Is This Now America?

To paraphrase Charlie Brown, today is independence day and I don’t feel like celebrating, I don’t feel like I am supposed to feel (maybe like this eagle) And it’s because of certain incidents involving the oppression by elected officials against the citizenry’s attempts to freely assemble and express themselves.

Like the row in Washington D.C. shortly before the recent failure to steal health care away from millions to cover grotesque and lunatic tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest fuckers. This may arguably be the lowest and heinously arbitrary use of cops ever used against a protest. All that pussy Senator McConnell-Chao could have done was meet with them to avoid this travesty. They were all crippled and blind, what harm could they have possibly done to the senator majority leader? Instead they were carried out like sacks of meat because of his cowardice and arrogance.

It’s quite something else that it’s come down to the infirm to bring awareness and persuade these lawmakers to consider the needs of the people that elected and did not elect them but still pay their bloated salaries (which considering their own personal fortunes they do not deserve) and their own health care provided to them by the government.

This flagrant denial of their civil and constitutional rights to assemble in the halls of the Senate, for that is the property of the people, is a real time signal and symbol of the horrifying state of the nation under Figurehead Trump and his billionaire cabinet and oligarch constituency, whom don’t have enough treasure from all the favored legislation they have received in the past almost 40 years (even under Clinton and Obama). Fortunately, this new version of the Expendable American Health Care Act, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (reconciliation???) got shut down before the weekend and their summer vacations, so the nation’s middle class, working poor, these brave handicapped protesters and even the 24 million still uninsured have a few months to breath easy then chew their nails has the autumn draws near.

Last week on the Lower East Side, Mayor De Blasio Faustio held a town hall meeting as part of his Kabuki theater of the absurd borough tour and got super creative to control the narrative, content and atmosphere.

As the constituency was proceeding to go inside the building, a man working security was stopping people from bringing in pamphlets that were very critical of the district’s councilwoman Margaret Chin’s apparent subservience to the REBNY guild and the out of scale development going on by the Manhattan bridge with the building of 2 massive luxury towers. In a ruse to show fairness for this mild form of passive aggressive oppression, other minions from the security team confiscated pamphlets of information/propaganda belonging to the councilwoman as if not to arouse suspicion. Which failed when it was discovered that the guard was actually an off duty cop.

The primary opponent, Aaron Foldenauer, immediately filed a complaint against the city for this new travesty. De Faustio, despite being hyped as running unopposed in the primary, is clearly panicking as is the awful lapdog councilwoman, who probably got intimidated by the turnout and have a sense that a lot of people are on to them and their fauxgressive agenda. If this diabolical scheme to oppress themselves wasn’t enough to expose their bland version of fascism.

If by divine intervention, meaning the citizens of NYC wake up, show up to the polls and primary De Faustio in September (man we’re running out of time), he can take his fat yoga ass to Wisconsin where free speech has become privileged for the one at the podium or with the mic.

Meet Assemblyman Jesse Kremer, of Madison, Wisconsin. He had just crafted a bill that became law that is supposed to protect free speech on college campuses. This might have been inspired for the recent outbreaks of misguided students yelling about their disdain for certain speakers of political standings and also the soft fascism of student council groups to rearrange terminologies for sensitivities of minority or physically disabled students. Or more likely this is blowback.

Anyway, there are few BIG problems with this. One is that if students don’t agree with the speaker and if they yell vulgarities or chant slogans, it is still freedom of speech and expression, no matter if you don’t like it, with the exception of yelling fire when there is none. Two, the penalties are harsh and devastatingly life altering, leading to long suspensions and expulsions. Despite it’s ratification, this is going to lead to lawsuits that will quickly head to the Supreme Court. Although that might be why the Christian Extremist Republican Elected Junta pushed Gorsuch’s nomination. And these jerks are worried about Sharia Law?

And three, this imbecile who pushed this bill thinks our planet is 6000 years old. 

Besides his stupid belief in the age of the planet, this will cause problems for the young conservative thinkers too if liberal faculties decide to cite this to keep their favorite pundits or politicians from addressing student bodies. But these jackasses never think ahead, they only want to enforce and suppress while the law is still young so they can control the narrative and to use reinforcements when they desire.

This is a scary time in the short time of the Trump Administration, for it’s existence is causing deleterious effects in certain people in powerful positions and their addictive zeal for absolute control. Or maybe like Trump, it’s just a twisted thrill to fuck with people, especially in Senator McConnell-Chao’s case. Their actions are true treason and they must be stopped with extreme prejudice.

The country has to be taken back from these stupid fascist assholes.

As for the Caricature In Chief and his recent social media statement and ultraviolent fantasy of clamping down on journalism, a reminder:

Austin 3:16 kicked your ass. America 3:16 will send your ass to oblivion.














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