Breaking New Bad Days: No Show Politician Surfaces To Cure Gun Violence


During his nearly three decades representing Corona in Albany, Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry has kept a low profile while working for criminal justice reform but the gang shooting that wounded 10 on Saturday, July 31, brought him to the microphone at the Elmcor center, where he once worked after graduating college.

During a press conference on Sunday, Aug. 1, he noted that the facility on 108th Street has provided a haven for the community for nearly a half-century on the same street corner that was once a drug shooting gallery.

“If we don’t put this together on a state and citywide level a house divided cannot stand,” Aubry said. “So we need a new mayor and we need the governor to be reinvigorated in the desire to make New York City safe. We need the funding to be released and we need to make sure the communities cooperate.”

He then implored his constituents to speak up if they knew any of the two gunmen who fired nearly 40 shots into a crowd of people on 37th Avenue, or the two men on scooters who helped them get away before police responded to the crime scene.

“You have to be a part of the solution. You cannot sit back and be silent and think you are going to be safe because they will continue to shoot and they do not care who you are or if you are in the way,” Aubry said. “If you are not part of the solution doing what is necessary to bring people to justice we will not have a safe community. There’s good here and there’s bad here and we need to put the good together to defeat the bad.”

Nothing says low profile assembly member than an atypical do nothing politician. Really.

It takes a mass shooting to get this guy to crawl from under his rock in Albany and come all the way down to Corona, Queens and spew a bunch of bullshit platitudes and then has the gall to pester his constituents for not doing enough to get psycho gangbangers off the streets. But it makes sense that Aubry is self-conscious and still self-righteous because he’s one of the many fauxgressive officials responsible for the bail reform policy that has thugs on the street and recidivist criminals acting with total impunity. Even after they get caught.

Another reason this feckless official deigned to come down and to beg Cuomo for cash for this violence interruptor program is because this coordinated moped drive by shootout where these thugs only managed to hit three gang rivals hanging out at a barber shop while wounding 7 innocent bystanders by a restaurant has made national news, just like that video of the psycho shooting around kids to hit his target on a Bronx sidewalk. What’s truly ludicrous is the necessity and effort made to make a grand announcement about it, when Aubry can just demand this from his seat in the Albany Statehouse, along with serial virtue signaller and community refrigerator fund robber State Senator Jessica Ramos who arranged this publicity stunt. Even more ludicrous is that Corona has to wait 6 months for another mayor to handle gang and gun violence according to these useless hack officials.

And since Sen. Ramos feels money should be allocated in getting to the root of gun violence, she can start by demanding a bill to heavily regulate these unlicensed mopeds that you easily get in any bike or electronic shop in her district.

We shall see if this initiative to “cure” violence will pay public safety dividends for the residents of Corona, Queens, because it’s going to be hard to interrupt violence when you have to catch a bullet to do it. I suggest the hack Assemblyman set aside some of this money for kevlar jackets to interrupt the bullets too. Or maybe kevlar slacks.

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