Incident At 42nd Street: Botched Terrorist Attack By Bangledeshi Man

New York, N.Y.

During the morning rush hour at 7:20 a.m., a man tried to detonate a pipe bomb attached to his chest in an attempt at domestic terrorism to kill hundreds of commuters at the Port Authority Station in Times Square. He set it and himself off in an underground thruway hub connecting the terminal with the subway causing damage only to himself and three passerby and was quickly detained and arrested

The attacker identified as Akayed Ullah, is originally from Bangladesh residing in Flatlands in Brooklyn and is a former cab driver. News reports from CNN and the NY Post are reporting of his statements to the NYPD that his motives for the attack was for the deaths of Palestinian citizens in Gaza from Israeli authorities during the 3 day protest caused by the president’s authorization of the Jerusalem capital to the nation of Israel and his allegiance to the terror mob of ISIS.

If there can be some clarification for what inspired this recent failed attempt, look no further than the nation he comes from. Bangladesh is being run by a dictatorship whose target is millions of Muslim citizens, ordering their military to destroy villages. It has been determined by the United Nations and this nation as ethnic cleansing and a modern day genocide. It has caused a mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of people and a harrowing refugee crisis. Reportedly, ISIS has maintained a stronghold there and it may be why the nation’s Muslims are being slaughtered considering that the terror organization pulled off an attack on a cafe a year ago.

Ullah is being marked as a lone wolf attacker who apparently learned to make his bomb on some website. Ullah has also said he wanted revenge for the bombing of his country. This the second terror attack in just a little over a month. Consider ourselves lucky this time that this guy was a disgruntled, misinformed pathetic klutz with squat resources. The next one might be more diligent.

Thus continuing the loss of more personal freedom and more escalation of the security and police state. This is what ISIS wants. It doesn’t matter if their lone wolfs are dumbshits. It’s not only to kill American citizens or who they consider infidels, it’s to make daily routines and life as difficult, annoying and inconvenient as possible.


Update: Turns out the oafish attacker motive’s was for U.S. attacks on ISIS bases in Syria. Which is weird because Russia has been mostly responsible for aiding the military there in the past few years, and our nation has actually aided the terror mob in a mission to remove President Assad. It’s also strange how the reporting of his motives influenced by U.S. foreign policy decisions have dramatically changed.

Even weirder is that Ullah also pull this stunt because he thought the station hub was heavily decorated for Christmas. Which shows what a pain in the ass it is to get to Rockerfeller Center to see that stupid tree. Establishing the fact that area is the safest place in Manhattan and everywhere else is pretty much fucked. Although that might abruptly change with this, because now there will be a homeland security gauntlet of fences at the spot, everyone will be subjected to searches entering the subway and there will be an over-deployment of cops concentrated in certain areas and no one will complain.

We have sacrificed liberty for safety. Well, we did this long before this incident. I repeat, this is what the terrorists want.


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