New Bad Days 85: May Flowers Bloom With Ultraviolence In The Subway And Bullets Flying Everywhere; A Gang Initiation Ritual Transit Commute Leaves 4 Straphangers With Stitches; Gangbangers Engage In Wild West Evocations With Daylight Shootouts; Citizen Israelis And Palestinians Go Wild During Competing Midtown Protests, Leading To Blowback Extraneous Altercations And Vandalism In Other Boroughs; NYPD Doesn’t Bother To Put A Cop On Post For Woman With Order Of Protection Against Ex Boyfriend Who Lives In Same Building And She Winds Up Murdered By Him; Mentally Mad Men Continue To Wander The Streets Attacking Other Men, Women And Children; Two Women Killed Themselves Trying To Hop Buildings; Washington Square Transforms Into Party And Drug Ground Zero And Outdoor Insane Asylum; Two Boys Got Shot To Death In Two Gang-Related Hits; Grade School Student Dies From Getting His Skull Battered By Bullies; People Are Resorting To Fisticuffs, Guns And Knives In The Civil War For Dwindling Parking Spaces As Trends Rise In Auto Thievery And Vandalism And Continuing Gang Warfare

Mayor de Blasio’s recovery for all of us since spring started has not gone as well as he planned. Because the only recovery that has occurred since the temps got higher is the recovery of felonious crimes and wanton senseless violence. None more pronounced than the steady and now daily rises in random and intentional crimes on the subway, now up by 93%, and the plague of shootings on the streets of New York, now up by 73% from last year.  While it is a massive difference because of the “perfect storm of COVID, it’s now worse while the city is in recovery and all social distancing bans are lifted and people are gathering on the streets and commuting more.

While subway crime and shootings have been getting more and more local media attention as the Blaz continues not to acknowledge it (which will need a whole thesis or even a long form post to cover it), other felonious crimes that also rose 20% or more over the year have fallen off the radar, like burglary, robbery, grand larceny, rape, assault and battery and auto theft. The only crime that didn’t go down (but still stayed steady) was homicide, although that’s mostly because these people can’t hit their targets for shit, which is the only good news that’s going on these turbulent new bad days.


These gruesome stats are compounded by a drop in actual arrests for these crimes, which is perplexing given that the NYPD is the biggest police force in the world and they still can’t catch the really bad and crazy guys.  Which unsurprisingly includes the misdirected deployment of extra cops the Blaz ordered to walk beats underground.

Speaking of commuting, another subway crime that has seen a rise is fare evasion. In fact, people are still evading fares on city buses too, leading to a loss of $59,000,000 from city and state transit coffers.

To top off this shitshow, it should go without saying that the blight of garbage on the streets and graffiti on residential and commercial buildings is more omnipresent than it’s ever been. And while Mayor Big Slow has devoted more tax dollars to ameliorate those two crises, he and the city still can’t catch up.


In Midtown, a gang of four male teenagers armed with 12 inch serrated knife got on the 4 train and engaged in a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence and took turns with the blade in a spree of attacks on the transit line, starting with attacking a man and slashing him in the face, the victim got off after the train arrived at Union Square. Then they targeted two men and slashed and beat them down as the train was rolling into Astor Place. Then they ganged up on another man and slashed him and robbed his cellphone and then all of them got off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop. The four punks then got on the D train going back uptown and beat down a man and slashed his eye while trying to steal his backpack at the Columbus Circle Station. Then they got caught and arrested by the cops waiting at the 79th St. Station.The spree of wanton brutality was spurred by gang initiation rites.

Couldn’t help but noticed that their ultraviolence spree ended blocks away from city hall. This may have played a factor in Mayor Big Slow finally admitting he was wrong about subway violence, leading to his belated decision to incrementally deploy another 250 cops underground.

In Midtown, a man stabbed another man to death inside a hotel homeless shelter.

Also in Midtown, a man held up a leather store at gunpoint and grabbed all the cash from the register.

Again in Midtown, five young male teenagers took turns firing BB guns from the roof of a fancy hotel and hit a tourist and also hit a city resident in her chest on the street below. Good to see visitors to NYC help us in this recovery for all of us.

And again in Midtown, a man attempting to shoplift expensive kicks from a high end department store got pinched by a security for possessing a loaded gun, which the skel grabbed while being detained in a room and threatened to use it on the guards, who were all  able to wrest it from him. The gangbanger got caught with other heaters twice last year.

And again in Midtown, a man got shot in the leg after getting into a verbal dispute with a couple.

And again in Midtown at the 51st St. Station, a man accused another passenger of staring at him and then one of his pals sucker punched him in the face as the shit talker stole his cellphone.

And again in Midtown at the 59th St./Lexington Ave Station, two men grabbed a 65-year-old man as he was going through the turnstile and demanded money from him, then they slashed his head with a razor and beat him down to the ground and robbed 100 bucks and his phone off him.

And again in Midtown, a man walked into a Japanese grocery store and got pissed when a cashier told him to put on a mask and then he punched her in the face.

And again in Midtown, a man got into an argument with another man in front of a hotel and wound up getting stabbed in the belly.

And again in Midtown, a man injured himself while riding his motor scooter after he crashed into a stone pillar

And again in Midtown, a man attacked and slashed a man with gardening shears on the street at the start of the day.

And again in Midtown, a man stabbed another man while he was pissing on a building wall.

And again in Midtown, a man grabbed a woman, threw her against a gate and tried to rape her in broad daylight.

And again in Midtown, a man assaulted an app-hail livery car driver inside his vehicle while he was driving and then got knocked out cold during a fight with him on the street.

And again in Midtown, Israeli and Palestinian citizens gathered in respective protest groups and publicly assembled on the streets and got in verbal and physical clashes with each other.

Protests resumed a week later during the cease fire agreement between the IDF and Hamas as Palestinian protesters blocked traffic during the demonstration, at one point all of them bowing down to the east in prayer, but then got heated when cops started to move in and force them off the avenue, leading to dozens of arrests. Later on, a man riding in a pickup truck festooned with flags of Palestine threw a firework at people coming out of a Diamond District building which wound up injuring a woman.

In Times Square, a man got into an argument with his brother over selling rap cd’s in the area and then he shot at him and missed and the stray bullets hit two women and a four-year-old girl in a stroller as she was waiting on line to go into a store with her aunt. A very brave police woman grabbed the wounded the girl and rushed her to safety and a waiting ambulance.

The rapper/gunman cut his hair and trimmed his beard got out of the city and fled to Florida where he got caught and arrested by U.S. Marshalls and an NYPD fugitive task force unit, along with his girlfriend/accessory as they were about to order grub at a McDonalds. (I didn’t know the NYPD had bounty hunters?)

One of the women who witnessed the dispute between the two brothers which led to her getting shot has to live with a bullet fragment in her leg for the rest of her life. But the mayor probably thinks she’s not a real New Yorker.

Following and including this incident, shootings in the five boroughs went up 86%. The perp got arraigned and sent to Rikers Island,because it seems the city still has a use for it, much to the chagrin to all the fauxgressive elected shitlibs that want to shut it down.

Also in Times Square, a man slashed another man in the face with a scalpel on the 1/2/3 subway platform because he assumed he was “talking to him” and a woman yelled at a transit worker and then punched her in the face and ran after her and then got on the 7 train to Flushing.

Again in Times Square, a man attacked another man inside a theme restaurant and stole 500 bucks and his credit cards after punching him multiple times.

And again in Times Square, a security guard caught and restrained a man shoplifting socks from a single brand candy store and then let him go free when he pulled a knife on him.

And again in Times Square, a man loitering in front of a tv studio building aroused suspicion of the NYPD and some other city cops working off duty for the corporate news station across the street and found him possessing an unlicensed BB gun. The man remarked he only wanted to resemble a cop with a souvenir NYPD shirt and hoodie because he doesn’t feel safe in New York City, sharing a sentiment that’s become common among the citizenry and providing this post with it’s obligatory theme song.

And again in Times Sqaure, Palestinian and Israeli demonstrators clashed during Pro-Israel rally being held by the TKTS plaza. As both sides got into fisticuffs and ripped flags from poles representing both nations. At one point during a clash, 5 Palestinian men ganged up and beat down a Jewish man as cops struggled to maintain control on the divisive crowds

In Harlem at the 155th Station, a man sat next to another man on the D train, called him a faggot then stabbed him in his stomach with an ice pick and then split. The victim got off at the Yankee Stadium stop to get help and get stitched at a hospital in the Bronx.

Also in Harlem at the 135th St. Station, a man got off the 1 train and ran to the token booth and banged on the glass window and then went back on the platform attacked a 60-year-old man at random and pushed him onto the tracks. The victim refused medical attention and continued his commute to work and had some advice for the shitty Mayor (who he works for as a NYC Parks employee) and the mediocre mayoral hopefuls. The Blaz would probably think he’s a “real New Yorker” that’s ready for anything when you take mass transit.

Also in Harlem, a man got shot in the torso on the street in the dark of night and wasn’t going to snitch on his assailant.

Again in Harlem, a man stalked a woman on the sidewalk, slashed her three times and ran away.

And again in Harlem at the 110th St. Station, a man resisted arrest and fought with two cops on the platform after they caught him jumping the turnstile.

And again in Harlem at the 135th St. Station, a man slashed another man in the face on the platform.

And again in Harlem and again at the 135th St. Station for the third time in a month, a man pushed another man onto to the tracks and tried to push others but didn’t succeed, then he must have got tired and went to sit on a bench. When cops approached him, he punched one of them in the face and knocked off her body cam and glasses, and continued to fight off other cops as they tazed his crazy ass.

And again in Harlem at the 148th St. Station, a man punched a transit maintenance worker in the face who told him to get off the 3 train.

And again in Harlem, a woman got stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend who lived downstairs from her although was able to defend herself and stabbed him three times.

The couple’s tumultuous relationship came to a head when the man beat her down in her apartment four months earlier and a judge put an order of protection for her to keep her boyfriend away, even though they lived in the same building. Before he killed her, the man tried to break into her apartment through the fire escape but cops showed up and were able to stop him.

Despite the man having a court order against him and scheduled court hearing on the day of the murder and six prior domestic abuse charges made by the woman for his attacks going back to last year, the cops decided not to remain by the building to prevent another inevitable attack, enabling the man to go up the fire escape again when they left and then proceeded to slaughter his ex.

Although there were more than enough deployed at the crime scene as the woman’s life was bleeding out of her body and then was carried out on a gurney.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the leg on the street and was dropped off at a hospital anonymously where he bled out and died from his wound.

And again in Harlem at the 125th St. Station, two men having a dispute escalated when one of them pulled out a knife and the two start brawling on the mezzanine and then by the metrocard machine as the knife comes loose and then the initially unarmed man picked it up and stabbed his foe in the back.

And again in Harlem at the 110th St. Station, a man got into a verbal dispute with another man on the platform and slashed him in the arm and then slashed another man as he was running away.

In East Harlem at the 116th St. Station, three homeless men assumed a man was harrassing two women on the platform and then they beat him up and one of them slashed him the face, even though the women were his wife and stepdaughter.

Also in East Harlem, a man got shot on the street shortly before dawn.

Again in East Harlem, a man got shot in the hand underneath building scaffolding.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot to death while sitting in his car by a man who rode by him on an e-bike. Or in other words, an e-ride by.

And again in East Harlem, a homeless man discovered a dead man’s body in a garbage can while collecting recyclables.

And again in East Harlem, a 15-year-old boy accompanying his sister to pick up a sandwich from a bodega got shot to death and another man also got shot on a street corner in a gang-related hit. The killer is still on the loose.

In the Upper East Side,  a man got shot to death on a stairwell  inside an apartment building by two men who set up a weed deal with him only to rob him.

Also in the Upper East Side at the 63rd St./Lexington Ave. Station, a man grabbed a woman on her ass and then whipped out his dick when she turned around.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless man randomly attacked a man walking on the sidewalk, punching him multiple times and demanded he go back to another nation. Then the maniac beat him on the ground and bit his middle finger tip off.

For the xenophobes

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a man punched another man in the face for wearing a necklace with a pendant of a religion he didn’t like.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man walking with a plastic traffic pole skulked up behind an app-food delivery worker and bashed him on the head with it. Base first.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man who died of a drug overdose was found lying on the asphalt between two parked cars.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man freakishly died after he hurriedly walked and smacked his head into a parked Snapple truck unawares.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, squeegee men crews have returned in full force washing the windshields of vehicle commuters stuck in traffic while trying to go downtown and into the Lincoln Tunnel. A squeegee “supervisor” warned a frontrunner GOP mayoral candidate that he’ll go back to robbing again if he’s forced to stop.

In the Upper West Side, a homeless man covered head to toe in blankets charged a man who just parked his car and kicked the door and then walloped him in the face and exhorted that the street was his property as his wife and child watched in horror. Twelve cops were deployed to arrest the mentally ill perp, who yelled at them and refused to be detained.

Also in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a woman punched a train conductor in the face.

Again in the Upper West Side, two gangs of men loitering by a restaurant street shanty suddenly pulled out their guns and got into a shootout in broad daylight, firing rounds while ducking behind cars and running down the streets. One of the gunslingers fled the scene on a razor scooter.

Not one sign of any violence interrupters around before and during the fusillade. Fortunately, there weren’t any bullet interrupters since no civilians got hit.

And again in the Upper West Side, a 65-year-old woman visiting the city got plowed while crossing the street by a man riding an unlicensed motor scooter and rode away leaving her on the asphalt.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 96th Station, a man yelled homophobic slurs at a couple which compelled one of them to brandish a knife, which the man grabbed during a tussle with him and then he used it to slash him on the ear and his girlfriend twice on the face. The perp once killed a man 30 year ago.

In Morningside Heights at the 116th St. Station, a woman gets off the 1 train and a man jumps out from behind a pillar and whacks her in the hip with a cane.

Also in Morningside Heights, a man got into a tussle with two other men on the platform and slashed one of his foes in the arm.

In Washington Heights, a man robbed 2 G’s from a bank after passing a note to the teller, who threw a dye pack inside before she gave him the loot. The man also robbed 2 banks in Midtown and Harlem and 2 other banks in Long Island City, making off with over $4,000.

Also in Washington Heights, two men on a motor scooter rode up to a 63-year-old man riding his bike and knocked him down and then laughed at his expense when he fell onto a parked vehicle.

Again in Washington Heights, a man got instantly killed when he got hit by a car while walking on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Th

In Inwood, a NYPD patrol car rear windshield was smashed to bits as cops were searching for a man waving a knife on the streets.

Also in Inwood, a man drove his motorcycle towards another man on a street corner and held him up at gunpoint then shot him in the knee and robbed his gold chain as he laid on the asphalt.

Again in Inwood, a man got shot in the ass after having an argument with his assailant on the street.

In Fort George, a man threw eggs and yelled homophobic slurs at two EMT’s on the sidewalk.

In Columbus Circle, a man strangled and bit a Samaritan who tried to stop him from harassing a commuter on the D train and then waved a box cutter to ward off witnesses.

Also in Columbus Circle, a mouse was found inside a refrigerator display case inside of one of Jeff Bezos’s high end supermarket chains and indulging itself on chops of veal worth over $20 a pound. A woman filming the food violation in real time was met with snickers from one of the butchers when told about the rodent snacking right under his nose.

In Central Park, a woman got ambushed by a man she arranged a date with on an app who put her in a chokehold and ran away with her purse.

Also in Central Park, a woman followed and vociferously cursed at a man who served time for and testified against President Trump during congressional hearings about his former boss’s payoffs to cover up affairs with two Playboy centerfold models as he was walking on the street. It would have been funnier if he told her “Says who?

Again in Central Park, a man got jumped by five men and two of them ganged raped him and robbed him.

In Tribeca at the Chambers St. Station, a man ran up to a tourist and stabbed him twice with a screwdriver in front of his family. The victim’s wife notified transit cops and had him arrested. This was a few weeks ago so he’s probably back riding the rails right now.

Also in Tribeca, a trust fund baby man who got busted for throwing illegal booze parties inside of the loft building his mommy rents for him while charging people and kids 100 bucks to get inside during the pandemic is still throwing more speakeasy ragers despite complaints from his wealthy neighbors while he defiantly refuses to let in Department of Buildings agents inspect the building in utter defiance of judge’s orders by making the lamest excuses to blow them off.

Since this recidivist scumbag was breaking distancing protocols and breaking the law letting rich kids get loaded, why didn’t de Blasio’s NYPD send some coppers to break down his door and frog march him to the 1st Pct. in handcuffs? Well, it’s too late now since indoor event guidelines have been lifted. So why don’t they send the cops back to see if this booze party promoter is making sure his customers are vaccinated?

All of those questions are now moot because the greedy entrepreneur left the building virtually unnoticed and unscathed of any criminal charges.

Again in Tribeca, a trust fund baby and career hack bureaucrat who’s running for mayor thanks to getting a million dollar a week allowance from his daddy got arrested obstructing the Holland Tunnel entrance while kneeling during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Pity the rich performance progressive.

In the Lower East Side, a man approached a woman on a street corner to panhandle her and then he punched her head like a speedbag.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man with a suitcase used it to clobber a 2-year-old girl sitting in a stroller right in front of her father, who just returned to Manhattan after spending the last year in Brazil.

Just another victim, I mean another real New Yorker

The psycho who got arrested for his lunatic assault has 69 priors going back 15 years and was recently held on a warrant for an assault 3 months earlier.

Again in the Lower East Side, a man stuck up another man at gunpoint and directed him to an ATM machine and robbed $200 off him.

And again in the Lower East Side, a woman attacked a man who approached her on his bike and stabbed him in both arms.

And again in the Lower East Side, a homeless man stabbed another homeless man to death with a razor at a skate park down under the Manhattan Bridge.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man drove his car straight through the front door of a small business store.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man stole an ebike by cutting off the lock with a power saw in broad daylight in front of passerby while wearing a fluorescent green shirt. Like other trends in felonious crimes during the recovery for all of us, bike theft has also seen a massive rise, which will be immensely great for Lyft’s ride share  Shitibike.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man made violent threat to traffic cops in a patrol van, which he punched at while riding by them on his e-bike.

In the East Village, a man shot another man in the leg after he snatched his cellphone.

Also in the East Village, a woman killed herself when she fell down a shaft as she tried to climbed from one rooftop party to another rooftop party at the next overvalued rental apartment building.

In the West Village, a woman got randomly punched in the face by a man while walking on the sidewalk.

In Soho at the Houston-Lafayette Station, a man mugged a woman on the platform.

Also in Soho, an art gallery featuring the racist destruction of a successful business street in Tulsa had it’s title displayed on the window defaced with white paint 3 times in a week. The vandal also left his initials behind, which could be an indication that these defacings may be more motivated by aesthetic critiques than institutional racism.

In Noho at the 8th St. Station, a deranged man tossed a soda can at a man and called him a racial slur on the platform.

In Union Square, a woman sucker punched a man on the 456 platform as he was waiting for the train.

Also in Union Square, a man brawled with another man and then slashed him in the neck with a knife following an argument on the NRQW platform. The victim turned out to be an ex-con who served time for beating up two women on the street in a xenophobic attack and still can’t seem to stay out of trouble but is more cognizant of the new bad days than the Mayor is.

Again in Union Square, a man randomly attacked a woman and slashed her multiple times until a Samaritan intervened by spearing the psycho to the floor and holding him an headlock while another Samaritan pinned his legs down as they awaited the arrival of some of the 250 extra cops the Blaz finally sent to the subway.

In Chinatown, a man laid a roundhouse punch to a woman’s face who was passing by him on the sidewalk in broad daylight and in front of patrons dining at a restaurant shanty and the recidivist criminal with over 40 prior arrests for similar acts of violence feigned he was the one who was struck.

In Greenwich Village, a man randomly attacked another man on the sidewalk by hitting him in the face with a blunt object.

Also in Greenwich Village, a five alarm fire engulfed a two story commercial building and a Chinese restaurant. The FDNY had trouble getting to the blaze sooner because of all the shanties on the street curbs in front of restaurants were obstructing their path. Two firefighters got injured during the blaze.

Again in Greenwich Village, an argument between two men on a street corner escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and shot his foe in the leg.

And again in Greenwich Village, during another protest, a demonstrator smashed a restaurant window, injuring a patron who got hit with glass. Which was instantly replaced, showing that some businesses are already adjusting to the urban blight and societal decay happening during the recovery for all of us.

In Herald Square, a man begging for money on the F train wanted more from a man he targeted and stole his handbag and cellphone after he threatened him.

In Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man with 12 priors and a recent arrest for subway violence shoved a 65-year-old woman down the stairs.

In Chelsea Piers, a man tried to hijack a lux booze cruise boat while in his p.j.’s.

In the Financial District, the son of the NYPD’s greatest cop died of a heroin overdose inside his apartment.

In Kips Bay, a man killed another man with his car while he was speeding down a service road as the victim was crossing and kept going until his car konked out, as a patrol car caught up to the hit and run driver and arrested him.

Also in Kips Bay, a man was found dead floating in the East River.

Again in Kips Bay, a woman killed herself after she fell five stories off a fire escape and landed in a courtyard while trying to get to a party on the roof of an apartment building.

And again in Kips Bay, a man shot another man to death point blank to his head on the sidewalk based on a look.

In Downtown Manhattan, migrating birds are killing themselves by crashing into a glass window railing at the World Trade Center building.

Also in Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton St. Station, two men brawling with each other escalated when one of them whipped out a blade and slashed the other guy twice on the 4 train.

Again in Downtown Manhattan, a woman spray painted a political message supporting de Blasio’s NYPD on the street and got arrested. Never mind that de Blasio circumvented DOT regulations to paint Black Lives Matter murals last summer that he doesn’t give a shit about anymore.

Three men converged on a man on the F train as it was crossing under the East River  and robbed his cellphone at gunpoint.

On the Manhattan Bridge, a man decided to try to kill himself and managed to disrupt 4 subway lines. Meanwhile in the East River tunnel under the Brooklyn Bridge, the emergency brakes on the A got activated when the third rail malfunctioned. Leading to power going off and multiple lines getting re-routed. There’s no stoppin’ New York City.

In Washington Square Park, a mentally disturbed man disrupted  a film shoott for an insignificant sitcom show that streams on Amazon and grabbed the leading actress from behind. After one of the show’s workers restrained the man and threw him to the ground, the kook hung around and threw bottles and votive candles on the ground near them, smashing glass all over the place, leading the show’s creators and producers to cancel the shoot.

Also in Washington Square Park, public crack smoking, smack shooting and drug dealing has laid predominance inside the park once again. Because of this public display of societal decay and the wanton and slovenly behavior of visitors using the park for rager parties going into the early morning hours which consists of high decibel EDM music and tons of detritus left behind, de Blasio’s NYPD enacted a 10 p.m. curfew every weekend ensuring not one soul dares to occupy the park for one second. Even including residents that live in the area and nearby the landmark public space.

Yeah this is going to work out like gangbusters just like the curfew the Blaz enacted on the city this time last year.

Only a week after the curfew was implemented and a NYPD militia was deployed to the park, gangbusters manifested itself as hundreds of people were still hanging around, getting drunk and loaded and throwing ragers in the park at 11 p.m. and got into a violent clash with the cops as they tried to make them disburse by pushing bikes and barricades at them, leading to 23 people getting cuffed.

Because of the bad optics of the over-deployment of cops and their obligatory use of excessive force (MOVE! BACK!) which only provoked more violence and chaos which culminated with cops chasing citizens away from the park and continuing to pursue them on the streets, de Blasio’s NYPD didn’t show up the next evening, as hundreds of people returned and threw another rager while others drove ATV vehicles in the public space.


In Flatbush, a 12-year-old boy died a day after he was bullied  by classmates and was assaulted by a boy who got paid a dollar to brutally beat him down inside a public school. The victim was persistently harassed and beaten by his bullies for two days before he succumbed to his final torture at the hands of his young tormentors after getting hit in the head multiple times.

Also in Flatbush, a young man shot his girlfriend in the arm inside an apartment building.

Again in Flatbush, a man with a bullet in his chest was dropped off at a hospital anonymously and abandoned and wound up dying from his wound.

And again in Flatbush, a construction worker got killed falling four stories to the ground after breaking up concrete on the roof while not being tethered at a building demolition site.

In East New York, a man walked into a store and threatened to shoot a man for being Asian and then threatened to shoot anyone that would defend him.

Also in East New York at the Pennsylvania Ave. Station, a man yelled at 60-year-old woman on the platform and then he slashed and stabbed her multiple times until a Samaritan intervened and stopped him and protected her.

Again in East New York, an 18-year-old man got shot to death on a street corner where he was looking to hook up with a woman he chatted with online but got ambushed by a gang who was menacing and stalking him for nearly a year.

And again in East New York, a 19-year-old man driving a stolen car ran a red light and got into a high speed chase with cops in pursuit. When the cops caught up to the gang member after he crashed into a row of parked cars, the cops discovered he was still on parole after being released from prison after serving time for 3 years for paralyzing a cop who pulled him over during a traffic stop when he was driving a stolen car  4 years earlier and then hit the gas and dragged him on the street for two blocks.

In Cypress Hills at the Broadway Junction Station, a homeless man putting on his pants on a bench got up and randomly pushed a 65-year-old woman onto the tracks. The woman does not plan to ride the subway by herself ever again, but surely the mayor thinks she doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking out.

In Park Slope at the Union St. Station, a disheveled homeless man loitering by the turnstiles was hassling commuters and made juvenile expressions to surveillance cameras and then he attacked a 63-year-old man while he was paying his fare and shoved him to the ground, kicked him in the face and pummeled him multiple times and stole his wallet.

Also in Park Slope, a man broke into a grocery store and almost made off with 4 large but got trapped by the po-po who caught him hiding in a crawl space wielding a fake gun. The perp was just released from prison with 3 more years of parole to go.

In Brownsville, a man got shot in the stomach while the sun was still out early in the evening and found sanctuary at a nearby house. The man later died after succumbing to his wound.

Again in Park Slope, a dilettante candidate for mayor got yelled at by a bunch of upper class shitlibs who don’t need cops in front of a YMCA.

Also in Brownsville, three teenage boys injured two cops and themselves after they stole a car and the car hijacker driver sped down the streets and collided into a patrol car after blowing a red light and then crashed into another car and the back of a box truck, concluding their little late evening joyride.

Again in Brownsville, a 16-year-old boy got shot while trying to defend himself against a gang of 5 other men on the street.

And again in Brownsville, a man stepped out of a car and fired shots at a playground at the Seth Low Houses, hitting a man in the leg.

And again in Brownsville, a 17-year-old boy shot a 16-year-old boy on the leg on the street to settle an verbal dispute.

And again in Brownsville, a man approached a 13-year-old girl with a Alaskan Husky and asked her to take a celly pic and then he took her to an apartment building with a ruse claiming he left it there and then he sexually molested her. He tried the same pattern with an 11 and a 12-year-old girl the next day and they both ran when they got to the building. Word really got around fast about this creep.

In Bed-Stuy, an argument between two men on the street escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and blasted four shots to his foe, killing him execution style.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a man got beaten down and stabbed to death by two men inside the vestibule of a NYCHA building. The man who plunged a knife in him three times stabbed him months earlier during a fight on the street where the victim was armed with a starter pistol and who didn’t cooperate with the cops to have his killer arrested.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got shot in the hip at a park in broad daylight.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man shot at a group of people in broad daylight while riding on the back of a motorcross bike.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man who got shot by his house by a relative of his died from his wounds weeks later. On his death bed, the man wouldn’t divulge his killer to the cops.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man riding a motor scooter got shot to death by a man who surprised him as he stepped on the street and then the gunman hopped in a car and got away.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a homeless man stabbed another homeless man to death in the lobby of a hotel being used as a shelter. Did anybody get the number of the non-profit running it?

And again in Bed-Stuy, a fire started on the top floor of a townhouse killed a 15-year-old boy and engulfed the adjacent apartment building.

And again in Bed-Stuy at the Kingston-Throop Station, a man randomly stabbed another man in the back on the platform.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got killed by a hit-and-run driver while he was crossing the street.

In East Flatbush, a man was shot to death inside an apartment building after arguing with his killer.

Also in East Flatbush, a man shot another man in the leg after he robbed him.

Again in East Flatbush, a man got killed crossing the street by a hit and run van driver.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot in the legs and shoulder following an argument with his assailant nearby a house party.

And again in East Flatbush, a small business owner got killed while he was crossing the street by a hit and run van driver in broad daylight.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot to death and was found slumped on an office chair inside a mixed use building.

And again in East Flatbush, a woman pushing a cart with cans for recycling got hit by a car and died trying to cross the street.

And again in East Flatbush, a man shot another man in the leg four times then robbed his sneakers and wallet in broad daylight.

And again in East Flatbush, a mentally disturbed man set a mixed-use apartment building on fire, causing the death of one tenant and leading two tenants to jump out their windows. Four other tenants and a firefighter also got injured during the blaze. The arsonist had 17 priors, the most serious being menacing, assault and robbery, two of which he recently committed back in January in a homeless shelter.

In Bushwick, a man ran up to a SUV with three men inside as the driver was waiting for the red light and shot at all of them in a gang-related attack. The driver died from a blast to the chest as one of his passengers survived getting hit twice.

The gunman came upon two cops in an unmarked patrol car deployed to the area and immediately shot at them when they came out of the vehicle. The cops responded with 21 shots and took him down and arrested him, but after he managed to get 3 bullets at one of the cops, hitting him in the leg, butt and torso. The cop survived thanks to his kevlar vest.

Also in Bushwick, a man backed up his car into another vehicle, then took out his gat and shot at the driver who was about to confront him.

And again in Bushwick, an 11-year-old boy fell through a subway grate hole next to a playground that was missing the fucking grate, which the city knew about for four fucking weeks.

The boy accessed the transit grate path through a hole that was cut through a fence that was under the purview of de Blasio’s NYC Parks Dept. Somehow this was overlooked during a recovery for all of us, but at least there are open boulevards to go to soon.

And again in Bushwick, a woman abandoned her seven-month baby in her stroller in front of a deli while she was inebriated.

And again in Bushwick, a man shot a online monopoly retail delivery man in his face inside his truck in broad daylight after he got pissed off when the delivery guy hit his rear fender.

And again in Bushwick, a man shot four other men in front of a bodega in a gang-related hit on Memorial Day when 15 people got hit by bullets in 6 hours. The gunman got busted the next week and was found to be the man who crashed his car on the Clearview Parkway while driving drunk and killed his friend who was riding in the front with him and when a cop assigned to direct traffic from the wreck was murdered by a woman who hit him with his car because she was inconvenienced by the traffic delay.

And again in Bushwick, a clinically depressed man being admitted to a hospital vociferously demanded to be given a bed and then tackled an EMT and bashed him against a COVID-protection plexiglass shield. The victim remarked that there has been a perfect storm of attacks against EMT’s from robbery of essential equipment to the rise of mentally ill people being let loose and ignored by the city on the streets.

And again in Bushwick, an 18-year-old man repeatedly punched a city bus driver through the partition after he was told to wear a mask inside the bus.

In Crown Heights, a 17-year-old boy got shot in the neck on the street in broad daylight in a gang related attack.

Also in Crown Heights, a man fired shots at a gang of men on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

In Williamsburg, a man who just cashed a settlement check to rent an apartment for his family went to a jewelry store with his girlfriend to buy a pendant and another man struck a conversation with him. Then the other man followed the couple out the store and tailed them as they were walking on the sidewalk when a man with a cane comes toward them and whacks the man with a cane multiple times trying to get the bag containing the money he just cashed. Then the man hit the woman with the cane and both of them robbed the bag and made off with $18,000, leaving their victims and their children in dire straits.

Also in Williamsburg, a man got killed when he flipped his livery SUV making a turn fast and crashed into three parked cars.

Again in Williamsburg, a man got pissed after getting bounced out of a bar and then he took out a gun and shot at the workers inside and missed.

And again in Williamsburg, a man crashed into another car in an intersection and then a building wall while speeding and driving drunk and then he tried to run from the scene but got caught by witnesses and neighbors.

And again in Williamsburg, a woman got beaten to death inside her apartment.

And again in Williamsburg, a man attempted to rob a couple he knew at gunpoint as they entered their apartment building and then shot both of them when they tried to shut the door on him. After getting hit, the woman took out her husbands gun and shot their assailant to death.

And again in Williamsburg, a man arguing with another man on the sidewalk escalated when his foe was suddenly accompanied by two other men which encouraged him to punch his rival in the face, but ran away when he punched back.

In East Williamsburg at the Willoughby/Myrtle Ave. Station, a young man lost his leg after jumping in front of the arriving G train.

In Canarsie, a man got stabbed to death on the sidewalk in a gang-related attack.

In Sunset Park, a freight elevator inside an “Industry City” building carrying over 20 NYPD and federal marshals collapsed, causing injuries to all of them.

In Fort Greene, a man and a woman were found dead inside their apartment at the Ingersoll Houses.

Also in Fort Greene, a man stabbed two other men on the grounds of the Ingersoll Houses, killing one of them.

Again in Fort Greene at the Lafayette Ave. Station, a man slashed another man in the face on the platform.

In Borough Park, a woman hassled than smacked a woman on the D train and told her she doesn’t belong in this country.

Also in Borough Park, three men yelled anti-Semetic slurs at people going into a synagogue, then got out of their car and chased them inside and banged on the doors while still yelling threats.

Again in Borough Park, a rabble rousing activist and podcast host got punched in the face and his phone damaged during an altercation with two men he knew who threatened him in front of his house.

In Boerum Hill at the Atlantic Ave. Station, a man walked towards a man talking on his celly and punched him in the face. Then they both got into a tussle by the turnstiles.

Also in Boerum Hill at the Atlantic Ave. Station, a woman spat on another woman on the platform and yelled a xenophobic slur at her. Then she chased her out of the station.

Again in Boerum Hill, a 70-year-old man got killed by a hit-and-run driver while he was crossing the street.

And again in Boerum Hill and also Brownsville, Canarsie and in Midtown Manhattan, a gang of 3 young men engaged in a one month mugging spree in the subway, threatening commuters and making off with their cellphones and wallets.

In Prospect Park-Lefferts Gardens, a man was shot three times on three different parts of his body on the street.

Also in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a woman bit the finger off a nurse’s hand while she was treating her at a hospital.

Again in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens at the Eastern Pkwy/Brooklyn Museum Station, a paranoid woman attacked another man with a hammer and bashed his face with it because she thought he was looking at her as commuters gawked at the violence.

And again in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, a man blasted another man in the knee when he pulled out his gun to settle a verbal dispute on the street.

In Prospect Heights, a 17-year-old gangbanger looking to settle a dispute with another gang, shot and missed his targets as stray bullets hit a woman in the eye who was dining outside (and who happens to be a federal prosecutor in the Manhattan D.A.’s office), and also hit a man who was walking by. These victims were just two of the 30 people that were shot in less than 16 hours at the start of that weekend.

Also in Prospect Heights, a man got killed after he fell off while making a turn on his motor scooter and then got hit by a car.

In Coney Island, threatening bigoted graffiti in blue paint was found sprayed on a mosque.

Also in Coney Island, a fire broke out at an apartment building power center, cutting off electricity to tenants in the complex.

Again in Coney Island, a man stabbed another man following an argument by a gas station.

In Brighton Beach, a man randomly stabbed another man in the back inside an apartment building.

In Manhattan Beach, a man drove by a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old boy and tried to seduce them into getting in his red car with candy.

In Red Hook,cops approached a man sitting in his car in a no standing zone and after an I.D. search while writing up a ticket found that he was wanted for murder when a man got shot in the face in front of his house back in December. The cops also found him in possession of a loaded gun after they arrested him.

Also in Red Hook, a man stood on the rooftop of a NYCHA building and shined a laser pointer at a NYPD and corporate local news helicopter hovering above the vicinity.

In Weeksville, a woman got shot to death during a drive by while she was attending a sidewalk vigil for a man who also got shot to death on the street the night before in East Flatbush when an argument with his killer escalated after he stepped on his shoe.

In Bensonhurst, a man climbed a fence in front of a church and knocked over a crucifix  statue of Jesus Christ and then he placed Old Glory on the fence and set it on fire. The vandal got arrested when he was caught on security cameras setting a bonfire on a pile of garbage bags he set aside by a Yeshiva building in Borough Park an hour before sunrise, punching a man who was sitting by an auto body shop and then stealing a bike from an alley.

Also in Bensonhurst, a 19-year-old man expecting to sell his car from an arrangement made on social media got ambushed and abducted by six men who held him for ransom and expected his cousin to give them 10 grand for his release. Then the kidnappers got caught by a NYPD training facility at Marine Park as NYPD patrol cars swarmed after the cousin traced the hostage’s cellphone and identified the location.

Again in Bensonhurst, a woman got grabbed by two men on the sidewalk and then directed her to her house where they robbed $13,000 from her.

And again in Bensonhurst, a man robbed another man’s green card and $1,000 after beating him up on the sidewalk.

In Bath Beach, a man robbed a man of 400 bucks after he threatened to chop him with an ax.

Also in Bath Beach, a 65-year-old man died at a police station after being detained for drunk driving and after being initially sent to a hospital.

In Greenwood, a church statue of the Virgin Mary holding her baby Jesus was found with the son of God’s head decapitated.

In Clinton Hill, a mentally ill or drugged up man got on a city bus and gave the driver a hard time and then he punched him in the face when he was told to get out.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man stabbed another man in the chest on the sidewalk.

Again in Clinton Hill, two men attacked and put a deliveryman in a chokehold and robbed his phone.

And again in Clinton Hill, a man broke into the trunk of a woman’s car and robbed over $100,000 worth of jewelry.

In Greenpoint, a statue at McCarren Park was found covered in trash and vandalized with xenophobic graffiti.

Also in Greenpoint, a man got killed by a hit and run Rolls Royce driver while crossing the street when the light was red.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man charged at a 67-year-old man walking to a synagogue and punched him in the face and yelled anti-Semetic slurs at him.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a 16-year-old girl was jumped by two men while standing at a bus stop and robbed her cellphone after pulling her down to the pavement by her hair and spraying her with a caustic liquid.

In New Lots, a stray bullet hit a man in the arm as he was walking on the sidewalk.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man and a woman approached an app food delivery guy making a drop off and got into a tussle with him trying to steal the order.

In DUMBO, a man randomly punched another man in the chest after yelling at him.

In Downtown Brooklyn, six men got indicted for stealing $2,000,000 from the federal government by stealing identities to make debit cards to withdraw unemployment and emergency supplemental insurance funds from the pandemic stimulus bills and then all of them decided to build social media fame from their plunder. Two other scumbags involved in the fleecing are still on the loose.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a critical mass bike ride protest for the anniversary of George Floyd’s extrajudicial murder by Derek Chauvin that was coming off the Brooklyn Bridge was disrupted by an impatient SUV driver who hit the gas after one of the protesters jumped on his hood and then he another cyclist in his path. A NYPD cruiser hit another protester while in pursuit of the driver.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man and a woman got busted trying to shoplift over $2,500 in merchandise from a mall but a man got away pilfering a bunch of designer shirts from the same mall three days later.

In Dumbo, a man randomly punched another man in the chest after yelling at him.

Also in Dumbo, a man in a reflective vest broke into a home and robbed car keys from the resident owner, who caught him and chase him outside but didn’t get his keys back.

Again in Dumbo, one of The Blaz’s and the EDC’s precious NYC Ferries smashed into a barge both that was docked by the pier station.  Must have been worth the 10.00 for every 2.75 fare ride for these commuters.


In Concourse, two gangs pulled out guns and shot at each other on a busy sidewalk in broad daylight, causing commuters to take cover behind piles of garage bags.

Also in Concourse, two men held up two other men at gunpoint and robbed a bag containing $2,500 after pistol whipping one of them. The other man managed to fight back and punched one of the muggers in the face and then ran down the street with the two gunmen in pursuit until he fell on the asphalt and wound up getting shot by both of them.

Again in Concourse, an idiot drove a dirtbike onto a running oval track at MacCombs Dam Park and hit a 5-year-old boy, and then he split when witnesses yelled at him.

In Mount Hope, a 60-year-old man caught a recidivist shoplifter who robbed 50 bucks worth of jewelry and perfume from his daughters store that the thief robbed months earlier and then chased him out to the street with a clothes hanging pole but wound up getting assaulted by the thief who grabbed the pole and then beat him up with it and ran away.

In Parkchester, a man loitering in front of a department store swung a knife at random people coming out and then got shot three times by a mall cop after various warnings to disarm.

In Morris Park, a man got shot to death on the street in broad daylight following an argument with the killer.

In Longwood, a man murdered another man in cold blood when he sneaked up on him while he was walking on the sidewalk and shot him point blank in the head.

Also in Longwood, a man got shot in the chest in an alleyway and died later in the hospital.

Again in Longwood, a city bus caught fire after a man crashed his motorcycle into it from behind.

And again in Longwood, a man rushed another man in a hallway in an apartment building and held him at gunpoint, then shot him to death after he pistol whipped him.

In Mott Haven, a man asked another man about to pass by him for a dollar and then busted his mouth open with one punch when he refused to spare the bill.

Also in Mott Haven, a man jumped out of a car and pulled out his gun on two men as they exited a deli and then shot them down in a fusillade of bullets as they ran for their lives, even though there was an NYPD command post in the vicinity. One of the men died from his wounds after getting hit 12 times in the gang-related assassination.

Again in Mott Haven, an elevator malfunctioned at a charter school building under construction and collapsed from the top floor, killing the site supervisor and injuring a worker as they were moving tools and debris.

And again in Mott Haven, a man grabbed a 17-year-old girl and a young woman asses in two apartment buildings in the span of an hour.

In Fordham Heights. at the Fordham Road Station, a man pushed a woman and caused her to fall on the platform, then he took her cellphone and smashed it on the ground when she tried to photograph him.

Also in Fordham Heights at the 182nd/183rd St. Station, a man trying to mug another man at gunpoint for his pinky ring went awry when after he shot his mark, his victim fought back and shot him in the face with his own gun during the tussle.The gunman had 45 priors, with over half of them being felonies.

In West Farms, a man got shot on a street corner a half hour before the crack of dawn.

In Hunts Point, a man and a woman got shot in their car during a drive-by.

In Melrose, a man got shot in the leg on a street corner in the middle of the night.

In University Heights, a man got shot inside a building in broad daylight.

In Belmont, a man got shot to death and another man got wounded while they were handing out in front of a deli when three armed men ran towards them and fired a fusillade of bullets at them.

Also in Belmont, a man shot another man in the head from behind at point blank range inside a nite club following a dispute over who was ahead in line to go to the bathroom. The victim died days later from his wound.

Again in Belmont, a 16-year-old boy got shot in the arm during a drive by as he was walking on the sidewalk. Then got shot at again when he tried to flee from the driver pursued him.

In Morris Heights, a man shot two men hanging out in a hallway inside an apartment building, killing one of them by blasting him in the head and wounding an older man in the stomach.

In Claremont, a man shot another man in the back to settle an argument on the street.

Also in Claremont, two men held up two other men at gunpoint and robbed a backpack containing $2,500 and then shot the other man when he resisted them.

Again in Claremont, a man shot at three other men on a street corner during a midnight gang-related attack.

And again in Claremont, a man threw his soft drink at a city bus driver and then punched him in the neck and ran.

In Claremont Village, a man shot another man to death inside of a playground and a stray bullet hit a woman as she walking by the homicide scene.

In Claremont Village, a man came running out of a park towards a group of people hanging out in a Mickey D’s parking lot and shot a fusillade of bullets at them, instantly killing a 17-year-old boy and hitting three other men and a woman in the legs, then got into a car waiting for him and fled. The part-time working mother of the slain teenager, who survived getting stabbed on the subway back in March, can’t afford to give him a funeral.

In Pelham Gardens, three men barged into a home while impersonating cops and held two women at gunpoint, then they search the premises for cash but found nothing of value so they stole a cellphone. That’s a good way to get traced dummies.

In Fordham, a man got shot inside an apartment building following an argument with his killer and refused to rat him out to the cops.

Also in Fordham, a man snatched a chain from the neck of a 71-year-old woman inside a pawn shop.

Again in Fordham, a city bus driver got punched by a man after he confronted him to turn down his bluetooth speaker inside the bus.

In Morrisania, a man loitering on a street corner smoking a joint with his friends pulls out a gun and fires it at random and the bullet hits an 80-year-old man with Alzheimer’s disease in the ass as he was walking on the street while going shopping with his wife and niece.

Where are the violence interrupters? Or do we really need bullet interrupters?

Also in Morrisania, a man got into an argument with a worker at a cellphone store and pulled his gun out at him, then he ran outside while holding his piece and in the presence of cops who caught him fleeing and then the skell shot at them as cops returned fire, but the gunman managed to get away.

Oh, there are the violence interrupters.

Again in Morrisania, a man held up a dollar store at knifepoint and stole $219 from the register while other patrons were still shopping.

And again in Morrisania, two men got shot on the sidewalk during a drive-by.

And again in Morrisania at the Freeman St. Station, a man slashed another man in the chest after he was arguing with his girlfriend and thought he was gawking at them.

In Mount Hope, a man got shot four times in three different parts of his body on the street in broad daylight.

In East Tremont, a man got shot to death in a drive-by while sitting in a fancy car.

In Co-Op City, an 87-year-old man murdered an 83-year-old man by beating him to death by bashing his head on the floor of his room inside a nursing home.

In Castle Hill, a man got shot in the leg in a hallway of a public housing building and refused to drop dime on his assailant.

In Norwood, two men got shot while walking on the sidewalk during a drive-by.

In the South Bronx, two boys invaded a van inside a parking lot and woke up the driver sleeping inside and threatened to shoot him, then they stole his wallet.

Also in the South Bronx, a woman stalked a health care worker making a house call at an apartment building and then got inside with her when the tenant buzzed her in and grabbed her by the hair and punched her multiple times.

Again in the South Bronx, a young woman got shot in the back on a street corner during a drive by.

And again in the South Bronx, a man beat down a transgender woman inside her apartment after they hooked up with each other on an app.

In Unionport, a man trying to find a parking space on his block after finishing his day doing his job as an EMT got hassled by two men who were mocking him for asking them to spare a spot because they and their friends were partying on the street. Then the off-duty life saver got punched in the face by both of them and wound up with his jaw broken.

In University Heights, a man got shot three times on a street corner following an argument with his assailant.

In Mount Eden, a 16-year-old girl shot herself in the eye while messing around with her boyfriend’s gun inside an apartment.

Also in Mount Eden, a man got shot on a street corner in the dead of night.

In Hunts Point, a man shot another man on the street before the crack of dawn.

On the Bronx River Parkway, a man attempting to walk across the highway against traffic got killed instantly when a car hit him.

In Bedford Park, drug dealers took over an abandoned house on a street corner and turned it into a drug den and whorehouse. Because of the state’s still standing eviction moratorium, the outlaws occupying the home are legally allowed to remain there even though the illegal activity they are profiting from hardly justifies any claims of hardship.


In Northwestern Queens and also Southern Bronx, a gang of men jacked 19 cars at gunpoint during a 5 day span.

In Flushing at the 105th Precinct, three cops got indicted for running a racket with a tow truck company by confiscating vehicles involved in wrecks and arranging all pickups from accident and crime scenes with them and a body shop they were tied with. The pigs also stole data of the victims from the auto wrecks and sold what they hacked to tow operators who sold that data to personal injury lawyers and physical therapists.

One of the rogue cops was involved in heroin dealing while collecting a city pension after retiring and dispensed racist vitriol and flashed his gun at people he swore to serve and protect. The ex-cop current convict racked over 30 complaints while staining the badge and was only investigated by the NYPD for one. The dirty cop made bail was released a few days later, because this is how the city treats hardened criminals these days.

Also in Flushing at the Main St. Station, a MTA conductor trying to tell a man to stop smoking on the 7 train got a violent response as the derelict whipped out a box cutter and chased him on the platform while spewing threats to stab him and then spat a loogie on him. The conductor ran into a token booth to get away from the thug as the station agent locked the door. The lunatic punched the glass and made more threats as he tried to force open the door and then he threw up gang signs, proclaimed that the subway was “his house” and warned that he was going to get him later.

During this prolonged act of terror, no cops were in the station, which is one of the busiest in Queens, or in the vicinity at all.  Some cops were deployed to the station later but informed the transit worker that wouldn’t pursue him because spit is not a weapon And apparently making threats to someone’s life does not qualify as hate speech and is not tantamount to prosecutable hate crimes. The cops took over a week to find and arrest the maniac.

Also in Flushing, a man took a mallet and smashed the window of a jewelry store and robbed $32,000 worth of baubles in broad daylight as pedestrians were passing by and then rode away on his bike.

Again in Flushing, a man died after he got run over by a truck when he rode right into it coming off the curb while riding his moped on the sidewalk.

And again in Flushing, a man broke into a spa and robbed a laptop.

In Elmhurst, after murdering a homeless man at the Grand St. Station in April and ditching the weapon by throwing it a sewer, a man attacked another man with a knife as he was walking on the sidewalk and stabbed him in the neck, leaving him paralyzed on one side. Then the slasher got into a dispute with a man in a basement gambling den in a house who told him to stop stalking his girlfriend and then he stabbed him multiple times in the arm and on his torso. Then he stood outside as the cops rolled up and finally arrested him. His last victim revealed that he stabbed a man in Flushing and didn’t report it to the NYPD and his own mother put out a protection order against him after he tried to stab her.

Also in Elmhurst and in Jackson Heights, a gang of six men attacked, beat down and robbed four men in four muggings during a three day span, making off with over $2,000 from each battery and larceny.

Again in Elmhurst, a woman got killed when she got hit by a turning SUV while crossing the street because some people don’ t know how to fucking yield.

And again in Elmhurst, a memorial dedicated to those who were sacrificed to fight the Vietnam War at a park was bombed with graffiti containing vulgarities, slurs against veterans and swastikas.

In St. Albans, a man ran out of his house in his britches to stop a city marshal and a tow truck driver from booting his car by whipping out his gun and shooting at them. The livid man managed to get a bullet on the tow truck driver’s head and was able to stop them from clamping the boot on his vehicle.

Also in St. Albans, a man pulled out a gun and shot a fusillade of bullets at a group of people in front of a house, hitting a man and his 8-year-old son who was riding his bike at the time and another man in a gang-related drive-by attack.

In Queens Village, a man beaten and strangled his mother to death and then sexually molested her dead body in the basement of her house the night before Mother’s Day.

In Long Island City, a man held up a bank with a menacing note and made off with over $1,115.

Also in Long Island City, a man walked up to a car parked by the Queensbridge Houses and shot a man to death who was sitting in the front seat. The killer only got out of prison 6 months ago.

Again in Long Island City at the Queens Plaza Station, a man got into a dispute with a woman on the 7 train and then punched her in the head and stole her phone.

And again in Long Island City, three men died a superfund watery death inside a car when their driver sped down a dead end street and crashed through the fence and dived and sank into Newtown Creek.

And again in Long Island City, a construction worker fell four floors to his death inside an elevator shaft while working at a building site. The site has 16 open DOB violations.

And again in Long Island City at the 21st St./Queensbridge Station, a man muttered something at another man on the platform and then shoved him onto the tracks and walked away like a bad ass.

In Jackson Heights, a man driving his car while speeding down the street collided into another car as it was slowly backing up from a parking lot driveway. When the reckless driver got out of his car, he charged at the two men in the other vehicle and demanded to be re-compensated for the damages to his vehicle at that very moment. Then he attacked both of them and knocked out the older man cold with two punches, causing him to fall on the asphalt and then he punched his son in the face and beat him down also. Then he stole the elder man’s cellphone and wallet and got in his car and sped off as citizens witnessing the barbarism only gawked and did nothing to stop the brazen daylight assaults.

The man eventually got arrested but was released on $60,000 two days later. So he’s back on the streets and behind the wheel again.

Also in Jackson Heights, a grifter impersonating a real estate agent robbed $50,000 in finders fees and safety deposits from people trying to find apartments. I wonder if they were affordable?

In East Elmhurst, a man got shot to death inside an abandoned house being occupied by squatters and frequented by drug addicts.

In Astoria at the 46th St. Station, a man snatched a purse off a woman on the platform, then used one of the cards inside to buy some grub at Key Food.

Also in Astoria, a man who vandalized 20 cars with spray paint in March came back to town and spray painted the first letter of his name on 45 more  cars in a span of two weeks and then he tagged his scarlet letter on the front of a woman’s house in Woodside and tagged and slashed the tires of other park cars in the vicinity.

Now that the man’s arrested, maybe he can get a job writing for Streetsblog, since this sounds like a guy who really hates car culture, right Kuntzman?

Again in Astoria, an app-food delivery e-bike rider ran over and killed a woman as she was crossing the street. I’ll say it again, e-bikes are motorcycles and anyone who doesn’t agree has rocks in their heads. Right Streetsblog open street colonizing bike zealot?

And again in Astoria, a man randomly punched a 65-year-old woman in the chest as she was walking by him near the corner.

In Corona, a shootout between two men on the street led to stray bullets going through a parked car and an apartment building window.

Also in Corona, a man got shot to death in front of a bodega in gang-related hit in broad daylight.

In Lefrak City, a man sitting on a street curb got up and took a walk and then sucker punched a 75-year-old woman passing by him on the sidewalk.

In Jamaica, a man killed another man when he rear-ended the victim’s car while speeding and caused it to crash into a pickup truck.

Also in Jamaica, three men armed with semi-automatic guns ran up to a man as he was about to enter his SUV in a mall parking lot and one of them shot him in the leg when he tried to shut the door and then he gave up his wallet.

Again in Jamaica, a man punched a 75-year-old woman in the face as she stepped off a city bus.

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot in the stomach on the street in broad daylight.

And again in Jamaica at the Jamaica Ave/Van Wyck Station, a man snatched a cellphone out of a woman’s hand while she was standing on the E train.

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot by a bus stop following an argument with his assailant.

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot in the ankle on the street following a dispute with his assailant.

And again in Jamaica at the 169th St. Station, a man approached a woman on the F train and sexually molested her.

And again in Jamaica, a man got shot in the back after following a fight with his assailant on the street.

In Hollis, a man driving with his friends after leaving a party got shot in the chest from a fusillade a bullets fired at his car in a gang-related attack. The man died from his wound later on.

Also in Hollis, a man running for city council caught two men dumping trash from their truck on a curb and then one of them smacked him around and took his cellphone and smashed it to the pavement.

Again in Hollis, a woman shot pepper spray in the face of a city bus driver.

In Richmond Hill, a man got held up at gunpoint by two men as he was going back to his car to get his keys. The skells left with nothing because their mark wisely remained in the vehicle.

Also in Richmond Hill at the Lefferts Blvd. Station, a man punched a homeless man in the face and then stabbed him in the chest and his eye with an icepick and robbed his wallet as the A train was pulling into the station.

Again in Richmond Hill,a gang of boys robbed 5 other boys of their cash and phones at gunpoint at two public schoolyards in consecutive weeks after setting them up putting up bikes on sale via a social media app.

And again in Richmond Hill, a two alarm fire destroy a house by the Van Wyck. Queens is burning…

In Woodhaven, a man got shot in the stomach in front of his house.

In Averne, a woman got shot on the street by the boardwalk.

In Far Rockaway, a young man got shot to death on the boulevard from a blast to the throat following a street fight.

Also in Far Rockaway, a 60-year-old woman took off all her clothes and then ran into the ocean and killed herself.

In Edgemere, a gunman shot a 10-year-old boy to death and hit his uncle in the shoulder by firing through the window of the uncle’s house allegedly over a dispute of a parking space in a shared driveway.

In Ridgewood, a man pilfered over $9,000 worth of clothing from a department store garage.

In Forest Hills, a woman yelled at another woman for wearing a mask and because she was Asian. Even though we are still in a pandemic.

Also in Forest Hills at the 75th Ave. Station, a man randomly punched a woman in the face on the platform.

Again in Forest Hills, a man suddenly punched a parks worker in the face while he was trying cut weeds.

And again in Forest Hills, a 10-year-old boy got hit by a car while crossing the street.

In Springfield Gardens, a man got shot in the neck while driving his car as another car zipped by him.

Also in Springfield Gardens, a man sexually took advantage of his daughters friends while they having sleepovers and raped them after he drugged them.

In Laurelton, a man very territorial about his parking space caught a man moving his precious traffic cones so he can park his car there while visiting friends across the street. Then the entitled space hog yelled at his invader while wielding a knife, and then the man complied and moved his car while a neighbor put his precious cones back where they were. But then the “invader” told the parking space tyrant that the streets belong to everyone, which triggered the entitled space hog, who chased him with the knife and forced him to fall on the pavement and stabbed him seven times on his chest, torso and arms.

After spilling his victim’s guts on the asphalt, the provincial park space prince stash the assault weapon in his dishwasher.

In Woodside, a man killed himself when he got hit by a car as he tried to run across the Grand Central Parkway.

Also in Woodside and in Sunnyside, a man broke into two apartments through the window by pushing in the air conditioner and robbed jewelry. Four days later, a cop caught a burglar in the act trying to pull the same stunt.

In Fresh Meadows, two men walked past a 67-year-old man on the sidewalk who was having a conversation with his friend, then one of them turns around and runs up to him sucker punches him.

In Ozone Park, two men got killed when they got hit by a driver as they jaywalked across the boulevard.

Also in Ozone Park, a fire broke out on the third floor of an apartment of a rowhouse building, causing injuries to a woman and her three daughters who lived there. Queens is still burning.

Again in Ozone Park, thieves are cutting air filter pipes from underneath vehicles to sell them for scrap metal. This poaching has went up 500% in the past year, but de Blasio and the city council cronies will only tell the victims to buy bikes.

In Bayside, a man broke into a Japanese restaurant, a flower shop and a plumbing supply shop and robbed tools and a cellphone in an overnight burglary spree.

Also in Bayside, an 82-year-old woman got killed when an SUV driver made a turn into her while she was about to cross the street.

Again in Bayside, an 79-year-old man got hoodwinked out of $9,000 which he handed to a man waiting for him at his house after he got a call about a relative needing money to post bail.

In Hunters Point, a dead man was found floating in the river by the park of the luxury housing burg.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a man wielded a taser and yelled anti-Semetic slurs at a crowd of people coming out of a synagogue. A week later a man nearly hit a group of teenage girls with his car and yelled at them demanding Palestine’s freedom.

In College Point, a 16-year-old boy got plowed by a hit-and-run driver while he was riding his bike.

On Rikers Island, a convict tried to bust out of prison by escaping through a hole in a fence, but got caught by C.O.’s. Let there be no doubt the city is letting the complex rot purposely for it’s scheduled closing from demolition by neglect.

Also on Rikers Island, a counselor C.O. led a jailhouse bribery and contraband racket with 10 other prison workers during a two year span, pooling over $50,000 for smuggling drugs and weapons. Now imagine this endemic corruption happening in a tower prison near you in your borough.

Again on Rikers Island, a gangbanger convict ambushed and brutally beat down a C.O. who was trying to help him get an item from a food pantry.

In Lindenwood and Howard Beach,summer’s almost here and the time is right for revving loud engines in supermarket parking lots and racing in the streets.

In Rockaway Beach, a concession space and bar recently taken over by the former Brooklyn/Riis Park beach bazaar thanks to a generously long contract by de Blasio’s NYC Parks dept, was sabotaged with dead fish and rotten food left in air ducts and on the floor and dead fish and spoiled milk in economy jars plus cement was left in the drains causing the place to turn into an olfactory disaster area and delaying their opening on Memorial Day.

Staten Island

In Graniteville, a man got shot in the leg and arm after engaging in an argument with two men on the street.

In Stapleton, a man challenged another man inside a barber shop to a street fight and then took out a knife and stabbed him in the torso.

Also in Stapleton, a man grabbed a woman’s ass inside a supermarket.

In Mariners Harbor, a man got caught by cops following a car chase after being pulled over for having a suspended license and was found with a loaded gun.

Also in Mariners Harbor, cops found a man loitering in an apartment building and caught him with a loaded gun.

In Tompkinsville, a man stuck a knife into a woman’s neck and robbed her wallet as she tried to fight him off on the sidewalk.

In Clifton, a man got stopped and questioned by cops and they found baggies of coke and smack and a switchblade after they frisked him.

In Port Richmond, a panhandler approached a woman on the sidewalk and demanded 20 bucks from her and then he punched her, whacked her with a cane and stole her purse after she refused.

Also in Port Richmond, a man poured a pound of sugar into a Benz gas tank, costing the owner 300 bucks to repair it.

Again in Port Richmond, cops pulled over a drug addict for driving without a license and found a can of iced tea loaded with baggies of heroin and naxalone pills.

And again in Port Richmond, a drunk driver sped down the wet road and ran over three cops who were putting up barricades for a Memorial Day parade and then crashed into a pole.

In Concord, two men shot at two other men near the Park Hill Houses.

In Tompkinsville, a man got plowed by a SUV driver while riding his bike from a hit-and-run.

In New Springville, three men robbed a cellphone store of over three grand worth of phones that were sitting on display cases as one of the robbers held up a worker with a taser.

In Annandale, a man robbed a bank of $2,000 after he gave the teller a note and got nailed by the cops when he tried to do the same robbery at another bank blocks away.

In Graniteville, a man got attacked by three men who broke into his house and one of them held a knife to him and stole his cellphone. They then locked him in his bathroom and turned his place upside down and all they found was another cellphone to steal. Actually that might just be enough since all data is currency.

In Dongan Hills, a man jumped into an SUV and stuck a gun to the drivers head and made off with his ride but got nailed by cops nearby.

Also in Dongan Hills, a man charged towards 8-year-old girl and her mother and knocked the girl off her scooter and then hit her mother with his backpack and pushed her to the pavement. The woman tried to fight him off with the scooter which enraged him more and then he chased them and stole the woman’s bag and her kid’s scooter and ran away.

In Grasmere, a man driving a pickup truck with a pregnant woman passenger  hit the gas and almost ran over a cops foot after he was ordered to pull over. The man ran the red  during the getaway. The man sped down the streets with cops in pursuit and stopped the truck at a dead end street and ran for it, abandoning the vehicle and the pregnant woman behind.

In New Brighton, two men fired shots at a house and a car that was parked in front.

In Hugenot, cops raided a man’s house after he dealt oxycodone to an undercover in three drug deals and found a loaded gun, crack and more oxycodone.

In New Dorp, a callous drug dealer got caught riding around on his motorcycle while strapped with two guns in full view like a cowboy on a steel horse that’s wanted dead or alive.

In Elm Park, a man punched a woman during a domestic dispute in her house and then he killed her three pet hamsters.

The Great NYC Ferry Subsidies Robbery And City Bus Austerity


$9.75 a ride and 670 + million for that piece of shit

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”

S’chn T’gai Spock.

The NY Post reported the other day that the prime demographic that frequently uses the NYC Ferry are upper class people making six figures.

But we all knew it.

The fucking New York City Economic Development Corporation knew it.

The goddamn New York City Mayor knew it.

And both of them fucking spent every second of city time trying to hide it for two years.

The NYC Ferry is mostly used by the wealthiest commuters by the river towers that are owned and run by all of Mayor deFaustio’s developer overlord donors. Notably at the ports on the west Brooklyn coast line where it’s a leisure walk away from them (plus Hunter’s Point in Queens).

The current cost for each taxpayer for each $2.75 ride across the rivers and under the bridges is currently at $9.75. A seven dollar loss for each ride millions of people don’t take or don’t bother to take because they don’t live near the ports. And because they probably have no need and use for the boats because they are just plain inconvenient for where they are located and where they need to go.

If they are not the overvalued rental market rate rent paying tower people, it’s tourists and hipsters going to Rockaway Beach. Which is probably the most popular destination of the city gentrification yachts. Which is where some of this profligate spending on this boondoggle is located.

Because whats constantly overlooked about this obscene and overtly useless and consistently vacant aqua transit service is that there is a free shuttle bus service when you get off the ferry. Although ever since this started, you have to pay another fare to get on a city bus.


Now above is the Rockaway port, the picture was taken in 2017 late in the summer when it first started. It should be noted that these stylish shuttle buses weren’t available until late August and the city was actually using big ass charter buses to transport upper class denizens to the beach.


Above is the city bus stop for the Q22, now why are free ferry shuttle buses necessary when you can just set up a free transfer from the city bus to go to your desired destination, because both buses go to the same places east and west of the peninsula. Why clearly spend money irresponsibly on some private company buses when you got a long time city transit service right there in front of your face?


Because said private company, San Francisco based Hornblower wouldn’t be able to profit from reallocated funds usurped from city buses as service continues to get worse.

And nothing illustrates this more than two recent decisions by the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe, about two major routes that are being gutted and also dissected with scattershot redesigns.

Take the B46 in Brooklyn (while you still can) that goes up and down Utica Ave through three towns and circuits through another four starting at Flatlands and ending in Williamsburg; just last summer the MTA cut 8 buses assigned for the route, cutting four buses from the evening rush and another four for the weekend routes plus the Select bus service line from Mill Basin. Leaving thousands of commuters wasting more time waiting at the stops and taking forever to get back home, in addition to working people reliant on these articulated buses winding up late to work to their weekend jobs. As if paying 2.75 for truncated service was enough of a burden for the majority of them earning around 25k or less a year. All for the MTA to save a measly 2.4 million dollars this year.

Despite the MTA’s pathetic attempt at positive reinforcement propaganda by calling these cuts “enhancements” and the size bigger buses to replace just as big and more reliable buses as “articulated”, commuters in East Flatbush, Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights are not fooled to say the least. Even the “articulated” bus drivers are livid with the service cuts “enhancements”. This enhancement transit service decision actually followed recent “enhancements to the B38, B15 and B54 bus lines that didn’t get as much local media attention.

Now the (mostly) boyz and galz at the MTA are taking their enhancement ax to Queens as they tried to sneak an expansive new city bus route redesign map on the world’s borough. And it’s a doozy, as it reveals more truncated routes, bus reductions and the elimination of bus stops. The MTA even had the audacity to hold a workshop meeting in a basement rumpus room under the radar from residents of Jackson Heights in a lame attempt at obligatory transparency. Citizens still showed up in droves waiting to get in to rage at Andy Byford’s face about the “enhancements” coming to their busy route. All he could do was feebly say that they are not set in stone.

The whole reason for these cuts in service was based on dubious data claiming that people weren’t taking the buses as much. So the bright idea and solution is to make them less available. Got it. Somehow these data manipulators (datanipulators?) contracted by the MTA weren’t aware of or too stubborn to recognize the existence of working people who didn’t work in Manhattan, elderly and handicapped people, teenagers, young and middle aged adults going on leisure jaunts would consider using the bus for transit.

So where and how does this correlate to the pleasure ferries for the rich, the millions of dollars all those bus service enhancements have to wind up somewhere. Well, the budget bill for these boats for the past 2 years is $637,000,000 and even with a spending freeze order for more Hornblower boats by Comptroller Scott Stringer. While the city provided the buses with only $250,000,000 during that time. Bill de Blasio and the fucking EDC has spent 2 1/2 times more funding the gentrification ferries than on the city buses since the boats set sail.


It’s bad enough that the NYC ferry is constantly vacant most of the time and doesn’t even compare to the millions of riders every day that take the bus to justify the inequitable subsidy and daily service funding, but even worse is that Hornblower is making the most money from it by just existing even though the city already had two reliable ferry companies. But wouldn’t it have made a little sense to align the Q22 with the ferry instead of having a private company shuttle transferring passengers around if they weren’t going to charge anyone? So taxpayers don’t have to subsidize Hornblower’s shuttle buses too? The same with the other ferry ports around the boroughs also.

But integration of the city buses and the ferry is far from the elitist mind of defiant hypocrite Mayor de Blasio. Because going by his recent decision to blow off the MTA’s capital plan meeting with Governor Cuomo and recent arrogant declarations of his disinterest of allocating funding to the transit system he’s also accountable for, it’s obvious he still doesn’t want to do anything with the buses at all.

Despite the colossal waste of money going into the water drifting boondoggle, it actually has made a little bit of progress regarding ridership with the addition of the Soundview port in the Bronx, which has made the ferries oh so less white in the past year. But the racial and class issue could have been remediated a lot more if de Blaz and the EDC would have gave the town of Canarsie a port stop, especially since the town actually wanted it. This would have done wonders for the income and race data being that the town and nearby Flatlands and Brownsville are mostly poor, middle class, Black and Spanish. But the Mayor and the EDC saw their petition and told them to drop dead. Unfortunately for Canarsie, the area has an inequitable lack of luxury towers.

There will probably (expectedly) be more belated revelations that will anchor the NYC Ferry with more unsavory things like rigged contracting and the expected donations from Hornblower to the constantly money soliciting and grubbing de Blasio while he continues to re-allocate city transit service funding on these subsidy leaking boats as the service expands to other locations in a few years like Coney Island, which at this moment predatory developers are looking to devour. Or “enhance”

de Blasio’s and the EDC’s enhancement of the breezy water transit for the tower people has led to austerity measures for the working people, aged and handicapped on the streets when it should be the other way around. A pointed ear alien once said that the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few. He also was very devoted to logic. And it is clear and obvious, just like this ferry report, that Blaz and the shitty EDC have no sense and never had any use of logic for the distribution of these boats. But they had the logistics for them. And it was for the people they prefer to convenience. And for everyone else that needs the bus, it’s all illogistics.

NYC to bus commuters. Drop Dead.








The Lpocalypse Project: The Gaslighting Of And Austerity Plan For The New York City Transit System By Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio And The MTA

043And just imagine a barely functional and safe transit system and mobile daily commutes. 72nd Street Station surface upgrade by Yoko Ono Lennon. Not ADA compliant.

New York, N.Y.

2019 has and will become quite an historic year for New York City transit. But most definitely not in a good way. For the future of it looks fucking bleak despite all the optimism being expressed by elected and appointed officials about all the moolah for infrastructure improvements coming.

Now that it has been decided to keep the base fare of a subway/bus ride at 2.75 while eliminating the bonus charges and raising the cost of unlimited weekly and monthly cards, this would be a good time make a layman’s assessment about the current state of the New York City Transit System run by the MTA, the worst fucking transit system in the universe. Because recent incidents and decisions have given sunlight to the crisis below, as well as above and at ground level regarding our mass transit options, which will also have a deleterious effect on traffic on the island of Manhattan and on the streets and highways that will surely continue to deteriorate and the commutes regarding the and safety by all dependent on the buses and trains (not ferries, fucking please). And it’s also shown that no one is truly capable of being assertive, proactive and having independent or rational thoughts or ideas at MTA. It surely isn’t the board whose dithering members are appointed by the mayor and governor, despite it’s alleged independence and expertise.

But it’s clear who is and always was in charge and that’s our third go-round and self-christened progressive Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose very wrong hands and demented disruptor mind has determined the fate of the MTA transit imbroglio. Apparently, the governor is under the borderline mental delusion that he doesn’t have enough control and has divined himself the autocrat savior of the transit system. This is not even as ego driven like his overzealous order to get the 2nd avenue line finished so he can throw a new years party, this is Andy’s id taking control now with this idiotic and dangerous plan to keep the L train running on time. Even Moussilini would’ve shown more restraint and self-awareness.

But how did we get to this current lowly state of mass transit and the commuting crisis in general? It all began back in January, when the decrepit saltwater hurricane Sandy corroded Canarsie Tunnel was about to be shut down in a mere 3.2 months away. After three years of meticulous research and planning by the MTA board and recently installed transit president Andy Byford along with efforts by the D.O.T. to redesign the streets of the L’s path to remediate traffic with bike lanes and improve bus service on 14th st. (despite the haphazard designs), the Governor suddenly had an epiphany induced by a dubious recollection of being grabbed by a stranger who yelled at him, which led to a visit to the tunnel when he last looked longingly at things in there, and bemused to himself that the commute could still be saved.

So Mario’s son looked and pointed at things with an entourage of hoity-toity college academic officials with absolutely no experience assessing mass transit infrastructure, and decided to scrap the 15 month thorough renovation of the tunnel and rely on an earlier rejected plan to rearrange and restructure the infrastructure’s power supplies on top of the tunnel instead. Instead of fixing and fortifying the corrosion and cracks with good old concrete and mortar, the governor and his new egghead crew decided to go with a polymer glass coating instead. During this new surface coating, the L train will continue to run as scheduled on the weekdays while running on one track on the weekend and on nights after 8 p.m. in 20 minute intervals during the two year (or more) reconstruction.

Transit crisis averted? Not exactly, because this plan was previously and soundly rejected by Cuomo’s board because of the deadly risk of spreading and exposure of cancer causing silica dust that would be released during the construction as transit service re-opened. And the GIF NYC transit provided the public with showing how the trains will flow in one tube underwater looks scary as fuck. But Andy’s id was not going to let potential environmental hazard get in the way of slaying the Lpocalypse. This mentally ill megalomaniac decision is already causing reverberations to commutes and literally the environment along the L train’s tunnels path in the niche towns of Williamsburg and Bushwick.

Exactly a month after Andy’s L plan, the Graham Ave. Station in East Williamsburg (or Bushwick as it used to be called) had to be shut down because of an overwhelming pungent gas smell that sickened a few commuters on the train when it was stalled on the tracks and then nauseated the rest of the passengers as it was slow crawling to the ground zero station. In spite of this incident, an MTA official somehow discerned that the air was safe and the L train resume it’s schedule despite the peculiar appearance of high-powered fans laid on the gratings above the tunnel to extract the noxious fuel odors out.

Screenshot_2019-02-21 L-train smell source is abandoned gas station fuel tank, MTA says

The following day after this announcement, three MTA workers got violently ill from the fumes that were alleged to be gone as other workers took the precaution of pulling their sweaters over their mouths until they received protective face masks.

The source of the fumes had become an evolving mystery but for some bizarre reason, MTA chief safety officer Pat Warren still claimed that the air at Graham Ave. was still safe to breathe. According to lifestyle and occasional actual news blog Gothamist and the NY Daily News, the MTA attributions of the source of the toxic entity changed during the first 48 hours. First it was determined that it was fuel that was accidentally spilled from diesel trains being used during weekend work construction; then it was blamed on an abandoned fuel tank underneath an abandoned gas station; and finally and absurdly, the MTA tried to pin the blame on superfund site Newtown Creek from a Greenpoint refinery spill from the 70’s. Of all those theories, the one that makes the most sense is the first one, being that weekend work has already begun. The other two theories are asinine considering that both of them were unfounded given that there was no evidence the station tank leaked, which probably led to conjuring up some ooze from Newtown Creek that suddenly migrated to the subway tunnels. It seems the MTA is coming up with these theories not to be more transparent but to obviously gaslight commuters and the press from finding out what the fuck is actually going on.

Or maybe the MTA is feigning ignorance. Because when the FDNY showed up in full Hazmat suits to determine the toxic levels of the leak, they did not bother to measure it on orders from the city and state environmental boards.

That’s not the only gaslighting by our servants of mass transit. A month following the gassing of Graham Ave., as the pungent toxicity rose from the crisis below and spread into the ether above permeating apartment buildings and stores in the area, evidence of the error of Cuomo’s Id and his crack Ivy league team’s L revival decision manifested at Bedford Avenue station in Greenpoint, as a cloud of thick dust inundated the station on another Monday morning rush hour.

Well, guess what was the contents of the contamination that scared the shit out of commuters, it was the presence of the predicted silica dust that was prophesized. But the MTA spokesman wasn’t divulging much but did proclaim that despite evidence of the thickness and noxious odor of the particles and the sight of workers and police with protective face masks on the platform, that the air was still safe to breathe! It evidently seems that the MTA is utilizing the same spin control that Christie Todd Whitman utilized to assuage the public back in 2001 that the air was safe to breathe at Ground Zero weeks after 9/11/2001 so the traumatized city service workers could resume excavating remains at the destroyed WTC site.




Evidently, the MTA is clearly trying to distract their worried commuters from the fact that the weekend work that was approved by Cuomo’s id is causing the environmental hazard it was expected to cause. Which is why this plan that was revived was rejected in the first place. And the MTA’s crass denials of the air quality should cause immediate pause to anyone that what if these were attempts by terrorists to poison the tunnels instead of just causations from worker incompetence.

Another little problem with Cuomo/MTA tunnel surface remediation plan? Well, last summer on the Jersey Transit, a PATH tunnel with similar infrastructure with overhead wiring exploded causing a metal bracket to pierce through a train’s ceiling like a spear, causing 700 passengers to evacuate awaiting a rescue train and another 350 remaining stuck on a train behind it from the sharpnel and debris on the tracks . Fortunately for them, they were near Penn Station. What’s going to happen when this happens on the L train when they are done moving that wiring on the Canarsie roof and putting that polymer balm on the cracks and crevices around the walls and the floor bed?

With the frightening prospect of taking the L as construction continues for the next 20 months (but certainly more than that). Mayor de Blasio, while nowhere to be found during those two toxic transit disasters as well as four recent incidents of transit debris falling from the elevated tracks in Woodside and Richmond Hill, continues to push his stupid and expensive NYC Ferry transportation option as well as funding another study for the loathed and loathsome BQX trolley.

As was expected of anything de Blasio promotes and focusing his attention on, the NYC Ferry has turned into a disastrously expensive boondoggle. For the subsidized costs for each $2.75 ride amounts to $10.73, which went up four and change from the 6 buck estimate from last year and went up two bucks from estimates a few months ago. As the costs of the new ferries on the way is going to cost another $369 million. The timing of this report coincides de Blasio’s announcement of the ferry’s expansion of new stops in Staten Island and Coney Island, which will not be ready till 2020 and 2021 respectively and another one at the Brooklyn Navy Yard which will be ready to launch this May. The launching of the Coney Island one next year is expected to balloon the already high subsidy costs to $24.75 for every fare.

As if de Blasio’s prioritizing of the ferry over the dilapidated condition of the subway and roads and the snails pace speed of the city buses wasn’t crass enough, somehow he couldn’t placate residents of the town of Canarsie with a ferry stop of their own, even though they compiled 6,000 signatures and actually have a dock ready for renovation. Which unsurprisingly validates the fact this ferry are basically ersatz yachts and is only beneficial and necessary for the wealthy and tourists and not meant for the commuting needs of the proletariat masses. Which the ready made stop at hipster frequented Brooklyn Navy yard as well as all the luxury development stops on the East River in Manhattan proves the inequitable treatment against the more frequented subway and bus services in spades (or anchors?). Besides, Canarsie didn’t have a chance because those real estate gentrification enabling porch monkeys at the city’s Economic Development Corporation didn’t put the town on the feasibility list, even though the Bronx town of Soundview never even had a pier before and they were declared feasible by the EDC. Amazing what becoming a real estate speculative hot bed with looming parasitic tower hyperdevelopment can do for an selective area. But despite being a reverse revenue generator, de Blasio’s inducement of the NYC ferry is a city taxpayer funded investment now even though the only benefit to come from this seasonal leisure  service will go straight into the bank account of EDC board member Mark Patricof who has a conflicted invested interest he holds in Hornblower from previously working in  private equity firm with holdings in the transit yacht provider.

But these are not the only transit offenses against the citizenry he swore to serve these last 6 long years, especially the poor he pandered to get elected in 2013. After much cajoling by house speaker Corey Johnson, Da Mayor relented and implemented the Fair Fares program to begin at the start of 2019 to be available to 700,000 struggling citizens. And what came naturally from the notoriously tardy and slow mayor, the program took nearly a month to send the discounts out and limited the distribution to 30,000 applicants. Expectedly from the two-faced liar, it was nothing but a half-measure because the cards were sent out as unlimited weekly or monthly cards instead of day to day purchases which these commuters usually spend, being that they don’t have 20 or 60 dollars to plunk down right away or even have the cash at all if they are without a job. The expected diminished result is barely over hundred people are using these Fair Fares. Why couldn’t the city tell the MTA to arrange the card like its done with the school and senior citizen reduced cards. But being helpful to the most financially burdened has never been much of concern for the notorious Mayor Big Slow.


Andy Byford 

Of course, forgotten in this whole MTA mess is the man who was assigned to save it while stressing transparency and credibility for the agency, Transit President Andy Byford who arrived last year with such great fanfare and who was recently featured on 60 minutes last autumn, whose nfluence, authority and plans now been undermined and virtually eliminated by Andy’s id . His absence from the L train aborted shutdown announcement and his lack of input of the decision to sugarcoat the cracked tunnel walls and floorboards with polymer, which the initial contractor rightfully thought was a stupid and dangerous idea 2 years ago, was majorly conspicuous. Compounded with Gov. Stugots autocratic decision to junk Andy’s proven idea to upgrade the anachronistic signal system with a computer based CBTC that has been used successfully when he ran the tube in London and the subway in Toronto and has been effective since it’s been applied to the L line (figures) with some ultraband radio wave bullshit idea that Andy’s id got from Elon Musk, while Byford’s thoroughly detailed Fast Foward plan has not gotten one penny for its funding to this day since it was announced with great fanfare and widespread media coverage.

And it was looking very certain that he and FF will never get it, and recent and current history validates that horrendous fact according to NYS Comptroller Thomas de Napoli’s report as surmounting debts are going to interfere with all other moderation and renovations of the subways infrastructure. The Fast Forward plan as devolved into the Flying Fuck, meaning that Governor Stugots doesn’t give one about it at all. These two have not been in the same photo op together since I don’t know fuck when.

And Byford’s plan to make 50 stations handicap accessible was about to get chopped to 36 because of these looming debts, which derived from the blowback of the underfunding for the accessibility retrofits over a decade ago when just 1.8% was allocated for it and with the funding about to dry up as the final days of the current five year transit plan is about to end this year  If this wasn’t horrendous enough consider that 6 stations were shut down for months for surface and aesthetic modernizations like self-indulgent art and led screens flashing MTA bulletins and maps. The 72nd St B/C Station and the 23rd Street Station comes to mind.


With these dubious upgrades, Andy’s id’s MTA proves that the only subway improvements are designed for tourists to navigate through the city and niche parts of Brooklyn and Queens (and even the Bronx) on nice screens like the theme park this city has turned into. And all this art being installed is just there for the Instagram addicted. Supposedly the funding is only a morsel of budgetary spending, that morsel could have been allocated for initial funding on an elevator that could have been installed at a station where a mother killed herself falling down the steps while carrying a full stroller and her toddler daughter.

Too bad and too little too late that a federal judge recently decided that the MTA had to require all station renovations must be ADA compliant. The problem of course is where to get the funding again to honor the judge’s decision, because Mario’s son’s MTA burned through all the money that was to upgrade other stations, which would have also went into art that nobody asked for instead of signal and infrastructure upgrades, unsightly dilapidation of the ceilings, walls and stairs and of course elevators for the disabled as well for the elderly and children’s strollers. The latter which recently got tragic attention when a woman died trying to carry her stroller with child down along with shopping bags as she fell down the stairs when there was no escalator available in the city’s 7th avenue station.

But all is not lost for these looming and practically insurmountable expenses, for Governor Stugots budget passed with the ratification of congestion pricing to supposedly fix the MTA once and for all. Expected to accrue funding for the subway, a tolling system will be put in place to charge regular car drivers $11 and commercial truck drivers $25 to enter Manhattan below 60th street to downtown. Because that’s the way to derive funding for mass transit and levy it on people who choose to own a vehicle so they never use it and also to people that are just in town to do their jobs.

The thing is this tax levy on car owning commuters and delivery workers (a glut of them who don’t make a living wage) won’t be implemented until 2020, conveniently after the next election for Albany’s assembly and senate.

The only saving grace for car owners is that the congestion fees/taxes for driving in Manhattan will not be implemented until December 2020 (conveniently after the next election) and won’t go into effect in another two years, or maybe more being that there will have to be a system to take all the congestion tolls. Probably something like those ugly ass LINKNYC data succubi kiosks.

Of course there were more reliable and faster ways to come up with the billions to fix the crisis below; like the long overdue, sensible and fiscally responsible legalization of marijuana. But the arguments among all officials (mostly paranoid) about how it will be distributed and who should profit from it first and also expected resistance from rigid Republican elected officials and the upper echelons of law enforcement. But it got nixed from consideration in the budget hearings, so New York is going to continue to lag behind other states like Colorado, Massachusettes, California and the nation of Canada and lose billions in tax dollars from the manufacturing and selling of it.

And the big dirty obscene open secret of the minuscule taxes oligarchs pay for pied-e-terres in supertall dark luxury towers. But that immediately got crushed when REBNY sent their wormtongue minions to inundate news sites with developer agitprop and to Albany and persuaded the Assembly that these investor citizens ossified personal wealth absolutely can’t be sacrificed for the transit needs and safety of daily commuters. Despite recent heinous news of a billionaire hedge fund owner who paid $238 million for a sky high home on Central Park South and Jeff Bezos looking to purchase another multi-million dollar abode in the same building along with the four other ones he owns nearby on Central Park West. Hundreds of millions of dollars that would have been extracted from these welfare oligarchs and also from other American and foreign billion and hundred millionaire sloths who purchased these tax shelters in various luxury monoliths that have sprouted in Manhattan as well as the East River coasts of towns in Brooklyn and Queens are now gone. Gone with all the money that was never accounted for prior to this proposal.

You think the feckless Albany cowards would have debunked whatever bullshit REBNY’s wormtongues were spewing when all they had to do is look at Hudson Yards, where a train station built there before the gilded age girder and glass beanstalks were planted. While the developers, city and state were gerrymandering districts (and including Central Park) to pilfer billions from areas that needed it for affordable housing to fund it’s manifestation, the station flooded every time it rained and the escalators consistently break down even to this day. In a way, it looks like having people walk up almost 3 flights from the subway is a good way to train for the useless shawarma art staircase that you first see coming out of the station.

Which leads to the obvious conclusion that our elected leaders, appointed officials and the fucking MTA are relying on the neoliberal doctrine of using austerity measures to rebuild and improve mass transit. What usually happens with cutting costs for government projects and the abject refusal from officials to accrue funding from the wealthiest individuals, austerity always devastates the livelihoods of the lower tiers of the income ladder. Because with congestion pricing, the needs of the few (or the one) outweigh the needs of the many.

Like the taxi drivers, who currently contribute $2.50 to add on to the base fare while  tech corporations like Uber and Lyft only charge an extra quarter even though there are five times more of those app-hail cars on the streets that’s actually is at fault for all the congestion. Because of cab and livery drivers taking their own lives in the past year, this has been dubbed as the “suicide surcharge” by taxi veterans and representatives.

And everyone else will also be levied with this tax when you go to any store that sells goods, from supermarkets to department stores, because those costs are going to be added right to your purchases, adding to the prices that are already rising because of onerous state and city taxes and rent ossification. Even all you pious non-driving, bike, scooter and skateboard riding dependent on your butler apps for Amazon to deliver shit to your shiftless asses, you will be seeing costs escalate for your online consuming too and y’all know Bezos is not above gouging his customers as you’re transit commutes get more chaotic.

As for the #LpocalypseProject’s schedule, Northeast Brooklyn’s millenial urban professionals (hey, Muppies!) who will not tolerate waiting for 20 minutes or more or even the risk of getting poisoned from silica wafting in the air, they will predictably press their little apps and take pricey trips in those Ubers, Lyfts and all their imitators (and certainly more to come) to the city. While the added fees will get accrued for MTA funding it will predictably cause more congestion. No wonder Uber spent 2 million dollars lobbying to get this austerity measure ratified. They are going to make huge bank in the next year and no wonder the city rushed to get the suicide surcharge approved for just the cabs and apphails. That actually makes fiscal sense despite the levies it’s placing on their customers. But if they can afford 1700 to live in an SRO or 2200 for an “affordable” studio, the Muppies can deal with this hardship. But it still going to be a pain in the ass commute for everyone from the not yet gentrified towns of East New York, Brownsville and the ferry-less Canarsie.

As for the Canarsie Tunnel, that also is an austerity measure with inequitable results between the affluent and the working class grinders. Because this polymer coating  is just a half-measured temporary fix that is going to have disastrous consequences when the next hurricane hits this city (remember that bitch Sandy was just a cat. 1, what’s going to happen when it’s a cat. 3 or even 2?), and this infrastructure donut glaze coating of the walls and floorboards is just as cheap and effective as treating a wall with mold and grime on it by painting over it, which the MTA actually did at Union Square last winter.






Or covering it up with a nice poster


While service will continue to lag behind in the borough’s towns without niche, the city provided frequent bus transfers for L project sufferers so they can get to the J/M and G trains across town. Which will certainly be busier on the evenings and weekends than the rest of the borough’s long bus routes that are still suffering from slow speeds and late arrivals caused by…traffic congestion.

The appalling inequities that are present with the Lpocalypse Project I base on the fact that the MTA should have fixed this and shut down this tunnel immediately after the flood waters emptied out back in 2011. But that would have thrown a wrench on the over-luxury-hyper-development and fabrication-speculation market rate values of Williamsburg and then onward to neighboring Bushwick and Greenpoint and the Gentrification Industrial Complex of real estate, venture capital, private equity and the government they bought and now own were not going to let something like the safety of millions of commuters get in the way of the demographic  they want that are willing to spend frivolously and mindlessly to live in proximity of the dreaded L line.

The coddling of the moneyed hipster demo that overspends and resides along the L train line fearing that they won’t make any readjustments to their morning and evening commutes or routines. More essential to the Guvner and the Hotel and Hospitality overlords is that this L train fakeout will keep service still convenient for tourists residing in high end flophouse hotels and airbnbs in the Meatpacking district, Chelsea, LES, East Village and Williamsburg to continue frequenting all those theme bars, beer gardens, restaurants and cache take out joints in those areas being that they only need to travel a few stops in Manhattan and Brooklyn

And even the MTA is cognizant of this, because they are going head on to phase out the metrocard and replace it with a stylish but lamely named access card called OMNY, which operates as a worker I.D. card which will be used to tap a screen to pay instead of swiping. And it also will be app-accessible so you can use your cellphone to pay. Even though the brainiacs behind this stupid tech bullshit method refuse to reveal how this will effect people who pay cash (and people that will still prefer to pay cash). These type of transactions have proved to be discriminatory and the prospects for unwanted data extraction will be (hopefully) met with universal anger from commuters. Of course, the officials pushing this pay method (including Byford) responded with the tone-deaf default excuse that everyone already is distributing their data with their cellphone social media and app purchasing habits, so what does the right to privacy and individuality matter when convenience takes precedence over constitutional rights.

But like Moussilli, Andy’s Id still kept the trains running (assuming on time is pure conjecture at this point) despite all the ominous toxic signs from the two incidents in February in March. Further evidence of Governor Stugots austerity measures for the MTA is assigning his Ivy league team who convinced him to keep the L running during the tunnel reconstruction for every other remediation and renovation projects, which includes the upgrading of the signals thus superseding and undermining Andy Byford in the same manner that former Mayor Giuliani projected his seething jealousy on former Commissioner Bratton for his accomplishments in bringing down crime.

Cuomo’s adamant megalomania and de Blasio’s spineless indifference will add to the risks and dangers of the continued exacerbation of the subway. In the midst of this MTA manic depression breakdown, at least one of their board members reassured the reality of their transit surroundings by admitting and actually apologizing for the existential lousiness of the subway.

Now it’s day two of the Lpocalypse Project and as expected shit went wrong on the L with delays lasting up to 40 minutes. It looks like the folks at NYC Transit thought the GIF they provided of the trains navigating the single tube passage looked easier than they thought. But at least they deployed MTA workers to act as commuting ushers to help the critical masses of people to get on board the trains.

But tomorrow is Monday and that’s when shit gets real. Because there is still the menacing prospect of particle pollution that will surely appear again on Bedford Ave if the MTA doesn’t contain it, some of the workers moving commuters were already wearing masks as a precaution. And the shit’s gonna hit the fan now that it’s May and it’s almost summer. Will Governor Stugots Cuomo whoosh down from Albany to look at the results of his manic change of mind when the crisis below exacerbates?

Wait with abated breath. Which actually would prudent to do if you still are taking the L all the way through.

Good luck L commuters. You’re gonna really need it. But you’re gonna need a chemical mask even more.