New Bad Days 13: Inconceivable, Unusual Crime Scene Shootout Between 2 Vendors Over Selling Statue Of Liberty Tickets At A Usually Safe Tourist Friendly Area


By Battery Park at 3:15 pm, two aggressive vendors arguing over Statue Of Liberty ticket sales escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting wildly, hitting two innocent bystanders. Passerby and correspondents are stupefied that something of this nature can occur in that area.

In Midtown, a newsstand vendor was robbed by 2 men. As they were chased by police, one of the suspects ran into the subway and tried to flee across the tracks, stepping on the third rail and dying instantly.

Staten Island:

An off duty school crossing guard punched her injured nephew


In Fordham Heights, An off duty detective was driving drunk.

In Hunts Point, a middle-aged woman was critically injured after a hit and run by a motorcycle.


In South Ozone Park, on the Van Wyck Expressway, an off duty detective was caught driving drunk after he crashed into another vehicle, causing it to crash into a tree and a light pole and injuring it’s passengers. A woman died from injuries sustained from the crash.

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