Mayor Eric Adams Has Normalized Censorship And Needs It To Solve New York City’s Problems

New York City, New York

Mayor Eric Adams is embroiled in a mosaic of crises that’s crippling New York City that approximately resembles his hideous tuxedo jacket  he wore at the Met Gala, but his efforts to tamp down crime that has continued to rise in all major categories has reach a desperate nadir. In an swaggerless interview on Newstar industries PIX News network, Mayor Adams revealed his solution to stop daily gun violence is to ban words from being published on the internet.

Taking a cue from Governor Kathy “Clown” Hochul’s own plan to assign state authorities to moderate content and conversations on social media platforms following the bigotry driven mass shooting in Buffalo where 10 Black people got killed by a young White man, Eric Adams praised Kathy Clown’s project to assure no other disgruntled bigot with an arsenal of guns will get any similar ideas to slaughter a select group of people and Adams vainly hopes that he can employ his own word police squad to stop lyrics from drill rap videos from getting published on the internets.

Which is wholly on brand for Adams to deflect and divert attention from his colossal failures to bring down crime by blaming it on words and thoughts and it’s also another instance of the mayor being incapable of having ideas and solutions on his own. Because like Hochul’s attempt to cover her failure to prevent the Buffalo massacre since the teenage killer previously threatened to shoot up his high school by showing up in a hazmat suit and was still able to buy a gun in upstate New York, Adams is basing his social media mod squad on abolishing words from drill rap songs (but only the bad drill rap songs!!) to stop the mass individual shootings that are inspired by them. Adams apparently thinks that he’s got the justification he needs for his own ministry of truth by exploiting the Buffalo tragedy and also the mass shooting on the N train last month by notorious rage vlogger Frank James.

What makes Adams and Hochul’s dumb ass fascist desires to start their own word police squads is that it comes mere days after the Biden Administration wisely decided to terminate their own ministry of truth apparatus with the Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security, a disturbing and hysterical attempt to monitor everything on social media focusing on threats to the nation internationally or domestically and to dissension and opinions against the public health caliphate that’s trying to make the pandemic go on til infinity.  It’s almost like Biden and his staffers/orderlies have transferred the responsibility to censor to the states.

But at least with Hochul, her low polls indicate that she won’t be around much longer when November comes around or even the primary with rumors of Cuomo re-entering the race getting stronger and with him neck in neck with her in the polls for approval ratings, so it’s possible she will kill her word police squad once voters see the implications of blanket censorship from it. Adams on the other hand, as only just begun his term as mayor and in that short time he ordered the press to cover him the way he likes and threatened not to grant them access to his briefings unless they manufacture consent for him and followed this up a few months later by ordering his staffers to curate a disciplinary matrix for journalists and their articles and segments about all his policies and issues.

So Mayor Adams’s desire to censor and banish words along with his continuing geeky obsession with technology to solve the city’s current insurmountable crime problem is only going to get enhanced in the months and years to come and it will inevitably lead to abolishing words that will illuminate his incompetence and laziness to bring down crime rates and the internecine graft and cronyism that has dogged his administration from day one.