They Got Him, Karina

Karina Vetrano

Howard Beach, Queens, N.Y.

It took 6 months but the NYPD got the suspect. Chanel Davis, just 20 years old was captured by his parents house in East New York, Brooklyn. Reportedly, his motive stemmed from a domestic dispute and he bizarrely decided to walk all the way to Howard Beach to get something to eat. Apparently it wasn’t the first time he traversed there for he was seen there previous to the murder by residents, notably Lt. John Russo, in the area by Spring Creek Park, one time wielding a crowbar, which led to the uncanny sketch of him.

In retrospect, his presence and behavior, and reportedly he used to go to the town a lot, suggests he was planning an attack of this sort, maybe even targeting the victim for a length of time considering Karina’s workout routine and regular route she chose. One picture has her flexing by the Gateway Mall in Brooklyn, which is easily accessible by the long bike and jogging path up the belt parkway and not too far away from Chanel’s home. He could have been stalking her for months and got the heinous opportunity to catch her alone

The lengthy investigation was in a standstill because of a lack of DNA evidence for the fact that Chanel had no prior arrests. And being a young man and former honor student in school, his parents and peers would not even suspect him doing anything brutal. Although he exhibited disturbing behavior in school with threats against female classmates. Fortunately, this guy could have done even more killing or even developed into a serial killer if it wasn’t for the determination and skills of the NYPD and her parents persistence. For that, Karina can rest in peace and the residents in Howard Beach and residents who live near other parks can rest a little easier and enjoy their surroundings without fear.



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