The NYPD’s Secret Policeman’s Ball For Pfizer


Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, New York

Something fascinating and wholly newsworthy happened in Manhattan not long ago, the NYPD held their annual honorary service gala event that took place on the Intrepid Museum but instead of holding it for the 35,000 strong police force that took an oath to serve and protect the citizenry of the five boroughs, they held it solely in honor of the biggest pharmaceutical drug maker in the world Pfizer and their CEO, “Dr.” Albert Bourla.

But for some fucking reason, it didn’t make any news on the city’s corporate local news mass media outlets and newspapers and news websites. Mainly because this gala tribute to Pfizer taking place in a taxpayer funded battleship was closed to all press, so no local journalists bothered to show up.

But an independent news site actually did.

The fact that absolutely no New York City journalist avoided to bother showing up in total deference and obeisance to the NYPD and City Hall’s heinous approval to ban them from reporting on this as a news site from Canada had to have the integrity and balls to do it for them is an absolute travesty. It’s also more proof that NYC is truly run by an oligarchy that has regulatory captured and neutered not only the swaggering Mayor Eric Adams but New York’s Finest as well, using them as excessively militarized toy soldiers to protect them from accountability.

Because of the New York City press corps feckless fealty to this regulatory captured city and surrendering their collective journalistic integrity, we don’t even know who showed up to this ludicrous tribute. It would have been nice and informative to see if officials like Commissioner Keechant Sewell arrived since she’s the boss. It would also have been interesting if the unkempt NYC Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan showed up there since he’s still enforcing the vaccine extortion mandate policy on municipal and private sector workers that is making more billions from taxpayers for the so-called free, safe and effective vaccines.

Or maybe since this was specifically an honor for Pfizer for providing “public safety” to the citizenry, Mayor Adams old NYPD crony Phil Banks could have been caught going into the museum to, since Adams wholly manufactured a six figure salary municipal job for him as the so-called Czar of Public Safety, which could also be a de facto deputy police commissioner position.  For all we know, Mayor Eric Adams could have showed up there unannounced or by stealth despite how much he’s obsessed with celebrity attention, fame and glory.  Thanks to the efforts of Rebel News, we know that former SNL and 30 Rock comedic actor Tracy Morgan showed up as well. Would have been nice if Marcia Kramer was there to ask him what the fuck he was doing there.

But it’s clear why the press was absent and it’s because Pfizer also laid predominance and preeminence on their networks as well. This easily trickles down to the local newspapers who act as stenographers for the to big to fail and jail Big Pharma companies that don’t dare report on the vaccines and mandates that have failed to protect people, rewriting stories about them in hypnotic mantras of how “safe and effective” and how “rare” the side effects and injuries from vaccines are.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this is how the NYPD would acquiesce to hold an honorarium for a corporation that through it’s influence and takeover of government via the pandemic with the mandates forcing people to take their shitty vaccines by blackmail after thousands of cops got fired for refusing to comply, which is wholly antithetical to the camaraderie culture that’s been ingrained in this city’s police force for about 2 centuries. The fact that Mayor Adams allowed this city for a sole corporation to take over the NYPD is horrific and startling, especially taking away city resources from his constituency with the monumental rise in crime since he took office just because Dr. Albert is a wee bit insecure and a shitload paranoid that people would show up to disrupt his private party. But it should be noted that this top secret gala is following a trend of events and conventions that have been hostile and suppressing journalists and information in the last week with the World Economic Forum’s convention in Davos and the Bildeberg Meeting involving corporations, oligarchs and elected officials.

Even more disturbing and dystopian about Pfizer’s takeover of the NYPD is how they  proselyte themselves as the saviors of the planet with their vaccines by proclaiming themselves as “The Science” as if they are some kind of deity that should never be questioned or doubted. No wonder they thought they would get away with hiding their data about the adverse reactions to their hazardous experimental mRNA shots for over 75 years.

Most of all, this suppression of journalism comes right after the head of homeland security in Britain just approved the extradition of Julian Assange to the U.S. for his eventual incarceration and surely death in federal prison just for doing the news and informing the public of crimes made by federal government agencies on it’s own citizenry and in (formerly) sovereign nations in the world. What the NYPD and Mayor Adams did allowing this event to go unreported is the normalization and legalization of corporate impunity of a recidivist pharmaceutical company who caused harm against their customers with harmful drugs and will open the cage door for other corporations in other fields of industry to follow. And then they will throw a slobbering ball for them to indulge themselves in their opulent crapulence.



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