Impunity Twitty


Oh well, it had to come to this.

In order to widely disseminate my opinions and pertinent news regarding the wretched and debilitating state of this city and it’s inhabitants, be them upstanding folks or persistently irritable shitheads, this digital publication and it’s author have decided to branch out into the murky waters and space poop addled galaxies of social media by getting a Twitter account.

This was decided during much procrastination being that of the myriad risks of identity theft and metadata plundering and selling. Twitter was chosen because of the recent action on the platform of purging fake accounts that certain celebrities used to bolster their undeserved popularity like the acquitted murder suspect, justice obstructing retired linebacker Ray Lewis and of course Figurehead and President Motherfucker Donald Trump.

Of all the major platforms, it’s been decided that Twitter is the way to go after ruminating about using Instagram for a while but coming to a vehement objection since it’s owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who has made billions of dollars for stealing the idea of his abhorrent social media website which got it’s start objectifying women and is now embroiled in a massive scandal involving the selling of their users accounts without their knowledge or consent, in addition to violating their own company and user agreement rules, to the heinous data mining firm Cambridge Analytica in their mission to influence people on how they will vote or voted in the last presidential election. Zuckerberg deserves to be bankrupt and starving on the streets or living under a railway bridge winding up emaciated and dead from starvation and being feasted on by rabid squirrels before the maggots consume him. Avoiding Facefuck is my contribution to see that it becomes a hopeful reality.

Here is the debut message. It’s something about a constantly repeated feeble quote that has been vexing me for a long time:

So there it is if any of this blog’s daily readers, which I can count on one hand, want to chime in from time to time. I will be posting when I have actual free time, which won’t be that much, but I will make proper and efficient use of my new venue. Maybe like other overwhelmingly talentless and stupid rich people, I can turn this into a mass market interest commodity and become a billionaire like Ms. Kylie Jenner.

Like Patrick McGoohan, Astoria, Queens native and No. 6 on the dystopian classic show “The Prisoner” would remark every week:

Be seeing tweeting you.


JQ LLC of Impunity City (your city)

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