An Actual Legitimate Affordable Housing Building Grows In Brooklyn!*

East New York, Brooklyn, New York

When I saw this monstrosity being built and now nearly completed, I thought for sure that this was another 80/20 or 75/25 apartment building with incremental “affordable housing” included feigning to alleviate the housing crisis while exacerbating gentrification with the inevitable rise in rental market rate speculation/fabrication that usually follows when luxury public housing being designated mostly for upper class people get built. But holy fucking shit, ths massively dense apartment building in East New York built on Chestnut St. and Atlantic Ave. under former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing program is in all honesty actually affordable. This might be the real motherfucking 8th wonder of the world!

Of course like every other apartment building development that’s gone up to add to the tower pestilence dominating land and air, the building is ugly as shit and actually resembles a hospital, make that a mental hospital or even a correctional facility like the MCC in Sunset Park which is also in Brooklyn (which is also under threat of White hipster colonizing)

Even more miraculous about this affordable public housing tower is that it’s probably the first one that actually showed any government transparency about the rents, which actually reflect the area median income for everyone from single people to families of one or two kids, with rents as low as $200 for a studio (!!!) to a little over two grand for a three bedroom (although that might be a little steep if one parent is working). The developers and management even put up print copies of the rent values and number of units from the official New York Housing, Preservation and Development website on the makeshift walls of the near completed development site as if they are cognizant that a lot of low income earning people don’t have computers or can’t afford internet service to play the housing lottery and would rather send in their apps via snail mail.

But go figure they would find a way to fuck this up too. Because all of the copies of the HPD dept.’s bills are in different foreign languages of nationalities that don’t live in the vicinity or even the entire neighborhood, wholly trolling the predominant English and even Spanish speaking communities from figuring out how to get access to these precious abodes.


Not sure who or what demographic the city and this developer think is walking on Atlantic Avenue during the day or night. But it’s highly unlikely many people are walking on this avenue at night being that it’s nothing but a traffic conduit from North Conduit Blvd. But it is odd that they wouldn’t put any copies in English or Spanish on the walls here while they are still up. Its bad enough the city and the developers they subsidized with 421a tax breaks built most of the new housing for people who don’t need to play a lottery to get an apartment or even rich people that exist in NYC at all. This looks like its more designed for recent expat refugees from broken foreign lands being ruled under despots or for people who came on a HB1 visa.

Another fucked up thing about “Chestnut Crossing” is that this was also subjected to absurd marketing to conjure hipness and a desired demographic just like every other overdeveloped housing  to apply by giving this area an ersatz brand (most notorious being the “Piano District” in the South Bronx) by calling it the “ENY Automotive District” .

Even though Whitey’s auto parts and garage is a few blocks down and takes up an entire street in addition to all the chop shops and tire yards in this town, nobody ever called East New York the Automotive District. Never. Ever.



Here’s another thing that’s wholly off about this and how fucking clueless the people who are responsible for the marketing behind this is, on the simulation of the completed apartment building (scheduled to open this July) and the speculated vibrancy and brightness conjured in the depiction it has traffic going east on Atlantic Ave but traffic on that side goes west towards Manhattan.

If there is anything true about that ludicrous ad is that it acknowledges that the hyper dense luxury public housing tower that’s going up across the street that will cover a ton of square feet from Chestnut St. to Euclid Ave. is still going to be a vacant lot for years to come.

About the “affordable housing” development next door, the simulation rendition for the completion of this monstrosity is even more ludicrous and quite heinous, for it re-imagines East New York with not only the displacement of people of color but also the disappearance of the elevated J train tracks.

And this is why New York City can’t have nice things like having a roof over your head and having the ability to save money simultaneously. Because of fucking geeks that work for real estate developers and bureaucracies that have no idea what the towns they are building on and the people they claim (and feign) they are building for. Of course even worse are the neoliberal dweebies befouling the social media platforms praising all this hyper-density hyper-development to the skies and influencing housing policies that are making neighborhoods more expensive (and even more shadowy and darker), which will not change no matter how cheap the Chestnut Crossing apartments are.

Plus there’s still way too many housing insecure people playing the housing lotteries and the odds are getting higher to score a unit and it wasn’t long ago when de Blasio’s housing dept. was juking the lottery to segregate against minorities while “affordable apartments” were being listed in the $2,000 range for studios and $2,300 for one bedrooms. So even when people start moving into Chestnut St., there probably still will be encampments in the grassy knolls at the end of the Belt Parkway intersecting with the Atlantic right across the street.

Because living in and for the city, this stupid dystopian overvalued crime ridden city with a homeless and rent burdened population the size of Delaware, there will always be a thin line between affording housing and access to housing, no matter how much more the city builds.









Rage Against The Rockaway Beach Restoration

Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York

Queens Chronicle

The Rockaway Beach saga continues as the city Parks Department and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a joint statement this week reiterating their partnership in reinforcing the shoreline of the peninsula and continuing work on the groins in the area.

It has now become a bureaucratic battle as lawmakers are imploring Parks and the USACE to consider community concerns.

In a statement last week, the USACE said it would be “as flexible as possible with work schedules to ensure that the work does not pose any safety concerns for beachgoers.”

Then, it issued the joint statement supporting the plan to prohibit access from Beach 92nd to Beach 95th streets and from Beach 109th to Beach 111th streets from Memorial Day weekend until July 15. Full beach access will be limited elsewhere, as well.

“The Summer 2022 operational plan that we collaborated on allows us to keep as much of the beach safely open as is possible, with only six blocks closed to sand access and swimming as construction moves forward,” the agencies said in the statement.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Congressman Greg Meeks (D-Queens, Nassau) wrote a letter on Wednesday urging the agencies to hold a community meeting to publicly discuss construction plans.

“It is imperative that there is transparency and engagement with the entire Rockaway community,” the letter stated.

Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Ozone Park) expressed frustration with the “backtracking.”

“After weeks of playing the blame game, I’m not surprised that these government agencies agreed on a decision that does not support our residents, business owners, tourists, or economy,” she said in a statement.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure that the Parks Department will suspend rent collection for the boardwalk concessionaires from Memorial Day through July, but this is still not enough. We will continue to push for full beach access this summer, and closely monitor the project’s timeline to ensure the engineers meet the construction deadline of July 15 so that Rockaway’s shoreline can continue to serve as an attraction for all New Yorkers during the hottest months of the year,” Ariola continued.

The Wave

In response to the proposed beach closures this summer by the NYC Parks Department, a group of Rockaway locals went to Beach 92nd Street, with construction on the beach behind them, to express their displeasure with the plan.

“We want beach access,” said John Cori, who organized the rally attended by around 50 people Sunday afternoon, “This is our beach access, we have it, we don’t want to walk 15 blocks out of our way. We can, but by doing that other people have to do, that means they leave our business district.,” he said.

The rally, originally scheduled for Friday, May 13, but delayed due to weather, came as a response to the Parks’ plan to close and partially close beaches along the Rockaway strip in order to complete jetty construction.

“We hope Parks hears this and listens to the community,” Cori said.

Those against the plan say the closures will harm the businesses on those blocks, particularly the concessionaires on the boardwalk who depend on the foot traffic, but also those further inland.

“We’re tired, we’re tired,” said Erin Silvers, who operates a business on Beach 91st Street and has also worked at the concessionaires.

“We need the beaches open Memorial Day. it’s possible. It’s possible because if we can work hard this community can do what we’ve done all these years…It’s possible, anything is possible,” she said.

From what it looked like on the first 90 degree day of the spring on the week before the “official start of summer” this Memorial Day weekend, the possible was achieved. For the fences that were supposed to deter people from going on the shore that were there for their safety were torn apart and beach combers made do with what little space on the sand there was.

The beachcomber rebellion was most glaringly apparent by B 91 street where the temporary summer shut down of the beach began. Two large stop signs were pried off and fencing was cut off to prevent access to the citizenry for their safety.

The red flags, normally a symbol of warning and emergency were reduced to being only a suggestion. The fence on this blockade was shredded so hastily and so bad that people had to duck to enter and exit the staircase. Making the inevitability of cutting your head open as much a threat as the inevitability of drowning.

Another entrance that was left open had about a seven foot drop to the ground

Heading down the ramp towards the perilously eroded shore was a sight to behold as people made do and set up their places with what little sandy real estate they can find under the omnipresent cranes and some plows left behind for the continuing reconstruction of the shore to save the peninsula from being submerged.

New sea wall dunes that are being constructed, which were about 10 ft. high, were actually also being used by beach combers to lay their towels down for relaxing and tanning under the sun’s rays.

But probably the biggest indicator of civil disobedience against the NYC Parks Department’s order to cancel nearly two months of summer, and also NYC Parks own insouciance and disinterest in enforcing the shutdown and concern for the safety of the public was this lunatic sight of a wedding picture being taken on one of the newly laid jetties. Which means that someone in NYC Parks or possibly NYC Council gave their approval to allow this display of gaudy exceptionalism.

Heading west on the boardwalk where other resiliency reconstruction was going down, more civil disobedience against the death of (half of) summer on Rockaway was more evident. Especially with the other new jetties as people walked and stood on the groins to enjoy the fresh salty air standing feet above the deep violent waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

While the absence of lifeguards gave people the impunity to perilously stroll on the jetty, an indicator of how difficult its going to be to stop them came when a lone NYC Parks dept cop rolled up and adamantly demanded the crowd to get off of there. Truly a disturbing sight considering how much Mayor Adams cut from the NYC Parks Dept. in the most recent city budget and the slashing of funds de Blasio did the year before (although plenty of that cash clearly when to fake open street parks).

Besides people milling about on the groins, there were more disturbing sights on what little shore there is that the Army Corps Of Engineers is using as a storage yard. Like this nuclear bomb looking object some folks decided to plant their umbrellas, tents and and chairs by.

Another odd sight was of an unaccompanied lone child sitting a top a sandy hill that was repurposed as a slide. While a corporate news correspondent was standing nearby ready to do a segment for Spectrum News NY1 only a few feet away.

Something about these sights resembles the prehistoric era scenes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, or even Land of The Lost as people sunbathe and chillax next to dinosaur like cranes. But what this actually resembles quite aptly is the dystopian wasteland landscape that New York City has devolved into from the effects of kakistocratic government incompetence from federal, state and city levels. It’s really mind blowing that when FEMA and the ACOE went to work to replenish the beaches from Far Rock to Belle Harbor, they never thought to place the groins down while they were putting thousands of tons of sand down and built the sea walls after the new concrete boardwalk was laid down only 5 years ago.

Since then and even more since my last post on the gentrification of the beach, the seawalls and the sands have been devoured by the Atlantic over the last three seasons including this one. Even on B 116th St., which was once speculated to be a major tourist and high end lux living destination, is going through another coastal resiliency replenishing as groins are finally being laid down. Although that beach is also still not closed despite all the signage and presence of cranes and boulders just feet away from the boardwalk.

Obscured by the lifeguard chair is the estimated time completion date: June 2024!


Then there’s Riis Park, which for a while was repurposed and reinvented as a consumer culture foodie and glamping destination has shut down a segment of the beach there  from the public including caging up the dilapidated landmark bathhouse for the second year in a row, finally recognizing the erosion that has been getting worse that the National Parks Department and the former Riis Park Beach Bazaar chose to ignore for years.

Despite all these receipts of how fucked the situation in the Rockaways are, the top brass at NYC Parks is still bandying about how wonderful and peachy things are with the official opening of the beaches this weekend, conveniently announcing it on the still resilient shore of the legendary Coney Island boardwalk.

With news reports and nauseating photo ops and self-aggrandizing praise by Parks officials like this is it any wonder why Rockaway Beach continues it’s steady decline and why people don’t even give a shit of what elected officials say, even when their reps in City Council and Congress are going to bat for them to keep the beaches open despite the dystopian and hazardous environs. What’s even more interesting is how are lifeguards going to handle this. They don’t even have anywhere to sit and watch out for people on the water. And if beachgoers are that defiant to hold a fucking wedding on a jetty then what makes NYC Parks think they are going to listen to them, even to get away from the deep waters.

What people like Council Person Ariola, Congressman Meeks and Senator Schumer should have done if they are worried that businesses will be lost if no one goes to the closed beaches is to get a temporary fed bailout for them as well. Or maybe ask the developers and oligarchs that run NYC and see Rockaway as a big land grab cash cow to donate a couple billion or two to get them by this summer and hope the beaches get saved for the rest of the summer if these officials were really looking out for us. Literally.

Its been 10 years since Hurricane Sandy leveled Rockaway Beach and what’s resulted in the past few years to battle the extreme effects of climate change on the beach as been an abomination. In all honesty, the damage clearly is done and FEMA and USACE took too long to fix the beaches besides doing it wrong in the first place and the city was more concerned with gentrifying the beach than fortifying it.

And keeping them open on the weekends is only going to exacerbate the situation even more and cause more land erosion which will make the Rockaway Peninsula even more vulnerable when the next major category 5 hurricane or tropical storm comes.


Mayor Eric Adams Has Normalized Censorship And Needs It To Solve New York City’s Problems

New York City, New York

Mayor Eric Adams is embroiled in a mosaic of crises that’s crippling New York City that approximately resembles his hideous tuxedo jacket  he wore at the Met Gala, but his efforts to tamp down crime that has continued to rise in all major categories has reach a desperate nadir. In an swaggerless interview on Newstar industries PIX News network, Mayor Adams revealed his solution to stop daily gun violence is to ban words from being published on the internet.

Taking a cue from Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul’s own plan to assign state authorities to moderate content and conversations on social media platforms following the bigotry driven mass shooting in Buffalo where 10 Black people got killed by a young White man, Eric Adams praised Kathy Clown’s project to assure no other disgruntled bigot with an arsenal of guns will get any similar ideas to slaughter a select group of people and Adams vainly hopes that he can employ his own word police squad to stop lyrics from drill rap videos from getting published on the internets.

Which is wholly on brand for Adams to deflect and divert attention from his colossal failures to bring down crime by blaming it on words and thoughts and it’s also another instance of the mayor being incapable of having ideas and solutions on his own. Because like Hochul’s attempt to cover her failure to prevent the Buffalo massacre since the teenage killer previously threatened to shoot up his high school by showing up in a hazmat suit and was still able to buy a gun in upstate New York, Adams is basing his social media mod squad on abolishing words from drill rap songs (but only the bad drill rap songs!!) to stop the mass individual shootings that are inspired by them. Adams apparently thinks that he’s got the justification he needs for his own ministry of truth by exploiting the Buffalo tragedy and also the mass shooting on the N train last month by notorious rage vlogger Frank James.

What makes Adams and Hochul’s dumb ass fascist desires to start their own word police squads is that it comes mere days after the Biden Administration wisely decided to terminate their own ministry of truth apparatus with the Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security, a disturbing and hysterical attempt to monitor everything on social media focusing on threats to the nation internationally or domestically and to dissension and opinions against the public health caliphate that’s trying to make the pandemic go on til infinity.  It’s almost like Biden and his staffers/orderlies have transferred the responsibility to censor to the states.

But at least with Hochul, her low polls indicate that she won’t be around much longer when November comes around or even the primary with rumors of Cuomo re-entering the race getting stronger and with him neck in neck with her in the polls for approval ratings, so it’s possible she will kill her word police squad once voters see the implications of blanket censorship from it. Adams on the other hand, as only just begun his term as mayor and in that short time he ordered the press to cover him the way he likes and threatened not to grant them access to his briefings unless they manufacture consent for him and followed this up a few months later by ordering his staffers to curate a disciplinary matrix for journalists and their articles and segments about all his policies and issues.

So Mayor Adams’s desire to censor and banish words along with his continuing geeky obsession with technology to solve the city’s current insurmountable crime problem is only going to get enhanced in the months and years to come and it will inevitably lead to abolishing words that will illuminate his incompetence and laziness to bring down crime rates and the internecine graft and cronyism that has dogged his administration from day one.

New Bad Days 96: Mayor Adams’s April From Hell With Rise In Major Crime Categories; Fatal Attraction Murder And Delivery Man Assassination Occur In Quiet Neighborhood; Homeless Bigots Attacks Sikh Men In Same Vicinity; Man Disrupts Morning Rush Hour Subway Commute With Mass Shooting And Another Killer Shoots A Man To Death At Subway Station During The Evening Rush; Stray Bullets From Street Fight And Drive-By Shootings Are Killing And Crippling More Innocent Bystanders And Children; Cop Kills Panhandler With Patrol Car While Running The Red Light; Thugs Are Weaponizing Street Legal Motor Scooters Without License Plates For Muggings; Gun Trafficking Continue To Proliferate With The Preeminence Of Ghost Guns Along With Rise In Slashings, Home Invasion And Small Business Robberies, Car And Car Parts Theft, Crimes Of Hate, Street Killings, Ultraviolent Gang Beatdowns And Random Attacks On Citizens Of All Ages

Writings on the wall Mayor of Swagger

Mayor Eric Adams favorite credo “NYC has 8 million people with 30 million opinions, but there’s only one mayor” got the biggest opinion of him he’s got so far when one of the 8 million showed one opinion about him projecting on a wall on the Verizon office and transmitter building in downtown Manhattan and he can’t really shake it off like he usually does with the crimes continuing massive rise in all major felony and misdemeanor categories.

For all the shitlib talk and consternation about Mayor Adams’s reverting to Giuliani’s broken windows policing tactics that lowered crime in the 90’s, the policy hasn’t done much to put fear into petty and recidivist criminals and the gangbangers to get them to keep their collective noses clean. And why would they be intimidated by a former cop mayor who has become so obsessed with starfucking he is willing to vibe out next to a model drunk off her ass at an exclusive party run by a too big to fail big bank at a bland new tower in Midtown?

At least it looks like the revival (and rebranding) of the anti-crime gun removal NYPD units has made an impact with shootings and murders on a slight down trend but they are still happening with more frequency compared to pre-pandemic times three years ago and even a decade ago.

Sadly, Mayor Adams ramping up deployment of cops to the transit system has led to disappointing results. Random and intentional assaults and muggings are regular occurrences in subway and commuter complaints of barely seeing a police presence on the platforms and trains are more frequent. The latter was evident when a man pulled off an act of domestic terrorism on the N train during rush hour and Mayor Adams response to it was dreadfully delayed by getting suddenly stricken with COVID-19 (or suspiciously stricken to avoid press scrutiny). After that incident, Adams double ramped up NYPD deployment on mass transit but felonious crimes and even shootings continued to happen on the trains days after Frank James made a mockery of the mayor’s policing tactics.

Despite a total overhaul of leadership to run Rikers Island with a commissioner who shares Mayor Adams proclivity for hiring cronies, rampant violence and death continue to persist in the few buildings left that are housing inmates. Recently appointed SDNY D.A. noticed the continued obfuscations going on and immediately put the Adams and D.O.C. Commissioner on notice to come up with a plan or they will be taken over by a federal receiver. Mayor Adams reacted to this by crassly claiming that he’s the right man to fix Rikers because he’s Black despite his shady machinations to undermine the environment and perpetual culture of violence and corruption on the island that led to the D.A.’s decision which was way overdue after de Blasio let Rikers rot for nearly a decade and worsen conditions there as the city planned to build four more tower jails to close the prison island complex.

Mayor Adams ended the first month of this violent spring in NYC by holding a summit with every precinct commander about the stubborn rise in major crimes, which the NYPD high brass actually do in their COMPSTAT meetings at the end of the month. The distinction being that Adams wanted to discuss the sweeps of homeless encampments and shuttling of homeless people to shelters which have also failed to garner results since barely a fraction of the indigent accepted to go to them and also to oddly defend commissioner Sewell (or maybe his choice to make her commissioner). Like the recidivist criminals on the streets, cops of all stripes reacted to the two hour convention like the joke it was and since journalists were suppressed from attending this hearing, this was clearly just another media and optics diversion by Adams and his media managing minions for the self-proclaimed general and shepherd to project leadership and swagger as a deflection from the fact that he’s been anything but a leader to bring down crime like he promised when he ran for mayor at this point of time last year. He didn’t even feature this crime summit in his weekly self-aggrandizing b-roll video of his mayoral “accomplishments”

Today’s menaces of society are having a hearty laugh right now.


In Forest Hills, a man murdered a woman in her house, stabbing her over 50 times after he broke into her home with a key that was left in the backyard. He waited for her when she came home from a night in Manhattan with friends and a nightcap in a nearby bar by Austin St and slaughtered her following a fight they had after she demanded he get out of her house after she let him inside. The man stuffed her butchered body into a hockey duffle bag belonging to her youngest son and rolled it a quarter mile and dumped it on the sidewalk by a highway entrance near Forest Park where it was found early in the morning by a woman jogging by. Then the man sent a threat via text to her husband and  ran to his home in South Richmond Hill to hide from the cops.

After finding the woman’s body on the grass, NYPD CSI traced blood all the way back to the victim’s house and cops startling interrogated the 13-year-old boy, who was sleeping upstairs in his bedroom as the bloody slaughter took place, treating him like the main suspect and slapped the cuffs on him. The man had a two year love affair with his victim and while working at her and her husband’s house as their handyman after installing air conditioning units for them and gruesomely butchered her following a fight between them when she was trying to break up with him. Although he now claims that he wanted to confront her because he thought she gave him HIV during their sexual dalliances together.

Asked about the ghoulish murder that has dominated headlines and struck fear into the residents of the town, Mayor Eric Adams feigned indifference claiming he wasn’t cognizant of the incident with a tone conveying he didn’t give a shit about it.

Also in Forest Hills, a brawl in front of a nite club escalated when some hardhead pulled out a gun and shot the bouncer.

Again in Forest Hills, a man robbed a wad of cash from a bank after passing a note to the teller.

And again in Forest Hills, a food delivery man got shot to death by a man who ambushed him as he was riding his motor scooter off a drive way of an apartment building where he dropped off an order. The killer then got into his car and left the scene and is still on the loose.

A suspect of the slaying is a man who usually goes to the Chinese restaurant where the victim worked and regularly gave his fellow workers there a hard time like over petty shit like the amount of duck sauce he wanted and on other occasions threatened them with a gun and damaged their cars, notably slashing the tires of the owner’s vehicle. The murder victim last wrestled with the hangry customer and took his photo and the NYPD still did nothing substantial to address their plight until it was too late.

And again in Forest Hills, two men on a moped got robbed at gunpoint on the street hours after that delivery worker got murdered on the north side of town nearby. One of them was a delivery worker who was driving. An indication that the homicide may have been a robbery attempt and might have nothing to do with the customer the late victim grappled with. 

In South Richmond Hill, a 70-year-old man got sucker punched by a man while he was walking to a temple on a quiet street in the morning light and wound up lying bloodied on the sidewalk.

Also in South Richmond Hill, two more men were attacked on the same corner as two men beat them down on the pavement with a stick and robbed them. The man involved with both attacks got arrested along with another man who assisted him in the mugging. Both thugs were squatting in an abandoned house on a street corner right where both attacks took place.

Again in South Richmond Hill, a man walked into a Chinese restaurant and stuck a knife up at the cashier and forced her to give him $900.

And again in South Richmond Hill, a man knocked a pregnant woman onto the sidewalk to steal her purse.

In Jackson Heights, a 16-year-old boy and his two friends got attacked by a gang of 10 men on a street corner as they were all on the same motor scooter while riding on the sidewalk. The gang pushed them off and then beat the rider down on the pavement, kicking and punching him repeatedly and one of them stabbed him in the back. A few of the goons caught one of his friends trying to flee and beat him in the middle of the street and then they made off with their mark’s motor scooter, cellphone and his backpack. The gang were all wearing masks because according to the city’s new slob health commissioner Ashwin Vasan, we are still in a pandemic and they must still be worn at all time.

Also in Jackson Heights, a fire broke out in a man’s apartment after multiple e-batteries for scooters, mopeds and ebikes exploded while he was charging them, leaving the entire unit gutted. The man died two weeks later from severe burns from the blaze.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man jimmied the door of an apartment building with a screwdriver and looted everything in the package room with an actual key.

And again in Jackson Heights, a man stuck up a 61-year-old man at gunpoint on the sidewalk, then he pistol whipped him down to the pavement when his mark had no money to give up.

And again in Jackson Heights at the Roosevelt Ave./74th Ave. Station, a man hopped the turnstiles as a local corporate news correspondent was doing a story about fare evasion.

In Fresh Meadows, a man broke into a house and stood over a woman sleeping in her bed, then he sexually assaulted her and ran away. The deviant then broke into a shed at a nearby house and stole an e-scooter and got away faster.

Also in Fresh Meadows, two cars rolled up to a group of teenagers waking on the sidewalk and a young man stepped out of one of them after the group yelled at them and shot at them, hitting two young men and a plugging a 14-year-old girl on the neck with a stray bullet from the fusillade.

The slug is lodged near her spine, meaning she could be paralyzed from this heinous attack.

Again in Fresh Meadows, dozens of weapons were confiscated at a high school after metal detectors were place there following the shooting that crippled a teenage girl and wounded two other teenagers.

In Astoria, a man threatened to kill himself during a domestic dispute with his girlfriend at her apartment while he was holding a machete. The man then went in the hallway with the  machete when the cops arrived, leading them to shoot their tasers with them. After the tasers had no effect on him (as expected), one of the cops shot him three times after he refused to drop his weapon.

Also in Astoria, a man lost control of his car and crashed it into a commercial building across the street from a high school.

In Jamaica, a man bought and stole high end jewelry and watches in gun point robberies as a fencer in a shopping mall.

Also in Jamaica at the Parsons Blvd. Station, two men engaged in an argument on the mezzanine which escalated into a brawl. Then one of them pulled out a gun and shot his foe to death on the stairs leading to the street. The killer blasted him five times.

Even though it’s one of the biggest transit hubs in Queens and months after Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul declared more public safety measures and a bigger police presence would be on the transit system and it happened during the fucking evening rush hour, there were no cops to be found at the station to stop the ruckus and homicide. The late victim was planning on leaving New York City because it got too dangerous for him.

In South Jamaica, a man got shot to death from a point blank blast to his head on the sidewalk while he was having a conversation with a friend of his.

Also in South Jamaica, a 61-year-old man died in his cellar apartment from a fire at his house that blazed a few hours before sunrise.

In St. Albans, a confrontation between two men on the sidewalk escalated into a point blank shootout in broad daylight.

Only in New York City’s dystopian kakistocracy that life would imitate comedy.

In  Arverne, two gangs engaged in rumble and a shootout in broad daylight and late in the evening by a playground on the grounds of a NYCHA public housing complex.

In Woodside at the 52nd St. Station, a gang of three men surrounded a commuter on the 7 train and beat him down and stole his cellphone and wallet, then used one of his credit cards to buy dinner for themselves to satiate their appetites.

Also in  Woodside, a man hit a 89-year-old woman with his SUV while exiting a parking lot.

Again in Woodside, a fire engulfed a fried chicken/pizza restaurant and spread to a liquor store and barber shop next to it. Queens continues to burn.

And again in Woodside and also Astoria and Flushing, two men ripped out portable ATM machines by restaurants and cafes, making off with over $16,000 which included plundering two ATMs in Bay Ridge.

In Ridgewood, a 15-year-old boy crashed into a city bus while riding an unlicensed moped.

Also in Ridgewood, a construction worker fell to his death after slipping off a shaky beam into a shaft hole at a luxury public housing tower building site and with prior worksite violations from the Dept. Of Buildings., which placed a stop work order because of his death. The 17-story building has been under development for 7 years.

Again in Ridgewood, the scourge of catalytic converter theft continues to grow as the environmentally friendly car accessory has seen a 400% rise in the nation.

And again in Ridgewood, a man shot another man in the leg to settle an argument they had on the street in the dead of night.

In Dutch Kills, a man easily stole a $21,000 car from a parking lot when the attendant left it idling with the key still in the ignition.

In Hollis, a man stole a woman’s car when she went to get a sandwich and then abandoned it under a train trestle with a four month old baby inside. The woman wound up getting arrested for child endangerment and the thief is still on the loose, who was the one who actually endangered the child even worse.

In Rego Park, three young men broke into a school and robbed 100 bucks and a gift card worth $150 and drew swastikas on white boards before they bounced.

Also in Rego Park, a woman shoplifted over $4,000 worth of clothing from a mall with her five children with her, then ran with them to the Woodhaven Blvd Station to escape with the looted merchandise. While on the train, she freaked all her kids out by making them go through all the cars with the stolen goods in tow as cops were pursuing her.

Again in Rego Park, a man went bonkers inside a mall and pepper sprayed people at random.

And again in Rego Park, a food-app delivery man crashed his motor scooter into a car while trying to evade cops who were pursuing him. The man was riding his unlicensed motor vehicle in the bike lane.

In  Corona, a woman snatched $80 from a 79-year-old man’s hands when he was about to give her money after she begged from him.

Also in Corona, a gang of four men went ballistic after being denied entry back into a nite club and then beat the shit out a man who intervened and tried to calm them down by kicking him, whipping him with a belt and stabbing him multiple times. So the bouncer took out a gun and shot it in the air which did the trick.

Again in Corona at the Junction Blvd. Station, a man randomly punched a 79-year-old and knocked him out on the platform.

In Cambria Heights, a man flipped over and crashed his luxury car while speeding on the expressway and killed a woman who was sitting in the front passenger seat with him and injured two other women who were riding along with them.

On Rikers Island, an inmate got slashed and stabbed by two other inmates in a gang related attack. A search of the assailants cell found a knife inside a peanut butter jar. This incident followed a recent confiscation of fifty scalpels were found concealed behind a toilet bowl in a bathroom that visitors use.

In Flushing, gang of 8 men and one woman collaborated in a sex and child trafficking ring where they tortured teenage girls while forcing them to sell their bodies in hotels and motels.

Also in Flushing at the Main St. Station, a man suddenly grabbed a woman on the mezzanine and demanded money from her. When she told him she had none, he forced her to walk with him to an apartment building where he pulled out his dick while still holding her, but the woman resisted and broke from his clutches and escaped.

In Howard Beach, two men teamed up to steal a cellphone from a handicapped woman in a wheelchair in broad daylight.

In Oakland Gardens, a man drove his car by a woman who was loading grocery bags into her vehicle in a supermarket parking lot and then he jumped out and grabbed her purse, then he drove away as she tried to get it back by reaching through his window, causing her to fall and hit her head on the pavement.

In Sunnyside at the 40 St/Lowery St Station, a woman committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 7 train.

Also in Sunnyside, a FBI agent beat the shit out of and then cuffed a traffic cop when he wrote him a ticket for a parking violation and for having tinted windows.

In Elmhurst at the 90 St./Elmhurst Ave. Station, a man randomly stabbed a 14-year-old boy in the gut on the 7 train.

Also in Elmhurst, a 15-year-old boy got shot while he and two other accomplices tried to steal a car. Then they all got on the same moped and fled until they crashed into a car belonging to a Jersey cop.

In Ozone Park, a brawl broke out in front of a niteclub and a man wound up getting stabbed during the ruckus.

In South Ozone Park, a man grabbed a 73-year-old man’s cane and beat him with it at a bus stop. Then he randomly attacked a man in Sunset Park at the 59th St. Station (two stops away from the Frank James incident) and tried to push him onto the trackbed, but was thwarted by a Samaritan who placed him in a chokehold and restrained him until the cops arrived.. Then he assaulted two cops while resisting arrest, giving one a head butt and the other a shiner from a punch to the face. The lunatic was later released on his own recognizance following his arraignment without bail by a judge appointed by the abomination mayor Bill de Blasio.

In Rosedale, a man shot himself in the leg trying to gun down a man on the street he was pursuing and lied to the cops that he got hit by a stray bullet while jogging.

In Middle Village, cable wire connecting utility poles went on fire.

Two men pulled off a serial smash and grab robbery spree of cell phone stores in a span of two months.

In Glendale, a homeless shelter has been the source of close to a thousand of 911 calls and over 70 arrests from the violence and crime at the facility and in the vicinity by there since it’s inception two years ago.

Wonder why it’s such a pit of despair.


In Harlem, a man pounced on a woman walking on the sidewalk and tried to grab her purse but failed after dragging her on the pavement and ran away when she resisted.

Also in Harlem at the 110th St. Station, a man mouthed off to four men on the B train and the gang beat him up and slashed him in the head.

Again in Harlem, a man pounced on another standing  on the street and punches him with a brick and beats him down to the asphalt in broad daylight.

And again in Harlem, a food delivery worker got shot while riding to his destination.

And again in Harlem, two men got shot in their legs in broad daylight on two different streets.

And again in Harlem, a homeless couple that took shelter inside a subway train tunnel got killed when the 1 train ran over them.

In East Harlem, a man riding the wrong way on a motor scooter hit an 86-year-old woman as she was crossing the street and she died instantly from her injuries.

Also in East Harlem, two men jumped a food delivery man as he was about to exit an apartment building and robbed an order and 70 bucks from him after stabbing in the leg.

Again in East Harlem, a gang of four men pounced on a 67-year-old man right after he came out of bank withdrawing money from an ATM and beat him down to the pavement and stole his wallet containing 800 bucks.

And again in East Harlem, an ebike spontaneously combusted on a street corner and also set a car parked next to it on fire.

And again in East Harlem, a woman committed suicide by jumping from a window of her apartment from the 5th floor.

In Chinatown, a man got stabbed to death during a fight over money in a gambling den at a venue where a woman got tortured and was found dead in an app hail livery driver’s car that her assailants dumped her in and sent back to her hometown in Queens last summer. The suspected killer went to a nearby kitchen supply store to get the knives he weaponized and he’s still on the loose.

Also in Chinatown, a fire at an apartment building killed a 91-year-old tenant and her middle aged son with special needs.

Again in Chinatown, a five-alarm fire gutted an abandoned four story mixed use apartment building.

In the Upper West Side, three bigoted boys menaced six other boys on the sidewalk while they were brandishing a knife, a crowbar and a sword while spewing anti-Semitic remarks.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man held up a taco stand at gunpoint and robbed it of 150 bucks in broad daylight.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man approached a parked car and shot a man to death point blank to his head as he was sitting in the drivers seat.

In the East Village, hundreds of NYPD police officers were deployed to remove an encampment made by homeless people under a scaffolding by a school that’s been abandoned for 20 years. Seven protesters wound up getting arrested as the cops and sanitation workers removed the vagrants belongings and threw all of it in the garbage trucks.

Also in the East Village, a man hit another man while he was crossing the street with his car while driving drunk and crashed into a parked car.

In the Lower East Side at the Delancy St. Station, during another NYPD sweep of homeless encampments cops found a homeless man squatting in a crawl space in a tunnel and he happened to be wanted for stealing jewelry from the dead in coffins at a funeral home and for stealing a laptop from an apartment he invaded.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man got shot in the leg over a K2 drug deal gone bad with two other men on the street.e

Again in the Lower East Side, the de Blasio Chainsaw Massacre at East River Park hit a gruesome new low as contractors slaughtered a bunch of cherry blossom trees that just started blooming as NYPD officers deployed to the area watched and then arrested 2 protesters trying to stop them.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man stabbed a 16-year-old boy on a street corner after chasing him from his smoke shop after catching him shoplifting.

And again in the Lower East Side,  a man shot another man who he was brawling with in front of a smoke shop and a stray bullet  shot a bouncer in the leg who was having a slice at a dollar dollar fifty pizzeria during his break working at a neighboring niteclub.

And again in the Lower East Side, a pop star from the UK got mugged after leaving a bar and was beaten so bad he wound up hospitalized with a broken jaw.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man beat his four-month old son to death inside his apartment and tried to cover it up by saying he accidentally dropped him while feeding him. 

In Midtown at the 49th Station, a man was found dead from a drug overdose on the mezzanine by the stairs.

Also in Midtown, two women and a man pulled off a counter top jewelry heist stealing over a hundred diamond rings worth nearly a half million dollars.

Again in Midtown, cops approached a car with two men and a woman inside with their weapons drawn and found one of them possessing a gun. During the collars, one of the men resists arrest and punches the cop and flees on foot and winds up getting arrested.

And again in Midtown and also Harlem and the Upper East Side, a man robbed 5 banks by handing a teller a threatening note and made off with $5,700. Three of the robberies were from the same Canada based bank. A man the cops caught and collared trying to break into a car in the Bronx robbed 700 bucks a branch of that Canada based bank in March using a note and suspects him of those serial robberies.

In Penn Station, a man started fires in two garbage cans in one week and got released with only a desk appearance ticket despite having 80 prior arrests which included multiple other times he set cans on fire back in the December. The firebug also went on a two week serial arson tear 10 years earlier lighting 15 cans on fire on busy street corners.

Also in Penn Station, a serial sexual predator who raped twin four-year-old girls in another state attempted to hide out in one of Mayor Adams’s dangerous homeless shelters and wrestled with cops and bit one of them as they tried to arrest him and escaped. The lowlife fugitive was caught and arrested while hiding out in Yonkers and brought back to Manhattan where he spat on a reporter while being perp-walked to the courthouse.

In Times Square at the 42nd St. Station, a man stabbed another man in the back on the mezzanine.

Also in Times Square, a manhole explosion by the old New York Times building scared the shit out of tourists and made them run for their lives. Probably because they are not use to seeing this happen as a full time resident of the five boroughs as manhole explosions have been happening twice as much as it did two years ago.

Again in Times Square at the Port Authority Station, a man walloped a 67-year-old woman in the head and robbed her purse after he shoved her down the stairs.

And again in Times Square, a man got stabbed during a fight with two other men on the sidewalk.

And again in Times Square at the 42nd St. Station, two men and a woman roughed up a 60-year-old man and robbed him on the platform.

And again in Times Square, a man stabbed another man to death at an arcade after an argument and a brawl he had with him that was provoked when the victim won a prize and dropped it near his assailant’s daughter.

And again in Times Square, a man stabbed another man to settle a dispute in front of a hot dog vendor.

In Central Park, an arsonist or a cold homeless person started a fire in a brush area. This is the third fire in two months in the second biggest park in the five boroughs

Also in Central Park, a man crashed into a bike rider while going the wrong way on his motorcycle without license plates.

In  Hell’s Kitchen, a bigot stabbed another man in the torso who passed by him on the sidewalk because of the sound of his accent.

In Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a man attempted to pick up a woman on the subway platform, then he followed her entering the Q train and sat next to her and sexually molested her. A Samaritan intervened and made him stop but the deviant still took the train to his destination at Prospect Park without any response by the NYPD.

Also in Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a man stabbed a woman in the leg as she tried to stop him after he snatched another woman’s cellphone from her hand on the platform.

In Morningside Heights at the 110th St. Station, a gang of four boys fucking around and littering on the B train ganged up on a man and beat him down and slashed him in the head after he admonished them for stepping on his boots.

In Soho, a man jumped another man from behind and stabbed him in the back multiple times on the sidewalk in the dead of night.

Also in Soho, a man stalked another man walking on the sidewalk and stabbed him in the head.

In Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man grabbed a woman’s ass on the D train platform and felt groovy about it.

Also in Greenwich Village, a steam leak from a manhole led to Con Edison shutting down power in the vicinity and the construction of a steam pipe placed in the middle of a restaurant shanty.

Evidence was found a block north by a bike lane by other restaurant shanties and sidewalk dining tables.

In the Upper East Side, a man crashed his car into a restaurant shanty, causing it to collapse and he wound up injuring himself and his passenger.

Also in the Upper East Side, NYPD arrested 41 recidivist petty thieves were involved in nearly 150 shoplifting incidents of chain pharmacies. And surely a chunk of them will be doing it again.

Again in the Upper East Side, a man recently sprung from prison and tripping on crystal meth randomly punched and knocked out a 65-year-old man to the pavement, then smashing a bottle over the head of a 66-year-old woman and punching a homeless man who tried to stop him from getting away, then he stabbed a man in the back while he was standing by his car and randomly punching another man walking by him. The ex-con also stabbed his friend during a robbery where he stole a laptop, cellphones and $4,000 from him at his apartment a few days earlier from his half hour early morning daylight rampage.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man broke into an apartment building by jimmying the lock with a credit card and stole a tenant’s package. The skel got caught and was found to have 69 priors and was involved with other break in mail theft in other buildings in the area.

And again in the Upper East Side, two men bum rushed an upscale supermarket and held two workers at gunpoint, then they tied them up with plasticuffs and broke into the store’s safe and robbed $3,300. The oligarch owner put a $10,000 reward for the capture of the thieves. The same oligarch made a media blitz announcing his hiring of more security guards to prevent shoplifting of his chain of stores only two months earlier to make DA Alvin Bragg look bad.

And again in the Upper East Side, the predominance of critical mass motorcross cycle and ATV riders monopolizing the roads and sidewalks continues to frustrate residential drivers and pedestrians. A persistent Vision Zero violation issue that gets zero attention from the bike scientology lobby Transportation Alternatives and even Mayor Adams.

Wonder why is that?

In Inwood, a gang of four teenage males ambushed a food delivery worker in an apartment building lobby and beat him down to the floor and whacked him with a cane, then they stole 300 bucks off him after one of the thugs pulled out his piece.

In Washington Heights, an ebike exploded inside an apartment while it was being charged.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton St. Station, a man attacked a woman after giving her dog a stare down. The woman blasted pepper spray at the loon when he pulled her hair and dropped her to the floor as her dog barked at him.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Cordtlant St. Station, a man sat down next to a woman on a bench and felt her up while jerking off, then got on the R train with her and cummed on the floor.

Again in Downtown Manhattan at the Rector St. Station, a chicken strutted on the tracks causing a delay of the 1 train. No report if she was suicidal or homeless.

In Chelsea, a man walked into a hotel bar and swiped a bottle of liquor from the shelf, then got into a tussle with a worker while trying to steal another bottle of hooch.

Also in Chelsea, an ex-con recently released from prison on a rape conviction stalked a woman on the street and put a chokehold on her, then he raped her on the pavement.

Again in Chelsea, an ebike battery exploded while being charged inside an apartment.

And again in Chelsea, a man chased a 68-year-old woman to the middle of the street and then punched her in the midsection, knocking her down to the asphalt.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a homeless man having a mental breakdown pulled out a knife and wielded it at commuters with it on the 1 train.

In the Flatiron District, a man randomly kicked an 8-year-old boy in his face and then threw a plaza chair at a 60-year-old woman during a mental breakdown on the street.

In Koreatown, a man committed suicide by jumping from the 27th floor of a luxury condo he shares with his diplomat wife.

In FiDi at the Wall St. Station, a man slashed another man in the face with a boxcutter after arguing with him because the victim wanted to sit down and he was hogging three seats on the 4 train, then the assailant fled to the Whitehall St. Station and hopped the turnstiles to take another train to escape.

In Alphabet City, a man creeped beside a 12-year-old girl walking on the sidewalk and proposed her to accompany him somewhere until a Samaritan intervened and the predator bounced.

Also in Alphabet City, a man shot another man to death to settle a dispute on the street in broad daylight, then he got on his bike and rode away.

In Murray Hill, a man jumped into the East River fully clothed and carry a sack over his back, then he stuck his tongue out at a reporter after cops rescued him. Maybe he was doing his laundry?

Also in Murray Hill, a short bus driver ran over and killed an 82-year-old man as he was crossing the street.

In Fort George, a fruit vendor got hit in the chest by a stray bullet as he was closing up his stand while a man pulled a gun to shoot his foe by a nite club and missed.

In Gramercy Park, a homeless man has been defecating in public and randomly screaming at people dining al fresco for months because of city inaction and perpetual lack of services for the truly mentally ill people dwelling on the streets and in dangerous homeless shelters.


In Crown Heights, a 59-year-old man begging for change on a boulevard intersection got killed when a cop in a NYPD patrol van mowed him down trying to beat a red light when there was no emergency. At least the homeless man died with dignity being that he didn’t perish living in a tent on the street. The cop who plowed him was reassigned to desk duty as he awaits disciplinary action from AG Letitia James, who can’t even indict a ham sandwich after failing to bring justice to Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment charges and Donald Trump’s tax evasion charges.

Also in Crown Heights at the Franklin Ave. Station, a man punched a token booth clerk as she was placing yellow tape around the turnstiles to warn commuters there was no transit service there.

Again in Crown Heights, a man shot at two men standing in an apartment building lobby from the sidewalk outside, hitting one of them in the head and the other man in the chest.

In East New York at the Alabama Ave. Station, a man picked a fight with a gang of three men on the J train and got slashed on the head.

Also in East New York, a man was found dead inside his apartment from a point blank shot to the head.

Again in East New York, a man on a motorcycle got into an argument with another man on the street and then shot at him three times and sped off. The victim died from his wounds from getting hit in the armpit. Another man got hit the hand by a stray bullet.

In Bushwick at the Halsey St. Station, a man punched a 13-year-old boy in the face with brass knuckles on the L train.

Also in Bushwick, a man went into a nite club and lit it on fire after pouring a container of gasoline by the door. The flames injured a security guard and a bartender and gutted the entire place. The arsonist turned out to be the son of former MTA commissioner Joe Lotha.

Again in Bushwick, a 16-year-old boy got pinched possessing 40 rounds of bullets in his backpack when he went through the metal detector at his high school. A friend of his told him to hold it for him because they were being used in a music video.

In Flatbush, four men bum rushed an apartment and held up two men at gunpoint and robbed $200,000 off them from safes that were inside the unit.

Also in Flatbush, a 72-year-old man got slashed in the face by a man he walked past by on his commute to work.

Again in Flatbush, a man got stabbed multiple times inside an apartment where he and a woman where getting loaded on drugs.

And again in Flatbush, a woman stabbed her 73-year-old roommate to death following a domestic dispute in their apartment over her boyfriend coming over to their place.

In East Flatbush at the Church Ave. Station, a MTA conductor stopped the F train to tell a man he couldn’t smoke inside the car and then the man slashed her in the face, wrist and leg with a shiv.

Also in East Flatbush, a man stabbed another man to death inside a halfway house and is still on the run.

Again in East Flatbush, a man bum rushed a police precinct waving a knife and yelling orders at cops and wound up in a cell then a hospital for examination.

In Cypress Hills at the Crescent St. Station, a man and a woman beat down and stabbed a commuter on the J train. The woman was carrying a little dog during the attack.

Also in Cypress Hills, a man shot another man in the leg on the street.

Again in Cypress Hills, a man shot another man in the back to settle an argument on the street.

In Bed-Stuy, a man mistreated and malnourished  28 dogs at his house, leaving them in squalid cages stewing in their own feces and piss.

Also in Bed-Stuy, two men shot at three other men on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man to death on a basketball court in broad daylight while children were playing and parents were with their babies in the park nearby and while cops were patrolling nearby.

In Brownsville at the Sutter Ave Station, a man stabbed a teenage commuter on his arm on the platform.

Also in Brownsville, a man got shot to death by a public housing building from a drug deal gone bad.

Again in Brownsville, two men got killed after getting hit by a train while they were spraying graffiti on a wall.

And again in Brownsville, a man walked up to a parked car and shot a man in the chest who was sitting inside.

And again in Brownsville, an off-duty cop pursued his ex-girlfriend and another man driving together and shot at them from his car.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a boy got shot during a rumble involving  a bunch of other teenagers by the Barclays Arena that spilled out from a nearby McDonalds a few blocks away.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, two men looted over a $1,000 worth of merchandise from a department store with relative ease.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man loaded up a shopping cart and looted a TV, a blender and clothes from a department store, also with relative ease.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, two men shadowed a delivery man who got access inside an apartment building and stole a couple of walkie talkies from the concierge desk.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Hoyt-Schemerhorn Station, a man held up a commuter at gunpoint and robbed his wallet. Then got caught by the cops using his credit cards to buy shit at a chain pharmacy.

In Bay Ridge, a man shot another man at a gas station in broad daylight nearby a police precinct where cops easily detained him.

Also in Bay Ridge at the 86th St. Station, a man attacked a commuter from behind while he was using the metrocard machine, flailing him with kicks and punches until he stole his cellphone.

In Bensonhurst, a man counting his money while walking on the sidewalk got jumped from behind from two men stalking him, then the duo beat him down to the pavement after one of them puts him a choke hold as his accomplice smashed a bottle over his head and stole 100 bucks from him.

In Bath Beach, a man got hit by a NYPD patrol SUV while jaywalking crossing the street. The cops were responding to an emergency and had their sirens on.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man got caught in the act stealing a catalytic converter from under a car by cops and then he got back into a luxury car he stole and weaponized it against them trying to run them over and then smashing it into a blockade of two other patrol cars. One of the cops shot at him during the escape attempt and blew out his tire. Then the thief abandoned his ride and ran away on foot.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a woman randomly stabbed another woman in the back as she walked by her on the sidewalk.

In Gowanus, an ex-con stabbed his roommate and another man inside a homeless shelter while brawling with them after an argument about his public display of affection with his girlfriend. Mayor Adams thinks residing in a place like that is more dignified than camping under an elevated highway road.

In New Lots, two men bum rushed a smoke shop and held the clerks up at gunpoint. After one of them discharged his weapon, they the place of nearly $5,000 worth of cannabis oil and $1,000 cash money.

In Williamsburg, a man walked up to an apartment and shot at the door after knocking on it twice. The man came and bounced with two other men.

In Canarsie, a man got shot twice while standing in front of his apartment building.

Also in Canarsie, an off-duty cop shot a man to settle an argument they were engaged in on a street corner just past midnight.

Again in Canarsie, a five alarm fire destroyed a house, killing a fireman and an autistic man who lived there after the second floor collapsed under them.

And again in Canarsie, a man shot his brother and paralyzed after his gun went off while he was having a domestic dispute with him at their house.

And again in Canarsie, a man got crushed to death while working on his car when a driver of another car crashed into another vehicle that was parked in front of him and pinned him between both vehicles.

In Fort Greene, a woman got strangled, raped and robbed of $600 and her cellphone by a friend of hers on a rooftop of a NYCHA building after she refused his amorous advances.

In Kensington, an ebike battery explosion set off fires in two houses, causing injuries and homelessness to seven residents.

In Midwood, a man attacked a saleswoman in a cellphone store and pried a celly and earbuds he was feigning to buy from her hands and bounced.

In Borough Park, an off-duty cop was found passed out in his car after driving drunk.

On the Brooklyn Bridge, a man attempting to commit suicide got rescued by an NYPD unit as he was standing on top of the bridge’s cables.

In Park Slope, a man died of a drug overdose inside his apartment after he got arraigned for killing his baby daughter who consumed heroin he was using before he passed out on her.

Also in Park Slope. a man stalked a woman walking out of a train station and grabbed her from behind on the sidewalk, jerked off in front of her and molested her on a park bench. The skeev also sexually assaulted a woman in an NYPD arrest man in attempted broad-daylight NYC sex assault.

Again in Park Slope, five boys and two girls engaged in a five finger discount spree inside a bodega, snatching $2,300 worth of candy, drinks and vape products and also pilfered $1,300 from the register.

In Mapleton, a woman dropped her baby from the balcony of her second floor apartment an hour before sunrise. Then she woke up her husband to tell him what she did.

In Gerristen Beach, a 95-year-old man committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun he used fighting in World War II following an argument with his wife.

In DUMBO, a man broke into a production studio through a wall in a neighboring building and stole a camera worth 5 large.

In Gravesend, a man killed himself when he crashed his unlicensed moped into another vehicle on the street and a man riding on the back seat wound up injured from the wreck.

In Marine Park, a homeless man burned to death from a fire that spread while he was cooking in his encampment by the highway.

In Sunset Park at the 36th St. Station, a man named Frank James dressed like a MTA contractor while pushing a hand cart took out and lit smoke bombs and then he pulled out a glock and shot at commuters on the N train, hitting eleven of them and causing injuries to 18 other people who were trying to escape during the panic and chaos during the morning rush.

Frank James then roamed the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan for over 30 hours until he called the cops on himself and waited at a Mickey D’s for them to collar him. He was assisted by five other witnesses who also saw him drifting around their areas.

Other people also trying to flee the area or trying to commute to work in Manhattan got gouged by car hail apps who opportunistically took advantage of their fears and the domestic terror attack by raising fares. The MTA waited days to inform the public that their cameras weren’t working but they had to intentionally suppress their reports to cover their asses first.

Also in Sunset Park at the 59th St. Station (two stops away from the Frank James incident), a man randomly punched a commuter and tried to push him onto the track bed. Then he assaulted two cops while resisting arrest, giving one a head butt and the other a shiner from a punch to the face. The lunatic was released on his own recognizance following his arraignment without bail by a judge appointed by the abomination mayor Bill de Blasio.


In Fordham Heights, a 61-year-old woman got killed after getting hit in the back from a stray bullet when two gangbangers that drew guns following a dispute with three sidewalk  vendors moments after she walked past by them on the sidewalk and then tried to duck in a doorway to dodge the fusillade. She was coming home from her job at the time. Two brothers involved in the accidental murder were arrested days later. One of them who was recently sprung after making $20,000 bail for a gun possession bust nearby where they killed her.

In the South Bronx, a 17-year-old boy shot at a rival gang from a street corner across the street from a high school after engaging in an argument with them and stray bullets from the fusillade hit another boy and two girls as they were walking together leaving the campus grounds. A 16-year-old girl collapsed on the sidewalk and died instantly from a shot to the back while her friends got wounded and survived. The killing was the boy’s first criminal offense before committing this massacre with a ghost gun that he failed to hide and spending most of his childhood and youth hanging out with gangbangers as a hopper. The boy who got shot in the leg from the mindless attack where his classmate and friend got killed faced a grilling by cops who questioned him about having gang ties, which led Mayor Adams to issue a public apology to him.

Also in the South Bronx at the 149th St. Station, a woman punched a conductor in the face when she opened her window on the 2 train.

In Norwood, a man brought a knife to a gun fight and wound up getting chased on the street and shot to death on a street corner.

Also in Norwood, a man stabbed his girlfriend multiple times to settle an argument with her at her apartment. After the cops collared him and took him to a hospital, he got stabby with a nurse who was treating him by grabbing a pair of scissors and striking her head, then he lunged after a cop and got tased.

In Morris Heights at the Burnside Ave. Station, a man pulled out a gun and shot at a commuter on the 4 train and then bounced with a woman he was with.

In Soundview, a man went into a public school brandishing a shiv and violently assaulted a guidance counselor who broke up with him. Then a school safety cop and a teacher intervened to eject him from the premises and they wound up getting slashed in the process.

In Fordham Manor, a man creeped up behind a 76-year-old woman in a bank while she was withdrawing cash from an ATM machine and threw her down to the floor and stole her purse.

In Concourse, a man being chased by a gang of four other men and drew his gun and shot at them as they were pursuing him by Yankee Stadium.

Also in Concourse, a woman got shot to death from a stray bullet that hit her while she was sitting in her car by a man who tried to shoot someone else down from the sidewalk.

In Mott Haven, a 4-year-old boy crawled through a space on a window with an air conditioner at a NYCHA building and fell six floors to the ground and survived landing on a patch of grass.

Also in Mott Haven, four women walking on the sidewalk got startled when two men in a car pulled up to the curb by them and came out strapped and held them up at gunpoint, then they snatched a $30,000 watch off one of them and bounced.

In Concourse Village, two men rode up the sidewalk together on a motor scooter by a man in front of his apartment building and one of them hopped off and stabbed him to death in broad daylight.

In Tremont, a man impersonating a utility worker bum rushed an apartment with two other men after he used a crowbar to whack the tenant on his head right when he unlocked his door. Then the three home invaders pistol whipped and tied up him and  his wife with plasticuffs and robbed a safe containing jewelry and over 4 grand in cash.

In Soundview, a man smashed a jewelry store window with a sledgehammer and he and his four accomplices plundered all the jewels that were on display in broad daylight.

In Belmont, a man shot another man in the leg while he was crossing the street in a drive-by in broad daylight.

Also in Belmont, a man swung a pipe at another man inside an apartment building to settle an argument and killed him by striking his neck.

In Edenwald, a 15-year-old girl got shot in the leg from a stray bullet.

In Allerton, a woman barged into an 89-year-old woman’s apartment at a NYCHA building and doused her with boiling water while trying to rob her and made off with her house keys.

Also in Allerton, a gang of three men got into an argument with three other men and a woman on a street corner, then they all pulled out guns and shot them, killing a man and wounded his three friends.

Again in Allerton, a man ran over and killed a woman with his luxury car while she started crossing the street and he impatiently started making his turn.

In Crotona Park, Mount Eden, Morrisania, Parkchester, Mount Hope and Westchester Square, two men riding on unlicensed mopeds mounted sidewalks and snatched purses off of six women while slugging five of them during their getaways. And they did it in one night in a time span of under 90 minutes.

In Foxhurst, a man got stabbed to death after engaging in an argument and then a fight with his assailant and a woman he was with.

Also in Foxhurst, a man suffering from cancer and chemotherapy committed suicide by  in his burning car after he was idling in a parking space and the vehicle went on fire and then he decided to go back inside and sit in the back seat and die. Apparently, the pain from burning to death was a lot easier than his treatment and his sickness.

In Crotona, a man shot and a killed another man and wounded two other men in the middle of the street.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a man rode his unlicensed motor scooter on the sidewalk past a gang of six men and mouthed off to one of them, provoking him to pull out a 9mm. , Then the motor scooter rider got off and pulled out his piece and fired a round at his foe.

In Wakefield, a man stole a flatbed truck with the motor running and the keys still in the fob, then he crushed and killed a man standing by his pickup truck during the getaway attempt. The thief later crashed the truck into a pole and abandoned it and walked away.

In Williamsbridge, a man got shot to death in front of an apartment building.

In Fordham at the Fordham Rd. Station, an argument between a man and a woman escalated when he slashed her in the face with a knife.

Also in Fordham and Bedford Park, a gang of 18 men and two teenage males got indicted for over three dozen felonious crimes and brazen shootings, one of them which killed a young woman, after they implicated themselves in drill rap videos they made on social media, leading NYPD investigators to track them down.

In Clasion Point, a man barged into a public school and attacked a guidance counselor with a knife but was stopped by a school safety cop and a teacher who both wound up getting slashed trying to hold him down.

In Woodstock, a man pulled out a knife and stabbed another man multiple times to settle an argument in front of a deli.

Also in Woodstock, a dirtbike rider got plowed by a NYPD patrol car.

Again in Woodstock, a man held up a cellphone store at gunpoint and he and an accomplice walked out with two bags of merchandise. During the getaway, the driver crashed into a police car in Manhattan, then they made a dash on foot to the riverside so they can throw the gun in the water before they got collared when the cops caught them.

In Unionport, two men walked into a bodega and held up the cashier at gunpoint and robbed $800.

In Highbridge, a gang of six men carjacked a livery driver’s cruiser after one of them driving the car they were in smashed into his vehicle to trap him after the livery driver crashed into them following an accident. Then the driver grabbed the victim and punched him with brass knuckles and then stole his car with two of his accomplices  sitting on the roof and hood.

The suspect who collided then stole the stolen car got collared and his five buddies are still on the loose, and he is now too since a judge decided to release him on his own recognizance because of the bail reform laws undermining ultraviolent crimes.

Also in Highbridge, a six-year-old boy fell down an elevator shaft in an apartment building and survived.

In Mount Eden, a man shot another man to death and two other men in their legs in front of a bodega in a drive-by in broad daylight.

In Eastchester, a man ripped off a cash register from a laundromat after he beat down the worker, slashed her face and pinned her with a laundry basket cart.

Also in Eastchester, reckless driving morons playing with their cars like toys doing donuts are smashing up cars owned by residents of NYCHA buildings.

A gang of three men set up three people after they arranged on social media with their marks to buy video game consoles and a data card and robbed them of those items at gunpoint. The serial gamer thieves also hit up a mark and stole 6 large worth of jewels off him and another mark where they stuck up a man for $1,300 of cameras and accessories they feigning to buy from him.

At Yankee Stadium, fans threw beer cans at the Cleveland Guardians outfielders during a play and when one of the players mouthed off back to them. Then the creatures threw more cans and trash at them after the Yankees won the game.

The Bronx Zoo is back.

Staten Island

In Fort Wadsworth, a woman got shot inside her house during a fight between two men during a pot deal gone wrong. One of the dealers is the grandson of former Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, who skated from an attempted murder charge when he was 17 years old.

In Donghan Hills, an emergency call of a man having a mental breakdown led to confiscation of an arsenal of guns, rifle and ordinance he had inside his apartment.

In Port Richmond, a boy pulled out a box cutter and threatened another boy on a city bus on their way to school.

Also in Port Richmond, a vandal smashed  windows of a hair salon and a cheesesteak restaurant.

In St. George, a man shoved a 72-year-old woman to the pavement and robbed her purse as she was walking home.

In Mariners Harbor, a man hit the gas when cops were trying to pull him over for speeding and then he engaged in a movie scene car chase pursuit. Then he tried to run over a cop to get away from a traffic stop a week later and wound up crashing his vehicle.

Also in Mariners Harbor, a man stalked a woman on the sidewalk while she was walking her dog and then took out a gun and shot it off randomly hitting buildings in the vicinity.

In Graniteville, cops and state troopers procured ghost guns and weapon accessories during a bust.

In Grasmere, a man attacked a young man on the sidewalk and robbed 29 bucks off him after putting a chokehold on him. Then he ambushed a 62-year-old man by a bank and punched him in the face and robbed 500 bucks off him.

In Eltingville, an enraged man attacked a cashier at a convenience store and bashed his head on the counter, then proceeded to steal vapes and cigars worth over 140 bucks.

In Stapleton, a man wrestled with cops who tried to collar him after he got caught with crack.

Also in Stapleton, a young man shot himself in the leg inside his apartment and gave his brother the gun so he can hide it from the cops. After his brother took him to the hospital, the cops came back to their apartment with a warrant and found the weapon.

In South Beach, a man held up another man at gunpoint on the street, then pistol whipped him when he tried to walk away.

In West Brighton, a man shot at three people sitting in a parked car and then got back in his own ride and bounced.

Also in West Brighton, a man held up another man at gunpoint on the street and made off with his celly.

In New Brigthon, criminal offenses are up over 110% in the area.

In Rosebank, a MTA cop lost control of his cruiser and crashed it into a man’s backyard.

Return To The South Richmond Hill Horror

South Richmond Hill, Queens, New York

Spring in South Queens is off to a despairingly dangerous start, particularly with targeted muggings of elderly Indian Sikh men in the same vicinity that’s located on Lefferts Blvd near a Guawdara Temple one block west. First was a violent assault on a 70-year-old man going on an early morning stroll and a little over a week later two other elderly Sikh men were mugged and robbed by two men on the same corner around the same time. In both incidents, the criminals knocked their turbans  religious headwear off their heads, giving credence to Sikh community leaders theories of being hate crimes against them.


The two men involved in the brutal attacks eventually got arrested after being on the lam for a few weeks, one of them who was involved in both crimes. Yet something caught my eye from the Queens Chronicle report after the young man involved in the second attack:

Two Sikh men were attacked Tuesday morning in Richmond Hill near where a hate crime against a member of the same community occurred last week. One man is in custody and another is still at large.

The incident occurred near the intersection of 95th Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard just after 7 a.m., according to police, a block from the Sikh Cultural Society gurdwara.

Officers found the two men, 76 and 64 years old, with minor injuries to the head and body. A preliminary investigation determined that the victims were approached by two men who struck them both on the head and body with closed fists and a wooden stick. The victims were taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

The assailants removed religious headwear from the men and stole their money. The incident is being treated as a robbery and a hate crime, according to police.

Hezekiah Coleman, 20 years old, who police say was squatting at 95-54 Lefferts Blvd., was taken into custody and charged with robbery, assault, hate crimes and aggravated harassment, officials said.

Police believe the suspect they have not caught also committed last week’s assault against Nirmal Singh, 70, said Community Affairs Officer Scott Adelman of the 102nd Precinct at the Community Board 9 meeting on Tuesday night.

The 102nd has a directed post at 95-54 Lefferts Blvd., which appears to be abandoned. It is believed that both suspects were squatters there.

“That car will not leave until the perpetrator is caught,” said Adelman.

Sukhjinder Singh Nijjar is the chairman of external affairs and the elections commission at the Sikh Cultural Society. He says the society is working with the precinct and hate crimes unit in the aftermath of the attacks.

He hopes to see increased police presence and is working to get a car permanently assigned for the temple area. On Wednesday, he and a group of about 15 community members met at the temple at 3 a.m. to patrol.

“We’re exploring all these avenues to see if we can have this area covered, not only for our local Sikh community, but also many other multicultural communities in this area,” he said, adding that the society will continue to hold elected officials accountable on delivering on their promises.

Strong words indeed, especially to elected officials who continue to remain insouciant to the rapid rise of crime in Queens and the other four boroughs and most of all to the party all the time mayor Eric Adams. But in the case they should hold the Queens Chronicle accountable for getting the address of the house were the suspects were squatting in (twice in the same article). The actual address is 94-54 Lefferts Blvd, and  this house has a sordid past and currently is casting an ominous aura. I covered this house exactly one year ago right after a man was found dead on the porch one morning, a result of being bludgeoned in the head by two other homeless men.

Evidently, this abandoned house has got even worse and more squatters are occupying it even if they can’t get inside. 

The porch is still reliable to sleep rough in, although the mattresses and everything else that’s being hoarded here looks to provide enough comfort.

BBQ grill for cookouts. The ramp (probably installed there for handicapped or wheelchair-bound elderly residents) has become a reliable storage and disposal unit and also to ward off trespassers. And possibly other homeless people.

There were no signs of life around this makeshift shelter, although there was evidence of recent inhabitants occupying this despairing disaster area, like this tin of food and a fresh pile of human dung by the steps.


Except for this stray black cat that was eerily giving me the stink eye.

Interesting how there is no encampment set up in the spacious backyard, And it’s hard to tell if there’s any sign of a break in. Which would make sense if a criminal element would want a place to hide

Although with the way this mattress is placed outside on the porch, it looks like it was thrown there following an inspection or maybe the recent NYPD raid to search for the hate crime suspects.




 And there have been inspections of this house from what this water damaged ticket on the fence displays.

Apparently by the Department of Sanitation and not the Department of Buildings,  (hey good job Jessie!)

The city was also benevolent enough to give the owner of this horror house three months to pay for it or to fight it in court. Given that this property got even worse the past year and is now a safe but repulsive haven for recidivist and budding criminals as much as it is for desperate homeless people, surely PSM MGMT are quite intimidated by such an arbitrary demand by our bureaucratic authorities.

Although the D.O.B. actually did try to put the owner of this property on notice for enabling squatting on his porch but apparently it was easily removed. Which is kind of sad given they waited about eight months to go back there to tape one up.

For all the talk about how “public safety is the prerequisite for prosperity” Mayor Adams has been doing nothing but drone sloganeering and talking points to get stuff done to bring down crime on the streets and in this case hold recidivist derelict property owners accountable as well, just like his abominable asshole predecessor de Blasio. Nobody is going to prosper with violent sociopaths roaming around and hiding in the shadows waiting to prey on the citizenry and the New Bad Days in New York City will continue to sow fear and ultimately more injury, physically and financially.

Especially in South Richmond Hill, because it’s happening again.

PIX News

A 63-year-old Sikh man said he was attacked by a man brandishing a gun and demanding money on Mother’s Day morning. It is the latest in a recent string of incidents of Sikh residents being attacked in the same neighborhood.

Kuldip Singh fought off his attacker. He had bruises and bandages to show he put up a strong fight.

“He showed a gun and tell me give me money,” said Singh. “He hit my head, my nose.”

It was Sunday around 10:30 in the morning when Singh was out for a walk. He told PIX11 News that, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy approached him on a bike, showed a gun and tried to rob him.

Singh grabbed the suspect’s arm, and both fell to the ground. That’s when police said Singh was pistol whipped. He suffered bruises and lacerations to the head, a broken nose and fractures in his right hand. The suspect was unable to get anything from him and ran off.

Harpreet Toor, with the Sikh Cultural Society, is an advocate for the community.

“Honestly, I’m happy he fought back instead of just handing over the money,” said Toor. “I know it is dangerous, but you have to draw a line somewhere.”

Since early April, there have been at least three other attacks against Sikh residents in South Richmond Hill.

This isn’t going to stop whether or not that house is being illegally occupied or not, but it’s squalid existence is an integral factor of why these attacks are continuing and will continue. Day or night.

This house needs to be torn down. Stat.





The New York State Democrats Ratfucked Themselves

Nice try

The Five Boroughs, New York

City And State

New York’s highest court tossed out both congressional and state Senate district maps on Wednesday, ruling that they were both drawn in violation of the constitution.

In a majority 4-3 decision, the state Court of Appeals ruled that the maps must be redrawn by a neutral expert, acknowledging that “it will likely be necessary to move the congressional and senate primary elections to August,” Chief Judge Janet DiFiore wrote, ordering the Supreme Court to oversee the process.

While the court ruled both maps were procedurally unconstitutional, the judges wrote that the congressional map was clearly gerrymandered “with impermissible partisan purpose.”

The decision comes after the new, bipartisan Independent Redistricting Committee, established by voters in 2014, failed to come to an agreement on the electoral maps, putting the power in the hands of the Democrat-controlled state Legislature, which approved the newly redrawn maps in February. 

“The legislature responded by creating and enacting maps in a nontransparent manner controlled exclusively by the dominant political party – doing exactly what they would have done had the 2014 constitutional reforms never been passed,” DiFiore wrote. 

The now-voided maps would have given Democrats advantages in 22 of the state’s 26 congressional districts. The new state Senate map redistributed two more of the 63 districts to New York City, following population trends, and gave  Democrats a better position in three Republican-held districts. 

After Democrats released the maps, Republicans promptly filed a lawsuit arguing that the process for approving the maps was “constitutionally defective” and that the congressional map in particular was “unconstitutionally gerrymandered in favor of the majority party,” according to the decision issued Wednesday. 

The fact that the NY Senate Democrats thought they could pull this obvious gerrymandering off to usurp elected offices from Republicans while acting collectively self-righteous trying to justify it is beyond hilarious. Still reeling from losing a seat after a low census count and a bit upset at Nicole Malliotakis’s victory over incumbent Max Rose last year and opportunistically taking advantage of late filing by an appointed bipartisan commission to draw the maps, they decided to redesign district lines to screw her and other incumbent Republican candidates like they did it on an etch-a-sketch.

Their attempt to ratfuck Rep. Malliotakis was so brazen, by extending her district to upper class liberal Park Slope, Downtown Brooklyn and slowly gentrifying town Sunset Park that even Bill de Blasio was champing at the bit to run, but decided not to because of his own polls overwhelming negative responses to him fortunately. But it gave former Max Rose a better advantage to retake his seat back, although it’s quite suspect that this was set up for the Blaz as a reward for pushing Big Pharma’s vaccines the Biden administration inspired mandates in his last 6 months in office.

Apparently, the State Dems gerrymandering also revealed how nervous they were for establishment congressional hack Manhattan Rep. Jerry Nadler by redrawing his districts map that did a wicked NYC Ferry u-turn into the waterfront in Williamsburg where luxury public housing towers were recently built which (if mostly occupied) have produced a new liberal democrat base and slithers into predominantly Jewish neighborhoods who lean conservative neighborhoods that vote Republican.

This district map was drawn so cynically to favor Nadler to assure another term in Congress that it’s actually designed like a gun.

Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul immediately voted to approve the redrawn maps to the chagrin of state Republicans and the people that voted to make brazen gerrymandering attempts illegal back in the 2014 election.  This decision and the new district lines led to a surge of “democrat socialists” looking to capture seats in assembly and state offices as well. State Senator and deputy majority leader Michael Gianaris defiantly proclaimed there was nothing wrong or illegal with the unethically illegal redrawn maps he and his fellow desperate Dems drew up. What makes his arrogant proclamation defense so ludicrous is that the congressional maps in the five boroughs was so amateurishly redrawn and obviously illegal it comes off actually worse than what Tom Delay did in Texas 20 years ago to assure one party GOP dominance in his state.

Now a judge has righteously destroyed the Dem’s attempt to ratfuck democracy to establish their own one party dominance in New York and an immensely ineffective and incompetent one party rule to boot, effectively kiboshing the all the fauxgressive establishment incumbents and democrat socialist candidates (or shall I say fauxialist?) leading to all primary elections being moved to August from June. Can’t think of a more deserving fate for a collective group of illiberal liberal politicians to try to rebrand and normalize gerrymandering in an effort to fight machine politics by acting like a machine political apparatus themselves. Truly the biggest and dumbest self-own in NY State political machinating ever.



Scenes Of Queens: Maroon 5G

This scene takes place in Long Island City.

For some of those who are cognizant of the neighborhood (mainly tourists and real estate speculators), it’s mostly known for it’s wide array of steel and glass towers that have been developed in the Queens Plaza area in a remarkably short period of time. But beyond the luxury tower pestilence are vast areas of industrial and warehouse buildings and now it’s known to have the first LinkNYC 5G wifi transmitter tower in the five boroughs.

Remarkably for a 50 ft obelisk, it doesn’t really give out what an eyesore it is and it doesn’t really look distinguishable from each of the corner lampposts.

Until you actually get closer to it.

Aesthetically, this wifi sentinel really gives off  dystopian society vibes.  But it’s too massively conspicuous to be something out of Black Mirror, it kinda looks something illustrated in 60’s/70’s science fiction movies or from cheesy serials like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers than Star Trek or Battlestar Gallatica. But what it does share from Mirror is its potential to usurp personal data on a wider scale than the current crop of wifi kiosks that were induced on NYC streets years ago by Mayor Bill de Blasio and his consigliere Maya Wiley, spending billions of dollars giving Google offshoot CityBridge a gaudy contract and replacing old phone booths with LinkNYC kiosks, which turned out to be another horrendous profligate spending boondoggle for taxpayers when it turned out that all their promises of online equity turned to shit when they ran out of money to expand them to other boroughs failing to build up revenue from advertising that never transpired and only installed a fifth of them.


So instead of terminating this contract after City Bridge lost 75 million dollars, de Blasio and municipal tech agency Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications gave CityBridge a city budget mulligan with a new contract for these creepy three story 5G q-tips. Though not much is said if the city will at least take down the current ones which have been commonly and mostly used by the homeless as headboards for their cardboard street mattresses as well as multimedia entertainment amenity and has also been vulnerable to violent vandalism


It’s truly hilarious how they market these behemoth eyesores as a “game changer” that’s going to “reimagine” how people use the internets, even more funnier is how the city and the CityBridge proclaims how it will make it more equitable for lower income areas, which strains credulity since they shortchanged most of these areas with their original wifi kiosks when the speculative money ran out and didn’t come in (most of the advertising was for NYC municipal service agencies, which ironically and atypically also short changes low income area residents). Which is why it’s hilarious they decided to plant this thing in a desolate area in Long Island City, home to the biggest growth of luxury tower pestilence this city has seen in the last half decade and rapid gentrification, hardly an area that needs access for internet service, especially free service.

Although it’s probably because residents of the targeted neighborhoods to plant these 5G sentinels would be instantly repelled to see one of these drop on their block not only because of their ugly presence, but the obvious widespread invasion of privacy and another inevitable rise in rents and gentrification that usually comes with any upgrade that comes to a town. Surely that factor came into mind when the city placed it in this desolate industrial area in LIC instead of the promised “internet deserts” of towns like Brownsville and Hollis where “NIMBY” resistance will surely surface. And planted it right by the Typhin Steel factory warehouse building, whose owner’s son just happens to be New York City’s top YIMBY actorvist Ben Carlos Typhin of Open New York, a tech bro and gal based real estate lobby group consisting of millenial pro-over-development fauxgressive scientologists that have influenced the city’s “affordable” housing policies and radical changes to street infrastructure which led to the rise of the luxury public housing phenomenon that built more housing for the rich that don’t exist and a neofeudal competition lottery for lower and middle income earners to get access to those apartments and the proliferation of street curb restaurant shanties and bike lanes that have suffocated once ample road space.


Currently, this 5G tower hasn’t been activated yet and construction for nearly a hundred of these heinous data succubi will begin and up and running by Autumn, provided they don’t run into community resistance, which is surely a given since the city doesn’t even care to deign to the concerns of taxpayers anymore and can just drop this shit on the streets and rightly expect acclimation because this city is run by kakistrocracy of elected officials obeisant and subservient to corporations, in this case Google. Even though internet desert towns will soon be able to stream, tweet, and post Facebook/Instagram and Tik Tok faster, this convenience culture provided by the 5G sentinels comes with a heavier and uglier price of municipal spending waste and sacrifice of personal freedoms.






The Ballad Of Frank James

Frank James had had enough

New York, New York

Two weeks ago, a lonely and angry man took the morning Manhattan bound rush hour N train from southwest Brooklyn. He came on board dressed for safety measures wearing a helmet and  MTA safety vest and lugging a hand rolling cart filled with firecrackers and smoke bombs. In between stations, this man was muttering to himself and started fumbling with the cart’s contents, then he put on a gas mask and ignited two smoke bombs and pulled out a 9mm gun and shot 33 rounds at his fellow commuters. During the fusillade he managed to hit 10 of them as 19 other people sustained injuries while trying to flee into the next car. Shockingly and luckily no one died from the incident, only because the man’s gun jammed and also because he wasn’t aiming for vital organs.

Like something from the beginning of an action movie or t.v. show, the man walked away from the chaos he caused after dumping the gear he was wearing and the cart in the train, then walked past people lying injured and bleeding on the 36th St. Station platform, past commuters fleeing for safety and walked across to the arriving R train and got off that train at the next station. Then he took a stroll to nearby Park Slope where he got on a bus to transfer to an F train station and got off in the Lower East Side while eluding hundreds of cops and FBI agents deployed to the scene of the crime.

Once the NYPD and the legacy local news media identified the shooter as Frank James, he was roaming around Brooklyn and Manhattan for over 30 hours until he got to his last destination in the East Village, where he stopped at a couple of high end restaurants and walked around and rested on a bench by a restaurant shanty in plain sight, all while the NYPD were in a frantic search to find him. When James went into a McDonalds on 1st Avenue, a man working at a shop next door recognized him and call the cops to pick him up and they finally collar him (it also turned out that there were four other witnesses who made reported calls, which also included James).

There hasn’t been much of a follow up about what motivated Frank James to start blasting people. In fact, we would know a lot more because he had a youtube channel with videos of him ranting about the rising crime and dysfunctional lack of public services that has turned NYC into its current dystopian state. In other words, James gripes mostly jibed with a vast majority of opinions of New Yorkers (according to Mayor Adams, who guesstimates this amount to 30 million every time he gets asked a question) including yours truly of this blog your reading here. But we will never ever know because youtube abolished his channel and banned his videos from public view (Although the NYPD actually could have that footage to use against him during his trial).

The last time a man committed a mass shooting on a New York transit line was when Colin Ferguson shot up a LIRR train also with an semi-automatic handgun and killed six people and maimed 19 others and during the morning rush.  The distinction about is not this that James didn’t kill anyone or that he was not of sound mind when he maimed his fellow commuters like Ferguson, but with the predominance of social media and networking, his motives were out there for all to see and his vulgar and racist social media disturbingly had validity to them which served as a portent for his own mass shooting in regards the myriad crises that are dominating New York City society. In a way, this actually resembles the Bernard Goetz shooting of four Black men back in 1984 when he decided to pack heat because of the relentless crime wave during the worst era of the bad old days. It even bears an unsettling resemblance to the cult horror classic movie “God Told Me Too”, where people also engaged in mass shootings and responded by getting their orders by man who lives in the clouds. This also was recently revealed by current Mayor Eric Adams who claimed that God told him to run for mayor(funny I thought it was Real Estate Board of New York who told him to).

Another aspect from the mass shooting is that the Bernie Goetz of the New Bad Days probably did it to become a viral sensation by manifesting his bloody fantasies. But what he actually did do was expose the kakistocracy that has overwhelmed NYC municipal services, the NYPD and the mass transit system as well. Because what pushed Frank James over the edge derived from the dearth in mental health services which Bill de Blasio and his tax boondoggle wife laundered a billion dollars from that still hasn’t been accounted for and the homeless service providers that James felt short changed him and left him despaired, anguished and furious. Plus it was recently exposed that one of the non-profit service providers James went to is a million and a half dollars in the red as it’s top executives continue to make six figure salaries. If James found out that the city has dedicated more funding for mental health services to nite club owners and their big spending patrons, he probably would have aimed higher.

There’s another disturbing aspect about James’ senseless hate-filled attack; the fact that he knew he could pull it off and with ease, despite his mishaps. Because the reason why James was able to trudge around two boroughs for a day and a half is that the cameras at the two stations were he got on and got off malfunctioned and the NYPD didn’t get a good description of him. At first James was described as being just 5 and a half feet tall instead of the over 6 ft. man that wound up plastered on cellphone screen social media apps, which enabled him to walk in public in plain sight as cops and federal agents headed to his crime scene. The NYPD claimed they didn’t have his description because the fiber optic cables didn’t transmit the footage fast enough.

The MTA’s own ass covering for this deficiency being that those Sunset Park station cameras happened to be the only ones that were out of service even though the other 10,000 that are in the transit system were working just fine that day. If only there was something the transit system bosses could have done to make sure those cameras were still working, like allocating money to keep them running 24/7/365 instead of pissing it away on marketing and advertising their minimally used OMNY pay and travel ads…


It’s laughingly ironic that the MTA would spend more expense and effort for these promotional gimmicks to be seen than for people behaving suspiciously. But this is the worst fucking transit system in the universe with a top brass that thinks it’s normal to keep a paper transit map up after putting up a digital screen map right next to it.


Frank James also made a mockery of N.Y.’s finest, who are collectively suffering an horrendous year as felonious crimes collectively rise nearly 50%.  Like when NYPD Commissioner Sewell praised her officers for tracking him down, it turned out James actually called the cops himself and told him where he was going to be, which Frank gleefully scoffed at them during his arrest by asking them what took them so long.

Mayor Adams was spared the embarrassment of this indignity mostly because he was holed up in Gracie Mansion with COVID-19 with a “rasbie” throat (his mangled words not mine). But still, James made Adams look like an idiot even more since he was able to smuggle a gun and ordinance into the transit system when three weeks earlier the Mayor and Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul announced new units of extra cops and health professionals (basically subway orderlies) to be deployed to the stations to prevent criminal behavior, stop criminals and aid mentally disturbed folks. Then Mayor Adams proceeded to make an idiot out of himself by blaming social media for allowing him to post his vitriolic uploaded videos and posts on their platforms, even after they already deplatformed them. Even though the NYPD counter terrorism squad already has a unit to monitor terror threats domestic and international and used it very diligently tracking protesters during 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests. Too bad this dedication wasn’t present when Frank James mimicked a mass shooting attack on a subway train and promoting extreme measures and final solutions for his targets of indignation and frustration.

Another thing Frank James mass shooting exposed was obnoxious preening by the city’s fauxgressive establishment Democrat elected officials making dickhead self-promoting photo ops feigning to project strength while pathetically trying to muster inspiration for people to continue to use the subway and stay put in the city that is getting less safer every day.

It didn’t take that long for media’s interest in the subway mass shooting to vaporize, because “regular” shootings on the city streets continued to escalate, there were 15 shootings just days after his arrest and there was also a gory fatal attraction murder in Forest Hills that took over the news. But leave it Frank Adams to also make a gory mockery of Mayor Adams continuing failure to prevent gun violence by waiting months to get the NYPD anti-gun units out on the streets following rebranding them as “neighborhood safety teams” and making sure they get re-educated on constitutional rights for future stops and seizures. Which is something they should have learned in school and been reeducated during their academy training when stop and frisk was determined unconstitutional by a judge five years ago. It should also be pointed out that Frank James used a registered gun and not a ghost gun, the latter which is getting the most media attention and has become the weapon of choice on the streets.

So Frank James’ arraignment went down without even much of a peep or even a followup, which doesn’t provide any closure for his victims, one of whom lost the feeling in his legs and lost his job or genuine security for millions of commuters still wary of taking the subway again, but it’s provided solace and security for the kakistocracy that continues to fuck up New York City.

New Bad Days 95: Mayor Adams And Commissioner Sewell Breaking Windows Revival Too Slow To Stop Rampant City Wide Crime Momentum And Fails To Strike Fear Into Recidivists And Gangbangers; Transgender Woman Kills His Third Girlfriend, Chops Her To Pieces And Leaves Her Dismembered On The Streets; Squatters Airbnb Scheme Ruined By Triple Shooting By House They Were Hosting In; Father And Son Pizzeria Owners Deliver Justice To Stop Two Muggers While Getting Stabbed; Gangbanger Fucks Up Drive By And Murders A Pre-Teen Boy Instead; Man Fucks Up Hit On Another Man By Shooting A Toddler At A Pre-K; Mayor Adams Destroys Homeless Encampments Despite No Quality Alternatives For Homeless People; Gang Beats Down App Food Delivery Guy At Order Destination; Central Park Has Become A Target For Arson; Muggings And Violence Escalate At Busy Fast Food Restaurants; Motorcycle Gang Lynches And Robs Father And Son Following Traffic Accident; Fancy Restaurant Shanty Flames Up; East Village Bodega Suffers Months Of Harassment By Teenage Punks; Tourist Comes To NYC To Continue Serial Killing Spree Of Homeless People; Man Resists Arrest While Beating Cops; Grand Theft Auto Reports Reach A Higher Plateau Along With Shootings, Larcenies, Slashings, Muggings Of Elderly People, Desperate And Wanton Shoplifting, Building Fires, Random Attacks And Teenage Criminal Mischief

With crime still continuing precipitous rises in every category in February and in the last remaining weeks of winter in March, Mayor Eric Adams and Commissioner Keechant Sewell announced their long awaited rollout of the new rebranded anti-crime street patrol “neighborhood safety” units in 25 precincts in the five boroughs (well actually 4, because Staten Island is apparently not that dangerous right now, although they did add one following this grand announcement) where crime is the worst. Mayor Adams also announced that he will revived the heralded and also reviled “Broken Windows” policing policy that former Mayor Giuliani and NYPD Commissioner Bratton used to famously bring down crime in the 90’s into the new millenium while it also unfortunately led to rampant profiling and the arbitrary and discriminatory stop and frisk tactics which were eventually found in violation of the U.S. Constitution. Although Adams reassured the public that BW would be done appropriately and respectful of the rights of the people/suspects.

But in keeping up with the heinous legacy of his predecessor Mayor Big Slow de Blasio defiant proclivity for tardiness, Adams decided to wait to send these tactical gun removal units out into the streets to “get it right”, like making these cops prepared to bone up on constitutional rights which for some reason they didn’t learn in school nor at the police academy in College Point and it sure seems vetting these officers was an even more arduous task ( who knows maybe the new uniforms came in late as well).

This delayed deployment has led to 37% rise in felonious crimes for the month of March, showing a big similarity to the logistical delay of the subway safety teams that were announced with great fanfare the month before as robberies and assaults have been happening with alarming frequency. The most consistent and compelling rise in these criminal categories has been in auto theft.

But instead of leading this new proactive policing initiative on the front lines like Adams likes to call the streets of NYC and being a general/shepherd leading his troops/flock of sheep which he analogously keeps calling his municipal subordinates. Mayor Adams decided to leave town and promote his program in Chicago with the shittiest mayor in America with the most reported shootings in her city in the entire nation, Lori Lightfoot instead.

Then a few days after his meeting with a laughing stock mayor as more shootings continued to plague NYC, Mayor Adams proclaimed the city he runs has a laughing stock to acknowledge the tsunami of crime that has overwhelmed his city. As is want of the swaggering mayor, he follows this up by making a laughing stock of himself, continuing to burn the midnight oil starfucking with celebrities and establishment politicians at elite functions and cross promotional celebrity events run by corporations, acting less like a general fighting wars on local crises and more like a figurehead for the oligarchy that runs this town. The mayor is way too distracted pandering to the rich than purely focusing on protecting his constituents.

Speaking of figureheads, in her first three months as the first Woman Black Police Commissioner of New York City, Sewell has been disturbingly secretive and journophobic, evading every press conference Mayor Adams has had regarding crime and policing. Even worse, she has decided to employ a “confidential advisor” to help her do her job. This position is more like a glorified cop administrative assistant or maybe a midwife for crime, which means she clearly has no idea how to do her job and is unqualified to run the biggest police force in the world.  But she and Adams are not alone, because D.A. offices in the five boroughs can’t even deal with the glut of criminal cases that are coming across their desks and don’t have the budget and the staff to handle them all since officials keep quitting.

Which is why NYC is the official laughingstock ifwhen it come s to fighting crime right now in Adams own dumb words and the only broken windows that need fixing are the ones in City Hall and One Police Plaza.


In East New York, an 83-year-old transgender woman bludgeoned her 68-year-old girlfriend to death inside her apartment and then chopped her body up with an electric saw. Then she stuffed her torso into a garbage bag and placed them in a shopping cart and left it outside on a street corner. And then a homeless woman took the cart and pushed it halfway down the block and discovered the remains of the victim inside and called 911.

A week later, a homeless man found a leg of the victim sticking out of a garbage bag in a discarded tire on another street a few blocks away from where the torso that was dumped there by the killer after she went shopping at a 99 cent storeto buy more trash bags for the other remains. Surveillance video led to the arrest of the octogenarian slayer who had his victim’s head in his apartment in a new luxury public housing tower that was recently completed only months ago. (How a man convicted of two cold blooded murders was able to get an affordable apartment by the city gives the palpable feeling that he feigned his new gender identity to qualify like how Kip and Henry did to score a cheap apartment in a woman’s only affordable housing building in Bosom Buddies).

When she was a man on city records, he served two long prison sentences for two prior murders. His first killing was back in 1963 when he mercilessly shot his girlfriend to death at his apartment when she was trying to break up with him. After serving little over 20 years for that murder, he stabbed another woman to death in 1984 and stuffed her body in a bag and ditched her in Central Park. Although she only got charged for manslaughter for that crime and incarcerated with only a 6-12 year sentence, she was never granted parole because of his apparent temperament with women in general which manifested in the ways he disposed of the two who were involved with him. This time “she” took advantage of a woman suffering from mental illness and looking for companionship in her autumn years which she never had a chance to live through. The lowlife might have trouble trying to get a lenient sentence this time considering the lame ass joke he made about eating his latest and last victim. But he decided to plead not guilty anyway.

Also in East New York, a 62-year-old woman got killed by a hit-and-run driver when she slipped off the curb on a street corner on the same block where that octogenarian serial killer left a severed torso in a trash bag across the street.

Again in East New York, two men engaged in the shootout on the street in broad daylight about 10 minutes before brunch.

And again in East New York, a man walked into a deli and shot another man in the head at point blank range following a dispute with him, yet his target survived.

And again in East New York at the Shepherd Ave. Station, a man shot another man in the chest at point black range while standing on the platform.

And again in East New York at the Van Siclen Ave. Station, a gang of teenage boys jumped the turnstile and targeted another teenage boy on the platform and lynched him, beating him down to the ground while filming the ultraviolence on their phones for their legacy social media accounts.

And again in East New York, a man pulled over his cruiser on a street curb and hassled and tried to hustle a 13-year-old girl walking with cart filled with laundry to go for a ride with him by saying he knew her mother. The girl flipped him off and the man left in disappointment.

And again in East New York, a man shot a woman twice on a street corner by the Brueklen Houses.

And again in East New York at the Broadway Junction Station, a man shot another man in the chest to settle a dispute on the L platform.

In Park Slope, a Samaritan who writes about superheroes for a living came to the aid of a teenage girl being sadistically bullied and roughed up by other girls and boys her age on the sidewalk who shoved her against the car as one of them placed an armbar on her. Then the little hooligans threatened and proceeded to attack him as one boy punched him in the face then threw a garbage can and also a cobble stone at his face too, leaving the man with scars and causing him to piss blood. With great power comes great responsibility…

Also in Park Slope at the 7th Ave. Station, a man fell onto to tracks when he walked between cars on the G train and got crushed to death.

In Crown Heights, a man chased another man on the street while armed with a gun, then he caught his mark trying to hid in a bodega and shot him to death.

Also in Crown Heights, a man shot at a teenage boy who ran inside an apartment building and missed, and the stray bullet hit a 16-year-old boy who exiting the door as the target ducked.

Again in Crown Heights at the Utica Ave. Station, a vandal pasted photos of lynchings on the walls of the platform.

In East Flatbush, a man got shot to death on the street during a drive by while unloading items from his car. Two women who showed up to ID the body nearly got into a brawl when they found out he was romantically involved with both of them.

Also in East Flatbush, stray bullets from a gangland drive by shooting targeting men on the street wound up killing a 12-year-old boy who got shot in the head and wounding his cousin who got hit multiple times while they were sitting in a parked car eating lunch when most of the fusillade blasted through the side windows. The woman’s 8-year-old niece sitting in the car eating with them in the back seat and then witnessing the carnage miraculously survived. The gunman immediately left the vicinity following the damage and death they caused.

It turns out the dumb motherfucking killer actually shot up the wrong car. Meaning that these weren’t stray bullets but intentional ones, making this a cold blooded murder case.

In Williamsburg, a space heater caught fire at a NYCHA building and spread to the the floors beneath and above her apartment, leading to injuries to eleven other residents including a 3-year-old girl. NYCHA claimed that there were no reported issues with heat shortages yet the woman countered that there were problems for months. And she still needed to use an electrical device to keep warm. Just like the Twin Parks building in the Bronx.

Also in Williamsburg, an off-duty cop beat the shit out of his girlfriend in his apartment following a domestic dispute.

Again in Williamsburg, homeless encampment underneath the BQE got invaded by the NYPD and the Sanitation Dept during a freezing day, following the orders of Mayor Adams to make the city more “humane”. As sanitation workers took their tents, furniture and mattresses into garbage trucks as cops monitored the destruction closely, making sure there was no intervention so Mayor Adams could fulfill his mission to induce the city’s homeless populace to settle for the city’s notoriously dangerous and service deprived shelters, particularly one “safe haven” shelter he recently opened in the Bronx. One of the tents contained a pile of syringes.

Despite Mayor Adams repetitive narrative about how undignified outside encampments are on the streets of your city and his promises of more safe haven shelters after opening a new one in the Bronx after having his NYPD and DSNY destroy this encampment and other ones in the other boroughs, only 5 homeless people accepted, or in this case complied to go to these shelters. Which shows that if you destroy whatever comfort and dignity people have or can only muster in this excessively unaffordable city, they are not going to fucking trust you and take your word for it and just move to another dark corner somewhere in the five boroughs, especially since Adams and Pandering Brad Lander cut a half billion dollars from the Department of Homeless Services. No wonder Adams and his advisors neoliberal deputy mayor Marisa Torres-Springer and corrupted unindicted deputy mayor Phil Banks probably told them its just better to throw homeless tents in the trash.

And again in Williamsburg, a gang of six teenage boys grabbed a man who was walking by them on the sidewalk and then they threw him up against a box truck and beat the shit out of him.

In Flatlands, two cops caught a car theft in process and then a man who stole another car tried to run them over while swerving around their patrol car, leading the sergeant to shoot at him which caused the thief to smash into another car. Then the thief and his accomplice abandoned the vehicle and ran away but the cops nabbed another man who was riding along with the crooks.

Also in Flatlands, a man got hit by a Jeep driver who didn’t yield when he was walking in the crosswalk.

In Bed-Stuy, a man shot his girlfriend to death and then committed suicide with the gun he used on her inside their apartment.

In Bensonhurst, a man hit two women while he was speeding on his e-bike and going the wrong way as they were crossing the street, leaving them on the asphalt with injuries. Cops arrived and arrested him after finding him in possession of baggies of crack and a pipe, meaning that if he wasn’t a basehead he would have walked.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man stole another man’s e-bike after slugging him in the dead of night.

Again in Bensonhurst, a man got shot to death on the stairwell inside an apartment building during a gunpoint robbery attempt involving three other men.

In Brownsville, a man shot another man to death in front of a drug rehab center.

Also in Brownsville, two cars smacked into each other when they reached an intersection and then the drivers got out of their cars to argue when one of them pulled out a gun and ran after the other driver and shot him dead on the street.

Again in Brownsville, a man shot at another man missed his target but hit a 3-year-old girl in the shoulder with a stray bullet as she was coming out of a day care center with her father and with other little children and their guardians and parents as well. The gunman’s actual mark was another man who just picked up his 2-year-old child from the same place.The wounded child’s mother wants to move from her area because of the rampant gun violence but can’t, because moving costs money and rent fabrication/speculation in this city is out of control.

In Bath Beach, a man cracked open a bank’s ATM machine and stole 23 grand.

Also in Bath Beach, a man looted an espresso machine from an electronics store.

Again in Bath Beach, a burglar easily stole $47,000 of cash and jewels from a house around breakfast time.

In Midwood, a man approached a 91-year-old man who was sitting on his stoop and asked him for cash and then he whacked him on the head because he wasn’t grateful for the 4 bucks he was given. Because elderly people sitting on stoops in Brooklyn have so much disposable income.

In Cypress Hills at the Crescent St. Station, a man stabbed a 77-year-old woman in the back for no reason on the platform.

Also in Cypress Hills, two men held up a convenience store at gunpoint a half hour before noon and robbed cash from the register and the cashier’s cellphone.

In Prospect Heights at the Franklin Ave. Station, a man chasing a woman on the stairs slashed a man in the face who obstructed him as the woman got away.

In Prospect Park, two men held up two teenagers at gunpoint and robbed their sneakers, wallets and backpacks.

In Coney Island, a domestic dispute between a woman and her mother in their apartment escalated when the woman poured inflammable liquid on the floor and set it on fire which expanded into a blaze that engulfed the rest of the building. Over 100 firefighters were deployed to put out the inferno started by the spiteful arsonist that led to eight residents getting injured and leaving them homeless, including her mother.

Also in Coney Island at the Stillwell Ave. Station, a woman slashed another woman on both sides of her face after ordering her to stop eating on the D train.

Again in Coney Island, a 7-year-old girl having a bit of fun skipping on the sidewalk on  a nice day got hit by a stray bullet during a drive by shooting that was meant for three men loitering on a street corner.

In Clinton Hill, a man held up another man at gunpoint on the sidewalk and pistol whipped him when he refused to give up his celly and stole it. Then the lowlife hacked the passwords on his bank apps and stole 12 grand from his mark. Never ever do bank transactions on your fucking phone.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man broke into a restaurant and stole 200 bucks from the register.

Again in Clinton Hill, a man stole two cars using a tow truck.

In Fort Greene, a gang of nine men savagely lynched a man on the street and robbed $150 from him while he was lying bloodied and battered on the pavement.

Also in Fort Greene, an app-food delivery worker left his ebike unlocked, and a man took the opportunity to steal it. When the deliverista tried to get it back, the thief got off and punched him in the gut and rode off with it without the key to turn on the electric engine, so he abandoned it on a street blocks away.

Again in Fort Greene, two men competing for street space with their cars escalated when both of them stopped their cars to confront each other face to face and one of them wound up getting slashed in the hand.

And again in Fort Greene, a homeless man whacked a man in the face with an umbrella after the victim refused to spare a dime to him.

And again in Fort Greene at the Fulton St. Station, cops caught a man attempting to beat the fare and resisted arrest and escaped from their clutches after knocking one of them down during the tussle.

And again in Fort Greene, a man got jumped by a gang of men on the street and also got slashed in the leg as he was getting beat down.

And again in Fort Greene, a man pummeled a woman with an umbrella on the sidewalk.

In Downtown Brooklyn, a 62-year-old man with a walker got killed while crossing the street after getting hit by a truck driver.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Station, a homeless man lying down on a bench answered nature’s call and whipped out his ween and pissed on the floor like a park statue fountain.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St/Metrotech and Court St. Station, a homeless man with a hammer smashed nearly a dozen of OMNY fare scanners on the turnstiles and the MTA is hilariously going to use him 44 large for the damages he made. Good luck getting blood from that stone geniuses. Prior to this act of commuter disobedience vandalism, the kook also menaced a retired cop with a baseball bat on the G train a year earlier.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn and again at the Jay St./Metrotech Station, two men ganged up on a woman on the A train by punching her repeatedly in the face and then beat down a Samaritan who tried to intervene. The men then bounced and one of the goons walked away with a big smile on his face.

And again Downtown Brooklyn, a man looted $3,500 worth of lady yoga clothes while feigning to be a worker at a store.

In Kensington, a man engaged in a car chase with cops who spotted his vehicle with tinted windows and different license plates and wound up crashing into a lamppost after the cops cut him off.

In Canarsie, an off-duty C.O. renting out rooms as SRO’s at his house used filthy tactics to evict a woman by smearing shit on her windows and door to get her to leave for being a problem tenant. He changed the locks on her while she was at work as well to force the illegal eviction.

In Bushwick, a raccoon tried to burrow it’s way into an apartment through a shitty light fixture in the kitchen.

Also in Bushwick, two men have been committing serial muggings for nearly 5 months, riding their bikes to case their marks, then jumping them from behind on the sidewalks, placing them in chokeholds and robbing their cash and cellphones. An area man described this as a return to the “bad old days.”

Again in Bushwick at the Montrose Ave. Station, two men ganged up on a 65-year-old commuter on the platform by smashing a bottle over his head and kicking and punching him when he was down on the floor.

In Flatbush, an app-food delivery man who dropped off a pizza at an apartment building snatched a little dog that was wandering around in the hallway and left with it.

Also in Flatbush, a man and a woman got shot following a fight with their assailant at a party in an “event space”.

Again in Flatbush, a five alarm fire destroyed a two-story mixed use building and  engulfed a row of neighboring stores that also perished from the massive blaze. Looks like an opportunity to build more luxury public housing.

In Boerum Hill at the Dekalb Ave. Station, a woman had her purse stolen while catching Z’s on the D train.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man got stabbed to death in an apartment by a another man who was dwelling there while under house arrest.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens at the Prospect Park Station, a man pounced on a woman from behind on the staircase, threw her against the gate while trying to tear off her clothes and then he bounced when another commuter came down.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man had his backpack containing his laptop and important documents stolen while he was having a cocktail at a bar.

In Brighton Beach, a man whacked a boy in the face with a cane on the sidewalk.

In Bay Ridge at the 96th St. Station, a dozen homeless people were found sleeping on the N train.

In Gravesend, a man stalked and then punched a man in the mouth for displaying a flag of a Ukranian province that’s supporting Russia in front of his house.

In Seagate, burglars broke into an auto shop and cracked a safe and stole $25,000 and inspection stickers from it.

Also in Seagate, a man shot at another man while both men were driving their cars on the avenue in broad daylight.

In Red Hook, a man brutally shot another man to death outside a fried chicken restaurant after his victim slashed him with a straight razor during a fight inside there.

Also in Red Hook, a fire took down a one-story warehouse and two pigs came outside to check it out and chew some grass.

Cops arrested a man following a search warrant of his house that caught him in possession of a 3-D printer and a cache of plastic guns and clips ready for ghost gun assembly and distribution trafficking on the streets. They literally look like toys.

Deonte Haynes, 30, was caught Tuesday with two 3D printers and enough parts to make enough seven guns, including an AR-15 rifle, cops announced at a press conference at police headquarters Wednesday.

In DUMBO, a man saw three teenage boys on a corner selling candy claiming it was for charity and intended to donate a dollar but only had larger bills. As he had his cash in hand, one of the street urchins snatched it from his hands and then another one of them snatched his cellphone when he tried to call the cops. Dumbo.

Also in DUMBO, a mentally disturbed homeless man climbed up between two cars on the F train, perilously coming close to falling off.


In Washington Heights, a gang of eight men surrounded an app-food delivery man who just dropped off an order and beat him up and whacked him on the head with a baseball bat and a stick. After the man ran away, the thug with bat bashed his bike with it and kicked it to the ground. It actually appears that the delivery was a set up for the ultraviolence.

Also in Washington Heights, a 12-year-old girl got plowed by a speeding hit-and-run driver in a fancy car while trying to run across the street after seeing if the coast was clear to cross in front of a double parked van some dickhead left in the middle of the street that obscured her view.

Again in Washington Heights, a camper trailer got defaced with graffiti with demands for the family living inside to move their vehicle to make parking for the residents on the block.

And again in Washington Heights at the 168 St. Station, a man randomly slashed a commuter in the face on the mezzanine because he thought he looked at him funny.

And again in Washington Heights, a gang of hard drug slingers got their operation overthrown by the DEA after slanging smack, coke, oxycodone and fentanyl on the streets for three years and didn’t do a good job being discreet about it by posting photos of themselves on social media showing off their guns and money.

And again in Washington Heights at the 190th St. Station, a bigoted man randomly attacked a commuter by grabbing him by the hair and swinging him around by it while punching him multiple times on the A train during the afternoon because he thought he was gay and he didn’t have pepper spray.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man got caught and arrested for possessing thousands of fentanyl pills and loaded gun and hundreds of bullets after he dropped a stuffed doll containing the drugs on the sidewalk after being pursued in an undercover operation by the DEA for over a year. So this guy was able to get away with selling his deadly product until it was expedient to indict him. During that time, the NYPD seized over two thousand pounds of fentanyl pills and nearly 600 junkies died of overdoses last year which while tragic is still an improvement over the over 2,000 that succumbed to overdosing on fentanyl in 2020 during the first year of the pandemic.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, an off-duty cop and a friend of his got into an argument which escalated into a brawl with four other men and he wound up getting his beaten down and his gun stolen. His assailants are still on the loose and that gun is ghost now.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a woman with an orange crush colored wig carrying a cinderblock on the street weaponized it on a taxi cab and stole 40 bucks and a cellphone from the front seat while the driver went to take a piss. She kinda looks like Crackhead Barney (flag drop!).

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man attempted to access two apartment buildings while on the rooftops and possessing two long knives, making him the New Bad Days version of Zorro or the Scarlett Pimpernel. It should be noted of the precarious set up of patio furniture on the rooftop which has to be a building violation.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man swindled a LLC consortium developer landlord of a luxury residential tower out of over a 1.5 million dollars and the federal and state government of over $149,000 in pandemic financial aid by renting out a condo to moneyed tourists and for music videos and private upscale events through Airbnb.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless man knocked over a 72-year-old tourist who just arrived to the city after she walked past him as he was walking like a zombie on the sidewalk.

In Central Park, an arsonist lit up ten brush and rubbish fires on the hills on the west side that caused a massive smoke condition hovering over the entire area.

And another bunch of brush fires in Central Park happened again a few weeks later.

In Washington Square Park, a man imposed upon another man with two women smoking a blunt and asked for a couple pulls, then the man’s friend went loco and instigated a fight with him and then the stoner got stabbed in the head twice. In the NY Post’s coverage of the incident where they were asking parkgoers how the park has been lately, a man sat down next to one of them and then he attacked the reporter and photographer with a flying karate kick.

In East Harlem, a bigoted man terrorized his neighbors with racial and xenophobic slurs for months by blaming them for bringing coronavirus to America (for that you can blame the White man Tony Fauci).

Also in East Harlem, a man went batshit at a Mickey D’s after workers told him to use a robot cashier kiosk to order food then pulled a knife out at them as they were engaged in a heated dispute. The manager tried to stop the crazed consumer by weaponizing a plastic pole from a mop but wound up getting stabbed multiple times trying to get him out of the restaurant, causing him to lose enough blood to wind up in a temporary coma.

This incident happened a block away from a Burger King restaurant where a psychopath murdered a cashier by shooting her to death after she gave him 100 bucks only 2 months earlier. Which makes being a fast food employee the most dangerous job in the most dangerous town in Manhattan.

Again in East Harlem, two women brawling on a crowded sidewalk in broad daylight led to one of them pulling out a knife and stabbing her foe in the neck, leaving a bloody trail on the pavement and inside a 99 cent store.

And again in East Harlem, a woman shot two teenage boys and another teenage boy got hit with glass from a stray bullet on the grounds of the East River Houses.

And again in East Harlem, a fight involving three teenage boys in the hallway of a high school escalated when one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed two of them.

And again in East Harlem, a woman hit an 86-year-old woman while riding an electric scooter and left her with head trauma, causing her to be hospitalized in critical condition.

In Harlem, a woman committed suicide by jumping off a highway overpass and got hit by a truck driver when she landed on the road.

Also in Harlem, a 64-year-old trying to commute home driving his SUV hit a dirt bike rider in the intersection as the scofflaw ran a red light while going the wrong way, then the man got scared and decided to flee the scene of the accident as the dirtbike/ATV gang that rider was rolling with chased them in pursuit. The gang caught up with the man who hit their reckless buddy and surrounded his car, then pulled him and his son out of his vehicle and five of them proceeded to beat both of them down to the asphalt. The four goons were joined by two other men who continue their lynching and then robbed their wallets and cellphones.

Again in Harlem, a man stalked a woman who was walking to her home and then as she got a block closer he put on surgical gloves and then he knocked her to the pavement with a sucker punch, then he stomped on her head and body causing her to lose consciousness. Then he dragged her between two parked cars and left her for dead on the asphalt after he took her clothes off.

And again in Harlem, the man who spread his shit on a woman like nutella on bread at a train station in the Bronx got collared again after he busted a window with a dumbbell at a storage building and demanded money from a worker there. This time D.A. Bragg put bail on him to keep his recidivist dirty ass incarcerated.

And again in Harlem, a man bashed the bumper and then cut off an off-duty cop commuting to work coming off a bridge from the Bronx. Then the man spit on the cop,  pulled out a gun and shot at his car and bounced. The cop kept his gun holstered and called 911, where cops traced his Jersey plates and found the psycho driver dwelling in Brooklyn and nabbed him with the weapon at an apartment where he stashed it inside a teddy bear in a baby crib.

And again in Harlem, a woman set her apartment on fire by lighting up flammable materials which spread fast to the top floor of the building, leading to four other tenants getting injured from the blaze.

And again in Harlem, a 68-year-old man lost control of his car and hit a woman and her a six-year-old son on the sidewalk. The woman died from her injuries.

And again in Harlem at the 148th St. Station, a man stabbed another man in the torso following a dispute on the 3 train.

And again in Harlem, a homeless man with 60 priors randomly smacked a 6-year-old boy on his head with a laptop on the crosswalk while his mother and him were going to the park.

And again in Harlem, a woman stalked another woman walking home to her apartment building then shot her twice in the leg as she entered the lobby.

In Midtown, a woman was found dead on her bedroom floor inside her apartment in a luxury tower with visible marks of head trauma.

Also in Midtown, a man broke into four stores with a crowbar and smashed their windows and looted merchandise after a recent arrest for other burglaries he committed where he got sprung by a judge who released him because of the watered down severity of his crimes in the state’s bail reform laws. When he got arrested again for this spree and was released again, he burglarized two more small businesses. Way to go Governor Kathy Clown and your two bumbling idiots state senate majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and assembly speaker Carl Heastie!

Again in Midtown, a man went nutso at the Museum of Modern Art when a clerk told him his membership was revoked for previous outbursts he had at the MOMA so he had to pay to see a movie and then he jumped over the counter and stabbed her twice and another clerk in the neck. Then he ran out the building after a security guard threw a binder at him to stop him. The kook got detained in Pennsylvania hiding in a motel after he set his room on fire. He also sent a dead rat in a box to his former boss at a Broadway theater after he got fired from his job as an usher a few months earlier.

And again in Midtown, a man slashed another man in the face with a shiv while intervening in a dispute his victim was having with another man on a street corner.

And again in Midtown, a fugitive got caught by Port Authority cops who was wanted for beating up a 2-year-old baby in Massachusetts.

And again in Midtown, a man ambushed a tourist and his wife and her friend coming out of a taxi cab  they were dropped off by a hotel and shot him multiple times thentried to snatch an expensive watch worth six figures off his wrist as he writhed on the pavement, but then the wife’s friend jumped on him and stopped him and the gunman decided to bounce.

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, a man sleeping on the S train got up in a cranky mood when he punched an MTA worker who awakened him to get him off the train.

And again in Midtown, a emotionally disturbed man having a breakdown on the street and screaming at everyone he sees, suddenly randomly sucker punched a 9-year-old girl in the head. Then the man pursued her and her frightened mother on the sidewalk until a doorman intervened and protected them from him, as he continued his uninhibited yelling.

And again in Midtown, a man robbed a bank of 500 bucks after he handed a teller a threatening note.

And again in Midtown at the 42nd St. Station, a commuter got approached by a  man who asked him for some money, then the man snatched his wallet as he was about to give him a buck. Then he went after and got clocked in the face multiple times and the thief got away and used his credit cards to buy clothes and kicks.

And again in Midtown, a homeless man tried to snatch a wallet from a 73-year-old man while he was playing lotto at a bodega, then he attacked him from behind and shoved him onto the pavement on a street corner by the New York Times building, then he stomped on him and punched him while digging through his pockets trying to find something to steal, but found nothing and headed for the subway. Before this savage attack, the perp punched a woman and tried to rob a backpack on 42nd st and was previously let loose for two criminal acts in February for arson and larceny.

And again in Midtown, a homeless man stabbed another man to death during a fight on the sidewalk right before sunrise. The killer then blamed it on an evil twin when police collared him.

And again in Midtown, a man pestering customers for money and loitering at a Mickey D’s grabbed a man from behind as he was making an order from a robot cashier kiosk and threw him up against the wall, punched him and then kicked him while he was on the floor and robbed his cellphone and cash as no one witnessing the savage mugging did anything to stop it. Notably a big guy who watched the brutality and walked around the mugger and proceeded to make his own food order on the robot cashier kiosk. This is exactly why human cashiers are still essential workers.

The skell was currently on parole when he executed this brazen attack for assaulting a woman with a stick and biting off her son’s nose and gleefully eating it in front of them inside a deli in Arverne and for threatening to stab a worker at another McDonalds in Springfield Gardens two years ago. 

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, two homeless men decided to get into a fight on an escalator, compelling one commuter to climb onto the metal median for safety as the men continued to wrestle on the steps.

And again in Midtown, a man randomly punched a 65-year-old woman and then shoved another woman to the pavement on the sidewalk.

And again in Midtown at the 42nd St. Station, three men were having a fentanyl picnic on the platform by the F train tracks.

And again in Midtown, a high end restaurant shanty designed like a mansion in the Hamptons covered entirely with synthetic grass and protected with velvety curtains went on fire and destroyed a third of the ostentatious and tacky structure.

In the East Village, a gang of boys have been terrorizing a bodega for 6 months, assaulting the  manager and his employees and knocking over merchandise and assaulting them with sticks, umbrellas and their little fists with total impunity and having their 911 calls wholly undermined as cops only made reports for less than half of the incidents. Along with the meteoric rise in crime in the district during that time, the owners of this small business had to spend $7,000 to install a buzzer system entrance mechanism to keep the little sociopaths away from them as they tried to force their way into the store in the most recent criminal mischief incident against them.

After two months of starfucking with the city’s wealthiest people which included having dinner with disgraced former Governor Cuomo and the abominable former mayor Bill de Blasio (who ignored this bodega’s plight during his own starfucking and dereliction of duty to his constituency) Mayor Eric Adams stopped by there and told them how “heartbroken” he was about the torment they went through and promised to finally dispense justice and have the little bullies held to account. Only one of the latch key kids, a 15-year-old boy, got arrested for his part in the year-long torment of this small business.

Also in the East Village, a gang of men broke into a Ukranian non-profit organization’s office building and stole 800 bullet proof vests meant to aid President Zulensky to defend against Vladimir Putin’s invasion of their homeland. The war-time charity vests were left in the hallway that could be seen from curious passerby from outside of the building, which the thieves easily stole and loaded into their vans as passerby didn’t weren’t even aroused by any suspicion of a bunch of men hauling out boxes while wearing masks (thank you for continuing the pandemic protocols Mayor Adams). This either was utter carelessness or an inside job.

Again in the East Village, two gypsies swindled a woman out of over 150 grand with a scheme to exorcize a jezebel spirit from her lady parts and a promise to make her ex boyfriend fall back in love with her.

And again in the East Village, a man slashed a 17-year-old boy in the neck and called him a racial slur after having a casual conversation with him while he was hanging out with a group of young women who was familiar with the victim on social media.

And again in the East Village, an emotionally disturbed man laid down and screamed in the middle of Broadway.

In the Lower East Side, a man got shot in the chest after engaging in an heated argument on the street with another driver and drove himself to Bellevue to get treated.

In Times Square, a man vandalized a theater house by drawing swastikas on the door.

Also in Times Square, a man waved a Ukranian Neo-Nazi flag while cruising down the avenue during a vehicle procession for the embattled nation.

In Columbus Circle, two gangs of teenage boys arguing with each other escalated into a rumble on the subway platform. A few of them pulled out a knife and a machete to settle the dispute.

Also why no one takes the subway…

In Union Square, a man slashed a 68-year-old woman on her shoulder from behind as she was walking down the stairs into the train station.

In the Upper East Side, a man crashed his car while driving drunk and speeding on the FDR drive and wound up killing his girlfriend and her sister riding along with him after the vehicle exploded and he couldn’t get them out.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man spray painted bigoted shit on a row parked cars on the streets before sunrise.

Again in the Upper East Side and also in East Harlem and Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Tribeca and Brownsville, a gang of teenage boys pulled off smash and grab heists of chain pharmacies stealing bottles of oxycodone and codeine to resell on the streets.

And again in the Upper East Side, two homeless men got caught shoplifting beer, oatmeal and sausages from a chain pharmacy. One of the petty thieves told a reporter straight up he steals for a living, mostly beer and junk food, because he has no money to his name but he keeps going back to court because his recidivism doesn’t carry enough severity to qualify for bail induced incarceration. Which in this truly pathetic case, is actually correct.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 96th St. Station, a man ambushed a commuter coming off the 6 train and robbed his wallet at knifepoint.

And again in the Upper East Side, two men yelled a bigoted gay slur at man jogging by them and threw white liquid on him.

In the Upper West Side, a man randomly attacked a 90-year-old woman on the sidewalk, punching her on the back of the head as she was browsing a restaurant menu standing on a podium that was in front of a restaurant shanty by a bike lane.

Also in the Upper West Side, a man hit another man with a hammer in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

In Penn Station, a man ripped off a phone from a commuter’s hand on the E train and ran, but wound up getting arrested when his mark called that phone and arranged to pay him money to get it back and was accompanied by cops when he met him at the West 4th St. Station in Greenwich Village. The crook was also caught with baggies of crack.

In the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a transgender woman attacked a commuter and whacked him on the head with a hammer after the victim tried to avoid an altercation that his assailant was having with two other commuters and accidentally bumped into her. The victim observed how the city is still being negligent about subway violence even though Adams announced that he was beefing up police in the transit system only a few weeks earlier.

Also in the West Village, an argument between a man and an worker at a goodwill store escalated when the man took out a gun and pressed it up against his head.

Again in the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a man beat the shit out of a young woman in a corridor between the L and 1-2-3 lines.

In Greenwich Village, two men trapped a woman walking on the sidewalk late in the evening and shoved her into a store’s rolling gate and roughed her up then robbed her purse containing her laptop, cellphone and tablet and bounced.

Also in Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man whipped out a knife and reached out trying to slash three men on a staircase after they bumped into him while they were passing him.

Again Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man got into a spat with a token booth clerk and punched him in the face.

And again in Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, the MTA suddenly decided to finally clean up the entire station and remove the homeless people from the platforms and mezzanine just so two City Council members can do a photo op and sideshow showing their concern about crime and lack of transit ridership. The floor was still wet when they held a discussion with NYPD and other bureaucrats.

And again in Greenwich Village, a man riding a bike jumped a woman jogging by him on the bike path by the Hudson River and pushed her down to the asphalt and forced her to suck his dick, then the deviant rode away.

In Chelsea, a man shot a man who used to go out with his girlfriend and shot his friend to death in cold blood on a street corner in front of the Fulton Houses. The killer held his ex at gunpoint in front of her baby and stole her cellphone last month but didn’t get to serve time for that incident because D.A. Bragg never responded to a NYPD detectives request for a warrant of the man’s gun, which he would eventually weaponize to settle a score with her ex that wound up with another collateral murder from NYC’s meteoric rise of gun violence.

Also in Chelsea, a hotheaded young wealthy woman shoved an 87-year-old woman onto to pavement when she was hurriedly walking by her on the sidewalk in a pissed off mood, causing her to land on her head and die from her injury a week later.

The hot headed trust fund baby easily paid the 500 large bail with a check signed by her mommy. Maybe she’ll eventually wind up in a reality show on the Bravo network.

Again in Chelsea, a quirky jewelry store got jacked in broad daylight.

In Inwood, a man stepped out of a cruiser and walked over to a parked car where a guy was selling weed and shot him six times hitting him in the groin and on the leg.

Also in Inwood, a man held up a fried chicken joint at gunpoint and snatched a chain off the neck of a customer, then hopped on motorcycle ridden by his accomplice and they fled on the sidewalk.

In Hamilton Heights at the 145th St. Station, a gang of four men surrounded a 15-year-old boy on the platform and stabbed him in the leg during a beatdown.

In Fort George, two men ambushed another man and stuck him up at gunpoint on the stairwell in his apartment building, then went to his apartment and tied him up and stole his jewels and $100,000 and took the fire escape out.

In Soho, a man looted over two grand worth of merchandise  from a high end winter clothing designer store and got caught trying to get away in an SUV by the cops who cornered him and caused him to crash into a parked jeep, then collared him when he tried to run for it.

Also in Soho, two men involved in snatch and grab lootings of high end designer stores in the city engaged in a high speed chase with cops who recognized their vehicle from their recent plunder and pursued them on the Manhattan Bridge as the driver was speeding on the wrong side trying to get away.

Again in Soho, a man woke up two homeless men while they were sleeping on the sidewalk and shot both of them, one he wounded by blasting him in the arm and killing the other with a shot to the head. The psycho also killed three homeless men in Washington D.C. days before he came to NYC to continue his murder spree with ease. Interesting how he decided to continue his murder pattern in the clockwork apple instead of nearby Baltimore, where crime and homelessness are also abundant. Ironically, the serial killer is also homeless.

In Tribeca, a homeless man was found dead on the street lying by a luxury apartment building following the two shootings of other homeless men turned out to have died from a drug overdose.

In Kips Bay, a riot broke out in front of an event space that was holding a clothing sale collaboration involving two high end designer brands, as men brawled with each other for a place on line as one security guard helplessly stood by, being it was her only defense.

In Hamilton Heights, a homeless man attacked a NY Post reporter and a photographer with a tree branch after cops and parks workers arrived to remove him from a tree where he built a nest for himself to dwell for a number of months but was noticed when the season changed and the leaves all fell. Now that’s a creative way to upzone actual “affordable housing”.

In Herald Square at the 34th St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving N train.

In NoMad, a man sneaked into a gift shop at the Museum of Sex and stole some t-shirt mersh worth 60 bucks.

On the Williamsburg Bridge, a man randomly slashed a commuter in the face with a razor for no reason when he walked by him on the J train (or because his mark was an Asian man). The victim followed the lunatic when he got off the Essex St. Station and pointed him to cops who were standing on the platform where they arrested him.

In Madison Square Garden, Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul got incessantly booed by Ranger fans while she walked out and dropped a hockey puck right before the game started.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Chambers St. Station, a woman slashed a man on the hand and his armpit to settle an argument on the E train.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, a man got pulled over by cops for having bogus license plates and then got rowdy when they tried to collar him for not cooperating and managed to fight off three cops and got away when he pushed off one of them causing his head to hit the bumper and get knocked out. Then the skell got in his car and drove away as the other two cops watched, being that it was their only defense.

Again in Downtown Manhattan, a NYC transit worker got collared by the NYPD for misusing a city placard belonging to an EMT to park illegally. What’s really fucked about this is that Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso was also illegally using his expired city council placard to park his car wherever he wanted even though he was supposed to give it up and did this while preaching and admonishing to his citizens to stop driving their cars so much. Lock him up.

And again in Downtown Manhattan, a man being processed for a court hearing for breaking a window at a hospital in the Upper East Side had to be fitted with a mesh bag over his head for spitting on cops who were handling him at the Criminal Court House building.

In Fidi at the Bowling Green Station, a man furiously slapped a woman on the escalator and stole her cellphone.

And again in Fidi at the Wall St. Station, a man yelled at an off-duty cop and his wife on the 2 train and then spat on both of them and when the couple chased after him when he tried to bounce, the derelict slashed the cop on the arm.

In Turtle Bay, a man driven crazy by pandemic restrictions yelled at a woman and her 5-year-old daughter for wearing masks and also ripped down signs mandating mask wearing in the apartment building where he lives in and the LLC landlord is trying to get him evicted. The dude is actually right, but yelling at your neighbor who has been manipulated by mendacious public health experts is not acceptable too.

In Tudor City, a man shot another man on the street late in the evening.

In the Flatiron District, three men went into a women’s spa store and did a smash and grab robbery stealing over $3,000 worth of perfumes, brushes and other self-care products.

In Murray Hill, a man got caught shoplifting a bunch of bottles of artificial flavored sports drinks at a chain pharmacy store by a security guard and then he jabbed him with a syringe and got away.

In Little Italy, a man shot another man in the neck at an Italian restaurant. Bottle of red…

In Gramercy Park, a woman came home to her apartment she shares with a roommate and found a man rifling through their belongings in her bedroom. The man bounced with the quickness out of the building after he got caught and chased by her.

In Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man whacked a machete over the head of another man on the stairs by the 1 train platform.

Also in Penn Station, a man randomly punched a 69-year-old man on

In Chinatown, a man clobbered a crossing guard with a glass bottle for no reason. The same guy randomly hit a 2-year-old boy sitting in a stroller with a suitcase last Spring.

Also in Chinatown, hundreds of women formed a line for free pepper spray.

In South Street Seaport, a woman was found dead floating in the East River.

In Manhattanville, a cobra got loose and slithered on the street in broad daylight.

In Hudson Square, a man doing donuts on the street with his souped up car ran over another man who slipped on the asphalt trying to capture video on his cellphone of the reckless stunt after two other men ran out to the middle to film it for social media platforms. The driver took off after leaving the man in critical condition with multiple fractures on his skull and arms. He eventually surrendered to the authorities and a judge set bail for him at $10,000 following his arraignment. 



In Bayside, a gang of three young men shot a fusillade of bullets at other men sitting in a car over a parking space nearby a house where a party being held at a foreclosed house was going on, which was being run by men who were squatting in the home and  using it on airbnb to rent to strangers and to promote wild parties for the last 2 years. After making money from them during that time, the criminal enterprise platform decided to terminate the squatters account.

Also in Bayside, a restaurant caught fire after a ebike battery exploded while it was being charged overnight.

In Elmhurst, two men jumped a 68-year-old woman from behind and robbed her purse and also stabbed her while she put a struggle to keep her property from being stolen. As the two thugs tried to flee, a pizzeria owner and his son witnessing the broad daylight mugging intervened and tried to stop them and the two thugs stabbed both of them multiple times during the tussle. The Samaritans heroic deeds paid off as cops caught the psychos later in the day and also found them possessing 39 bags of heroin.

After their arrests it was discovered that these two lowlifes also mercilessly beat the shit out of a man in Elmhurst and robbed a purse off a 75-year-old woman who was coming out of her apartment building in Jackson Heights and were released on their own recognizance following the arrests of both criminal acts. Both men expressed disappointment and disgust at Mayor Adams for continuing de Blasio’s insouciance and and incompetence towards the rising crime on the streets that led them to prevent a felony broad daylight robbery and take on two shameless recidivist lowlife criminals by themselves and also called for the shittiest D.A. in NYC history Alvin Bragg to resign (even though Melinda Katz is the DA of Queens).

In Far Rockaway, a man shot another man to death point blank to his head while he was walking with him in an alley. The victim’s mother railed against Mayor Adams for not getting stuff done about the rise in gun violence and crime that took her son’s life.

In Far Rockaway, a wheelchair bound 73-year-old man trying to cross the avenue to go to the store got run over and killed by an unlicensed truck driver who dragged him and his wheelchair for an entire block, scraping his body on the asphalt like a bag of trash. The elderly disabled man had difficulty commuting and lost his life because of all the construction of new tower overdevelopment going down in the area.

Also in Far Rockaway, an off-duty crossing guard pulled a fake pistol on her landlord who told her she can’t have a dog on his property.

In Arverne “By The Sea” at the 67th St. Station, a man took out a pick axe and swung it around like a medieval knight at commuters on the A train.

In Long Island City, at the Court Square Station, a boy and a girl attacked a woman on the platform and tried to steal her phone and then slashed a Samaritan on his hand when he tried to stop them. The kids wore face masks in accordance with the pandemic mandate protocols that still remain while riding mass transit.

Also in Long Island City, two war veterans having a dispute escalated when one of them got his ear bitten off as they brawled with each other inside a homeless shelter.

Again in Long Island City, a fire destroyed an entire apartment and blew out windows on two floors in a building at the Queensbridge Houses and left 5 people injured an a family of three homeless.

And again in Long Island City at the Queens Plaza Station, a man stuck up a woman with a knife as she was walking down the stairs and robbed 200 bucks off her. The same stairs where a homeless man hammered a Dept of Health municipal worker in February.

And again in Long Island City and again at the Queens Plaza Station, a gang of four teenagers beat down two men who were sleeping on the benches on the 7 train and robbed a wallet, cellphone and shades off them.

And again in Long Island City, an argument between two municipal park workers on the street escalated when one of them punched the other in the face and then took out a knife and stabbed him multiple times.

And again in Long Island City, a taxi driver drove his cab on the two way bike lane now protected by a concrete bollard and came face to face with a bike rider and then mounted the sidewalk and drove off. The stupid cyclist should have done that being that the risk to a pedestrian from a car is greater than that of a bike as the bike zealots, bike lobbies and bike fanzines remind us all the time.

And again in Long Island City, a man smacked a woman in the neck with a foreign object as she was jogging past him on the pedestrian path of a bridge.

In Jamaica, cops pulled over a man in an SUV that was reported stolen and then the thief hit the gas and plowed into one of them after they walked over to the vehicle, compelling one of the cops to shoot at him as he got away.

Also in Jamaica, a kook made a bomb threat to York College which led to all classes being cancelled, including the night classes.

Again in Jamaica, a man vandalized a church by smashing its windows with a 2×4 a few blocks away from where he lives.

And again in Jamaica, three men with guns chased a man and tried to shoot him down on the street in broad daylight, but only managing to hit him once on the shoulder.

And again in Jamaica, a man bludgeoned a worker over the head with a metal rod inside a pawn shop. Cops initially thought he was shot because of how deep his head wounds were.

In Flushing, a man randomly yelled at a woman and her 3-year-old granddaughter sitting in a stroller and then he punched the toddler and flipped it over causing her to fall onto the pavement, leaving her with multiple bruises as the woman was taking out garbage. The man had nine prior arrests for other random attacks on adults and children, including a recent one where he pummeled a woman and her 9-year-old daughter last month and bashed a bottle over a man’s head a few weeks earlier.

Also in Flushing, a woman brutally stabbed a man to death with two knives inside his office because he didn’t want to take her citizenship case for asylum claim about being raped by a cop in China. The man was a freedom fighter who took on the Chinese Government during the Tienneman Square protests.

Again in Flushing, a five-alarm fire engulfed and collapsed a commercial building that was home to dozen of merchants, causing injuries to five firefighters. Queens continues to burn. Maybe a phoenix in the form of a luxury public housing tower will rise from the ashes. The fire was so severe the amount of water used to put it out flooded the Main St. Station and left it shut down for hours. Queens is burning…

It should be abjectly noted that the FDNY and EMTs have had trouble responding to fires because the modernized tech of the department’s dispatch system the city spent $22,000,000 on is working like shit.

And again in Flushing, two pimps kidnapped two teenage girls and placed them in a hotel room and kept all the money exploiting them as hookers for months. This is straight out of Taxi Driver and there are a lot pedophile sex fiends in this district.

And again in Flushing, an 88-year-old got run over by a car that was coming out of a restaurant parking lot as he was going for a stroll.

And again in Flushing, a woman was found dead inside a nite club.

In Forest Hills, two men yelling at each other as they both were driving on the Jackie Robinson Expressway escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and shot at the other car and blew out his windows and hit the driver in the leg and arm.

In South Richmond Hill, a brawl inside a nite club led to a gang of men getting kicked out by bouncers. Then the rowdy bunch responded with one of them picking up a velvet rope stand and smashing the window and another man taking out a gun and shooting inside, hitting two off-duty C.O.’s who were partying and allegedly had nothing to do with the rowdy bunch. The gunman is still on the loose.

40 hours later in South Richmond Hill, two men engaging in a dispute over money escalated when one of them pulled out a chain and the other man pulled out a sharpened meat cleaver to settle their dispute. Cops arrived and pulled their guns out forcing the guy to drop his weaponized butcher’s tool and collared him.

Again in South Richmond Hill, a 5-alarm fire engulfed and destroyed a plumbing and electrical parts supply store as the FDNY had major difficulties putting out the inferno because of lack of water pressure coming the pumps and the hydrants.


And Queens is still burning. Burning more than ever.

Also in Forest Hills at the 67th Avenue Station, two men pummeled a commuter on the head with a foreign object on the R train and bounced.

In Middle Village and in Sunnyside, a man held up two Dollar Tree stores at gunpoint and robbed nearly $5,000 from a register and a safe in a manager’s office respectively.

Also in Middle Village at the Metropolitan Ave. Station, a man walked to a commuter and whipped out his dick and flogged it in front of her on the M train.

In Ridgewood, a man held up and robbed a beer and soda distributor store and got away in high end sports car.

Also in Ridgewood, a man got busted possessing a machete, guns and bullets following an assault he committed that led to a search warrant by the NYPD.

Again in Ridgewood, a man riding an e-bike cut off a man riding a motorcycle causing both riders to wipe out and hit the ground.

In Ozone Park, a woman and a 16-year-old boy got into a fight with two teenage boys and the woman stabbed both of them during the brawl in front of the victims high school.

Also in Ozone Park at the 104th St. Station, a man smashed a bottle over a commuter’s head on the A train.

Again in Ozone Park, two men wearing safety vests feigning to be Con Ed workers attacked a man in front of his parents house and held him at gunpoint and then pistol whipped him. Then they went into their basement and robbed 3 grand from a safe.

In Astoria, a city bus collided with an FDNY fire engine in the intersection, leaving two commuters and the bus driver injured.

In Jackson Heights at the 74th Ave/Roosevelt Ave. Station, a violent drunk whacked a liquor bottle at a man and woman on the 7 train.

Also in Jackson Heights, a 15-year-old got shot twice following an argument with his assailant at a playground.

Again in Jackson Heights, two homeless men brawling on the sidewalk came to a head when one of them snatched a knife from a halah food cart and slashed his foe in the face. Messy messy messy.

And again in Jackson Heights, a gang of artful dodger teenagers have been lifting wallets from commuters on the streets and at the Roosevelt Ave./74th Ave. Station, fulfilling a plot from Oliver Twist while NYC is still revising the perpetual storyline of A Tale Of Two Cities.

In Queens Village, a man raped a woman at knifepoint inside his basement apartment after tricking her with a ruse he put on his social media account using a fake name and saying that he was looking to hire a cleaning lady, then he grabbed her phone and deleted all correspondence she had with him about the job. He pulled the same stunt when he lived in South Jamaica last summer and posted $30,000 bail following his arraignment for that rape as well. This is like if George Costanza was a serial rapist.

Also in Queens Village, two teenage boys engaged in a shootout on the boulevard  after the final school bell rang. One of them got hit in the arm.

In Springfield Gardens, an off-duty CEO sneaked into his girlfriend’s house late at night and beat her dog to a pulp while she wasn’t home. The dog died later from his injuries.

Also in Springfield Gardens, two men wearing masks because of NYC’s continuing pandemic guidelines charged at two other men walking on the sidewalk, held them up at gunpoint and robbed a bag containing 27 large in cash from them in broad daylight.

Again in Springfield Gardens, a man shot a 72-year-old man in the chest following an argument at his apartment.

In Glendale, three men broke into a laser tag arcade but couldn’t find any loot or cash to steal.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a car on a driveway went (or got set) on fire and the blaze spread to the garage and the house, causing injuries to four people.

On Rikers Island, a C.O. got slashed in the face right under his eye trying to break up a fight between two inmates.

Also on Rikers Island, two inmates died although reports of the causes for their demises were not revealed. The new D.O.C. commish literally runs a tight ship with a proclivity for secrecy that rivals Mayor Adams. No wonder the swaggering mayor loves the guy.

Again on Rikers Island, a young inmate got beaten down and stabbed multiple times all over his body during a lynching by a gang of other inmates in a prison cell he got transferred to.

A week later it was revealed that the second inmate that died while incarcerated choked on orange peels he swallowed and other inmates tried to save him as C.O.s weren’t available to render aid and a C.O. in a booth did not respond to the emergency. Very oddly unique way to perish while in perpetual custody.

On the Grand Central Parkway, a gang of wheelie popping dirt bike and ATV riders took over the road, exposing not only Mayor de Blasio’s failure to crush their illegal vehicles but Mayor Adams total insouciance in enabling these hazardous critical mass rides to continue.

At JFK Airport, a man stole a car leading to a chase with Port Authority cops in pursuit and his eventual arrest. This man paralyzed a NYPD cop 4 years ago when he dragged him on the street trying to flee in another car he stole when he was 15 years old and was still able to walk after stealing a car on the grounds of JFK a little over a year ago.

An explosion inside the East River Tunnel from the 7 train hitting a piece of metal by the third rail caused a fire on the tracks and led to service being suspended, forcing commuters back to Queens on a rescue train.

A gas station attendant spitefully drained the air out of an app-hail cab driver tires because she used the bathroom without purchasing fuel. Then the idiot demanded 20 bucks from her during a raging argument with her.


In Norwood, a man and a woman having a verbal domestic dispute in early morning hours pissed off their roommate who got into an argument with them and then countered their racket by making one of his own by blasting music in his room. Then the couple settled down with each other and they both stabbed their roommate to death. Sounds like the bloodiest episode of Three’s Company ever.

Also in Norwood, an app-hail cab driver about to pick up a couple didn’t want to take them when he saw them fighting on the street, and then the man felt disrespected and beat up the cabbie and robbed 600 bucks from him.

Again in Norwood, a police woman from the 52nd Pct. was found to be linked with 10 gangbangers who recently got arraigned for drug and gun running, murder and racketeering charges.

In Edenwald, a man stabbed his girlfriend and her six-year-old daughter to death inside her apartment and then committed suicide by stabbing himself with his own knife while barricaded in his own apartment when the cops came for him. He recently moved in with his girlfriend and victim  when she put him on the lease of the apartment even though he had dozens of prior arrests for assaults and robberies.

In Morrisania, a young man driving an SUV ran through numerous red lights while speeding. When two unmarked NYPD patrol cars trapped him, he hit the gas and tried to run over the cops that were approaching his vehicle in an attempt to escape, compelling one of them to shoot at the vehicle. One of the bullets connected to his skull and caused him to crash the SUV into a building. After furious condemnation by activists and fauxgressive elected officials, Mayor Adams had to defend the cops actions by noting that the man weaponized his vehicle with intent to harm them.

Also in Morrisania, a man stole a car that was left idling outside a homeless shelter where he was residing and then lost control of it while speeding, causing him to jump the curb and drive into a park where he plowed a woman who was walking her dog, leaving her in critical condition.

And again in Morrisania, a man invited two other men inside his house and his guests held him up at gunpoint and robbed over $40,000 of jewelry off him. The home invaders got away with the loot in a Benz.

In Kingsbridge Heights, two men loitering inside an apartment building jumped a woman and held her up at gunpoint and also her 3-year-old son. The goons tried to kidnap the child but failed when she resisted but still made off with her purse, her cellphone and also took the kids car seat and then stole her SUV she used for working for an app-hail service. They abandoned the vehicle not that far away from where they committed their felonious deed. Only one of them has been arrested.

Mayor Adams used the crime scene to illustrate his decision to revive an anti-gun unit de Blasio and former Commissioner Shea abolished two years ago which has attributed to meteoric rise in gun violence in this city.

Also in Kingsbridge Heights, two men grabbed another man on the sidewalk and roughed him up and robbed his celly and wallet while feigning to be NYPD.

In Mott Haven, a woman got stabbed to death by her abusive boyfriend having a raging fit inside her apartment at the Betances Houses . Her killer wiped the knife clean and placed it on top of her lifeless body after he slaughtered her.

Also in Mott Haven, a young man got shot twice from behind in the behind and in his back on the grounds of the Mott Haven houses in broad daylight.

Again in Mott Haven, a man got collared by cops for carrying a 45 caliber gun at a restaurant and then got a lenient charge by a judge to wear an ankle bracelet during his arraignment instead of setting a six figure bail regarding his past weapons possession charge and he exploited that leniency by blowing off showing up to get fitted for it.

In Fordham Manor, a man lurking inside an apartment building grabbed a woman from behind as she was about to walk up the stairs, proceeded to choked her out and then raped her in the lobby.

Also in Fordham Manor, a 13-year-old girl got jumped from behind by three teenagers were older than her in front of a bodega and beat her down to the pavement and shot pepper spray on her while stealing her sneakers and cellphone.

In Orchard Beach, three teenagers stole a car and then crashed it into a pillar by a parking booth. The 15-year-old girl driving the vehicle wound up hospitalized with critical injuries.

In Morris Heights, a 66-year-old man walking his dog walked into a shootout by a NYCHA building and his little dog got hit in the leg by a stray bullet under the fusillade.  A man also got shot in the leg and might have been the target.

In Williamsbridge, a woman yelled and had a dispute with two men she cut in front of at Dunkin Donuts, then she accused of them of ogling and standing to close to her . Then after the man got his order and left, the woman’s boyfriend showed up and shot him to death on the street from point blank range in broad daylight. The woman got indicted for being an accomplice to murder but the killer is still on the loose.

In Foxhurst, a man stabbed another man to death on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

Also in Foxhurst, a livery cab driver hit a 14-year-old boy who was jaywalking on the street.

In Allerton, a man approached a man on a bicycle rolling up to an apartment building and then slashed him in the face and robbed his cellphone and 40 bucks.

Also in Allerton, a woman chased and beat up a worker at a Chinese buffet restaurant because of her dissatisfaction over a food order.

In Wakefield, a man shot another man to death following an argument inside an apartment building.

Also in Wakefield, a man killed himself when he crashed his motor scooter into a parked vehicle and caused him to fly off and hit the road.

Again in Wakefield, a man walked up to a young man standing in front of a corner bodega and shot him to death in cold blood.

In Mount Eden, a man stalked and then pounced on a 76-year-old woman from behind on the sidewalk and groped her breasts and ass and pushed her down onto the pavement.

Also in Mount Eden, a man walked up to a parked car and shot two men who were sitting in the drivers and front passenger seat. Both victims survived.

In Concourse, a man was stabbed to death on the street in broad daylight, found on the sidewalk over a pool of his blood.

Also in Concourse, a man shot another man to death and also shot his twin brother right by a NYCHA complex and a criminal courthouse building.

Again in Concourse, a man got shot to death on the street an hour after midnight.

And again in Concourse, three men engaging in an argument at a parking lot by the Criminal Court building escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and fired a shot, leading to their inevitable arrests. One of them was a drill rap MC.

In Soundview, a man sexually molested an 8-year-old girl in front of her mother inside a supermarket and bounced.

Also in Soundview, cops in the rebranded anti-gun “neighbor safety unit” caught a man possessing a gun who recently had attempted murder and two prior illegal gun possession charges placed on him.

Again in Soundview, a man got shot to death by another man in a van immediately after the victim pulled out a knife during an altercation on the street in broad daylight, a tragic result of being hounded on the streets after a falling out with his crew.

And again in Soundview, a gang of five men bashed their way into a jewelry store and stole 50 grand worth of jewelry in broad daylight.

In Belmont, a man got stabbed to death inside his apartment.

In Pelham Bay, a decomposed body and a skull of a dead woman was discovered by construction workers under a highway drawbridge.

Also in Pelham Bay, two girls and a boy jumped a 76-year-old woman as she entered her apartment building and forced their way inside, then one of the women stole her purse after she overred her swinging her around when she tried to hold on to it.

In Eastchester, a man got shot in the ass inside a bodega after tussling with another man who stuck him up while he was picking out a soft drink to buy.

In Claremont Village, a man got shot to death during a drive-by on a street corner.

In Van Nest, a man caught a bullet on the arm from a drive by on a weekend when 29 people got shot and days after Mayor Adams sent out anti-gun neighborhood safety patrol police squads

In Unionport, a man stabbed another man in the leg during an argument and a fight following a car crash involving his girlfriend who was driving and the victim bled to death from his wound at the hospital.

In Co-Op City, a 77-year-old woman got killed crossing the street when the driver of the dump truck owned by the corporation that runs the apartment building complex ran her over and kept going.

In Van Cortlandt Village, a middle aged woman and artist suffering from PTSD from a murder of a cousin she witnessed two decades ago and depression left her house that she lives with her mother and never returned to her home.

In Marble Hill, a man hoping to score with a woman he engaged with on one of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media platforms arranged with her to meet him at her apartment. When she let him inside, three men armed with guns and knives came barging in and started pistol whipping and slashing him and then they took his clothes off and put him in the bathtub where they continued to torture him. Then they contacted his brother on another social media platform and demanded 100 grand in ransom money to spare his life. Cops were able to catch one of the fiends in Queens where he was sitting in the van with the victim bound and gagged and wrapped in a furniture mover blanket. The woman also got arrested for her involvement in the conspiracy with the three men, who all saw an opportunity in a big cash haul because their mark was flashing money during his exchanges with the indicted honeypot.

Staten Island

In Stapleton, cops pulled over a man for a broken taillight and then he shut the door and hit the gas when he got caught with a crack pipe. Then the man engaged in a high speed chase and crashed into a duplex house causing the building’s facade to collapse, causing injuries to six residents. The perp was also driving with a suspended license.

Also in Stapleton, a man got shot on the street in broad daylight following an altercation with two men who fled and are still on the loose.

Again in Stapleton, a man got shot in the leg on the street in the dark of night.

In Port Richmond, two students screwing around entering their high school went awry when a BB gun fell out of a boy’s backpack while a girl was piggybacking him. Then the boy easily escaped from the clutches of a faculty member and a school safety agent and ran out the building.

Also in Port Richmond, a man shoplifted from the same department store five times in one month and finally got pinched by the cops with a crack pipe.

Also in Port Richmond, a man shot up a corner deli and hit a woman in the gut who was inside the store.

In Dongan Hills, a drunk driver crash his car into a fire hydrant and punted it toward a restaurant and broke a window.

Also in Dongan Hills, a man held up a chain pharmacy store worker at knife point and proceeded to loot the items he wanted.

Again in Dongan Hills, a man broke into a 84-year-old woman’s apartment through her window and stole her purse and bounced.

In Bull’s Head, a man robbed a luxury SUV after getting a lift from his accomplice in another fancy SUV.

In St. George, a man got into a heated dispute with a worker at a store which led to an excessive deployment of NYPD. No weapons were reported to be found.

In Graniteville, a couple beat down a man and stole $44 and his groceries from him.

In Mariners Harbor, cops procured a loaded gun from a man during a traffic stop.

Also in Mariners Harbor, a man sexually molested a 13-year-old girl inside a church during mass as she was kneeling.

In Charleston and Concord, a man shoplifted nearly $2,500 of copper wire and cables from two chain hardware warehouse stores with total ease by rolling out with the loot in a shopping cart to his getaway car in the parking lots.

Also in Concord, a man got pulled over by the cops for phony plates on his car and was found to be driving without a license while possessing meth and brass knuckles.

In New Springville, a woman got stabbed in the leg following an argument with a gang of men during a ruckus inside a movie theater.

In Richmond Valley, a man broke into a van and stole cash that was left inside.

In Great Kills, a 69-year-old man was found dead on the beach.

In Silver Lake Park, an 87-year-old man was found dead floating in the creek.

In Grant City, two men stalked a 61-year-old man to a train station and then one of them suckerpunched him in the head as his accomplice snatched his wallet.

In Bulls Head, a man easily stole a SUV that the owner left running in his driveway.

In Oakwood, two men tried to jack a car at gunpoint from a man who made an arrangement with one of them to sell it but failed.

In New Brighton, cops busted a man for weapons possession after he left a loaded gun in his laundry bag after doing the wash.

In Tottenville, Eltingville and Midland Beach, a young man committed a string of muggings on S.I. Railway train stops where he assaulted three other men while trying to rob their cellphones but only made off with one. A 15-year-old boy was also mugged for his cellphone and jewels when a gang of boys and girls surrounded him and beat him down on the train.

Red Light Camera Obscura

South Richmond Hill, Queens, New York.

As we all know from the past decade since it was implemented, the Vision Zero program to bring down traffic accidents and fatalities initiated by the abominable Mayor Bill de Blasio failed in its mission to do just that as more people got maimed and killed since it’s implementation as the years went on and exacerbated to new extreme numbers during the last two years of the pandemic. Well, look no further on why Vision Zero as well as enforcement and punitive charges traffic violations continue to fail New Yorkers with the condition of this red light traffic camera post; which has been violated with those obnoxiously ubiquitous Cash for Cars advertisements that are always illegally posted on traffic and electric utility poles all over the five boroughs.


It’s a pretty safe presumption that this thing is not operative and hasn’t been for quite some time since it’s actually facing the wrong way towards a mixed use apartment building and not at the busy free-for-all intersection of Lefferts Blvd. and Liberty Ave. where it should be, where it would easily track every red light running double parking vehicle clogging up this vicinity on a daily basis…


Which the NYPD has also engaged and indulged in…


The re-affixing of this red light camera is clearly a worse offense than the annoying ads, for not only that it has made a perpetual daily car derby on Liberty more perilous, but it shows how extreme civil disobedience can be when the government and bureaucracy push people too far. It was not long ago when a gunslinger on a bicycle emptied his clip and shot up a red light camera in Woodhaven by Atlantic Ave. not long ago too. So traffic anarchy will continue in Little Guyana until the Department of Transportation stops worrying about a fringe minority of bike actorvists whining about childproofing bike lanes and actually gets serious about Vision Zero and restores vision to this zombie camera.


I was just informed by my comrade Queens Crapper that this traffic calming infrastructure device is actually a decoy. For there was another one that was plowed in Greenpoint by busy traffic arteries intersecting McGuinness Blvd and Meeker Ave. that was covered on the Crap blog nearly a decade ago.

Commenters on that post mentioned how the Department of Transportation decided to place these in the hopes that the dummy camera would reduce drivers temptation to beat the steady reds but were easy figured out, which is probably why the city didn’t even bother to maintain them. It’s a safe bet that camera is still standing in Greenpoint just as this Lefferts/Liberty decoy is still standing here today. Although it looks like some civil disobedient vanals in Little Guyana was unaware of the DOT’s ruse and had it reformatted like this to be on the “safe” side.

Anyway, it’s clear that with this little scheme the D.O.T has been running to trick reckless drivers that they are the dummies they always have been and still are. And now these useless inanimate sentinels are just more ugly street furniture to remain in perpetuity.


Avarice By The Sea

Ain’t that America, home of the free: Little white houses for LLCs

Arverne, Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York

Queens Eagle

A group of more than a dozen Arverne by the Sea homeowners are under investigation for  illegally renting out their homes while collecting approximately $1 million in tax exemptions, the Department of Investigation said this week.

A Department of Investigation report, issued Feb. 8, includes 11 recommendations to expand city oversight and prevent violations following the investigation into a 2018 complaint.

The DOI found that there were 15 homeowners in violation of the primary residence requirement; eight used the properties as rentals or investment properties — one as a hotel that was registered with the city to collect occupancy tax — and four who each owned one property and used them as rentals instead of living there.

There were 11 homeowners with multiple Arverne by the Sea deeds.

According to the DOI, they “were in violation of primary residence requirements by illegally renting their properties while being unjustly enriched by tax exemptions meant for owner-occupied homes.”

The apartments were designated in the early 2000’s as an Housing Preservation and Development Urban Development Action Area Project with a 20-year property tax exemption to homeowners requiring they maintain the homes as their primary residences.

You wouldn’t think if you looked at them on first impression, but these beautiful beach front houses are actually government sanctioned public housing…

These Arverne homes are actually impeccably designed, a bulk of them even have patios on the top floors which resemble something like penthouse condos like on Miami and Venice Beaches  with gorgeous views of the Atlantic Ocean and somewhat pleasant views of Jamaica Bay and the poorer parts of Rockaway Beach, where there at least three public housing projects in the same neighborhood.

You don’t have to be much of a detective to figure out why these 15 motherfuckers ook advantage of a government housing program and made millions off it while getting tax breaks and write-offs for nearly a decade. It doesn’t take much sleuthing to figure out why these homes were easily poached for illegal renting and airbnb lodging and why some nefarious scumbags would conspire tto take advantage of this government housing program and try to make massive profits from it.All it took was a casual bike ride around this sunny oasis of pirated housing equity, it’s gets real plain to see why some nefarious scumbags would try to take advantage of this government housing program and try to make massive profits from it. Bookending this HUD financed utopian village are two massive vacant lots, one of which is still a landfill.

And they are slathered with massive ads promoting luxury lifestyle and real estate offers…..for one luxury apartment building. Which is very odd.


This building “The Tides” is the only actual luxury building which for all intents and purposes and ironically doesn’t even stand out. It actually looks more like a government funded building than the HUD houses by the boardwalk, kinda like a Mitchell Lama building. But it’s definitely lux, even the hip cafe, fancy eatery and wine shop are right there in the building too as advertised.


And it’s not just “The Tides” lux building that’s rich around here, the whole vicinity looks like nothing else on Queens only peninsula (well, besides Rikers Island) Just across the street is a row of other high end eateries and big bank branches and hovering right over them and Beach Channel Drive is a massive sign of the name of this area “Arverne By The Sea” as if to mimic the legendary Hollywood sign on the hills over Los Angeles.

The thing about the HUD houses is that even though they are nice, they were built too nice.  Which belies the motive to seize all these homes for these greedy predators to grossly monetize from. Plus it wasn’t hard to accomplish, because ever since the peninsula and the boardwalk were renovated and revitalized after Hurricane Sandy, Rockaway Beach has surprisingly become a worldwide tourist attraction and an bigger attraction for high end real estate development and a hotspot for Airbnb opportunists like the guilty parties not named on this motley list of LLC homeowners. 

A lot of this has interest has been established in Arverne, which also had the benefit of getting the most shore infrastructure improvements which includes a surfer culture scene that has grown immensely in the last half decade that has attracted visitors from all over the world (despite the pathetic  waves in this area that usually leave these wave riding novices and posers waddling on the Atlantic like ducks in a lake for hours).

Which brings us back to the surfer demographic, because it was quite strategic for this surf shop Breakwater Surf Co. (company?) to set up their surfboard rental right under the giant advert sign for the luxury Tides condo building. Coincidentally, the shop Breakwater Surf’s founder started his company in the wave capital and summer hot spot in the nation in Rhode Island(!!)and was courted by the developer mentioned in the DOI’s report Benjamin Beechwood to set up shop at Arverne to bring a surf scene to new neighborhood. It arouses a bit of suspicion that there’s some sort of vertical integration with the marketing for not only the Tides (which advertises three businesses that take up space on the landfill walls) but with the illegal rentals as well. 

And all this nefarious malfeasance by this consortium of affordable housing snatchers and the creeping gentrification and overdevelopment on the beach would not be possible without the complicity of the criminal negligence and insouciance of the feckless officials of the Housing, Development and Preservation Department under the crooked mayor and his deputy mayor co-conspirators, which for all intents and purposes according to the DOI study deliberately didn’t set up a regulatory system to monitor the criminal conspiracy at the Arverne By The Sea complex for almost an entire decade.

But one thing that’s common knowledge especially after de Blasio’s HPD’s notorious affordable housing program, is that the city’s housing policies are always geared and prioritized for the nomadic rich and mostly for the rich that doesn’t exist in NYC. And despite the charges and calls for reform of the HPD (instead of firing everyone and subpoenaing every involved in this housing scandal including de Blasio and deputy mayor’s and HPD commissioners Alicia Glen and Vicki Been) the damage from nearly a decade of ripping off HUD tax dollars has paid dividends for the real estate developers as standard luxury tower and luxury public tower development progressed even further during the Arverne illegal rental heists (despite the ominous land erosion on Rockaway’s shores). Even the community civics are getting more alarmed by the tower pestilence infecting the landscape of the mostly middle class streets of Rockaway Beach And Rockaway Park.

Although HPD’s apparent deliberate negligence enabling millions of tax payer dollars get pissed away for profits leading to the rise of real estate values by weaponizing a federal housing program for profits is even more capricious considering that this was happening literally in the district’s Congress member in the U.S. Capitol Rep. Gregory Meeks, whose office is right in the heart and under the vast sign of Arverne by the Sea. It’s a wonder how Meeks could not have seen this scandal happening right under his nose until you think about his own personal troubles with real estate investments with an indicted developer donor and the fact that he was living as a squatter in a luxury home not long ago.


It doesn’t say in the DOI report if any of these profiteering plunderers of government housing will ever face charges. It’s not even known if anyone from HPD got a piece of the action got rich with them for keeping quiet as the tax free cash rolled in and piled up for these makeshift realtors and landlords (Hell the HPD even gave them fucking money themselves!). It’s also quite surprising that The Tides developers and realtor is not tied to this scheme giving the convenient proximity of their location. Because real estate is all about location location location.

Mostly it was the speculation/fabrication of the real estate market that inspired these criminal actions. During the time these urban housing poachers were making their millions and dodging property taxes, more lux development immediately followed in nearby areas like the Playland and Rockaway Park districts and Edgemere, along with a big boost by former Mayor’s Bill de Blasio’s mandatory inclusionary housing ruse that enables developers to build higher and denser with the flimsy provision to include incremental housing for lower income residents while also hoarding more cash from the city and state’s philanthropic 421a tax break. And just like in Brooklyn by the bridges where the majority of the city’s most luxurious public housing towers have been erected, this consortium of opportunist government welfare realtors in Arverne easily took advantage of frivolous spending transient suckers looking to pay high to dwell or vacation in a town with cache’s and cultural scenes, being dutiful proxies in making the housing and rental market even more enriching for the Gentrification Industrial Complex of real estate and government.

The NYC Open Restaurants Clustershanty Of Koreatown

Midtown, Manhattan, New York.

It wasn’t much long ago when yours truly did a expansive on the street eyewitness story about the much ballyhooed NYC Open Restaurants program (albeit ballyhooed by our feckless and bought elected officials in NYC Council, former mayor Bill de Blasio and current Mayor Eric Adams) and what an actual clusterfuck it was and making a case out it shouldn’t exist anymore. Now thanks to a judge’s recent decision to order the city to make a thorough environmental review of the restaurant shanties all over the five boroughs, it has thankfully put a pounding kibosh on the City Council Cronies plan to make these unsafe, blighted, filthy, ugly and traffic congesting eyesores a permanent part of the street infrastructure which the restaurants have been using for free for the last two years.

But before the Council Cronies begin their study, I would like to present exhibit A on why every public space these restaurants has usurped must cease to exist and that’s the massive triple cluster shanty on the southwest corner of 32nd St. and 5th Ave, just two blocks away from the Empire State Building.

This is truly the tipping point of public space misuse and the heinous blight that has befouled the streets in the last year, which continues unencumbered because of the willful obliviousness of elected officials and the persistent bickering demands of the hospitality industrial complex lobby, represented by some neoliberal runt named Andrew Rigie.


All these shanties contain an abundance of potted ferns that looked like they haven’t been watered in months. These pics here are actually from December. Who knows what kind of bacteria are hording in these zombie plants

Now it’s springtime 2022 and look and the only thing that’s bloomed inside is refuse.

Judging by the broken plexiglass on all three of these shanties, it looks like some of the city’s 5,000 street homeless decided to use them as shelters. And why the hell not? Because these neglected shanties exactly resembled the city’s equally notorious cluster site building shelters by it’s aesthetics and atmosphere.

Clearly the yellow gates did not deter vagrants from trying to get warmth from the brutal cold winter the city just had.


(Can’t help thinking about how most of this broken plexiglass might have been retrofitted and weaponized as shivs with all the slashings and stabbings going on in the last 5 months.)

What’s interesting about this cluster shanty site is that it’s not even next to a restaurant, which actually goes against the rules to build one on the city streets according to the flaccid set of rules for them set by city council and the Department of Transportation, but it’s actually next to an empty commercial building lot that happens to be occupied with a bunch of other tables and similar plants and ferns inside there. And the lot is also grossly unkempt and blighted.





Apparently, this open restaurants ground zero disaster area was once a foodie event space run by a startup called “cookspace”, which from the optics here has turned out to be another tech company that went belly up during the pandemic.

Even though it is amazingly clear that they were able to salvage their business project and also had the opportunity to add more seating on the dirty street curb thanks to the state and city’s concentrated efforts to save the restaurant industry only. (Illustrated by the enthusiasm by Koreatown’s district council crony rep Keith Powers)

Their website for Maiden Korea has clearly not been updated to reflect the reality of the zombie cluster site they left behind.

It’s amazing how fast this business venture died so fast after building this “oasis” less than a year ago.

MaidenKorea fair use

maidenkorea fair use

maidenkorea fair use

So what the fuck happened to MaidenKorea? You know what, who cares? What’s important is that their investors bailed out of this venture that was created under the rubric of “saving small businesses” just like the city council cronies and hospitality lobby’s picayune embellished claims that these eyesore shanties saved small businesses also and the cretins behind this effort left town this cluster shanty site to rot and who knows when it’s ever going to be razed, since City Council’s brainless legislating has made the city’s street curb spaces a free-for-all land grab and left it the purview of them solely to the Department of Transportation instead of making the regulating of these shanties with the Department of Buildings (and also the Department of Health being that they are standing atop of asphalt with vehicles and their emissions passing by).

Since MaidenKorea is not around anymore to take responsibility for the mess they left behind, maybe the person or LLC that owns the lot might want to be notified, cited and punitively fined for leaving the property and the shanties in such horrid and hazardous conditions but forgettaboutit. The only record of an owner here is non-existent according to the D.O.B..

Which begs the question…does the city own this lot? And does Council Member Keith Powers know something about this and the tech foodie startup that built this grotesque oasis they abandoned? Does cookspace even exist?

This is exactly why every one of these shanties have to fucking go down, especially this cluster shanty site in Koreatown that isn’t even accounted for. And if this shit continues to clog up and foul this corner eventually it will be considered a superfund site.

Besides the justification to keep them is over. Mayor Adams got rid of de Blasio’s stupid ass key to NYC vaccine passport and everyone can eat indoors again because COVID is fucking endemic. If all these high end restaurants want to have extra seating, they can open another restaurant in an empty commercial space and stop usurping much needed parking spaces for people and ample room for the FDNY, NYPD and EMTs to get to their emergencies unobstructed. The streets aren’t free and the taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize them anymore.

I rest my case.