Breaking News: Impunity City Gets Hacked.
Recent sighting of Impunity City hacker.

A few days ago while stroking my ego checking my blog referrals, I clicked on a page of a commentary section of a favored link and noticed some disturbing activity. The comment window suddenly started printing dashes and wouldn’t stop. This dashing also appeared in the address bar when I tried to go on other pages, and my computer starting beeping uncontrollably. A history deletion and cache clearing of the browser and hard drive stopped it for a bit.

As I restarted my computer, the incessant beeping continued and then I had to restart it with the startup disk. Fortunately I was able to save everything and since most of what I wrote is on good old reliable paper this wasn’t much of a loss, but I did lose all my browser bookmarks which is a big detriment to what I was about to unleash on this blogosphere in the next few days.

The hacker, I assume managed to infect the link which I provide to the blog I frequently visit for the proprietor of said blog told me that it wasn’t hacked.

This is a first for me and this digital publication that I actually managed to piss off a person to the point that this globule thought it necessary to damage property and oppress information and written speech. Of a digital publication that averages barely 10 readers a day. Although it does cause me worry, I feel slightly flattered. Now I know what narcissistic idiots feel when they call people the childish term “haters”, although I do not necessarily want to revel in this affront to my personal life.

This digital publication is part hobby, part info and mostly opinion and righteous vitriol. I welcome whatever fans or fanenemies that this blog makes in the present and future. Just show some class and don’t fuck with the merchandise. If you can’t stand the commentary or the reporting, the comment window is right there—>>>>>>>. You are just wasting mine and yours time but mostly yours.

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