The Blowback Blight And Anarchy From NYC’s Open Restaurants Law

New York City, New York

COVID-19’s impact on New York City has no doubt fundamentally changed the environment, landscape and cuture of this city. It’s why this nation of ours had to suddenly print trillions of dollars to keep it resembling an imitation of normal to get money in people’s pockets and keep most businesses solvent where before we used to print it to pay for regime change wars and to assure the biggest banks remain too big to fail. It was basically a big class action settlement for government malpractice of our leaders response to the virus (and clearly the manufacturing of it thanks to Dr. Anthony Fauci).  And when the stimulus cash arrived to NYC, one of the first things that got fed socialist moneyed resuscitation was to the restaurant industry.

Since eating indoors was still a major risk of contagion for months on end last year, City Council and Mayor de Blasio addressed the existential threat the virus had on the dining and drinking industry and started the Open Restaurants initiative which lifted restrictions and eased regulations for restaurants to build sheds on the street curbs so patrons can come back and dine again outside of their establishments. Despite usurping parking spaces from residents, these businesses were able to recoup some losses and were able to make money again. The city also integrated this program with the Open Streets initiative to “re-imagine” public streets initially centered on cycling and pedestrian commuting by evolving them to plazas with the intent to foster community activity and keeping vehicular traffic out (both initiatives annoyingly prodded by bike zealot/car abolitionist lobby Transportation Alternatives). With the sheds on the asphalt, restaurants were able to extend their businesses by placing tables on the street, enabling to serve more customers. At the time it was logical and necessary.

Even though this was enacted for emergency purposes to keep businesses thriving in a still near dead city (with more prodding from agent of the city TransAlt weaponizing this program to banish cars)  the City Council Cronies and The Blaz decided to make restaurant outdoor sheds permanent, which was buoyed by a bill written by the State Senate and signed by Mario’s Son Governor Cuomo. Now even though restaurants are under the regulatory purview of the Department of Health, the Blaz left the responsibility of monitoring the street sheds under the Department Of Buildings. If this isn’t bizarre enough, the Department of Transportation seems are wholly left out of this even though the streets are officially under their purview. And as expected with the Blaz and the Council Cronies, they conjure these laws without considering the ramifications of them as some restaurants and even non-food related establishments opportunistically took advantage of the bureaucratic fugazi of  NYC’s Open Restaurants and Streets policy.

This egregiousness came to prominence when a member of community group L.E.S. dwellers encountered a curbside shed going through a re-imagining development in process in the East Village, catching the restaurant adding a second level to their shed  parallel with first floor apartment windows above the establishment and close enough to touch the branches on the tree above.

What the actual fuck indeed, what’s even more insane is that this restaurant just recently put up their normal ground floor shed, or to be more apt shanty, even though indoor dining was permitted after the city officially opened up at the beginning of July.

Surprisingly this shanty got an immediate stop work order a day after it went viral, even warranting a faux outrage tweet by Council Crony Margaret Chin, even though her vote enabled these owners to build their leisure duplex. But this being NYC, there are others that are able to get away with flouting the rules with impunity, even though because of the emergency edict placed on open restaurants that gives them a pandemic loophole to build bigger and denser on public streets there practically aren’t any rules anymore.

Popular youtube personality computer repair guru and small business owner Louis Grossman found some more shanties while just strolling around town where he works and one of them had doors like in a saloon, as he pointed out the distinctions between a shed that was safe for pandemic dining and ones that were basically houses on the street with no proper circulation, which defeats the purpose of stopping the spread of COVID. Then he encountered probably the biggest freak violator of all, an open restaurant with an air conditioner.

If there is anything positive to say about this is that it looks more like a bungalow than a shanty with all the windows installed. But it still looks like a cabin because they didn’t even bother painting it and it’s sure as fuck not definitely not safe from the delta variant if people are dining there on a hot muggy afternoon or balmy evening since the contagion is trapped as people are sharing microbes while eating, drinking and talking in close proximity.

Watching that video would give the impression that it’s probably the tipping point or nadir of the open restaurant phenomenon and that the D.O.B. will stop by and tell the proprietor to take it down but you’d be wrong.  Because these AC equipped cabins have set off an open restaurant land grab wave.

Documented by the lifestyle news website Eater, many high end dining establishments in high destination areas in Manhattan seized the opportunity given to them and set up AC’s for their own shanties,as well as other fixtures and locking doors that resemble modern day cabins or even Fedders apartment buildings. But absolutely nothing can compare to what two restaurants did on the same block in the small enclave known as Korea Town in Midtown nestled between Madison Ave and Herald Square, for these open restaurant structures are not mere shanties, they are practically street curb condominiums. Here’s a place called Osamil…

Really don’t get why the windows are so small, but they apparently slide open, those doors look like they belong in a horse’s stable. But one things for sure, they made that solar powered parking meter absolutely useless.

Mosey on down the block and we probably have the city’s most egregious and heinous public street space monopolizer restaurant indoor shanty claimed by Take 31, which takes the city’s re-imagining shock doctrine open restaurants policy to another level.

Look at these doors and windows, how can you possibly breath let alone spread the delta variant…

In case there is any wonder how these 4 A.C.’s are being powered, get a load of the electrical hookup. Remember, the Department Of Buildings is in charge of regulating these things, doubtful if you can get away with this if you hooked up something similar from your house to your garage.

Apparently when they were building this aesthetics wasn’t even on the agenda or even architecture or carpentry, but making this shitpost into a veritable ice box was. They equipped this with FOUR HVAC units. Apparently this was made for two establishments judging by the outhouse that’s built in front of a small restaurant next door.

If the sign demanding proof of vaccination wasn’t ludicrous enough considering there isn’t one pasted on the elongated outhouse on the street, what’s even more deranged is that the shanty is just under 10 feet across a building under development with scaffolding and bollards on the street, making it very treacherous for driving and cycling commuting.

Since the current mayor de Blasio and the City Council cronies joined in solidarity to legitimize these shanties under the rubric of safety because of COVID and the delta variant and by extracting the authority of the Department of Transportation from regulating these , it had to come at the expense of the safety of vehicular, cycling and walking commuters and a brazen example of the second expense lies on Bleecker St. in Noho.

Despite the presence of a bike lane, the proprietors of this open restaurant shanty blocked half of it, which if a regular citizen driver or the NYPD did this it would get photographed and pilloried by bike zealot social media accounts and would get a $200 citation by a traffic constable in real life.

Although the barricades set up makes it city designated open street designed to ban cars, it doesn’t prevent drivers from accessing the open restaurant area turning from Mulberry St., making riding pass this shitpost set up a perilous risk.

And the thing that’s remarkable about bike propagandists like StreetsBlog NYC praising open restaurants to the skies is that even when they are not violating traffic laws, the roads still don’t have sufficient space to ride a bike by them and makes driving more perilous despite the precautions taken by restaurant owners to make their structures more visible (like a house on the street wouldn’t already do that)

Of course can’t leave out the frustrations of the pedestrian, with insufficient walking space as these shanties make commuting by them a human gauntlet with people milling around and waiters and busboys going back and forth serving people. Ultimately forcing pedestrians with no choice to walk in the streets in the driving and bike lanes.

Surely pedestrian gridlock is a daily issue by this restaurant/bar/nite club in South Richmond Hill that actually built a tunnel by their establishment.

And since they already have an LED display sign, they can probably scan EZ passes to go through it. Although prospective burglars sure will appreciate the easy lift provided by the roof inches away from the apartment in the mixed use building.

While this outdoor dining set up one a mile west is more sad than egregious, but still a brazen hazard that has the potential to cause a blazing one.

It can’t be stressed hard enough what damage this shanty is going to do if one of this restaurants neighbors houses goes on fire, or even their own business (unless that hole was put there for that reason) considering an incident where a mixed-use building got torched on Bleecker St. because the FDNY couldn’t get around a shanty in front of the restaurant where the fire started on the ground floor. And never mind how flammable this and every other wooden shanty in NYC is vulnerable to any random kindling or arson attempt.

But what makes this restaurant more sad about it’s flaunting of fire codes is that it doesn’t have much of a choice with Bill de Blasio’s utterly fascist and unscientific vaccine mandate about to be unleashed on city establishments and venues, where the only way to keep non-vaccinated residents as customers is to keep them outside.

And if there is a shanty that’s a tinderbox waiting to explode, it’s got to be the one belonging to celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck’s five star Michelen steakhouse restaurant in Murray Hill. A set up so ostentatious it’s the Hamptons Mansion of open restaurant shanties in NYC.

To be fair, maybe Wolfie’s shanty resembles more like a Super 8 motel going by all these doors and key locks.

Looks like somebody tried to pick this one. Gotta admit that this shanty looks more safer and pleasing than the city’s homeless shelters.

What makes this the most special of open restaurant shanties is that it’s built on a steep incline with traffic going south. which means there are probably steps inside there. While it doesn’t have energy sucking HVAC’s it does appear to have what looks like an air purifier releasing whatever delta variant strains the customers are dispensing inside and releasing the contagion into the ether and onto the public. Which makes a mockery of the vaccine mandate rules by conveying this as a safe outdoor venue for microbe aerosol dispensing dining and nightlife leisure activities.

Besides the obvious haste to put these curbside bungalows up in order to opportunistically take advantage of the City Council and current Mayor’s Open Restaurant law, judging by the the exposed wood paneled wall entirely flushed against the 33rd St. Station stairwell, what’s curious is how to patrons get served inside that shanty?

Which means waitstaff and bussers have to maneuver through passerby with orders for the clientele and to clean up after them, causing more pedestrian gridlock on the sidewalk and from commuters exiting and entering the stairwell at the downtown staircase of the 33rd St. Station.

And get a load of this cable going into the restaurant. It’s only about 7 1/2 feet off the ground. It really doesn’t matter whether its a five star joint, these shanties are cheap and ugly and still vulnerable to cause contagion spread because of the indoor environment in addition to being a blatant electrical fire hazard.







The ironic thing about these shanties which purport to bring people and vibrancy back to city streets and also add a touch of European savoir faire while keeping more cars off the street in order to improve the environment, it’s ultimately done the exact opposite and has brought down the quality of life and environment in neighborhoods. Besides the horrendous site of mountains of garbage piled up against the structures and inside them and providing convenient shelter for a new generation of rats to feed and breed in them, these filthy shanties have brought forward a disturbing new trend of high end blight of rampant graffiti wholly comparable but more artless than the aerosol paint bombings of subway trains in the Bad Old Days in the 70’s-80’s. Which perfectly falls in line with the New Bad Days era of the last 5 years.

It’s really a wonder why anyone would even eat and drink in these shacks, but it’s ok because of emergency pandemic exemptions, the NYC Department Of Health doesn’t bother checking them out either. Which makes those restaurant grade posters on the windows moot since the DOH is not responsible to regulate the shanties because it’s the Department of Buildings role.

Some of these are also zombie shanties from restaurants that went out of business.

Although there are absolutely no rules about the open restaurants, some establishments that took advantage of the idiotic law don’t actually seem to serve food at all. Like the Basquiat gallery here, where there are clearly no restaurants in sight.

And this other artful shanty which is in front of a hookah lounge.

This one has valet parking…

But some of these non-restaurant establishments probably serve liquor, making them able to take advantage of the city’s generous loopholes, like this greenhouse in front of this nite club. Complete with HVAC and door and lock. Also defeating the purpose of preventing virus contagion.

And to think Transportation Alternatives declares that sights like this should be normal as their agitprop allies Streetsblog NYC whinnies about how these are better for the environment than the existence of cars and traffic. This shanty recently developed by a legendary lunchonette in the West Village instantly disproves their theories, which basically turns a tree into a periscope. With some very apt commentary graffiti pointing out the restaurants man made climate violation.

What Transportation Taliban and Bike Blog and their urbanist hives on social media make clear is how unconscious they are about open restaurants/streets and how neoliberal their agenda is because the shanties and barricades act as violent architecture against cars in the hopes to “induce demand” in personal vehicle commuting by frustrating drivers to forsake their cars. All in the hopes for the total banishment of the vehicle.

One thing’s overwhelmingly conclusive about the open streets/open restaurants is that because of the overzealous attention and prioritization to approve the open streets/open restaurants law for permanency, the NYC Council Cronies and de Blasio did this with absolutely no consideration for the residents at all and waited over a month to even announce any regulations for them, which according to the mayor’s office you tube channel have broken every rule that is still waiting to be written on the books. Despite all excuses of trying to govern and keep the city’s economy solvent during a pandemic, these unsightly space hogging and citizen obstructing shanties are the result of city planning designed by a kakistrocacy consisting of people disconnected from their constituents and real life.

And they will be literally disconnected in a few months because the idiot mayor and most of the idiot council cronies are term limited and won’t be around to see this open restaurants fugazi exacerbate. Thanks to the leniency and the steady presence of the more infectious delta variant, these restaurants, especially the high end expensive restaurants, will only build bigger and bigger.

Which will lead to perilous conditions for all commuters on wheels and foot, more eyesore blight, filth, garbage and rats on the streets. As long as the pandemic continues and continues to get exploited by the ruling class and the hospitality industry, the blowback and anarchy, like the shanties, will build bigger and badder and stinkier and fuglier.







Charlie Watts, 80, Drummer, Rolling Stones

Ed Asner, 91, Actor, Television And Film


Lee Scratch Perry, 85, Producer, Musician, Reggae, Dub

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Micheal Nader, 76, Actor, Television

New Bad Days 87, The Summer Of Blaz Strike 1: Teen Gangbangers Die From Reciprocation Assassinations; More Gangbangers Assemble In Indiscriminatory Mass Shooting Of Rivals And Bystanders; Man Pursues Pedicab Driver And Crushes Him Under His SUV; Cop Saves Gunshot Victim With Bag Of Chips And A Lieutenant Takes A Bullet In The Leg To Detain A Perp; Queens Teens Beat Down An Off-Duty Fireman And Film The Violence; Man Kills Mother Of Son Who He Failed To Steal A Backpack From; Teenagers Blasts Citibike Riding Man Twice He Was Expecting To Meet At A Bodega; Sexual Assault Ambushes Returns To Parks; Motor Scooters, Mopeds And Citibikes Have Become An Accessory In Ride-By Shootings As Well As The Usual Incidents Of Gun Violence With Holdups And Escalations; Auto Theft Continues To Surge Along With Assaults Against The Elderly, Asians And Muslims, Stabbings And Slashings, Wanton Vandalism, Crime In The Subway, Home Invasions And Reckless Driving


The Summer of NYC got off to an auspicious start with generous funding boost from President Joe Biden, who sent $6,000,000,000 of federal stimulus to the city in the hopes that current mayor Bill de Blasio would use it to ramp up police enforcement to repress the surging elevation in serious crimes that have kept the city under siege ( as if the omniscient presence of COVID’s spawn Delta Variant wasn’t doing it enough). Despite other stimulus funding to metropolises that have also seen massive hikes in gun violence like in Chicago, de Blasio decided to blow off the Biden administration’s  suggestion and felt according to the reality he sees that the resources his NYPD were adequate to bring down crime stats

What followed were the malignant ramifications that have burdened his constituents in the first month of the Summer Of Blaz…


In Crotona Park East, a man murdered another man by shooting him point blank at his head on the street in a gang related attack.

And again in Crotona Park East, a man rushed up to another man at gunpoint by his car and robbed two chains off him worth 20 large. Then the thief got away in a car he stole previously.

In Belmont, a 13-year-old boy got down on the street in a drive-by gang related attack and bled to death inside a nearby restaurant where he tried to get help. According to friends in mourning of his tragic death, he was trying to quit the gang he belonged to, but when you leave the set you literally leave for good, like on this mortal coil. According to NYPD investigation, this homicide was revenge for the murder of a young man in Crotona Park East.

A memorial with hundreds of candles spelled out in the slain boy’s initials on the pavement where he died got desecrated by a rival gangbangers who kicked them over.

Also in Belmont, a man shot a young man to death point blank to his head  in the lobby of an apartment building where he lived. Months earlier, the victim brutally beat down a superintendent who caught him trespassing and trying to force entry into his building.

Again in Belmont, a homeless man had a mental breakdown at a chain pharmacy store and threatened every person in his sights until mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa intervened and held the man back while he was taunting a woman and her daughter. Despite the candidate’s presence, the woman pulled out a knife to defend herself. Sliwa then escorted the man away as he continued to rant.

The homeless man appeared in a short video Curtis Sliwa made for his you tube channel where the candidate greets a row of homeless people hanging out on the pedestrian corridor on 7th Ave. that challenged his mayoral opponents to see the homeless crisis in person.

In Mount Hope, a 16-year-old boy got shot to death by two men who rode by him on a mopeds while he was sitting in an app-hail livery car in a gang-related drive by retaliating for the 13-year-old boy that was gunned down in Belmont. The victim was shot on the street last year but refused to divulge his assailant to the cops. A 15-year-old-boy got arrested for his involvement in the murder of his rival gangbanger.

Also in Mount Hope, a 17-year-old got shot by a gangbanger while he was walking on the street with his friends.

Again in Mount Hope, a car crash on an intersection led to two pairs of men into an argument when the issue of money came up to pay for the damages of one of the vehicles, which then escalated into a brawl between them until a gang of over 10 men showed up and grabbed the two adversaries of the pair they were associated with and mercilessly beat them down to the asphalt causing critical injuries to both men. The gang also looted the dead man’s car and stole all his property inside.

Two men involved and arrested in their participation of the pummeling of the two men were given bail, which they posted and got back on the streets again. Then one of the victims succumbed to his injuries and died a few days later.

In Mount Eden, a man got rowdy inside a restaurant and got bounced out. Then he returned with a gun and sprayed at anything in sight, hitting a man and a woman on their arms.

In Mott Haven at the 149th St. Station, a man sliced another man in the neck with a shiv during an dispute on the 2 train.

Also in Mott Haven, a man held a pizza delivery man at knife point and robbed three pies that he was about to deliver in front of a house.

Again in Mott Haven, three men chased two other men on the sidewalk and cornered them in front of a store with furniture in front of it and brutally beat them down and also threw a cinderblock and a milk crate at them

Again in Mott Haven, elevators at NYCHA’s Mitchell Houses have been inoperable for months, forcing senior citizen tenants to walk up over a dozen flight of stairs. Wasn’t long ago when an elderly woman walked up the stairs to get to her apartment on the 19th floor when power was shut down at her building and died after her oxygen tank ran out when she made it to the 18th floor.

And again in Mott Haven, a 15-year-old boy got shot on the leg on a street corner and then his assailant escaped in a sedan with his crew.

And again in Mott Haven, a man got shot in the back while commuting.

At Yankee Stadium, an area where felonious crime has gone up the most in the Boogie Down and the five boroughs, a man beaned a Red Sox outfielder with a baseball that the player threw into the stands.

In Melrose, a man got shot on the avenue a few hours before sunset.

Also in Melrose, a homeless woman high on drugs went berzerk following an raging argument with homeless shelter hotel workers and then went outside and drove her car into the front entrance and into the lobby.

Again in Melrose, two men grabbed a man in a wheelchair and pushed him off of it, then beat him down and robbed $100 and a cellphone off him.

In Morrisania, a man got murdered from a point blank shot to his dome in front of his apartment building.

Also in Morrisania, a man got shot to death while sitting in the front seat of a car in front of a vacant lot.

Again in Morrisania, a gangbanger shot a NYPD lieutenant on the ankle as he was trying to apprehend him after he caught him following a pursuit. Four cops assisted the lieutenant in restraining and arrested him. The perp was last arrested for gun possession in November and was instantly back on the streets after the judge laid down $30,000 bail which the outlaw easily posted despite having 25 priors and having a reputation for packing heat in the neighborhood. Current mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio did not even show up for Commissioner Shea’s press briefing at the hospital  where the heroic lieutenant was recuperating, because he was pooped playing volleyball at Orchard Beach all day where he fixed a game against a team of journalists.

And again in Morrisania, a man shot another man to death on the street with 6 bullets to his back.

In Morris Park, five men walked into a smoke shop and passed a gun around like a hot potato and then the man held up the clerk and the gang made off with $500.

Also in Morris Park, a man stole a package containing sneakers for a special needs child that were left on the porch and then he took a piss by the steps.

In Hunts Point, a man stalked another man walking on the sidewalk then shot him in the back twice in broad daylight, then he knocked over a man on a wheelchair while fleeing.

Also in Hunts Point, an inmate broke out of a floating barge prison by tying ropes together and crawling out of his cell window, then he swam to the shore and met up with his gangster ally and got into a getaway car waiting for him. The fugitive got caught in less than 12 hours trying to hide out in his friend’s mother’s apartment in Brooklyn.

In Castle Hill, a man got shot to death from point blank range following an argument with his killer. The victim’s mother mopped the sidewalk where his blood still remained.

In Bedford Park, two men chased a man on the street and slashed him as he tried to hide inside a store after they had a dispute about money.

In Highbridge, two men were found dead sitting in a car parked under the expressway with bullets in them.

Also in Highbridge, a man broke into a trailer at a construction site and robbed 2 laptops worth $7,000, two rings worth 10 large and a $600 cellphone.

In Williamsbridge, four men got into a brawl following an argument over a damaged car, leaving one man near death from his injuries.

In Soundview, a man stabbed his 71-year-old roommate to death inside his bedroom and then set their apartment on fire.

Also in Soundview, three men beat down a man inside a bodega and then they threw him outside where they stole his 2 cellies, $750 and his watch.

In Throggs Neck, a distraught man stopped his SUV in the middle of an intersection by a police station, opened the sunroof panel and sat on top of his vehicle to drink a beer while holding a gun, which led to an excessive response by the NYPD as cops deployed surrounded him holding automatic rifles and full military gear accompanied by a hybrid hummer tank. As CTU cops surrounded him, he fired a round that hit a patrol van and dropped his gun, which enabled the cops to swarm and arrest him.

In Wakefield, a man got shot in the leg on the sidewalk.

Also in Wakefield, two men chased a man down the street and cornered him at a house in the driveway where they stabbed him to death.

In the South Bronx, a 17-year-old boy got shot twice following an argument with his assailant on the street .

In Castle Hill, a man got shot in the arm in the middle of the block in the middle of the night.

In Van Cortlandt Park, a man barged into an 89-year-old man’s apartment and stole his bicycle and then he rode to Highbridge and held up a woman at gunpoint when she answered his knock on the door and he stole 150 bucks from her.

In Concourse Village, a man got shot to death in a courtyard by his apartment building.

In Olinville, a bus driver got hit with pepper spray by a passenger who refused to stay away from her while she was driving.

In Edenwald, a man lost an argument with another man by getting shot on the leg on the street.

In Classon Point, a man held up a barber shop at gunpoint and robbed it of 2 grand.

In Laconia, a man shot two men on a street corner to settle an argument.

In Van Cordtlant Park, a 17-year-old boy got hit in the leg by a stray bullet.

In Charlotte Gardens, a man got shot during a drive-by while he was sitting in a parked car.

In Van Nest, an unsupervised four-year-old boy fell off the balcony from the 10th floor of an apartment building.

Grand theft auto is still a massive issue in the Boogie Down as it is in the other 4 boroughs. Guess this is a good way to induce people from driving cars right Transportation Alternatives and StreetsBlog?


In North Corona, a man got shot while he was hanging out in front of a bodega during a drive-by involving a gang riding by on mopeds.

In Corona, two men ran towards a group of people dining and hanging out in front of a restaurant and a barber shop and also passerby and indiscriminately shot at the crowd 40 times in a gang related attack, hitting 3 from a rival gang and 7 innocent bystanders as two of their accomplices on motor scooters followed the fusillade on the sidewalk and the gunmen hopped on their rides and got away.

Also in Corona, three women robbed items from two cell phone stores. First they tricked a clerk by feigning to show interest in a celly and snatched it out of his hand and fled, then they went into a nearby store and stole headphones and $40 cash from another clerk, who managed to grab one of the thieves and held her down as her accomplices fled.

Again in Corona, a young man got shot in the back on the sidewalk by a man riding on the saddle of a moped with an accomplice.

In Far Rockaway, a traffic cop got shot at from a BB gun while he was writing up a ticket for a parking violation.

In Arverne, a house on fire killed a 9-year-old boy was initiated by twenty ceremonial candles still left burning in a kitchen from a ritual his family engages in every night.

In Middle Village, a man witnessing nearly a hundred kids gathering in the park got swarmed by them after he told them to stop blowing up fireworks. About 3 of them beat him down to the asphalt while other thuggish brats film the pummeling with their cellphones until a NYPD emergency patrol vehicle rolled up, flashed their overhead signals and blared their sirens to chase them away. Two teenagers were busted for the triple tag team assault.

In Jamaica, a man got shot in the pelvis and shoulder in front of his friend’s car when he went to check the wheels after he drove over a pothole.

Also in Jamaica, a drug-dealing couple were caught in their apartment with 100 grams of fentanyl. The gangbanger and his moll were tied to an overdose death of a man who they sold their product to.

And again in Jamaica, a young man shot at a 16-year-old boy at close range in front of a 99 cent store and he kept trying to shoot him as his mark was dodging him by making him chase him around a building column.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot at at group of people hanging out on the sidewalk and hit three men, then hopped in an SUV and fled with his accomplices.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot another man to death with a point blank blast to his face on the middle of the street.

And again in Jamaica, a man stalked a woman on the sidewalk while brandishing a knife and yelling xenophobic remarks at her. The bigot was previously involved into 2 other xenophobic assaults on a couple in South Richmond Hill and South Jamaica a month earlier. He turned himself in days later and was served with $30,000 bail as he continued to spew anti-Muslim vitriol during his arraignment.

And again in Jamaica, a man attempted suicide by jumping off a highway sign on the Van Wyck Expressway.

And again in Jamaica, a human skull was found among the refuse surrounding a house that’s been abandoned for nearly a decade.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot another man on the street and rode away on his ebike.

And again in Jamaica, a man threatened a gas station cashier and then he  went behind the counter and punched him multiple times, making off with $1,000.

In South Jamaica, a man got shot to death in front of an auto body shop.

Also in South Jamaica, a man killed a woman and her 10-year-old when he crashed his car into their car while going 94 mph and driving drunk.

In Rosedale, three men shot a fusillade of bullets at a group of four men in the middle of the street during a drive-by gang related attack

In St. Albans, a young man got shot to death in the middle of the street.

Also in St. Albans, a man escaped being incinerated alive when an explosion from the sidewalk grating blasted just seconds after he walked over it.

This was the second time a massive fireball burst from underground onto to street in the vicinity, even though the first time it occurred was never reported.

Again in St. Albans,  a man shot and hit two young men on the street in broad daylight.

In Springfield Gardens, a woman got shot in the arm from a stray bullet while in her apartment when a man was shooting at a house nearby.

In Hollis, an man riding shotgun an jeep pursuing another car on the avenue emptied the entire clip of his 9mm and shot the driver to death in a drive-by.

In Ridgewood, a man snatched a purse off a woman in broad daylight.

Also in Ridgewood, a man got killed when he got run over by a minivan that turned into him as he was lying down on the middle of the street when he passed out drunk.

In Long Island City, a man got busted possessing a stolen dirtbike after a gorgeous cop caught him blowing up fireworks and blasting music from an amplifier.

In Jackson Heights at the 74th St. Station, a man pushed a 66-year-old woman into the E train as it was arriving, yet the woman survived by falling through the middle of the car. Good thing that psycho had bad aim.

Also in Jackson Heights, a homeless man slashed another man in the face with a wooden shiv while yelling homophobic slurs at him. The man has a long record of recidivism with 90 priors and was recently exonerated without bail after he burglarized a bar and stole an ATM machine. DA Melinda Katz made sure a heftier bail of quarter million dollars was set based on his bigoted words, because there is just some behavior that we should not tolerate as a society.

Again in Jackson Heights at the 74th St. Station, a man beat down a woman he knew on the platform and got away on the F train and hasn’t been caught in 2 months.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man grabbed an 11-year-old girl walking on the boulevard sidewalk and dragged her into an alley and robbed 20 bucks, her house keys and a reusable shopping from her at knifepoint after threatening to rape her, which he initially was going to do to her but she wasn’t old enough to his liking.

In Elmhurst, a 17-year-old boy got shot to death on the street in broad daylight in a drug deal gone bad his killer got away in a car waiting for him.

In East Elmhurst, a woman was found dead on a bed inside an apartment.

In Flushing, a man got shot to death on the sidewalk during an early evening gangbanger drive-by attack.

Also in Flushing, a gang member hit a 4-year-old boy with an unlicensed dirtbike in Flushing Meadows Park’s parking lot and then rode away as the crowd descended on him.

Again in Flushing, a woman bashed a 75-year-old woman in the head with foreign object while she was collecting recyclables from a city receptacle and punched another woman in the face at a parking lot a week before. A month before these attacks, she punched a woman in the face for looking at her direction and 3 months earlier punched another man in the face for doing the same. All of her victims were Asian.

And again in Flushing, a man broke into a medical office and stole $1,575 and prescription script pads.

In Woodside, a man shot another man in the gut after he got punched in the face by his victim during a traffic dispute on Queens Blvd.

Also in Woodside, a food delivery man stopped his motor scooter in front of a restaurant and then two men on motor scooter rolled up behind him. One of them got off and then sat on the scooter and robbed it, and rode away with his accomplice on the sidewalk.

In Maspeth, a man broke into a house and robbed an entire safe containing jewelry.

Also in Maspeth, a 67-year-old woman  walking on the middle of the street got killed when she got hit by a car then run over by a bus from the first impact.

In Woodhaven, a man invaded a house by prying open the bedroom window and stole $2,500, and then he beat the hell out of the resident who caught him coming out.

In Richmond Hill, a two-alarm fire torched a nail salon and displaced a dozen tenants in the apartments above the store, making it the 3rd fire on Jamaica Ave in less than a year. Queens continues to burn.

Also in Richmond Hill, a five-year-old boy frolicking while walking with his mother and siblings got grabbed by a man who forced him into his car in an attempt to abduct him. The mother and Samaritans managed to grab the child away from the back window as the kook drove away with his father riding beside him.

The hapless kidnapper was caught and arrested by the cops at a hospital in Bushwick but not before he lashed out and cursed at nursing staff and punched a cop in the nose all while wildly proclaiming that the child he tried to abduct was his son.

Again in Richmond Hill, a man was caging and mistreating 27 pit bull dogs inside his house.

In South Richmond Hill, a woman crashed her car into two other cars on the Van Wyck and killed a 77-year-old woman and injured two others and then she abandoned her vehicle and ran away.

In Forest Hills, a woman robbed two statues that stood in front of a church and dragged them on the street and destroyed them with a hammer.

In Astoria, a man held up a woman at knifepoint and ran away when she refused to give him shit. Whew!

In Sunnyside, a man pestered another man to let him ride his electric scooter and then slashed his neck when he refused.

Also in Sunnyside, a man shot at another man on the street and missed as the stray bullet penetrated a library window in broad daylight.

In Laurelton, a man got shot on the street early in the evening with the sun still out.

In Springfield Gardens, an argument over a parking space between off duty cop and a man escalated when the man slashed the cops tire on his car and then the cop pulled out his gun and threatened to shoot him and blow up his car.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a man sitting in his car with thoughts of suicide got approach by cops trying to coax him out of the vehicle, then the man hit the gas and dragged the cops down the street and then smashed into a patrol car and injured two other cops sitting inside.

In Kew Gardens, a woman who just arrived to NYC from JFK nearly got hit by a stray bullet that went through the window of a cab she was taking to Manhattan.

Also in Kew Gardens, a man who killed an app-hail livery driver by crashing into his car while speeding and driving drunk was released by a judge on $10,000 bail at the Queens County Criminal Court and then the killer fled to Ecuador to avoid prosecution and prison.

In Fresh Meadows, a man broke into a bodega and robbed $200.

In Whitestone, a retired police officer committed suicide by shooting himself in his car parked by the Whitestone Bridge.

In Hillcrest, a man broke into a city council woman’s office and got caught by the cops as he was trying to steal a hard drive from one of her computers.

In Queens Village, a woman killed herself when she crashed her car into a parked truck while speeding on the Clearview Expressway.

In South Ozone Park, an off-duty cop assaulted a man after he accused him of denting his car.

In Willets Point, a man got killed from getting run over by a truck as he tried to go under it while jaywalking in the middle of the street.

In Bayside, an off duty fireman sexually assaulted a woman because he doesn’t know what the word no means.

In College Point, a man got killed on the expressway when he got hit by a car as he was fixing a flat.

On Rikers Island, an ostentatiously grandiose retirement party was thrown for two high brass female correction officer chiefs, featuring drummers, lobster and Italian dinners, high end booze and an FDNY boat shooting water from it’s cannons while C.O.’s are working double and triple shifts at the prison because of short staffing. In this case, officers and other prison personnel were acting as photographers and chaperones for the gala. Bill de Blasio’s newly appointed commissioner Vincent Schiraldi also attended the bash, and all he did was fecklessly stood there and watched the bacchanalia like a little bitch.

Also on Rikers Island, a convict with a record of assaulting C.O.’s and who tried to escape from prison twice, threw his shit on a C.O. who was checking on his cell.

Again on Rikers Island, an inmate stole a C.O.’s log book and returned it after he wrote an complaining essay on the horrendous environmental conditions, rampant crime and lack of security at the prison.


In Washington Square Park, following a fireworks display, a militia of cops deployed to the green space to ward off people staying after the parks closing got into a clash with the remaining denizens still hanging around as both sides battled with the barricades. One young woman got arrested when she intervened with cops who were chasing another woman on the street.

In Times Square, a woman got accosted by a man who made a lurid pass at her which angered her friend and told him to back off. Then the deviant stalked them and he slashed the woman who yelled at him three times and ran away.

Also in Times Square, a road rage dispute between two men escalated when one of them took out a gun and shot at his foe but missed. This makes it the third shooting incident in the world’s biggest tourist destination this summer of NYC.

Again in Times Square, a man whose sibling shot at a cd-selling rival and missed and wound up hitting 4 innocent bystanders including a 4-year-old girl got nabbed by the cops after they swindled a family of tourists into buying one of their cd’s and kept upping the price.

In Midtown, a 16-year-old boy who shot at a group of people in Times Square and hit a man with a stray bullet that ricocheted off a wall turned himself in to cops at the nearest precinct.

Also in Midtown, a homeless man ran up to another man on the avenue and threw an acidic liquid on his back, causing the victim to fall on the sidewalk from the burning sensation to his skin.

Again in Midtown, a homeless army veteran has been occupying a shed underneath a building scaffolding for months, causing a big stink that persists after multiple power washings. The owner of the building, an LLC, claims they are/it is powerless to remove them.

And again in Midtown, a man got into a brawl with a bunch of other dudes in front of a strip club and got stabbed twice.

And again in Midtown, a man drove his SUV straight into a pedicab while both were on the wrong side of the street, knocking the driver off his seat and onto the street and  also injuring his 3 passengers. He then ran over and crushed and killed the pedicab driver and then drove home by his luxury tower apt building where the cops arrested him. A few days later, a judge released the killer on conditional supervision without bail during his arraignment after prosecutors demanded he be held on $1,000,000 total bail and bond.

And again in Midtown, a man wore a bunny helmet head while riding his motorcycle.

In Grand Central Station, a man got slashed in the face by another man when he told his assailant to stop blasting his bluetooth speaker on the 7 train. Felonious violence on the subway is up 50% from a year ago.

Also in Grand Central Station, a man sucker punched a 60-year-old woman in the back of her head on the 7 train platform.

In Columbus Circle, two men held up two teenage boys and a man at gun point and robbed their backpacks and a cellphone.

In Harlem, two men got shot in front of an apartment building in broad daylight

Also in Harlem at the 116th St. Station, a man enabled a commuter to avoid the fare by opening the emergency gate for him and then was pursued and surrounded by 8 cops who tried to remove him from the 2 train. After cursing them out for 10 minutes, the cops swarmed and tased him trying to detain him as other commuters came to his defense trying to tell cops he paid his fare.

Again in Harlem, a man got stabbed in the chest following a dispute with his assailant in front of a bodega. A cop on patrol in the vicinity rushed over and demanded a spectator to get him a bag of chips and duct tape from the bodega, which the cop used to enclose the wound so the victim could breathe.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot and bled out and died on the street in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, three men on motor scooters pursued a man riding a dirtbike and shot at him but missed and the stray bullets hit a woman in the arm and a man in the knee on the sidewalk.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a man walked up to a man he knew and threatened him and then slashed him in chest on the platform.

And again in Harlem, three woman accompanied by two men harassed and then ruthlessly dragged and beat down a 61-year-old disabled woman on the sidewalk and robbed 22 bucks from her.

And again in Harlem at the 116th Station, a man killed himself when he got hit by the train trying to cross the tracks from one side to the other.

And again in Harlem, a man rolled up to a gang hanging out on the street on a dirtbike and sprayed a fusillade of bullets at them, killing a young man.

And again in Harlem, a stray bullet from a shootout between two gang bangers on the street in front of a NYCHA building went through a bedroom window of an apartment where a woman and her teenage daughter and three young children were sitting inside. One of hapless outlaw just recently got sprung out on bail from a gun possession charge.

And again in Harlem, two men showed up at a hospital with bullet wounds and wouldn’t divulge their assailant or their whereabouts to the cops.

In East Harlem, two men on an app ride share moped (which just launched only a few weeks earlier) rolled up to a group of people in front of a bodega and the man sitting on the back fired shots at them in a drive-by and fled going the wrong way on the street .  Maybe the city should have held the Lime.

Also in East Harlem, a man held up a pharmacy at gunpoint and robbed $2,000 worth of pills.

Again in East Harlem, a man shot at a group of people to settle an argument on a street corner and a stray bullet struck a Samaritan in the chest as he was protecting children from the fusillade.

And again in East Harlem, a man shot his girlfriend inside their apartment at the East River Houses.

And again in East Harlem, a man killed himself when he flipped his car over and he went through the sun roof and onto the pavement after he hit a curb while coming off a highway exit ramp while speeding.

And again in East Harlem, a young man got shot in the face on the grounds of the Clinton Houses.

And again in East Harlem, a woman got hit by a stray bullet from a nearby shootout on a street corner.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot in the legs and told cops to go fuck themselves when they inquired about his assailant at the hospital.

In Washington Heights at the 157th St. Station, as the sky vomited water during a tropical storm, it flooded the stairwell and the platform as a woman braved the elements and walked down the stairs to continue her commute because she clearly doesn’t have an Uber or Lyft account or can’t afford to use those apps.

There’s no stopping New York City…

Also in Washington Heights, a man riding a motorcycle got sidled by two men riding ATVs who then pulled out guns and shot him in the nuts while trying to jack his ride.

In Central Park, a derelict randomly smacked a 7-year-old boy in the face right in front of his parents.

Also in Central Park, two teenage boys held up a woman at knifepoint and robbed her cellphone but got collared by cops patrolling in the vicinity.

Again in Central Park, a man was found dead floating in a river by a boathouse.

In Inwood, a man shot two women at their legs to settle an argument on the street.

Also in Inwood, a man physically and sexually assaulted and mugged three women at a park in 60  minutes. First he punched a woman and stole her watch and cellphone, then he menaced a woman walking her dog, then he clobbered a woman who was walking her dog with a tree branch and then furiously punched her and left her on the ground with her pants down.

Again in Inwood, three men riding motorcycles rolled up to a nightclub and two of them drew guns on the valet, forcing him to give them $6,000 and all the car keys he was holding for patrons inside. That’ll take care of the NYPD’s temporary plate crackdown problem.

And again in Inwood, a man got held up at gunpoint after he got out his car by two men and then they shot him to death when he refused to give them his jewels.

In Chelsea, two tourists walking on the sidewalk got attacked by a man who pushed one of them into a scaffold pole, knocked her down and dragged her on the pavement while trying to snatch her purse and then punched the other woman who stopped him from stealing it.

Also in Chelsea, a man pushed a traffic cop to the pavement as he was writing up a ticket for his vehicle and then he sped off.

Again in Chelsea, two women who were drunk off their asses trespassed into a closed chinese restaurant and tried to cook their own dumplings in cold water and then stole a bag of them and left. Instead of pressing charges, the owner decided to be lenient with them even though they could have set the place on fire or robbed more than appetizers.

And again in Chelsea, an off-duty cop got involved in a rumble between his crew and another group of men in front of a nite club.

And again in Chelsea, a man tried to intervene and break up a fight between two groups of men on the street and got stabbed. Another man got stabbed also during the rumble.

In Chinatown at the Canal St. Station, a man grabbed a backpack from another man on the stairs as he and his mother fought him to prevent him from stealing it, but the man overpowered them and caused them both to fall down the stairs as the skel ran and caught the train and got away. The man’s mother wound up cracking her skull on the cement floor from the impact and wound up in a coma until she succumbed from her injury and died three weeks later.

In the Lower East Side, congregations of young people take over the streets while getting drunk and tripping balls in front of restaurant/nite club shanties and street corners and making infernal rackets every night by blasting music and dancing on parked cars. Revelers justify making a living wreck of the area by claiming the pandemic made them do it.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man got bashed with a skateboard and stabbed during a street fight, then he took his anger out on a nurse by shoving her to the floor and then assaulted two cops who were trying to restrain him.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man got killed after he got hit by a car that was changing lanes as he was crossing the street.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man threatened another man on a basketball court after he accused him of ogling his girlfriend, then he stabbed him on the shoulder when he didn’t leave fast enough.

And again in the Lower East Side, a woman stabbed her mother on her torso five times when she didn’t want to participate in her ritual inside their apartment.

And again in the Lower East Side, a homeless encampment is growing bigger at the Sara Roosevelt park.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man sucker punched a woman who was walking by him on the sidewalk and then he robbed $130 off her while she was on the pavement.

And again in the Lower East Side, an argument between two men inside a laundromat escalated into one of them getting stabbed in the chest.

And again in the Lower East Side, a piece of shit was left for dead by a tree.

In the West Village, two men walking on the sidewalk got accosted by a man who called them homophobic slurs, then the bigot followed them and punched one of them in the face but then got kicked by his victim and he ran away.

Also in the West Village, a man got sucker punched by another man as he called him a bigoted slur and then rode away on his bike.

In the East Village, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver when he was riding an ebike across the street.

Also in the East Village, a homeless man bashed a 70-year-old woman in the head with a board and knocked her to the pavement.

In Kips Bay, a man trespassed inside a bar still under renovation and stole a mirror and left a fire behind.

Also in Kips Bay, a man shot another man in the leg during a stick up where he robbed $60,000 worth of bling.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a tourist couple engaged to be married got robbed by two men who robbed the woman’s wedding ring and band after she slipped onto the ground and when one of them showed a gun to her fiance.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a woman committed suicide by jumping off the top floor of her 46 floor apartment building tower and brought her dog to perish with her.

In the Upper West Side, a man jimmied the lock of an apartment while the tenant was still home and robbed a laptop while she was in another room.

Also in the Upper West Side, the street opened up and swallowed a cruiser.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man killed his cousin by whipping him with a belt over 50 times inside his apartment and then he put him in a tub while he was passed out and filled it water.

And again in the Upper West Side, a woman lashed out a two women because they were speaking a language she didn’t like and chased them on the sidewalk, eventually catching up to one of them by grabbing her hair and spitting and throwing food at her.

In the Upper East Side, a woman found her little dog stolen after her apartment was broken into while she worked a 14 hour shift at a hospital.

Also in the Upper East Side, three men rolled up to a smoke shop on their bikes and one of them pulled out a gun at the clerk as his accomplices robbed money and cigarettes.

Again in the Upper East Side, a sinkhole manifested overnight on a residential street.

And again in the Upper East Side, a water man burst on a residential street.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man jumped and grabbed a woman from behind and held her at knifepoint and then she shot him with pepper spray, causing him to flee with nothing.

In Sugar Hill, two men shot at a group of people in front of an apartment building and hit a young woman in the torso.

In Hudson Heights, a city parks worker tripping balls on angel dust disrupted a zumba course being held in the park by dancing by women and then was told to leave when he was ogling at a woman working out. Then the man went to the children’s playground and whipped his dick out and proceeded to go to the street where he started pissing at passing cars and then laid down in middle of the road until cops came by and collared him. The man then sexually molested a woman at a train station two days later.

At the George Washington Bridge, three men on dirtbikes surrounded a car and shot it up, hitting the driver four times in the head and face. Then one of them stole his car after he ran off.

In Battery Park City, a homeless man smacked a man in his face while he was riding a bike, causing him to fall on the pavement.

In the Financial District, a man stole a citibike from another man when he punched him in the face as he was riding by him, then the thief rode to the South Street Station and left the ugly ass bike behind and hopped the turnstile and rode the train to wherever his next crime will be.

In Tribeca, a man was found dead and decomposed floating in the Hudson River.

In Columbus Circle, two men picked up an intoxicated woman at a niteclub and accompanied her back to her hotel room and where they raped her and stole her expensive hat.

In Murray Hill, a man spit on a woman and whacked her with his umbrella while after racial slurs at her as she was trying to commute.

In Downtown Manhattan, one half of a mural peeled off the ceiling and fell to the floor of the City Council chamber in City Hall.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, a man hassled a tourist walking on the sidewalk and then he grabbed her ass, gave her a smooch on the cheek and then then smacked her in the face during a struggle, causing her to fall on the pavement while stealing her wallet.

Again in Downtown Manhattan, a homeless man was leaving boxes of his clothes in the ugly Oculus transit hub and the NYPD treated it like a terrorist threat.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a sword got extracted from a statue of Medusa at a park across the street from the city supreme court house and FBI building.

In Union Square, an 85-year-old woman got killed when she got hit by a truck while crossing in the middle of the block.

In Greenwich Village, a man in his car got impatient waiting for cops to clear a protest in front of an NYPD precinct and hit the gas and hit a demonstrator and a cop. The maniac got caught and arrested 4 blocks away and is the son of a retired high brass deputy inspector.

In Soho, a man went into an art gallery that’s about to display an exhibition of the President of the U.S.A.’s oligarch schmoozing, corporation networking, recovered crackhead son’s paintings he allegedly did himself and vandalized a wall with colored hair spray and then got tackled by a hipster goon working security there who held him down for an hour till the cops came.

Also in Soho and again in the Lower East Side, a wine expert transformed into an serial arsonist and set outdoor restaurant shanties on fire.

In Hudson Yards, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide by jumping from the top of the ugly and poorly guarded Vessel art monument right in front of his family. The developer and owner for the oligarch playground ordered to close the suicide shwarama indefinitely to visitors and he is still obliviously in shock on how it’s become a easy magnet to kill yourself from after 3 other suicides that occurred since it’s opening in 2019.


In East Flatbush, a man loitering in front of a store gets a call on his cellphone and then gets approached by a man who rolled up to him on a citibike. After a few words the man shoots him to death twice at point blank range after he received something from him and another man holding a wad of cash gives him a pat before the killer runs away.

Before he pulled off the homicide, the young man kept his gun in a fanny pack.

Also in East Flatbush, a man got killed by a hit and run driver as he was crossing the street.

Again in East Flatbush, a man got shot to death in broad daylight on a street corner.

And again in East Flatbush, a man walked up to a cop and smashed a bottle on him, then the cops caught him hiding under a car and arrested him while he kept talking shit.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot in the knee from a stray bullet while he was hanging out with his crew on the street.

In East New York, prostitutes have opened up a drive thru sex market by the elevated train tracks. Cops on patrol in NYPD vehicles stand in an exhibition of enforcement optics.

Also in East New York, a man got stabbed to death by his roommate inside his apartment who he let him live there for three years after he found out he was homeless.

Again in East New York, a man shot a woman in the face by shooting through her window following an argument they had inside her apartment.

And again in East New York, a man got killed when he crashed into a car while riding his dirtbike.

And again in East New York, three men got shot on a bike lane on the street during an argument with another group of men.

And again in East New York, a woman came home to find her roommate stabbed to death in his bedroom inside their apartment.

And again in East New York, a man on a citibike rolled up to a 68-year-old man on the sidewalk and then beat the living daylights out of him in broad daylight and robbed his cellphone and silver chain. He then abandoned the bike. Citibike doesn’t run it’s share service in the neighborhood.

In Flatbush, a man got into an argument on the street with another man regarding money, then the other man followed him home to his apartment building and stabbed him to death.

Also in Flatbush, a homeless man threw coins at an MTA worker who tried to awaken him on the 5 train.

Again in Flatbush, a postal worker robbed over $3,000,0000  worth of money orders and debit cards meant for pandemic unemployment relief aid from another mail carrier’s bag and got caught with them at her apartment after her boyfriend got caught by the cops with the loot at his. The Postmaster General always gets things done.

In Prospect Park, a man ambushed a woman and threw her against a rock wall and sexually assaulted her but she escaped his grasp when he was trying to apply a condom on his dick. Then the deviant molested another woman after that.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man walked up to two men hanging out in front of a deli and then shot at them, hitting one of them in the stomach.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, two construction workers got injured when the roof and wall collapsed on them as they were trying to add extra floors to a 100 year-old house.

In Canarsie, a 27-year-old man got shot during a drive-by while he was hanging out with a group of friends in front of a building a half-hour before sunrise.

Also in Canarsie, a man got shot to death by two gunmen as he stepped out of a Dunkin Donuts.

In Bed-Stuy, a wrecked car abandoned by the curb with the wheel above it and parked by a fire hydrant still got a parking violation ticket.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man flipped his lid and picked up a drawer of a dresser left discarded by the curb and smashed it on the sidewalk. Then he took a panel of wood from it and whacked a man over the head with it after yelling an anti-Semetic slur at him.

Again in Bed-Stuy, three men got shot on the street by a man who decided to win an argument with them with his piece.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a mysterious and evasive serial BB gun shooter shot a cop on the street.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man babysitting his girlfriend’s 4 month old daughter killed her after he bashed the baby’s head against the wall and hit her head with his controller because he didn’t want to get distracted  while he was playing video games.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man killed himself and injured his passenger when he crashed his luxury sports car into an elevated train pillar while speeding down Atlantic Ave.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men shot at a group of people in mourning at a vigil of a 7-year-old girl who died of leukemia, hitting a woman twice in the chest and a man down the block with a stray bullet. Then the two thugs hid their guns in a building scaffolding and retrieved them the next day.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shoved a 76-year-old man up against the wall and threw him to the ground because he got told to stop honking his horn.

In Williamsburg, a man got shot on the grounds of the Bushwick Houses.

Also in Williamsburg at the Marcy Ave. Station, a woman got into an argument with a 76-year-old man and then pushed him to the ground by the turnstiles.

Again in Williamsburg, a man attacked a woman as she was going up to her apartment building. He grabbed her from behind and made her fall down the steps and then molested her while stealing her purse. He then used one of her credit cards to buy a drink and other shit at a store, and then used it to rent a storage unit to hide at in Greenpoint, which is where the cops caught the skell.

And again in Williamsburg, three customers having a dispute with three workers inside a pizzeria escalated into a royal rumble behind the counter and by the ovens. Three men and numerous slices wound up with injuries after the fracas.

In East Williamsburg, a woman walking on the sidewalk caught a man stalking her and feigned to check her phone as the man walked by her. Then when she resumed her commute, the man tackled her from behind and grabbed her lady parts while on the sidewalk and then he ran away after the victim smacked him with her phone.

In Bushwick, a man got shot three times after he got into an argument with a group of men who were leaning on his girlfriend’s car. He died from his wounds three weeks later and the killer is still on the loose.

Also in Bushwick, a man got shot twice as people were celebrating 4th Of July and having a BBQ cookout on the street.

Again in Bushwick, a man shot a fusillade of bullets at three other men hanging out in front of a liquor store as cops were on patrol nearby. The cops cornered him and then shot him down with 15 rounds when he refused to drop his gun. The late perp last served time in federal prison for gun-running.

And again in Bushwick, a man killed his girlfriend’s baby daughter while he was shaking her to be quiet just so he can play video games.

And again in Bushwick, a  man shot two men inside a park and another man a block away and all three wouldn’t divulge their assailant to the cops.

And again in Bushwick, two men drew guns on each other and got hit with bullets to the leg and head.

And again in Bushwick, cops deployed to remove people from a vacant commercial store being occupied by an activist group were approached by supporters of the organization who formed an public assembly against the NYPD. Then a few demonstrators and a man with a professional video camera directed their ire aggressively against a journalist,  blatantly oppressing him from reporting what was happening, even resorting to using objects to ward him away by opening an umbrella directly on him and weaponizing a giant professional news grade video camera. All the while ordering him to leave (and phrasing it in a way that implies it’s a civil right, unlike their right to assemble and control their narrative) even though he’s the only one there with press credentials.

Then the cops and demonstrators got into a clash, leading to 5 people getting arrested. Notably a few that were harassing and oppressing that journalist.

In Prospect Park, a woman crashed into a man while riding her bike as he was crossing the road and wound up injured worse than the pedestrian.

In Crown Heights, a man riding his bike got attacked by a man who stabbed him in the arm.

Also in Crown Heights, a young man rolled by a store on his scooter and ripped down a gay pride flag that was hanging in front.

Again in Crown Heights, a man shot another man to death with a blast point blank to his dome while he was hanging out with his crew in a lot in a gang-related hit.

And again in Crown Heights, two men got shot on the streets after midnight.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot to death on the street from a drive-by.

In Prospect Heights, a young man suspected of a shooting got caught by cops possessing a gun was involved in a gang lynching of a 15-year-old girl just to steal her sneakers last year.

In Cypress Hills, a man got stabbed to death inside an apartment in a public housing building.

Also in Cypress Hills, a man held up a cook at knife point at a gyro/chicken take out joint and stole all the money out of the register.

In Brownsville, a man got killed while riding his motorcycle after getting hit by an SUV in an intersection. The driver of the SUV kept going.

Also in Brownsville, a NYCHA cop got hit in the neck by a shot from a BB gun as well as a pedestrian who was walking in the area.

Again in Brownsville, two women got into a dispute with a laundromat worker and then they chased him around and punched him, knocking him down to the floor and the one of them threw a vase at him.

And again in Brownsville, a man shot another man to death following a fight in front of a hotel homeless shelter.

In Sunset Park, a cop went ballistic on a man who was insisting on double parking on the street during a street fair after being told to move along.

Also in Sunset Park, a man ran over and killed a homeless man when he ran over a cardboard box he was sleeping in while he was parking his car under the Gowanus Expressway. This is the culmination of Bill de Blasio’s fight for a fairer New York City.

Again in Sunset Park, a man got shot to death in front of an apartment building.

And again in Sunset Park, a man grabbed another man and dragged him on the sidewalk and couldn’t keep his shorts up while trying to rob him. After three men intervened, he had a few seconds pull up his shorts, then he attacked his mark again and ran away with his skivvies showing.

And again in Sunset Park, at the 36th St. Station, a man killed himself when he slipped and fell under the F train while walking between cars.

In Brighton Beach, a 17-year-old girl grabbed a 75-year-old woman and tossed her to the ground and kicked her repeatedly.

In Coney Island, a 73-year-old man got hit by a box truck while he was jaywalking on the street.

In Kensington, a man who rigged his SUV with hazard lights and sirens crashed into a police car and then a lamppost while speeding down the avenue. Two cops were injured from the wreck.

Also in Kensington, a food delivery man killed himself as he tried to maneuver around a double parked car as a dump truck was also turning and he crashed into it and fell under while riding on his moped.

In Midwood, a man riding his bike on the sidewalk sidled by a woman and smacked her ass and pulled down her shirt and then rode off.

In Borough Park, a man jerked off in front of a 9-year-old girl and then rode away on his bike.

Also in Borough Park, a man robbed a scooter from a 6-year-old boy by pushing him off of it as he was scooting on the sidewalk. Then the NYPD buys him a new one days later.

In Park Slope, a man tossed a duffle bag containing a little dog and abandoned it in front of a pet grooming store.

In Boerum Hill, a man shot another man in the foot and during a bike ride-by.

Also in Boerum Hill, a man shot another man in the middle of the street at the moment a woman pushing her child in a stroller was commuting on the crosswalk in broad daylight.

In Clinton Hill, a man shot another man in the back on a street corner.

Also in Clinton Hill, two men shoved a man off his bike and rode away and then abandoned it by the BQE.

In Greenpoint, a building superintendent peeped and recorded conversations on two women by setting up a camera in their bedroom in their apartment.

In Sheepshead Bay, an app-food delivery man delivering an order to a cop at a NYPD precinct put a post-it note on his dick and then placed it inside her food.  When the jerk got arrested he claimed it was a prank.

In New Lots, a man got killed on his unlicensed motorcycle following a collision with a car in an intersection.

Also in New Lots, a man shot another man in the knee after arguing with him inside an apartment building.

In Weeksville, a man shot another man in the back on the street to win an argument.

In Flatlands, two NYPD patrol vehicles crashed into each other while rushing to an emergency call. Four cops got injured from the wreck.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man held up two people at gunpoint and robbed 30 large worth of high end jewels plus a cellphone and a designer handbag.

In DUMBO, a man broke into an apartment and robbed a video game console.

In Bensonhurst, a gang of four held up a man at knifepoint and then stabbed him after their disappointment that he had no cash on him.

Also in Bensonhurst, an 88-year-old woman got held up at gunpoint by a man after his girlfriend robbed her necklace while she was waiting for the light to change on a street corner.

In Bath Beach, a man grabbed over a grand’s worth of makeup from a chain pharmacy and split with ease.

In Bay Ridge, a man riding his bike got plowed by a hit-and-run driver on a street corner.

In Fort Greene, a man shot pepper spray in another man’s face for stealing his parking space.

Also in Fort Greene, two men broke into a bar and robbed $330 from the register.

In South Slope, two women stole an police themed version of the American flag from an auto body shop and spent almost ten minutes setting it on fire on the sidewalk.

In Southside Brooklyn, the NYC sheriff dept. did a sweep to find vehicles with temporary license plates that are mostly used for gun violence and only confiscated 43 cars.

Staten Island

In Mariners Harbor, a fight broke out in the backyard of a house during a Sweet 16 party and then a boy whipped out a gun and shot two other boys and fled.

In Tompkinsville, an 80-year-old man was beaten to death inside his apartment and left behind in the hallway lobby. The killer left a message in marker on his chest that accused him of pedophilia. A woman who works as his aide and lived with him with 3-year old daughter beat her child in public on the street in the Lower East Side hours after the man was found dead.

In Concord, a man with a scooter boarded a bus, got into a dispute with the driver and then punched him in the face. Then he decided to use his scooter to commute.

In New Springville, a man crashed his Beemer into a city bus while speeding, crippling himself and injuring his passenger, and the driver and two passengers on the bus he rear-ended.

Also in New Springville, human bones were found behind a Sanitation Department building.

At the Silver Lake Reservoir, a 9-year-old girl died after falling into the lake while she was playing by the water with other children without adult supervision.

In the North Shore, a man swindled over $17,000 from a woman by conning her into thinking he was collecting bail for a relative of hers.

In Mariners Harbor, a man driving recklessly in his car caught the attention of cops on patrol who pursued them all the way to Grasmere where they caught up to them and collared them after finding them in possession of baggies of crack, smack and Oxycontin.

In Stapleton, a man got shot at four times while he was sleeping on his porch and survived.

In West Brighton, a man got nabbed by the cops with a lavender gun and a bottle of narcotics inside an apartment building.

Also in West Brighton, a 14-year-old boy got shot in the arm during a rumble between two gangs on the street.

In Fort Wadsworth, a man shot up another man in the face and his legs in the middle of the street. The perp also has two priors for beating the crap out a 14-year-old boy on a newspaper rout and sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

In Oakwood, a woman lifted a man’s wallet and used his credit card to buy grub.

Also in Oakwood, a man causing a ruckus in his apartment building led to cops being deployed there. Two cops brought him outside with an ambulance waiting and then the man broke loose and ran back to his apartment where he grabbed a steel pipe and tried to hit them with it, but wound up catching a bullet in the hand and getting arrested.

In Port Richmond, two men stole a street sweeper from a supermarket parking lot and took it for a joyride.

In Clifton, a man running for comptroller got arrested after refusing to mask up to access the Board Of Elections office building and charged him with trespassing even though he was trying to register for office.

Also in Clifton, a propane tank landed on the roof of a neighboring building after it exploded in a lot.

Again in Clifton, a man killed himself by crashing into a parked car while riding an ebike.

Bill deBacle

The mayor of climate emergency

Central Park, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A

Current mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio might be suffering under a massive hangover after the abrupt ending of the final and biggest concert of his NYC Homecoming Week, which he and the New York City Economic Development Corporation planned nearly 3 months in advance, as remnants of Hurricane Henri hovered over Central Park and delivered some lightning bolts to force the concert promoters to kill the show after only 2 hours and in the middle of sappy songwriter Barry Manilow’s set. 

Nothing couldn’t have been more apt of The Blaz’s incompetence and megalomania than when he went onstage and tried to salvage the festival by yelling at the crowd not to depart and promised the show would resume while shielded by a saran wrap slicker, only to have it kiboshed 8 minutes later. But it’s not like this wasn’t just spur of the moment desperation from the Mayor, because this idiot actually had held a press briefing with the NYC Emergency Mgmt. Commissioner to warn about Hurricane Henri’s arrival. At the exact time when the concert began at 5 P.M.

So The Blaz and the Emergency Dept. Commissioner John Scriviani knew the severity of the tropical storm, warned citizens to take precautions and to avoid any plans that would jeopardize their safety and they still allowed the show to go on. These two boobs knew the storm would be unpredictable and both acted like that Henri was just going to remain in Long Island until the next day. Ludicrously unscientific claims the Blaz made earlier in tweets 4 hours before he declared a state of emergency right when the We Love NYC concert first act was performing on stage (and about 6 hours after the current governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency!).

The Blaz being oblivious to the irony and of responsibility from his forecast and advice from his emergency agency, around 7:30 PM as the sun was setting Henri made his presence felt as the first bolts of lightening appeared. The music promoters sensing doom and actually cognizant of the National Weather Service warnings that were pinging their phones for two days like Commish Scrivani mentioned, cut Barry Manilow off and killed the lights, flashing a big sign for the vaccinated masses to evacuate. The Blaz, after big footing the stage of the last 4 homecoming concerts and standing by his #NoStoppingNewYorkCity hashtag credo came out and thought he could save the show and what manifested was as asinine as it was surreal.

The last time an elected official prioritized entertainment and leisure over the safety of the citizenry was the Mayor from the movie Jaws.

But since this real life and The Blaz valiantly and vainly tried to mess with the primal force of Mother Nature. Taking a cue from his self-made credo hashtag #NoStoppingNewYorkCity, the Blaz attempted to gaslight the vaccinated audience to hang out until the rain and lightning stopped and the show could resume for their safety (?!!!!) by suggesting to find shelter in a public park so they wouldn’t be easy targets, even though the only things passing for shelter are the trees, which are also lightning rods. Maybe the Blaz thought this was proper advice because he knew he had shelter waiting for him via the VIP guest tent or with his NYPD motorcade entourage.

The fact that he said this while wearing a ridiculous slicker in front of a jumbo screen warning ablazed in hot pink telling the audience to get out of harms way  established that this hysterical and hazardous moment where the Blaz out-did a mayor from a fictional movie and became the mayor of climate emergency. Never mind that only a few days earlier, lightning crashed at Orchard Beach in the Bronx where a 13-year-old boy got killed.  What’s even worse is the audience actually believed his gaslighting and came back to the lawn and decided to wait it out for a few hours.

Even though the concert was meant for the vaccinated only to attend, it shows that even though the vaccines can stop COVID, the vaccines can’t fix stupid.

After this fiasco, it’s definitely settled that de Blasio’s stupid is terminal and beyond repair and all it took was a tropical storm to prove it this time. But besides the fact that this show should have been at least postponed for another weekend, it should have been postponed weeks ago as the Delta Variant raised doubled the percentage of total COVID infections ever since the city dropped mask and distancing guidelines on July 1, as well as the other sparsely attended (because of the vaccine mandate and less than 50% of Black and Latino people vaccinated) 4 borough shows featuring all hip hop music and George Clinton being how a lot of middle aged rap legends have been dying and Dr. Funkenstein is vulnerable to the contagion at the age of 80. And it most definitely shouldn’t have been planned in the first place when the Blaz announced this show in June before the city was yet to be fully opened in September. Which is what’s even more maddening about Bill’s fiasco, this fool and the NYC EDC planned this Blazapalooza for 2 months (probably longer) and when it comes to actual crises and services like gun violence and the reopening of schools, the Blaz only prepares at a moment’s notice.

But at least the conclusion to the NYC homecoming week was a fitting finale for the Blaz, a self-serving self-promoting wretch who was only using this festival week clearly to build his national profile and personal mayoral legacy in addition for the wanton avarice of concert “curator” music mogul Clive Davis, the monopoly concert promoter and ticket seller Live Nation; and corporate news monolith CNN who lost millions of ad dollars losing 3 hours of broadcast time thanks to Henri’s foreboding presence.

It’s doubtful the Blaz is going to learn a thing from this debacle*, for his hubris is the reason why his concert got kiboshed but that same hubris is what’s actually been helping him get by his calamitous final year in office. Plus the whole world got to see what a jerkoff he is with his embarrassingly vain attempt to save his grand homecoming concert.

But now he’s run out of bread and circuses and now he has to do his actual job of governing, which he has done with such criminal incompetence through 8 years and with abhorrent juvenile conduct ever since the summer began. And with Cuomo finally gone in a few days, all scrutiny will be entirely focused on de Blasio and his kakistrotatic administration along with his policy decisions and internecine machinations

The “homecoming” is over and so goes his Summer of NYC no matter how much he tries to pretend its on and how much he tries to stretch it.

Oh wait.

NY Post

 A giant Ferris wheel is coming to Times Square — and the idea is to roll out a welcome for tourists as the city looks to bounce back from the pandemic.

The massive amusement ride — which will stretch 110 feet high, the equivalent of 11 stories — will start getting assembled as soon as Thursday and be ready to hoist passengers high above the Crossroads of the World beginning early next week, The Post has learned.

The outsize attraction will be located just west of Duffy Square on Broadway between West 47th and West 48th Streets for about a 22 days, according to Vito Bruno, who heads up the Brooklyn-based entertainment company that’s behind the project.

“The city needs something fun, happy and nostalgic that brings you back to your childhood,” Bruno told The Post.

He added that he approached the Times Square Alliance about the idea several months ago, “and it’s been a sprint ever since,” with a myriad of permits, inspections and signoffs from multiple city agencies.

The de Fiasco variant continues it’s spread



Mario’s Son’s Shitty Resignation And Lament

That’s all folks.

  Albany, New York, U.S.A.

It took a decade, but the reign of Governor Andrew Cuomo finally and mercifully has ended. There actually was a time when Mario’s Son would have been extricated earlier when he abolished the Moreland Commission to investigate permanent government corruption in the halls of the Albany State House-which was actually a fulfillment of a campaign promise he swore on that got him the governor’s position-but wound up being at the time his biggest self-own as D.A. investigations were going into REBNY’s role in influencing state policy decisions and eventually wound up getting two of the three men in the room Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos incarcerated for their pay to play schemes benefiting their donors.

Surprisingly, Cuomo managed to skate after all that and he continued on with business as usual making sure his moneyed donors continue to profit off his policy decisions. It wasn’t until COVID-19 ravished New York that Cuomo really went overboard. Sure everybody knows about how his executive decisions got 15,000 elderly people killed with his nursing home edict and how he obscenely profited from the pandemic by writing a book about it, but the reason why he’s gone is because Cuomo is a horndog.

After homemaker entrepreneur Sandra Lee dumped Cuomo just a few months before the pandemic was about to smack New York, Cuomo must have been really hardup to get laid. Then when the pandemic was ravishing his state, Cuomo was suddenly thrust into the limelight with his daily briefings and his constant appearances on his kid brother’s prime time news show on CNN. Suddenly and disturbingly, the governor became a sex symbol over night, culminating with universal adoration from morning and late night talk show hosts and social media influencers which led to even more disturbing merchandise honoring the governor’s sex symbol status . And being a megalomaniac narcissist, he probably though he can parlay this newfound fame into getting some young poontang in the office. And being how he was a counterpoint to universally culturally loathed Donald Trump, he probably thought he could shit where he ate and get away with it.

It was around this time Charlotte Bennett was his aide. Although he didn’t lay a hand on her, Cuomo’s still took opportunities to give her insinuations and implications that he thought would make her swoon for him. Cuomo must have thought he could parlay those Cuomosexual t-shirts into political ingenue arm candy.


Around the time Cuomo became the recipient of a just made up Emmy award is when he set his ribald wiles on Executive Assistant #1 by getting her alone in a room at the Governor’s mansion and having his way with her, as he reached into her shirt and went to second base with her. EA #1 kept this traumatic incident to herself because of the culture of intimidation established in the Cuomo administration and undoubtedly the cult of personality around him because of his celebrity and mostly his political status as a leader guiding his state and the nation during the pandemic.

After EA #1 was highlighted in A.G. Letitia James report as well as a female State Trooper Cuomo got liberally handsy with and one incident where he asked her why she doesn’t wear a dress (maybe it’s because that’s not the required uniform ya perv), Cuomo released a mea video culpa to all media outlets that he never touched anyone inappropriately, repeating the same defense he made after Lindsey Boyland unleashed her accusations of predatory behavior towards her back in March that opened up the investigation. Following 10 minutes of ponderous anecdotes and denials, Cuomo’s video unleashed a montage of photos showing him kissing and touching his mother and other politicians.

From the looks of some of these photos, it’s telling if these people, and one child, were appreciative of Cuomo’s affectations.




Even Vice President Al Gore was visibly cringing.


Prefacing and during this ludicrous montage, Cuomo claimed that they were all acts of affection that was passed down by his mother Matilda and became ingrained in him while growing up Italian, brazen false equivalencies he attributes to his aggressive inappropriate touching and condescending come-on incidents with the 11 women he had encounters with. But it’s extremely doubtful that any Italian mother ever reached into her son’s shirt and grabbed his boobies or made lascivious comments about his figure for being such a good boy.

Once D.A. James report was released and confirmed that Cuomo did touch all those women inappropriately, it didn’t take long for the typhoon deluge of demands for his resignation from New York’s elected officials and Democrat Party establishment, again, now that it was politically expedient after letting Cuomo slide for months to continue lording from the Governor’s Mansion although while taking advantage of the weakened megalomaniac by getting marijuana finally legalized, debt forgiveness for CUNY students and extensions of the eviction moratorium.

It also didn’t take long for new expose’s to come out about Cuomo’s protection racket that tried to oppress accusations of his abuse of power and toxic workplace environment with Cuomo’s political gun moll Melissa de Rosa got cited for assembling a team to dig up dirt on Lindsey Boyland after the former top aide went commando with her accusations against the LuvGuv on Medium and Twitter. The fallout also crashed on Mario’s other son Chris Cuomo, who along with other major DNC advisors got caught giving his brother advice while being given access to state records to circumvent the bad publicity of his brother’s scandal.

Also after Cuomo’s shitty video lament, it was clear to Executive Assistant #1 that her former boss was going to continue smearing her and she came out and exposed her identity in an interview with CBS News as she thoroughly explained her harrowing experience with her former boss, her expression wholly revealing the trauma she went and is still going through with the memory of that incident. Which was enough to convince Mario’s son to finally announce his resignation after 20 minutes of his follow up unrepentant sorry/not sorry video still denying all the sexual harassment allegations against him. 

“I have never crossed the line But the lines have been redrawn”

It’s not hard to figure out why Mario’s Son is still being defiant about his fervent denials and it’s not just his frequent misinterpretation of being New York Tough which inspired him to reject resignation for 5 months. Its that D.A. James report doesn’t really charge him with anything, for it’s a civil case and not a criminal case. So Cuomo won’t be seeing any jail time any time soon, unless the incident with Brittany Commiso leads to charges.

Plus a deal was clearly made with Cuomo and the State Assembly for him (and his moll de Rosa) to keep his job and run the state for another two weeks, which should factor in the major land deal coming to the Penn Station district for another Hudson Yards luxury tower and commercial tower district with plutocrat Stephen Ross and who knows what other land grabs and tax break extensions Cuomo will enable and entitle them with after the sociopath developer donor money funded suarez they threw on Andy’s birthday a week before James report came out. And now with Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie abruptly dropping the impeachment proceedings against Mario’s son for his shitty resignation, Cuomo can still run for office again if he wishes to do so.

So what’s happened here is that after all the accusations and all the corrupt machinating that kept Cuomo running New York State has really amounted to nothing except getting the governor cancelled or deplatformed for a little while. D.A. James investigation was an exciting chase that was better than the actual catch. Meanwhile, Cuomo’s other major crime that affected and traumatized more lives-and ended over 15,000 of them-is still not being addressed, and that coward Carl Heastie has just killed the chance for James to do a long overdue probe on it, which follows the Biden Administration’s Justice Dept. heinous decision to not pursue civil rights charges against Cuomo for his edict ordering nursing homes to take in COVID patients while knowing full well how the virus impacts on elder people with weakened immunity and in vulnerable environments. And with the exception of a few  officials, it’s amazing how they were willing to tolerate Cuomo for his involuntary mass manslaughter of thousands of elderly people and then order de Rosa and her mean girl posse to juke the stats so it would be presentable in a book her boss got paid 5 million to write and then order her to lie to federal officials about the real death count.

The same with Washington D.C. too. For Cuomo has a loyal friend in the senile fascist Figurehead of the United States in Biden, because Cuomo was there in meetings about the infrastructure bills being written in Congress during James investigation and was also still the leader of the National Governors Board. It must have hurt Unkie Joe to finally call for his ouster for his perversions considering all the hair of children he opportunistically smelled during swear ins and his own finger raping of Tara Reade that he got away with thanks to the undermining of her accusations and militia style smearing of her on social media. That undermining courtesy of the fraudulent feminist organization Times Up, which also assisted Cuomo in providing protection for him going after his accusers.

All New York got out of this was a brief respite for seeing Andy’s gargoyle face for a while and it seems no justice is really going to come for all those elderly people Cuomo made expendable to protect his hospital and hospice care executives. The executive downfall of Mario’s son may assure a better working environment in the Albany State House but the disease of permanent government patronage and cronyism will still remain the same.

To quote Joe Biden: Nothing Will Fundamentally Change.

Surely, the former LuvGuv can appreciate all that.



Jackie Mason, 93, Comedian, Actor, Author

Dusty Hill, 72, Bass Player, Vocals, ZZ Top

Markie Post, 70, Actress, Television, Film

Charles Robinson, 75, Actor, Television

Joey Jordison, 46, Drummer, Slipknot

Carl Levin, 87, U.S. Senator, Michigan

Richard Trumka, 72, Union Leader, Chairman, AFL-CIO

J.R. Richard, 71, Pitcher, Houston Astros

Robby Steinhardt, 72, Vocals, Violin Player, Kansas


Breaking New Bad Days: No Show Politician Surfaces To Cure Gun Violence


During his nearly three decades representing Corona in Albany, Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry has kept a low profile while working for criminal justice reform but the gang shooting that wounded 10 on Saturday, July 31, brought him to the microphone at the Elmcor center, where he once worked after graduating college.

During a press conference on Sunday, Aug. 1, he noted that the facility on 108th Street has provided a haven for the community for nearly a half-century on the same street corner that was once a drug shooting gallery.

“If we don’t put this together on a state and citywide level a house divided cannot stand,” Aubry said. “So we need a new mayor and we need the governor to be reinvigorated in the desire to make New York City safe. We need the funding to be released and we need to make sure the communities cooperate.”

He then implored his constituents to speak up if they knew any of the two gunmen who fired nearly 40 shots into a crowd of people on 37th Avenue, or the two men on scooters who helped them get away before police responded to the crime scene.

“You have to be a part of the solution. You cannot sit back and be silent and think you are going to be safe because they will continue to shoot and they do not care who you are or if you are in the way,” Aubry said. “If you are not part of the solution doing what is necessary to bring people to justice we will not have a safe community. There’s good here and there’s bad here and we need to put the good together to defeat the bad.”

Nothing says low profile assembly member than an atypical do nothing politician. Really.

It takes a mass shooting to get this guy to crawl from under his rock in Albany and come all the way down to Corona, Queens and spew a bunch of bullshit platitudes and then has the gall to pester his constituents for not doing enough to get psycho gangbangers off the streets. But it makes sense that Aubry is self-conscious and still self-righteous because he’s one of the many fauxgressive officials responsible for the bail reform policy that has thugs on the street and recidivist criminals acting with total impunity. Even after they get caught.

Another reason this feckless official deigned to come down and to beg Cuomo for cash for this violence interruptor program is because this coordinated moped drive by shootout where these thugs only managed to hit three gang rivals hanging out at a barber shop while wounding 7 innocent bystanders by a restaurant has made national news, just like that video of the psycho shooting around kids to hit his target on a Bronx sidewalk. What’s truly ludicrous is the necessity and effort made to make a grand announcement about it, when Aubry can just demand this from his seat in the Albany Statehouse, along with serial virtue signaller and community refrigerator fund robber State Senator Jessica Ramos who arranged this publicity stunt. Even more ludicrous is that Corona has to wait 6 months for another mayor to handle gang and gun violence according to these useless hack officials.

And since Sen. Ramos feels money should be allocated in getting to the root of gun violence, she can start by demanding a bill to heavily regulate these unlicensed mopeds that you easily get in any bike or electronic shop in her district.

We shall see if this initiative to “cure” violence will pay public safety dividends for the residents of Corona, Queens, because it’s going to be hard to interrupt violence when you have to catch a bullet to do it. I suggest the hack Assemblyman set aside some of this money for kevlar jackets to interrupt the bullets too. Or maybe kevlar slacks.

Scenes Of Queens: The Van Wyck Garbageway

This scene takes place on the Jamaica/South Richmond Hill border on the east service road of the Van Wyck Expressway.

Queens Chronicle

Illegal trash piles have been growing in South Ozone Park, and with them, residents’ frustration.

Aracelia Cook of the 149th Street South Ozone Park Civic Association recently documented several of the chronic illegal dumping spots in the neighborhood, where 311 complaints haven’t stopped trash from piling up for three weeks.

“You have rats out there, raccoons out there, rodents — all these things. And that’s not to talk about the smell,” Cook told the Chronicle on Friday.

Cook reached out to the Chronicle after trying to work with the Department of Sanitation. There were two areas of concern for her — one at a residential intersection, and another along the Van Wyck Expressway service road in between Rockaway Boulevard and Conduit Avenue.

At the residential location, on the southeast side of 146th Street and Rockaway Boulevard, a large trash pile containing tires and crates sat on the sidewalk as of last Friday.

A 311 log from July 7 shows that a complaint had been “investigated and addressed,” but the trash remained there for weeks after, Cook said.

The mess at that intersection has been a chronic problem for months. Google street views from November 2020 captured a similarly sized heap sitting on the intersection.

After the Chronicle reached out to Sanitation, the agency cleaned it up over the weekend, but by Monday afternoon Cook said more trash had already begun to pile up again.

That is an understatement. Behold, like the cherry blossoms at the Bronx Botanical Garden, every week detritus is in full bloom in the dirty Southside Queens…

Someone couldn’t find a place to discard these windshields, but I can understand the logic leaving them on the street. In due time, cars will roll over them and the glass will be grounded naturally into the asphalt.

That’s how ecology works around here. Follow the science.

The Van Wyck Garbageway also comes with amenities like this cushy living room set, providing a break for curious immersion tourists.

Which makes the sight of daily traffic commutes and the occasional illegal dirtbike and ATV caravan evoke a feeling of trainspotting.

Remember to hold your nose.

Here are the ruins of a basement studio apartment.

This is a shitty way to honor the memory of Jaki Byrad, who was a seminal and influential jazz musician who played with Charlie Mingus and many other iconic jazz legends. What’s evident is that this exhibition of crass pollution and city indifference is a sad allegory for his career as a composer and solo artist and ultimately how he tragically died.

As a leader, Byard recorded a string of albums for the Prestige label during the 1960s. Some of these albums included Richard Davis on bass and Alan Dawson on drums, a trio combination described by critic Gary Giddins as “the most commanding rhythm section of the ’60s, excepting the Hancock-Carter-Williams trio in Miles Davis’s band”, although it existed only for recordings. One such album was Jaki Byard with Strings!, a sextet recording that featured Byard’s composing and arranging: on “Cat’s Cradle Conference Rag”, each of five musicians “play five standards based on similar harmonies simultaneously”.A further example of Byard’s sometimes unusual approach to composition is the title track from Out Front!, which he created by thinking of fellow pianist Herbie Nichols’ touch at the keyboard. Popularity with jazz critics did not translate into wider success: a Washington Post review of his final Prestige album, from 1969, remarked that it was by “a man who has been largely ignored outside the inner circles”. Giddins also commented in the 1970s on the lack of attention that Byard had received, and stated that the pianist’s recordings from 1960 to 1972 “are dazzling in scope, and for his ability to make the most of limited situations”. Following his time with Prestige, Byard had more solo performances, in part because of his affection for musical partners he had become close to but who had then died.

Byard died in his home in Hollis, Queens, New York City, of a gunshot wound on February 11, 1999. He was shot once in the head. The police reported that Byard’s family, with whom he shared the house, last saw him at 6 pm, that he was killed around 10 pm, that there “were no signs of robbery, forced entry or a struggle”, and that no weapon was found. The death was soon declared to be a homicide, but the circumstances surrounding it have not been determined, and the case remains unsolved.

Let this show that street re-naming is the original virtue signalling.

The Garbageway concludes at Atlantic Avenue, bordering Richmond Hill and Jamaica and the majestic high speed rail pillar of the JFK express train, buoyed by circle of discarded clothing and shopping carts…

Oh wait, this isn’t discarded and not ordinary garbage. People live over here and that’s all what they have left to their names. It’s unsightly and probably smells like hell, but it’s 100 times safer than being forced to live in one of Mayor de Blasio’s and Stephen Banks congregate decrepit, health hazard and crime ridden homeless shelters.

This is only just a segment of the Van Wyck Garbageway, but as the Queens Chronicle noted above it’s the most recognizable for frustrated residents and recidivist litterbugs. It might get cleaned up eventually, but garbage will continue to re-materialize as long as the grass keeps growing and the earth keeps spinning on it’s axis and as long as Southside Queens streets continue to be the city’s linear dumpsters.

So it goes..


The Van Sicklen Horror

Jamaica, Queens, New York

NY Post

A human skull was found outside a Queens home Monday morning, police said.

The remains were located in front of 108-16 Pine Grove St. in Jamaica around 9:30 a.m., police said.

The city’s medical examiner responded and determined that the remains were human and had no sign of trauma, police sources said.

There were no further details immediately available.

It’s not everyday the NYPD reports a skull lying on the sidewalk in a residential area. But in the obviously click bait generating article (which is not even truncated here and the Post used a google map crop for the lede photo), the home the NY Post is referring is an abandoned zombie house that was cited for a full vacate by the Department of Buildings back in 2019 after a fire and from the looks of it, it might have been abandoned even longer before that incident.

So might as well provide some further details the NYPD couldn’t provide (or wouldn’t).

Let’s enhance…

Looks like there’s a vacate order and other documents taped inside the door. There was also a summons left by the Dept of Sanitation taped to the fence.

Conspicuously absent from this scene of the grisly discovery was the NYPD themselves. If watching TV cop shows in the last 3 decades taught me, is that usually after a crime scene investigation when a dead body or human remains were found, there’s usually a thorough clearing of any detritus and collecting of any DNA in the area. It’s like they found the skull, surely on a tip, saw this mess and said fuck it and split, and lets only tell one news outlet about the macabre find.

You didn’t need to be Gil Grisson,or Bunk and McNulty to figure out how the skull was discovered though. Garbage bags were lying on the grass by the front entrance. It’s highly possible a dog sniffed around and discovered while some person was taking it for a walk. They were oddly shaped too as if other body parts were jammed in them and they look more like they’ve been lying there for months on end. Plus discarded clothes were found underneath a truck that seemed to belong to the NYC Department of Transportation.

Other discarded items were found outside and inside of the property, like this loveseat and a pair of red sneakers.


More unsightly trash was lying around the other side of the house at the 109 Ave. entrance. Along with police crime scene tape that was used the day before crumpled on top of the stinking pile, giving the appearance the cops didn’t want to bother discarding their accessories when they were done and took the opportunity to dump their shit here because it’s already a hellscape.

Although every window is boarded up, there are signs of easy access to the house for squatters. But if there was any difficulty getting in, the camper in the backyard would make a convenient substitute for shelter.


Perusing the D.O.B. files, not much is known about the prior or even current owner of this blighted property, but this home is steeped in Queens history. It was built and owned nearly a century ago by Abraham Van Sicklen, whose father was a New York supreme court justice who also owned a famous mansion in Jamaica and grandson of a renowned farmer in Brooklyn (nearby the train station that bears their name, sans the k).

Another thing steeped in Queens history is how the city’s landmarks and preservation office doesn’t take the borough seriously leading many houses of historic significance being abandoned and left to rot in perpetuity, particularly and notoriously in Jamaica, where critical mass foreclosures still grip the area and heinous blight like this is taken for granted by district officials, community boards, cynical residents and most recently by the NYPD.

Just like the NY Post blurb story and like the trees and weeds engulfing the property, this old house will continued to be overlooked and waste away, obscured and enabled by city indifference and negligence.


Update: A tip from my related blog Queens Crap  found out the owner is a elderly woman in her 90’s.  Another tip from that blog’s comment thread by Paul Graziano says the house is a lot older than what the city records said and is actually 170 years old. Safe to say that this might be as close to the 9th wonder of the world being that its still erect after a fire and negligence.

The Biden Administration’s Benevolent Fascism


President Joe Biden, the boss of ice cream and current slayer of the first amendment

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Publisher’s Note: This post is not to discourage people from getting the vaccines or is anti-vaccine. It’s solely meant to get more transparency about the vaccines and also about the infected. Because we all want a return to normal right? So what do these parties cited in this post have to hide and why do they still persist on hiding it?

When Joe Biden got inaugurated as the 46th POTUS back on 1/20, clarion calls spread out all over corporate news and restrained social media outlets that the chaos and disorder in the White House after 4 years of Donald Trump was finally eradicated. This was said even though the inauguration and most of D.C. was turned into a DMZ with  10 ft. high fencing, and a militia of National Guard troops and cops from other states assisting the Capitol Police surrounding the White House and the U.S. Capitol building; defense measures deployed after the MAGA Junta of the latter building two weeks earlier on 1/6.

But despite these dystopian optics which were supposedly justified to stop domestic terrorism, the incoming Biden administration was supposed to bring fundamental change of leadership and healing to the nation. And most of all, a resounding victory against what was generally described as a rebuke of four years of the tyranny of President Trump and the rejection of a potential fourth reich and permanent presidency that would evolve from a second term.

It took only six months to dispel all that, for recent desperate actions from the Biden Administration has established that tyranny is still entrenched in the White House and being enforced on the citizenry. But it’s done in a nice way without mean tweets and inappropriate conduct.

President Biden’s rice pudding brain was probably boiling when the news came that the nation wasn’t going to meet his vainglorious goal of total vaccinations when America’s 245th birthday arrived. It wasn’t because the vaccines were hard to get, states and cities managed to make them available everywhere and arranged house calls for them, the stickler about the widening hesitancy of the vaccines is that a lot of reports where coming in, either from online news sources and more likely social media accounts, that the vaccines were not as effective against the coronavirus as most were told they would be, especially against the Delta Variant contagion that ravaged the nation of India back in winter. Also many reports and personal accounts from inoculated citizens experienced adverse reactions from the vaccines and wound up hospitalized and even some died from them. Suddenly, instead of trying to figure out and produce data that sourced the contagion or even find out why people were suddenly afraid of them, the Biden Administration decided to attack the messengers.

They first sent out Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy to issue a stern warning against Facebook and the general public that uses it and proclaimed that they are encouraging and enabling hesitancy and putting other people at risk while labeling such correspondence as “misinformation”. But he didn’t elaborate much further than that, he was more determined to cut down this “misinformation”, of which he didn’t elaborate much on either but was very clear that he wanted social media monopolies to do a better job deplatforming people disseminating this “misinformation”. Although he was vague about who should be banned and who was getting infected and doing the infecting, it was clear that Dr. Murthy was condoning the suppression of dissent on a public forum from a government position to a private company, a clear endorsement and perpetration of fascism.

The next day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified and confirmed the White House’s new strategy and policy by collaborating/colluding with Facebook to police speech and moderate content that they find misinformed regarding the vaccines. Biden’s press harpy also demanded that other monopoly social network platforms should also enforce the ban on their alleged 12 targets of vaccine dissenters, basically announcing the genesis of government/social media integrated blacklist.


Psaki is such a monstrous tool. Just because government and social media platforms are being transparent targeting people who are accused of spreading “misinformation” (or dissent) doesn’t mean it’s not spying. It means your normalizing spying and censorship. And it also appears that Psaki is juggling two press secretary positions, one for the White House and her new one for #BigPharma running protection for their vaccines.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden confirms his normalization of censorship and fascism by libeling Facebook, burdening them with the responsibility of more people getting infected from the current Delta Vibrant outbreak.

Another thing that was constantly bandied about Joe Biden’s victory and during his last 6 months in office compared to Trump’s was the end of fomenting division among the people. Well here’s Joe Motherfucking Biden libeling Facebook for the blame of people getting infected and dying and potentially creating critical mass social media schism amongst collectively 100 million people that will engage in arguments and level tropes against each other. This is how Joe Motherfucking Biden shows his gratitude to social media monopolies who clamped down on a series of NY Post accurate reports of his fucking reprobate son’s recidivist corruption using his name to profit from ties from international corporations and his hedonistic drug abuse and deviant sex addictions and also from any discussions about his still controversial electoral victory.

But this is now President Joe Motherfucking Biden and apparently the only thing he wants to fundamentally change is the U.S. Constitution by eviscerating it, no thanks to corporate news media and social media monopolies who enabled him and his administration by treating him like the constantly befuddled old codger he is than as the leader of the free world, giving him the impunity to laugh at accountability and wielding his unrestrained authoritarianism while eating a half a pint of ice cream on a cone every day.

Following Biden’s j’accuse of Facebook being complicit in murder, the other social media monolith twitter tagged along after the feckless CDC Director demonized the unvaxed and levied the entire blame for the new breakout of COVID infections by declaring it the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Dr. Wolensky’s catchy but baseless trope immediately got promoted as a top trending topic on Twitter.


What makes Wolensky’s stigmatizing catchphrase wholly without merit is that the Delta Variant has been spreading for quite some time and the disease takes a bit of time to impact. Back in June, it was certain that millions were not fully vaccinated (and we know this because Biden’s goal failed), and one vac is not going to stop a runaway contagion. The compelling thing about the CDC joining the dog piling censorship is that they decided to abandon the mask guidelines.

So instead, the CDC and the White House have decided to scapegoat people who choose not to get vaccinated for the rise in vaccinations and censor people who call out the vaccines flaws and health risks. Even though they are wholly responsible for the rise in infections by rescinding the mask mandate a month earlier and by ceasing compiling data for infections of vaccinated people,which obviously made it easier for these medical bureaucrats to scapegoat a segment of a society. Both decisions have coincided with the widening spread of the Delta Variant throughout the nation. This has also led to discussions and reports of the need for a third vaccine, which might not be free next time. Makes you wonder if Big Pharma not only giving the shots but is calling all the shots on how to control the narrative of the weakened vaccines.

But it’s no wonder that Fascist Biden administration took gradual steps to wean the public into acceptance of this integration of government and social media by using the tired and true manufacturing consent tactics to make vaccines the final solution to defeat COVID-19. When it was found that a cheap (and FDA approved) drug called Ivermectin was being used as a remedy on COVID patients while they were at death’s door and was amazingly successful at curing them, social media monopoly Google’s You Tube platform immediately deplatformed a very popular podcast’s videos that acknowledged this miracle when they presented a clip of a congressional testimony by the doctor who used the drug and saved lives.

Most of all, a lot of this attempt to institute censorship is mostly based on protecting one man, the heinously deified and career medical bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci. For over a year now, the social network and web services monopolies have been engineering algorithms protecting and enabling this fucking liar’s advisories and whims, most egregiously his take on masks as protection against transmission which he initially dismissed and then recommended 5 months later after hundreds of thousands of Americans died. But Facebook and Twitter really brought the big guns when it came to where the actual origin of COVID-19 came from, as any claims, theories or discussions led to memory holing or direct banishment on any discussion if they came from the Wuhan lab that Saint Fauci and his National Institute Of Health (which Fauci has been in charge of for the last 30 years) funded with monies from a New York City Med Corp called Ecohealth to do gain of function research, which was fundamentally creating biological weapons in order to come up with remedies to fight them. Like say, vaccines.

When emails by Dr. Fauci during the pandemic were released (one of which had a NCAA March Madness tournament of viruses that would win the Final four in a pandemic), suddenly the Biden Administration confirmed that the virus could have escaped from the lab like Frankenstein and not just from some freak transmission of a bat winding up as a recipe in a heavily populated food market, Facebook and Twitter lifted their ban of the lab leak theory and and discussion about it got re-legitimatized and hit the mainstream again. Most evident in Jon Stewart’s triumphant return to television on the Stephen Colbert with his hysterical and sobering send up of it.

With the lab leak making cracks in Dr. Falsi’s sainted armor and his cult of personality status on social media and after behaving like a petulant brat during U.S. Senate testimonies from Senator Rand Paul’s very direct and concise questions of Fauci’s role  in gain of function research and autocratic rule on the NIH, Fauci has been maddeningly flip flopping like a fish out of water with his mask and vaccine recommendations. The White House even arranged to use a pop singer as a vaccine pusher honey pot to make Dr. Fauci look credible.

Since social media and YouTube couldn’t really wholly reinforce the White House narrative about gain of function yet still be able to aide the Fascist Biden Administration’s narrative control about vaccinations, the DNC establishment and the FBA thought it would be a grand idea to trample on the 1st and 4th amendments by nipping vaccination dissent in the bud by having cellphone service providers send counter messages like emergency service announcements.

Probably to take a little heat of this maniacal tactic, The White House even arranged to use a pop singer as a vaccine pusher honey pot to promote the vaccines of discredit social media dissent or criticism of them just to make Dr. Fauci look more credible.

Then the nation and the world saw what the Biden administration did 12 hours later, calling for outright banning and blacklisting of individuals arguments about the efficacy and hazardous effects of the vaccines. They pulled this fascism even though America’s two biggest international allies England and Israel are dealing with high infection rates among people who are single AND double vaccinated. What’s interesting about the latter nation is that we have no problem paying attention to them when they need weapons to defend their apartheid policies, but when they get an outbreak that is defying all the initial hype about the vaccine’s efficacy, we just prove Einstein right about recidivist mistakes. Dr. Falsi refuses to even give credence of the vaccines vulnerabilities after six players on the New York Yankees caught the Rona, which sidelined to set up relievers and their best player Aaron Judge. Fauci abruptly dismissed it as a rarity, even though their shortstop Gleyber Torres got infected after getting vaccinated in April.

So now with these vaccines and the aggressive tactics now being used by our trusted leaders, the constitution dismantling Patriot Act that was written to fight our failed war on terror as been replaced by the Patriot Ultimatum. And with social media monopolies being willful militias for them because they are scared of being broken up with establishment elected legislators using antitrust bills as leverage against them, it’s made the National Security Administration, who were doing critical mass arbitrary surveillance of every citizens telecommunications before the tech monopolies got to big to fail, wholly moot and expendable. But at least it shows that these too big tech monopolies are run by a bunch of pussies.

This would be all be hilarious if there wasn’t a threat to obliterate the 1st amendment by the Biden administration. But it sure is hysterical that they are actually more reactionary than prior Figurehead Trump to clamp down on what they deem as misinformation, their own version of the prior leader’s reliable trope “fake news.

Yet “fake news” aka Corporate News and fauxgressive elected dotards and shitlib social media influencers had vaccine hesitancy when Trump was pushing it before they were trying to persecute ordinary people who don’t trust the vaccines today after Joe Biden accused them of being killers. And a shining example of this collective Trump revisionist defiant hypocrisy here’s their other sainted COVID 19 warrior, Mario’s  Son Governor Cuomo, fresh off killing 15,000 elderly people and hiding the bodies while getting paid 5 million dollars for him and his flunkies to manufacture leadership credibility for his pandemic novel, discrediting the vaccine because the Trump administration approved them.


It only took a week for the Fascist Biden Administration to curb their hyperbole about their libelous accusations against Facebook for promoting misinformation or what they decree to be misinformation when Figurehead Biden conceded his error in the biggest self-own so far this year.

But they are still not going to stop promoting their #Pandemicofthevaccinated message, which considering after all the repression they did via social media and are still doing with the aid of corporate national and local news media conglomerates is the worst and baseless message since they fried an egg and said it was your brain on drugs, end of debate. Because this recovery from the pandemic has never been about people’s health (or we would have medicare for all), it’s all about economic control, empirical control and narrative control over the well-being, livelihoods and the physical and mental health of the people. And if a little bit constitutional rights and personal beliefs have to be sacrificed to surmount COVID-19, then it shall be done….


“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create…”. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.” 

They also just want internet censorship and benevolent fascism to make reality a better, nicer and vaccinated land made for you and me.

A misinformation free place where we belong.


Biz Markie, 57, Rapper, DJ, The Diabolical


Richard Donner, 91, Director, Producer, Film, Television

Paul Orndorff, 71, Wrestler, WWF,  WCW

Dick Tidrow, Pitcher, 2-time World Champions New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox. Executive, San Francisco Giants, 3-Time World Series Champions.

The Blaz Has Made The Comptroller’s Office Irrelevant de Blasio, eating Scott Stringer’s lunch and shitting where he eats

New York City, New York

Now that his disastrous mayoral campaign is over and 30% of registered voters chose Eric Adams to be the Democrat nominee for Mayor, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has gone right back to full-time work and dad gum it he is not going to take it anymore.

Stringer brought his stump back out and announced that Mayor de Blasio has held onto the city’s emergency powers and control of budget spending way too long, so he’s decided to take the Blaz to court to get them rescinded so he can manage the city finances again for the remaining 5 months of his term.

But for all the grand gesturing and authoritative shit talking, Stringer is just frontin’ like a punk, establishing once again why he got easily destroyed in the primary. Because the wimp allowed the Blaz to enact those emergency orders to control spending on a day one and did not say a peep about it knowing full well the mayor’s history of profligate wasteful and political patronage derived spending throughout his abominable two terms, enabling the Blaz to embark on a chronic gambler spending spree while exploiting his new authority throughout the pandemic.

What’s worse about Scotty’s sudden display of balls is that he hasn’t even literally got in the Blaz’s face about his chronic abuse of the emergency powe, which he revealed quite pathetically during a brief questioning from a  NY Post reporter who mockingly asked Stringer why it’s taking him so long to use his position as the city’s accountant to reclaim the reins of the city budget again from the unaccountable mayor’s idle hands.

Comptroller Stringer: “We have to come back time and time again to demand accountability and a court action is a last resort, common sense is a first resort, and we haven’t seen that in this administration and we are coming back with a court action because we have to get to the bottom of this”

NY Post: “have you actually spoken to him and (snicker) asked him if he (Blaz) was going to restore the actual safeguards that didn’t exist before?

Comptroller Stringer: “We gave him documentation and sent him no less than 4 letters and we can provide them”

NY Post: “But have you personally (chortle) spoken to him and asked him?

Comptroller Stringer: “I don’t have to speak to him to ask him by letter to do the right thing.”

NY Post: “But you haven’t spoken to him”

Comptroller Stringer: “No, I haven’t spoken to him personally”

Holy calamafuck, the NYC Comptroller never once confronted the NYC Mayor face to face and eye to eye about his repeated malfeasant emergency power grabs, which he reinstated 100 FUCKING TIMES  while spending 8 billion dollars on lousy contracts and financing dubious services that weren’t necessarily essential to the city during the “perfect storm of COVID19”. (Like open streets and bike boulevards)

For the last 16 months  since The Blaz mimicked Governor Cuomo by assigning himself emergency powers, Stringer took pussy to a new level, letting the Blaz make his government appointed job irrelevant and sat there and watched him piss away the city coffers from the start of the pandemic and even this year in our alleged recovery now that andemic restrictions have been rescinded by the state and national levels and in the five boroughs by the mayor himself.

The Blaz’s proclivity for profligacy was exposed immediately after he usurped the comptroller’s purview when he doled out a massive contract to deliver ventilators and masks to the city for nearly 120 million dollars to  tech accessory/hipster toy distributor and art dealer buddy David Trebele, who donated over $45,000 dollars to his 2017 re-election campaign and to both of his illicit PACs for his idiotic presidential run. After this political patronage deal went down as hospitals were getting swarmed with patients and were still perilously low on supplies, leading them to recycle their masks and wear garbage bags to protect themselves from COVID, Trebele’s LLC company Digital Gadgets failed to deliver the PPE’s and none of the 3000 ventilators that were ordered ever arrived. Comptroller Stringer, neutered of his elected role because of the evisceration of his duty and office to vet contracts with companies that had no record of doing any business with the city before, didn’t verbally say a single word until late August of the Blaz’s corrupt mishandling of his emergency powers for his buddy’s contract and subsequently abusing them to approve contracting for other city services in usurpation of Stringer’s supervisory elected duties.

It’s good in some way that the Comptroller is taking decisive and legal action now, mostly because the Blaz possibly can’t recycle his emergency powers now because the actual emergency has mostly dissipated because of the state’s and the city’s lifting of pandemic restrictions, although the delta variant has become the dominant contagion. But the Blaz doesn’t even acknowledge the severity of that strain so it’s really all about maintaining and micromanaging control of the city’s coffers. But Stringer’s belated action is a year and half late and 8 billion dollars short, because nothing happened when he sued the city back in November and the Blaz continued to control the city’s finances and weaken regulations while obfuscating and refusing to release city records concerning his budgetary decisions and most frighteningly the city’s health records and statistics during the pandemic since that’s the reason why the Blaz justifies his repetitive do-overs of the emergency powers.

It’s not like Stringer didn’t know what was going on, he knows the Blaz’s record and recidivism and all that was in monstrous form from the beginning of the pandemic to today, especially after the latest bloated reserves drained budget that was passed by Corey Johnson and the City Council cronies last week that the mayor will devour from in his final 5 months. But it’s quite apparent that Comptroller Stringer lost sight and relinquished his governing powers to the Blaz because of his own sad and vain quest for the mayor’s office and now that he’s lost he’s desperate to regain his significance as an elected official, which is pathetic after the way he’s been humiliatingly mocked and undermined by the Mayor, his taxpayer funded pogrom of lawyers and even by his little maggot press secretary Bill “Cry About it” Neidhardt, who never stops reminding the Comptroller about how his demands for accountability are nothing but political stunts to get media attention and not the fact that it’s his elected duty to demand accountability and also to moderate the city’s checks and balances.

“During the greatest challenge our city has ever faced, emergency procurements have saved lives, period,” said spokesman Bill Neidhardt. “The comptroller is clearly trying to use this lawsuit to keep himself in the headlines after his failed mayoral bid.”

But Big Bad Blaz’s little flack is not the only one to publicly make light and take advantage of Comptroller Stringer’s chronic fecklessness. Just as COVID-19 was about to attack NYC, The Blaz bought 17 decrepit apartment buildings that were being used as cluster housing for homeless people from two slumlords for $173 million dollars for 4 times of what the city initially offered for them so they would be added to NYC Housing’s farcical affordable housing program despite one of Comptroller Stringer’s “strongly worded” letters to him. The Blaz’s tax boondoggle wife Chirlie also treated Stringer like a doormat when she refused to provide details about her grotesque misuse of nearly a billion dollars for her mental health program THRIVE.

The abominable real estate lobby proxy office Economic Development Corporation also wiped their crusty dingleberries with Stringer’s strongly worded letters when he wanted more accountability for the wasteful spending on the tax dollar hemorrhaging  transit alternative NYC Ferry when they went along with purchasing $130,000,000 of new boats from a San Fransisco contractor despite it’s consistently daily low and strictly upper class commuter use. And last but not least, the Blaz diverted 30 million dollars of emergency funding provided by the Biden Administration’s stimulus bill to spend on a desperate national advertising campaign pandering to tourists to come to NYC.

At least one person has finally decided to back up the weakened comptroller and that’s the incoming one that is bound to take is place; Brooklyn Councilman and well renowned Brad Lscofflaw parking speed demon Brad Lander tweeted in solidarity in support for his lawsuit and demanded the mayor restore control over the city budget back to the Comptroller’s office. Even though Lander and his fauxgressive City Council Cronies never said a word or did a fucking thing while the Blaz was abusing his emergency powers and pushing his pay to play derived doling of city services to his overlord donors.

But Brad Pander’s demand exposes not only political expediency but also desperation, because if he and Eric Adams wins and the pandemic is still around, Adams will just cite the Blaz’s exploitation of emergency powers as legal precedence and make his job moot as well, leaving Lander as another feckless simp to walk on top on.

So unless Stringer can dredge something feasibly criminal against the Blaz, he’s pretty much going to be sitting on his taint for the rest of 2021 as his emergency powered emboldened nemesis continues his hedonistic spending, platitude/selfie tweeting and food consuming mayoral staycation and blissfully continue to still treat the Comptroller’s office like doesn’t exist.