The Biden Administration’s Benevolent Fascism


President Joe Biden, the boss of ice cream and current slayer of the first amendment

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

Publisher’s Note: This post is not to discourage people from getting the vaccines or is anti-vaccine. It’s solely meant to get more transparency about the vaccines and also about the infected. Because we all want a return to normal right? So what do these parties cited in this post have to hide and why do they still persist on hiding it?

When Joe Biden got inaugurated as the 46th POTUS back on 1/20, clarion calls spread out all over corporate news and restrained social media outlets that the chaos and disorder in the White House after 4 years of Donald Trump was finally eradicated. This was said even though the inauguration and most of D.C. was turned into a DMZ with  10 ft. high fencing, and a militia of National Guard troops and cops from other states assisting the Capitol Police surrounding the White House and the U.S. Capitol building; defense measures deployed after the MAGA Junta of the latter building two weeks earlier on 1/6.

But despite these dystopian optics which were supposedly justified to stop domestic terrorism, the incoming Biden administration was supposed to bring fundamental change of leadership and healing to the nation. And most of all, a resounding victory against what was generally described as a rebuke of four years of the tyranny of President Trump and the rejection of a potential fourth reich and permanent presidency that would evolve from a second term.

It took only six months to dispel all that, for recent desperate actions from the Biden Administration has established that tyranny is still entrenched in the White House and being enforced on the citizenry. But it’s done in a nice way without mean tweets and inappropriate conduct.

President Biden’s rice pudding brain was probably boiling when the news came that the nation wasn’t going to meet his vainglorious goal of total vaccinations when America’s 245th birthday arrived. It wasn’t because the vaccines were hard to get, states and cities managed to make them available everywhere and arranged house calls for them, the stickler about the widening hesitancy of the vaccines is that a lot of reports where coming in, either from online news sources and more likely social media accounts, that the vaccines were not as effective against the coronavirus as most were told they would be, especially against the Delta Variant contagion that ravaged the nation of India back in winter. Also many reports and personal accounts from inoculated citizens experienced adverse reactions from the vaccines and wound up hospitalized and even some died from them. Suddenly, instead of trying to figure out and produce data that sourced the contagion or even find out why people were suddenly afraid of them, the Biden Administration decided to attack the messengers.

They first sent out Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy to issue a stern warning against Facebook and the general public that uses it and proclaimed that they are encouraging and enabling hesitancy and putting other people at risk while labeling such correspondence as “misinformation”. But he didn’t elaborate much further than that, he was more determined to cut down this “misinformation”, of which he didn’t elaborate much on either but was very clear that he wanted social media monopolies to do a better job deplatforming people disseminating this “misinformation”. Although he was vague about who should be banned and who was getting infected and doing the infecting, it was clear that Dr. Murthy was condoning the suppression of dissent on a public forum from a government position to a private company, a clear endorsement and perpetration of fascism.

The next day, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified and confirmed the White House’s new strategy and policy by collaborating/colluding with Facebook to police speech and moderate content that they find misinformed regarding the vaccines. Biden’s press harpy also demanded that other monopoly social network platforms should also enforce the ban on their alleged 12 targets of vaccine dissenters, basically announcing the genesis of government/social media integrated blacklist.


Psaki is such a monstrous tool. Just because government and social media platforms are being transparent targeting people who are accused of spreading “misinformation” (or dissent) doesn’t mean it’s not spying. It means your normalizing spying and censorship. And it also appears that Psaki is juggling two press secretary positions, one for the White House and her new one for #BigPharma running protection for their vaccines.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden confirms his normalization of censorship and fascism by libeling Facebook, burdening them with the responsibility of more people getting infected from the current Delta Vibrant outbreak.

Another thing that was constantly bandied about Joe Biden’s victory and during his last 6 months in office compared to Trump’s was the end of fomenting division among the people. Well here’s Joe Motherfucking Biden libeling Facebook for the blame of people getting infected and dying and potentially creating critical mass social media schism amongst collectively 100 million people that will engage in arguments and level tropes against each other. This is how Joe Motherfucking Biden shows his gratitude to social media monopolies who clamped down on a series of NY Post accurate reports of his fucking reprobate son’s recidivist corruption using his name to profit from ties from international corporations and his hedonistic drug abuse and deviant sex addictions and also from any discussions about his still controversial electoral victory.

But this is now President Joe Motherfucking Biden and apparently the only thing he wants to fundamentally change is the U.S. Constitution by eviscerating it, no thanks to corporate news media and social media monopolies who enabled him and his administration by treating him like the constantly befuddled old codger he is than as the leader of the free world, giving him the impunity to laugh at accountability and wielding his unrestrained authoritarianism while eating a half a pint of ice cream on a cone every day.

Following Biden’s j’accuse of Facebook being complicit in murder, the other social media monolith twitter tagged along after the feckless CDC Director demonized the unvaxed and levied the entire blame for the new breakout of COVID infections by declaring it the pandemic of the unvaccinated. Dr. Wolensky’s catchy but baseless trope immediately got promoted as a top trending topic on Twitter.


What makes Wolensky’s stigmatizing catchphrase wholly without merit is that the Delta Variant has been spreading for quite some time and the disease takes a bit of time to impact. Back in June, it was certain that millions were not fully vaccinated (and we know this because Biden’s goal failed), and one vac is not going to stop a runaway contagion. The compelling thing about the CDC joining the dog piling censorship is that they decided to abandon the mask guidelines.

So instead, the CDC and the White House have decided to scapegoat people who choose not to get vaccinated for the rise in vaccinations and censor people who call out the vaccines flaws and health risks. Even though they are wholly responsible for the rise in infections by rescinding the mask mandate a month earlier and by ceasing compiling data for infections of vaccinated people,which obviously made it easier for these medical bureaucrats to scapegoat a segment of a society. Both decisions have coincided with the widening spread of the Delta Variant throughout the nation. This has also led to discussions and reports of the need for a third vaccine, which might not be free next time. Makes you wonder if Big Pharma not only giving the shots but is calling all the shots on how to control the narrative of the weakened vaccines.

But it’s no wonder that Fascist Biden administration took gradual steps to wean the public into acceptance of this integration of government and social media by using the tired and true manufacturing consent tactics to make vaccines the final solution to defeat COVID-19. When it was found that a cheap (and FDA approved) drug called Ivermectin was being used as a remedy on COVID patients while they were at death’s door and was amazingly successful at curing them, social media monopoly Google’s You Tube platform immediately deplatformed a very popular podcast’s videos that acknowledged this miracle when they presented a clip of a congressional testimony by the doctor who used the drug and saved lives.

Most of all, a lot of this attempt to institute censorship is mostly based on protecting one man, the heinously deified and career medical bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci. For over a year now, the social network and web services monopolies have been engineering algorithms protecting and enabling this fucking liar’s advisories and whims, most egregiously his take on masks as protection against transmission which he initially dismissed and then recommended 5 months later after hundreds of thousands of Americans died. But Facebook and Twitter really brought the big guns when it came to where the actual origin of COVID-19 came from, as any claims, theories or discussions led to memory holing or direct banishment on any discussion if they came from the Wuhan lab that Saint Fauci and his National Institute Of Health (which Fauci has been in charge of for the last 30 years) funded with monies from a New York City Med Corp called Ecohealth to do gain of function research, which was fundamentally creating biological weapons in order to come up with remedies to fight them. Like say, vaccines.

When emails by Dr. Fauci during the pandemic were released (one of which had a NCAA March Madness tournament of viruses that would win the Final four in a pandemic), suddenly the Biden Administration confirmed that the virus could have escaped from the lab like Frankenstein and not just from some freak transmission of a bat winding up as a recipe in a heavily populated food market, Facebook and Twitter lifted their ban of the lab leak theory and and discussion about it got re-legitimatized and hit the mainstream again. Most evident in Jon Stewart’s triumphant return to television on the Stephen Colbert with his hysterical and sobering send up of it.

With the lab leak making cracks in Dr. Falsi’s sainted armor and his cult of personality status on social media and after behaving like a petulant brat during U.S. Senate testimonies from Senator Rand Paul’s very direct and concise questions of Fauci’s role  in gain of function research and autocratic rule on the NIH, Fauci has been maddeningly flip flopping like a fish out of water with his mask and vaccine recommendations. The White House even arranged to use a pop singer as a vaccine pusher honey pot to make Dr. Fauci look credible.

Since social media and YouTube couldn’t really wholly reinforce the White House narrative about gain of function yet still be able to aide the Fascist Biden Administration’s narrative control about vaccinations, the DNC establishment and the FBA thought it would be a grand idea to trample on the 1st and 4th amendments by nipping vaccination dissent in the bud by having cellphone service providers send counter messages like emergency service announcements.

Probably to take a little heat of this maniacal tactic, The White House even arranged to use a pop singer as a vaccine pusher honey pot to promote the vaccines of discredit social media dissent or criticism of them just to make Dr. Fauci look more credible.

Then the nation and the world saw what the Biden administration did 12 hours later, calling for outright banning and blacklisting of individuals arguments about the efficacy and hazardous effects of the vaccines. They pulled this fascism even though America’s two biggest international allies England and Israel are dealing with high infection rates among people who are single AND double vaccinated. What’s interesting about the latter nation is that we have no problem paying attention to them when they need weapons to defend their apartheid policies, but when they get an outbreak that is defying all the initial hype about the vaccine’s efficacy, we just prove Einstein right about recidivist mistakes. Dr. Falsi refuses to even give credence of the vaccines vulnerabilities after six players on the New York Yankees caught the Rona, which sidelined to set up relievers and their best player Aaron Judge. Fauci abruptly dismissed it as a rarity, even though their shortstop Gleyber Torres got infected after getting vaccinated in April.

So now with these vaccines and the aggressive tactics now being used by our trusted leaders, the constitution dismantling Patriot Act that was written to fight our failed war on terror as been replaced by the Patriot Ultimatum. And with social media monopolies being willful militias for them because they are scared of being broken up with establishment elected legislators using antitrust bills as leverage against them, it’s made the National Security Administration, who were doing critical mass arbitrary surveillance of every citizens telecommunications before the tech monopolies got to big to fail, wholly moot and expendable. But at least it shows that these too big tech monopolies are run by a bunch of pussies.

This would be all be hilarious if there wasn’t a threat to obliterate the 1st amendment by the Biden administration. But it sure is hysterical that they are actually more reactionary than prior Figurehead Trump to clamp down on what they deem as misinformation, their own version of the prior leader’s reliable trope “fake news.

Yet “fake news” aka Corporate News and fauxgressive elected dotards and shitlib social media influencers had vaccine hesitancy when Trump was pushing it before they were trying to persecute ordinary people who don’t trust the vaccines today after Joe Biden accused them of being killers. And a shining example of this collective Trump revisionist defiant hypocrisy here’s their other sainted COVID 19 warrior, Mario’s  Son Governor Cuomo, fresh off killing 15,000 elderly people and hiding the bodies while getting paid 5 million dollars for him and his flunkies to manufacture leadership credibility for his pandemic novel, discrediting the vaccine because the Trump administration approved them.


It only took a week for the Fascist Biden Administration to curb their hyperbole about their libelous accusations against Facebook for promoting misinformation or what they decree to be misinformation when Figurehead Biden conceded his error in the biggest self-own so far this year.

But they are still not going to stop promoting their #Pandemicofthevaccinated message, which considering after all the repression they did via social media and are still doing with the aid of corporate national and local news media conglomerates is the worst and baseless message since they fried an egg and said it was your brain on drugs, end of debate. Because this recovery from the pandemic has never been about people’s health (or we would have medicare for all), it’s all about economic control, empirical control and narrative control over the well-being, livelihoods and the physical and mental health of the people. And if a little bit constitutional rights and personal beliefs have to be sacrificed to surmount COVID-19, then it shall be done….


“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create…”. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out.” 

They also just want internet censorship and benevolent fascism to make reality a better, nicer and vaccinated land made for you and me.

A misinformation free place where we belong.

Executive Carnage, Epilogue: Donald Trump’s LARP Junta And Impeachment

Don’t listen to the bad orange man behind the glass curtain

Washington, D.C., U.S.A

With four years of “winning” madness of the Donald Trump presidency of 2017-2021, capped by the living hell he put this country through in 2020 with the pandemic he so dearly decided to play down, it’s bewildering why Trump wanted to still stick around for another four as the nation still grapples with the resurgent pandemic (with new strains of COVID) and a brand new depression during a bigger gilded age. The election wasn’t even called when Trump held a press conference making various claims of voting discrepancies in red and swing states as Biden/Harris won bigly into the night on election day when he announced his refusal to concede.

During his last 60 days, he just wanted to bust everyone’s balls and go into civilian life while spraying bullets of invective bullshit just like he did on his sore winner transition tour after his victory over Hillary in 2016. Which is what he did when he began his Stop the Steal campaign, sending counselors Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell to a dozen swing states to overturn results for the election awarded to Hidin’ Joe Biden and it ultimately led to bupkus. During this time, Trump’s MAGA hordes on social media, notably on new platform Parler, were whipped up into frenzied indignation and refused to accept the results along with the former Chief Executive. Following the final court dismissals of the election results, Trump announced on the twitter of a rally assembly at the Ellipse Park on 1/6/2021 and hyped it to his devoted followers that the event will be “WILD

Following opening act Rudy Giuliani, who the last time he riled up a crowd this amped was when he addressed off-duty NYPD officers protesting against a civilian board to monitor recidivist rogue cops and abuses of authority, Donald Trump spoke to his adoring Stans about rigged machines, social media’s pernicious influence and the complacent and complicit Republicans that turned on him and they were more passionately pissed about his defeat and about his collective enemies than he was. Ex-President Trump, behind a massive glass curtain, preached words of strength, maligned his enemies some more and praised what remained of his allies in the Senate and House and laid his final executive order with a subtle threat to fix the electoral results to Vice President Mike Pence. Trump capped off his final diatribe by telling his thousands of supporters in the park to meet him at the Capitol and give those legislators and the VP a piece of their minds.

Meeting up with a critical mass standing by at the U.S. Capitol grounds, tens of thousands of people with many wielding 8 foot flag poles waving myriad flags marched towards the Congressional building to “stop the steal”.  When they all assembled and surrounded the Capitol building , they were greeted by a stunningly undermanned and under fortified in comparison to the big glass window that was set in front of Donnie during his disgruntled Patton-esque speech. After being basically invited in by capitol cops, the MAGA vortex charged and took control.

After trying to persuade the Capital cops to join forces with them, Trump’s supporters immediately overwhelmed the building and the cops, who only defense from the MAGA vortex were  rinky dink security gates that wouldn’t be protective enough to lock a bike on and their trusty flash bangs and tear gas grenades. The optics of the ensuing rush by the people resembled takeovers normally seen in third world countries or a session at Barry’s Boot Camp. Many even dressed like soldiers for the fact being they once were, especially the ones who actually climbed the walls to get to the Capitol’s mezzanine level. Capitol cops stationed by the steps spent all their pepper spray, rubber bullets and flash bangs to protect Congress, which just made the MAGA horde madder as they fought back with bear spray and mace and weaponizing their flagpoles draped with Old Glory and Trump’s name on them. Then the MAGA vortex penetrated the Captiol doors and barged in, determined to get to the millionaire senators and the electoral votes. Five deaths resulted from the chaos and disorder. And a man got to sit at Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk with his legs kicked up, which must have pleased Donnie to no end.

For 6 hours, the MAGA vortex subsumed the biggest and most powerful legislative body in the nation and the world inside and outside the Capitol building, all for Trump and his incorrect take on the election results. Even though Donnie promised to meet them at the Capitol to stop the steal that wasn’t, he went to the White House and retired to his bunker instead, watching the insurgency he inspired unfold on TV presumably eating his beloved double quarter pounders and Diet Coke while shouts of calling for lynching Democrats and for Mike Pence’s hanging permeated the air. Eventually he would re-surface in a video calling for the MAGA horde to go home in peace on his last social media appearance on Twitter.

But the damage had already been thoroughly done, what manifested from Trump’s final public gathering as commander in chief was a near (or total) approximation of what happens in third world countries with tin pot dictators and monarchies when masses of impoverished people rise up and break into and destroy government or parliamentary buildings, the MAGA vortex of the Capitol was basically a Junta in Trump’s name.

Usually with juntas in other nations, they are conspired by our very own CIA (or other countries covert agencies) infiltrating revolutionary contra groups and Defense Dept funding of these proxies. All ex-President Trump did to cause this junta of Congress to disrupt a ceremonial confirmation of a new President was his big mouth and social media status. Although there was evidently sound rationales why the Capitol was stunningly easy to invade. As with 9/11, warnings about violent plans following Trump’s speech on 1/6 were plentiful but went unheeded and undermined and the Capitol cops were deliberately under equipped and undermanned and were deprived of enforcing robust security measures despite the intel about the potential and then realized attacks.


Compared to the George Floyd/Black Lives Matter protest in front of the White House in June last year, when protesters were overmatched by an army of three government enforcement agencies (including the Capitol Police) that oppressed and brutalized them so Trump could pose with a bible in front of a graffiti tagged church. 1/6/2021 at the Capitol was the most lenient #PoliceState repression social and network news media ever aired in real time.

The thing about Trump’s LARP junta is that despite the historic 6-hour hate he inspired, the guy knew he wasn’t going to get what he wanted; the electoral votes were still going to be counted and he knew the Republicans wouldn’t make an impact, and he acknowledged that the next day by recognizing Biden’s congressional victory like nothing fucking happened. The junta in summary was just a big final fuck you to Congress as Trump’s proxy warriors wrecked shit and also smeared shit in the building for him giving Nancy, Mitch and the gang something to remember him by. By showing how fed up people feeling (wrongly) disenfranchised how easy it was to scare the living shit out of a bunch of law making millionaires plus their ideological elected enemies in their own house and the establishment

Even though Trump got vanished by social media, corporate news still couldn’t quit him (baby) as millionaire journalists, pundits and special guest “experts” were discussing disturbing fear mongering bullshit about how to protect the now “sacred” U.S. Capitol from another “insurgency” with the same gravitas as they described citizens rising up against U.S. after Bush and Cheney with Congressional votes illegally invaded and bombed Iraq and occupied the country for 10 years while using that same gravitas to equate 1/6 to the 9/11 attacks.

Social media and web service monopolies wasted no time to expand their censorship carpet bombing following Trump’s platform’s execution as twitter lawnmowered swaths of his supporters while Amazon and Google destroyed their competitor Parler that usurped them from Dorsey’s platform, while slaughtering innocent bystanders like progressive independent news sites and social media accounts as collateral damage from their blanket algorithm violence interpretation bans on words and ideas. Suddenly with the U.S. Capitol “domestic attack”, Big Tech had their own version of the Reichstag Fire and decided to expand on their censorship policies.

In the aftermath of Trump’s LARP junta attempt to thwart the democratic process and lynch elected officials, the U.S. Capitol was transformed into a DMZ zone overnight. Tens of thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to protect the legislative branch elites for weeks until Biden’s inauguration even though there weren’t any reported confirmed threats of a follow up attack. But since the troops swore to protect the country and our freedoms, they had to bunk on the cold floors of the Capitol to assure the building and most of all whatever establishment political processes that usually winds up benefiting the wealthiest persons and corporations to continue without disruption.

Of course the other process  the troops had to hold the fort for following days of sleeping in the Capitol’s parking garage was the sequel impeachment of former President Trump, and all it consisted of was a competition of the prosecution’s and the defense’s viral video b-roll compilations of the insurrection and invasion sprinkled with performative breakdowns and outrage from Senate and House officials. After four days of vengeful sound and fury signifying nothing and with a Senate majority voting for impeachment, citizen Donald Trump was ultimately acquitted as expected. Despite everyone and their dog knowing what the outcome was going to be, Congress wasted tax payer time that could have been spent on getting a new stimulus bill passed and $2,000$1,400 checks to American citizens, extensions on relief for small businesses, mortgages and rent suspensions and just maybe getting Medicare For All to be brought on the floor.

But what have we got instead after the impeachment mini-series is the U.S. Capitol and the White House, the foundations of our Democracy, surrounded by barbed wire fences and guarded by a standing army, turning the people’s houses into a modern day Green Zone no different than what we did to Saddam Hussein’s palace when Bush and Cheney illegally overthrew him in 2003 based on predetermined but baseless threats of terrorism. Except this time, the troops aren’t there to protect only democracy or some version of it, they are there to shield the elite lawmakers from perceived domestic terror threats, whether big or small or smaller and even unsubstantiated.

And it’s all because of Donald Trump’s orchestrated and historic attack on the U.S. Capitol that brought decades of U.S. involvement in regime change wars back home to the Democrat and Republican House parties who voted for them. Where they were once desensitized to the violence they wrought in other sovereign places, Trump re-sensitized them by inspiring his Stans to crash their safe space.

This is why they moved faster to impeach him than to help people still struggling through a pandemic and a new depression, it wasn’t about to preserve democracy, it was all about protecting their own house . It’s also why they have no plans, make that no desire to take down the fences around the Capitol either.

Because despite Trump’s virtual absence, they know another insurgency is around the corner, and it will be for a genuine reason. And it won’t be because they don’t believe Trump lost( but to be fair they have some credence because how does a guy who never left the basement in his mansion and rattled off brain fart statements and insults) it’s going to be against continuing austerity bills and incremental aid to the people in addition to Biden’s expected and now confirmed broken promises. Evidently, these fences only serve to discourage inevitable protests and protect the septugenarian and octogenarian millionaires and their anachronistic lawmaking and that mentally declining and hiding career establishment hack sitting and nodding off in the oval office and labels the new war on terror on their own constituency.

But with Trump disappeared, who are they going to peg the next domestic insurgency on? And what makes them think fences and a standing army is going to stop hundreds of thousands of people after they saw how easy it was when Trump’s junta took it over for 6 hours?

Summer is coming.


President Biden: The Luckiest Man On The Face Of The Earth

Psst, Joe, you won

” I make my own luck”


Finally. America fires Trump and she has a new president in former Senator and Vice President Joe Biden. Finally for Joe Biden, he has fulfilled his destiny following nearly 50 years of government service and after countless failures in his quest to be commander in chief in the last 30 (except in 2016 when he deferred to Manifest Hillary and stood down).

Uncle Joe’s road to the White House started off as rocky as a lunar landscape and ended up as smooth, protected and gilded like an award show red carpet.Normally if something like this happened to a regular Joe it would be considered a classic Comeback Story, but this is Political Establishment Joe. It sure helped when about 20 people decided to run with Joe in the primary and about half of them plus two billionaires dropped out of the race simultaneously and wound up endorsing him in solidarity, fulfilling the DNC collusion to destroy Bernie Sanders’ second run for president. Even though Joe had no platform, no promises and no inspiration for people to give him their vote and he couldn’t even articulate what they were or even a complete sentence, he still was able to win a lot of states after Sanders narrow loss in Iowa and wins in Nevada and New Hampshire where Joe wound up near or at the bottom in the bottom of the vote tallies.

But when COVID-19 came, all bets were off. The states were primaries were held had low turnouts (even after the Biden campaign recklessly encouraged people to vote despite the risk of contagion) and the next primaries had to be rescheduled. Plus Sanders sappy performance at their last debate enabled Biden’s dominance at the polls in late Spring. While turning the nation and the primary election upside down, the novel virus managed to put Joe over the top and win the nomination with ease.

Normally, such good fortune to come about for someone during a crisis would be humbling, a quality that should come naturally for that someone who is about to compete to run and guide a nation back to prosperity and good health; but again this is Joe Biden, career politician whose loose ethics and morals and arrogance belie his straight shooter ruse personality. Biden defiantly declared to radio show host Charlemagne The God, a Black Man, that if Black People don’t vote for him they aint black. On the campaign trail at town halls, he thoroughly insulted people to their faces  and challenged them to fights who challenged him on his promises and his past legislative decisions and policies, even union workers and military veterans. When a man asked him about immigration policy while he was VP, which was found that the Obama administration built those cages the kids are kept in that Trump got excoriated for, Joe Biden told that man to vote for the other guy. Yet through all that, what would at one time would have ended a campaign and also a career, Biden got away unscathed again and trudged along. 

The primary winner also got away unscathed when a woman named Tara Reade, who in an interview with Katie Halper came out about a horrific experience she had with Senator Biden when he sexually assaulted her after she brought him a travel bag. Usually, a story like that would be relentlessly pursued by corporate news and the ramifications for the accused candidate would result in expulsion and resignation like with what happened with Gary Hart. But this is Joe Biden, the chosen one by Corporate News to rid the nation of a second term of President Trump. Even with the #MeToo movement still fresh in the zeitgeist, suddenly it didn’t apply to Joe Biden’s own salacious lust driven by his entitlement as an elected official.

Joe’s string of luck really hit a zenith when a laptop belonging to his never-do-well eldest son Hunter Biden that had a cavalcade of damning emails and messages of incriminating pay to play quid pro quo corruption with foreign leaders and corporations in which Hunter was parlaying his dad’s name and current position as the second highest official in the U.S.A. while high on crack that was sitting in the FBI’s hands for almost a year (an FBI that is under the employ of President Trump) that got never revealed until a copy of the hard drives contents made it to the New York Post via Rudy Giuliani and they published Hunter’s trove in dozens of articles, but when the Post tried to disseminate it on their social media accounts,  tech monopolies Facebook and Twitter throttled those stories on baseless assumptions of hacked materials. Lucky for Joe, a protection racket with these corporations responsible for the dissemination of information united in solidarity to kill the momentum of these scandals.

Then Joe’s luck really got hot when COVID-19 got the President of the United States and right after their shitshow debate when Donnie made of Joe for wearing a mask. Even though Donnie came back strong tripping balls on the covid cocktail his physicians concocted for him, the fact that he thought he could ride the re-election campaign out without getting infected while blowing off wearing the mask surely had an immediate impact and discredited him to a lot of voters, along with his incorrect evaluation of the virus subsiding as cases and deaths arise from the coronavirus across the land.

Now after all those obstacles, misfortune, gaffes and telltale signs of first stage dementia, here Joe is, the president elect at 78 years old. And he didn’t even have to leave his basement at his mansion or even speak to the press as he was blatantly and brazenly avoiding them as his campaign team put “lids” on Biden’s availability as early as 10 a.m..

Joe’s road to victory was so easy and paved with gold by all media outlets and the megamoney driven loyalist and royalist Democrat Party it should be considered a new wonder of the world, because even the celebration that’s ensued is rife with anomaly, people on the streets are celebrating more about the fact that Trump was defeated than about Biden winning (even Dem hack Chuck Schumer, who is jumping around with his clique clustered by the Grand Army Plaza while maskless)

Joe Biden is truly the luckiest man on the face of the earth as well as VP Kamala Harris,  the luckiest woman on the face of the earth who was the first to drop out of the race after being hyped as a top-tier candidate by corporate news and getting destroyed in the debate by Tulsi Gabbard.  But despite their triumph, they are still victors of circumstance made possible by the pandemic regaining strength. So technically this is more a COVID d’etat than a natural transfer of power through democracy as people voted based on fear than on real change they can believe in and also more people got sick of Trump and just wanted to have his show cancelled. And that’s the best luck you can get when people feel they don’t have a real choice and it has worked out swimmingly for the President-elect, who needed a crisis and a wretched opponent to finally get into the oval office.

Millions of people may be happy now, but don’t expect things to fundamentally change. This is Joe Biden here, and even if the vaccines are ready and the pandemic finally ends, you’re going to have to make your own luck.


The Impeachment Of President Trump Begins

New York Times

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that the House would initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump, charging him with betraying his oath of office and the nation’s security by seeking to enlist a foreign power to tarnish a rival for his own political gain.

 Ms. Pelosi’s declaration, after months of reticence by Democrats who had feared the political consequences of impeaching a president many of them long ago concluded was unfit for office, was a stunning turn that set the stage for a history-making and exceedingly bitter confrontation between the Democrat-led House and a defiant president who has thumbed his nose at institutional norms.

 “The actions taken to date by the president have seriously violated the Constitution,” Ms. Pelosi said in a brief speech invoking the nation’s founding principles. Mr. Trump, she added, “must be held accountable — no one is above the law.”

She said the president’s conduct revealed his “betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections.”

Ms. Pelosi’s decision to push forward with the most severe action that Congress can take against a sitting president could usher in a remarkable new chapter in American life, touching off a constitutional and political showdown with the potential to cleave an already divided nation, reshape 

Mr. Trump’s presidency and the country’s politics, and carry heavy risks both for him and for the Democrats who have decided to weigh his removal. 

CBS News

This is the complaint sent by a whistleblower in the intelligence community to the community’s inspector general, about an “urgent concern” that “the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election. The interference, the whistleblower wrote, includes “pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals.” 

The complaint is central to the impeachment inquiry launched by House Democrats.


August 12, 2019

The Honorable Richard Burr
Select Committee on Intelligence
United States Senate 

The Honorable Adam Schiff
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
United States House of Representatives

Dear Chairman Burr and Chairman Schiff: 

I am reporting an “urgent concern” in accordance with the procedures outlined in 50 U.S.C. §3033(k)(5)(A). This letter is UNCLASSIFIED when separated from the attachment. 

In the course of my official duties, I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election. This interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals. The President’s personal lawyer, Mr. Rudolph Giuliani, is a central figure in this effort. Attorney General Barr appears to be involved as well. 

  • Over the past four months, more than half a dozen U.S. officials have informed me of various facts related to this effort. The information provided herein was relayed to me in the course of official interagency business. It is routine for U.S. officials with responsibility for a particular regional or functional portfolio to share such information with one another in order to inform policymaking and analysis.
  • I was not a direct witness to most of the events described. However, I found my colleagues’ accounts of these events to be credible because, in almost all cases, multiple officials recounted fact patterns that were consistent with one another. In addition, a variety of information consistent with these private accounts has been reported publicly. 

I am deeply concerned that the actions described below constitute “a serious or flagrant problem, abuse, or violation of law or Executive Order” that “does not include differences of opinions concerning public policy matters,” consistent with the definition of an “urgent concern” in 50 U.S.C. §3033(k)(5)(G). I am therefore fulfilling my duty to report this information, through proper legal channels, to the relevant authorities.  

 Like Trump likes to say, I am not a fan of this president. But this “whistleblower”‘s account is plainly based on hearsay and gossip. Of all the things they could impeach Trump on, from years of abusing the emoluments clause to his recent deference to Royal Dictatorship nation Saudi Arabia and whoring our military forces to them, the Democrats and administration insiders are relying on entrapment.

This latest attempt to take down the president with just a year away from the next election, and with two viable candidates capable of beating him (Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, yeah that’s right, Tulsi Gabbard), the Dems have taken the harsh lesson from Mueller’s shitty report that didn’t find dick about election interference from Russia and are trying to pull an Al Capone on Trump with this weapons deal phone call to Ukraine. When a only a few years before Trump became president, Vice President and current candidate Uncle Joe Biden pulled the same extortion style shit on that country when his idiot son Hunter was involved with a corrupt energy firm that was being investigated and that prosecutor got fired and replaced with someone “solid”.

While Chelsea Manning continues to languish in prison while being fined daily and Edward Snowden is still in exile in Russia because of their heroic and genuine whistleblowing that revealed actual harm to our nation and it’s reputation as a benevolent dispenser of democracy and trustworthy steward of our personal freedoms and privacy, and being that this whistleblower is a CIA agent the establishment DC Democrats are relying on for impeachment, this guy is more like a whistlemole.