Fuck The MTA: Two Service Work Trains Collide Into Each Other In Bridge Tunnel During Week Long Two Borough Suspensions Of Two Transit Lines

Good morning commuters from your dutiful servants at the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

This fucking transit system, the worst in the fucking universe, somehow managed to crash two service trains into each other right at the crack of dawn in the East River tunnel just hours before the morning rush. As of now, the MTA’s website’s service schedule is not revealing anything regarding delays in a wretched display of obfuscation from paying customers.

MTA   Subway  Bus  Long Island Rail Road  Metro North.png

The MTA seems to be going against their spanking new policy of being honest with their service announcements. Or maybe this jibes with their other new policy of addressing riders acknowledging both genders. Petty jokes aside, this is just another fucked up disruption causing much unnecessary damage and more deleterious inconvenience to the city and it’s paying citizens and the throngs of tourists in town for the holiday week.

With this figuratively literal train wreck, the MTA has become a real life parody of a transit system. More like a cartoon, for this reminds me of Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam playing chicken with two freight trains. (go to the 5:29 mark)

The fact that this occurred to hasten improvement is even more abominable and with a new transit commissioner to boot. There is really no fucking hope for this fucking subway. This is the last goddamn straw. Fuck The MTA.



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