Today is Mayor de Blasio Remembrance Day

New York, New York

At the last “media availability” thrown by Mayor de Blasio, he decreed to set the date March 14, 2021 as “COVID-19 Remembrance Day” to recognize the first death of a New York City resident from getting infected by coronavirus. Even though he’s as much responsible for the contagion’s spread by also playing down the severity of the disease before that date and horrendously botched the response to it.

Since The Blaz is trying to commemorate a tragic event that caused devastation to the city with a day to memorialize all those that needlessly got sickened and perished from the disease and also as a day of reflection to learn from mistakes made and better prepare for another pandemic (but more likely to put his name on something historic) it’s apropos to also recognize this day, January 1, as a major day of significant mourning and tragedy.

For this is the day in 2014, that William de Blasio Wilhelm became Mayor Of New York City. This day, January 1, is a remembrance of the beginning of the decline of the city and how he has led it on a downhill road to ruin with his incompetence and corruption which for seven years has led to more social division, more inequities in services in housing and transit and more urban decay.

And to truly commemorate the remembrance of the day Bill de Blasio became mayor, why not do it with a dance and song by hizzoner and his tax boondoggle wife in the ultimate elitist statement and blatant display by a man and woman who treat the city like they own it.

Congratulations Blaz. You truly earned this honor.

And citizens, whenever you look around anywhere you are in NYC and want to wretch or have the inclination to desert this place for somewhere else, remember January 1 2014.




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