Facebook TV Show Producers Don’t Know They Are Filming In Queens


South Richmond Hill, Queens, N.Y.

According to this disheveled flier taped on a lamppost that is obscuring another flier for possibly an apartment for rent, the Mayor’s office for film etc. etc., The NYPD and an LLC production company have graciously notified the citizens of South Richmond Hill of an imminent TV show filming.


This notification, which are so frequent in various neighborhoods that it’s more like a warning as subtle as the recent missile attack on Syria, addresses the residents of South Richmond Hill of the Borough of Queens as residents of fucking Brooklyn!!!


It looks like these creative types and some sleepy city officials who are so rubber stamp slaphappy to dole permits for streaming t.v. shows are really obsessed with the whole Brooklyn brand thang that they are not even hiding it anymore.

What’s rigoddamndiculous about this is that HBO filmed their show “The Night Of” on that same block and the same streets on Liberty Avenue a few years ago, so the city knows where they are filming but to the deluded folks at Big Beach LLC this particular town or the whole borough of Queens is just an extension of the most overrated, overpriced and gentrified borough in the damn world.

What’s fucked up about this flier is that even though it says/warns when they’re are going to arrive and plop their trailers, catering tents and cables all over the fucking streets and then have their minion interns harass the residents trying to commute, do errands or even go on a nice walk (with the help of the NYPD Movie and TV patrol) , it doesn’t even say how long they are going to be in the area. This is how they show concern for the community?

It’s a wonder why they chose this particular area. Maybe there are just no gritty places to shoot in Brooklyn anymore because it’s 90% gentrified and sanitized and there are pretentious cafes on every corner on every block.

So this is another dis to a town the city barely acknowledges if you ever drove your car or bike on Liberty Avenue past Lefferts Blvd and seen the craterous minefield of potholes and steep cracks that line the road that would rival a Southern California street after a mild tremor.

Mostly, it’s a dis on society as a whole for the fact that Facefuck is now delving into producing t.v. series after selling out 87 million of their customers accounts and identities to Cambridge Analytica to influence their unwitting users and their friends to support Trump and previously colluded with the 2012 Obama Re-election Campaign staffers to do the same datamining of their unwitting customers and their friends on the social media platform to support their candidate.

And a social media parasite corporation whose past experience in televised programming is Facebook Live where people can record themselves getting killed and killing themselves in real time.

Well, now that the Strangers are here (wow what a show title, can this be anymore apt for this city sanctioned intrusion?), welcome to the neighborhood. Good luck with the production, film your stupid ass show and get the fuck out.

Residents of Brooklyn. Fuck you dummies.




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