Obviously Known: Now An Unfortunate Word From The Mayoral Campaign Of The Unfortunate Scott Stringer

It took a while, considering how low he’s polling in the mayor’s race, but Comptroller Scott Stringer finally got the dough to put out his first campaign ad.

At a cost of one million dollars, which is derived from taxpayers dollars because of the very bad matching funds law, Stringer’s ad touts his past accomplishments in big font letters as he dramatically walks in an apartment hallway and on the street. It climaxes with the candidate doing an aw shucks shrug.

As with Stringer’s struggling campaign and platform which looks to continue de Blasio’s horrendous policies (and which also is not distinguishable from the other 6 or 7 candidates), the ad contains a very obvious and hilarious flaw.

Looks like Stinger’s hapless campaign staffers should have vetted this ad more carefully. They would have avoided this unfortunate misuse of words if they used black font or just relied on the husky-voiced melodramatic narrator.

But this is the least of Scottie’s problems now. For he has become another self-sabotaged fauxgressive mark of his own now there are allegations that he also abused his power and fostered a culture of intimidation with his own sexual harassment scandal.

PIX News

A former intern for New York City comptroller and mayoral candidate Scott Stringer accused the politician of sexual abuse and harassment on Tuesday. 

The woman, who was not named in a press release from attorney Patricia Pastor, said Stringer repeatedly groped her when he was a member of the New York Assembly and running for Public Advocate of NYC. He’d allegedly offered to get the woman a role as district leader. The woman, then an unpaid intern, accused him of telling her to keep the alleged sexual misconduct a secret.

“It’s unfortunately all too common that women report having been touched sexually without consent, and often men who engage this way are in a position of power and influence over the woman,” Pastor said. “I have great respect for women who choose to say, ‘enough is enough.’”

A spokesperson for Stringer’s mayoral campaign declined to comment on the accusations against him.

Stringer recently called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign amid mounting claims of sexual harassment made against the governor. 

This comes out the day Scott tries to get his ass more recognizable in the primary race for mayor. Kismet sure is a bitch.

(Can it be any more easier to see why Cuomo prefers not to resign).


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