Scenes Of Queens: The Trial Run Queens Borough Tower Jail

This scene takes place in Fresh Meadows at this hotel steps away from the Horace Harding Expressway and also a strip mall and public school. This hotel, which has clearly failed to generate any business, was subjected to numerous scoops and solidarity condemnation from the community and elected officials representing the district for it’s use as a homeless shelter for men who were recently released from Rikers Island and was used during the pandemic as housing for a hundred inmates during the pandemic to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the island’s facilities. Which was irresponsibly made possible following former Mayor de Blasio and the City Council cronies collaborative effort to shut down Rikers to build four tower jails in the boroughs except for Staten Island. But from the optics of this building, it seems that  this hotel in Fresh Meadows is being used as a trial run tower jail while the official tower jail in Kew Gardens gets developed and which has already started it’s construction.

It’s utterly amazing that the city approved this hotel on a quaint residential block like this. Who in their right mind thought that tourists would dwell here while vacationing in the city and it’s much to big and out of the way to be utilized for prostitution and sex trafficking.

Upon close inspection, the optics in the front entrance belie the element that’s being housed here as cars line up on the sidewalk obstructing most of the entrance of the hotel, despite the ample parking in the lot behind it and the garage inside the building, conveying a palpable sense of security for their neighbors across the street and the passerby young and old.

One thing immediately noticeable of how this looks like the tower prison that was imagined by the fauxgressives that legislated for them is that the hotel’s brand name is gone.

Councilmember Barry Grodenchik will tour the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in Fresh Meadows, where more than 100 people are staying after the city moved them off Rikers Island. Google Maps

Optics aside, the elementary proof that this is for all intents and purposes the temporary tower jail until the one in Kew Gardens is completed in a few years from now is how much money the city gave a homeless services provider non-profit to supervise the transferred convicts and those recently sprung and the security contractor they used to watch over them. When former abomination mayor de Blasio (ab)used his emergency powers to use the hotel to house prisoners during the pandemic, he allocated just under a million dollars to the chosen contractor. In the last two years since then, the costs for that “security” exploded to 55 million dollars and it turned out that “security” contractor didn’t even have a license to operate in NYC but got away with city government assisted plunder mostly because this city is still being run under the insane, fascistic and most of all secretive and equally unaccountable NYC health department pandemic protocols and guidelines and the emergency orders protected them from scrutiny.

Mayor Eric Adams, also desperate to curb the homeless problem and continuing the idiotic closure of Rikers Island and still writing pandemic based executive emergency orders, was about to give this diabolical non-profit Exodus another 40 million dollars to continue housing and guarding the former Wyndham Hotel as well as dozen of other hotels in the city but even his fellow Brooklyn Machine ally and simp NYC Comptroller Brad Lander couldn’t justify continuing the contract.  And for all the money spent on this “security” agency, that didn’t translate well to the streets as a rash of petty and felonious crimes rose in the vicinity with a bulk of the perpetrators coming from the hotel. The “security” didn’t translate well inside the hotel as well as a female inmate that was transferred there was sexually assaulted by one of it’s guards.

If this hotel is an experiment to see how life will be like with a neighborhood jail than on an isolated and difficult to access island on the East River, it’s clearly failed the safety and smell test. And with all the money that got pissed away for two years to maintain this hotel as an ersatz prison, then why bother wasting time and money building an elaborate tower jail in Kew Gardens, when this one in Fresh Meadows already is sufficient enough. Probably the only thing you have to do is build a 20 ft wall around it. But the city might need to buy out those homeowners on 186th St. first to get it done.

Just another magnificent disaster by the kakistocracy wrecking NYC.



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