Alabama Get Out: Doug Jones Beats Perennially Vile Person Roy Moore For Senate

Montgomery, Alabama

That was a close one.

Former Prosecutor Doug Jones defeated serial sexual predator, religious extremist/hypocrite and fascist Roy Moore for the vacant Senate seat left behind when Jefferson Sessions got picked for Attorney General.

This is not at all shocking or even an upset. Roy Moore’s whole professional and political career has been marred with revolting offenses that would have left any regular minimum wage worker in jail. From his lecherous courting of teenage girls to exploiting his status to take advantage of women. He used evangelical religion to get ahead and tried to instill it in government which led to his axing as a judge when he dropped a big tombstone in front of his courthouse with the 10 commandments on it.

Mostly though, it was his sexual offense history that did him in, and possibly with the relentless boosting by Figurehead Trump, whose effort makes it look like an act of sabotage considering that he initially endorsed Moore’s opponent in the primary and immediately congratulated Senator Jones for his victory.

Clearly, it looks like even the people in Alabama have had enough with the bullshit that establishment elected officials and predatory politicians do, since a big majority of voters stayed home. Just the association of voting for a confirmed pedophile was just enough to shame them.

Roy Moore is a rotten bag of dead dicks and shit and is very fortunate that he never served time in prison or getting his ass kicked by concerned parents for his sordid past. After losing this election, insuring the thankful end of his rotten political career, he will get to retire in comfort riding his horse around and going to church every Sunday. Similar to Matt Lauer’s current status, except he gets to lamp in the Hamptons and play golf, and that guy had a button to lock his office door to trap his prey.

Expectedly, Moore has yet to concede defeat. On the stage at his rally, he proselytized that God, the ruler of everything according to him, will help him overcome this defeat. Again using religion to boost himself, the last refuge of this scoundrel has basically demanded of his savior to rig an election to his favor. The stupid dick.

Great job to the Alabamians that showed up and rid the nation of Moore. Even the consistently lousy DNC gets credit for giving Jones more visibility with the constituency, even though Moore was so toxic, it seem unnecessary.

Crack open a 6 pack and rejoice, Alabama. Rock on.


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