New Bad Days 94: Mental Health And Homeless Crisis Reaches New Heights Of Depravity As A Homeless Man Stalks And Slays Woman Inside Her Apartment, Another Homeless Man Stalks And Slays A Woman Commuting To Work, Another Homeless Man Bashes A Woman With A Hammer And Another Homeless Man Harasses And Splays Woman With His Own Shit; The Drill Rap Genre Loses Another Young Rapper To Gun Violence; Man Gets His Head Crushed On The Crosswalk From Double Hit-And-Run SUV Drivers; Shootout Following A Baby Shower Party Leads To Two Dead; Man Threatens Mass Shooting At Hospital Had Massive Arsenal At His Apartment; Persistent Violence And Weapons Smuggling Continue To Plague Public Schools To Correlate With the Persistent Rise In Shootings And All Major Crime Categories Happening On The Streets

Mayor Adams: Acting A Fool While New York City Bleeds

The fact that February is the shortest month of the year had absolutely no impact to decrease the ascension of crime rates in New York City, which have gone up every consecutive month since Bill de Blasio’s final abominable year as mayor and which Eric Adams has actually outshined his inept predecessor in only 59 days in office with an ironic 59% rise in total felonies last month. Shootings continued to happen routinely every day despite President Biden’s belated visit to NYC to attend the funeral of Wilbert Mora and also to NYPD headquarters where in a prepared speech with no press allowed inside he called for more robust efforts to curb gun violence and promised funding for law enforcement.

But just like when Biden told his donors that nothing will fundamentally change, the same applies to the rampant crime currently dominating the headlines by gun violence and uninhibited violent outbursts committed by the homeless on the subway, and also the way under reported and equally disturbing rise in auto theft and gang warfare. The disturbingly rarely available and seen Commissioner Keechant Sewell recently tried to dispel these horrific trends while projecting leadership at the same time by declaring that this city will not return to “Bad Old Days” at an event held at 1 Police Plaza   touting the arrival of tactical NYPD gun control units and collaborative subway safety teams of cops and homeless outreach workers  although she mostly directed her reassurances an audience of mostly rich elites who were invited to the event and not to the public since she banned the press from reporting on it. But at least she’s cognizant that she can’t direct a false narrative about it like the incessant desperation by urbanish tools on social media platforms to promote NYC as safe by comparing the crime stats of today to 1990. Even the notorious D.A. Alvin Bragg is finally acknowledging the reality of his own violent surroundings as his prosecuting decisions (more like lack of) as only exacerbated recidivism of habitual and remorseless criminals. Even if it took the concerns of his neighbors uptown to convince himand how nearly half of the habitual criminals released on the deformed bail laws wound up committing a crime again.

Sewell’s press bashfulness was evident even during the grand announcement of the subway safety teams but it was inconspicuous thanks to the appearance of the media glory hogs Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul summit grand event in the subway debuting their transit safety plan to bring down the homeless crisis presence, daily senseless violence, rising deaths and myriad inappropriate subway sightings with their “SOS” teams of cops, psychiatric nurses and homeless counselors (confirming the subway as the subterranean insane asylum it’s turned into these last 2 years).  Since Adams bloviating orders to curb inappropriate behavior on the trains, homeless people are still stretching out on the seats, still hauling carts and still dying in the transit system during the slow rollout of these task forces. If his wide ranging and expensive programs to bring down crime on the streets and subway doesn’t pan out, Adams is going to utterly regret calling himself the “Biden of Brooklyn” if nothing will fundamentally will change on Compstat’s monthly results. It’s already bad enough for him that he’s already proved his detractors right by being de Blasio 2.0. So he better stop fucking around with his juvenile viral video behavior and man up and be the crime fighting mayor he promised voters to be.


In the Lower East Side, a homeless man loitering in front of an apartment building stalked a woman going inside, grabbed the door right before it shut, then followed upstairs to her unit and attacked her inside her apartment and mercilessly stabbed her to death and left her body in a bloody pulp in her bathtub after stabbing her 40 times. When the cops arrived to investigate after getting 911 calls from neighbors hearing the victim’s screams, the killer mimicked a woman’s voice to fool them but the cops broke down the door and collared the bastard.

The indicted killer spent the last year hustling in train stations by metrocard machines which he damaged on 3 occasions back in December so he would sell swipes to people needing to get on the trains (kind of like a toll troll). When the cops nailed him breaking a machine, he tried to flee into the streets but failed. But was able to get free thanks to the bail reform laws as a judge released him. At the time of the murder the shameless recidivist and K-2 addcict  was placed on supervised release” under the bail reform law after punching a man at a train station for swiping his own card for a woman who needed to pay the fare but couldn’t because of the metrocard machine he broke.

A memorial placed for Christina Yuna Lee got destroyed twice in the weeks after her tragic death, which has led to a rise in sales of pepper spray in NYC.

Also in the Lower East Side, a woman shoplifted products from the same department store three times in four days.

In Chinatown, a homeless man bashed an elderly man in the head during a fight on the street.

Also in Chinatown at the Canal St. Station, a man randomly attacked another man and stabbed him in the arm on the 6 train.

In Harlem, an off-duty cop attending a memorial for a resident at the Manhattanville Houses confronted two boys who he caught possessing a gun and one of them shot him in the foot.

Also in Harlem, a man smacked his ex-girlfriend and snatched her cellphone out of her hands during a domestic dispute after she kicked him out her apartment. Both are off-duty cops.

Again in Harlem, a woman and and a 2-year-old  girl got attacked and bitten by two pit bulls owned by a woman who couldn’t control them.

And again in Harlem, a man approached another man and shot him in the middle of the street. The victim survived the point blank murder attempt.

And again in Harlem, a man walking on the sidewalk took out his gun and shot it up towards the sky like he was officiating a foot race.

In East Harlem, a city bus got hit with stray bullets during shootout between two gangs on the street in broad daylight, one of which almost hit a passenger. MTA drivers are now demanding to have kevlar vests as part of their work uniforms.

Also in East Harlem, three men chased another man on the street and caught him in the middle of the intersection and beat him down to the asphalt and left him unconscious. Then somebody driving an SUV ran over his head.

Again in East Harlem, a woman beat her aunt to death in their apartment and left her body in the bathtub.

And again in East Harlem, three men terrorized a woman on the street as they pistol whipped her and bashed her car with baseball bats with two children sitting inside.

And again in East Harlem, a man lurking on the sidewalk took out a gun and shot a man he was pursuing inside a liquor store as a number of people flee. The victim then went inside a deli next door and bled out and died from his wounds as other people walked around and over him continuing their daily routines in the most violent part of the city.

And again in East Harlem, a man jacked a SUV with an 11-year-old boy still sitting in the front seat while his dad went to buy food from a supermarket and left his car idling. After lying to the boy that he was his father’s friend, he damaged the vehicle while driving down the streets and then left the boy in the Bronx by himself after failing to steal his cellphone and then drove the SUV to South Queens where he abandoned it.

And again in East Harlem,  a man walked up to a park car and shot a drug dealer to death who was sitting in the drivers seat and wounded his nephew who was with him in the front seat.

In Midtown, a man stuck up another man at gunpoint on a street corner near midnight.

Also in Midtown, a fire went off inside a hotel that recently permanently closed for business.

Again in Midtown, Eric Adams vaccinated NYPD were deployed to a  cineplex to arrest 10 people who tried to go to the movies. Two of the people arrested were reporters covering the civil disobedience.

And again in Midtown at the 59th St. Station, an argument between two women escalated when one of them slashed the other in the head with a box cutter on the 6 train.

And again in Midtown at the 42nd St./Bryant Park Station, a homeless man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 7 train.

And again in Midtown, a man randomly punched another man in the face as he passed by him on the sidewalk an ran away. The victim happens to be a diplomat from South Korea.

And again in Midtown, a man sneaked up behind and sucker punched a 76-year-old woman in the head on the sidewalk.

And again in Midtown at the Grand Central Station, four men jumped a man heading for the S train and beat him up and stole his celly.

And again in Midtown, a sheet of ice from a billionaire’s row luxury tower landed on a car and injured a woman while she was driving by.

This tower. With the fucking slope.

And again in Midtown at the 53rd St./Lexington Ave. Station, a man yelled bigoted homophobic remarks at young commuter on the platform.

And again in Midtown, graffiti blight has come to an upper class enclave by the East River.

And again in Midtown, a fight between two women on the 5 train escalated when one of the woman slashed her foe in the head with a boxcutter.

And again in Midtown, the most looted chain pharmacy store in the area finally went out of business.

In Times Square, a man tripping out on hand sanitizer (!!!) punched a four-year-old boy in the head and knocked him down on the pavement as he walked past by his mother and aunt. The boy’s mother grabbed the perp and wrestled him to the sidewalk and held him til the cops arrived. The loon kicked one of the cops while resisting arrest, even though this guy was sprung four other times for past random assaults thanks to the state’s deformed bail reform law.

In the Upper West Side, a man complimented another man about his jacket, then he stuck him up at gunpoint and stole it off him on the street.

Also in the Upper West Side, thieves are stealing newspapers from subscribers from their porches, stoops and residential building vestibules and selling them on the streets and to bodegas.

Again in the Upper West Side at the 86th St. Station, a delivery worker caught a man lying when he asked him where he got a bin of packages his company ships and the skell claimed he worked for them also and was delivering them, but then he dropped it and made the dash when he got found out.

And again on the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a woman got punched in the face by another woman who then snatched her cellphone from her hands and ran off the 3 train. People need to take breaks from their social media during their commutes.

And again in the Upper West Side, a crossing guard daily yells bigoted and violent remarks at children and their parents, so the city transferred her to direct traffic and students somewhere else.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man died in a fire inside his apartment in a mesh covered building at the Amsterdam Houses.

And again in the Upper West Side, a church had to cordon off a row of steps with a chain and an un-Christian sign where homeless people were loitering, doing drugs and using as a toilet for months and also after fights broke out and passerby were attacked by them.

And again in the Upper West Side, residents subscription newspapers are being stolen from stoops by petty thieves for resale to bodegas and newsstands, snatching them while the delivery worker drops them off.

In the Upper East Side, two men held up an Italian restaurant at gunpoint in the early afternoon and tied up a waitress and then grabbed the owner when he just arrived. After demanding where the safe was and having trouble opening it because a lens popped out.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 86th St. Station, a man tried to assault a 6-year-old boy and his mother with a nightstick after the child accidentally kicked him on the 4 train.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 53rd St./Lexington Ave. Station, a woman robbed a purse off a commuter after she kicked her on the E train and got caught and arrested by the cops who caught her taking cash out of a wallet. The woman was released following her arraignment without bail despite 59 prior arrests including a robbery she committed at the 63rd St Station two days earlier because of D.A. Bragg’s decareration edicts.

In Washington Heights at the West 163rd St. Station, a man ambushed a woman while she was on her cellphone and held her up at knifepoint on the mezzanine, then he snatched her purse and ran away.

Also in Washington Heights at the West 181st St. Station, a man asked a young couple what time it was and was shunned profusely, so he stabbed the young woman in the arm with a knife.

Again in Washington Heights at the 168th St. Station, two boys stabbed a man during a mugging on the platform.

And again in Washington Heights, an off-duty cop got arrested for driving drunk after he reported his car stolen.

And again in Washington Heights, three people died in a car wreck after the driver lost control of his car while speeding on the highway and it crashed through the railing and landed on the train tracks below.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man got pulled over by the cops in his car with tinted windows, then he hit the gas and crashed it and jumped out and fled. The man lost the cops by going up on the roof of an apartment building and then killed himself trying to jump to the neighboring building.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a couple stole over 4.5 billion dollars in bitcoin for their money laundering scheme.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a 15-year-old girl and her ex-boyfriend and his brother got into an argument on the street that escalated when her ex pulled out a gun and tried to shoot her windows at her apartment where she lived but the gun misfired. The girl called her father who arrived with a co-worker who was also on break from their jobs as Sanitation workers and then he took her ex and beat him down to the pavement while his co-worker held back his brother so he couldn’t intervene. Then his brother took his gun and shot her father in the leg twice and both of them stole his car and drove off.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a chain pharmacy finally closed it’s business after over a year of daily lootings.

In the East Village, a man shoplifted 10 packaged steaks from a supermarket as workers let him walk out the door. Then the man had difficulty carrying what he looted and grabbed a garbage bag from a street sweeper and put all the meat inside, but the sweeper caught him in the act and refused to let him take it despite the man’s promise that he would reimburse him.

Also in the East Village, a man shoplifted a couple cans of soda pop from the same supermarket where that guy stole all that meat. When stopped by a reporter on the sidewalk who asked him why he stole them, the petty thief justified it with a rambling defense.

Again in the East Village at the 14th St. Station, a homeless man stabbed a man three time in the thigh while he was break dancing on the L train. After the attack, the victim evaded his assailant by going out side of the train and holding onto to the car while going through the tunnel, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

And again in the East Village, stolen items and other pilfered merchandise were being sold on blankets on the sidewalk spanning the entire block. Which has been going on in this district for the last two years in concert with the looting of chain pharmacy stores, leading a bulk of them to close up shop for good or locking their products in glass cabinets.

And again in the East Village, a man beat the shit out of another man in front of a theater where the victim was about to perform in.

And again in the East Village, a man stalked a woman to her apartment building and grabbed her in the lobby and tried to rape her and ran away with her purse.

In Chelsea, a man got attacked by two men in front of one of Jeff Bezos’s supermarkets and got slashed in the face with a shiv.

Also in Chelsea at the 28th St. Station, a man sucker punched another man in the face on the 1 train and stole money off him while he was still dazed.

Again in Chelsea, a man sucker punched a sanitation worker in the head while he was hauling garbage into a truck. Who was able to execute this sudden attack because D.A. Alvin Bragg sprung him after he was arraigned for shoplifting and threatening a department store worker with a pair of scissors and one of his clerks took off that ultraviolent little detail from the police report to get him released.

In Tompkins Square, the Comcast/NBC network’s show Law and Order SVU’s producers evicted homeless people along with all their belongings and tents and replaced them with their homeless encampment with extras portraying the city’s most vulnerable and destitute. Probably the scummiest thing a tv show has ever done to this city.

In Soho, five men bum rushed an upscale fashion boutique, roughed up the security guard and stole over $45,000 of merchandise during a smash and grab robbery.

Also in Soho at the Spring St. Station, a man laid down on the tracks as the 6 train ran over him. He died from his injuries at the hospital.

Again in Soho at the Broadway/Lafayette Station, a man punched a 69-year-old man in the nose for no reason on the platform of the B/D/F line.

In Tribeca at the Canal St. Station, a man felt a woman up on the E train and then tried to rape her at the end of the car.

In Inwood, an app-food delivery man got beaten down by four men in an apartment building vestibule while he was about to drop an order off to a tenant.

Looks like a setup.

Also in Inwood, two men jumped a 17-year-old boy making a food delivery and held him up at gunpoint and stole $400 off him including the food he brought over. Which makes this look like it was a heist.

Again in Inwood, three men bum rushed a barber shop and targeted a customer and drew their guns on him and stole his jewels and watch collectively worth over $150,000.

In Union Square, a man slashed another man on his hand with a straight razor on the Q train and got away as the victim got off the train leaving a trail of blood on the stairs.

In the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a man randomly socked a commuter in the face who was waiting for the F train.

In Hamilton Heights, a man got stabbed in the back and leg while he was walking on the sidewalk at midnight and another man got stabbed in the arm five blocks away two hours earlier.

In Morningside Heights, a man walked into a chain pharmacy and when to the freezer aisle and was brazenly shoplifting pints of ice cream (which go for over $6.00) and then viciously assaulted a worker when she tried to stop him, as he punched her in the face and shoved her to the floor.

Also in Morningside Heights at the 116th St. Station, a man demanded another man and a woman who were smoking on the 1 train, and the offended smoking man stabbed him in the arm.

In Hudson Heights, a man held up two men at gunpoint while they were dining at a fancy restaurant and robbed over 140 g’s worth of jewels off them.

In Kips Bay, a man and a woman got caught shoplifting paper towels from a chain pharmacy and the man drew a box cutter on a worker who tried to stop them.

In Stuyvesant Town, a 13-year-old boy ignited fires on two apartment complex security golf carts and blazed up a pile of garbage inside a chain pharmacy store.

In Greenwich Village, a restaurant al fresco shanty set up covered with decorative twigs and ivy caught on fire.

Also in Greenwich Village, a woman punched her 81-year-old woman in the face and then slugged a cop while in custody following being charged for her arrest.

Again in Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man slashed another man on the stairs on the mezzanine.

And again in Greenwich Village, students are engaging in wanton ultraviolence at a middle school, filming their fights and exploits on social media platforms as the principal refuses to discipline the boys and girls for their nihilistic behavior.

In Herald Square, a man got caught shoplifting and in possession of a loaded gun at Macy’s.

In NoMad, Gramercy Park, Union Square, East Village and Little Italy, a homeless man spent an evening walking through the city randomly assaulting Asian women in seven attacks where he punched them in the face using his fists and elbow.

In Downtown Manhattan, sheets of ice from towers came crashing to the ground during a blustery overcast afternoon.


In East Flatbush, a man tripping balls on booze and drugs stalked a woman as she was walking to work and then whacked her with a stick from behind and stabbed her multiple times in a parking lot where she was taking a short cut. The woman made it to her destination with the knife still lodged in her back and later died from her wounds at the hospital. Her family was concerned about a stalker that was bothering her for weeks. Her killer lived a few blocks away from the supermarket where she worked at and was intoxicated when he committed the gruesome slaying.

Also in East Flatbush, a man shot another man to death and wounded two other men on the street, releasing a fusillade of bullets raining 24 shots on them in broad daylight.

Again in East Flatbush, a man killed his girlfriend in his car after crashing into a tractor trailer while driving drunk.

In East New York at the Van Siclen Ave. Station, a man sucker punched a woman and stabbed her in the torso multiple times on the platform.

Also in East New York, at the Euclid Ave. Station, a man fell off the platform as the A train arrived and broke his leg.

Again in East New York at the Broadway Junction Station, a man shot another man in the chest to settle an argument on the L train platform.

In Bed-Stuy, a man got shot to death by two men as he while sitting in a parked car after he recorded some rap songs at a studio that was listed on airbnb. In a press conference about the killing, Mayor Adams told the M.C.’s life story while pretending to cry, how he was another life lost to lack of public services and started to feign tears during a speech to bring down gun violence in the rap community, although the father of the victim accused Adams of lying about his son’s past to score political points and command more media attention. But probably also for Adams to get credibility for his ludicrous demand of social media platforms to ban drill rap music, inspired by President Biden’s similar demand to social media platforms to ban “vaccine misinformation”. No wonder Adams calls himself the Biden of Brooklyn (even though he’s from New Jersey Queens)

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man sneaked up behind another man and punched him in the head and ran away in the other direction.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a young man got shot to death while sitting inside a parked car in front of a building where he recorded rap songs in an apartment being used as a recording studio for rent on Airbnb.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a body of a dead man was found in a building under development that went on fire where squatters have been sheltering in for the last 5 years.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Flushing Ave. Station, a rumble between two gangs on the platform led to three 16-year-old boys and a young man getting stabbed.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a fire ignited by faulty electrical wiring in a rowhouse building killed a woman and her 1-year-old baby daughter.

And again in Bed-Stuy, another fire at a rowhouse building killed a 74-year-old woman resident inside.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a 14-year-old boy got shot in the leg from a stray bullet in front of a high school in broad daylight after the school day ended with two cops on patrol sitting in a car nearby.

In Crown Heights, an 18-year-old woman got killed in a car wreck when her friend crashed his car into a lamppost while speeding down the street and evading the cops who followed in pursuit as the driver ran a red light while trying to drop her off at her house that was a few blocks away. Her two other friends got injured from the collision as well.

Also in Crown Heights, a man pulled out a gun and shot at the door of an apartment building four times after he couldn’t access the building after knocking on it.

Again in Crown Heights, two men got into a shootout with other gunmen in two different cars during a drive-by as they were walking on the sidewalk.

And again in Crown Heights, a man pulled out his gat and walked up to a car stopped at the light and shot at it multiple times in broad daylight. The driver of the vehicle suffered multiple wounds from the fusillade.

The suspect let off a few rounds before fleeing.

And again in Crown Heights, a man stabbed his roommate to death inside their apartment following an argument about the victim hogging the bathroom.

And again in Crown Heights at the Franklin Ave. Station, a Samaritan caught a man stalking a woman and intervened so she can flee from him, then the stalker attacked him and slashed him in the neck with a shiv.

In Cypress Hills, a man got shot to death on the street after he stepped out of his car in front of his house after he just got home from a late shift at his job.

In Bushwick, a man shot another man twice in the leg inside a public housing building.

In Brownsville, a 17-year-old boy got shot in the foot on the street in broad daylight.

Also in Brownsville, a man shot another man to death on the sidewalk and wounded a bystander coming out of a deli across the street with a fusillade of bullets in broad daylight. The killer spent over 40 rounds.

Again in Brownsville, an argument between two men in a hallway inside an apartment building escalated and then ended when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other 5 times, wounding both his legs and arm.

And again in Brownsville, a woman got killed riding her ebike as a school bus driver failed to yield while making a turn and ran over her. The woman used the bike to commute, because it was cheaper than driving and safer than the subway.  She also used it for delivery work to save money so she could get out of this damn city with her family and was actually mocked by some of her neighbors for transportation choice.

In Manhattan Beach, a 99-year-old man going on his weekly walk to his neighborhood synagogue got killed while crossing the street by a real estate magnate who ran him over with his expensive car. The driver had multiple prior speeding and red light violation tickets and despite this recidivism, the cops did not collar him. Pedestrian fatalities from car accidents have gone up by 75%.

In Williamsburg,  a 15-year-old boy sneaked up behind a man and threw a roundhouse punch upside his head and also suckerpunched another man in the head in Bed-Stuy.

Also in Williamsburg, two men tagged a building and a school bus with swastikas.

Again in Williamsburg at the Marcy Ave. Station, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving J train.

And again in Williamsburg and again at the Marcy Ave. Station, a man got irked seeing another man about to shoot up smack on the J train and told him to not do that, then the junkie hit him in the head with a pipe.

And again in Williamsburg and also Greenpoint, LIC in Queens and the LES, UES and Gramercy Park in Manhattan, burglars broke into a bunch of  “15 minute” “cloud” messenger grocery delivery service stores and stole laptops, unlicensed mopeds, e-scooters and ebikes in a two month crime spree. Ironically, customers of this convenient app service are not permitted to go inside these commercial spaces.

A 15 minute grocery store at night

In Marine Park, a man got shot in the gut following a fight with his assailant inside an event space.

In Canarsie, a 17-year-old boy and a young man got stabbed during an outnumbered brawl with a gang of other men in a supermarket parking lot.

In Brighton Beach, two men barged into a man’s apartment after tricking him into thinking he got a postal delivery and then they beat him down and hog-tied him to the floor and robbed two watches worth over 350 large from him after they bribed his dog with a snack.

In Boerum Hill, a man got plowed by a car in a hit and run and flipped in the air like a bowling pin as he tried to cross the street.

In Gravesend, a gas leak explosion collapsed two connected houses at the break of dawn. The source of the leak came from the house that was abandoned years ago and the residents weren’t home in the next building. That’s some good kismet.

In Borough Park, a FDNY captain got busted for selling and trafficking ecstasy and steroids upstate.

Also in Borough Park, a gang of five teenagers raided a car parked in a Yehsiva school bus lot and then beat down a 70-year-old attendant who caught them in the act. The punks made off with a bunch of cell phone chargers after tussling with another worker who threw a thermos and his coffee at them.

In Prospect Heights at the Franklin Ave. Station, two men confronted a man on the platform and accused him of giving them a mean look, then one of them took out a hatchet and tried to chop him up.

Also in Prospect Heights, a man stole bags of mail from a green USPS box three times  in the last two months.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man got grifted by a woman pretending to be a bill collector and two men bum rushed his apartment and drew guns on him after he let her in. After shooting their mark in the leg during a brief struggle, they zip tied him and stole his cellphone and watch.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a man got grifted by two men who he met to buy his car through a craigslist ad and they beat him up, stabbed him multiple times and stole his ride.

In Red Hook a man possessing a gun impersonated a cop filled up the tank for his car for free at a gas station.

In Gowanus, a young man got rowdy at a party at warehouse building “event space” and got kicked out by bouncers, then got into a brawl with them outside and pulled out a knife and stabbed one in the chest and the other in the back, killing one of them.

In Midwood, an 89-year-old woman walked out of her house on a freezing day and greeted a man who was loitering around drinking coffee. Then the man suddenly kicked her from behind like Hulk Hogan and knocked her down onto to pavement. Then he walked around her while carrying a shopping bag.

Also in Midwood, a 5-year-old boy got plowed by a car on the sidewalk when it was backing up out of a driveway.

Again in Midwood, a man ran up to a car and shot a livery cab driver in the back as he was letting a passenger out of his car

In Prospect Heights at the Grand Army Plaza Station, a man snatched a sneaker off a woman’s foot and ran for and hopped the turnstiles and escaped.

In Flatlands, a 17-year-old boy got run over by a car while crossing the street and died from his injuries.

Also in Flatlands, a 17-year-old boy approached another man on the sidewalk and slapped his face so hard his yarmulke fell off.

Again in Flatlands, a man got killed while crossing the street after getting hit by an SUV driver.

In Boerum Hill, an app-food delivery man drove his unlicensed moped on the sidewalk and grabbed a woman’s ass he rode by her.

In Fort Greene, a woman snatched 3 bucks from a tip jar on a bodega counter, then went apeshit and broke the store and door windows when she couldn’t get more money.

Also in Fort Greene, a man deliberately bumped into another man on the sidewalk and then beat him down to the pavement and robbed him.

Again in Fort Greene, a woman threw a bottle of bleach at a worker and another woman smashed a combo lock on her roommates at a woman’s homeless shelter.

In Clinton Hill, a woman left her citibike unattended and two men jumped on it and rode away.

In Sunset Park, a man stalked a woman from a train station and beat the shit out of her,  then masturbated on top of her and sexually assaulted her while strangling her at her apartment building before the sun came up.

In Bensonhurst at the 63rd St. Station, a man stabbed another man multiple times on the platform. The wounded victim got on the next train and met up with cops at the 20th St. Station but wouldn’t divulge his attackers identity.

In Kensington, a 65-year-old woman got hit by a car as she was crossing the street while the driver was making a turn into the intersection. She died the next day from her injuries. Failure to yield needs to be a more punitive charge.

A woman who ordered a ride on a car hail app nearly got kidnapped when her driver stopped his car after a few minutes and a white van arrived beside him. The woman instinctively knew something was rotten and fled from the car she was in, but then the driver in the white van pursued her down the street and then she cut down another block and hid behind a jeep and a pile of snow to lose the creeps.

A city bus got hit by a stray bullet that was centimeters away from the fuel tank.


In Bedford Park, two men got into a fight on the street after getting into an argument at a baby shower in an event space inside mixed-use building nearby, then it escalated into a shooting duel as one of them killed the other with a blast to the head. Then the victim’s brother and his friends attacked him, causing the killer to drop the gun and he shot the man down in cold blood.

Also in Bedford Park at the Bedford Park Blvd. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 4 train.

In Norwood, a man got shot to death on the street by another man who ambushed him as he came out of a store and blasted him five times from behind at point blank range.

Also in Norwood, a man attempted to rob an office by going through a first floor window, but it turned out to be a police precinct and he wound up instantly arrested after a foot pursuit inside the station

In Wakefield at the 241st St. Station, a man made lurid flirtations towards a woman on the platform. And after she ignored him and walked away, the man took a shit and put it in a bag and then walked up to her as she was sitting on a bench and smeared his poop all over her face and back. The man’s recent recidivism this year also includes two other assaults on the subway and grabbing a bunch of screwdrivers at a hardware store and challenging a worker to call the cops on him after he wielded one of them at him.

The Mr. Hanky of subway violence was eventually arrested by the cops for this fecal assault and for a bias attack against a Jewish man he spat on and took a swing at while smearing anti-Semitic remarks at him last year. The crapster had a good laugh with the cops by making bad puns about his latest offense and also called the judge a bitch while she was about to let him back on the streets again because of the bail reform laws.

Sure he’s having a bigger laugh at Mayor Adams when he threw a public tantrum about him being let loose to throw shit on others again when he decried the bail reform law even though he couldn’t do shit about it when he got spanked in Albany and left with only a pear and an apple from the Senate majority leader and no modifications to the deformed law and took his frustrations out on journalists. And if this isn’t absurdly surreal, a state assembly member is crafting a bill to make smearing poop on people a felony. So now we have to keep our eyes peeled for the next Shitman, because with all the mentally ill folks the city ignores on the streets and rails, it’s only a matter of time until the next brown betty surprise attack.

In fact, NYC’s Mr Hanky Jr. is already documenting his latest travails

In Van Nest, a man invaded his ex-wife’s apartment by tricking their daughter into giving him her key and ransacked the place, then he ambushed her when she came home and stabbed her to death following a struggle with the knife.

In Mott Haven, a gang of seven men beat down and robbed eight working poor men in eight muggings in the span of 30 days during the early months of winter at the Patterson Houses. The thugs made off with over $3,700 in cash, audio devices and cellphones and one ebike worth $1,200 during the ultraviolent crime spree.

Also in Mott Haven, a woman got killed by a stray bullet that struck her head during a drive-by shooting as she walked on the sidewalk where two other men were standing. Both men the killer gunman aimed at hit both of them in the back, although one of the men was armed and attempted to shoot at the car as it sped off.

Again in Mott Haven, a woman got caught shoplifting clothes by a worker at a bargain department store and she slashed him with a screwdriver and knocking over a rack of shoes during a tussle to get away with 30 bucks worth of items.

In Throggs Neck, a ruckus went off outside an illegal nite club inside a commercial store and a man pulled out a gun and shot at other people inside and ran for it. Over a dozen men got arrested as the gunman and an accomplice are still on the loose a month later.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a man got shot to death on the sidewalk under building scaffolding and was found with crack on him during the CSI. The victim planned on leaving NYC because of all the guns on the streets.

Also in Kingsbridge Heights, a man stabbed another man in the neck to settle an argument on the street.

In University Heights, a fire went up on the top floor of an apartment building, leading to nine residents getting injured. Bronx is burning again.

Also in University Heights, a man got shot to death following an ambush by another man he was conversing with. When he got into a tussle with his acquaintance by his sportscar, a black car rolled up and then a man came out and blasted the victim in the dome from behind.

Again in University Heights, a man shot at a car from another car during a drive-by and hit a man in the back who was riding shotgun.

In Claremont, a man rolled up on the corner in his SUV, stepped outside and pulled a gun out and shot at a parked car three times, then returned to his vehicle and drove off.

In Unionport, a man got shot to death on the sidewalk and the murder weapon was left behind on the street.

In Foxhurst, a man robbed a clothing store by breaking the window with bolt cutters and robbed a laundry bag worth of merchandise. Then the fool went back the next day with an acquaintance.

In Fordham at the 183rd St. Station, a man stuck a shiv at a woman and robbed her wallet and celly on the platform.

In Fordham Manor, a man shot a 15-year-old boy on the leg from the backseat of a car during a broad daylight drive-by.

In Olinville, a 16-year-old got shot on the leg on the street early in the evening and wouldn’t rat on his assailant to the cops.

In Morris Park, two women drove to a hospital and left a woman for dead in the waiting room who was knocked out and covered with butt injection scars while lying to RNs that they found her at a nearby cemetery. She wound up dying on the operating table later on. The dastardly duo also left the car belonging to the woman behind as well.

In East Tremont, a city bus driver got assaulted by a passenger who whacked her in the arm with a branch from a tree.

In Highbridge at the 167th St. Station, a homeless man yelled at two women to be quiet, and then attacked them with a pole after they blew him off and hit her on the nose and broke a subway window.

Also in Highbridge, a man beat and strangled his cousin to death and stuffed her body into a plastic container and dumped her in a storage yard by the highway.

In Tremont, a young man held up three fast food restaurants and two pharmacies and robbed them collectively of $1,180 by feigning to be armed with a gun.

In Parkchester, a four alarm fire at a mixed use building destroyed a supermarket and the apartments above which left five families homeless.

In West Farms, a man and a woman were found dead from drug overdoses inside an apartment.

In Grand Concourse, a man shot another man on the leg on the street in broad daylight.

In Morris Heights, a homeless man got hit and killed by two cars while crossing the street after a hit-and-run driver plowed him and the victim got hit by another passing car from the impact.

In Hunts Point, a man killed himself crashing his motor scooter into a box truck as he tried to maneuver around it as the driver was turning.

An NYPD detective is selling guns  as a side hustle with guns he purchases where he lives in Rockland County to his fellow officers at his precinct after getting caught the first time by his commanding officer.

10 gangbanging aspiring rappers got caught stealing 4.3 million dollars of unemployment relief funding from the government during the pandemic using stolen and fabricated I.D.s.

8 men ran a fentanyl drug ring in the Boogie Down for two years. Their product led to nine overdose casualties

NYPD arrested 12 people who got caught shoplifting over $1,800 in diapers and miscellaneous products from chain pharmacies in 4 consecutive days.

On the Cross Bronx Expressway, a man and a woman got killed in their SUV which the driver crashed into a tow truck.

In Van Cordtlant Park, a man was found dead and frozen on a trail by a creek.


In St. Albans, a man got shot to death on the street in front of a nite club where he and his relative got into an argument and then a fight with two other people, including the assassin.

Also in St. Albans, a man got shot to death inside a house in a basement apartment.

In Jamaica, a man ambushed a woman walking on the sidewalk and stabbed her in the chest and then forced her to suck his dick. The he casually walked away and hes still on the prowl.

Also in Jamaica, a 7-year-old boy went to school with a loaded 9mm his father stashed in his backpack. This led to the cops going to his house and confiscating three more guns he was possessing and putting the cuffs on him.

Again in Jamaica at the Jamaica/Van Wyck Station, three men pounced on a man and beat him down and stabbed him in the eye and on his butt during a robbery attempt on the mezzanine. Lucky for the victim the hospital was about a yard away outside the station.

Seen only a few days before this incident

And again in Jamaica, a brawl on the boulevard led to a man getting stabbed to death and another man getting shot.

And again in Jamaica, an argument between two men on the sidewalk concluded when one of them shot the other in broad daylight.

And again in Jamaica, an off-duty C.O. got arrested for multiple animal cruelty charges and robbery.

And again in Jamaica and also Woodside, pimps and sex traffickers are still using hotels and motels for prostitution, because besides the homeless crisis how else is this industry going to survive in New York City?

In Briarwood at the Briarwood Station, a man stabbed another man in the arm on the platform. Lucky for the victim the hospital was a 3 minute dollar van ride away.

In Ridgewood, a man got clipped by an SUV as he was walking on the crosswalk and got knocked down on the asphalt while the driver was making a turn . Then another SUV driver making the same turn ran over his head twice with the front and rear wheels and both drivers kept going in a double hit-and-run.

In Far Rockaway, a woman driving an SUV with a learners permit lost control of her vehicle when she sped out of a parking lot,  jumped the curb and crashed into a car wash and killed a 10-year-old girl and injured a woman on the sidewalk.

Also in Far Rockaway, a man got confronted by two other men on the sidewalk and got shot in the leg by one of them.

Again in Far Rockaway, a 34-year-old fireman died of a heart attack at his ladder company house  after helping his fellow firefighters extinguish a blaze at a house. The FDNY union leader suspects that he and 5 other smokeeaters who also recently died unexpectedly soon were attributed to adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines that former Mayor Bill de Blasio and current Mayor Eric Adams induced on city workers for them to keep their jobs.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man hiding in a stairwell at an apartment building ambushed a young man coming out of his apartment and shot his leg.

In Arverne, a man got shot from a fusillade of bullets by two men who charged at him at a high school basketball court in broad daylight.

In Ozone Park, two men broke into a woman’s apartment and attacked her in her bedroom while she was sleeping with her 3-year-old son on her bed. Then after they punched her in the face and locked her and her child in the bathroom, they robbed $3,000 worth of jewels, a cellphone and $470 in cash off her and fled.

In South Richmond Hill, a man got into an argument with another man and shoved him to the pavement, knocking him unconscious. The man then robbed what was in his victim’s pockets. The victim died from his injuries a month later.

In Woodhaven, a man on a bike rode up toward a traffic light and lamp post and shot 16 rounds from a 9mm and 380 magnum at a red light camera and successfully put it out of service.

In Richmond Hill, a man lost control of his car while speeding and crashed into a lamp post, critically injuring himself and his two passengers.

In Jackson Heights, an 18-year-old man got shot to death while smoking pot with pals inside his brothers apartment when  a man busted through the door and blasted a few rounds during a botched weed robbery attempt. The bullet that killed the victim came from his friends gun when he tried to shoot the robber through the wall from another room.

In Elmhurst, homeless people continue to live in a tent encampment on the sidewalks of Whitney Ave.. Next they will set up on the open street on 34th Ave in Jackson Heights where there is more room.

Also in Elmhurst, a 77-year-old man died after falling off his bike from hitting a bump on the road.

In East Elmhurst, an off-duty C.O. went bonkers and yelled at six people at a diner and then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and swung it at one of the patrons and threatened their lives.

Also in Elmhurst, a man randomly slashed a 61-year-old man in the arm when he walked by him on the sidewalk, then the victim ran to the nearest subway station hoping to find a cop.

In Long Island City at the 21st St./Van Alst Station, a woman died sleeping on a bench with all her remaining belongings after spending four years living on the streets and the transit system.

Also in Long Island City, a taxi driver hit a man with his car as he was crossing the street heading for work and drove away. The man wound up with broken ribs and insouciance by the NYPD who have not investigated his case despite being given identification of the driver’s vehicle two months ago.

Again in Long Island City at the Queens Plaza Station, a homeless man kicked a woman from behind on the stairs and then repeatedly bashed her head with a hammer and stole her purse.

And again in Long Island City and Dutch Kills, over 2000 911 calls were reported over violent incidents and public peeing and shitting and drug abuse from residents from various hotel homeless shelters in the areas.

In Middle Village, two men beat down a 79-year-old man on the sidewalk and stole his wallet containing $1,000.

Also in Middle Village and in Sunnyside, a man held up two dollar tree stores at gunpoint and forced workers to open up a safe and empty their registers and made off with 2 large.

In Flushing, a man slashed a woman multiple times in a hallway inside an apartment building.

Also in Flushing, a man sneaked in the back door of a bubble tea store and stole an e-scooter.

Again in Flushing, a man snatched a thousand dollar cellphone out of woman’s purse while she was distracted at a mall.

And again in Flushing and Bayside, four men got busted in a gun running, ghost gun manufacturing ring they held at four different houses. Nearly 40 firearms, thousands of bullets and $50,000 in loose bills were confiscated.

And again in Flushing and most of northeast Queens, total wanton grand larcenies of small business stores this year have seen it’s biggest collective percentage rise in 30 years in the world’s easiest to steal from borough.

In Murray Hill, a man along with a few accomplices stole more than $120,000 in property and merchandise in a month long spree of home invasion burglaries.

In Astoria, a man got shot to death in a gang-related attack inside a public housing building.

Also in Astoria, cops nabbed a man possessing a loaded gun who was loitering by their precinct station.

Again in Astoria at the Steinway St. Station, a man attempted suicide by jumping in front of the arriving M train.

In Corona, a 16-year-old boy ran over and killed an 18-year-old woman on the sidewalk with his father’s pick up truck and crushed her against a building wall as he was coming out of an auto repair shop.

On the Grand Central Parkway, a highway patrol cop got knocked off his motorcycle by a woman who clipped him with her SUV making a dumbass lane change.

In Forest Hills, a chain pharmacy worker caught a man shoplifting in the act as he was piling 200 bucks worth of daytime and drowsy cough medicine and shampoo into his bag and then got stabbed in the hand when he tried to stop the thief.

Also in Forest Hills, vulgar bigoted graffiti was found spray painted on a dental office’s window.

Again in Forest Hills at the 67th Ave. Station, two men attacked another man on the R train and cut his head open during the beat down.

And again in Forest Hills, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of an LIRR train.

In Glendale, two men strolled into a gas station convenience mart and grab four 24 bottle cases of Corona and walked out the door with them. Then one of the thieves pulled a gun on the workers who tried to stop them.

Also in Glendale, a 16-year-old boy riding a motorcycle with a 15-year-old girl holding onto him on the back of the seat crashed into a car as he was making a turn into the intersection while the boy was speeding and running the red light. The girl died from her injuries three weeks later.

In Glen Oaks, a man walked into a children’s hospital with two ghost guns and threatened to shoot everyone inside. Following his arrest, a search warrant of his house revealed an entire arsenal of rifles and handguns, thousand rounds of ammo and bullet proof vests in his possession. If this maniac really wanted go on a mass murder spree he would have brought one of those rifles, but it sure looks like he planned on selling these instead of using them.

In College Point, a man shot at another man’s car and got into his own vehicle and bounced.

In Howard Beach, a man wearing a face mask because of pandemic indoor mandates robbed a bank of a grand by using a note.

In Rego Park at the Woodhaven Blvd. Station, a whipped out his choad and plums and masturbated in front of a woman on the R train.

Also in Rego Park, two men riding on an unlicensed moped rolled up by a woman on the sidewalk and one of them snatched her wallet and 200 bucks out of her hand as she was taking it out and sped away.

In Bayside, a gym teacher threw a boy against the wall following a dispute over a basketball in the hallway.

In Springfield Gardens, a box truck driver crashed into a car in an intersection, injuring two people inside.

Also in Springfield Gardens, an argument between two groups men got heated when a man pulled out a gun and started spraying bullets at his foes.

In South Jamaica, a teacher menaced and sexually molested a 17-year-old girl in the hallway of a high school.

On Rikers Island, an inmate was found dead in his cell, the cause unknown (??).

Staten Island

In Midland Beach, three men ambushed a married couple on their driveway at their house as they grabbed them as they came out of their car and threw the man down to the pavement and stole his wallet and ripped the woman’s purse from her grip and fled.

In Port Richmond, two men attacked two other men on the sidewalk as one of them bashed them with a plywood board and stole their money.

Also in Port Richmond, a man broke into a cabinet and countertop-making business and stole three employees paychecks and tried to cash them at a check cashing place.

Again in Port Richmond, a man approached another man standing in front of his house and pushed him to the pavement and stole a grand out of his pocket.

And again in Port Richmond, a man got held up at gunpoint on the street by another man accompanied by a woman and robbed 500 bucks off him.

In Stapleton, a man bashed a 71-year-old man with a pipe during a robbery of a bodega.

Also in Stapleton, a man opened a door to an unlocked car parked at a gas station and snatched a wallet from inside and bounced.

In Tompkinsville, a man walked into a barbershop and said something out of context before he held up a customer and barber at gunpoint and stole a wallet and two cellphones from them.

Also in Tompkinsville, a man broke into a train depot and robbed spools of copper wire worth 3 grand.

Again in Tompkinsville, cops nabbed a woman on the street with an automatic handgun.

In Elm Park, two men pulled off two smash and grabs of two cellphone stores and stole over a dozen cellies worth nearly $12,000.

In Meiers Corners, a gang of teenage boys have been tormenting and robbing from a vape shop for weeks, compelling the small business owner to defend himself with a pipe.

In North Shore, cops arrested a mentally disturbed man on the street for gun possession.

In South Shore, a man used counterfeit cash to purchase a gold chain from another man and got collared. The perp claimed the currency was legit because it was used in a rap video. Sounds like this could give bitcoin a run for it’s imaginary money.

In Charleston, a drunk man threw a drink at a woman and then plowed her with a roundhouse punch and knocked her out in a restaurant.

In West Brighton, cops busted a man with a bag of nearly 130 vials of crack he was selling from his car.

In Rossville, cops busted two women selling ecstacy, blow, smack and painkillers from their car.

In Mariners Harbor, a man recently bailed out for  got pulled over by the cops for heavily tinted windows

In Graniteville, a man and a woman beat down a man on the street and stole his groceries.

In South Beach, a man tripping balls on angel dust engaged in a car chase with cops.

In Richmond Valley, a man sneaked into a unlocked van and stole cash from inside it.

Shaolin’s schools are in need of school safety agents according to the NYPD and also the schools in the Bronx, to the point where one principal shut the school down and switched classes to remote learning because there wasn’t enough security (apparently physical violence and bullets are more deadlier than COVID). Too bad Mayor Adams decided to cut their budget after promising that he wouldn’t abandon them while having the swagger to condemn students for the meteoric rise in weapons smuggling into schools.



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Mayor Adams Tells Reporters To Manufacture Consent For Him

City Hall, Downtown Manhattan, New York

Oh, boy, looks like Mayor Eric Adams has let the job get to him or he’s in over his head, even with that massive ego he’s been carrying since primary election day last summer. That same ego is also getting bruised by New York City’s legacy media press, which at one point the nearly two month Hizzoner welcomed with open arms and treated with reverence that was entirely absent for 8 years when Bill de Blasio was stifling them and then suppressing them in the last 2 years of this pandemic. But 45 days later, which has seen a massive rise in all index crimes and his failed attempt to persuade Albany’s obstinate and arrogant legislative leaders to reform the bail reform laws that have exacerbated those crimes, Mayor Adams has decided to scapegoat journalists for his disappointing return to the city for the way they wrote about it and told them he wasn’t going to answer their questions anymore unless it’s about the issue or the theme of whatever he’s publicly speaking about in future “media availabilitys”

Although it might not be just the Albany powwow that Adams is frustrated about. The nascent mayor is having immense difficulties filling out administration positions (even though he’s going buck wild consolidating and rebranding a lot of municipal agencies into bigger ones). But Adams wouldn’t have these issues if he hired people who didn’t have major conflicts of interests like working for corporations that do business with the city or trying to manufacture a six figure salary nepotism deputy position for his brother. Another thing that’s surely pissing off Adams about these meddling reporters is all the stories written about his majorly tainted Chief Of Staff Frank Carone, who was just recently under two federal investigations regarding a deadbeat med tech LLC he had a partnership with that didn’t pay rent to a warehouse landlord for months, and get this, that consortium even decorated their space while still behind over 200 G’s on the rent.

Apparently, Adams Albany debacle was the tipping point for him with the local corporate news, and now he’s glowering to journos right to their faces and making demands to newspaper editorial boards for not reporting accurately enough. (I mean he got a pear and an apple from Assembly Speaker Cousins for fuck’s sake). Never mind the fact that these are the same editorial boards that universally endorsed him for mayor and never mind the other fact that these are the same journos that practically boosted Adams to the mayoralty by writing him up as is victory was predetermined on the second right after he won the June primary by a snatch’s hair.

The worst aspect of all this the Mayor’s megalomania and he doesn’t even realize how much of a dictator he sounds like. Or it’s possible he actually does, because what his diatribe is all about here is he wants to control the content coming from the press. Government control of the press. The most warped thing about what Adams wants from city journalism, one of many warped things about his whiny power grab, is for reporters too look like him. Adams seriously feels that he’s being ostracized because he feels the press is too White for him and if there were Blacks and POC reporters they would be more understanding, sympathetic. The mayor is defiantly race baiting and calling for biased reporting and for Black and POC to act as stenographers to tow the mayor’s office narrative.

But even if the papers hired Black or other POC journos so it would fit “the prism” he wants, they will still have to write articles that stays within the Mayor’s prism, which is his and his administration’s narrative. This was exposed when Adams hypothetically mentioned how would the press like it if deputy mayors would distort their news to them, basically telling reporters that if they don’t report the way he likes, don’t expect any transparency, accountability and truth from his administration. Adams has shown he will literally use spite if reporters don’t write what he wants to hear and sunk as low to use the race card to do it.

New York City can only hope that Adams’ tantrum was a one time thing, but when he played his hand at that presser and showed it full of race cards, it actually revealed that he’s still harboring bitter vindictive feelings that he displayed when he yelled about “crackers” at a convention right when his mayoral campaign began that was just revealed only few weeks ago. Now he’s channeled vindictiveness to the current press corps (which also consist of Blacks, Latinos and Asians), the same journalists that his administration’s media office approves access to. Adams blatantly conveyed this petty ante vendetta when he reassured a young man on stage who he thought was nervous in front of the press to not let “them” get to him. While also referencing himself.

What truly make Adams blathering about his perceived mistreatment from the fourth estate more egregious is that he signed an executive order that (allegedly) specifically required municipal agencies to respect the rights of constituents and the press and provide them with services to see the city records in a timely fashion, complete with a study by the NYCLU with it’s chairman Norman Seigel standing on the platform with the mayor. And the ink was not even dry on that EO when Adams violated it himself by mockingly cutting off Daily News reporter Michael Gartland right when he was going to ask two questions and was regulated to uno.

And this is where Adams,  a mayor clearly not playing with a full deck but is throwing race cards and anteing up his perception of divinity, demanding the press to be nicer and more emotionally intelligent with him after his grandstanding decree for better transparency and accountability, trashing the entire press and demanding those things precise things from them with unmitigated projection and impunity. And it only took one week for Adams to violate his own EO. For the second time.

The race thing with Adams is nothing but a distraction for what he and his administration of corporatists and cronies really want, total control of narrative. Past New York City mayors used to rail against the press too, notably Rudy, Bloomberger and of course the thin skinned empty cranium The Blaz, but even they never crossed the line between government overreach of the press like Adams did, giving them an ultimatum if they don’t report the way he likes (he went to Albany and got a pear!). Sure elected officials harbor deep feelings to control stories that make them look bad or bring sunlight to their graft  but Adams literally wants to manufacture consent regarding his policy decisions, his relations with fellow officials and his personal affairs.  Which is ridiculously ironic since the “White editorial press staffs”  manufactured consent to get him into City Hall, constantly referring him as “most likely to win the election” and “certain mayor”.

This is beyond Donald Trump’s repetitive exhortation of “fake news”, Adams wants total control of information itself. Like all authoritarians, autocrats and dictators and his buddy President Joe Biden who also has monstrous contempt for the press that once protected him, Adams also knows that who ever controls the narrative has all the power over the people and their ideas and thoughts and society as a whole, which he not so subtly referenced during his six minute hate rant against the press in the room with him, literally accusing them of manipulating their readers minds by calling his disastrous trip to Albany the disaster that it was.

But Mayor Eric Adams would rather order reporters, preferably Black and POC reporters, to manufacture consent for him so he can build these prisms to cover his ass in case his other meetings with officials turn to shit. Then he’ll will demand more prisms when his policies and programs collapse and fail. While Adams will be living large in his own prism, New York City will be left in the dark and languishing in it’s own prism.

Or prison that is. A prison under government established and reinforced cognitive dissonance.

Obviously Known: The Polonaise Has Turned

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Stumbled upon this eyesore on Greenpoint Ave. while returning to work from a pandemic induced sabbatical. The last time this once opulent catering hall actually had any signs of life in it was when the hipster catering culture entrepreneurs “Brooklyn Night Bazaar” was renting it out for a few years before they got broke again and wound up with a five year contract to bring (and then fail) to bring vibrancy to Riis Park, only to be bailed out by corrupt former mayor Bill de Blasio with a massive multi-decade contract to run concessions on the Rockaway Boardwalk, which apparently had to be prioritized over replenishing the coast line.

But let’s not get distracted with old stories about political patronage and just look at what has become of this establishment since the night bazaar’s departure nearly a decade ago.


Blech. The Polonaise Terrace entire three story facade has been tagged by someone named Girus or Cyrus. I’ve seen massive tags like this before and while it looks revolting its amazing at how an individual can pull this off. It looks like a giant pissed on it.

Looks like there’s other urbane art and messaging on here.

Looks like the service entrance isn’t accessible. But liberal sticker pasting and dumping isn’t such a problem.

Just some more chicken scratch tags, although it looks like someone decided to put some identity politicking agitprop. “Black and POC are not interchangeable terms”. Wow, deep man. That would look so boss on a tweet.

Oh this is good, the owners of this shit building put some portable toilets here, giving the impression that there is work going on and also to provide Greenpoint’s homeless population a place to relieve and bathe themselves. They do appear to be locked but I bet it’s not much of a deterrence for the commode disenfranchised.

Another sign acknowledging that this is an active work site is on display on this window here. More like conveying it’s active, the optics here look like this building hasn’t been touched in four years since it got it’s last construction site plans approved and in two years since the owner Meridian Capital listed this on the real estate market for over $11,000,000.

Although, these signs of COVID safety precautions and protocols do indicate that there might have been some work going on but it was weird seeing no activity just an hour before noon. Maybe the owners or the hired contractor put these signs up obligatorily. But it’s still odd given that this building lacks a long record of violations that would usually keep it in a state of limbo. What’s even more odd is that Meridian would let it fall into such a state of degradation because it’s a landmark building and they still expect some dumb buyer to plunk down 11 million for this dump. 

What really grabbed my eye was a bill that was posted somewhat meticulously above the safety reg notices and it undoubtedly nailed not only the motivation for the ludicrous price Meridian is offering for this catering hall but also the status quo of NYC’s new standards of unaffordability.

Guessing this was pasted up during the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 as response to authorities and media outlets that were condemning the unfortunate tactics of the spillover of looting and smash and grab robberies of businesses that followed, which also happened in the Northwest Brooklyn nabes. But this is still a great point and like the rioting blowback from those demonstrations, NYC also enabled the looting of property and air space with massively generous rezonings and upzonings to the developers of the Gentrification Industrial Complex to spread their tower pestilence and ossify rental prices in this neighborhood.

But it doesn’t matter, because the delirious speculations and fabrications of the real estate market will continue regardless. It managed to survive the pandemic and it’s still out of control despite the rampant rise in crime, which went up over 30% this January. And of course there will be one dumb buyer for the Polonaise and whether it will be one major corporation or a LLC consortium of nameless investors, and they will build some monolith above this heinous mess, assuring New York City’s terminal stasis of unattainable housing for all, developing for a demographic populace that doesn’t exist.

There’s plenty of time for them to make reservations.


Ivan Reitman, 75, Director, Producer, Film - Filming Locations -

Betty Davis, 77, Singer, Funk and R & B

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New Bad Days 93: Mentally Deranged Man Murders Two Cops, Shooting Them Down From His Bedroom; Deranged Man Murders A Burger King Cashier For A 100 Bucks; Man Kills A Woman And Her Dog In Botched Street Assassination Try; Gangbanger Shoots A Baby In The Face Running A Foe Down On The Street; Mentally Deranged Man Kills Woman By Pushing Her Into The Subway Train And Shootings, Muggings, Car Theft And Rapes Rise Rapidly In Eric Adams First Bloody Month As Mayor Of New York City Bayron-Nieves was shot and killed while working on a night shift at the Burger King in Manhattan.


In his first minutes as Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams immediately erased the stain of his elitist predecessor Bill de Blasio by taking the train to Manhattan and fulfilled his promise to be a proactive mayor by doing his duty as a public servant and citizen by witnessing an assault on the street occur and reporting it to emergency services. Riding alone with the press in the presence of regular commuters and a derelict taking up a bench on the J train, Adams stressed how he was going to bring back public safety to the city that has seen the largest rise in crimes in years, over 100,000 total reported offenses, notably murders which came close to hitting 500. Adams enthusiasm was palpable and after having a round table meeting with his staffers in City Hall, it was an auspicious debut for the new mayor, which conveyed some hope in the bleakness of the New Bad Days era that has infected the five boroughs in the last decade.

But Mayor Adams honeymoon and momentum got cockblocked by also recently elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Bragg, on his third day on the job, wrote and dispensed a memo to his prosecutors to lessen the severity of charges for crimes where a gun or a knife is used and also for home invasion burglaries would be reduced to larcenies, which combined with the asinine bail reform laws instituted 2 years ago, would have led to less prison time or none at all. The logic behind this basically says that as long as you don’t kill or cripple anyone physically, then it’s not worth the punishment for imprisonment, regardless of the financial and traumatic effects that is placed on the innocent victim.

While Mayor Adams had nothing but diplomatic praise for the new D.A.. New, glass ceiling breaking NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell was having none of it, seeing that the leniency being meted out by the arrogant Bragg was counterproductive and predicted an exacerbation and escalation of the crimes his memo marginalized and would leave cops less able to make arrests and leave them vulnerable to violent attacks which would make the streets less safer for the citizenry as a whole.

The blowback from that memo would lead to one of the rough and bloody first month for Adams and for any new mayor that’s ever been seen in New York City.

Your city.


In East Harlem, on day one of retired NYPD police captain’s Eric Adams mayoralty, a cop working two shifts during a holiday for most people got shot in the head from a stray bullet while taking a nap in his car at his precinct’s parking lot.

Compelling the new mayor to condemn the perpetrator(s) of this shooting:

“This is not going to be a city of disorder, this is not going to be a city of violence. This city is returning from the violent past to a place that is safe to raise our children and families.”

The perps involved are still on the loose.

Also in East Harlem, a man walked into a Burger King and pistol whipped a customer, punched the restaurant manager and then held up a cashier at gunpoint. She opened up the register and gave the man $100. After he looked at the money, he turned around and shot her to death and then ran away. The young woman he murdered was trying to change shifts to the afternoon because she was already fearful to walk the streets where she lived at night after only three weeks working the graveyard shift at the restaurant, fears that were corroborated by a good friend of hers.The victim’s mother, who also works at another fast food restaurant, also tried to persuade the manager to move her hours earlier. The victim was planning to go to nursing school with the money she was earning while helping her mother pay the rent and the bills.

The killer got caught by the cops five days later. He is undocumented immigrant and homeless and was dwelling in a hotel homeless shelter in Jamaica where he threatened another person with a screwdriver a month earlier and was once an employee of the same fast food restaurant where he murdered Krystal Baron-Nieves in cold blood, which is probably why he wasn’t content with the money he robbed and decided to kill her.

The community let him have it during his transfer from the precinct to the courthouse, which didn’t faze him and he reveled in as he cursed them out and yelled about historic oppression of Black people.

Again in East Harlem, a man got into an argument with a group of men inside a car, then they all came out and one of them sneaked up behind him and stabbed him in the neck after he kicked the vehicle. Then the man bled out on the sidewalk staggering by passerby and collapsed and died on the pavement.

And again in East Harlem, a man shot another man to death on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

And again in East Harlem, a woman was left for dead and her baby daughter was left to starve and lie her own feces and urine beside her mother’s body at a homeless shelter for a week by the Department of Homeless Services.  And the municipal agency sat on this negligent and gruesome death and malfeasance for over 7 months. The ass covering obfuscation of this tragedy was the most likely under the orders of former abomination mayor de Blasio.

In Harlem, a man shot and killed two cops with a fusillade of bullets from his bedroom inside his mother’s apartment using an automatic weapon with a drum barrel cartridge. A back up cop shot him down as he was trying to flee the premises. The cops were there to respond to a domestic disturbance call where the son was arguing with his mother  about her not wanting to eat vegan food. The mother who made the 911 call did not mention her son was armed.

Officer Jason Rivera, a rookie cop who recently married his childhood sweetheart, was killed instantly. Officer Wilbert Mora, who had a bullet lodged in his brain, died from his wounds four days later following two surgeries. Their killer, who had multiple priors and served time in two other states and just moved to Harlem only months ago while still on probation, died from his wounds.

Jason Rivera just got finished training and was only on the job for a few months, he joined the NYPD to bridge the cap between the police and communities and wanted to bring fundamental change to the force as well even after a bad experience dealing with them as a youth.

Also in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, a man stabbed a woman on her leg on the platform to settle and argument they were having.

Again in Harlem, a man slugged his son and knocked him on the floor inside a restaurant.

And again in Harlem, two men chased down two other men on the street and then one of them pulled out a gun during the pursuit and shot one of them to death after a drug deal gone bad.

In Times Square, a man cursed out a homeless woman who asked him for change in front of a chain pharmacy, then got beat down to the pavement and stabbed and robbed his ipad and $340 by her and her boyfriend the minute he stepped out of the store. Passerby walked by and gawked and then the dirty duo fled into the subway without paying the fare.

Also in Times Square at the 42nd St. Station during the morning rush, a homeless man pushed a woman off the platform as the R train arrived, killing her instantly. Just moments before he murdered her, he tried to push another woman onto the tracks, but she saw him and instinctively moved away from him.

Following his arrest and after his procession, the man bragged about his killing, accused the woman he murdered of stealing his jacket and claimed he was God. Michelle Go worked as a volunteer to help the homeless for a non-profit organization that was being financed the titan consultant agency corporation that she was also employed by.

The day after her horrific death, Mayor Adams and transit authorities did a press briefing at that station and declared that subways are still safe and how that killing and other random violent incidents that have occurred in the subway was all based on the perception of fear, which was a common and incorrect talking point uttered repetitiously by the last mayor Bill de Blasio. And it’s still tremendously wrong coming from Adams’ mouth as evidenced by decreasing ridership and the still glaring lack of services for mentally ill homeless people.

Realizing how invalid his take was ( which was possibly was relayed to him by his economic advisors and meathead urbanish influencers), Mayor Adams retracted his statement and acknowledged the legitimate fear that his constituents have for returning to the subway. Even though he ran and won the mayor’s election promising and emphasized on his first commute to the office to bring down crime on the transit system. Funny how perception suddenly changes, although maybe if Adams wasn’t fucking around networking with the two shittiest mayors in America, maybe his perception would have been more precise.

But nothing could be worse than the perception by his very own NYPD, because there were two cops deployed at the station where Martial Simon shoved Ms. Go to her demise, but we’re all the way on the other end of the platform. They also somehow missed the other woman Simon tried to assault.

“We had a robust plan for this station today. We had six officers assigned to it. There were two officers on the southbound platform to the southern end when this incident occurred,” Assistant NYPD Chief Kathleen O’Reilly said.

“Unfortunately these incidents do occur. They’re rare but this one is very harrowing and disturbing,” she said.

Real robust, a mentally ill man menacing a woman and cops seem to be slacking off. And it looks like Adams not only is feigning to sympathize with his constituents concerns, he is also getting his insouciant subway violence data from Chief O’Riley as well.

Again in Times Square, dozens of people defying former mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate in protest attempted to eat at  shitty chain movie theme restaurant and a robust deployment of cops came to enforce it under  Dave Chokshi’s orders and arrested eight of them, including a wheelchair dependent woman with D.S. syndrome.


Get them my pretties

And again in Times Square at the 42nd St. Station, a 17-year-old boy got busted with a loaded gun after he got into a fight with a commuter and flashed his piece at him on the platform.

In Midtown, a man saw a homeless man sleeping against a wall of an office building and placed his own coat on him to keep him warm, then the homeless man pounced and beat him down to the pavement and stole his wallet and fled.

Cops on the beat nearby immediately caught the thief and arrested him and was found with $1,500 in his pocket. The man was just released with only a desk appearance ticket from a similar possum playing mugging of a woman four days earlier when a woman tried to help him and he beat her down as well. He also randomly attacked a young couple in Central Park for no reason on the second day of 2022. His attorney demanded he be released because his violent criminal act doesn’t warrant jail time according to Manhattan D.A. Bragg’s memo.

Also in Midtown, a man jacked a lux SUV off another man with a broken taser in front of an office building in broad daylight and drove the wrong way and smashed into unmarked patrol car to make his getaway as a cop tried in vain to get him out of the drivers seat. Then he ditched the vehicle after crashing it into a bioswale by the bike lane, fled into the subway and took the train home. Or somewhere else for his next criminal act.

Again in Midtown, a man jacked an app-hail driver’s car by sticking him up with a box cutter. Including the aforementioned one uptown, this was the 20th carjacking this year following a 55% rise last year with 510 reported by the NYPD.

And again in Midtown, a chain pharmacy that’s been in the neighborhood for over 2 decades went out of business because of the persistent shoplifting that’s been happening in the last year and a half.

And again in Midtown, a man got nabbed with a loaded gun inside the Port Authority Station, another man got arrested for possessing a loaded 9 mm around the corner from the Midtown South NYPD pct..

And again in Midtown at the 50th St. Station, a lunatic threw a microwave oven in front of an arriving E train, which the engineer stopped it in nick of time.

In Washington Heights, a man got shot to death in the lobby of his apartment building where he was trying to keep drug dealers out. Three men are suspected of his murder.

In Hell’s Kitchen, two men punched a woman and stole her purse in front of John Jay College, where criminal justice and criminology is taught.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man shot another man in his SUV following an argument over a parking space.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man stabbed another man to death during a fight at a rooftop bar at a luxury hotel. The victim was recently released on bail for a murder of a Bronx DJ two years ago.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, men with large nets are poaching pigeons off the streets and putting them in vans to drive upstate to be used for rifle target practice.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a woman committed suicide by jumping from her window onto the street below from a 60 story luxury tower. The woman was a national beauty pageant winner and entertainment news correspondent suffering from depression and self-doubt. Looks like even the city’s THRIVE program that former Mayor de Blasio made a municipal office and service failed the upper class as well.

In Penn Station, a mentally ill homeless man was jerking off on a street corner next to a couple, then slashed the man on the hand with a razor when he told him to stop flogging his dolphin by his wife.

Also in Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man slashed a 17-year-old boy on the face with scissors for no reason on the A train platform.

In Central Park, a decomposed corpse of a man was found lying in a tent in the bushes nearby the Met Museum by a jogger and not the NYC Parks Police, which has been defunded without much attention from the media.

In the East Village, a sharp dressed man held up a smoke shop at gun point and robbed 700 bucks from the register and bounced.

Also in the East Village, a man expecting food that he ordered from his app got shot to death by a man impersonating a deliverista, who blasted him through the door. Somehow, the hitman knew he was ordering takeout.

Again in the East Village, a 13-year-old boy set a stationary store on fire. But for some reason, he wound up in the custody of the FDNY instead of the NYPD. The boy’s name is not identified nor is the motive for the arson he committed that destroyed a long time small business.

In the Lower East Side, a man and an accomplice shoplifted over $2,000 of cold medicine and other products from a chain pharmacy and stuck a knife at the store manager who tried to stop them. Then the man came back later in the afternoon and looted more cough medicine, but got caught by the cops and arrested and arraigned for the robbery and the weapon. But D.A. Bragg’s memo induced the judge to release the lucky punk on a petit larceny misdemeanor instead of felony robbery. Said lucky punk didn’t show up for his court date either.

Also in the Lower East Side at the East Broadway Station, a man stabbed another man in the ass as he was going through the turnstile.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man shot his roommate in the stomach to settle a domestic dispute inside their apartment at a public housing building.

In Chelsea, a man shoplifting myriad products from a department store threatened a security guard with scissors who tried to stop him from jetting. The cop who collared the thief was stunned to find the assistant’s D.A.’s report had extracted the mentioning of the perp’s use of scissors. The perp, who last two priors were hold up robberies, was released without bail.

Also in Chelsea, at the 28th St. Station, a man whipped out his johnson and jerked off by the token booth, mortifying the transit clerk.

Again in Chelsea, a man and a woman got into an argument over money on the sidewalk and then Rudy Giuliani’s son intervened and broke up the fight right when the man was about to chuck a flower pot at her but hit the gubernatorial candidate on his noggin instead.

And again in Chelsea at the 23rd St. Station, a bigoted woman yelled a slur at a man and blamed him for spreading covid before pushing him to the floor.

And again in Chelsea at the 18th St. Station, a rolling luggage cart and a shopping cart were set on fire on the 1 train in two consecutive days and a man tried to immolate himself at the 23rd St. Station on the same line a day before. And people think public masturbation and racist graffiti on the trains is bad.

In the Upper East Side at the 96th St. Station, a man slashed a commuter in the face on the 6 train and got off and ran away into the tunnel.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man knocked an 81-year-old man to the pavement when he walked past him on the sidewalk.

Again in the Upper East Side, a woman got killed trying to cross the street when a woman hit her with her car and didn’t yield. The driver got off with a desk appearance ticket.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man shoplifted items from a chain pharmacy and walked passed a guard and a professional actor who was yelling about what he witnessed on his celly. Turned out the store was closing in a week anyway because of rampant thievery and no policing.

And again in the Upper East Side, a manager of a grocery store that has seen it’s own rash of thefts got spit in the face by a man who he caught shoplifting cases of beer.

And again in the Upper East Side, a gang of four boys roughed up a 12-year-old boy at a park and stole his airpods. But the cops caught them hanging out at a cafe and arrested them when they used the victim’s celly to track the pods.

In the Upper West Side, a homeless woman committed suicide when she lied down on the street in front of a van as the driver was making a turn.

Also in the Upper West Side, an off-duty cop working as a security guard at a chain pharmacy store kicked two men who were brawling with each other outside. As the fight continued, one of the men stabbed the other and then he tried to stab the cop but wound up getting shot twice.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man stabbed another man in the stomach on the sidewalk underneath building scaffolding.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a man brought a shopping cart full of cases and six packs of beer and loaded it on the express 2 train.

And again on the Upper West Side, four adults and one child were kicked out of the American Museum of Natural History and arrested for not having de Blasio’s and Chokshi’s Key To NYC vaccine passports to show that they were protected from COVID-19. About 20 cops were deployed to make these absurdly dystopian arrests.

What’s truly deranged about these collars is that part of D.A. Bragg’s memo states that trespassing should not be prosecuted if there isn’t harm involved and yet the NYPD is violating that and also the Constitution

Also in the Upper West Side and Washington Heights, three fires were set by debris left on the tracks of three train stations, adding to the rise of “smoke conditions” in the subway in the last year.

In Union Square, cops caught a man grabbing a woman’s ass in the subway and found that he was wanted for pushing a man onto the tracks at the 21st Ave./Queensbridge Station last May following being sprung without bail on a gun possession charge only a few days before the random attack.

Also in Union Square, a clothing store that’s been in the area since the 80’s was looted by gangs twice in a week and both times cops who were deployed there told the owners that there wasn’t much they could do if they arrested anyone involved in the thieving mobs because of the policy failure bail reform law instituted by the Albany State House 2 years ago.

Again in Union Square, a man attempted to pick up a woman at a park and when she tried to avoid him, he stalked her and cursed her out and threatened to stab her.


It started when I was sitting and minding my buisness he kept looking. He then asked me “ma’am are you okay?” And I said who me? #fypシ

♬ original sound – Shamseeebabeeee

In Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, three men approached a man on the platform and one of them held him up at gunpoint and they beat him up and robbed his wallet and celly.

In the West Village at the 14th St. Station, a man punched a woman an threw her down on the platform and attempted to rape her, but was stopped by samaritans and he ran away.

In Soho, five men pulled off a smash and grab at a luxury designer store and robbed over $48,000 of merchandise after they beat down the security guard.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton St. Station, a man randomly pushed a 61-year-old man onto to the A/C train tracks.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, 15 prosecutors quit their jobs and walked out of the Criminal Court building, in defiance of the arrogance of Alvin Bragg and his dumbass memo.

In Battery Park, a man held up a 7-11 at gunpoint and robbed $100 from the register.

A woman who lived in an apartment at the Queensbridge Houses committed suicide by jumping into the East River and her body washed up on Governor’s Island.

In Hudson Heights at the 181st St. Station, three men attacked a man sleeping on the A train and one of them walloped him with a pipe.

In Hamilton Heights at the 145 St. Station, two men and a woman surrounded a commuter on the platform and one of them punched him the face and they robbed his phone and 20 bucks.

Over 50 deaths occurred on the tracks of the NYC Transit system last year. It’s probably over 70 now since they didn’t count the months from September to December when chaos on the subway escalated like heroin abuse, where junkies are shooting up on the platforms and throwing their needles on the tracks.

A woman making a video for her social media account yelled out her window and was rightly told to fuck off by a bike rider.


In Bedford Park, a man shot another man while chasing him on the sidewalk and a stray bullet in an 11-month old girl in the face. The baby spent her first birthday on the operating table and recuperating from her wound.

In Belmont, a man shot another man to death in the hallway of a public housing building. The same building that went on fire weeks later.

Also in Belmont, an NYPD public safety unit to procure guns off the streets approached a gang hanging out in front of an apartment building and a 16-year-old rap star got into an argument and then a tussle with one of the cops and then the gun he was possessing went off and shot himself in the groin and also shot the cop in the leg. The rapper is signed to music label run by Dr. Dre and Tom Petty’s long time producer and had a prior gun possession arrest when he got caught with a semi-auto when he was 14. He was able to easily “decarcerate” himself from the attempted murder charge and pay the $200,000 bail with the money he got from his major label contract, but got arrested again because he was already on probation for his last gun offense and is back in a juvenile correctional facility.

A portrait of the artist and his incriminating work.

In Morrisania, a woman fell down the stairs and wound up in a coma trying to catch an elevator that wouldn’t stop on the floor where she lives in an apartment building at the Webster Houses, after she filed complaints to NYCHA for months yet the agency still cleared each inspection ticket.

Also in Morrisania, an off-duty fireman choked his girlfriend during a domestic dispute at her apartment.

In Pelham Bay, a man torched a police car with a molotov cocktail in front of the precinct after he was released on a desk appearance ticket.

In Fordham Heights, a space heater left on for days malfunctioned and caught fire and spread throughout an apartment inside a Mitchell-Lama residential building which spread to other units and caused the fire and smoke to reached all the way to the higher floors through the stairs. The 5-alarm blaze injured 60 residents and killed 17 people, 8 of them children who died from smoke inhalation and left dozens of tenants homeless. The 200 strong FDNY was able to battle the inferno despite not having enough oxygen and less personnel in their engine and ladder stations because of the Omicron contagion (and the unspoken of vaccine extortion mandate being administered by designated NYC Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi)

Besides the space heater, the other cause of the fire’s spread was because of a door that was left open, which the FDNY and Mayor Adams initially implied fault towards the tenants for not taking precaution, but it turned out that the doors were already faulty and didn’t self close despite an inspection by the D.O.B. that reported it as functional back in July.

The real affordable housing building, which had a long list of violations for years, is owned and managed by a LLC consortium of three venture capital firms which includes real estate developer who’s the son of a major connected developer of most of the luxury public housing apartments that were built during the de Blasio era of iniquity inequity and whose partner was one of the 750 advisors on Mayor Adams transition apparatus who happened to be on the list to advise him on housing issues.

Also in Fordham Heights at the Fordham Road Station, a drunk man carrying a gun got into a brawl with a gang of 12 teenagers on the platform and then they beat him up and caused him to fall onto to the tracks during the brawl. Then a Samaritan jumped on the tracks to rescue him and tried to flag the engineer to get him to stop as the train was arriving but got hit instead and died instantly. The man he tried to rescue survived. Two young men turned themselves in and were charged with murder.

Again in Fordham Heights, an apartment building went on fire that was set off by an ebike that exploded in the restaurant on the ground floor where numerous ebikes were being charged at once.

And again in Fordham Heights, an off duty C.O. who arranged to hook up with a woman on the street he met on a dating app got ambushed by two men who held him up at gunpoint and then he took out his service weapon and shot both gunmen from inside his car. After the shootout, the woman bailed and tried to stash one of the guns her accomplices used.

In Longwood, a gas leak cause a massive explosion that caused a row house apartment building to collapse, killing a 77-year-old woman and injuries to two other elderly women. Five cops also got injured rescuing tenants, one of whom was hiding under a couch. The blaze and the impact from the explosion was devastating enough to make the two neighboring buildings inhabitable, leaving dozens of tenants homeless.

In Fordham Manor, two men savagely beat down a woman and stabbed her on the sidewalk before sunrise.

Also in Fordham Manor, two men and a woman got into an argument with a livery cab driver over the cost of the fare and then they grabbed his money and ran for it. The driver caught one of the skells but he wound up getting stabbed and fell to the pavement, watching the thieves flee with his livelihood.

In Morris Park, a man got into an argument with a patient at a hospital and then took out his gun and shot at him in the waiting room by the ER. The gangbanger was there visiting a friend who was being held and treated there following an arrest and was eventually collared by the cops because the fool signed his name on the nurse’s manifest log.

This hospital has seen 4 other shootings inside the building in the last year and now the citizenry of New York City is hearing about it.

In Soundview, two men went up to a luxury car parked on the street and stabbed the tires with a knife and shot at it four times and ran away.

Also in Soundview, a man got into an argument with another man on a city bus and then flashed a gun at him and then another man got on the bus and confronted the gunman and got into a tussle with him and the shot at the roof and fled.

In Concourse Village, a man who beat another man to death with a baseball bat over 30 years ago and was just sprung from prison, stabbed another man to death inside the apartment building where they rented rooms on the same floor. Then the killer tried to mop up his victim’s blood in the hallway.

In Allerton at the Bronx Park East Station, a man shot another man he was brawling with on the 2 train.

In Crotona, three men impersonating cops with ludicrous uniforms broke into a house and robbed $160,000 and 3 keys of blow at gunpoint from a drug dealer, but they got confronted by real NYPD officers on the beat that were waiting outside and all four tried to flee but got caught and arrested.

In Mount Eden, a gang of 5 men bum rushed a bodega and held it up at gunpoint. Then one of them stabbed a worker and pistol whipped the cashier and took the money from the register and ran.

Also in Mount Eden, a man and college student from Tennessee U. got busted trying to smuggle and sell an arsenal of guns and automatic weapons to an undercover cop. One of the weapons was the drum barrel cartridge that was used by a mentally ill man that shot two cops to death in his mother’s apartment in Harlem.

In Concourse, a man shot another man to death who was sitting inside his car in a drive-by after the victim damaged his bumper and kept driving. But the killer got caught and arrested by the cops along with his two passengers in his SUV during a traffic stop.

Also in Concourse at the 167th St. Station, a man was using his celly to take pictures of a woman’s legs and angered her husband who told him to stop, but the pervert punched him multiple times and got off the 4 train.

In Woodstock, two teenage boys approach a man who just parked his SUV and attempted to carjack it but the man fights them off and pulls one of the punks out of the vehicle as he tries to steal it. As the duo start team up to beat him down, a Samaritan shows up and helps the guy fight them off and protect his vehicle. This crime scene was like a Beavis And Butthead episode shot in the Boogie Down.

In Grand Concourse, a woman smacked a laundromat worker with a bottle and slashed her arm after having a dispute over an inoperable dryer.

Also in Grand Concourse, a gang of five men go into a bodega and one of them stabs a worker multiple times as he was about to stock up the fridge with beer and the other four rush behind the counter and pistol whip and beat down the cashier and stole all the cash that was sticking out of the register that was left open.

Again in Grand Concourse, a postman caught a man grabbing a delivery package from his cart but let the skell steal the rest of the mail he was carrying when the skell threatened to shoot him.

In the South Bronx, juvenile delinquents being held at a group home broke a window and weaponized the glass and brooms to hold three social workers and a C.O. sergeant hostage because they didn’t get their lunch on time and for other lack of services they were getting from the city in this junior version of Attica.

In Melrose at the Prospect Ave. and Jackson Ave. Stations, a man punched two conductors in the face and spat on one of them when they opened their windows to check the platform when their trains made their stop.

On the Hutchinson River Parkway, the Department of Transportation put up a new highway sign welcoming visitors to the Bronx by putting Queens BP Donovan Richards name on it instead of Bronx BP Vanessa Gibson. The two had a big laugh about it and spent the day antd tax payer dollars on social media roasting each other and feigning pride for their locales instead of excoriating the lazy incompetence of the DOT being run by the moronic Ydanis Rodriguez. Brooklyn BP Antonio Reynoso also joined the idiocy with comments of his own. All three confirming the utter uselessness of their redundancy elected office positions


In Van Nest, a man shot another man to death on the highway following a car crash they were both involved in.

Also in Van Nest, a man and a woman confronted a man inside a deli and accused him of ogling her and then got into an argument that escalated when the woman hit him with a hammer and her boyfriend pulled out a gun after the other man tried to defend himself. The woman continued to hit him outside and then her boyfriend tried to shoot him and missed and hit the window.

In Co-Op City, an off-duty NYPD sergeant crashed into a patrol car while driving drunk.

In Norwood, an ambulance responding to an emergency hit a man while he was crossing the street, killing him instantly.

In Hunts Point, a man crashed his car under a truck standing on a curb and killed his passenger.

In Mott Haven, a man shot another man to death on the street in the dead of night.

In University Heights, a man shot another man on his foot on the street and split in a Honda.

In Williamsbridge, a man broke into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, who he attempted to rape weeks earlier and promised to kill her and himself while holding a box cutter, and tried to shoot her down in her bedroom but he missed, then he jumped out the window and ran to a park where he was pursued by cops responding to the emergency call. The man wound up getting killed after turning to shoot and the cops shot him down.

A startup corporation ride share app decided to take their mopeds out of the borough because of persistent thievery.  Although they are still keeping their shitty mopeds in Brooklyn.


In Astoria, a man stalking a woman walking on the sidewalk grabbed her and stabbed her to by a chain pharmacy, making the world’s first borough the first to have a reported homicide in the city for the second year in a row. The man committed suicide at his apartment 4 days later.

Also in Astoria at the Steinway St. Station, a man sat down next to a 14-year-old girl and fondled her leg and grabbed her ass on the M train.

In Jamaica, three men mugged eight people by ATM machines and stole their cash as they were making withdrawals in a two month robbery spree.

Also in Jamaica, two men attacked another man for wearing a red jacket inside a bodega and shot him to death after brawling outside with him.

Again in Jamaica, two men stalked a man walking on the sidewalk, then they held him at gunpoint and robbed his wallet and gold chain.

In Forest Hills at the 71st Ave/Continental Ave. Station, a man killed himself trying to hop the turnstiles while intoxicated after landing on his head.

Also in Forest Hills, a man returning home from a trip with his wife and two kids got held up at gunpoint by two men after he stepped out of his car while his 2 year-old son was still inside. When the man resisted their demand to give them his money and cellphone, the thugs pistol whipped and shot him and ran away.

Again in Forest Hills, a man tackled a 75-year-old woman while she was walking on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

And again in Forest Hills, a man who with the privilege to work remote from his lux apartment trafficked a 13-year-old boy to his home for sexual acts.

In Flushing, a man shot another man to death during a fight in a front of a message parlor.

Also in Flushing, a man set an apartment building on a fire when he climbed the fire escape and threw a molotov cocktail into an apartment where he was involved in a bad drug deal.

Again in Flushing, a man broke into a lighting store and robbed a laptop and $2,000.

In Ozone Park at the Rockaway Blvd. Station, a homeless man who was heading to his relatives house in Brooklyn to watch football with his relatives got randomly stabbed in the neck by a man on the platform and wound up paralyzed.

Also in Ozone Park, cops busted a drug dealer in possession of 600 grams of blow and crack and fentanyl inside his house trafficked from a drug cartel in Mexico.

In Jackson Heights, a man stalked a woman walking on the sidewalk and snatched an envelope containing $2,500 from her backpack in broad daylight.

Also in Jackson Heights, a man loitering in front of a building was casing another man who was on his cellphone standing by a shanty. Then another man sneaks up behind the man while he was talking on his phone and sucker punches him and knocks him over onto the asphalt, then the loiterer joins him and robs his wallet, backpack and phone.

Always be aware of your surroundings and take your calls at home.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man stabbed another man in the arm multiple times to settle an argument they had on the street.

In Queens Village, an 85-year-old woman died and was found with her neck broken in her bedroom inside her home.

Also in Queens Village, a drunk driver killed one of his passengers when he crashed his car into another van and a telephone pole while speeding.

In Elmhurst, a man and his mother got into a domestic dispute at her house and then when his brother intervened and tried to calm them down, the man took a knife out and stabbed him to death.

Also in Elmhurst, a man killed himself when he got hit by a train while attempting to write graffiti on the elevated tracks.

Again in Elmhurst, a man grabbed a woman from behind as she was walking on the sidewalk and he placed a chokehold on her and robbed her purse containing her vax pass card and a grand in cash.

And again in Elmhurst, a man pulled out his choad and jerked off in front of housekeeper and pulled a gun on her while she was cleaning his room at a hotel.

And again in Elmhurst, a loaded gun was found underneath a toilet that is used solely for the arrested at a NYPD precinct.

In Auburndale, a man allegedly helping out workers at a house that was doing illegal gut renovations got killed instantly when a dumpster door swung open on him and hit him the head while he was having a conversation with one of them.

In South Ozone Park, a 16-year-old boy on the high school basketball team got caught by safety officers smuggling a .38 special into his school.

Also in South Ozone Park, a 68-year-old man hit an 11-year-old boy with his SUV while he was crossing the street, then he tried to flee to his house nearby to avoid getting caught driving without a license.

In Howard Beach, a man rode his e-bike towards a lamp post and shot at the speed camera and he completely missed his target despite emptying his entire clip.

In Far Rockaway, a transformer exploded at the 29th St. Station.

Also in Far Rockaway, a woman stabbed another woman to death in the lobby of the apartment building where both of them lived. The killer had been tormenting her and other tenants constantly and the building management remained insouciant to the goings on at the building which suffers from low security personnel.

Maybe if the recent owners were more concerned about their tenants instead of trying to market to an upscale demographic to further gentrify the beach, this gruesome murder never would have happened.

In Rockaway Beach, an explosion in a unit in an apartment building injured three people.

In Middle Village, a man got killed when he got hit by a car driven by an unlicensed driver while walking by the mall.

Also in Middle Village, a man broke into a car and robbed credit cards and used one of them to make a $100 purchase.

Again in Middle Village at the Metropolitan Ave. Station, every car on the M train arrived covered entirely in graffiti. MTA workers are saying that these bombings are happening more frequently and are getting pessimistic about trying to find a way to stop it.


In Glendale, a man flashed his choad at a woman as she exited a laundromat.

In Ridgewood at the Forest Ave. Station, a vandal left graffiti on the wall making fun of the cold-blooded murder of two cops in Harlem.

In Maspeth, a new wave of catalytic converter theft is on the rise again. Three bandits was caught in the act after they cut them off from under the vehicles.

In Woodside, a man attempting to cross the BQE on foot got killed when a cab driver slammed into him.

In Hollis, a man loitering in an apartment building followed a tenant into the elevator and then slapped her ass and then beat her up inside the lift. Then he ripped her shirt off and stole her cellphone and got off the elevator and fled down the stairs.

In Fresh Meadows, a bigoted student sent vitriolic messages and terrorist threats to a catholic high school over social media, forcing the faculty to shut the school down for the day.

In Kew Gardens, a hosehead driving a big rig truck of beef from Canada stripped the roof of his trailer trying to squeeze under an overpass on the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

Also in Kew Gardens, the holding cells and the kitchen area at the Queens Criminal Courthouse have devolved into health hazards according to complaints from C.O.’s and city workers.

On the Queensboro Bridge, people are illegally riding unlicensed mopeds and motor scooters on the shared bike/pedestrian lane. (Now they noticed?)

In South Jamaica, two kids nearly killed themselves after walking on the shallow ice on the pond at a park.

At JFK Airport, a man beat down a cab driver so bad he knocked his turban off his head.

Also at JFK Airport, a collegiate soccer player went bonkers on a passenger jet when he refused to abide by the rules and wear a mask. Then he threw a soda can at another passenger, comically assaulted the pilot and mooned the stewardesses.

On Rikers Island, a training drill conducted by a non-profit security agency guards went wrong when they staged an attack of an inmate assaulting a female C.O.  but they used real pepper spray and all the guards involved got adverse reactions to it.

Also on Rikers Island, a C.O. revealed how he ran a fighting ring with gang bangers in the facility he was guarding.

Again on Rikers Island, numerous prisoners assembled a hunger strike to protest the inhumane conditions, poor services, rancid food and violence that’s continued unabated even under a federal monitor.

And again on Rikers Island, an inmate grabbed a C.O.’s breast from his cell, then he ambushed a nurse and forced her into a room and started to rape her until another inmate broke the lock open on the door and took him off her and beat the shit out of him.


In Bed-Stuy at the Kusciusko St. Station, heading to his first day at work from his house with press in tow, Mayor Adams observes from the platform and through a grated window a fight breaking out on the sidewalk below and makes a 911 call and reports the tussle. After Mayor Adams boards the J to City Hall, cops arrived to find one of the men missing and asks a few questions to man who remained and then they left without arresting anyone.

Hizzoner then griped on a local corporate news network that the cops deployed to the street fight didn’t do a thorough enough investigation. Maybe he should have decided to miss the train and waited to until the cops got deployed there to get a better perspective about how insouciant his police force is.

Also in Bed-Stuy at the Kusciusko Street Station, a gang of 11 men and women hopped the turnstiles and went through the emergency gate and then attacked and beat down 2 men on the platform and stole a jacket and umbrella from them. Nobody got arrested in that incident either.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man rushed into a smoke shop and shot at another man multiple times and ran out. But he missed his mark and shot a woman and her dog instead, and they both stepped out of the store and collapsed on the sidewalk and died. Then the killer walked away and got back in his car and drove off.

And again in Bed-Stuy, an app-food delivery man dropping off an order at an apartment building got ambushed in the stairwell by a man who held him up at gunpoint and robbed $500 off him.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got shot in the chest at point blank range and died in his car that he crashed into a fence while trying to get away.

In Canarsie, a bewigged man held up a dollar dollar twenty five tree store at gunpoint and ran out the door and into cops waiting outside while still holding his piece. Then he got into a brawl with them and tried to shoot one of them with his ghost gun and wound up getting shot in the neck by the popo while resisting arrest. The skel already had a warrant on him for blowing off a court date from a desk appearance ticket for getting pinched a month earlier for shoplifting $1000 worth of clothing at Macy’s.

Also in Canarsie, a  man shot another man in the head twice and shot two other men in their legs and also a woman in the leg twice after engaging in a fight over a woman at a party at a event space that took place at a shuttered store. The man who got shot in the head while trying to break up the fight  was the promoter of the event and he died two days later from his wounds.

Again in Canarsie, a man got shot to death on a street corner from a drive-by. He was a rapper who got a major recording contract only a few days ago.

In Brownsville, a man arrested for a carjacking escaped from police custody at a hospital by feigning to have chest pains and ran outside with no shirt or shoes and cuffs still on his hands.

In Bushwick, a man held up and robbed a flower shop at gunpoint.

Also in Bushwick, a man shot another man to death as he was sitting in his car.

Again in Bushwick, a man went into an apartment building and stuck a knife up to the security guard and robbed over $2,700 worth of electronics that were just shipped to the building. Also stolen was a box of hand sanitizer. Then he forced the guard to help him carry the stolen item to a bodega where he sold the pilfered merchandise to the cashier.

In East New York, two teenage girls and a man were shot at from a drive by while sitting inside a parked car. The man tried to drive off while wounded but jumped the curb and got stuck and he abandoned the vehicle. The man and the younger girl wound up in critical condition from their wounds and their assailant is still on the loose.

In Williamsburg, two bigots chased another man on the street and caught up to him and clubbed him sticks.

Also in Williamsburg, a man shot another man as he was sitting in the drivers seat of his car on the corner during a drive by.

In Crown Heights, a man pulled a knife on a woman and raped her in a boiler room at an apartment building after picking her up at a fast food restaurant.

Also in Crown Heights, a man walked up to another man on the sidewalk and punched him in the nose and fled.

Again in Crown Heights, a man got shot on a stairwell and collapsed and bled to death by an elevator in an apartment building.

And again in Crown Heights, a man having an argument with his co-worker while moving furniture settled the dispute by getting into the rental truck and ran him over and kept going.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot to death on a stoop in broad daylight as he was about to go inside a house.

In Mapleton, a man walked up to a 17-year-old girl on the sidewalk and pushed her down and felt her up as she laid on the pavement.

In Midwood, an 84-year-old man was found dead and decomposed in a heavily cluttered apartment he lived in with his 71-year-old wife. The deceased was dead for two months.

Also in Midwood, an off-duty cop got into a raging argument with a livery driver who cut him off with his car while making a u-turn. Then the cop called him xenophobic slurs and  punched him in the face after the livery driver spat on him and punched his vehicle.

In Downtown Brooklyn, 17 gang bangers, 12 of them who were under 18 years old including one girl, and got indicted and incarcerated by the borough’s D.A. for their involvement in drug slinging, shootings, homicides and terrorizing communities from Fort Greene to East New York.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Ave. Station, a bigot sat down next to a woman and her two children on the train and punched her14-year-old son in the face because of his race.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St/Metrotech Station, a homeless man was found dead on the A train shortly before the morning rush and delaying trains for over 2 hours.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center Station, a man got hit by the arriving Q train while picking up his backpack at the edge of the platform.

In Coney Island, a man laying down in the middle of the road on the boulevard got killed when a man drove his car over him.

Also in Coney Island, a man shoplifted cases of cerveza and frozen pizza from a grocery store and used the shopping cart to shove the worker out of his way to escape.

In Park Slope, a man illegally riding a moped in the bike lane stopped and parked in the middle of it and walked up to a blind man on the sidewalk and sucker punched him in the head. Then he got back on his unlicensed motorcycle and rode the wrong way as the victim’s friend yelled at him.

Also in Park Slope and in Gowanus, a junkie broked into and robbed several small businesses in three months (including one called the “Hipster Deli”!)and is grateful he’s able to get away with his criminal deeds because of the bail reform laws and is elated about D.A. Bragg’s approach to prosecuting crime, knowing he can get off again. The skell also said he was better off continuing his recidivism than serving time at Rikers even though he claims he could do it standing on his head, probably the reason why he’s grateful is because he won’t get charged shooting dope on the street as he would in prison.

In Bay Ridge, a man got stabbed to death and another man got slashed during a rumble involving 8 other men outside a restaurant bar notorious for violence and noise complaints. A young man was charged with the murder.

In Mill Basin, a young man shot at a gang of teenage boys and hit two of them while he was shopping at a sneaker store in a gang-related dispute inside a mall. The assailant and his accomplices were caught by the cops around Flatbush and arrested. The gangbanger was sprung from bail a few months earlier on a gun possession charge after fleeing from the cops in a high speed chase.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man got ambushed by three men they shot him as they chase him on the street, hitting him in the leg and back. The victim survived and decided to change his rap persona and his name which was slang for gun.

In New Lots, a man stepped in front of an ambulance, then walked to the side of the vehicle and pointed a gun at the two EMT’s inside. Then he ran away.

Also in New Lots, a man stabbed his mother to death inside their house during a domestic dispute.

In Fort Greene, two men held up a man at knifepoint on the street and robbed his wallet.

Also in Fort Greene, a man shoplifted a bunch of candy from a bodega and then flashed a knife at a worker who tried to stop him.

Again in Fort Greene, a man cracked a lock open and accessed a construction site and stole over $100,000 worth of construction tools and equipment.

And again in Fort Greene, an app-food delivery worker left his company bike outside to make a dropoff then came out and found his bike gone.

And again in Fort Greene, a man swung a baseball bat at another man riding his bike on the street and broke his nose.

And again in Fort Greene, a man snatched a crate bin of delivery packages from one of Jeff Bezos’ vans.

And again in Fort Greene, a woman had her ebike robbed while she was at a store.

And again in Fort Greene, a man stole a van and ditched it in Jamaica.

And again in Fort Greene, a man got confronted by a gang of five men walking under scaffolding and luckily escaped their clutches after they demanded money from him.

And again in Fort Greene, two men jumped a man from behind, put a chokehold on him and beat him down to the pavement and then stole his wallet.

In Sheepshead Bay, a school bus driver ran over and killed a 15-year-old girl as she was crossing the street and continued to drive the kids to school.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, two men weaponized their van to break into an ATM in broad daylight and robbed over 6 large from it. Then the dummies went back to the scene of their crime because one of them dropped his celly while they were grabbing the cash.

In Windsor Terrace, app-food delivery guy working the night shift got plowed by an SUV driver in a hit-and-run.

In East Williamsburg, a man committed suicide by shooting himself on the street in front of a building under renovation.

In East Flatbush, a man shot another man to death on street corner in broad daylight.

In Clinton Hill, a man held up a delivery worker at knifepoint at an apartment building and robbed a crate full of packages he left on a lower floor that he was about to drop off.

Also in Clinton Hill, two men and a woman beat up a homeless man with a bat. Then the homeless man went to the subway instead of to the hospital.

Again in Clinton Hill, a man got approached by another man who demanded his wallet by simulating a gun in his jacket, then the mark pulled out a boxcutter and scared the mugger off.

And again in Clinton Hill, a man bashed a bottle over his relative’s head at a promenade.

And again in Clinton Hill, a man had his car stolen right when he was ordering takeout lunch at a restaurant.

And again in Clinton Hill, a barber bounced a man out of his shop and then slashed him in the head when he tried to return.

And again in Clinton Hill, an argument between two men on the street escalated when one of them stabbed and slashed the other.

And again in Clinton Hill, a burglar broke into a Caribbean restaurant and robbed the safe.

In Bensonhurst, a man opportunistically stole a car that the driver’s owner left running.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint at a gas station, then drove by his mark and the cops.

Again in Bensonhurst, a woman had her $17,000 ring stolen while she was taking a shower in her apartment.

And again in Bensonhurst at the 20th Ave. Station, a man held up a commuter at gunpoint and robbed his cellphone and wallet on the D train.

In Homecrest, a community center and church has been targeted by xenophobic bigots who break their windows with rocks and locks. The attacks even happen while people are inside when it’s open.

In Greenpoint, a 75-year-old woman got hit by a car driven by a 70-year-old man while she was jaywalking crossing the boulevard.

Also in Greenpoint, two creeps sneaked into a restaurant through a broken window and stole $100 the day after the business was plowed by a hit-and-run driver. The thieves broke the monitor so they wouldn’t be recognized even though their images are stored in the security cams files.

In Brighton Beach, two men held up two girls with a taser and robbed their stuff.

In Bath Beach, two men stole over 2 large worth of nicotine gum from a bodega.

In Marine Park, a cranky woman snapped at three children and spat on them and told them Hitler should have killed them.

On the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a drunk driver sped through traffic congestion and plowed into a NYPD captain who was giving a ticket to another driver on the shoulder of the road.

Staten Island

In St. George, a man stabbed his roommate to death inside their apartment over an argument of using the bathroom. Then he tried to cover the homicide up by propping his body in the bathtub to make it look like a suicide.

In New Springville, cops showed up to a house to execute a search warrant for a drug operation going on inside there for months were met with gunfire by one of the drug dealers from the second floor, who shot at them and hit one of the cops on the leg. A shootout ensued and bullets flew past a 12-year-old girl who was in the living room during the shootout between the thug and the cops. The drug lord escaped out a window but got plucked by cops waiting outside.

In West Brighton, a gang of five men stalked a man to his apartment building and robbed his watch and wallet at gunpoint.

Also in West Brighton, a man got stabbed on the street in broad daylight.

Again in West Brighton, a body of a dead man was found drifting on the water at a park reservoir.

In Concord, a man pummeled another man in the face as his accomplice jacked his car.

In Stapleton, four men looted a liquor store after one of the thugs pistol whipped a worker.

Also in Stapleton, a woman lit a couch on fire inside a building while three other people were still inside.

In Grasmere, a deli caught on fire and multiple cars parked in a lot got damaged when someone set a blaze in a garbage bin.

In Grant City, a man beat the shit out of a woman and robbed her cellphone as she laid on the pavement.

In Castleton Corners, a woman slashed a woman in the face on New Year’s Day.

In New Springville, a man drove his car into a parked car and left the accident scene making a u-turn over the median. Sensing cops were pursuing him, he ditched his car and hid in a backyard, then the cops caught him when he returned and found him possessing a loaded gun.

In Port Richmond, a woman was arrested for possessing of a ghost gun and thousands of dollars during a search warrant by police.

Also in Port Richmond, a man stole a car and got pulled over by cops and was found with a fake police badge and gun.

Again in Port Richmond, a man expecting a food delivery got bum rushed by a gang of four men who forced their way into his apartment and held them up at gunpoint and with a knife. Then they beat him up and they robbed his friend’s cellphone and watch.

And again in Port Richmond, two men mugged another man on the street and robbed his wallet containing one grand inside in the middle of the night.

In Emerson Hill and Richmond, two cars were easily stolen by thieves when the owners left their cars running by turning them on automatically.

In Clifton, a woman held up a livery driver at knifepoint and robbed $160 and his air pods.

In St. George, two men broke into a building and robbed construction tools and materials from the basement.

In Tottenville, three cars crashed into each other at a three way intersection on a sunny morning.

In Midland Beach, a man and a woman robbed a convenience store as their accomplice held him in a bear hug.

In Tompkinsville, a man injured two cops and plowed into an unmarked patrol car at a designated car stop and then fled to Jersey.

In South Beach, cops stopped a guy on the street with a duffel bag and found two guns and two loaded clips on him.

In Rosebank, a man was found frozen to death at a park.

In Elm Park, a man beat down another man on the street with a baseball bat, and was discovered that he was a prior sex offender.

In Arden Heights, a reality tv show personality flipped over and wrecked her car while driving drunk.

In the South Shore, auto theft has gone up 150% in January compared to last year, adding to the explosion of stolen vehicles in the five boroughs in the last few years.

Over 1,100 cars were reported stolen in Eric Adams first month on the job as mayor, double the amount of the past two years in the same month. The most disturbing of all was for shootings, exactly 100, a 25% hike compared to last January, even as the Mayor revived and rebranded the NYPD anti-gun task force. Seven of eight felony categories also had massive increases, leading to a 38% rise total violent offenses in only four weeks time. Showing that recidivists are not the least bit deterred by a cop running the city. But at least the hellish month crime wave was enough for D.A. Bragg to re-elevate the charges for the crimes he diminished that were deemed for prosecution, even if they were only a few of them. All it had to take was for people to die to belatedly alter their own perceptions on crime.

The Best Albums Of 2021 30 Years Ago

Nirvana Reunion? Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic Talk ...Listen to new My Bloody Valentine album MBV | The TimesCypress Hill "Hand On The Pump" (1991) - Hip Hop Golden ...Defining and Defying the Times: How Soundgarden Made ...

1991 Rock and Rap round the clock renaissance: Nirvana, Metallica, My Bloody Valentine, Soundgarden, Cypress Hill, Sepultura, and A Tribe Called Quest

1991 was a very good year. It was a very good year for passionate, aggressive, uncompromising and innovative music. It was tremendously historic year that obliterated the status quo and radio formats, both of which needed a shellacking and power sanding a long time ago. 1991 ranked up there with other milestone musically revolutionary years like 1967 (Sgt. Peppers, Hendrix), 1971 (Zoso, Joni’s Blue, The Who) 1977 (Punk, Fleetwood Mac) and the phenomenal 1984 (Springsteen, Prince, Van Halen, Madonna, Metallica, Post punk). Although 1986-1988 should get a lot of credit for the great contributions from thrash metal,, proto-alt-rock and hip hop’s golden eras as well, for it has a major influence on this list.

Let’s go.

Nirvana's Nevermind: an album artwork expert decodes the famous underwater baby cover

Nirvana, Nevermind

When Nirvana and David Geffen released Nevermind on September 24, 1991, it slipped under the proverbial radar. But all of sudden, this album landed on earth and the charts like a meteor and the contents of from that crash oozed all over rock radio airwaves and shot up the charts in no time, buoyed by the first single and leadoff song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as it dominated the airwaves and pop culture.

The quickness with how this captured the nation was not seen since supergroup Asia blasted into everyone’s conscience with “Heat of The Moment” nine years earlier, but in retrospect it’s hard not to see why. Even though the post punk influence of the Pixies and Sonic Youth were definitely there with the song structure and guitar skronk solo, “Teen Spirit” had the catchiest power chords and riffs of all time (the riff was actually played with two open strings!), it was reminiscent of Boston’s “More than A Feeling” from their own breakthrough landmark album, which was also a soft verse loud chorus structure. Another thing that propelled the song was the monstrous beats by new drummer Dave Grohl, who in 4 and half minutes became the heaviest drummer in the industry since Led Zeppelin’s John Bonzo Bonham. On the abstract and ironic lyrics of “Spirit”, Cobain riffs about making a hit song and singing to massive audience, emphasized by the shouting of the refrain “ENTERTAIN US” which conveys the demands of the crowd and also the record label’s demands to attract them, which the author later comes to accept his fate and the lucrative record contract with the dismissive “oh well, whatever nevermind” until the loud part comes again for the last time. With this, Cobain, Novoselic and Grohl made one of the biggest revolutionary anthems of all time that defined its generation the likes it’s seen since, well, The Who’s My Generation and even the Beatles Revolution and Stepponwolf’s Born to Be Wild.

The other factor of the song and album’s overnight zeitgeist dominating success was because of their video, which made MTV suddenly relevant again as it dominated the station for months. But what really put Nevermind over the fucking top was the fact that Billboard finally decided to rank their albums solely based on sales rather than the old standard of including that with payola induced airplay and promotion activity. And this is where it gets really fucking hilarious;  around the same time during Nevermind and Teen Spirit’s ascendance, Michael Jackson came out with his first album in 4 years Dangerous and he promoted this album and comeback by declaring himself the King of Pop as his album naturally climbed to number one despite a weak platitude song about racial division. After holding on to the top spot for about a month, on January 11, 1992,  Nevermind knocked Dangerous off and hit Number 1, and Nirvana dethroned Jackson and the new and true kings of pop

But the real X factor of the album’s tremendous success was the album was filled with even more and more hits. Even when it got louder and faster, the second track “In Bloom” is also a monster riffing catchy song where Kurt throws massive shade at the audience that’s embraced his band’s music, basically a revenge film sequel to “Teen Spirit”. That song was released as the third single that also became a massive hit that was propelled by a heavily played and hilarious video, which continue its momentum and domination of the number one position on Billboard’s album chart.

The third song and second single  “Come As You Are” continues the allegory themes of commercialism and guns (Cobain really obsessed more about the latter) over a mellow psychedelic sounding riffs and flanged out solo.

Then comes “Breed” where Nirvana bring hardcore punk to the masses. Track 5 “Lithium”, which also became a big hit single even though it was about treating manic depression. The first side (if you bought the cassette or LP) ended with Polly, a haunting acoustic incursion about date rape, this also became a popular song in a bad way but it did show Cobain’s range as a songwriter.

Side 2/B (if you had blah blah) starts off with was is arguably the best song on the album, the blistering blast beating hardcore track “Territorial Pissings”. Like “Teen Spirit” this is also a call to arms style revolutionary anthem for the down trodden. What really makes this a great song besides the pulverizing performance by the trio is how easily memorable the lyrics are, which are philosophical koans and nearly haiku-like. The best may be where Kurt tells the audience “just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean there not after you”, which is pretty good and prophetic stab about power structures that are there but you’re too powerless to stop or prove it’s existence. Basically the genesis of the mindset for most conversations on social media and the deep state.

On the follow up rager “Drain You”, this probably comes close to Black Francis/Frank Black influence on Cobain’s lyrics, which is just a love song from the perspective of a parasite. It’s followed up with another parasitic relationship themed song  “Lounge Act” driven by the bass riff of Krist Novaselic. “Stay Away” starts with militaristic snare bashing by Grohl and then the song goes basic 4/4 hardcore with basic chord progressions and refrains by Cobain in this song about identity and alienation. The transcendant “On A Plain” can be described as what you get if the Beatles and Husker Du wrote a song together, being that it’s the best song that captures melody, noise and lyricism and it’s infinitely unforgettable. Nevermind’s last song is the haunting and dour “Something In The Way”, played acoustically Cobain mutters his lyrics about isolation, disease and survival, revealing R.E.M.’s influence on his songwriting and the band as well.

Although if you were fast enough and a fan enough to buy the cd version when it came out, you got a special aural assault treat with the bonus track “Endless Nameless” which was improvised in the studio by the band while fucking around recording. Funny thing is that this would later become a concert staple. It’s really hard to believe that it was 30 years ago when an album was this life changing and affirming as Nevermind was and still is. It’s a testament and a living document to what rock and roll could be still be capable of.

893 Songs That Bring Us Together

Metallica, Metallica

After 1990 saw three thrash metal bands release classic albums (topped by Megadeth’s Rust In Peace), the greatest band in the world were still working on their fifth album following their first four perfect masterpieces. Following their platinum and Grammy-snubbed breakthrough album “…and Justice For All”, Metallica’s next album was highly anticipated but also filled with trepidation, for their label Elektra assigned Bob Rock, producer who recently worked the EQ’s for bands Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and Loverboy. Metallica also was given the heavy elite talent promotion treatment usually regarded for those such bands too, as they were able to get their first single (!!) debuted on commercial rock radio, a first for the band who got their initial fame on TDK and Maxell tapes and late night weekend metal hour radio formats. Speculation fomented about what the uncompromising band was going to sound like.

Then came “Enter Sandman”.

As with the opening songs on every album they previously released, the intro of the song sets a foreboding mood with a clean ominous riff, and then the song solidifies  Jason Newsted’s bassline and Kirk Hammett’s wah wah chords, which already made clear of the new direction in sound (especially for Newsted because his bass was barely audible on “…and Justice”).  Then James Hetfield comes in with the hook and Lars with the massive beats and fills and then the song about traumatic childhood REM fantasies commences and it’s another trademark Metallica classic song. Even though the tempo is considerately slower than 90% of their songs, Ulrich’s playing and Bob Rock’s immaculate production kept the thrash feel of those landmark albums and the genre they invented and perfected intact.

Enter Sandman would go on to crack the top 20 on the pop charts, which wasn’t a surprise given how it owed more to Alice Cooper and Deep Purple than it did to their more predominant influences Diamondhead and the Misfits. It also owes a debt to Queen considering how Sandman evolved into an arena and stadium anthem, most famously used by underground wrestling legend “The Sandman” to the Yankees  Mariano Rivera.

Then the album came out and immediately signified a new departure for the band showing a wicked sense of humor. Metallica made their album sub-titled and the album all black, in this case they made it “none more black” than Spinal Tap’s fictional Smell The Glove and official movie soundtrack. A week later, on the strength of the single, label promotion and their legacy and also the reformatting of Billboard ranking, “Metallica” debuted at number one, their first chart topper ever.

Following “Enter Sandman”, Metallica slows the tempo down even more on the gargantuan “Sad But True”, a song about being overwhelmed by inner demons set to an evil hook that almost sounds like Led Zepp’s Kashmir, accentuated by Hammett’s wah wah pedal shredding again.

Ulrich returns to thrashing form on the hypocrite bashing “Holier Than Thou” and then comes the first power ballad on the album, The Unforgiven”. Although inspired by the classic western starring a ragged and alcoholic mercenary played by Clint Eastwood, this stunning track focuses on being raised on and then rejecting religion and the bitterness and alienation that follows after being acclimated to it.

A similar theme follows in “Wherever I May Roam”. Side A ends with the surprisingly  jingoistic “Don’t Tread On Me” which the band wrote for the troops of Operation Desert Storm in the first invasion of Iraq, considering the bands opus songs about meaningless wars and nuclear holocaust. But it’s actually one of their best songs, with an intro that cribs from West Side Story’s “America” and trudges along with a savage riff and beat to march down the streets with a flag to. And Hammett’s wah wah playing is absolutely killer. Should be noted that the visible snake on the album cover is designed the same as the one prominently displayed on the flag that bears the song’s title and it also might be a dig at the label for the pressure of coming up with a hit record and the 2 year process to produce it.

After starting Side B (cassettes were dominant around this time) with the trashing “Through The Never”, “Nothing Else Matters”, Metallica’s and thrash metal’s first bonafide love song. While this song is universally reviled by original fans and haters of false metal as a sellout (which they are right to say) it actually illustrates what a underrated lyricist Hetfield is. While it’s definitely written to maximize sales and airplay, it’s tone and performance is incredibly sincere, including the obligatory loud part and Hammett’s transcending solo. “Of Wolf And Man” heavy and silly song about a lycanthrophe is probably more in spirit with Spinal Tap than the album cover, but still a headbanger and “The God That Failed” continues the theme of religious cynicism explored in “Unforgiven”. “My Friend Of Misery”, about wallowing in self-pity, continues Metallica’s exploration of mood musically and personal introspective themes that segues to the finale track “The Struggle Within”, a song about battling depression that happens to be the fastest and loudest song on this classic album.

Metallica’s eponymous fifth album in a row would become their biggest album of all time. But the bigger achievement is how they creatively managed to make 5 masterful classic albums in row on their first 5 tries. Not bad for a bunch of guys who made their first album in a decrepit music hall building in Jamaica, Queens not even a decade earlier.

Sepultura - Arise Artwork (8 of 10) |

Sepultura, Arise

Following up their breakthrough album “Beneath The Remains”, Sepultura emerged with the dynamic Arise. Featuring way better production, Arise is a wall of sound and apocalyptic fury that bludgeons you in the face right away with the title track where Max Cavalera growls about mankind’s self-made obliteration over headbanging neck breaking chord progressions and hardcore beats, complimented by the stellar shredding by lead guitarist Andres Kisser.

The next song is the band’s defining and greatest song “Dead Embryonic Cells”, where Max’s younger brother Igor really shows his improvement and inventiveness as a drummer, you can actually here elements of funk and industrial music during his trashing beats as Kisser comes up with chord progressing resembling Kamikaze dive bombing. Then the song about the existential dread living in a world of terror and weaponized technology progresses into complex chord changes and another blistering solo. The performance on this song is thistight.

“Desperate Cry” continues the bands experimentalism taking thrash metal to new dimensions. While the following track “Murder” slows the pace and brings it back to basics and is one of albums best songs addressing oppression and the penal system and the even better “Subtraction” brings it back to basics while reverting to headbanging speedy tempos in another grim song about individual greed.

Sepultura’s experitmentalism gets even better on “Altered State”. The intro to song brings a world music flavor for their fans with Brazilian percussion like something you normally here on a Peter Gabriel album, the band reverts to moshing chords but Igor C. subtly adds flourishes of tribal beats to the mix and then the band goes full speed ahead until another moody break comes in towards the end. The complex and tight playing on this is comparable to Rush.

The band gets even more experimental on Under Siege (Regnum Irae), a religious sounding anti-religion song featuring a solid groove metal track with spoken interludes. “Meaningless Movements” returns to their gold standard brand of thrash and Max C.’s excellent lyrics about false idols and power structures. The album concludes with the white noise riffs and hardcore rhythms on “Infected Voice”.

Metallica may have made the biggest of the genre in ’91, but Sepultura’s  “Arise” was incomparably the best metal album of the year.

R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen – Tourism Gokanosho

Van Halen, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Going on 7 years without Diamond Dave, Van Hagar were able to exceed in record sales on their first two efforts with Sammy Hagar, the great 5150 and the ok OU812. But with commercial heavy metal starting to wane following the rise of the harder sounds of thrash and death metal bands plus the rise of alternative genre following the success of the Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction, Eddie and Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony were going to step up their sonic game in order to catch up with the competition and maintain their relevancy.

Wait, what am I saying, this is Van fucking Halen and the quality songwriting and colossus performance on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge shows a band that didn’t give a fuck what was trending and turned out to be one of their greatest albums ever, right up there with their ’78 debut, 84’s 1984 and their underrated monster 81’s Fair Warning. Incidentally, FUCK actually takes after those three classics with Eddie’s unequal innovative visionary fretwork and the Alex and Anthony’s killer rhythm section. Also in the spirit of those albums, they keep the ballads off and Eddie only plays keyboards on one song (and it’s the best one). Long time returning producer Ted Templeman gives FUCK a massive and incandescent wall of sound too, it almost sounds like the metal version of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds (Van Halen doesn’t get much credit for their harmony singing) But Hagar actually exceeds his performance and even writing on FUCK, going for more depth than the usual topics of partying down, scoping chicks, getting laid, even though the whole album still is a party.

Speaking of scoping chicks, the first song is all about that in the molten first song and single “Poundcake” where Eddie takes a power drill to his guitar on the first notes, an indication that the shred legend was cognizant of rocks new generation by taking a trick from Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, and he follows it with sparkling distortion chords over his big brother’s big beat during Sammy’s naughty food metaphors on another radio staple for the band.

Sammy get serious going after critics and criticizing religious zealotry and the band gets heavier on the semi-speed metal “Judgement Day”. Following the ludicrous “Spanked”, “Runaround” is another fast paced track driven by Eddie’s nasty licks and riffs, reminiscent of their classic “Panama”. But on “Pleasure Dome” is the first time the band gets musically exploratory on an entire song, as Alex Van Halen plays a free form jazz beat throughout the over 6 minute track, his greatest drumming since “Hot For Teacher, showing that even though his hot shot guitar slinger brother is the star of the band, it’s easy to overlook Alex VH as one of the greatest musicians that ever played the skins along with Kieth Moon and Buddy Rich. While Hagar’s lyrics are actually metaphysical here (or maybe this song is about getting hangover from his brand Cabo Wabo tequila) and Eddie VH solos take over the song towards the end, “Pleasure Dome” is Alex’s tour de force.

Side B/6 starts off with the slide guitar riffing of the pounding In ‘n Out, which is a song about working check to check and not about banging. Although the follow up “Man On The Mission” is all about courting a woman and banging her over a progression of nasty licks by the guitar legend. After these two excellent filler tracks, Van Hager saves their three best and most recognizable and memorable songs for last on Fuck. “The Dream Is Over” has one of the best hook intros ever recorded and Eddie goes to his slide bottle again and tears up his fretboard up on this catchy banger about self-reliance and survival.

Then there is the universal anthem everybody and every entity in the universe knows “Right Now”, starting off with a virtuoso piano intro and precision vein chilling bass hits by Anthony, Alex and Eddie come on with the driving beat and piano hook as Hagar passionately delivers his motivational speech verses and the uplifting chorus. Then the song completes with inspiring shredding from Eddie. This pretty much was the best song on the album, even though the singles release coincided with a Pepsi ad, but the song is still capable of giving you goose bumps.

The album ends with the equally rousing “Top Of The World” which sonically segues perfectly from “Right Now” (and the brief acoustic track “316”) although the song more about fucking the best woman in the world than total self fulfillment like the last song and the music suggests. But I guess that’s why the band called the album FUCK.

Badmotorfinger': How Soundgarden's Third Album Led To Stardom

Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger

After struggling to get sales following critical acclaim for their SST classic Ultrameaga OK and industry hype for their lackluster but still great big league debut Louder Than Love, Soundgarden rode on the wave of the new popularity for adventurous and aggressive rock and roll and released the brilliant filler free Badmotorfinger. Starting with “Rusty Cage” beginning and driven by Kim Thayil’s appregio riffing, late legendary frontman Chris Cornell wails on this graphic song about captivity and torture. Second song”Outshined”is a discordant blues jam that literally shines on the chorus with chiming riffs.

“Slaves And Bulldozers” is a pummeling dirge played with menacingly by the rhythm section of new bassist Ben Sheppard and drummer Matt Cameron along with Cornell’s caterwauls and Thayil’s repetitive high riffs and screaming solo on one of the album’s best songs and famous tracks. Then it goes into the stunning first single “Jesus Christ Pose”, where Shepard displays some nifty free jazz styles as Cameron plays a metallic rockabilly beat and Thayil conjures demonic white noise and riffs. Then Cornell rails against celebrity appropriation and false homages of the Son of God for 4 and a half minutes in one of the most unlikely hit songs of all time. “Face Pollution” has the band re-embracing their hardcore punk roots and expanding their already unique sound, which is unexpectedly and excellently accompanied by horns at the end. “Somewhere” is another successful transitory track, where their discordant tones are flourish with middle eastern and Beatlesque melodies.

Side B/2 continues the bands exploratory ascendance as one of rock’s best bands with “Searching With My Good Eye Closed”, it starts Thayil playing menacing Middle Eastern guitar licks as someone (maybe Chris) introduces the song by imitating the voice a see and speak game and then the song gets heavy and psychedelic as Cornell goes from moody to mercurial for nearly seven minutes in a song about the beginning of the afterlife.

Then that song’s theme segues instantly into the monstrous “Room A Thousand Years Wide”, as Cornell envisions a dimension of vast isolation, the chords and bending riffs and the sax solo and coda makes the track the most atmospheric performance on the album.

The detuned but tuneful balladic “Mind Riot” is a beautiful song about fate and death. On “Drawing Flies”, Cornell draws inspiration from mental illness and destitution on another horn propelled jazzy rocking track. Final tracks “Holy Water” rails against organized religion and the wall of white noise “New Damage” railing against George Bush’s invasion of Iraq and his promise and threat of a new world order ends the album with prophecies of doom and gloom and solidifies Soundgarden’s legendary status as one of the greatest bands in history.

Bullhead- Buy Online in Botswana at Desertcart - 19292634.

Melvins, Bullhead

The sudden interest for this album kinda came out of nowhere even though it was actually out for nearly a year and the reason for that is  Kurdt Cobain raved about this band in interviews as Nevermind cracked Billboard’s top 10 and ranked this album number 2 on his top 10 albums of 1991. And listening to King Buzzo’s opening riffs of Boris and off kilter but precision slow beats from Dale Crover and the influence on Nirvana made a whole lot more sense, because the buzzsaw riffs from Nevermind and Bleach really sounds a lot like the Melvins (Dale actually played a few songs on the their debut). Boris is 8 minutes of the creepiest evilist riffs that’s ever committed to tape.

The next and best track “Anaconda” main riff is absolutely transcending and even more evil. “Ligature” is a moody slow headbanger and “It’s Shoved” features Buzzo playing some sleazy licks as Crover plays a funky groove.

“Zodiac” begins side B/2 with single note riffing and hardcore trashing beats and their trademark breakdown . “If I Had An Exorcism” is the bands most musically experimental track even if the rest of the song is more of Buzzo’s one note riffing, but he’s probably the only guitarist that can that much atmosphere from that. “Your Blessened” is a massive track containing Buzzo’s best solo on the album and the last song “Cow” contains dirty Iommi-like riffs and Dale’s pounding his kit to kingdom come right to the songs coda.

It’s hard to comprehend what Buzzo is singing about on this album, his lyrics are as non-decipherable as Captain Beefheart’s. But that’s probably the point, because the heaviness of the music is what your supposed to focus on. Bullhead is truly one of the best albums ever.

Death Human | Exclaim!

Death, Human

Although Death was already established as a seminal metal band for about 4 years and 3 albums, Human is the album that front man and lead guitarist Chuck Schuldiner broke out as the best and innovative songwriter in the early golden blackened era of death metal. On this legendary death metal classic, Chuck explores themes beyond tales of morbidity into tales of the mind on stellar tracks like “Fattening of Emotions”, “Secret Face” ,”Lack of Comprehension” and “See Through Dreams” as the band’s playing gets more stylistically intricate and progressive than other bands that were dominating ears and banging heads like Obituary and Cannibal Corpse.

The album does contain the genre’s reliable graphic source material on the  “Suicide Machine” and “Together As One”, songs about medically assisted suicide and freak shows, but those tracks deal more with emotional anguish than shock value. The final tracks, the instrumental “Cosmic Seas” and “Vacant Planets”, Chuck introduces interplanetary and environmental themes to the death metal, taking it to new dimensions and standards that would leave a mark on the genre still dominant over 30 years later.

Morbid Angel, Blessed Are The Sick

Following their classic Altars Of Madness, Morbid Angel got more possessively, progressively creative, faster and louder and more demonic on Blessed Are The Sick. After the white noise intro by Trey Azagthoth, “Fall From Grace” and “Brainstorm” are necksnapping hardcore tracks about Lucifer’s descent from the Heaven loaded with Trey’s blazing riffs and shredding leads, the blast beats of drummer Pete Sandoval and the demonic vocals of bassist David Vincent

Following the hellacious battle hymm “Rebel Lands”, Azagthoth deviates from death metal norms by playing synthesizer on the creepy “Doomsday Celebration” which segues into the hardcore ripper almighty defying “Day Of Suffering” The band slows the pace on the title track and even slower on the coda “Breeding the Rats”.  “Thy Kingdom Come” and “Unholy Blasphemies” are apocalyptic black metal masterpieces that actually usurps Slayer’s position as the world’s most evil band.

The last tracks on the album then solidifies Morbid Angel as the premier metal band with the off-kilter trashing beats and grooves of damnation soul conjuring homage “Abominations”. The following track “Desolate Ways” is a beautiful acoustic instrumental, and then it goes into the next aural ceremony of demon conjuring from the depths of hell with the jazzy trashing and shredding “The Ancient ones” and concludes with Trey’s brief piano piece “In Remembrance, a fitting coda to the apocalyptic imagery conveyed by these black metal pioneers.

Pearl Jam - Worst & best albums - Rate Your Music

Pearl Jam, Ten

After their lead singer died overdosing on heroin in 1990 right when their debut album came out, the rest of the Mother Love Bone regrouped and hired surfer dude Eddie Vedder to be the frontman a little over a year later. And the result was Ten, one of the greatest debuts and rousingly emotional albums in rock history.

Like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam was in essence a metal band but didn’t rely much on the Boss Distortion and were from Seattle too. But where their neighbors took their sonic inspiration from Sonic Youth and The Stooges, Pearl Jam progenitors were more like the Chili Peppers and R.E.M and came off like the 90’s version of Aerosmith. This amalgam of funk, noise and atmospherics were evident on rocking jams like “Once and  “Why Go”, hardcore jams like “Porch” and “Deep” and their immediate hits “Even Flow” and “Alive”

A retrospective review of this landmark debut would be remiss without mentioning Eddie Vedder introspective and introverted lyrics and emotional contribution to the band that shines brilliantly on the unforgettable ballads and standout tracks, the haunting “Black”, the transcendence of “Release”, the moody and resounding “Garden” and the topical and harrowing anthem of childhood angst, vengeance and gun violence “Jeremy”

Despite all the downer subject matter of Ten it would go on to be the second biggest selling album in the grunge era. And after the song Jeremy became a huge smash, school shootings would become a routine event nearly a decade later and beyond.

50 Things You Might Not Know About 'Use Your Illusion I and II' | iHeart

Guns N’ Roses, Use Your Illusion I & II

After selling a zillion albums of their debut Appetite For Destruction, mercurial instant icon frontman Axl W. Rose must have felt a strong urge to give fans of Guns N’ Roses more rock and roll for their dollar after waiting 4 years for a new album. So he and fellow instant icon lead guitarist Slash, guitarist Izzy Sradlin, bassist Duff McKagen and new recruit drummer Matt Sorum hit the studio and recorded 30 songs for two CDs and cassettes to make up for the lost time.

Although these are two pretty good heavy metal albums, this actually would have been better if it was pared down to one classic album and the rest of the filler was put on an EP like their last release Lies or if Axl would put his overly wrought ballads like “Estranged” and “November Rain” and self-indulgent concept tracks like “Coma” and his  outdated grudge anthem “Get in the Ring” (which targets rock magazines and publishers like Lou Reed once did on a live album) on a future solo album (which he practically turned the band into taking 14 years to make Chinese Democracy).

“Right Next Door To Hell”,  “Perfect Crime”, “Shotgun Blues” “Don’t Damn Me” are breathless rip roaring rockers. Izzy contributes three songs that are actually some of the best songs on the album, “14 Years” “Dust ‘n Bones” and the killer “Double Talkin’ Jive”. Axl’s ballad “Don’t Cry” is a pretty good breakup love song, although it shows up again on the second Illusion album as a reprise but is more is actually redundant. Also redundant is the remake of Wings “Live And Let Die”. “The Garden” is a sinewy psychedelic metal track featuring Alice Cooper and followed by the hardcore sequel”Garden Of Eden”.

But the best songs on the album(s) are the ones where the band stretches out and jams like on their greatest song, the opus Paradise City and most of them are on Illusion II. G N’ R conjure the spirit of rock and roll progenitors from the Stones, Skynyrd, Aerosmith, New York Dolls, and even the Beatles and Elton John on tracks like the piano charged “Breakdown”, the guitar shuffle of “Locomotive”, the psychedelic middle eastern tinged “Pretty Tied Up”, the relentless protopunk rager “You Could Be Mine” and their masterpiece anti-war anthem “Civil War”

While not as polished and structured like their landmark Appetite, there are lots of great songs here and the band brilliantly brought out and were able to integrate both their metal and acoustic sides on this expansive set, which makes it still a pleasure to sit through for a few hours even now. And Axl’s sappy symphony ballads ain’t half bad.

Midnight Marauders Vs Low End Theory | Rap & Hip-Hop Amino

A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory

A Tribe Called Quest was still riding high off their debut People’s Instinctive Travels when they dropped the The Low End Theory and it instantly joined the pantheon of rap’s golden age hall of fame classic albums and they did it perfectly with the release of their first single “Check The Rhime” in the summertime and the first lines resonated with the quickness.

“Back in the days of the boulevard of Linden, we use to kick routines and the presence was fitting.”

Accompanied by a video where they are riding the actual boulevard, M.C.s Q-Tip and Phife’s fond recollection of growing up and honing their rhyming skills in St. Albans, Queens immediately resonated with hip hop fans from their native New York to across the nation. The music produced by DJ Muhammad featured  infectious samples over bass heavy rock steady beat that made paths of rhythm natural for walking and cruising around neighborhoods and grooving at the parties and club.

The Low End Theory was almost like a concept album that emphasized the bass and getting the booty shaking, and these elements were fulfilled by the unofficial fourth member of Quest for this album, Ron Carter, upright bass player for John Coltrane’s transcendent jazz albums on Impulse (notably A Love Supreme) who provided the low end for over half the songs. Two of them were the stellar opening  “Excursions” and the hardcore second track “Buggin’ Out”, where he provides the hooks on Q-Tip rapping about the band’s new sound and mission and on Phife’s stunning freestyle rhyming on the latter track. Phife continues his vast improvement on the mic on his first solo cut “Butter” about the difficulties picking up women and the ease in getting them after acquiring fame over Muhammad’s infectious keyboard hook and jazzy beat.

Q-Tip grabs the mic for a bit of braggadocio and shoutouts to his MC peers on his next solo cut “Verses of The Abstract”. “Show Business” is one of the first posse cuts on the album featuring two members of Brand Nubian and Diamond D, where they and Phife and Q-Tip rip apart the music industry for exploiting hip hop and their artists, which Tip also found a few verses to warn about on “Check The Rhime” and on his other solo track “Rap Promoter”. Then Tip and Phife defly trade off verses on the sterling “Vibes And Stuff”.

On “The Infamous Date Rape”, Q-Tip tells a tale of sexual courting gone wrong over Ron Carter’s creepy bass line and on his followup solo “Everything Is Fair” he tells the tale of a hooker and a groupie and their unfortunate fates over a Funkadelic verse sample providing the hook. Then comes the second single “Jazz”a straight forward track where the band sets a new standard for hip hop, rapping about their skills and their new sound over the head bopping beats and keyboard samples by Muhammad and Carter’s stunning bass line.

Phife and Tip trade off rhymes again on the wah wah driven catchy advertisement of outdated technology “Skypager”. After two minutes of Tip’s waxing philosophical on the track “What?”, that’s song’s ending would serve as the intro to the final track “Scenario”, where the Leaders Of The New School join forces with Quest in the as the 5 rappers go wild style over a monstrous snare driven beat by Muhammad. Like the other singles off the album, “Scenario” became another hip hop standard and the most famous and greatest posse cut of all time and pretty much launched the career of Busta Rhymes.

Like Nirvana’s Nevermind, ATCQ’s The Low End Theory also became the album of a generation and influenced thousands of other artists of their genre with their second effort. Along with Public Enemy, Eric B And Rakim and their buddies De La Soul who introduced them, Quest elevated hip hop to even newer heights and solidified the golden age of rap legend that’s still revered by the DJs of today that still play these jams.

Cypress Hill - Musiquapaulo

Cypress Hill, Cypress Hill

1991 was a renaissance year for popular music, and with renaissances come cultural shifts that brings progress and change to the status quo. That’s where Cypress Hill and their eponymous classic album comes in.

Hailing from Southern California, MC’s B. Real and Sen Dog and DJ/Producer Muggs didn’t fit into any category of hip hop at the time which had an West Coast/East Coast rivalry going on, although they derived their inspiration from both locales lyrically and musically respectfully. Like NWA, they rhymed about shooting up rivals on the crime ridden streets and derided cops on tracks like the doo wop drenched “Hand On The Pump”, “Hole in the Head” and the leadoff track “Pigs”, but the music was influenced by the grimy loops, white noise and minimalist hardcore beats sound pioneered by Public Enemy on “The Funky Cypress Hill Shit” and the killer first single “Phunky Feel One”.

But the thing that distinguished Cypress Hill from the rest was their beloved devotion to marijuana on songs “Light Another” and “Stoned is the Way of The Walk”, which led to a rise of awareness of the weed and led to a political uprising to get it legalized and rising sales for High Times magazines who put the band on the cover. What led to this rise to the hip hop dominance was “How I Can Just Kill A Man”, a Travis Bickle inspired track about taking matters into your hands while living on the crime ridden streets over Stax soul rhythm and guitar skronk samples that immediately resonated with the hip hop and metal heads alike.

After rapping about guns and weed on side A/1,  B Real exhibits his stellar rhyme styling on the third single from the album “Real Estate”, a braggadocio rap declaring using territorial rites over whack M.C.s looking to trespass and bite over Muggs sick beats and singular guitar riff sample, which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Marley Marl album for Cold Chillin’.  Sen Dog and B Real devote two cuts to their Latino heritage on the eerie “Latin Lingo” and  “Tres Equis” and close the album with the old school party jam “Born To Get Busy”

Cypress Hill was the first Latino band to disrupt and dominate their music genre since Santana did with their own classic landmark debut album, and like they did at Woodstock, Cypress Hill would go on to steal the show at Lollapalooza a year later on the strength of their album and growing fan base, making their own mark on the zeitgeist while strengthening the movement for pot legalization; which has become a reality 30 years later. And reactionaries say stoners are listless.


Ice-T Albums: songs, discography, biography, and listening guide - Rate Your Music

Ice-T, O.G.: Original Gangster

Ice-T was on a roll at the turn of the decade, coming out with his best album The Iceberg, starring as a cop in the blockbuster crime drama “New Jack City” and performing to new demographics on the first Lollapalooza concert in 1990 and it naturally continued when he came out with his magnum opus O.G.: Original Gangster.

This sprawling collection of gangster tales plays like Iceberg Slim’s Soul on Ice book on tape set to hardcore hip hop music, even if the various skits on the album takes away the flow (the album actually has 3 introductions!). Finally the album starts with the kinetic “Mic Contract” where Ice-T comes off like a hip hop mercenary over DJ Evil E’s monster beats and cuts. Ice’s soundtrack contribution from his hit film “New Jack Hustler” returns here, fitting perfectly in his tale of a remorseless opportunist recidivist villain over a relentless blaxploitation soundtrack car chase track and Sly Stone break beats.

On “Bitches 2”, Ice-T does a critical take on his peers arbitrary use of mysoganistic lyrics by focusing on how men act like pussies by mistreating women and using other people for personal gain like his antihero on “New Jack”.  But on the next track “Straight Up Nigga” he raps in solidarity with his peers over Evil E’s militaristic breaks and scratches as he goes off about his right to continue using the word while directing it at virulent racists trying to malign him and bleeding heart liberals chastising him to stop using it. Then it segues to the iconic title track, like Ice’s allegorical “Lethal Weapon” , Ice-T waxes nostalgic for how he rhymed about crime on the streets instead of rocking a party out while rhyming over the “Impeach the President” breakbeat. The first edition of the O.G. saga concludes with “The House”, a news bulletin horror tale about child and drug abuse that’s so brief it resembles how easily these stories get lost in the mainstream local news.

Side B/2 begins with a skit with Ice T dismissing a request to do a filthy sex song and goes right into the hectic speed rap showcase “Flyby” and the Black Sabbath sampled dirge gangbanger tale “Midnight”. “MVP’s” is a four minute jam of shoutouts to his hip hop peers from east to west, hardcore to pop (including MC Hammer, excluding Vanilla Ice) and then it goes into “Lifestyles of The Rich and Infamous”, which comes off like a funky ET celebrity news segment about himself. Then there is “Body Count” where Ice-T invites his heavy metal band of the same name to jam for 4 minutes to fulfill his and their rock star aspirations. The song has heavy Suicidal Tendencies influence lyrically and musically, especially on the chorus. “Escape From The Killing Fields” has Ice advising his listeners to better themselves and flee from their urban hellscapes and the album’s finale’ “The Tower”, Evil E slows down the Halloween movie them as Ice T raps a graphic tale about the systemic violence and cultural clashes in prison, evoking the inhumane conditions in 4 minutes nearly a decade before a whole TV show would portray it in a New Jersey prison on Oz. Ice-T’s O.G. is the Scared Straight of hip hop’s golden age albums.

30thAnniversary – Organized Konfusion “Organized Konfusion” – Brooklyn Radio

Organized Konfusion, Organized Konfusion

As with the last 5 years when rap moved from 12″ single to full album format, lot of outstanding hip hop albums came out in ’91 especially from young legacy artists from Ice Cube, NWA and De La Soul. But it’s only fitting to include the overlooked and although the artist has to be East Coast. And nobody on the East Coast got even close to this dynamic duo from Southeast Queens, Organized Konfusion , who were ironically signed to a west coast label owned by the Disney company.

Whoever Mickey Mouse and co hired when they were scouting and found OK really knew their shit, because MC’s Prince Poetry and Pharohe Monch had abundant skills to pay the bills. This is evident right way on the first three tracks;”Fudge Pudge” is 5 minutes of relentless rhyme play with an assist by label mate and fellow Queens rapper O.C.. On the soulful”Walk Into The Sun” has PP and PM trading verses about the nature of the streets of New York along with sampled hooks by Roy Ayers and Steely Dan. Then there is “Releasing Hypnotical Gases”, the wordplay and metaphors by this duo about their incomparable rhyme skills range from space travel, middle east invasions and the periodic table of elements. “Prisoners Of War” is another mindblowing display of wild styling rapping featuring even wilder scratching and cutting.

OK  get comprehensive on the lowdown “The Rough Side Of Town” documenting the harsh realities of the streets of their hometown in South Jamaica but they still don’t waste their breath slowing down describing them except on the shout along chorus. On their name sake title track, Prince and Pharohe revert to freestyle form again on a massive funky drummer mix and a sly sample hook of “What Condition my Condition was In”.

On “Roosevelt Franklin”, OK wax nostalgic about their childhood memories in the form of a street and academically smart kid. “Who Stole The Last Piece Of Chicken? is fun fast paced track homage to BBQ’s and home cooking and playing rough on the streets, which also gets a slowed down finger licking good Richard Pryor sampled remix reprise at the end of the album which was actually the first single from the duo.

The album ends with arguably Hip Hop’s first foray into gospel music “Open Your Eyes” where Pharohe and Prince proselytize inspirational verses and harmonize beside live organ playing and choral singers. The concluding “Outro”, OK brings it home integrating old school rhyming with their new school innovative verbal hyper-syllable hyper-metaphorical wordplay.

Organized Konfusion also produced their debut album themselves, which they credited fellow Southeast Queens resident and legendary producer Paul C from nearby Rosedale, who discovered the duo and helped record the demos that got them signed but was brutally murdered at his home a few years before this album came out. It’s no wonder why this masterpiece still transcends time…and the organisms.

Apocalypse 91… The Enemy Strikes Black': Public Enemy's Daring Album

Public Enemy, Apocalypse ’91: The Enemy Strikes Black

Coming swiftly after the sprawling hip hop classic Fear Of A Black Planet, Public Enemy wasted no time and dropped their fourth hip hop manifesto Apocalypse 91…The Enemy Strikes Black with a bigger and louder sound and messaging. Although long time producers The Bomb Squad is diminished here, Chuck D, Flavor Flav and Terminator X turn the beats, the rhymes and the cuts up to 11. Terminator X continues his turntable hero dominance from the last album on the furious DJ virtuoso intro “Lost At Birth” which segues into “Rebirth”, which turns the beats up to 13 on the most menacing and hardest track they ever recorded as Chuck D takes one verse to remind the audience that he’s still the hardest rhymer and then when that track ends cold and segues into the ghetto blasting “Nighttrain”, Chuck rails inward against Black politicians, drug lords and thieves who take advantage of powerless Black people by using identity politricks. The bombtrack “Can’t Truss It” compares corporate power structures as modern slave traders over old school style rhyming (Like Run Dmc’s dum diddy dum) that uses a lot of nonsense words to make the message more accessible and palatable to the masses, ironically using the same tactics to sell P.E.’s own product.

Flavor Flav’s first showcase track “I Don’t Want to Be Called You Nigga” strikes black against people who annoy him by addressing and critiques against the normalization of the slur in hip hop and on the streets. On “By The Time I Get To Arizona”, Chuck maligns that state’s government for not recognizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on a menacing blaxploitation theme music track.

Apocalypse doesn’t let up on its themes to motivate Black people out of apathy and alcoholism on the tracks “Move!” and “One Million Bottle Bags”. Flavor gets topical again on the piano tinged “More News At 11”. Then the hardest, heaviest anthem of the album comes in with “Shut Em Down”, Chuck D.’s call to arms to sanction corporations taking from communities and not giving back to them over a behemoth beats.

The album ends with a third Flavor song ranting against the NY Post and the winning B side track “Get The Fuck Outta Dodge” a horn driven track about another routine illegal search by the popo and the inclusion of Anthrax’s fistful of metal remake duet with the P.E. on their cover of their immortal “Bring The Noise”.

Mr. Scarface Is Back - Wikipedia

Scarface, Mr. Scarface Is Back

Following the breakthrough success of the Geto Boys sleeper hit single (2nd best song of the year) “Mind Playing Tricks On Me” and the album We Can’t Be Stopped, another surprise by the band was the release of MC Scarface debut solo album the same year “Mr. Scarface Is Back” one of the rawest and relentlessly ultraviolent works of art that came out. While the music culls the best of 60’s and 70’s soul from crates of Stax and Volt 45’s, Scarface’s drug lord fables and horror movie inspired lyrics are the hip hop equivalent of death and black metal.

“Mr. Scarface is Back” continues the saga set from Brad Wilson’s song from the Geto Boys Grip It! LP. in a verbal reinterpretation of the drug lord’s domination of the industry and the killing spree that followed. “The Pimp” adds to the anthology of pornographic sex tales by the Geto Boys, carrying on the tradition set by Blowfly, Schoolly D and 2 Live Crew. On the devastating “Born Killer”, Scarface tells a tale of a hitman’s killing spree and also the environment and mental condition that sealed his fate on the hardest and most cerebral track.

Following the high crimes detailed on “Murder by Reason Of Insanity” and “Your Ass Got Took”, “Diary Of A Madman” is where Scarface documents mental breakdowns leading to acts of criminal violence told with remorse.  On “Money And The Power”, Scarface brags and boasts in this fable about making bank in the drug game and financing his hip hop ambitions. On “Good Girl Gone Bad”, Scarface doesn’t mention a woman but he does get a son after whacking his father following a heist and a set up by his victim. Then there’s “A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die”, Scarface’s noirish tale of exacting revenge on rival gangbangers who tried to rub him out over haunting loops of Marvin Gaye songs and winds up getting killed at the end of his hunt, which segues into “I’m Dead” where Brad doesn’t realize he’s in the afterlife where he will walk the streets where he committed his recidivist criminal acts in limbo.

Main Source – Breaking Atoms (1991, Vinyl) - Discogs

Main Source, Breaking Atoms

On the legendary hip hop music hour on public television, Video Music Box, a video came on featuring a new rap group of two DJs and their bespectacled MC Large Professor, who’s optically nerdy image was far from the mold of the typical MC around the time. Their song “Watch Roger Do His Thing” was also unique, for it wasn’t a gangsta tale or a political rap, but about a dude working his ass off in school and winding up a success. The production was very raw too, with live synths and the DJ’s Scratch and Kut cutting up jazzy break beats. While it was a damn good record, it didn’t make much of an impact because the subject matter of achieving in life wasn’t compatible with the gangsta rap that was dominating the charts.

Until the day when Breaking Atoms came out and their second single and hip hop classic break up song  “Looking Out The Front Door”was released. Without resorting to tropes (bitch bitch bitch), Large Professor rhymes his justifications for leaving his woman over brilliant loops of deep soul tracks and what Scratch and Kut’s killer scratches and cuts.

And “Front Door” isn’t the only classic on the album. Breaking Atoms starts heads nodding immediately with “Snake Eyes”, where Professor instantly becomes one of the best rappers and producer’s in the industry about street hustlers, false friends and acquaintances over a hard hitting snare, guitar and flute loops. Then there’s the ethereal “Just Hangin’ Out”, with LP rhyming about chilling out on the streets over string arrangement and soulful guitar loops.

On “Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball”, Large Professor uses his mastery of metaphors discussing the abuse of the badge and the inherent biases of the criminal justice system. Then there is masterpiece “Peace Is Not The Word To Play”, where Large condemns the misuse and trivialization  of the word “peace” over a fast paced staccato beats and ends with the double lead scratching of the DJs reminiscent of Eric B. and Rakim’s seminal “Paid In Full” (Large adds an even better verse on the the video remix)

Following the latin-flavored rant about whack MCs”Vamos A Rapior and the slamming “He’s Got So Much Soul” is the other legendary definitive posse rap song that came out in ’91 “Live At The Barbeque”. Starting with horn crash samples from the Sweetback Badass Soundtrack and old school cadences on the chorus, LP and his crew spit lyrics about slaying all competitors. But as hip hop heads are aware, this is the song where Queensbridge Houses Nas, known as Nasty Nas, made his rookie of the year debut in the studio and on wax. Explaining how graphic and provactive his verse was cannot do it justice.

Street’s disciple, my raps are trifle
I shoot slugs from my brain just like a rifle
Stampede the stage, I leave the microphone split
Play Mr. Tuffy while I’m on some Pretty Tone shit
Verbal assassin, my architect pleases
When I was 12, I went to Hell for snuffin’ Jesus
Nasty Nas is a rebel to America
Police murderer, I’m causin’ hysteria
My troops roll up with a strange force
I was trapped in a cage and let out by the Main Source
Swimmin’ in women like a lifeguard
Put on a bulletproof, nigga, I strike hard
Kidnap the president’s wife without a plan
And hangin’ niggas like the Ku Klux Klan
I melt mics ’til the soundwave’s over
Before steppin’ to me, you’d rather step to Jehovah
Slammin’ MC’s on cement
‘Cause verbally, I’m iller than a AIDS patient

I move swift and uplift your mind
Shoot the gift when I riff and rhyme
Rappin’ sniper, speakin’ real words
My thoughts react like Steven Spielberg’s
Poetry attacks, paragraphs punch hard
My brain is insane, I’m out to lunch, God
Science is dropped, my raps are toxic

My voice box locks and excels like a rocket.

This album’s legacy was solidified when Large Professor left the band the next year over money disputes with Skratch And Cut. And that’s all.

Achtung baby (uncensored cover) by U2, LP with recordsale - Ref:3111988130

U2, Acthung Baby

Coming off the lackluster Rattle And Hum movie and soundtrack, U2 were another band that had to update their sound and persona for the new decade and Bono and the boyz did just that with Acthung Baby. Besides the cool album cover, the new U2 was immediately felt on “Zoo Station”, where Adam Clayton, The Edge and Larry Mullen Jr. throw down an industrial style racket with distorted bass riffs, dissonant guitar bends and oil barrel beats.

The next song “Even Better Than The Real Thing” is even better, the band bringing catchy hooks to the white noise and clamor and Bono’s new style of lyricism in this song courting and copulating a woman (I’m ready for the laughing gas).U2 strips down the cacophony they embraced on the beautiful ballad “One” a break up song and also a hymm of loss and acceptance.

On “Until The End Of The World” a stellar track driven by Edge’s sparkling chords and Adam and Larry reggae dub rhythms on Bono’s take of the Last Supper.  First single “The Fly” is a straight rocker about media consumption and the basis of one of Bono’s stage personas he would take on the bands high concept legendary Zoo Station Tour.

The sultry love song “Mysterious Ways” is filled with more of the Edge’s distinctive catchy riffs. Bono comes up with some odd lyricism on the ambient and moody love song “Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World”. “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)” and  “Acrobat” are atmospheric tracks about devotion and alienation. The album concludes with the funereal “Love Is Blindness” about how love is misinterpreted and weaponized, driven by the Edge’s discordant searing leads at the end.

While Acthung Baby didn’t have the anthems of War or the hit smashes of The Joshua Tree, the album’s updated sound and cohesiveness still makes it a great thorough listen as those classic LPs.

Bandwagonesque - Wikipedia

Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque

After the success of Jane’s Addiction and Lollapalooza and Sonic Youth playing sold out shows in 1990, the corporate music industry was chomping at the bit and circling like vultures to sign indie rock bands. The latter band which happened to be on DGC, scooped up Nirvana and wound up making mass profits from their monstrous success, becoming the biggest rock band since Guns N’ Roses on the poppa Geffen label. Which probably was why they thought they can afford to roll the dice with Teenage Fanclub, who just came off a critically acclaimed debut album and heavy college rock radio play.

Although released with great fanfare and adored by critics as well, Bandwagonesque did not become the blockbuster DGC though it would be, although some songs on here were catchy enough to be huge hits, but they did wind up with a platter of major label product perfection. “The Concept” combines soaring leads with jangly chords and an ending that combines the harmonies of the Beach Boys with Neil Young riffage. The follow up instrumental “Satan” starts off with white noise amp distortion like Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” and backwards masked vocals and then the band plays a hardcore jam that ends abruptly in 40 seconds.

Then for the rest of the album it’s see why this band was worth all the hype because every song is absolute perfection, especially on the tracks “December”, the stunning 80’s new wave pop of “What You Do To Me”, the bluesy “I Don’t Know”, and the ascending power punk rager “Star Sign”.

Side B/2 starts with the Byrds meets Cheap Trick heavy jangle track “Metal Baby followed by the horn accompanied rocker “Pet Rock”. “Sidewinder” is a silly love song with the a killer double lead. The album closes with three musically transcendent tracks; the slacker anthem “Alcoholiday”, the melancholic “Guiding Star” and the discordant double guitar harmony masterpiece “Is This Music?”

While the band is not  original, they are basically to pop rock legends Big Star what the Black Crowes were to the Faces, two retro sounding bands giving modern takes to legendary bands whose great music did not reflect to great sales. But at least the time and the moment was right for Bandwagonesque to get the promotion it deserved.

Pixies, Trompe Le Monde

A year after Bossanova and Kim Deal’s excellent side hustle band The Breeders debut, things got hectic between her and Black Francis as the Pixies were recording Trompe Le Monde. Although the “college” rock cum “indie” rock band wouldn’t have a problem expanding their audience with the legacy they already had in only 4 years of existence.

The hostility between the band members rubbed off on the first three songs on the album, with the melodic thrashing title track and the raving punk rockers”Planet of Sound” and “Alex Eiffel” are new wave infused headbangers as Black Francis sings about aliens and the designer of Paris’ most famous monolith.

“The Sad Punk” is another speed metal track that breaks down at the end in a song about dinosaurs and is followed by the band’s first cover, a straight on take of  “Head On” by the Jesus And Mary Chain. “U Mass” is a glam rock style jam about the bands alma mater and “Letter To Memphis” is a metallic Big Star homage to that bands hometown.

The album slows down the pace  on “Bird Dream Of The Olympus”, “Space (I believe In) and the skronky “Subbacultcha”. The sci-fi themes resume on the surf rocking “Lovely Day” the folksy alien conspiracy jam”Motorway to Roswell” and the finale “The Navajo Know”.

Released one day before Nirvana’s Nevermind with their swan song Trompe Le Monde, The Pixies would add another classic to their discography. More high octane and metal than Bossa Nova, a lot of the songs were longer and none were sung by Kim, so even though the best qualities of the band were dispensed, it didn’t affect the material because the songs were just too fucking good.


Mr. Bungle (album) - Wikipedia

Mr. Bungle, Mr. Bungle

Two years after Mike Patton took over the planet with Faith No More with their breakthrough art/heavy metal masterpiece “The Real Thing”, he came out with his band and their debut album Mr. Bungle, absolutely the wildest and weirdest genre destroying product ever released by a corporate major label and what makes this album even greater and more significant is that Warner Brothers was obligated to release this album for it was in Patton’s contract to have his band signed when he agreed to sing for Faith No More!

Starting with “Travolta”, which incorporates metal with circus music and industrial. The next track, “Slowly Growing Deaf” veers from trash metal to ska, to death metal and then lounge, could be the most commercial song on the album if the coda didn’t have a recording of someone with explosive diarrhea appears in the coda.

“Squeeze Me Macaroni” is a Zappa inspired disco metal food fetish homage that features the DJ and guitarist Trey Spruance engaging in a scratch/shred battle. “Carousel” is a ska metal  killer clown warped nightmare track. On the thrash polka “Egg”, Patton graphically sings/raps the birthing process from conception to existence.”Stubb (A Dub) another ska track that gets disrupted by a showtune interlude about a dead dog. The metal trashing mad “My Ass Is On Fire” is the closest the band gets to Faith no More in spirit but the breakdowns and tempo changes is all Bungle.

“The Girls Of Porn” is the only song where it doesn’t jump genres and is a straight funk  number aping the Ohio Players and the wacka chicka sountracks of the tracks subject matter. “Love Is A Fist” is a musical hot mess of lounge and free jazz and thrash metal. After a recording of a grade school PSA of titular namesake of this lunatic hour of music (once featured on Pee-Wee Herman’s legendary HBO special), the album ends with the 10 minutes of circus and ambient music “Dead Goon”.

Album Blue Lines (2012 Mix/Master), Massive Attack | Qobuz: download and streaming in high quality

Massive Attack, Blue Lines

The golden age of rap had a huge influence on the sound of modern r & b, resulting in the rise of the New Jack Swing in America and the creation of a new genre from England that combined hip hop with the bass dominant reggae dub called trip hop, pioneered by the trio Massive Attack on their debut Blue Lines.

Leading off is “Safe From Harm”, an ominous track with guest singer Shara Nelson verses and MC 3D rhymes evoking gang violence on the streets and a paranoia similar to the Geto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”. The title track, 3D, Tricky and Daddy G mumble freestyle over a jazzy beat. Massive then does a straight sample free remake of 70’s soul standard “Be Thankful For What You Got. “Five Man Army” uses a classic Al Green drum break on Massive’s posse dancehall rap track.

The penultimate track on Blue Lines is the monumental “Unfinished Sympathy”, Shara Nelson takes the lead vocal again singing as a lover forlorn over a standard disco beat mixed with two drum breaks accompanied by furious DJ scratching and a live string section that crescendos at the end. There hasn’t been a dance song this meticulously arranged and produced since the collected works of Barry White.

“Daydreaming” has Nelson providing vocals again as 3D and Tricky rhyme about political and cultural issues dominating their native Britain over a jungle beat and “Lately” is another head nodding song about loneliness. The album concludes with “Hymm Of The Big Wheel” a soulful and funky political ballad about the continuing inequitable divide between the haves and the have-nots.

Loveless by My Bloody Valentine (Album, Shoegaze): Reviews, Ratings, Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

My Bloody Valentine, Loveless

At the end of the 80’s, an unlikely guitar hero emerged from England in the indie rock genre in Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, who with fellow guitarist Belinda Butcher and their Fender jazzmasters  emerged with a new sound defined as shoegaze, which they perfected on the band’s third album Loveless; a cacophony of transcendent sustained melodies.

“Only Shallow” hits your aural cavities immediately with chainsaw white noise hooks that refrain after each verse. The band sounds like the love child of Jesus And Mary Chain and the Coctaeu Twins. The tremolo drenched white noise on “Loomer” runs propulsive percussion similar to early Velvet Underground. On “To Here Knows When”, Shields adds keyboards to give the song an orchestral feel to accompany the guitars droning hooks. Drilling high pitched skronk riffs envelope the hard driving and sugary “When You Sleep” and “I Only Said” is guitar driven track accentuated with seagull like sounds.

On the pounding metallic “Come In Alone”, Shields evoke siren sounds from his tremolo leads. “Sometimes” is a slow building ballad with Shields and Butcher chugging their detuned jazzmasters as Shields adds keyboards to make the track ascend even further. “Blown A Wish” is a dynamic psychedelic sounding track with the guitars mixed backwards. ”

What You Want” is a incandescent hard rocking track with Sheilds and Butcher’s best vocals. The final song “Soon” starts with a sampled hip hop beat and then goes into full drive with a loopy keyboard riff and Shields and Butcher’s dual white noise racket rhythm and lead playing.

My Bloody Valentine spent 2 years working on this masterpiece, which was laborious it took 20 years to make a follow up album. 9 years later, it’s a safe bet that their 4th album is not realistic, but the omnipresent influence of Loveless will surely last for more generations to come.

Here’s how they rank:

  1. Nirvana, Nevermind
  2. A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory
  3. Cypress Hill, Cypress Hill
  4. Sepultura, Arise
  5. Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger
  6. Metallica, Metallica
  7. My Bloody Valentine, Loveless
  8. Scarface, Mr. Scarface Is Back
  9. Van Halen, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
  10. Ice-T, O.G. Original Gangster
  11. Main Source, Breaking Atoms
  12. U2, Acthung Baby
  13. Organized Konfusion, Organized Konfusion
  14. Morbid Angel, Blessed Are The Sick
  15. Mr. Bungle, Mr. Bungle
  16. Teenage Fanclub, Bandwagonesque
  17. Melvins, Bullhead
  18. Massive Attack, Blue Lines
  19. Death, Human
  20. (Tie) Pearl Jam, Ten; Public Enemy, Apocalypse ’91: The Enemy Strikes Black; Guns ‘N Roses, Use Your Illusion I & II

Honorable mentions, because this would take weeks to write them up.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik; Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend; Prong, Prove You Wrong; De La Soul, De La Soul Is Dead; Kyuss, Wretch; Dinosaur Jr., Green Mind; Gang Starr, Step In The Arena; Naughty By Nature, Naughty By Nature; R.E.M., Out Of Time and Ice Cube, Death Certificate.


Lincoln Restler’s Illegal Agency Capture Mural


What the what?

Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York

Riding my bike on Flushing Avenue two way bike lane on a very brisk January afternoon by the Brooklyn Navy Yard there was a very peculiar sight. A large mural on a commercial warehouse building featuring the name of current city council member of the 33rd District  Lincoln Restler was featured on it. Thankfully there wasn’t a picture of his mug there, but what made it odd is what else was written on it.

According to the information that seems to be advertised here, the borough of Brooklyn loves Council member Restler (and also safe streets) and also a date to vote on June 22. That date just happens to be the primary he won last year against about over a half dozen other candidates leading to his inevitable victory running virtually unopposed on election day in November. Yet this mural campaign advertisement has remained there during that time between primary and general election and still remains to this day in Mid-January.

Wonder why is that? And the other wondrous thing about this campaign mural ad is that it hasn’t been tagged over with graffiti, even though the Restler campaign deftly painted over a couple tags that are still visible,usually you would get your ass kicked for desecrating another graffiti artists work for that breach of street art protocol. Yet Restler’s campaign mural is still immaculate.

Although this might be easy to miss while commuting by car and even bicycle, (which has a painted and a two way line on the sidewalk), the only way you can probably see this ad is if you walk out of the navy yard entrance that connects to Clinton Avenue, but the bigger mystery is how this was missed by New York City’s campaign finance board, which clearly shows Lincoln is heavily violating charter rules for this thing still being up. To my knowledge, there has been zero reporting about this shit that Linky left on this wall from the legacy news media websites and even from at least 5 Brooklyn news blogs. The only one that actually brought attention to this was defeated rival Victoria Cambranes which she photographed and tweeted a month after the election was over.

One things for sure, somebody or some collective entity are paying for this way outdated campaign mural to remain on this wall. Because whoever owns this building has definitely sold it’s walls to be used for advertisements. The artwashing kind. Because around the corner from Lincoln Restler’s blight, there’s a creative street art piece bought by Oscar Mayer.

But on Restler’s campaign mural, there is nothing identifying who put this up, not even one of those “paid for by the yadda yadda yadda of so and so” notifications like on every normal campaign ad.

But there is a tell on who and what entity is behind it, and that’s where (safe streets) factors in this. Why the Restler campaign and the entity would need to put open streets in parenthesis is subliminal advertising and promotion, very boldly considering the size of the ad and the font. For there are these urbanish bike zealots and “public space” lobbies and think tanks that have gained massive influence in most of our liberal city officials and even in the Department of Transportation in the last decade, which hit an extreme tipping point during the pandemic when former Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council cronies approved new bike infrastructure and, ahem, open streets that makes them open for people to mingle and frolic on them while closing them to vehicular traffic. This also led to notorious open restaurants program, usurping former parking spaces for cars to place outdoor dining shanties for people to eat and avoid catching covid.

And since his brief time in City Council, Restler has shown how deep he is with these bike zealots and urbanish entities, tweeting about making more bike lanes and open streets for his district, which consists of mostly upper class wokish thinkers like him. This behavior and this illegal campaign ad has shown that Lincoln Restler is a willing and defiant servant of agency capture, being that he is serving in the private interests of the “open streets” urbanish minority and their financial backers over the will of his constituency. And as long as Linky keeps that shit on that wall, it manifestly confirms it.

Yet Lincoln is not the only one enslaved by the “open streets” agency capture. His hipster neighbor and buddy Assembly Member Emily Gallagher brazenly showed her dedication to the urbanish open streets cult by arranging a zoom trivia contest with her gentry bike zealot base that was co-hosted by the transportation totalitarian caliphate members and actorvists and also some author whose book Emily was promoting, and the contest’s theme was…. “safe streets.”

And the fun part is that you had to donate to her re-election campaign to participate it, making people literally pay to play it.


Surely, whatever answers there were to this trivia game where wholly rigged to fit the Transportation totalitarians narrative and surely will be sneakily processed into her policy proposals to take to Albany, circumventing whatever community reaction and detraction to them.

These people may act wholesome ideologues, but they don’t fuck around when it comes to the little power they wield and whatever means necessary they will try to achieve to placate their greedy and selfish benefactors. All while unaccountability continues to get more normalized in the borough of Crooklyn and the rest of this goddamn fucking city.


A Crooklyn resident informed me that this Flushing Ave. warehouse where this illegal campaign mural still stands is own by a person named Marc Agger, a very successful businessman who runs a fish distribution business and is on the advisory board of Transportation Alternatives.

There’s the connection to the (safe streets) mention. Why there’s no indication of who is paying for this ad which would have racked up over a million dollars in fines in a normal city run by ethical and moral officials who care about things like accountability. But NYC would rather be a dystopian kakistocracy with bike lanes.

Mayor Eric Adams Crony Nepotism Police Squad,f_auto,fl_progressive,g_center,h_675,pg_1,q_80,w_1200/36812468281276d752d683ae3be898cf.jpg

Mayor Swagger

Manhattan, New York

Mayor Eric Adams first week on the job was truly wild. The mayor promised to be a big presence in New York City and get shit stuff done, notably to bring proactive policing back and he wasn’t fucking around. Not even 12 hours into his mayoralty after being sworn in a minute after midnight in Times Square, he’s calling 911 while witnessing a street fight from a train station and doing most of his press conferences outside, showing more visibility and optical accountability than his Bill de Blasio did in his 8 abominable years as mayor. And during his publicity blitz, Eric Adams defiantly announced that he was going to bring swagger back to the city to get through the current rut that’s being induced by a rejuvenated pandemic.

Adams also fulfilled his promise to appoint a Black Woman as NYPD commissioner. And introduced her at the Queensbridge Houses where the new commish was raised up with great fanfare. Time will tell if the historic hiring of Nassau Chief of Detectives Keechant Sewell will return public safety to all New Yorkers big and small. Adams also decided to appoint a deputy mayor for public safety, a role resuscitated from the David Dinkins era that was made to bring down the high levels of crime that was plaguing the city at the time back in the early 90’s, a decision that actually makes sense considering that 100,000 index crimes were committed in New York City last year during de Blasio’s recovery for all of us.

But like his fiendish predecessor The Blaz, Adams has sadly tainted her moment and this city with the quickness by bolstering a close friend and his kid brother to official high brass NYPD positions practically right beside her. Even more warped that he pulled this machination stunt on a fucking snow day while Adams was working remote in his basement of the rowhouse he owns in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.  As the last sprinkles of the first snowfall of the year came down and while he was producing another stupid video about getting stuff done on the @NYCMayor twitter account, his longtime friend and mayoral campaign advisor Phillip Banks appointed himself as the new Deputy Mayor of Public Safety.

That’s right. A citizen appointed himself to an administrative position in the Mayor’s office, not Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City. And not just an ordinary citizen, but a citizen who was ensconced in a federal investigation while he was about to be appointed by the Blaz as deputy chief to Commissioner in cases involving bribery, pimping and money laundering with other top brass NYPD officers and two of de Blasio’s earliest and dedicated developer donors Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg.

And Phil Banks didn’t just do this on the down low, he announced this in a major private equity firm owned local newspaper The New York Daily News and was given editorial space by the print/digital publication in the opinion section to defend his self-hiring as well.

This can only be described as deranged. The NY Daily News actually published Phil’s editorial 6 hours before they reported it and erroneously headlined it as Eric Adams’s decision while hyperlinking the New York Times story of his crony’s hubris laden proclamation from a few hours earlier.

I don’t think I’ve never seen a major newspaper and journalism this compromised ever before. And to read Phil’s screed is like he thinks he’s doing the city a favor, and his claims that his self-appointment confirms his commitment to uphold law and order amplifies his hubris.

“The law is in my blood.”

But Banks blood was so low when he was officially promoted in 2014, he must have needed a transfusion or had anemia considering how deep he was in the pay to play access shenanigans he was pulling off with Jona and Jeremy, who were tremendously emboldened by de Blasio giving them a free pass for all their money bundling for him, as they were partying down and getting laid with the top echelon of the NYPD. When the feds started following his ass like Henry Hill catching Banks using multiple ATM’s, he didn’t have the swagger to continue his chief of departments role for Commish Bratton and abruptly stepped off. How Philty Phil managed to escape indictment is truly another one of the greatest stories of the naked city.

What’s not a mystery is how Banks had adjusted to his self-appointed position and how swift he grasped the power that came with it. When the NY Post reported that Commissioner Sewell  announced the termination  of the Internal Affairs Bureau Commissioner Joseph Reznick and deputy inspector Robert Ganley, who both were earning a salary and a pension while working in their respective roles. While most taxpayers and those who call for defunding the police think this would be a good thing removing two double-dipping bureaucrats off the city largesse, this move was truly rather sudden and erratic because Adams had no one to fill their positions. And considering the case of the IAB, it was confounding that the Mayor wouldn’t have an immediate replacement being after he told cops at the 103 Pct. in Jamaica that he will not tolerate abuse of the badge and the law. Even more confounding is how these two high brass cops got the boot for collecting two city salaries while Patrick Monahan is getting paid twice still working for the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

But there’s a reason for this shakeup, a nasty vindictive reason. Commissioner Sewell did not fire Reznick and Ganley, Deputy Mayor of Public Safety Phillip Banks did. And he fired them even though he doesn’t have the authority to, Sewell does. And he fired them when he wasn’t even appointed as Deputy Mayor yet, and Banks got some sweet revenge on Resznick because the IAB was investigating his criminal pay to play and money laundering operation while he was working for Bratton and de Blasio.

It’s really hysterical that Mayor Adams was rightfully being cautious about appointing his pal and adviser ever since it was announced he would be playing a role to reduce crime in NYC even though he assigned him the duty of vetting the next Black Female police commissioner, but to let him just invite and hire himself under the collective noses and behind the backs of his constituents and the press early in the morning on a fucking snow day is a good way to convey the swagger he promised to bring to City Hall. 

But not content with bring cronyism back to Park Row, Adams rode on that swagger momentum and hired his brother Bernard to be deputy commissioner of the NYPD on the next fucking day! Surely Mayor Swagger thought that since de Blasio made his tax boondoggle wife the co-mayor by making the First Lady a de facto municipal position and also how he hired his son to film b-roll videos of his parents (along with a college chum of his) that there would be no scrutiny or outrage about his nepotism hire, except that Bernie Adams was going to get paid $240,000 for his job whereas Chirlie and Dante (to my knowledge) worked for free so the Blaz wouldn’t violate city charter rules for hiring his relatives. Not the case with Adams, for swagger supersedes over all and justifies everything.

Or so he thought, because a few days later, the Mayor removed Bernie from that post and and appointed him to a manufactured a new position as head of his personal security, which also commands a hefty salary of $210,000. Hizzoner’s reason why he feels his brother is necessary and “qualified” for this role and why he broke his first campaign promise to not be flanked by cops everywhere he goes (while carrying a piece) is his perception and unconfirmed premise of white supremacist and anarchists in the city. Which sure sounds like he got this idea because of the actual rising resistance against him continuing de Blasio’s fascist vaccine extortion mandate in restaurants and entertainment and leisure venues and the workplace.

Especially when anti-mandate protesters came to his house.

It’s quite obvious how Mayor Adams is not blurring any lines between being professional and personal about his crony and nepotism hires, but the way he’s been defiant about his Bernie bro is truly batshit laughable. From describing his qualifications to lead an Executive Protection Unit team touting his leadership experience when in the last decade his brother was an assistant director of a Virginia college faculty parking (or maybe an assistant to the actual director) and how Bern’s presence will scare those nasty white supremacist anarchists out of town.

By the way, these are the white supremacists Adams is so worried about, which is why his NYPD won’t confirm this threat:

There also is another reason Hizzoner gave his brother a fat paycheck city job and it’s probably because Bernard needs the money after his involvement in a pyramid scheme while he was Virginia’s U glorified parking attendant. No wonder he was quick fast to come back to the city after his big brother won. And like Mr.  P. Banks, Bernie also made his presence and influence felt with immediacy given that the Mayor is considering removing the NYPD from his security detail and replace them with a private contractor, this not only will easily be rewarded to a donor Adams wants to reciprocate but also will make Bernard’s job easier considering being a rent-a-cop parking valet for nearly a decade by supervising a whole platoon of rent-a-cops protecting the Mayor wherever he goes. Can’t wait to see these hired goons on Citibikes!

But this is no fucking joke, these crony and nepotism hires are serious lapses of ethics and morals and a shit-stained middle finger at accountability, which was savagely emphasized by Hizzoner’s spox Stefan Ringel who told the press about Banks’ self-appointment that “we do things in a different way” in City Hall now, which got absolutely no follow up question from the press or any reaction from city officials.

Phillip Banks and Bernard Adams have also buttoned their lips since getting their plum positions, but it’s quite obvious that their presence has reduced the first Black Female NYPD commissioner in New York City history into a figurehead position, despite what Mayor Adams denials and protestations.

When Mayor Adams made his first speech to New Yorkers, he compared his constituency to Snapple soft drinks, saying they were made of the best stuff on earth. But in only a few weeks, Mayor Product Placement is already running the city like he’s the Burger King, because for the coming four years, he’s going to have it his way.


Scenes Of Queens: Donald Manes’s Vault

This scene takes place in Kew Gardens at Queens Borough Hall, office of the Queens Borough President, currently held by one Donovan Richards.

This was taken during the Winter Solstice and Christmas holiday, where there was an incident at the Umbrella Hotel across the street, but it’s being documented now because of the significance of today’s date. Marking the anniversary of the day the longest reigning Queens Borough President Donald Manes attempted suicide by the Grand Central Parkway.

Walking by the disheveled tree the Hall set up, there was a monument that caught my eye

It was hard to tell and photograph because it was taken near dusk, so after I was observing the weird shit going on at the Umbrella Hotel, I returned to this spot at dark to get a better and illuminated snapshot.

Looks like the long ago World’s Borough Prez left a time capsule here just a few years before his personal troubles and city scandals got exposed. And it’s got another 61 years until whatever contents will finally be found when the “world’s borough” turns 300 (!!!). It’s a wonder what could possibly be stored in here, but from the looks of the cracks around it maybe Donnie pried it open on intermittent weekends to store his cash bribes in here in the dead of night?…

Nah, back in the 80’s we had journalists like Jimmy Breslin, Wayne Barrett and Jack Newfield that never slept on these shady politicos and their corrupt machinations. The latter two legendary reporters wound up collaborating on a book of Manes and his elite appointed and elected cronies dastardly foibles called City For Sale, so there’s no way Manes would get his hands that dirty. Besides, he decided to snuff it for good two months later at his house by stabbing himself in the chest when his psychiatrist visited him on a house call, so he could avoid going to trial for his crime schemes.

But as the last mayor Big Bad Bill de Blasio has shown, the city is still for sale and even easier to loot and occupy with patronage hires. In fact, The Blaz even has his own time capsule in Park Slope at his 3 story townhouse that is currently under renovation. Since 2019. And it’s a sure bet he and his wife put a lot of filthy bribe and city taxpayer money buried somewhere in this makeshift vault.

The city is not going to wait as long as Manes’s time capsule to see what in the de Blasio’s money pit house, since it’s scheduled to be done and open about 5-6-7 months from now. Which is hysterical since this means that Bill and Chirlie (and probably Dante and Chiara) have no place to live since leaving Gracie Mansion over a week ago. New York City’s former first couple is currently squatting at a Marriot Hotel in Downtown Brooklyn, which makes it deliciously ironic given de Blasio’s own gerrymandering homeless policy of sending the destitute to hotels all over the five boroughs for 8 years and now the motherfucker and his tax boondoggle wife are homeless themselves.

Unfortunately for the memory of Donald Manes and the three aforementioned muckrakers that took him down, The Blaz managed to slither out of City Hall unscathed despite his two terms of brazen dirty deeds. Maybe it’s because Manes wasn’t as smart cunning as his sinister progenitor, but it’s also because local news media is entirely compromised, more concerned about access than accountability. But fate has a nasty habit of fucking shit up for even lucky bastards like de Blasio, although so much as been written about his graft, maybe it’ll take a couple of stories salacious enough to take him down and bring an abrupt end to his aspirations to serve in public office. Here’s hoping that Blaz’s Park Slope capsule will remain chained and locked for just as long as Donald Manes’s borough hall locker.

To quote Preet Bharara, the guy who got fired by Donald Trump as he was about to indict The Blaz:

Stay tuned…



New Bad Days 92: This is DeBlastopia

Bill de Blasio, leaves City Hall laughing at New Yorker’s expense and enabled rising crime waves not seen in 20 years.

The Blaz era is finally and mercifully over but his contribution to the New Bad Days of  will go down in history as the greatest regression of New York City in 50 years and will surely continue to plague this town for years to come.

With the exception of burglary which went down mostly because people are still home or not working because of the continuing pandemic (which the Blaz prolonged with his idiotic mandates but that’s another post for another day), all other felony index crimes went up, notably murders and shootings which have not reached these plateaus in nearly 20 years. Rapes and sexual assaults also saw distressing inclines as well as muggings and car theft. The biggest crime wave that enveloped the city were hate crimes with most of the bias attacks being committed against Asians and Jewish people by predominantly Black people, although most of the aggressors were emotionally disturbed.

Not listed on COMPSTAT is people killed by fires in the last year which went up by 16%. 

The Blaz’s continuing abdication of his role in keeping mass transit running smoothly led to the rise of subway crime and violence. His indifference to his persistently dangerous homeless shelters led to another rise of homelessness sheltering in subway trains and stations and his failed mental health farce run by his tax boondoggle wife has led to a blowback of suicides that also went up in the subway as well. To illustrate how dangerous the rails have devolved to, a woman made a viral video locking herself to a pole with a cheap bike chain and lock to avoid getting randomly pushed to the tracks (it was on an elevated platform too), even though she was already making her vulnerable to getting mugged or even killed by other means by trapping herself.

This woman wasn’t the only one taking preemptive measures to somewhat protect herself, the fine folks running Bank of America in their tower lair in Bryant Park advised their employees to loosen their ties and leave their suits at home when they commute to work, fearing their attire would make them easy marks for muggings, turning casual Friday to casual everyday.

Speaking of being trapped and living in fear, with former mayor de Blasio’s maniacal insistence and persistence to reopen the schools full time, NYC schools had to deal with the double threat of coronavirus and gun violence (with the remainder the usual bullying that still traditionally goes on in public and parochial schools) during a deleterious period of under-staffing of school safety officers on account of de Blasio’s extortion vaccine mandate. While a handful of guns confiscated were reportedly gang related, a lot of students are bringing myriad weapons to protect themselves to add to the 28% rise in confiscations compared to 2 years ago. Also speaking of being trapped and living in fear, the last month at Rikers under de Blasio’s reign and his shit lib buddy interim D.O.C. commish Schiraldi continued to mire in chaos and decay as another 3 inmate died inside the prison complex, surely enhanced by a sharp drop in C.O. personnel that didn’t comply with the extortion mandate.

But de Blasio saved his best worst for the last on the streets of New York (besides his monstrously illegal destruction of East River Park). As if he was suddenly reminded that there was a mass drug abuse crisis with over 2,000 people dying of drug overdoses from heroin and fentanyl, seemingly forgetting all about it because he was busy ignoring the rise in crime and homelessness while shilling vaccines and trying to machinate an economic recovery for the city, The Blaz got the gumption to open two doping intake centers in two predominantly BIPOC neighborhoods in East Harlem and Washington Heights.

While these facilities have proven to be effective to prevent overdoses in other nations, The Blaz still found a way to fuck up another progressive program by also permitting junkies to smoke crack, meth and K-2 in them as well. Another thing he royally fucked up was placing these smack/crack houses by grade schools and day care centers. This has set off alarm bells among the small business owners and residents of these communities, that even Al Sharpton returned to the streets to protest against them like he did when he painted scarlet letters on crack houses in Brownsville and Bed-Stuy back in the 80’s. And as with everything Bill de Bacle touches it comes with his recidivist corruption, as he circumvented state laws to approve permits to turn to uptown neighborhoods into Hampsterdams and like with the Department of Social Services and the city’s dangerous homeless shelters, the city’s Department of Health is letting the non-profits who are running these smack/crack houses monitor themselves regarding the treatment of the junkies and the budgeting as well.

And of course when talking about the streets, lets not forget de Blasio’s other massive failure that is Vision Zero, which has led to rise in casualties and accidents despite the city’s hostile and spiteful street redesigns and infrastructure all to punitively abolish the existence of cars from the streets.

To top it all off, de Blasio’s heinous indifference and insouciance to over 100,000 criminal actions under his watch last year as led to the crushing low morale in the NYPD, that a majority of cops don’t even want to patrol and protect and serve in NYC anymore, a collective dismaying despondence that has New York’s finest turning their backs on the citizenry like they turned their backs to The Blaz 7 years ago.

Bill de Blasio spent 2021 lamely trying to bring a recovery for all of us, but the city of New York begins 2022 in a state of deBlastopia.


In Morningside Heights, a man stabbed another man to death in a random attack in the park as the victim was heading home to after having soccer practice with his team. The victim then bled to death on a nearby street corner. The deranged gangbanger then went 13 blocks south to randomly attack another man by stabbing him twice in the back. Then he tried to continue his bloody streak by Central Park where he tried to attack a couple and swung his knife at the man. The man and his girlfriend continued to flee from the killer, which was enough time for the cops to catch him in the act and arrest him to stop his bloody spree.

Also in Morningside Heights at the 116th St. Station, a man pushed a Citibike he stole into a woman on the platform and yelled bigoted remarks at her. The perp assaulted another person with another Citibike at the 96th St. Station a month earlier as he tried to force himself onto an elevator. Following his arraignment for that assault, a judge let him off without bail.

In Midtown, a man holding a sawed-off shotgun under his chin got into a hour-long standoff with militarized cops in front of the entrance of the United Nations. NYPD also deployed snipers to stand by. Security at the UN let the distraught man to turn in notebooks he was carrying to an official and then he went back outside and surrendered.

Also in Midtown at the 49th St. Station, a man beat another man to a bloody pulp following an argument on the platform.

Again in Midtown at the 59th St./Lexington Ave. Station, a man yelled bigoted slurs at a woman and threatened to stab her with one of his two shivs he made from pieces of wood.

And again in Midtown, a man got stabbed in the leg following a chase and during a brawl with a man who tried to steal a handbag from his vendor table.

And again in Midtown, a homeless man climbed to the top of a Christmas tree in front of the Fox News Network building and set it on a fire, burning the tree to a crisp. The man got released on his own recognizance following his arrest the next day because arson is not a serious enough crime unless someone perishes and dies from the flames, even though he was having malicious thoughts all day long about burning it. Fox’s Tannebaum homage costs a half of million dollars to set up.

A week before the pyromaniac declared a war on Christmas against FOX, the kook flashed his penis to a gaggle of reporters who were outside of the courthouse where the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was going on Downtown.

And again in Midtown, a man got caught lifting a wallet out of a woman’s purse by cops patrolling Rockefeller Center by the big ass tree. He was easy to spot because the pickpocket thief has been arrested 30 times before for petty larceny and was let go with desk appearance tickets every single time.

And again in Midtown at the 7th Ave. Station, a man slapped another man in the face after borrowing his cellphone because he saw a picture on it that looked gay to him.

In Times Square, a man punched a store owner in the face after he was asked to put on a face mask.

Also in Times Square, a man shoplifted women’s clothes and accessories from a clothing store and then injured a cop who was trying to arrest him after catching him trying to flee. The owners of the retail fashion chain ordered the store manager to drop the case because they didn’t want to contribute to the “carceral” system by putting another man in jail, even though the crook had a long record of arrests for petty larceny.

In East Harlem, at the 125th St. Station, a man pulled out a gun and shot at two other men multiple times as they boarded the 4 train. Their assailant is still on the loose.

Also in East Harlem, a 14-year-old girl caught a stray bullet in the leg while she was walking to her cousin’s apartment on the grounds of the Wagner Houses. A man ran away from the crime scene.

In Harlem, cops confiscated over 50 cars with illegal temporary license plates and found three loaded guns during searches of them.

Also in Harlem, a man shot at another man after he failed to car-jack him as his mark hit the gas and fled, who happened to be an off-duty cop.

Again in Harlem, a man got shot in the shin while walking on the street.

And again in Harlem, a young man shot another man to death in front of a barber shop in broad daylight. The killer had a few hit rap songs on the Billboard charts.

In Inwood, two men got shot in front of an apartment building, one of them died from a point blank blast to the head.

Also in Inwood, two men got shot on the street from a drive-by.

In Washington Heights, a body cam caught on fire while a cop was wearing it inside his police station and then it exploded when he took off his jacket, leading the NYPD to recall 2,000 of them.

Also in Washington Heights, a man barged into a barber shop and yelled at a man inside and then shot him to death when he came outside to confront him.

In the Upper West Side, a homeless man walked up to woman on the sidewalk and punched her in the face after petting her dog, knocking some of her teeth out. Then he randomly punched another woman in the face in front of a kosher supermarket. The judge let the maniac loose without bail following his arraignment for the two assaults and another assault he committed in the summer that he had an arrest warrant for.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 79th St. Station, a man committed suicide by jumping in front of the arriving 1 train.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man stabbed a 71-year-old man with a screwdriver multiple times and robbed his wallet inside a deli.

And again in the Upper West Side, a homeless man sucker punched another 75-year-old homeless man from behind inside a bank ATM area and kicked him on the floor while he was down because the elderly man accidentally pissed on him while he was sleeping rough on the sidewalk.

In the Upper East Side, two men and a woman were caught by cops squatting inside a  multi-million dollar townhouse that was abandoned by a high end fashion designer a decade ago.

Also in the Upper East Side, two off-duty firemen beat the hell out of another man at a bar following an argument.

Again in the Upper East Side, a man killed himself when he collided into the back of a delivery truck on his mini-motor scooter.

And again in the Upper East Side, a food delivery man lost control of his truck and hit and killed two men who were on the sidewalk. One of them was an app-food delivery guy on an ebike.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man pushed a stack of milk crates on a woman who was coming out of a store.

In Central Park, a man robbed and assaulted three men while exploiting kids to run a candy sale scheme when he and an accomplice lifted a man’s wallet during a bogus sale, punched two other men in the face in two incidents where his marks refused to buy sweets off him. Cops found him loitering in the park again and arrested him

In the East Village, a man was caught trespassing in a NYCHA building wandering around the hallways with a katana sword and trying to get into tenants apartments.

Also in the East Village, a man blew up his apartment at the Jacob Riis Houses by charging nine e-batteries to scooters and mini-bikes at once, which caused an explosion and a two alarm fire that left his wife with critical burns and that forced her teenage son and daughter to escape to safety by climbing out the window and using a pole outside the building to slide down.

The kids and their mother had no other escape from the apartment because the lock on the front door was broken, which the tenants made five previously complaints to NYCHA management to get it fixed. The mother wound up hospitalized in critical condition.

Again in the East Village, the Department of Transportation painted speed limit notifications on the street and misspelled MPH.

And again in the East Village, a man shot at someone on the street and shattered the window panes on a bus stop.

And again in the East Village at the Astor Pl. Station, a man got arrested for waving around a Bat pistol on the 6 train.

In the Lower East Side, an argument between two gangs on the street escalated when a man shot at another man at the notoriously violent Sara Roosevelt Park and a stray bullet penetrated the third floor window of a charter school.

Also in the Lower East Side at the Delancey St./ Essex St. Station, a man punched an MTA custodian in the face and then he took his dustpan and smacked him with it, knocking him out on the platform.

Again in the Lower East Side at the East Broadway Station, a man got into an argument with other men on the platform and then shot at them and ran away.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man got rowdy inside a bodega and punched a 77-year-old worker in the face as he was trying to get him out the store.

In Murray Hill, a man grabbed and molested a woman from behind as she was walking on the sidewalk and then he stole her cellphone.

Also in Murray Hill, a man punched a cop in the face and knocked her to the ground after she tried to stop him from shoplifting products from a chain pharmacy he already looted from before.

Again in Murray Hill, two teenage girls jumped a 75-year-old woman as she came out of her apartment building and knocked her down to the pavement and robbed her designer bag and her cellphone. Then they used her bank cards to buy shit at a store in the Upper East Side.

In Herald Square, a store at Macy’s got smashed into and a mannequin got stripped of over $1,000 worth of clothes and the thief left the dummy for dead lying on the sidewalk.

In Irving Square, an off-duty C.O. pulled out his gun in the middle of a concert at Irving Plaza during an argument with his girlfriend.

Also in Irving Square, two people got jabbed with an syringe on their asses during a rock concert.

In Alphabet City, a man fired his gun five times on the grounds of the Jacob Riis Houses.

In Tribeca, a roof blew off a restaurant shanty and landed onto the bike lane during a windy evening, causing injuries to a patron sitting inside.

Also in Tribeca, a man robbed the same department store nearly thirty times and finally got pinched by the cops after he fled with a case of red bulls.

Again in Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a man attacked and stabbed a woman in the stomach twice on the platform after she refused to open the emergency gate for him so he wouldn’t pay the fare.

In Chelsea, a man tried to torch two police cars parked in front of a precinct by pathetically trying to light rags on the gas caps. The fool arsonist previously got caught trying to light a patrol car ablaze at a precinct in Hell’s Kitchen back in August.

Also in Chelsea, a man grabbed a woman walking on the sidewalk under a scaffolding and pinned her to the pavement and tried to rip her clothes off but his rape attempt was thwarted by cops who caught him in the act.

Again in Chelsea, a homeless man attacked another man in front of a dollar slice  pizzeria and stabbed him in the guts twice to steal his cellphone. Then the man ran down the block and tried to hide in a homeless shelter building where the provider’s main offices also are located.

In Penn Station, a garbage can caught on fire from sparks coming from the ceiling in the PATH station’s concourse corridor.

In Downtown Manhattan, a man drew swastikas on a column at the entrance of city hall and the big charging bull. The homeless fascist also tagged swastikas on a construction site wall in the area.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Station, a man shoved a woman down the stairs from behind. Then he punched her in the face after she landed on the ground and tried to strip her clothes off but was stopped by a Samaritan before he got to rape her. But the deviant managed to flee.

In Chinatown at the Canal St. Station, a man attempted suicide by standing on the tracks as the 6 train arrived and ran him over but he was able to survive.

In Union Square, an off-duty cop drove his car the wrong way on the street while driving drunk.

In Washington Square Park, an actress who’s been playing a cop on TV for over two decades told a man to stop singing so she and her crew can shoot a scene for an episode of SVU.

A rapper is arranging freestyle rap videos on the subway trains on social media. I wonder how Omicron spread so fast?

In Greenwich Village at the West 4th St. Station, a man in his birthday suit walked on the trackbed and came close to frying himself on the third rail.

Meanwhile on the subway, a man takes a fountain piss on the C train.



In Astoria, vandals set a ring of fire around a tree at a playground.

Also in Astoria, an off-duty cop broke down the door of her girlfriend’s apartment during an argument.

Again in Astoria, a man shot another man in the leg on the street following an argument.

And again in Astoria, a woman got killed and another woman got wounded when two men shot at each other after a fight over the victim escalated in front of a niteclub where she was celebrating her and her twin sister’s birthdays. The victim worked as a school safety agent for the NYPD and her boyfriend, who also got wounded during the shootout, wound up arrested for gun possession. Her ex-boyfriend killer is still on the loose even after he got pulled over for speeding by cops in New Jersey, meaning the NYPD never put an APB on him.

In Woodside, an off-duty cop got jumped by a gang of three men in front of a nite club and got into a shootout with them when they tried to rob jewels off him. The cop managed to kill one of them while taking a bullets to his leg and chest during the fusillade exchange. The two others managed to flee, but one of the thugs got caught by cops at a Bronx hospital as he went to get his wounds treated the other suspect is still on the loose.

Also in Woodside at the 61 St. Station, a man fell on to the tracks and got stuck underneath the 7 train.

In Jamaica at the 169th St. Station, a homeless man grabbed a woman from behind and attempted to rape her on the stairwell and then fled when a witness caught him in the act.

Also in Jamaica, a man shot another man to death and wounded another man from point blank range at the front door of a house as three of his accomplices robbed the place during a home invasion robbery.

Again in Jamaica, a man strangled a woman and then shoved a gun in her face inside her apartment during a domestic dispute. The thug did this after he posted bail for savagely beating down a 68-year-old man to the concrete in East New York last summer.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot another man in the hand during an argument over a parking space in broad daylight.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot at two men from his car at a street corner during a drive-by, killing one of them in broad daylight.

In South Jamaica, a man shot a woman to death from across the street as she was about to enter her car following an argument.

In Elmhurst, a man walked into a grocery store and easily stole $72,000 that was left inside the cash register and waltzed back out to the street. Could be an inside job.

In Briarwood, a young man sneaked into a public school and cornered an 11-year-old boy inside a restroom and held him at knifepoint and stole a bottle of water from him. Then the kook randomly attacked a man on a street corner nearby and slashed him twice but only causing tears to his jacket.

Parents at school found out about the brazen holdup a week after the holdup by officials. Which entirely falls in line with how the Board of Education run by Bill de Blasio and Chancellor Porter has been informing parents of COVID-19 infections, by keeping everyone in the dark to maintain the Blaz’s illusory “gold standard”.

Also in Briarwood, a man stabbed his girlfriend to death inside his apartment with a sword during a domestic dispute. After he stuffed her in a closet, he called 911 and tried to fool cops into thinking her death was caused during a home invasion robbery.

In Ridgewood at the Seneca Ave. Station, a man grabbed a 64-year-old woman by her handbag as he tried to rip it off her, then he pulled her back as she tried to get on the M train and punched her in the head.

In Middle Village, a man held up another man at gunpoint in front of a corner store and stole a bag off of him in broad daylight.

Also in Middle Village, an argument and a brawl between two men at a homeless shelter escalated when one of them stabbed the other multiple times at the front door of the facility.

Again in Middle Village, a 79-year-old woman got killed by a hit-and-run driver as she was loading Christmas presents into her car.

In East Elmhurst, a man broke into his ex-girlfriends house through a window and shot another her current boyfriend to death after a tussle with him.

In Ozone Park, a rookie cop used taxpayer funded surveillance technology to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

In South Ozone Park, a man shot another man to death in the middle of a block. The victim survived a gang related mass shooting a year earlier.

In Long Island City, a woman died from a fire inside her apartment at the Queensbridge Houses. She was found with her wrists slashed when her body was recovered after the blaze.

In St. Albans, a woman got shot in the arm while she was sitting in a parked car at 1 a.m.

In Rockaway Beach, an 8th grade student threatened to shoot up a middle/high school and officials didn’t notify parents of the potential attack.

In Flushing, an elderly couple died in a fire that destroyed their apartment in the early morning hours as they slept.

Also in Flushing, a fugitive cow tried to escape on the 7 train.

Again in Flushing, a man walked into a Sikh temple and stole 50 bucks that was left on an alter and then pulled a gun on a man who caught and tried to stop him.

In Forest Hills, a man threw two boulders through the glass doors of a church.

Also in Forest Hills, a man stalked a woman to her apartment building and then grabbed her and held her at knifepoint inside the elevator but the woman fought back as he was trying to reach into her pockets and he ran off. Then the man stalked another woman to her apartment building and then got into the elevator with her and also held her up at knifepoint, compelling her to empty her purse. When the woman showed she had no money to give him, the man decided to sexually assault her when he tried to remove her pants but gave up when the woman resisted and he fled the building. The man was a registered sex offender who was dwelling at a hotel homeless shelter in Corona where the Department of Homeless Services placed him after serving time for raping a teenage girl and another woman along with other charges for robbery.

In Jackson Heights, a man got killed when he got hit by a city bus as he was jaywalking.

Also in Jackson Heights, a fight between two gangs on the street escalated when one man pulled out a gun and shot two men, killing one of them with a blast to the head.

In Rochdale Village, two men shot three men in a car during a drug deal gone wrong at a shopping mall parking lot and got away with his accomplice driving an SUV.

In Hollis, two men stabbed another man to death on the sidewalk nearby the victim’s house, then the suspects stabbed another man to death on the street in Jamaica about 90 minutes later. One of the killers was found by the cops and arrested at a hotel in Manhattan that was being used as a homeless shelter for people recently sprung from prison.

In Kew Gardens Hills, two men broke into a man’s house, held him up at gunpoint and then pistol whipped him and snatched his car keys and stole his Benz.

In Queens Village, a man got shot to death on a suburban block after midnight.

In Richmond Hill, a man drove up next to a parked car in his fancy car and shot at a man sitting inside in broad daylight as stray bullets spread all over the vicinity and fortunately did not hit anyone or anything.

In Willets Point, a man beat up a 17-year-old boy on the 7 train and then flashed a gun at him in an attempt to steal his cellphone.

On Roosevelt Island, a homeless woman attacked another woman with a pair of scissors and slashed her in the stomach on the F train.

In Murray Hill, a city council crony found three of his cars tagged with the word “refund”, meant to be a slight on his decision to cut funding from the NYPD last year. The actual real criminal offense here may be that a city official owns three cars.

In Corona, a woman left her two sons, ages 2 and 4, outside alone in front of her apartment building.

Car thefts and stolen car parts have doubled during the holidays in Southside Queens.

On Rikers Island, an inmate headbutted a C.O. on his nose after he refused to relinquish a razor blade he was hiding in his mouth inside an intake center.

In Rego Park, dozens of cops responded to an emergency call from a chain restaurant after they refused service to forty customers of not having vaccine passports (known here as the “Key To NYC”) and arrested six people for “trespassing”.

Also in Rego Park,, NYPD deployed over three dozen cops to enforce former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s key to NYC vaccine mandate at the Queens Center Mall. Where they bounced out a 5-year-old boy out of a restaurant for not having a vaccine passport.

After kicking the little boy and his mother out, the vaccinated and masked vaccine mandate gestapo proceeded to kick out other patrons lacking the key to NYC vax pass and arrested 5 others for refusing to leave.


In East New York, a man stole a school bus and rammed into a half dozen cars parked on a street while fleeing from the cops in pursuit and as citizens wailed and yelled in outrage at the leniency being displayed by the cops on the sidewalk, watching the demolition the thief caused.

Also in East New York, a man shot another man in the face following a dispute on the street.

Again in East New York, a MTA official got caught with a comical blow up doll inside his car.

And again in East New York, two men attacked a cashier and punched his face multiple times at a fast food restaurant because they didn’t get their food order fast enough.

In Bed-Stuy, a man shot his friend to death on the street where they both lived on.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man to death from behind in the middle of a  courtyard at the Henry Houses in the dead of night.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot two men in their legs on the street in broad daylight. Both victims claimed they did not know who their assailant was.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man died from a fire inside his apartment at the Breevort Houses.

In Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man walked up to four men hanging out in front of a bodega and shot at all of them.

In City Line at the Grant Ave. Station, a man shot at another man on the A train.

In East Flatbush, a man shot a bodega worker to death when he went behind the counter and started brawling with him after he demanded $500. The killer was a regular customer there and had an argument with the worker over the price of a sandwich he ordered from them before he decided to rob the store later on. The victim was running the store for his father who was planning his wedding in Yemen.

Also in East Flatbush, a gang of boys surrounded a 67-year-old man on the sidewalk after bullying him on a city bus that they just got kicked off of and then they threw a hammer at him and pummeled him to the pavement.

Again in East Flatbush, a man got shot in the back in front of a niteclub.

And again in East Flatbush, a couple drove all the way from Georgia to a nursing home where they attempted to drop the woman’s father off at and threatened to shoot him if he didn’t get out of their car. Cops arrived and searched the car and found two loaded 9mms and three other guns with 100 rounds of ammo in their trunk.

In Canarsie, two men got shot in the middle of the street, one died and the other wounded man who survived wouldn’t identify their assailant to the cops.

Also in Canarsie, three men got shot on the street, one fatally from a blast to the throat in front of a Jamaican restaurant.

Again in Canarsie, a woman got into a brawl with cops and choked one of them when they tried to arrest her son to her house after he ran to hide there after stole beer from a bodega.

And again in Canarsie, two men got shot in front of a chain Carribean restaurant, one of them died from his wounds.

In Ocean Hill, a man got shot twice on the street in broad daylight.

In East Williamsburg, two cops responding to an emergency call at the Bushwick Houses went up to an apartment where they interviewed a man at the front door and then two shots went off. Instead of rushing in, the cops awkwardly asked him to enter the apartment with his permission, but the man immediately demurred a refusal and the cops turned their bodycams off and walked away.

The two cops did return when police backup came to answer a call about the shots they heard and ignored and arrested a man who attempted to escape out the second floor window. The other cops arrested the other man during an actual search and found the gun used and also a credit card duplicating machine and scales to measure cocaine. The cops had their badges and guns taken away from them, but transferred them to desk duty assignment, allowing them to keep their jobs as do nothing city workers.

In Williamsburg, a man got shot to death from a point blank blast to his chest during a drug deal gone bad on the street in front of a NYC Transit staircase.

Also in Williamsburg, a paraprofessional instructor pushed a student from behind then fondled her breast in the hallway at a high school.

In Bushwick, three men held up an electronics store at gunpoint and robbed it of $14,000 in cash, jewels and merchandise after they pistol whipped a worker and a customer and all three got away in a Benz.

Also in Bushwick, a homeless man was found dead and bleeding on the sidewalk with his throat slashed.

Again in Bushwick, a man shot another man in the shoulder on the street near midnight.

In Brownsville, a man shot another man to death on the street in broad daylight.

Also in Brownsville, a man got shot to death in front of a church.

Again in Brownsville, a man shot another man to death in front of an apartment building in broad daylight where a homicide occurred inside an apartment there a few months earlier.

In Crown Heights, an emotionally disturbed man got shot to death by the cops when he charged at them with a knife. The man initially called 911 on himself and when the cops arrived, the man disobeyed their orders to relinquish his knives and decided to run into the nearest subway station where the cops shot their tasers at him and they had no effect and then he ran back onto the street where he met his fate.

The cops had two previous altercations with the man in other incidents when he jumped out a window and stabbed himself. Being that this was the third and last time the cops had to handle this man’s issues (is there a three strikes and your dead rule for the mentally disturbed in NYC?), where were the so called mental health social workers from Bill de Blasio’s tax boondoggle wife’s THRIVE municipal office that were supposed to aid the NYPD to avoid deadly ramifications like this? The family of the man felt that the NYPD’s used excessive force.

Also in Crown Heights, a man shot another man in the foot inside the lobby of an apartment building.

In Midwood, a gang of ten men chased a man down the street and then caught up to him and beat him down to the pavement as one of them smashed a chair over his head. Then they rifled through his pockets and robbed whatever belongings or cash he had on him.

In Sunset Park, a man snatched a bag containing $5,000 from a trading outlet store from a worker and then he shoved her to the pavement when she tried to grab him and ran down the street.

Also in Sunset Park at the 36th Station, a man randomly pushed another man onto the tracks.

Again in Sunset Park, two men loitering inside an apartment building followed a tenant heading up the stairs and they both held him up at gunpoint in front of his apartment and proceeded to pistol whip him and shoot him in both legs.

And again in Sunset Park, a man loitering and pacing in front of building talking to himself randomly lashed out at a woman walking with her daughter and son on the sidewalk by him and then flashed a knife at them because he thought the boy called him a crackhead. Then the man tried to stab him and his sister, but their mother jumped in their way and got slashed in the stomach protecting them.

In Coney Island, three men feigning to be maintenance workers doing COVID tracing broke into a man’s apartment and beat the resident down to the floor and one of them slashed him with a knife just to steal his cellphone. Then the thugs went into a bodega to get bandaids because one of them slashed himself during the robbery.

In Brighton Beach, a man got shot to death and another man got wounded during a pot deal gone bad inside an apartment being rented by an Airbnb host.

In Sheepshead Bay at the 16th St. Station, a man committed suicide when the Q train ran over him as he was lying on the tracks.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a man broke into the same synagogue on three occasions during Haunukah and robbed $2,000 from the donation box.

In Bensonhurst, a man lit up a fire inside a bodega with a cigarette lighter.

Also in Bensonhurst, a man failed to rob a bank when he feigned to have a gun by gesturing with his hand.

Again in Bensonhurst, a man shot another man to death over a woman inside a rowhouse. The killer also attempted to shoot his ex-girlfriend during the home invasion.

In Downtown Brooklyn, 38 weapons consisting of guns, knives, tasers and pepper spray were confiscated from students who tried to sneak them into school when the Board Of Education sent a metal detector there a few days after a student got caught with loaded gun and a bag of 30 g’s in cash in class.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center Station, a man randomly punched a man in the head on the platform and then pushed him onto the tracks.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Court St. Station, a man slapped a woman’s face after she yelled at him for filming other passengers with his cellphone on the R train.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, vaccinated and masked cops responding to an emergency call at a Burger King arrested five customers for trespassing without a Key to NYC vax pass.

In Bay Ridge, two men confronted two other men and called them anti-Semetic slurs because they were wearing hoodies they didn’t like and demanded they take them off, then one of the bigoted thugs punched one of the men twice in the face.

In Red Hook, a man stabbed another man to death in front of an apartment building at the Red Hook Houses, making it the third homicide on the NYCHA property.

In Gravesend, a man taped up flyers around a high school containing narratives denigrating Black people.

In DUMBO, a man washing windows of a luxury condo building under development died after falling 10 stories and landing on a balcony.

In Brooklyn Heights, a fire broke out in a townhouse building that was being gut renovated as it spread into a neighboring building.


In Mount Eden, a man got shot to death and a young woman got shot in the hand during a drive-by when three gunmen blasted their vehicle from the sunroof and the passenger windows.

Also in Mount Eden, a man shot another man to death in the hallway of an apartment building over an argument about his sister who the victim was going out with at the time.

In Morris Heights, a man impersonating a UPS worker forced his way into a couple’s apartment and held them and their two grandchildren at gunpoint. Then another man came inside and helped his fellow bastard zip tied them and then cracked open their safe and broke open the kids piggy bank, making off with over $7,500 that they were planning on using to move to a new neighborhood. The bastards also stole two cellphones and an ipad.

In Morrisania, a man shot another man to death at point blank range on the grounds of the Morris Houses. And got caught by the cops when he went to visit his probation officer.

Also in Morrisania, an app-food delivery man got clocked in the head from behind with a brick and got beaten down to the floor by two men who then rifled through his pockets and robbed his cellphone and wallet.

Again in Morrisania, a fire in the basement of a nail salon led to the floor collapsing, causing injuries to three people inside.

In Wakefield at the 241 St. Station, a man stabbed another man to death to settle an argument on the platform that started in a bodega earlier.

In Mott Haven, a man shot another man to death in the lobby of an apartment building at the Mill Brook Houses.

Also in Mott Haven, a young man got shot in the leg inside an apartment building.

Again in Mott Haven, a man stalked a 79-year-old man on the sidewalk and grabbed his wallet as he was counting money from it. Then the thief dragged the elderly man on the sidewalk and got away with his wallet.

And again in Mott Haven, a man got killed in a car wreck when he lost control of his jeep while merging and smacked into another car driven by a drunk driver, causing him to go over the side of the highway and land upside down on the adjacent street.

And again in Mott Haven, an app-food delivery man got confronted by a man on an e-bike who rolled up towards him going the wrong direction and then another man sneaked up behind the delivery man and punched him in the head twice, knocking him to the ground and then he robbed his motor scooter and rode away with the aggressive ebike rider.

And again in Mott Haven at the 138th St. Station, a man shot fluid from his water bottle all over a token clerk as she was leaving  her booth.

And again in Mott Haven, a man mugged an 85-year-old woman inside an elevator at an apartment building and stole her purse.

In Norwood, a man got shot in the hip at a house where he tried to crash a party he wasn’t invited to.

Also in Norwood, a woman walked up to a cop standing in front of his precinct and punched him in the face.

In University Heights, a man got shot to death on a bench when two men tried to mug him on a sidewalk promenade.

Also in University Heights, a butcher caught a man shoplifting packages of meat inside his store and let him go after the perp flashed a gun at him.

In Fordham Manor, two men held up a jewelry store at gunpoint and stole a bunch of dookie rope gold chains worth over 200-300 large.

Also in Fordham Manor, a man driving a car with expired temporary plates evaded cops who tried to pull him over and engaged in a high speed chase with them, at one point where he mounted the sidewalk to get away. When the cops approached the skel’s car, he hit the gas and dragged one of them on the asphalt and ran over her leg and hip in another getaway attempt.

In Crotona Park East, a man stabbed another man in the leg during an argument in front of a bodega. The victim wound up dying from his wound a week later.

Also in Crotona Park East at the 174th St. Station, a man walked up to a woman on the platform and smacked her face and called her a racial slur.

In Crotona Park, a gang of six boys attacked a 14-year-old boy on the sidewalk and then robbed his cellphone after beating him down on the pavement with kicks and punches.

In Claremont Village, a man shot at another man who was fleeing from him on the street and a stray bullet hit a woman on the ear while she was commuting nearby.

Also in Claremont Village, a man got shot to death at point blank range on the grounds of the Morris Houses.

Again in Claremont Village and Eastchester, a woman duped two men into hooking up with her on social media and then her two accomplices held them up at gunpoint and robbed their belongings and one of their cars.

And again in Claremont Village, a man shot two men to death in the middle of the street in the dead of night.

In Allerton, two men shot a man to death on the street in broad daylight.

In Morris Park, a man killed himself and critically injured another man with him after he crashed his fancy car into a light pole after speeding down the streets and running red lights.

In the South Bronx, a man used a couple of bricks to smash the windshields of police cars parked on the sidewalk by a precinct.

In Melrose, three men carpooling to a job site got chased down by a man driving an SUV who got pissed off at them for passing his vehicle to close, then the SUV driver took out a gun and shot at them, killing a man who was sitting in the back seat.

In Belmont, a man slashed a woman multiple times with a box cutter following a dispute in front of her apartment.

In Fordham, a boy and two girls causing mayhem in a department store threw a trash can at a security guard who tried to stop them and broke her teeth.

In Westchester Square, a man got shot in the chest multiple times during a street fight.

In Soundview, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver after he stepped out his pick up truck on the highway.

In Kingsbridge Heights, a woman died in a fire inside her apartment that started in her kitchen.

In Van Nest, a four-alarm fire engulfed three row houses, leaving multiple families homeless. The FDNY had difficulty putting out the blaze because the hydrants were frozen.

In Jerome Park, a boy stabbed another boy in the back multiple times with a pair of scissors in a high school hallway.

At Yankee Stadium, a cop decided to quit the NYPD after her supervising officer repeatedly sexually harassed and raped her on and off duty and forced her to do errands and chauffeur him.

Staten Island

In Manor Heights, two men attacked two students in front of their high school as one of the them pummeled one student with kicks and punches as he laid on the pavement and the other man pinned the other student while sticking a gun to his face and then he pistol whipped him.

Days after the horrifying incident, students at the high school assembled a walkout in protest of the violence that de Blasio and the Board Of Education continued to doggedly ignore because they were too enamored with themselves about the “gold standard” they were setting keeping COVID infections down in public schools. Which everyone and their dogs knew was a lie.

In Concord, a man confronted another man at his apartment over a woman they were both seeing and got into a brawl with him while holding a knife while the resident’s wife and kids were home.  The other man then got the upper hand after getting slashed in the face and strangled him to death. Then he dragged his body into the hallway lobby and left him there for the cops to pick him up. After initially being charged with homicide, the man was released when it was found he acted in self-defense.

In Concord, a man got strangled to death following a brawl with two men inside his apartment.

In New Dorp, a man killed himself when he crashed his car into the front of a bus while speeding on the street.

In Greenridge, two men broke into a man’s house and then one of them shot him to death after they stole a gold chain from their victim.

In West Brighton, a man broke into a coffee shop by cutting through the metal roll down gate and made off with $1,000.

Also in West Brighton, cops busted a man possessing a loaded gun and a taser during a traffic stop as the perp desperately claimed innocence.

In Mariners Harbor, a man held up a gas station at gunpoint and robbed money from the register.

In Midland Beach, a man beat down a man with a baseball bat and robbed him with a gang of accomplices.

In Rosebank, a man shot his son in the chest with a shotgun inside his house during a domestic dispute and the victim stumbled outside and bled to death on the sidewalk.

In Meiers Corners, a man whipped out a gun and pointed it to another man’s face to settle an argument.

In Brighton Heights, cops caught a man walking on the street with a loaded gun.

In Eltingville, a man killed himself after crashing his car into a pole after speeding down a street. His passenger also got injured from the wreck.

In the South Shore, an off-duty firefighter beat a man to a bloody pulp on the street following an argument.

In Willowbrook Park, a man got pulled over by Parks Police for driving his car fast around the Greenbelt Recreation Center and then the man yelled racist remarks, spat at them, threw dirt in one of the cops faces and violently resisted arrest while citing the U.S. Constitution of his right to be a bigot.