat. “They’re not total abomination rapes where strangers are being dragged off the street,” he said of Greenpoint’s hike in acquaintance rapes, DNAinfo reported.

Public Advocate Letitia James joined Friday in condemning Rose’s remarks, saying in a statement that she was “extremely disturbed and concerned by comments suggesting that stranger rapes are ‘the troubling ones.’  “Too often, victims of rape and sexual crimes do not come forward because of fear that their claims won’t be taken seriously, and these comments perpetuate those concerns,” she said.

Either this guy is taking orders from the top (Mayor Big Slow, REBNY?) to underplay a trend in violent crime, or just stopped giving a shit and is trying to get fired. Either/or, this observation from someone from the higher echelon of the NYPD in a niche trendy area in Brooklyn is a bit of a shock, and its callousness has the semblance of an soulless ad-man or marketer’s research study for rufinol. It doesn’t help that Capt. Rose referenced Tinder to minimize such worrisome reports.

A lot of mitigating factors has to obviously come up. Like these women are mothers, daughters and grandmothers, and they have the right to walk anywhere they want to, dress how they want without fear of being violated, verbally harassed and sexually assaulted. And to mention again what could be the motivation to make him utter ignorant nonsense, and how he will comment on other criminal acts. It is distressing to think if there are other commanders with the same mindset as this oblivious jerk. But this tone-deaf jack-shit approach to evaluating the seriousness of upticks in crime might be more widespread among the city’s top officials than anyone can imagine.

Especially, though not a crime of intent, the recent LIRR train wreck:

De Blasio Says LIRR Crash Was Not Of ‘Magnitude’ To Require His Presence

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, the mayor said the incident did not demand his presence.

“It’s a magnitude question,” de Blasio said.

Kramer asked de Blasio why he did not think the LIRR derailment was of sufficient “magnitude.”

Kramer: “I wonder if you were briefed about it, and at what point you decided it wasn’t of the magnitude that would require (your presence).”

De Blasio: “Yeah, I was briefed about it right after it happened. Given that, as you heard from (NYPD) Chief (of Transit Joseph) Fox, the most serious injury that we know of to date, thank God, was a broken leg, that just did not, again, seem like the kind of incident we talked about, for example, years ago because there was a horrible tragedy.”

On Wednesday, however, de Blasio said going to the LIRR derailment scene was not his job.

“The Long Island Rail Road, obviously, is the purview of the governor,” he said.

The buck stops at the top for this pissant and his dismissive non-responses. Although this prevailing attitude is par for the course for Mayor Big Slow. The truly egregious reason Billy D B did not see the magnitude and worth the time to cajole the injured and show respect for the emergency services at the scene was that him and some NYPD higher-ups arranged a”pop-up” photo exhibition and a rare press conference at the Brooklyn Museum a short distance away to celebrate the yearly low crime rate and how today’s city is a glowing disparity from the bad old days. And the cops assigned there couldn’t be spared for they had to hastily take down the exhibit when the Blaz got done condescending to the reporters lucky and honored enough to be there.


Here it is citizenry, this is the only time you will see this exhibit. The woman is pointing to the mayor how the city didn’t see the magnitude in preserving law and order back then. By the way, this is not electioneering.

All is not lost in meting out justice and restoring the quality of life and safety for the people of NYC, from those that have resided here 24/7/365 for generations, to the transients lured by the hipness and status, and the utter human body count oversaturation of billions and billions of tourists coming here, it’s good to know the major threats to these things we take for granted are being proactively dealt with:

NY Daily News: Cops again toss a homeless man’s stuff — and his crutches

A homeless man who lives outside Prospect Park in Brooklyn says cops and sanitation workers tossed many of his belongings in the trash, including clothes, blankets — and even his crutches. Thomas Harris, known as the “Drum Man,” only has one leg. A neighbor grabbed his wheelchair, fearing city workers would discard it, too.The drama between the man and city workers began Tuesday night and resumed on Wednesday, Harris and witnesses told the Daily News. “They treated me like a piece of s–t,” he said while on a gurney in the emergency room at Kings County Hospital. “I was crying like a baby. It was humiliating.”

This show of arbitrary force comes on the heels of a recent court settlement of an incident a year ago of 3 homeless men being pushed out of a warm abandoned place by cops with sanitation guys in hazmat suits (!!!) throwing all their personal belongings including crucial items like personal info and medication into a garbage truck and subsequently destroyed, all along with what remained of their self-worth and dignity. Total cost-$1515 of our tax dollars, not from the check of the asshole who ordered this rousting. The total cost of the amount of time that Mayor De Faustio’s crack legal team fought those poor guys lawsuit might have been exceedingly more, for the case ended last week. That’s over a fucking year of court fees over a night trying to keep warm and dry from the freezing rain.It might be an understatement that there is a prevailing sense of cruelty when it comes to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in this city as the women in Greenpoint and this poor man illustrates. Even with those that were almost killed on the train. But they all share the fact that the people responsible for their safety and well-being see them as expendable. But, optically, with the city as rich, populous and safe these days, the mayor and certain elite brass members of the NYPD would care for you to overlook such minor inconveniences like threats to your safety and personal possessions. Besides, certain folks, you had it coming.