New Bad Days 76: During The Rapid Rise In Gunfire And Citizens Getting Hit On The Streets, The NYPD Spends Their Funding Exerting Revenge Seizures Of Protesters; City’s Shuttling Of Homeless People And Drug Addicts In Hotels In Two Upscale Areas Lead To Total Chaos; A Lone Man With A Hammer Has Been Smashing Subway Train Windows For A Month; Crazy Woman Slathers Black Lives Matter Slogan With Paint By Trump Tower Again; Two Men Get Shot Dead By A Memorial For A Friend That Got Shot Dead By Prospect Park; Food Aid Gets Dumped In The Wrong Places; Mass Gatherings Of Youths At Raves Continue In Defiance Of Another COVID-19 Outbreak As Gun Violence, Car Theft, Muggings, Stabbings, Hold-Ups And Burglaries Make Upward Trajectories As Suspicions Of A Policing Slowdown Gains Traction

Chalk up 2020 as the Summer Of Guns.

Since Governor Andrew Cuomo declared the coronavirus crushed back in June 5th (or 4th or 6th), the dominant pathogen in the five boroughs this year was the bullet. Which spread like wildfire over the summer bringing this years total to over 1,000 shooting incidents, hitting over 1,200 citizens (including children) leading to 107 deaths in 12 consecutive weeks of gun violence ending in the month of August, a rise of 89 and 97% respectfully and contributing to over 300 murders which has went up by 35% compared to last year.  At the pace it’s continuing as of this writing ,the amount of shootings and victims will eclipse the total amounts of the past two years.

More people are buying bulletproof vests. Must have been when Council Speaker Corey “Cojoke” Johnson described this meteoric rise in gun violence as a health emergency.

The shootings and other serious crimes that have also risen has brought attention and suspicion among the general public and even officials that the NYPD are collectively engaging in a slowdown, because of the low amount of arrests and their late and even lack of responses to crime on the streets. Particularly with the shocking low amount of arrests for gun possession. de Blasio’s NYPD police commissioner’s cites again and again that it’s because of the cuts to the force from the last budget that was partially influenced by the hashtag abolish NYPD constituency. Although signs still legitimately point to the misguided and poorly legislated bail reform laws, recidivist offenders being released on the streets and the city and state’s mandate to release convicts because of the hazardous conditions in prisons being that are not safe from spreading coronavirus and even from Shea’s premature decision to abolish the anti-crime unit tasked to pursue illegal firearms.

But apparently, even with elevated crime levels and funds reallocated from New Yorks Finest, de Blasio’s NYPD still found a lot of expense, personnel and time to settle a few grudges with a few protesters from Black Lives Matter:


In Kips Bay, an 18-year-old transgender woman riding a skateboard during a protest march on 2nd Ave was grabbed by five men who jumped out of a minivan. They turned out to be cops from the NYPD’s plain clothes warrant squad driving in an unmarked vehcile. They looked almost like the anti-crime unit Commissioner Shea disbanded in June.

Aiding this brazen and disturbing rendition on a public space were a squad of cops on bikes that were utilizing their cycles as weapons and shields to thwart witnesses and other protesters from viewing or stopping the arrest. Two of the bike cops ran over a person in their zeal to stop the protesters as the cops sped away with their collar in the van without even a police siren or a light indicating who they were as they cut off a truck when they ran the red light at 23rd St., which is a two way street.

What makes her arrest stunning is the way it was executed and literally choreographed like a scene from a Jason Bourne movie as if they knew she was coming or was being practically hunted by the NYPD for weeks.  The things that probably made this disturbing event possible is from facial recognition technology since she painted over street surveillance cameras that surely grabbed her face while she was vandalizing them and also placing some undercover officers or informants marching with the Abolition Park group and Black Lives Matter marchers, both of which are very likely especially the latter since a man involved with AP was pinched by an undercover for cutting cables under an NYPD van in Bay Ridge. Quite likely another cop posing as a demonstrator infiltrated this one. But they could have easily marked her down too from a Gothamist story featuring the woman at the Occupy City Hall protest 20 days earlier.

Nope, this is yet again another attempt to discourage and intimidate people from protesting against systemic injustices and endemic corruption in government and the enforcers that protect these institutions and the fortification of a police state by utilizing a local police force as central intelligence agency apparatus. If you think the optics of this woman’s arrest looks frightening, watch how the New NYPD literally vanishes a woman talking shit at a cop while drunk outside of a bar:

As for Mayor Big Slow de Blasio, his deliberately belated response to this broad daylight rendition by his police department whose officers did not even read the woman her rights was full of spineless insouciance and abject denial of the command that was implemented for this dystopian display of arbitrary oppression.

As amazing as how NY’s Finest has turned itself into a military junta during this pandemic and societal crisis, it’s equally amazing how the Blaz is able to sit upright without a spine at his daily briefings. In a pathetic show of pseudo objectiveness, he cowardly blew off the severity of the “effecuated” arrest. Which is shocking coming from a person who is always prioritizes optics for every decision he makes, especially regarding the paramilitary and invasive spying tactics of the NYPD.

Which both came to it’s absolute nadir a few weeks later…

In Hell’s Kitchen, the NYPD deployed a battalion of cops to an apartment building to execute an arrest of a man wanted for assaulting a cop by yelling through a megaphone at her ear at a Black Lives Matter counter-protest against a Blue Lives Matter rally and march in Bayside a few days earlier and in another cop’s ear two months before. 30 cops stood guard outside his building and blocked the street from traffic as two NYPD choppers flew overhead. Cops accessed his building and stood in front of and repeatedly banged on his apartment door with a K9 dogs barking trying to intimidate him as other cops arrived from their “Strategic Unit” and tried to negotiate by lying that he had lawyers ready to represent him as the man saw two cops across the street in an apartment building window directly from him.

With all the knuckleheaded determination to persuade the man to surrender with amateur psy-ops, the Black Lives Matter activist refused to open his door and filmed his entire encounter and himself jamming to music on his social media account. The cops then left after six hours without him because they didn’t have a warrant for his arrest. The amount spent for this profligate fruitless pursuit is not known, but this was ordered despite the NYC Council cutting one billion dollars from the NYPD budget. What is also not known is who made the command to hunt this activist down, since Mayor Big Slow de Faustio claimed that Shea had nothing to do with it even though he’s the fucking commissioner.

Despite the Blaz and Shea’s contemptible denials and obfuscations, they spent a huge amount of tax dollars just to settle a grudge and indict a protest organizer. Which falls in line with the billions of dollars at the city’s expense for all the corruption and bigotry driven abuse staining the badge for the last few decades; the exact reason why the citizenry is protesting against every day in the fucking first place.

Also in Hell’s Kitchen, a church had to put up an obstruction in front of their entrance after after a group of homeless people were using the steps to shoot heroin and excrete bowel movements and urinate on them. The superintendent also had to clean up discarded liquor bottles left behind by the derelicts who were residing in a luxury hotel next door in accordance with the city’s policy to housing the homeless in them until the pandemic subsides.

Again in Hell’s Kitchen,  a man got shot at twice in the chin and arm on the street and didn’t reveal who pulled the trigger.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a homeless man went raving mad when a restaurant wouldn’t let him use the bathroom and then took his frustrations on two women dining on a table outside and spat on one of their plates. The one time hip bar hopping areas has become a slum with streets of derelicts shooting up, imbibing booze, and fucking and sleeping on the sidewalks.

And again in Hell’s Kitchen, a man bashed a bunch of bottles of juice and soft drinks on his head inside of a deli over and over again while lying prone on the floor. The clerk expressed grief about the growing number of aggressive vagrants frequenting his store because a hotel across the street started housing homeless people that were transferred from shelters.

In the Upper West Side, Mayor de Blasio’s Department of Homeless Services shuttled hundreds of homeless people to shelter at three hotels on 77th St., 79th St. and 87th St. near without consulting residents of the town with help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency who contributed 3/4 of the funding to house them to prevent another outbreak of COVID-19. A bulk of the men were recently released from prisons and from a shelter full of men with drug struggles. Six of them turned out to be convicted pedophiles.

Neighborhood residents encountered on their commutes men masturbating, pissing and shitting in public and also shooting heroin, snorting blow, drinking booze and smoking K2 along with blatant drug dealing and derelicts prone on the ground from overdosing in full view on the sidewalks and on the benches on the medians on Broadway. Since the arrival of the city’s most destitute and unwanted and even though they are being housed in luxury rooms it’s led to a proliferation of more people sleeping on the streets and a rise in petty theft, aggressive solicitation and verbal harassment of random passerby including kids. Demands for the NYPD to patrol the nine blocks were these offenses were occurring did not get or even merit a response, even though Commissioner Shea lives exactly 6 blocks south from the area.

Being that drug use and selling went up, it looks like de Blasio wanted to do his own version of Hamsterdam from the fourth season of the Wire (the Blaz is a big fan of that show) by sending all the homeless people to an area where they might be accepted,  where a bulk of residents have liberal values that sympathize with poor people’s struggles and addictions. But it instead turned out that these enlightened residents don’t take too kindly to vices and recidivism when it’s on their blocks, sharing concerns with neighbors who don’t share their views and are reviled and understandably fearful of the presence of drug abuse and crime.  Just like in Hamsterdam, cops hardly responded to offenses committed by the homeless people. Like some kind of immunity because of the pandemic.

In the Wire’s Hamsterdam, the junkies were moved to a block where buildings were mostly vacant so the junkies can have a red light district to sell, cop and shoot up. But de Blasio’s UWS Hamsterdam, the homeless was shipped to a densely populated neighborhood that couldn’t handle the deluge of junkies that came flocking in and naturally didn’t expect the ramifications, because The City elected not to tell them who was coming in. Even about 900 of them. Goes to show that progressive minds can’t block or obscure even the saddest realities of the poverty and despair of people suffering from rampant drug use and fractured mental states and condensing these suffering people in a small area will only lead to disaster if not properly monitored or cared for.

Also the Upper West Side, a man was shot to death on the street from getting blasted in the chest at a playground following a fight with his killer.

Again in the Upper West Side, a man torched a police car that was parked on a block.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man killed himself when he fell five floors after slipping on a fire escape while smoking a cigarette. Homicide was not ruled out.

And again in the Upper West Sideat the 72nd St. Station, a man sneaked up behind a woman on the platform and stabbed her in the shoulder while holding a package of diapers.

And again in the Upper West Side, a 13-year-old boy had his cellphone robbed by another boy who grabbed it while passing by him riding a citibike. The victim is the son of a NYPD Deputy Commissioner in charge of the department’s counter-terrorism unit, a division that actually needs to be defunded.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man shot another man at his groin during a hold up.

And again in the Upper West Side, two men engaged in a shootout on the street and ran when the Guardian Angels tried to catch them.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man was shot in the stomach in the middle of the avenue.

And again in the  Upper West Side, a man pushed an NYPD Chaplain down on the sidewalk and took his wallet, then left it behind and ran away.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man got shot to death in front of an apartment building entrance at the Amsterdam Houses.

In the Lower East Side, a protest march in solidarity with the uprising against Trump’s federal copstapo in Portland went awry as a group of people vandalized and damaged NYPD vehicles and set trash can fires on the streets while body-armored cops kettled and trapped protesters on the street.

Also in Lower East Side, homeless people set up a homestead shanty town village underneath the highway on the FDR drive. When de Blasio’s Sanitation Dept. came by to destroy it and throw everything they organized into the garbage, they returned again the next day and rebuilt their shantytown and fortified it a portion of a chain link fence. Like I said, these people should be administrating new housing infrastructure for the HPD.

Again in the Lower East Side, a double decker booze cruise boat was met with the NYC Sheriffs Dept and busted for violating pandemic protocols for holding a party without social distancing.

And again in the Lower East Side, a former N.Y. State Assembly Speaker threatened to punch a photo-jorunalist before he was about to serve 6 and a half  years in jail for crimes he committed while in elected office.


In the East Village, a crew of homeless people built a loft apartment on the sidewalk underneath scaffolding where a luxury building is under development.

Mayor de Blasio, who recently proclaimed that he will not tolerate homeless encampments in his city, oh sorry your city, sent his Sanitation Dept. to raid the homestead and throw all the discarded furniture they collected into the garbage trucks. The next day, the same street denizens returned with new furniture and rebuilt their concrete floor homestead after waiting across the street until the coast was clear.

When de Blasio’s Sanitation Dept. wrecked their sidewalk village again, the crafty vagrants moved across the street to the shuttered Orpheum theater and easily reassembled their habitat. Instead of hassling and trying to disappear these people why doesn’t the Blaz contract them and build real affordable housing for the NYC Housing and Preservation Department?

Also in the East Village, a man on liquid courage tried to sit at a outdoor table in front of a trendy restaurant and got violent when a waiter told him they were closing and then he randomly attacked a man with a chair then got into a tussle with two women who were drinking there and slashed them with a metal blade. One of the women who fought him off was the daughter of famed stage and television actor Kelsey Grammar, so it’s no surprise where she got the instinct to deal with a knife handler.

Again in the East Village, a homeless man fighting with two other homeless men jumped into the East River to get away from them.

And again in the East Village, event promoters are using a cafe as a pandemic speakeasy to throw illicitly exclusive raves and parties for wealthy vectors and despite the appearances of luxury cars rolling up in front of the establishment and a state ban on indoor parties and events, there have been absolutely no raids by the NYPD or NYC Sheriff’s dept.

And again in the East Village, two men hoisted an ATM machine to their van and ripped it out from the store it was attached to, tearing the metal rolldown gate with it.

And again in the East Village, an argument between two men on the sidewalk escalated when one of them took a knife out and chased the other man and then stabbed him in the back demanding $1500 his victim owed him.

And again in the East Village, a man loitering in an apartment building lobby followed an 86-year-old woman into an elevator and yanked her $2,000 chain off her neck after he gentlemanly let her go on first.

And again in the East Village, a homeless couple got kicked off the city bus by the driver when they wouldn’t pay the fare. Then when the driver parked the bus and took a break, the couple forced their way inside and the woman beat the hell out of him.

In the West Village, a 78-year-old man was harassed by a man at a cheap pizzeria who then finished his slice and attacked the elderly man and pushed him over and knocked him unconscious.

Again in the West Village, a man died following a street fight with his friend on the sidewalk.

And again in the West Village, a transvestite chased a man into a parking garage and slashed him in the face and stabbed him in the back.

In Harlem, a man was shot in the leg on the street and wouldn’t rat on the gunman.

Also in Harlem, a NYPD safety officer and her husband were found with 8 illegal guns and ammo inside their apartment.

Again in Harlem, a man and a woman got hit with stray bullets as they were walking on the sidewalk.

And again in Harlem, a 17-year-old boy got shot in the foot on the street.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot twice in the ass on the sidewalk.

And again in Harlem, five girls beat up and shot an 14-year-old girl with a stun gun on the street as dozens of other teenagers gawked, filmed videos and took selfies during the pummeling as a cop walked by and did nothing.

And again in Harlem (according to the NYPD’s twitter),a crowd of people threw bottles and encroached at a group of cops in the middle of the street, forcing the blue wall to retreat.

And again in Harlem, three women and a man were shot at and hit in front of tattoo parlor where a party was being held.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot to death on the street from a drive by shooting.

And again in Harlem, two men were shot at on the street, one getting hit in the arm and the other man on his leg.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot to death from a blast in the face from a drive-by shooter in front of an apartment building.

And again in Harlem, a woman got shot at and hit in both legs on a street corner.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the ass in the middle of the street.

And again in Harlem, an off-duty cop hit a Jaguar while driving drunk.

And again in Harlem, two men beat down a man as they kept punching him in the face where he sat on the 2 train.

And again in Harlem, a man ran up to a 66-year-old man crossing the street and bashed him on the head with a bottle from behind.

And again in Harlem, a man got shot in the leg by the St. Nicholas Houses and walked to the hospital.

And again in Harlem, a man was shot to death in a van by a drug dealer he tried to get rid off.

And again in Harlem, a man took a free ride by hanging onto the back of a bus as it was speeding on the Harlem River Drive.

In East Harlem, a man was shot in the arm outside of the Lehman Houses.

Also in East Harlem at the 116th Station, a man was stabbed on the platform at 1:15 a.m.. 15 minutes after the subway is supposed to shut down.

Again in East Harlem, a 17-year-old boy was shot in the back during an argument on the street.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot in the back in front of an apartment building.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot in the leg in a drive by shooting.

In Midtown between Times and Herald Squares on Broadway, junkies are shooting up and getting loaded on heroin while lounging on the urban garden furniture and passing out on the streets where overpriced eateries used to set up little take out stands for foodies to dine al fresco. One of the Blaz’s spokespeople called this “unacceptable” and then the junkies returned to the urban garden and loaded themselves with the works again. A few weeks later, junkies were discovered shooting up by an non-functioning phone booth around brunch time about a block away.

Screenshot_2020-09-03 mural-67 jpg (WEBP Image, 618 × 410 pixels)

Also in Midtown, a man plopped a can of paint on de Blasio’s Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower and spread it all over the slogan despite the mayor’s decision to deploy more cops there to guard it. The seventh time it’s happened. The city left the stain there for a week.

After the city finally cleaned it up, a woman stopped by and splattered the BLM mural again with blue paint. And then she returned dressed as the Statue of Liberty rolling a hand truck down the avenue and did a vandalism hat trick and spilling a bucket of pink paint on the mural. Capping her triumph by yelling the word freedom like Mel Gibson in Braveheart as her co-horts screamed like lunatics and waved Trump re-election signs.

It really says something about the lengths people will show for President Trump and not for the Mayor of New York City, that the Blaz is more loathsome than the guy who blew off the pandemic at its early stages and has left the economy in purgatory. Maybe the next time the idiot Hizzoner wants to manifest of his virtue signal tweets he should go through the proper permit process like his constituency have to instead of brazenly circumventing it thinking no one will notice.

Again in Midtown, a man walked into a designer handbag store and snatched a bunch of purses worth two grand and also a garment bag then flashed a box cutter at a worker and ran. This store is 2 blocks away where 9 cops are guarding the Black Lives Matter mural at Trump Tower from being vandalized.

And again in Midtown, four men jumped into an SUV after they robbed a man at gunpoint and got into a high speed chase with the cops, leading the driver to smash a car and a motorcycle during the pursuit. Then one of the passengers/accomplices threw the gun out the window as the driver drove on the sidewalk and hit a woman. Then the men abandoned the vehicle and ran on the street. The cops caught one man who jumped from a footbridge trying to evade capture by hiding under a tarp nearby.

And again in Midtown, a man stabbed his wife multiple times on a street corner.

And again in Midtown, a men savagely rained punches on a retired NYPD sergeant on the sidewalk after he clocked him in the head with a bottle and then his accomplice robbed the man’s cellphone. Then the skell turned around and kicked him while he was still down.

And again in Midtown, eight cops were deployed by the Empire State Building to handle a naked White man walking around in public.

And again in Midtown, a homeless man murdered another homeless man, stabbing him seven times over a bad drug deal by a cardboard encampment on the sidewalk.

And again in Midtown, an 18-year-old woman from Wyoming visiting NYC decided to visit the Empire State Building with a gun in her backpack and a man from Louisiana tried to do the same thing the next day. Bad enough there’s a pipeline trafficking guns to NYC that’s going unchecked and these hayseeds come here and think they can just waltz into a heavily guarded landmark tourist attraction with their pieces just because they have permits.

And again in Midtown, two groups of artists got into a brawl over space to sell their works in front of the New York Public Library that escalated when a man tried to bully two women from a corner by yanking a cellphone from one of them, leading them to shoot mace at his face. Then the brute took out a knife and wildly slashed one of the women and also a woman that accompanied him.

In Times Square, a homeless man got stabbed in the stomach while begging for money outside a bakery at the Port Authority Station.

Also in Times Square, an unattractive woman walked on the pedestrian plaza with her titties out.

Again in Times Square, a man got busted by the cops when he tried to retrieve a bag full of baggies of smack and a 22 caliber revolver inside a bag he left behind in the pedestrian plaza.

And again in Times Square, four boys got into an argument with two pedicab drivers and pounced on them and stole one of their pedicabs after they stabbed both of them.

And again in Times Square, a man affixed a knife onto a broomstick to use as a spear and punctured the tires of parked cars as he was riding on the avenue and then he randomly slashed a teenage boy and battled cops with it while resisting arrest as one of them tried to taze him.

And again in Times Square, a man was shot on a street corner after an argument with the gunman as the sun was rising as a witness declared that NYC is over. Seinfeld still doesn’t think so.

And again in Times Square, a man killed himself after he jumped into a cab through the driver’s window and the driver hit the gas and took him down the block and caused him to hit the pavement. Then the driver sped away down the avenue.

In Grand Central Station, a man chased another man in the terminal while wielding a gun and then shot him in the arm on the 4,5,6 subway platform.

In the Upper East Side, four boys went on a mugging spree and held up three people at gun point and robbed a man for his phone, and 18-year-old man’s wallet and a cellphone off a woman in Central Park before three of them got caught and arrested by the cops.

Also in the Upper East Side and in Midtown, a man threw rocks at four foreign national consulate buildings and broke the windows to unleash his frustrations on his inability to get work in America.

Again in the Upper East Side, four apartments were broken into while the residents were on vacation and all were collectively robbed of thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise. Burglaries and robberies have went up 58% in the area compared to last year.

And again in the Upper East Side, 5 drunk ass women jumped on top of a parked car and damaged it by dancing and twerking on it.

And again in the Upper East Side, a car collided into an outdoor dining area set up on the street by a restaurant.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man got into a street fight with two traffic cops who were giving him a ticket for parking in front a fire hydrant.

And again in the Upper East Side at the 63rd St./Lexington Avenue Station a man randomly attacked a woman on the platform and threw her to the floor and dry humped her in front of a group of people who did nothing but gawk and filmed the attempted rape scene. This incident enraged a professional actor so much that he confused the train line his relatives take with the incident where this happened.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man on parole after serving time for burglary got caught in a woman’s apartment trying to burglarize it following two weeks of breaking into other apartments in the vicinity and the Upper West Side, where he stole five grand in jewelry and threatened a resident and robbed him of 90 bucks.

In Fort George, a man got a concussion and a leg injury and his passenger got injured too when they flew off an app-rental motor scooter as the driver crashed into a pole. He died two weeks later.

Also in Fort George, a man got shot in the back on a street corner.

In Washington Heights, a man stabbed another man twice inside an apartment building hallway over a drug deal gone bad, then the victim walked outside while bleeding out on the sidewalk then later died at the hospital.

Also in Washington Heights, a man was shot in the leg on a street corner.

Again in Washington Heights, a woman got stabbed to death by her ex-friend after she accused her of infidelity and tried to beat her up in her apartment. The woman claimed she used a knife in self-defense.It has subsequently been revealed that she evaded an appearance court on the day she killed her old friend.

And again in Washington Heights, a man picked up a gun that was hidden underneath garbage by a tree and got into a shootout with another man on the sidewalk in broad daylight. Looks like criminals have found a way to exploit the city’s sanitation budget cuts that has left trash piling on the curbs for days.

And again in Washington Heights, a man expecting to meet someone  got murdered when two men rolled up on the sidewalk and the man riding it shot him point blank five times.

In Hamilton Heights, a man was shot in the stomach on the street and refuse to divulge who the gunman was.

In Greenwich Village at the 14th St. Station, a man randomly attacked a 68-year-old woman on the platform and mercilessly beat her down and pushed her onto the train tracks, causing her to fall on her head. Then the pyscopath jumped onto the trackbed to steal her cellphone and then ran away. It was reported that he called her a racial slur before he pounced on her. The woman wound up with a fractured spine and is afraid to go back to work.

Also in Greenwich Village, a homeless man built a homestead by the New School building with shopping cars filled with furniture and other items discarded by the rich people who abandoned and moved from New York City. The only thing the man didn’t get from the city’s upper class fugitives was a toilet, as he takes his shits out in the open on the sidewalk.

Again in Greenwich Village at the Christopher St. Station, a man fell between the cars of the 1 train and got stuck under the tracks.

In Hudson Yards at the 34th St. Station, a man with a hammer smashed every window on every car on the 7 train.

The vandal (and maybe an accomplice or two or other vandals) are responsible for damaging over 200 windows on the 7 line as well as the 2 and 3 lines, continuing a vandalism destruction spree for four months and now the MTA is all out of glass.

Yet they have 10,000 bucks to spare for a reward for citizens to catch the hammering vandal, proving that the MTA  is too broke to deploy transit cops to monitor the station. It’s baffling that Governor Cuomo didn’t get the guy who did his COVID grave poster draw up some old-timey most wanted signs.

But even if King Andrew did that (and he could because he runs the MTA) it still wouldn’t deter the recidivist vandal. Despite the bounty the hammering vandal returned to the Hudson Yards Station and pulverized another 20 windows on the 7 train again. The NYPD added another $2,500 to the reward for the recidivist, which they probably dredged from a high brass cops office chair after all the money they spent hunting two protesters in the city.

After getting the NYPD to add to the bounty, the MTA decided to implement their 90’s era broken windows crime prevention strategy to capture the serial window breaker. Duh.

In Columbus Circle, cops caught a man who broke the windows of the E and A train at the 42nd St. Station. But determined he wasn’t connected to the 7 train smashings because he used his foot to kick the windows.

Also in Columbus Circle, a man yelled threats and insults at two women sitting across from him and then yelled xenophobic slurs and accusations at a woman who was filming his tirade on her cellphone on the A train. The three involved in their petty dispute were not wearing their masks properly.

In Chelsea, a homeless man suffered burns when a encampment he was sheltering in went on fire as a man filming the sidewalk inferno on his cellphone yelled for someone to call 911 as a man was putting the fire out on the homeless man’s body. This happened about 20 yards from a police station.

Also in Chelsea, a woman got killed buy a hit-and-run driver as she was crossing the street. The driver got arrested but posted his bail and then went home and took a nap.

Again in Chelsea, a man caught shoplifting in a chain hardware/home improvement store punched two cops in their faces as they tried to arrest him.

And again in Chelsea, over a dozen homeless people developed a sidewalk shelter and junk retail market on one block on 6th Avenue.

And again in Chelsea, a woman shot a man twice inside a hotel lobby following a verbal dispute over his infidelity.

And again in Chelsea, de Blasio’s NotifyNYC social media office announced that they were putting on an elaborate fireworks display on the Hudson River around 8 p.m., but didn’t elaborate what it was for. Then residents were flabbergasted and horrified to hear explosions nearby their homes around 11 p.m because the city rescheduled the spectacle because of inclement weather and they didn’t NotifyNYC of the change. The “show” was for an irrelevant and terrible network’s award show.

And again in Chlesea, a man punched his ex-girlfriend in the face and robbed her purse.

In Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, two homeless men brawled with each other on the platform. As one of them tried to flee out of the station, a man was waiting for and killed him when he kicked him down the stairs.

Also in Penn Station at the 34th St. Station, a man was banging a woman doggy style and then released his pearls on those same stairs when he got done.

Also in Penn Station, a gang of boys hassled a man coming out off the LIRR and smacked his cap off his head and then they all beat him down after he told him he was a cop.

In Flatiron District, a man riding his bike stopped to yell xenophobic slurs and accusations of spreading COVID-19 at them and then spat on and threw his bike at them.

In Murray Hill, two men went bezerk after they were told to get out of supermarket by workers because they refused to wear face masks as they yanked a face mask of a man, hit a woman in the head with a paddle and pulled another woman’s hair and threw a bunch of shopping baskets at other workers.

In Little Italy at the Spring St. Station, a man stood over a hand sanitizer dispenser and shot about a quart of it into his shorts, getting all over his junk and ass and then rubbed the excess on his belly and moved along.

In Tribeca, a car crashed into an outdoor dining area on the street in front of a fancy restaurant, injuring a woman eating al fresco.

In Downtown Manhattan, a man riding a citibike on the sidewalk rode up to a woman and punched her in the face. The victim is a district court judge who recently indicted an actor for sexual assault.

Also in Downtown Manhattan, the Joker was jet-skiing on the East River. Soon to be seen surfing at Rockaway Beach.


Four men arraigned and convicted for felony crimes this year who made bail went back out on the streets and were involved in four shooting incidents. 

In Crown Heights, a man was shot to death in front of a church in broad daylight by a man he had an argument with on the street a week before about the killer’s ex-girlfriend who the victim was dating. The killer also got paid to whack a man in East New York 3 weeks earlier.

Also in Crown Heights, a 17-year-old boy was shot to death on the sidewalk in front of his apartment building.

Again in Crown Heights, a man was shot in the leg on the street and refused to rat on the shooter.

And again in Crown Heights, a 16-year-old boy almost got killed when a bullet from a shootout skinned his head.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was arrested for sexual assault of a teenage girl for two years and is suspected of committing other ones.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got killed by a stray bullet while an argument between two groups of men escalated on a handball court in broad daylight.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot to death in the middle of the street nearby his home. His aunt vehemently advised his friends not to avenge his death and let the cops handle it. Comments about this from gentry Black Lives Matter supporters that call for abolishing police departments were not available.

And again in Crown Heights, a man shot another man at both his legs and split with three other men in a car.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot in the leg while sleeping on a stoop.

In Cypress Hills, a 16-year-old boy was shot to death and two others were wounded  when shots were fired from a drive-by at a basketball court while they were playing. One of the wounded teens who got shot in the head died days later. During a memorial for the victims,two men walked up to a memorial gathering on the basketball court, shot a man on the shoulder and ran away.

Also in Cypress Hills, four men got shot at in front of a nite club. All of them got hit in the legs. Where’s the night mayor?

Again in Cypress Hills, a 68-year-old woman got hit in the leg from a stray bullet while waiting in a nail salon, coming from a shootout between three men outside. Making her another statistic of over a thousand people that got shot this year, an 89% rise from the over 500 people shot at around this time in 2019.

And again in Cypress Hills, a man was shot at twice on a street corner.

In East New York, a man shot three men on a street corner and jumped in an SUV waiting for him and sped off.

Also in East New York, a man got shot in the stomach and a woman got shot in the leg at a house party that had a refrigerator in the alleyway outside.

Again in East New York, a man got a head injury when a metal basket fell on him as he was walking underneath the elevated train tracks.

And again in East New York, a man sneaked up behind another man and shot him while he was having a conversation with someone.

And again in East New York, a man that got arrested for his involvement in a gang related shooting in May was sprung loose without a bail in a few days and two months later was involved in three drive by shootings in two days in middle of July.

And again in East New York, a man was shot on the avenue.

And again in East New York, a man escaped with his life when a bullet only grazed his head on the street

And again in East New York, two men got shot on a street corner.

And again in East New York, a man got grazed in the head and shot in the leg while walking on the sidewalk during a drive by shooting.

And again in East New York, a mentally ill homeless woman got killed when she ran into the middle of the street and got hit by a truck.

And again in East New York, a man collapsed and died on the street after he vacated a car that he was in that was involved in a shootout with another gunman in an SUV while both vehicles were exiting the Jackie Robinson Parkway.

In Prospect Park, a man randomly stabbed a man in the chest who was just going for a walk with his girlfriend.

Also in Prospect Park, a field was found bombarded with garbage from a massive party the night before.

Again in Prospect Park, a man was shot to death on a bench with two blows to the head after he lit a candle at a candlelight memorial for a man who got killed by gunfire the day before in East Flatbush.

In Flatbush, two men ran up to a man and a woman and shot them on the street and fled in a BMW that was waiting for them.

Also in Flatbush, a man was shot to death in the middle of the street.

Again in Flatbush, a 16-year-old boy and a 50-year-old woman got shot in the street.

And again in Flatbush, a man stepped out of an idling car and shot at three men hanging out on a street corner.

And again in Flatbush, a man was found dead on steps at a department store parking lot.

And again in Flatbush, a man was shot to death in front of his house next to an emergency kiosk that was tagged “FTP”. Capping a week when 40 people got shot on the streets of New York.

And again in Flatbush, an argument between two men escalated into one of them shooting the other in the back.

And again in Flatbush, a man was shot to death on the street by his house right after he was having a conversation with a friend who stepped away from him right before a gunman that was sitting in an idling SUV aiming at his target.

And again in Flatbush, a man heading to a candlelit memorial for two men who got shot to death by Prospect Park got shot on the sidewalk in broad daylight during a drive by shooting . Leading the stricken man to take out his gun and fire back and a stray bullet hit a man going to the store with his girlfriend during the fire. The targeted man died from his wounds and the other man who got caught in the crossfire is paralyzed. The victim’s girlfriends brother lamented about the sudden lack of cops patrolling the area and remarked how swift the response would have been if a cop got hit.

And again in Flatbush, a man got shot in the leg on the street.

And again in Flatbush, an SUV crashed into a livery car, injuring the driver and another man whose injuries put him into a coma. Three men jumped out of the SUV and ran away.

And again in Flatbush, a man got shot to death on the street from a drive-by.

In East Flatbush, two men shot a man down on the street and killed him in front of a daycare center.

Also in East Flatbush, a city bus got into a multiple car wreck with two cars that smashed into each other, causing injuries to nine people.

Again in East Flatbush, a man shot another man in the chest on the street at the break of dawn.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot to death on a street corner from a blast to his torso following a dispute with his ex-girlfriend and the man who killed him that she was accompanying.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got killed on the street from a drive-by shooting.

And again in East Flatbush, an argument between two men escalated into one of them getting shot in the leg.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot in the ass on a street corner.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot twice in the arm and neck in front of a building and two other men were found by cops who arrive with shots to the neck and stomach. The man that was found first died from his wounds.

And again in East Flatbush, a man shot another man in the head as he was sitting on a stoop.

In Brownsville, a woman killed another woman by stabbing her multiple times on the street when she was trying to break up a fight in front of a hotel.

Also in Brownsville, a 17-year-old boy got shot in the hand following an argument.

Again in Brownsville, a 16-year-old girl and two women got shot in a flurry of gunfire on the street.

And again in Brownsville, a 62-year-old man got shot during a party held in a basement apartment.

And again in Brownsville, two men engaged in a shootout on the street in broad daylight.

And again in Brownsville, a man stabbed a woman to death on the sidewalk and ran away to upstate New York where he got arrested.

And again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death on the street from three blasts to the chest.

And again in Brownsville, a 63-year-old man got attacked by a man who smacked him on his head with a milk crate from behind, then the man kept attacking him with crates in both of his hands and the older man fought him off successfully with his cane and knocked them off his hands.

And again in Brownsville, a man got killed when a stray bullet hit him from a shootout on the street between two gangs.

And again in Brownsville, two boys got shot on a street corner.

And again in Brownsville, a man got shot in the stomach immediately after he came out of a store.

And again in Brownsville, a 59-year-old woman got hit in the leg by a stray bullet while she was standing on a porch.

In Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy, two men on a citibike rolled south down the sidewalks and streets of Bedford Ave. and knocked off and robbed the hats of Hasidic men as they passed them.

Also in Williamsburg, cops responding to a shooting crashed their SUV into and killed a man riding his motorcycle as he had the green light. The cops had their overhead lights on at the time and hit the man while maneuvering around a truck in the intersection. The shooting turned out to be false.

Again in Williamsburg, a three story apartment building collapsed during a hurricane.

And again in Williamsburg, a man was found dead floating in the East River by Domino Park.

And again in Williamsburg, a gang of white people dressed in black protesting in solidarity for Black Lives Matter sabotaged the movement by smashing windows of an Apple store and a Starbucks cafe while shouting slurs and obscenities and tagging graffiti slogans and initial against police. No one was arrested.

And again in Williamsburg, a man put himself in critical condition after he was speeding on the streets on his motorcycle and crashed into a car and two bike riders after he blew a red light.

And again in Williamsburg, a man ambushed a woman walking on the sidewalk and bodyslammed her to the pavement and savagely beat her up during a rape attempt.

And again in Williamsburg, a woman walking on the sidewalk got attacked by a man who body slammed her to the pavement and wailed punches on her and then tried to take her pants off but decided against it and ran away.

In South Williamsburg, a man went on a rampage against a couple of firemen after he parked his car in front of a FDNY station house. When they told him to move, he cursed at one of them who was writing him a ticket for blocking their entrance and then threatened to bring a posse of Hasidic men to come after him and then he called the other firefighter a racial slur and rammed his car door into his leg before he drove away to hide in a nearby community center.

In East Williamsburg, de Blasio’s NYPD wasted taxpayer dollars raiding a warehouse and seizing 400 pounds of a plant that is legal in 20 states in America.

In Sunset Park, a 19-year-old man was stabbed to death by a man who had his car wrecked by his father when he accidentally rear-ended it with his car.

Also in Sunset Park, a man got ganged up on by a group of men and then got shot after he had a dispute with his girlfriend’s ex-husband.

Again in Sunset Park, a man hogging the road while riding his bike got hit by a car while he was swerving, then attacked the driver who only went to check to see if he was OK by yelling racial slurs at him, challenging him to a fight and then smacking him on his hand as he was recording the incident.

And again in Sunset Park, two raves at two warehouses got raided by the city sheriff’s department in violation of pandemic protocols enacted by Emperor Cuomo and the Blaz, kicking over hundreds of people out and confiscating all the booze and heroin. Who did these promoters think they were some rich influencer and lux hotelier motherfuckers from the East Village and Long Island City?

Speaking of the spineless tyrant mayor; following this raid, the Blaz announced that the neighborhood had an uptick of COVID19 positive cases and was going to be more monitored and also a few days after the district’s council member Mencacha rejected the nearby lux lifestyle entrepreneurial business developer consortium run Industry City’s request to expand by building two upscale hotels.

In Coney Island, two men broke into a restaurant through the back door and robbed speakers and cash.

Also in Coney Island, a 74-year old man died during a fight with another man who went back to his apartment to look for a gold chain he left behind after he stormed out with his girlfriend when they had an argument with the victim and his girlfriend while they were getting drunk together. It sounds like “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolff?” if Richard Burton and George Seagal got into fisticuffs.

Again in Coney Island, a man shot a woman in the chest by the doorway of an apartment building at the Gravesend Houses.

And again in Coney Island, a man on a bike engaged in an argument with an app-hail driver sitting in his car while parked and then he shot him in the torso.

And again in Coney Island, a man was shot to death inside an apartment building hallway from a blasts to the chest.

And again in Coney Island, a man fired a fusillade of bullets at four men hanging out in front of the Carey Gardens Houses, killing one of them. NYPD is determining it was payback for the apartment shooting earlier.

In Carnasie, four men in a stolen SUV got into a high speed chase with cops and then the driver blew a stop sign and collided into a bus which then had a chain reaction crash with another car in the intersection, leading to 14 people getting injured.

Also in Canarsie, a man got shot in the face on the street in broad daylight.

Again in Canarsie, a man walked to the nearest hospital after getting shot at 9 times.

And again in Canarsie, a man was shot at three times while sitting in his car and crashed into a construction site attempting to drive away.

And again in Canarsie, an off-duty NYPD detective was caught driving drunk after he scraped two parked cars.

And again in Canarsie, a man got shot to death on the street.

And again in Canarsie, a man got shot to death in front of his house.

In Flatlands, a man stalked a 77-year-old man who was walking home and held him up at knifepoint and forced him into his car and then drove to a bank and then forced his victim to withdraw cash from an ATM and made off with $1,800 of his savings.

In Bed-Stuy, a man shot another man in the arm in broad daylight in the middle of a block.

Also in Bed Stuy, a man got shot in the middle of a street by a man who ambushed him by emerging from a building next to a bodega.

Again in Bed Stuy, a man was shot to death by the Kingsborough houses by a man who was loitering in front of the building waiting for him to come out.

And again in Bed Stuy, a man got murdered while he was standing on the sidewalk in a drive-by shooting.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men got shot in their arms on the sidewalk.

And again in Bed Stuy, a man riding a citibike on the sidewalk slowed up and dismounted in front of a woman walking with a baby and ripped a chain off her neck and rode away.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man on a moped rode by two women on the sidewalk and slapped their asses and then cruised to Crown Heights and grabbed a woman’s tush while riding by her on the sidewalk.

And again in Bed Stuy, a man was shot in the butt at an intersection.

And again in Bed Stuy, two men chased after a man on the grounds of the Marcy Houses and shot him to death.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a 62-year-old man was shot to death after his killer chased him inside a church where he worked as a caretaker.

And again in Bed Stuy, a man got shot in front of another church.

In Bushwick, a 200 pound woman randomly punched a six-year-old boy in the head in front of his mother at a chain pharmacy after she yelled at random people on the street.

Also in Bushwick, a NYPD detective got suspended after he stole money during a investigative search inside an apartment.

Again in Bushwick, a club ironically called the Illmore is flouting and violating pandemic protocols by throwing raves as their patrons party down and mill about in front of cruddy building without masks on. So where are the NYC sheriff’s dept and the NYPD to take down these brazen vectors? Oh yeah, Bushwick is an established upper class hipster town.

And again in Bushwick, a man got shot to death while sitting in a Mercedes while a block party was happening.

And again in Bushwick, a row house remodeled as a luxury building leased by two young women entrepreneurs is being used for weekly rambunctious parties as neighbors are griping about the consistent racket and sights of people milling about without distancing or masks in front of the place for over 3 months during the pandemic. Yet again, no sheriffs or NYPD trying to repress this to stop potential super spreading. And again because it’s upper class hipsters.

And again in Bushwick, a  man got shot to death as he was sitting in his car.

In Fort Greene, two men knocked a food delivery man off his bike and rode away on it.

Also in Fort Greene, a man grabbed his girlfriend by her head and threw her at a window of a supermarket.

Again in Fort Greene, a man and his three pals beat the shit out of man over a parking space while he impersonated a police officer.

And again in Fort Greene, a man mugged a public housing worker for 20 bucks and her phone as he rammed her head against the wall inside an elevator.

And again in Fort Greene, a 12-year-old taking a livery cab to her home in Bed-Stuy got beaten down, held at gunpoint and raped by the man driving her there.

And again in Fort Greene, two men having a brawl in a Mickey D’s took their tussle outside then both decided to settle it with guns, leading to one of the them getting killed during the shootout. The dead man beat the daylights out of a man who broke up a fight between two girls inside that same restaurant five years ago that was being filmed by ghouls to disseminate on social media.

And again in Fort Greene, two boys and a woman were shot by a park in a drive-by.

In Park Slope, a man swiped a charity box and cracked it opened and robbed the money it contained from inside a church after mass ended and while a nun was blessing the pews.

In Clinton Hill, four men attacked a woman from behind and smacked her head with a bottle.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man held up a man at gunpoint on the street and robbed his watch, jewelry and $1,200 cash at 2 in the morning. Better leave the bling at home for a little while.

Again in Clinton Hill, three men got shot while they hanging out in a crowd at a parking lot.

And again in Clinton Hill, a man got shot on the street.

In Gowanus, a man shot another man on the leg to settle an argument and got away in a car without license plates.

In Bensonhurst, an 89-year-old woman walked out of her house and was immediately attacked by two men who slapped her in the face and then set her hair on fire.

In Dyker Heights, three men barged into a bagel shop as a worker was about to close for the day and then trashed the place after they were told to leave, causing $13,000 worth of damage.

In Prospect Heights, a man held up a bank and robbed it of $3,750 and did it wearing a shirt that was designed for eventual incarceration.

A judge decided not to grant him bail since he robbed the same bank four times in the last 3 years, but the skell mocked him and shamelessly bragged he had the money to post up.

Also in Prospect Heights, a man was shot to death while he was sitting in a car stemming from a feud he had with other people over a woman he went out with.

In Weeksville, a man chased another man and shot him to death in the middle of the street after a fight escalated when the victim kept his killer’s lighter when he borrowed it inside a bar. That must have been some fucking lighter.

Also in Weeksville, a man got shot in the chest on the street and survived it.

Again in Weeksville, a bullet grazed a man’s head on the street.

In DUMBO, a man snatched a woman’s purse as she was walking on the Manhattan Bridge.

Also in DUMBO, two men got shot on the streets by two men in a four hours span at night.

In Brooklyn Heights, a man lounging on the steps of a train station entrance awoke and went bonkers and attacked a group of cops who told him to move.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Center, a man closed the window on the train cab and injured the conductor’s fingers.

Also in Downtown Brooklyn, a man smacked a receptionist inside a hotel lobby following a dispute.

Again in Downtown Brooklyn, two men robbed a diner of $3,750 after one of them gained entry by smashing a brick through a window.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man broke into a pizzeria and robbed the register containing 400 bucks.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Jay St./Metrotech Station, a drunk man smacked another man in the head and his target responded by slashing his face with a knife.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a man got shot to death following a dispute on the street.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn, a dog run by a luxury building had to be shut down after bottles were being chucked from a luxury hotel across the street that was converted into a homeless shelter.

And again in Downtown Brooklyn at the Hoyt-Schemehorn Station, a man charged at a MTA worker and pushed him onto the tracks with the A train arriving, which stopped just in time when commuters alerted the conductor.

In Boerum Hill, a man stupidly left his Citibike unattended and a man snatched it and rode away.

Also in Boerum Hill, a man feigning to be lost ask a man for directions and then hit him with a bat in broad daylight.

Again in Boerum Hill, a man got shot in the shoulder in a drive-by as he was walking by an apartment building.

And again in Boreum Hill, a man leaned out of the front passenger window of a car as it was moving and shot at a man riding his bike on the sidewalk and hit him twice.


And again in Boerum Hill, an ice cream man blatantly and brazenly knocked over and physically moved police sawhorses so he can drive on the blocks that were barricaded to all traffic meant for children to safely play on the streets because of the city’s open streets program.


And the children respond by greeting him with open arms and parents cash to purchase delicious custard and pops he serves with an exposed smile while maskless. A smile that remains when he laughs off the city’s failed open streets policy.

yay! we got ice cream, we got ice cream! Fuck you Blaz, Cojo and Transportation Alternatives

In Borough Park, a man working for a neighborhood security patrol got slashed in the face when he tried to stop a gang of four men beating up a person on a bench.

In Red Hook, a man got shot in the arm as he was dropping his friend off by the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

In Mill Basin, Coney Island, East New York and Brownsville, a man held up four cabbies at gunpoint in a two and half hour span robbery spree.

In Homecrest at the Avenue U Station, a man whipped out his choad in front of a woman on the Q train and posed for a couple more pictures before getting off.

In Bay Ridge, a man attempted to rob a bank with a note and failed.

Also in Bay Ridge, a man sneaked into a house by going through a door that was left open and robbed the resident of his cellphone, keys, and $640 and a designer wallet.

Again in Bay Ridge, a man robbed a taco truck of $4,000 that was left in a satchel he grabbed by the drivers seat.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man mistakenly left his car door unlocked and a thief snatched a wallet containing $180 and credit cards.

And again in Bay Ridge, a man got jumped from behind by another man who stabbed him in the ass while he was trying to enter his car.

In Sheepshead Bay, a young man was shot to death over a pot deal gone wrong. Just fucking legalize it Cuomo.

Also in Sheepshead Bay, a man got shot in the leg on a street corner.

Again in Sheepshead Bay, two men set up a 68-year-old man for a robbery when one of them feigned to be lost and asked for directions then his accomplice knocked the man to the ground and stuck a gun at him and stole an $8,000 watch and over $4,000 worth of jewelry from him.

In Bensonhurst, a man abducted a child as she was waiting for a bus to go to a summer camp and took her home and refused to let her out of his bedroom. The man got caught eventually when the mother and the NYPD put an Amber alert on him.

In Gowanus, a man was shot in the leg and wouldn’t rat on his assailant.

In Midwood, a man running for city council was attacked from behind and fell to the sidewalk after a man hit his head with a blunt object.

In Gravesend at the 25th Avenue Station, a man awakened a man sleeping on the D train just to steal his wallet.

In Greenpoint, a bunch of covidiot event promoters threw a rave by the Kosciusko Bridge, leading to a mass gathering of “pandemic fatigued” vectors that made social distancing impossible. They tried to justify the hazard they caused and risk to hundreds of young adults who attended the dance party by saying it was a meant to be a charity for Black Lives Matter. Talk about sleazy re-appropriation of a social justice movement to promote their business and themselves. The digital publication that posted this incident has been doing on the hour coronavirus updates since April and had no problem posting other stories of COVID19 defying parties with mass amounts of young adults, yet they decided to protect the organizers of this event by not displaying their names. Which led one of their disqus commentators to do the city and state a service they didn’t have the guts to do.

Also in Greenpoint, two men got into a street fight following an argument and one of them pulled out a gun during the tussle and shot his foe in the leg.

Seven livery and yellow cab drivers got mugged in a week in Kings County. And ten men with prior felonies involving guns were busted again for illegal gun possession.

In Carrol Gardens at the Smith St./9th Ave. Station, a recently incarcerated rapper who was arraigned and then sentenced to serve 47 years in prison for his gang ties and shooting incidents got on the G train and laid his ass down on the bench as he and his entourage went on without wearing face masks. The famous skell is walking free because he informed on his former allies to get a very extremely reduced sentence and also because to prevent the spread of coronavirus inside prisons. I guess his repulsive attitude is to be expected.

In Red Hook, A woman was found dead floating on the canal by Governor’s Island.

In Cobble Hill, a man broke into Jake Gyllenhall’s big sister car when she was out of town and robbed it of $16,000 worth of merchandise. That really sucks a fuck.

The borough of Brooklyn has had twice as many shootings so far than at the end of August of 2019. With a 30% rise in homicides


In Mott Haven, a man got hit by a stray bullet when he walked by a shootout happening at the Mitchell Houses, becoming the 777th person shot in 2020 which surpassed the total amount of shooting incidents last year.

Also in Mott Haven, a man savagely beat down a cop at a hospital after he asked her to take off his cuffs so he could go to the bathroom. The cop nailed the sneaky bastard when he tried to run away.

Again in Mott Haven, a woman got shot in the leg during an argument with other people on the street.

And again in Mott Haven, a man was shot in the shoulder near a street corner.

And again in Mott Haven, a man shot and hit three men and a woman from a street corner and ran away with 3 other men.

And again in Mott Haven, a man flashed a gun at a bodega cashier so he can get a bottle of root beer for free.

And again in Mott Haven, two men pushed their way into a man’s house and shot him and stole his cellphone.

And again in Mott Haven, two men got stabbed in their torsos during a fight in front of a deli, one of them died from his wound.

In Fordham Heights, a church that also operates as a food pantry and soup kitchen was burglarized by three men who broke into the back door after midnight. They stole $8,000 worth of computers and audio items and then they trashed the place and took a shit on a foyer.

In Fordham Heights, a transgender woman was stabbed to death in the hallway of an apartment building.

Again in Fordham Heights, a 14-year-old boy was shot in the leg on the sidewalk and wouldn’t reveal his shooter to the cops.

And again in Fordham Heights, a man got stabbed to death after he argued with a man and a woman on the street.

And again in Fordham Heights, a man stalking his ex-girlfriend for a month after she broke up with him shot her in the face.

In Melrose, a handicapped man relaxing outside of his apartment building was harassed then violently mugged by two men who were loitering nearby, as they pulled his wheelchair while he was sitting on it and then kicked his face and then tried to steal money from him. The victim only had 2 bucks on him.

Also in Melrose at the Westchester Ave. Station, a man yelled xenophobic accusations at a woman on the 5 train then spit on her and told her to go back to China and Manhattan so she doesn’t spread the coronavirus.

Again in Melrose, a man snatched $7,000 from another man’s hands while he was standing in front of an ATM machine after he just withdrew the cash from a bank.

And again in Melrose, a woman got killed from a stray bullet that hit her in the back of her head when a man shot at a group of people nearby two public schools as he was charging at them on the sidewalk before the sun rose.

And again in Melrose, a man got shot in the leg on a street corner.

And again in Melrose, a man died after getting stabbed four times on the street.

In Belmont, a man shot another man to death following a street fight in front of a gathering of people and in the presence of cops who showed up to disperse the crowd.

Also in Belmont, a man was shot to death on the street.

Again in Belmont, a man was stabbed to death in the middle of the avenue.

In Allerton, a man shot another man to death at BBQ party at a playground by the Eastchester Houses.

Also in Allerton, a man got shot in the back by a stray bullet.

In University Heights, a man stabbed a transgender woman to death was stabbed to death from multiple strikes to her chest inside an apartment building.

Also in University Heights, a man stalked a woman to her apartment building and sneaked in as she entered her home and tried to rape her but ran away when she hid in the bathroom and locked the door on him.

Again in University Heights, a man killed himself trying to cross the Major Deegan Expressway on foot.

And again in University Heights, two men got into a shootout on the street by a daycare center while 8 kids were inside.

In Soundview, a man was shot to death by a masked gunman while watching a dice game before he was heading home to a baby shower for his newborn child.

Also in Soundview, a man and a woman got shot in their legs during a candlelight memorial for a relative who got shot and killed the week before.

And again in Soundview, two men attacked a 14-year-old boy and stomped on him in the middle of the street and then stabbed him in broad daylight.

And again in Soundview, a man was shot to death while he was sitting in the front seat of a car waiting for someone.

And again in Soundview, a man attacked a 63-year-old woman by her house and chased her inside. When he tried to hit her with a black cable box, the woman pulled out a .38 and shot the perp in the leg. She’s a retired cop.

And again in Soundview, a man was shot on the leg by the Bronx River Parkway in a drive by.

And again in Soundview, two men shook down a man on the 6 train and stabbed him in the torso and robbed his backpack, cellphone, earbuds and wallet and got off the next stop. The wounded victim pursued the perps and got his backpack back but got stabbed three more times during the struggle.

And again in Soundview, a woman inside a bodega got livid when a worker asked her to wear a facemask that she took a knife and damaged bottles of juice and soda and other items on the shelves and kept doing it even when 12 cops arrived as they watched her destroy $7,000 worth of groceries because the NYPD feels they can’t do their job without using excessive force.

In Morris Heights, a man got killed during a domestic dispute with his fiance when her son stabbed him in the neck after he tried to assault her inside their apartment.

In Clason Point, a man walked up to another man hanging out with people and took out a gun and shot him in the chest.

In Concourse, a man stole $5,000 from a man who lying unconscious or sleeping on the sidewalk.

Also in Concourse, a man grabbed two little girls by their rear ends in an apartment building lobby.

In Laconia, a man shot another man to death around the corner from the victim’s house.

In Eastchester, a man was shot to death on the grounds of a public housing complex.

In Claremont Village, a man was shot in the arm on a street corner.

In Hunts Point, a teenage girl got shot in the leg from a stray bullet that got fired during a massive fight between two gangs on the street during a car and motorcycle gang meet that her father brought her to.

Also in Hunts Point, a man got shot in the foot on a street corner.

In the East Bronx, a man was shot to death on the street in front of an apartment building.

Also in the East Bronx, a man who raped his ex-girlfriend that was released without bail by a judge returned to her building and tried to get inside with a key even though he had a restraining order on him.

Again in the East Bronx, a man ambushed another man inside his apartment building and placed a chokehold on him from behind while on the staircase and stole $300 from him.

In the South Bronx, two men got shot at and hit the leg and arm following a fight inside a park.

Also in the South Bronx, a man was shot in the back on a street corner.

In the West Bronx, a man got shot in the foot twice on a street corner.

Also in West Bronx, a man got stabbed to death on the sidewalk after arguing with a couple.

In Tremont, two cops were caught smoking from a hookah pipe in their patrol car while on patrol to stop the rise in shootings.

In Foxhurst, a man got attacked by six men who beat him down to the pavement the moment he got on the street exiting from the Hunts Point Station and all they got from that ultraviolence was his baseball cap. The victim is fearful of going back to work because the gang is still roaming the streets.

Also in Foxhurst, a 68-year-old man stabbed another man to death in an apartment building lobby.

Again in Foxhurst, a woman shoplifting packs of wipes from a dollar store got stopped by a worker and a customer and then she beat them both up by throwing punches trying to escape.

In Morrisania, a man walking with his wife got shot to death after he flicked his cigarette at a group of three men who got into an argument then chased him after they passed by.

Also in Morrisania, a man fired all his ammo from his gun at an apartment from the street.

Again in Morrisania, a 61-year-old woman got struck on the leg by a stray bullet that came from the gun of a man who pulled it out to settle an argument with another man on the street.

And again in Morrisania, a man accompanied by a woman and another man walked by an 81-year-old man collecting cans from garbage cans and slashed him on the face for no reason. The elderly man is yearning to kick their asses.

And again in Morrisania, two men got shot in front of a deli while putting items in a car. One of them died from his wound from getting hit in the leg.

And again in Morrisania, a man got shot to death on a street corner from 10 bullets fired at him, one of them hitting his head.

And again in Morrisania, a  young woman got shot on the sidewalk after midnight.

In Highbridge, a man sneaked up on two men hanging out in front of bodega and shot them multiple times, hitting both of them in their mid-sections.

Also in Highbridge, a man brutally murdered an 18-year-old man by stabbing him three times then dousing him in gasoline and burning him inside an apartment building when he found out he was still dating his kid sister.

Again in Highbridge, a man got accosted by a gang of four men loitering in front of a store and hectored him to buy drugs off of them and got beaten down to the ground, slashed on the wrist and had his backpack stolen when he just said no.

In Medford, the FDNY responding to a house on fire found a BMW obstructing a fire hydrant, so they broke four windows to connect the hoses to it so they could put out the blaze in two hours. The owner, who left the car there because the battery died on his remote access key, crassly whined that it was going to cost him a “bag of money”. Even though if he would have called a tow truck and took it to a garage to store in, he would have saved a shitload of money just paying daily parking fees instead of putting a bullshit USPS placard on the dashboard.

In Pelham, a man slashed a 65-year-old man in the neck inside a clothing store while his victim was helping someone.

In Mount Hope, a man survived getting killed on the street as a bullet grazed his head.

In Morris Heights, two men got shot during a dice game at 4 a.m.

Also in Morris Heights, a man got shot in the arm on a street corner.

In Longwood, a man held up a livery cab driver at gunpoint and forced him to give him a bag of cash the second he got to his destination.

In Crotona, a man shot at a group of people hanging out on the street and hit a 16-year-old girl and a man in their legs. Less than an hour later, another 16-year-old girl was shot in the butt while standing on the sidewalk.

Also in Crotona, a 60 year-old man was shot to death in a drive-by in front of his house

Again in Crotona, a man was shot to death on the sidewalk.

And again in Crotona, a man got shot at as he was standing by his car, then he got in and drove and hit two cars and stumbled out. He died hours later from his wounds.

In Crotona Park East, a man held up a pharmacy at knife point and robbed $150 from the register and protein shakes.

In Longwood, a man shot another man in the leg when the victim opened the door to him at his home.

In Wakefield, a man was shot in the middle of the block.

Also in Wakefield, a man got hit by a stray bullet on a street corner when he got caught in the crossfire from two men shooting each other on the sidewalk.

At the Sheridan Expressway, a man involved in a car accident told the man he was exchanging insurance info with that he was a cop and he then got beaten down to the ground by him and two other men who was in the other car and he drove away with them.

At the Cross Bronx Expressway, a woman who got stuck on the road when her new car stalled got crushed to death when a tractor trailer driver lost control of his vehicle and rear-ended her car and caused it to ram into her and into an overpass wall.

At the Major Deegan Expressway, a woman got shot at while she was driving.

In Parkchester, two men held up a man and his wife and daughter inside an elevator in an apartment building and robbed his watch. This incident happened in 2017 and the NYPD decided to release this video footage on their twitter account three years later to announce that those muggers are fugitives that are still on the loose.


In Middle Village, de Blasio’s Get Food program to aid poor people stricken by coronavirus dumped over 40 boxes of food on the street curb by a wall of a vehicle underpass. Although the food distributed was hardly what you can call beneficial, as packages with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pretzel goldfish were marked as “vegetarian” meals. This administration’s warped semantics manifests itself even when they are being charitable, but this should have been expected when the Sanitation Dept. was tasked to handle the logistics and distribution of this emergency program. Soulless.

Also in Middle Village, a man killed himself when he lost control of a motor scooter he rented and crashed into a light pole.

In Long Island City, a restaurant owner had trouble getting customers as bunch of derelicts would harass them for money, smoke K2 and crack, and get into street fights while loitering around his place of business. So a woman running for mayor as a Republican donated the services of a security guard to protect his establishment.

Also in Long Island City, a man punched another man in the face on the 7 train then he and a woman accompanying him charged after a woman who was filming the assault on her phone and they beat the crap out of her.

Again in Long Island City, a man walking on a path at the Queensbridge Houses got bumped into by two men and got into an argument, then ran when the two men drew knives at him. The two men caught up to him and stabbed him multiple times.

And again in Long Island City, a man got shot to death while walking on the sidewalk from a drive-by shooting.

And again in Long Island City, a man attacked another man on the 7 train by pummeling his face and then punched a woman that was filming the assault. Then the man got off at the Queensboro Plaza station and ran away.

And again in Long Island City at the Vernon Blvd. Station, 39 windows on the 7 train were smashed.

And again in Long Island City, a man got shot after getting hit with a stray bullet shot from the gun of a 17-year-old boy who was trying to kill someone else. The victim died a month later. After the kid botched that killing he shot at another person a month later and missed him too.

And again in Long Island City, a man shot another man to death on the street after arguing over a parking spot.

And again in Long Island City, two men cut their way through a gate of a storage building and robbed 13 grand worth of tools.

And again in Long Island City, a community group hired a private security company to patrol the streets and parks because of the apparent NYPD slowdown.

In Far Rockaway, a man was shot to death on the sidewalk with the sun barely out.

Also in Far Rockaway, two men were shot in their torsos on the street and the gunmen got away in a car waiting for him.

Again in Far Rockaway, a man was shot to death in front of his apartment building.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man got shot to death by a man who blasted him twice with a shotgun while the victim was holding the door open for someone at a McDonalds.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man got shot in the foot on the sidewalk.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man yearning to leave NYC was shot to death on the grounds of the Redfern Houses.

And again in Far Rockaway, three people were shot as an argument escalated at a block party.

In Rockaway Beach, a working refrigerator left outside of a building meant to provide free food to poor people struggling to buy essential groceries during the pandemic and the purgatory economy got stolen and was brought to and left on a jetty on the beach by Neponsit so it can be mocked at on social media by crass pitiless savages.

In Rockaway Park, a man was found dead sitting in a car.

In Hammels, a man was shot in the leg on the sidewalk an hour before sunrise.

In Edgemere, the man who was involved in a viral video where he got choked out by a cop in during an arrest in Rockaway Beach that led to that cop’s suspension got arrested again on the peninsula after he robbed a backpack off a 14-year-old girl at the Beach 44th St. Station he tried to panhandle from after she wouldn’t give him money.

In Kew Gardens, a luxury hotel down the block from the Queens County courthouse has become a den of iniquity flophouse after they brought down rates in order to garner business. Which wound up being used mostly for wild parties every night with revelers tossing bottles from the rooms, blowing up fireworks outside and drug deals in the lobby and culminated with two shootings in early July and a week ago at the front entrance.


If this “luxury” hotel needed money so bad, it’s perplexing that they didn’t cut a deal with de Blasio’s Department of Homeless Services to take in homeless people and ex-convicts; pertaining to the city’s policy for housing them in hotels in the Upper West Side in Manhattan and upscale Downtown Brooklyn because of pandemic protocols, which were reportedly being violated every night by the daily baccanalias being thrown by the hotel’s new clientele in their suites.

During a protest to have this hotel be accountable for their loose standards in order to run their business, a man and a woman came out of the bullet ridden entrance of the hotel yelling at the top of their lungs at each other and then spit on reporters as they were filming their spat.

Also in Kew Gardens at the Union Turnpike station, a man grabbed a woman and demanded money from her.

In Kew Gardens Hills, a man broke through the back door of a chain pharmacy and walked out with free beer and batteries. This heist would make more sense in 1985 when boomboxes were around, good times.

In Richmond Hill at the 111 St. Station, a man was pushed down the stairs and died instantly.

In St. Albans, a man accidentally bumped into another man inside a deli and a brawl between them ensued as they went outside and wrestled each other on the concrete. Then the man who got bumped took out a gun and shot the other guy in the chest.

Also in St. Albans, a man got shot to death on the street from getting hit in the head and chest.

In Hollis, a man got frustrated by a worker that was flagging cars to go around a construction site and took out a gun and shot at him but missed.

Also in Hollis, a man trying to break up a fight at a playground while a basketball tourney and bbq party got shot to death when someone pulled a gun out during the melee. The event was attended by 200 people, who all evacuated the area as the bullets were flying.

Again in Hollis, a man got killed while jaywalking on the street when two cars coming from both directions hit him.

In Astoria, a NYPD cop committed suicide by shooting himself in his home.

Also in Astoria, a man and a woman were caught shoplifting food in a supermarket and the man hit the worker with a broom so they can get away.

Again in Astoria, four men hanging out on chess tables at the Ravenswood Houses while getting drunk on gin and Red Bulls got confronted by a man who stepped up to them and shot at them.

And again in Astoria, two men got into a tussle on the street when a man driving an SUV scratched the other guy’s car that was double parked, then the man he dinged strangled him and stole his cellphone.

In Springfield Gardens, a man got shot to death following a fight at a backyard party.

Also in Springfield Gardens, a man wound up brain dead in a hospital after he was thrown from a moving SUV and landed on his head on the asphalt.

In Woodside, a man sneaked up behind an 84-year-old man walking on the sidewalk and tried to lift his wallet from his pocket, knocking him down to the concrete. The elderly man threw coffee at his attackers face and took his face mask off and the skell ran away with nothing.

Also in Woodside at the 61st St. Station, a man blatantly jacked himself off in front of a woman on the7 train.

Again in Woodside, a man got killed when he ran a red light and a city bus hit him and dragged him on the asphalt for a block.

In Flushing, a woman killed herself when she crashed her car into a train trestle while speeding on the boulevard.

Also in Flushing, a man was stabbed multiple times all over his body inside a house.

Again in Flushing, a man stalking a woman in Kissena Park starting making come-on’s to her which she vehemently rejected and kept walking away. The man then stalked her on the sidewalk and jumped her from behind and threw her to the pavement and took her pants off and threatened her life. The woman then smacked his face with a cellphone and the creep ran away.

And again in Flushing, a man broke into a Malaysian restaurant through the front door and stole a thousand bucks from the register.

And again in Flushing, a man broke into a seafood restaurant through the back door and robbed 700 bucks from the register.

And again in Flushing, a man set a house on fire then he went on the street and started bashing a SUV with a pole. When the cops arrived, the crazed was possessing the pole and an ax and then threw projectiles at them and then got shot by a stun gun by a NYPD sergeant. Four cops got injured during the melee.

And again in Flushing, people struggling to pay for food during the pandemic and economic crisis lined up over 7 blocks to get aid from a food pantry.

And again in Flushing, a man got shot in the torso inside an apartment building.

In Rego Park, a man jumped a 72-year-old woman from behind inside the lobby of an apartment building, put her in a stranglehold and robbed jewelry and $60 off her.

Also in Rego Park, a man followed a 79-year-old woman into her apartment building and then caught her in the elevator as it was about to close and grabbed her, robbed her groceries and ran away. The man served 8 years in prison on a rape conviction.

In Woodhaven, two men were shot at on a street corner. One of the victims got shot in the arm and died and the other who got shot in the head and body survived.

Also in Woodhaven, a man was shot to death inside of his house as cops and neighbors suspect his ex-girlfriend and her mother were involved.

Again in Woodhaven, a man sitting his SUV and his friend leaning on it were shot at in a drive-by shooting as a black sedan rolled by them. The driver got shot in the head and died and his friend got hit in the arm.

And again in Woodhaven, a tree got uprooted during a hurricane and crushed a parked car. Residents weary waiting for the city to clear the road decided to cut the tree and remove it themselves.

In Ridgewood, a man got shot in the leg and a woman got grazed by a stray bullet by a man who was riding with a gang of ebike riders.

Also in Ridgewood, two men held up a flower shop at gunpoint and robbed it of $500.

In Jamaica at the Parsons Blvd/Archer Ave. Station, a man and a woman got into a heated argument and then the man pounded her face multiple times and threw her purse on the tracks.

Also in Jamaica, a woman got shot while riding in the front seat of car from someone shooting from the sidewalk.

Again in Jamaica, two young men and a young woman got shot at a backyard party.

And again in Jamaica, an off-duty correction officer got shot to death after he had a dispute over a parking space with a gang of men and one of them shot him 11 times. The killer and his accomplices are still on the loose and it’ll be interesting to see that motherfucker’s priors.

And again in Jamaica, a man and a 17-year-old boy got shot on the street by two men.

And again in Jamaica, a man was shot in the leg in front of an apartment building.

And again in Jamaica, a man grabbed a woman on the sidewalk and pushed her in an alley and raped her.

And again in Jamaica, a man shot at two men and a woman on a street corner during a drive-by.

And again in Jamaica, a man smashed the driver’s window on a city bus and verbally berated him afterward.

In South Jamaica, a man standing in the middle of the avenue of a two way street got killed when a man loaded on drugs hit him with his SUV.

In Elmhurst, a man shot at another man twice on a street corner.

Also in Elmhurst, a m an on the run from the cops for setting a patrol vehicle on fire got caught at his place of employment after he left a taunting message at his apartment and a bunch of anarchist attire and accessories plus a gasoline bottle.

In East Elmhurst, a man was shot to death on the courtyard outside an apartment building.

In Corona, a man got shot on the street and died when he ran into a restaurant for help.

Also in Corona, an off duty cop beat the hell out of his wife on a street corner after arguing over him visiting their child.

Again in Corona at the 103rd St. Station, 21 windows were smashed on the 7 train.

In Jackson Heights, a gang of 7 men and boys attacked a man on a street corner as while he was delivering food and beat him down on the crosswalk with merciless repetitive punches and kicks to his body and ripped off his phone and wallet.

Also in Jackson Heights at the Junction Blvd. Station, a man kicked a woman for standing to close to him on the 7 train, presumably because of social distancing protocol. Then the woman decided to take her phone out and film him, enraging him enough that he pulled out a knife that was on a chain he was wearing and he slashed her on the hand.

Again in Jackson Heights, a man was shot to death inside an apartment building.

In Forest Park, a man attacked a woman while she was jogging on a trail and threw her onto the ground behind a bush and tried to rape her but failed when the woman kicked his ass.

In Sunnyside, two men swindled a man through social media and then beat him down at his house and robbed a bag filled with $10,000 and also his phone.

Also in Sunnyside, a man feigning to be lost approached a 76-year-old woman and snatched her chain and ran after he asked for her help.

In Maspeth, two men held up a man at gunpoint then fled in a blue car.

Also in Maspeth, a city bus driver just starting his shift got obstructed by two double parked cars on the street and his bus got temporarily hijacked by a group of young adult revelers without face masks who filmed themselves dancing, drinking booze and smoking from a hookah as the powerless driver waited patiently for them to depart.

Again in Maspeth and also Woodside, Flushing and Elmhurst, a man broke into a chain donut shop, two chain restaurants and a grocery store and robbed $1,800 from them. Plus a carton of cigarettes.

And again in Maspeth, a homeless man stabbed another homeless man in the leg while he was sleeping and then chased him on the street. The victim ran into a firehouse to get help and a fireman stopped the violent bum when he tried another attack.

In Laurelton, a 19-year-old woman was shot in the leg on a street corner.

In South Ozone Park, a cop was caught shoplifting various items from a chain pharmacy.

Also in South Ozone Park, four men beat down a man on a street corner and robbed 200 bucks off him.

In Ozone Park, a man trying to rob two men at gunpoint on the sidewalk got surprised when they fought back and tried to wrest the gun from him, but the gunmen managed to pistol whip one of them and escape.

Also in Ozone Park, a man got shot in the leg by two men on the boulevard. Capping a week when 14 homicides and 76 people were hit by gunfire and 49 of them were shot during the weekend.

Again in Ozone Park, a 64-year-old woman got killed crossing the street by a hit-and-run driver in an SUV that sped up when the light turned yellow.

In Richmond Hill, a cable company placed a portable generator on a electrical pole to keep services going after a hurricane shut them down a week earlier.

In Briarwood, a tree fell on a car during a hurricane and killed a 60-year-old man sitting in the front seat.

In Douglaston, a man who set a traffic camera on fire was found to possess notes on his desire to do a mass shooting domestic terrorist attack which included raw instructions on how to self-make an AR-15 assault rifle.

In Queens Village, a man killed himself while speeding on his motorcycle on the highway.

Also in Queens Village, a man got shot to death on the street in broad daylight.

Again in Queens Village, a man and a woman got shot on the street following an argument with other people.

In Glendale, a 78-year-old man got killed when an SUV hit him in the middle of the street.

In Lindenwood, a dead woman was found floating in a creek by Jamaica Bay.

At JFK Airport, an app-hail driver refused to let a fare into his car because she refused to wear a facemask. The woman then threw juice in his back seat and then attacked the man as he was cleaning it up and then she physically attacked and spit on him while filming her assault on her cellphone as the driver defended himself. The cops arrived and arrested the driver, causing him to be suspended by his company.

Staten Island

In Mariners Harbor, a man shot another man to death inside a bodega and took aim at his victim while a woman was standing inches away in the same aisle as she was putting items in a refrigerator.

Also in Mariners Harbor, two boys got into a livery cab and mugged the driver, beating him down and robbing 300 bucks off him.

Again in Mariners Harbor, a man walked up to a group of men and engaged in a conversation with a man then shot him twice at point blank range and walked away.

And again in Mariners Harbor, a man got shot to death in front of a deli.

And again in Mariners Harbor, a man shot at two other men on the street in broad daylight, hitting one on the leg and the other in the back.

In Clifton, a man got shot in the leg during a BBQ cookout at an apartment building parking lot and died from his wound. The man was in town to visit his family for a relative who also got shot to death on the street.

Also in Clifton, a man got shot 3 times inside of an apartment.

In West Brighton, a man walked right up to another man standing in front of a cellphone store and shot him to death.

Also in West Brighton, a man was shot in the groin the moment he stepped outside of a house.

Again in West Brighton, a woman got shot in the leg inside an public housing apartment building.

In New Dorp, a man shoved a 7-year-old girl to the sidewalk because he thought her mother gave him a dirty look.

Also in New Dorp, a man sent lascivious messages to a 12-year-old boy’s social media account and arranged meetings to meet him at a nearby beach to engage in sexual acts but got busted by the cops when he arrived there after the boy’s father let the NYPD monitor the account.

Again in New Dorp, an 18-year-old man was attacked by a xenophobic man who bashed his car with a baseball bat and slashed his tires and then clobbered him on the head with the bat when he stepped out of his car in front of a crowd of people as he continued to berate and threaten him.

In Great Kills, two men fired shots at a house in a drive-by shooting.

Also in Great Kills, various men robbed thousands of dollars from a bank by taking advantage of a glitch by using their debit cards to withdraw money from the ATMs. It got out of hand when the robbers were having disputes which led to a man getting shot over an argument about the pilfered cash while they were trying to hack into the machines and a high speed chase with the cops as a bunch of them fled in getaway cars, leading into a patrol SUV crashing into a tree.

Again in Great Kills, a man crashed his car into the back of a house and set it on fire.

In New Springville, a man was apprehended by cops for robbing two small businesses. It was discovered he was wanted for a string of robberies in the borough two years ago.

In Park Hill, a man was shot in the leg at a BBQ party on the grounds of an apartment building and bled to death at the hospital.

In Arlington, a man shot another man to death inside of a bodega.

In Tottenville, a man painted a blue line on the median of Hyland Boulevard which was immediately vandalized with graffiti messaging against the NYPD.

In St. George, a cop saved a woman from attempting suicide with a box cutter inside her car.

In Concord, two men broke into a house by removing an air conditioner and stole two safes containing 4 large in cash and jewelry.

In Huguenot, a man crashed his SUV into another car in an intersection while drunk with his kids in the back seat.

In New Brighton, a man stabbed another man on the street.

In Annandale, a car crash involving a police car and an SUV in an intersection led to 2 cops and 5 citizens getting injured.

In Meiers Corner, a 70-year-old woman berated her neighbor, who is an NYPD cop, with incessant racial slurs and profanities. The vulgarian has been hassling other residents on the block for nigh a year with her rants of intolerance that people had to alter their daily routines to avoid bumping into her and her dirty ass mouth.

Meanwhile, the subway might be cleaner and somewhat germ-free and covid-resistant but it’s still not immune to the ultraviolence, as felony assaults rose 30% on the trains in the last month and car theft went up a whopping 60% as people are relying on them more rather than risk catching coronavirus on the trains. And the city’s garbage is piling higher and faster on street corners all over the city after City Council defunded 106 million dollars from the Department of Sanitation.

New Bad Days 74, NYPD ATTACKS!: Cops Integrate Social Distancing Guidelines With Mixed Martial Arts And Selectively Enforces Them Against Black And Latinx People And Then Spend A Week Oppressing And Brutalizing Black Lives Matter Protesters While Defending A Stupid Unrealistic Unenforceable Curfew And Systematic Police Brutality With Even More Brutality As Burglaries, Shootings, Auto Theft, Muggings, Slashings, Stabbings, Random Assaults, Random Molestations, Illegal Fireworks Usage, Sexual Assaults, Drag Racing, Reckless Driving, Street Fighting, Hold Ups, Murders And Homicides Increase In Stats Not Seen In Decades


During the last two months of the lockdown of the five boroughs and with a sizeable amount of cops stricken by COVID-19, home and commercial property burglaries and vehicle theft shot up in massive numbers in May as murders and robberies show higher incremental ticks. Crime in the subway made significant gains even though service is cut and commuting went down nearly 90%. Shootings went up by a lot (especially in Brooklyn) which shouldn’t be surprising considering you can be more than six feet to hit your target. Drag racing also went up in the last 3 months as the city was mostly barren from mass isolation.

As May began Governor Cuomo gave the order to kick the homeless off the trains including banning every other commuter from the subway at 1 am until the clock struck 5 so the trains can get thoroughly cleaned. Which had no effect with the homeless who prefer to sleep during the morning and noon hours as the lower paid contractors deftly cleaned around them. 

And that’s only a sample of NYC’s Spring of chaos and disorder…


In the East Village, a man and a woman got confronted by a group of cops and were tackled to the sidewalk and handcuffed for not following city pandemic protocols well enough for them. A man witnessing the senseless and arbitrary detainment walked over to the corner and was immediately faced with one of the cops who cursed him out and challenged him to fight while pointing his taser at him. The cop then punched the man in the face and took him down to the pavement, placed his knee on his neck as his partner cuffed him while both of them were not wearing their masks properly.

This excessive use of force went on at precisely the exact time when hundreds of rich young people were sitting on the grass at a pier in the West Village were violating those same protocols but not wearing masks and sitting close to each other.

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The cop who sat on the bystander’s head is responsible for over $200,000 in lawsuit settlements for seven prior infractions of excessive force, falsifying arrests and picking and getting into fights with citizens while on duty.

Also in the East Village, a man walked into a deli and threatened a worker with a serrated hunting knife even as two cops were making an order at the counter. The worker snatched the knife out of the man’s hand and then the cop shot him with a taser as he walking out of the store which had no effect on him and pushes her to the ground then challenges cops even as he’s surrounded. He gets shot down after he charged at one of them.

Again in the East Village, a man who held sex baccanal airbnb parties in his townhouse last year beat up and strangled his girlfriend in his apartment.

And again in the East Village, a man died after a gun he was carrying while walking outside went off and shot himself in the leg.

In the Upper East Side, a man got grabbed by the cops on pandemic protocol patrol at a restaurant where most of the people were not wearing masks or social distancing. Then one of the cops body slammed him and caused his head to hit the pavement. The crowd of rich young white people witnessing the excessive force meted by the cops only gawked and made snarky comments. Nobody got a summons, not even the restaurant that was violating the crowding regulations.

Also in the Upper East Side, a man got killed crossing the street by an 18-year-old man driving a Beemer.

Again in the Upper East Side, two men impersonating cops held and robbed a jewelry store at gunpoint after they lied to the owner they were there to inspect the area for looters.

And again in the Upper East Side, a man stole a flashy sports car and got caught by the cops. After being released for that theft, cops caught him with a stolen ninja motorcycle on the subway.

In the Upper West Side, over 200 migrating birds died when they collided into a luxury apartment building that acts like a mirror to the sky they fly in.

Also in the Upper West Side, a humongous branch broke off a tree and landed on a group of people having a birthday party in Riverside park.

Again in the Upper West Side, two men were brutally stabbed to death inside a public housing building. The killer is still on the loose.

And again in the Upper West Side, a man shot and killed his wife and himself in a murder/ suicide in their apartment.

And again in the Upper West Side at the 72nd St. Station, a man grabbed a woman as she was about to board the 3 train and dragged her to the end of the platform and tried to rape her but the woman escaped. He then took the train to the Prospect Park Station and knocked a woman down with a punch and tried to rape her too.

Also in Harlem, a man brutally eviscerated his boyfriend to death inside his apartment then set in on fire. When the cops and the FDNY came, the man obstructed them from entering the building while standing buck naked at the front door.

Again in Harlem, a towering fire destroyed a children’s clothing store.

And again in Harlem, a woman got into a tirade with workers with her mask down at a supermarket because they refused to let her return a loaf of bread.

And again in Harlem, a woman was shot at twice and another woman was stabbed in the back during a domestic dispute inside an apartment. No word on who did the attacks.

And again in Harlem, a man threw a large firecracker at a homeless man sleeping on the sidewalk as he runs away while his friends film the explosion and watch the flames catch on to him.

Clockwork Orange 20 fucking 20

And again in Harlem, a man got stabbed in the head with a knife and walked it off while bystanders swarmed on him like seagulls on halibut with their cellphones.

Screenshot_2020-06-23 Publisher Marketing ( fresh20s) posted on Instagram “It’s going to be a crazy summer” • Jun 23, 2020 [...]

In Soho, a man took some bricks and smashed the windows of three high end boutiques then robbed cash from the registers.

Also in Soho, crooks ripped off plywood covered with art from a store that an artist designed who was making them for a charity group.

In Midtown at the 59th St/Lexington Ave. Station, a xenophobic man assaulted a man and tried to kick him off the 4 train because he thought he had COVID-19 because of his nationality. The victim is a professional nurse.

Also in Midtown, a man challenged three cops to a fight then pulled out a gravity knife and menaced them with it. Then one of the cops shot his taser to take his ass down.

Again in Midtown, a woman got into an argument with another woman and called her vile racist tropes.

In Penn Station, an argument between two homeless men on the subway platform led to one of them getting stabbed multiple times in the chest. The station has become a shelter-in-place for the city’s thousands of homeless people who are too scared to stay in shelters in fear of catching COVID-19 and getting either robbed, assaulted or even killed.

In Times Square, a MTA worker lost control of his truck and crashed into a soda pop delivery truck.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Wall St. Station, a woman attacked an conductor after she kicked the door of his cab to make him come out and then jumped him as she slashed him with a knife and punched him repeatedly as he was still driving the 2 train. The conductor stopped the train while in the East river tunnel and managed to dodge her and was able to get back in his cab and bolt it and get to the next stop in Brooklyn, where she got off at Montague St and ran away.

In East Harlem, a gangbanger got shot to death on the street.

Also in East Harlem, a man got shot to death in front of a Burger King.

Again in East Harlem, an off-duty city bus driver and auxiliary cop shot his sister-in-law to death inside a superintendents apartment where his wife was hiding from him after he chased her on the street. Then he stabbed her husband when they got into a struggle for the gun. Cops arrived and shot the city worker down and killed him after he disobeyed orders to drop the knife.

And again in East Harlem, a man was shot to death while waiting for the bus because he got off his job when the subway was shut down at 1 a.m.

And again in East Harlem, a man attacked a 64-year-old woman from behind, put her in chokehold and threw her to the concrete and strangled and raped her. He then whipped out his dick and rode away on a Citibike and left her for dead with her shirt off and face down on the ground. The victim fell into a coma and died weeks later from her injuries.

And again in East Harlem, a man got shot in the hand during an argument.

The man was released twice this year after he randomly sexually molested a woman on the street and assaulted a bunch of people on an L train and also spit on a woman’s face. New York State’s bail reform program is a policy failure.

In Washington Heights at the 163rd St. Station, a sick freak stalked a woman and licked her butt as she was walking up the stairs.

Also in Washington Heights at the 168th St. Station, a man was found dead lying on the floor of the C train. The city’s homeless services claim they tried to get this man into a shelter before he took the train to his demise. It’s a wonder if they couldn’t tell he needed to go to a hospital.

Again in Washington Heights, a pizza delivery man was jumped by three men as he was locking up his bike. While struggling to defend himself rolling on the ground with one of the thugs he pulled out a knife and tried to slash him as his cohorts stole rode away with his ride.

And again in Washington Heights, a man cursed out and spat on a cop during a traffic stop then got knocked on his ass trying to ride away.

And again in Washington Heights, a man grabbed a woman walking in a park and sexually molested her then snatched her necklace and ran away.

And again in Washington Heights, two men stalked a 74-year-old man as he was walking home and jumped him when he got inside his apartment building and held him at gunpoint and robbed $300 and his cellphone.

And again in Washington Heights, a man ambushed a woman walking on the sidewalk and dragged her into a park and forced him to give him oral and then robbed her jewelry in broad daylight.

In Hamilton Heights, a scumbag stalked a woman into her apartment building then jumped her and punched her in the face. He then tried to rip her pants off, but the woman kicked his ass yet he still was able to steal her cellphone. The woman works as a nurse and she came down from upstate New York to assist in helping patients recovering from coronavirus in the city. Making her a double hero.

Also in Hamilton Heights, a man found a dead body in a freezer at his mother’s apartment while he was cleaning the place up.

Screenshot_2020-06-23 bellevue-mens-shelter-01 jpg (WEBP Image, 915 × 610 pixels)

In Kips Bay, hundreds of homeless people that got kicked out of the subway because of Governor Cuomo’s shutdown of the trains between 1 and 5 a.m. got picked up by the city in buses and driven to the worst homeless shelter in the city by Bellevue Hospital and wound up sleeping on a stairwell and on the floor by an exit door.

Also in Kips Bay, two homeless men brawled over a place to sleep on the street, culminating with one of them beating the shit out of the other with a metal rod.

In Chelsea, a homeless man got killed when he got hit by a train walking in the PATH Tunnel between stations.

Also in Chelsea, a construction worker got killed when a fire extinguisher exploded in front of him and two other workers got injured from the sharpnel inside a building being worked on despite the city shutdown. Cops responding to the accident rammed their car into another vehicle while driving the wrong way heading for the building, causing injuries to themselves and breaking the arm of the woman they hit.

In Greenwich Village, a xenophobic man threatened to hit a woman with a bottle while blaming her for spreading coronavirus.

In the West Village, a man randomly punched a woman in the face then he was chivalrously beaten down by a group of men and left lying unconscious on the pavement.

Also in the West Village, an idiot nearly drowned in the Hudson River when he tried to retrieve a frisbee that his friends threw over his head.

In Midtown, five looters effortlessly broke down the facade of a drone store and stole everything inside.

Also in Midtown, a woman riding her bike got crushed to death after she ran the red light and accelerated to ride past a bus and got clipped the rear wheels and fell under the wheels as it kept going.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man drove all the way from Queens just to set a police car on fire.

In Manhattanville, a man stabbed two men with a machete on a city bus as he was walking out.

In Tribeca, a man failed to break into a small business got caught by cops with a crowbar in his hand while trying to break into a nail salon. The burglar was released without a bail for a prior break-in and was due to appear in court for it.

In Hell’s Kitchen, a man got held up and robbed at gunpoint in a hotel room by a man he arranged a hook up with on an app.

In Fort George, five men wanted for robbing app-food delivery men of their ebikes, cash and cellphones mugged two more delivery men as they were making deliveries.

In Greenwich Village, a man got run over by a postal truck driver as he was backing his vehicle up to make room for the city bus.

In the Financial District, a woman punched her boyfriend in the face and then she shot him the leg, then she got in her car and took another shot at him as she drove off.

In Gramercy Park, a drunk driver smashed an SUV in an intersection and sped off the wrong way three blocks and crashed into a NYPD patrol SUV.

Also in Gramercy Park, a man randomly punched a 92-year-old woman in the head as she walking on the sidewalk passed him, causing her to fall onto a fire hydrant. The lowlife takes a look behind to see his victim lying there and strolls along, which should be expected by a thing that has a century of priors. The woman is now afraid to go in the street by herself, even though the NYPD is biggest police force in the world. Maybe Shea can send one of his CTU cops in full body armor and AR-15 to walk her to the doctor’s office.

In the Lower East Side, owners of a bar decided to violate pandemic protocols and opened up their non-essential business, turning it into a speakeasy exclusive for rich covidiots suffering from pandemic fatigue. Bitches.

Also in the Lower East Side, a man stabbed his daughter inside a homeless shelter in the Upper West Side and tried to blame it on two muggers who robbed him.

Again in the Lower East Side at the Delancey St. Station, a xenophobic woman profanely admonished and slurred a woman by accusing her of not wearing her mask right and then smacked the cellphone from her hand.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man was stabbed during a fight with another man and left on the concrete in a pool of blood.

And again in the Lower East Side, two men broke into a Vietnamese restaurant and robbed an Ipad.

And again in the Lower East Side, a man took a brick and smashed a window of a bar and a Japanese restaurant and robbed them of $300 and over 2 grand worth of booze. The thief has already hit 14 other similar joints and has amassed a total of $30,000 worth of booty.

And again in the Lower East Side, wealthy young White people were drinking booze in public and not wearing masks or standing six feet apart in front of bars and a “bakery”










One man is responsible for 18 burglaries of restaurants and bars and the theft of over $30,000 in cash, booze and computer pads. A sum of the break-in’s were accessed by cutting vinyl doors. And we’re supposed to bail some of these joints out when they are basically making it easy for crooks to rob them?

In Central Park, a woman got pissed off and panicked when a man asked her to put her dog on a leash and then she made a bogus 911 phone call to police and told the operator that she was menacing her and her dog, which she was exploiting by making the dog agitated to sound like she was being attacked.

Also in Central Park, a man grabbed a 9-year-old girl’s behind then attempted to kidnap her.

Again in Central Park, a man riding a bike crashed into a woman while she was jogging, hitting her hard enough to put her in the hospital and in critical condition. The man was not charged and the cops reported the incident as if the woman was at fault for appearing “without warning” to the biker.

In Inwood, a man committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree in a park.

In Downtown Manhattan at the Fulton St. Station, 3 cops having dinner (or lunch) got sick from drinking shakes even though they tasted funny and wound up going to the hospital. The NYPD then sent their CSI unit there on the suspicion that the food poisoning was intentional but the case was dismissed because the workers mistakenly put the shake mix in too soon after they cleaned it.

It still didn’t stop some shithead lieutenant and panic tweeting from the NYPD unions from spreading a bullshit lie about the “incident” and trying to use cancel culture to target a business and discredit a social justice movement. But embarrassingly worse is treated this with such severity that Shea’s NYPD had two cops guard the weaponized frosty beverage.

Screenshot_2020-06-19 Call for probe of NYPD unions over false claim Shake Shack poisoned cops


In East New York, three cops enforcing social distancing guidelines (which is not a law) roughed up and detained a man who was smoking a joint with his friends while not wearing their masks. A man intervening in the arrest got knocked out by a cop who punched him in the face and then banged his head on the ground and put his knee on his back to restrain him.

Also in East New York, as three cops took down a  man and punched him as he was face down on the concrete during an arrest, one of the cops threatened to arrest a group of men for not wearing a mask as they filming the collar as they were standing on a stoop where they live. The cop had his mask on but it wasn’t covering his nose.

Again in East New York, a man getting arrested by cops for violating social distancing guidelines got the attention of passerby who assembled on the sidewalk which included a man filming the collar with his cellphone. The crowd got agitated when they saw almost all of the cops not wearing masks to prevent spreading COVID-19.  The man filming the brazen hypocrisy and violating by the NYPD immediately noticed that the deputy inspector was there supervising the over deployment of police for one guy.

Then one of the maskless plainclothes cops (whose ID badge number was covered by a blue and black strip) attacked and assaulted a man and threw him to asphalt as his fellow officers held him. The man who kept filming got pushed back by a uniformed cop who menaced him with his club. Then another plain clothes cop attacked the man after he got a clear shot of the man of the man that was arrested for yelling at the cops for their pandemic protocol infractions.

And again in East New York at the Euclid Ave. Station, a homeless man got irate when a conductor told him to get off the C train because it needed to be clean and then he ran up to his face and spit on him.

And again in East New York at the Van Siclen Ave. Station, a MTA worker was being sexually harassed by a man through her cab door window. Then the man broke into her cab and sexually molested her but the woman kicked his ass and locked him in the car as the train arrived at the next station.

And again in East New York, a man was shot to death on the street from a fusillade of bullets in a drive-by.

And again in East New York, a man was stabbed to death in front of a grocery store.

And again in East New York, a man got shot to death by a clerk after he tried to hold up his store with a knife. Moments earlier, the slained man told his father he left his keys there.

And again in East New York, a man got shot in the leg by a stray bullet as gunfire went off during a street memorial for a rapper.

And again in East New York, two men were shot at in an apartment. The gunman left one man dead from a blow to the head and the other wounded with blasts to his stomach.

And again in East New York, a man got killed and another man got shot in the leg while they were sitting in a van during a drive by shooting.

And again in East New York, a man got shot to death in broad daylight while washing his car.

And again in East New York, a man stabbed his boyfriend to death with an ice pick.

And again in East New York, a DJ got shot to death at a house party in a revenge killing for a rapper that was murdered weeks before.

In  Crown Heights, two men ganged up on one man during a fight on the street as one of them shot him in the ass and his accomplice stabbed him twice.

Also in Crown Heights, a man got stabbed to death in front of an apartment building.

Again in Crown Heights, cops sent to enforce social distancing guidelines at a park took down an arrested a man for some reason. Then as his friends start yelling at the cops as they walk him out, the cops return and violently take down one of them and swarmed at a bunch of other men filming that arrest on their cellphones. This commotion was followed by cops in three patrol SUV’s driving on the parks grounds notably one that stopped short on a basketball court. A majority of the cops weren’t wearing masks.

This is a far cry to how de Blasio’s NYPD respond to the recidivist pandemic protocol violators in Domino Park in Williamsburg every fucking day.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got scalded and wounded when plainclothes cops were sent to disrupt a BBQ party for breaking pandemic protocols. Since residents weren’t moving fast enough to disperse the cops pounced on the man and violently arrested him while they threw the grill and the food to the dirty ground as the coals flew all over him; scalding and leaving imprinted coal marked and burned scars on his body and on his face.

Four photos of the 20-year-old's injuries provided by his lawyer.

And again in Crown Heights, a 16-year-old boy who was involved in the daylight lynching beat down of a 15-year-old girl with 20 other boys was shot to death in retaliation for it in front of an apartment building.

And again in Crown Heights, a man got shot to death after he was jumped by two men on the street near his house.

And again in Crown Heights, three men broke into an apartment building and robbed a bunch of packages from the lobby.

And again in Crown Heights, a man shot at another man on the grounds of the Kingsboro Houses and then hid from the cops as they arrived to the scene. After multiple warnings to drop his gun, 10 cops shot 19 rounds and killed him.

And again in Crown Heights, a man was shot to death in front of an apartment building at the Albany Houses.

And again in Crown Heights, firemen set off a fountain of fireworks in front of their station house. Guess they stopped teaching irony at the FDNY training academy.

In Downtown Brooklyn at the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center Station, a woman was badgered, roughed up and taken down to concrete and arrested for not wearing her mask by cops who didn’t think she was wearing it properly as her 3 year-old daughter watched in shock.

In Brownsville, a man got shot to death trying to protect his daughter from getting into a fight with another woman. The woman fled the crime scene with the shooter.

Also in Brownsville, cops on patrol enforcing social distancing guidelines spotted a man smoking weed and drinking beer with his friends and ordered him to get rid of the open container (??!!). Then swarmed him when he refused to comply and continued to resist by fighting off three cops as one of his friends intervened in the arrest by jumping in and spitting on them.

Again in Brownsville, two men attacked a 16-year-old boy and punched his face multiple times by an ATM machine at a bodega. Then they held him at knifepoint and stole his card and the 500 bucks he withdrew.

And again in Brownsville, a man shot a 62-year-old man to death as lied on his bed in his apartment.

And again in Brownsville, a man stabbed another man to death following an argument by a street corner.

And again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death by a rehab clinic.

And again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death in the middle of the block.

And again in Brownsville, three men and a woman were shot and hit by a fusillade of gunfire aimed at them on the street.

And again in Brownsville, a man involved in a looting of smoke shop got caught by cops but escape by clocking one over the head with a bong. Then the goon tried to hide out by climbing a fire escape and breaking into an apartment but was thwarted by a 74-year-old woman residing there and she pushed his ass out and locked the window.

And again in Brownsville, a man was shot to death over a drug deal gone bad in a courtyard at the Howard Houses.

And again in Brownsville, another man was shot to death at the Howard Houses less than a week later.

And again in Brownsville, two men and a woman were shot at on the street.

In Fort Greene, a man slashed another man with a knife after he asked for his pills and was refused.

Also in Fort Greene, a man broke into a restaurant and robbed the cash register.

Again in Fort Greene, a man broke into a deli through the roof and cracked a safe open, robbing the money inside and also stole packs of cigarettes

And again in Fort Greene, a man had his laptops and backpack robbed from his car with its window broken.

And again in Fort Greene, a man’s apartment was burglarized when he came home and found out that his laptop and $6,500 his boss gave him to pay his rent was missing.

And again in Fort Greene, a man was shot to death and another man was wounded inside an apartment building after their shooter chased them in there.

And again in Fort Greene, a man was shot to death on the grounds of the Ingersoll Houses.

And again in Fort Greene, a group of men or boys engaged in Roman Candle shootouts as cops in an SUV roll by.

And again in Fort Greene, a man was shot in the leg following an argument by the Walt Whitman Houses.

In Prospect/Lefferts Gardens, a man was shot to death in the middle of the street.

In Flatbush at the Utica Ave. Station, a man was found dead lying on the seats on the 4 train.

Also in Flatbush, a man shoplifted a basket full of meat from a meat market and slashed a worker on her hand when she caught him on the street.

Again in Flatbush, a man walked up a cop on patrol and stabbed him in the neck with a steak knife. Then the nut grabbed the gun from the cop he stabbed during a struggle and fired at cops that arrived to stop him leading them to shoot him over 20 times to take him down. Two cops got hit during the melee, including the one that got stabbed.

And again in Flatbush, a man was shot at on a street corner.

And again in Flatbush, a man and a woman stole a Yorkie puppy worth 3 grand from a pet store.

In Sunset Park, a man showed up drunk off his ass at a food pantry and attacked and assaulted two crossing guards while on the queue.

Also in Sunset Park at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a man broke a window inside his cell and C.O.’s drowned him in pepper spray to subdue him, causing his death.

Again in Sunset Park at the Metropolitan Detention Center, a prisoner slashed a C.O. in the lip with a shiv but then got his ass piled on and had the shit beat out of him by other inmates who chivalrously defended her

In Boerum Hill, a woman beat up a man after arguing about standing six feet apart while waiting on line at a food pantry.

In Bed-Stuy, a man sexually molested 7 women on the streets in the span of ninety minutes.

Also in Bed-Stuy, a yeshiva school full of sixty students was in session in spite of the city shutdown of every other school in the state. No summons for pandemic protocols were issued to the school despite de Blasio’s loudmouth decree that he was going to fine anyone violating them.

Again in Bed-Stuy, a nurse from Texas volunteering her essential service to help treat patients infected with coronavirus was robbed of a family heirloom worth $10,000 by a woman who broke into her hotel room. Oh wait, the thief was a fucking man.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a gang of men filming a video of themselves decided to jump up and down on a car. When the owner and his brother came by to tell them to get off of his vehicle, one of the men took out a gun and shot his brother twice. The man died later from his wounds.

And again in Bed-Stuy, two men both got shot in the leg on the street.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man got shot in the chest and another man got stabbed in the chest on a street corner.

And again in Bed-Stuy, a man engaged in a 12 minute argument with a barista over a sign he didn’t like when the woman refused to serve him without a mask and kept on annoying her and other patrons about their political convictions about the George Floyd protests.

In Cypress Hills, a man shot down another man on the street then fired his gun at a man driving by in his car who witnessed the shooting.

In Williamsburg, a man and a woman got pissed at a group of people not abiding by social distancing guidelines so they confronted all of them and wound arrested for assault.

Also in Williamsburg, three men broke into a cellphone store with a sledge hammer and robbed boxes of merchandise then came back for seconds an hour later and robbed more items.

Again in Williamsburg, a man set an unmarked police car on fire and the NYPD wrongly blamed it on a homeless man.

In Mill Basin, a man jacked a watch and chain off a man sitting in his car waiting for the light to change by impersonating a cop.

Also in Mill Basin at the Kings Plaza Mall, a gang of robbers smashed the glass door at the entrance and broke a window display of a jewelry store and stole a bunch of fancy watches.

Again in Mill Basin, two men ambushed a man as he was about to go to his house and shot him in the neck.

In Clinton Hill, two men broke into a deli from the roof and plundered $8,200 from a safe and a cash register and swiped a bunch of cartons of smokes.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man robbed boxes from an apartment building but was disappointed that they contained superglue so he threw them in the garbage.

Again in Clinton Hill, a man was robbed of his wallet by two men who were feigning to be lost.

In Bushwick at the Flushing Ave Station, a man and woman were fucking their brains out while doing it doggy style on the platform.

Also in Bushwick, a man stabbed another man in the stomach after he walked down the steps of an apartment building.

Again in Bushwick, a street fight between a bunch of men got more hectic as three men got stabbed and two men got hit by a car.

In Coney Island, two men broke into a man’s apartment, held him at gunpoint and robbed 15 grand off him. Then he slashed him with a knife on the way out.

Also in Coney Island, a man got brutally beat up inside an elevator by a man he bumped into.

Again in Coney Island, a man lit a hallway on fire in an apartment building by an apartment where he accused the tenant of being a child molester.

In East Williamsburg, two men were found dead in their apartment. One of them O.D’d and the other had visible head trauma.

In East Flatbush, a man and a woman were found naked and dead in a pickup truck inside a garage after banging each other with the motor left running.

Also in East Flatbush, a man was shot to death on the street after an argument ensued with a gang of other men who all fled and left him lying bleeding.

Again in East Flatbush, two men got shot as they were sitting in a car during a drive by. One man died instantly and the other man died 1o days later.

And again in East Flatbush, a man got shot to death on the street and another man got shot and wounded following a fight at a house party.

And again in East Flatbush, two men walked into a pharmacy and held it up by gunpoint but left with nothing after the manager fought them off while a little dog was barking at them.

In Flatbush, a man lit up and threw firecracker at a unmarked police car as it was passing him.

In Canarsie, a man died after getting hit by a car while he was jaywalking on the street.

Also in Canarsie, a man jumped out into the street and threw a concrete block at city bus as it was moving, shattering the front window.

In Gowanus, a man shot another man to death inside his ex-girlfriends apartment after he got into argument with him while dropping his son off to his mother.

In Clinton Hill, a man robbed boxes from an apartment building but was disappointed that they contained superglue so he threw them in the garbage.

Also in Clinton Hill, a man was robbed of his wallet by two men who were feigning to be lost.

In Bensonhurst, a man walked up to an 8-year-old girl playing in her yard and flashed his nub dick at her and manipulated her into touching it twice.

In Seagate, a man napping on a bench on the boardwalk had his camera robbed by a man biking past him.

In Brighton Beach, a man got stabbed to death inside his apartment by a man was renting a room with him there and who tormented him every day which culminated with breaking his ribs over his cleanliness a few days before he murdered him

Also in Brighton Beach, a man pickpocketed an envelope containing $2000 from a woman as she was shopping at a market.

In Manhattan Beach, a man broke into a house and stole laptops and a bike.

In Red Hook, a woman got beaten down by another woman following an argument they were having with each other.

In Bath Beach, a man ripped off four wheels off a parked car.

In Sheepshead Bay, a man shoplifted bottles from a liquor store then shoved a worker down who tried to stop him.

In Marine Park, a bunch of “hooligans” invaded a golf course closed during the pandemic lockdown and took a bunch of golf carts for a joyride and vandalized the entire course and cratered a fence.

We got hooligans in the five boroughs now. Secure your dustbins.

In Midwood, a man and his fellow community members broke into a playground that was locked up and welded shut by the city to prevent the spread of coronavirus by sawing off the chain off the gate. Like a bunch of hooligans would do. Looks like the Blaz’s confounding, disingenuous arbitrary and selective pandemic protocol enforcement has wrought anarchy in New York City…

…your city.


In Allerton, two men jumped out an SUV and shot a man to death in broad daylight in a parking lot while he was talking to someone. The guns were equipped with silencers.

In Foxhurst, a man got jumped by a gang of six men who beat him down to the ground, stabbed him and hit with a glass bottle, then a woman planted her foot on his head and ran away with them.

Also in Foxhurst, a gang of four men jumped a man and beat him down to the pavement after he made remarks to a woman they were with so they stole his cellphone and chain.

In Throggs Neck, two men broke into a deli and cracked open two safes and robbed $7,200. Which was made when the small business was open for a few days after being closed for months because of COVID-19.

Also in Throggs Neck, an off duty cop committed suicide by shooting herself in the head in her apartment.

In Mount Eden, a fight between two men on the street escalated when one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other man in the leg when he was getting his ass kicked. Then the shooter got his ass kicked even worse when every bystander watching the fight beat him down for his cheap shot.

In Mount Eden, three boys jumped a pizza delivery guy, held him at knifepoint and beat him down then robbed his bike and the crappy pizza order.

In Unionport, a man got shot to death at point blank range in a hallway while a party was going on in a room at a hotel.

Also in Unionport, a woman slashed a man multiple times after getting into an argument while their vehicles were standing in traffic.

In Jerome Park, a man jumped out of a car and ran up to a woman on the sidewalk and snatched her cellphone out of her hand. The woman then grabbed the man as he was trying to get back into the vehicle but the man pushed her to the ground and got away with the driver.

In Bedford Park, a man held up two people at gunpoint and robbed of their jewerly, a gold grill and 2 large.

Also in Bedford Park, a gang of thieves broke into a vehicle storage building and managed to effortlessly steal 22 cars.

In Longwood, a man was shot to death at the entrance of an apartment building.

In Wakefield, a man died and his wife got critically injured from a fire in their unit inside a nursing home.

In Mott Haven, a bike rider got killed when he got hit by a box truck driver coming out of a commercial garage building.

Also in Mott Haven, a bike rider got killed when he mistakenly tried to maneuver between a double parked freight truck and another freight truck that was turning around it and he got crushed under the wheels. The man chose to commute by bike so he wouldn’t catch coronavirus on the subway.

Again in Mott Haven, a man died from a punch to his head and landing on the pavement while trying to break up a fight between two gangs.

In Norwood, a man chucked a bottle of bleach at a worker in a laundromat when he thought he got shortchanged.

In Belmont, a man got shot to death inside his apartment as two men he was hanging out with tried to flee the killing scene in a taxi cab.

Also in Belmont, a man was shot to death by rival gangbangers.

In Parkchester, a man stabbed another man multiple times shortly after his victim put up his dukes and then rode away on his bike.

In Fordham Manor, a man spit on a bus driver through her window as she was dropping passengers off at a stop.

Also in Fordham Manor, a man got stabbed to death on a street corner.

Again in Fordham Manor, a man in his birthday suit ran across the street and challenge a man to a street fight. The naked man’s opponent easily leveled him with a flurry of punches while his dick is flapping in the breeze and then two other men joined in and threw him against a shutter gate and wailed on him.

The naked man shakes it off and gets backed up and challenges his opponent again and gets walloped a few more times but it doesn’t phase him the slightest so he gets thrown into the street and runs into a car as it’s speeding off. The nude pugilist settles down and is seen walking off as the twitter time cap runs out on the video. The guy was clearly on angel dust or crystal meth, but that was the closest thing to funniest scene in that Borat movie.

And again in Fordham Manor, a man panhandling a 80-year-old man for a buck decides to steal his backpack instead and drags him across the sidewalk to get it off.

In Fordham Heights, a drug deal gone awry led to a woman falling 3 stories from a fire escape as she battled and tried to stab a man while trying to get inside an apartment. Then the man in the apartment ran downstairs and stabbed a man to death before he fled.

Also in Fordham Heights, two men broke into a pet store and stole $6000 plus 5 different breeds of puppies, 50 canaries and doggie carrier bags and bird cages.

Again in Fordham Heights, two people got hit and a parked car and a store got plowed after a reckless driver made a sharp turn while speeding.

In Classon Point, a man trying to hop on a city bus as it was turning attacked the driver’s window with a stick and spit on her.

In University Heights, two men on a motorcycle rode rolled up on the sidewalk by a 15-year-old boy and the passenger shot him in the leg in a drive-by.

In Soundview, a boa constrictor was hugging a light fixture in front of a house which was then removed by cops. Another boa constrictor is still on the loose.

Also in Soundview, a man attempted to drive his motorcycle through a barricade on a road by the Bruckner Highway as cops were setting it up wiped out on the pavement.

In Concourse Village, a man slashed the Bronx Borough President’s brother in his face during an dispute on the street.

In Highbridge at the 170th St. Station, a man got killed by a moving 4 train as he was walking on the tracks.

Also in Highbridge, an argument between a group of men on a street corner got disrupted quick by a gunman who shot up three men, hitting them each in the back, hip and butt.

Again in Highbridge, cops raided and busted a fentanyl/heroin/pills/crystal meth drug dealing and cockfighting operation inside a commercial building.

In Claremont Park, a dog running loose and barking loud caught the attention of a man who waved over cops on patrol to help out. The dog then led to a man found lying on the grass with a gunshot to his head. He was brought to a hospital and died there.

In Claremont Village, a man got murdered from getting slashed in the gut inside a crowded gambling den and was left for dead by his killer and dozens of people getting the fuck out of dodge. The speakeasy is frequented by cops, city workers, city folk and other menaces to society.

In Hunts Point, a 10-year-old girl was hit by a police car that was responding to an emergency call while she was crossing the street.

Also in Hunts Point, a man killed himself while driving as he ran a red light and a box truck collided into his car in an intersection.

In South Bronx, a woman forced her way into a man’s apartment and put him in a headlock and punched him multiple times and ran away with his cellphone.

Also in South Bronx, a woman stabbed a man to death inside an apartment building.

Again in South Bronx, a man was stabbed to death and lying on the sidewalk.

And again in South Bronx, a passenger ripped down a plastic sheet set up by a livery driver and stuck him up with a shiv and snatched $100 from him and ran out.

In Pelham Parkway, a man was bludgeoned to death and found lying on a street corner with a bag of $3000 in cash and cellphones inside.

In Pelham Bay, a man broke into a hardware store by throwing a brick through the window and robbed some cookware.

In Williamsbridge, a man speeding in his sportscar lost control and jumped a curve hitting a killing a man, then killed himself when he crashed into a wall causing his car to explode.

Also in Wakefield, two men jumped out of a car and shot at a crowd of people in the park during a graduation party hosted by a woman who got struck and killed by stray bullets. Two boys and a man also got hit from the fusillade as everyone ran for cover.

In Eastchester, a dead man with his legs bound was set on fire on the grass by a highway.

In Morrisania, a man was shot to death and his friend was shot and wounded around the corner from his house.

Also in Morrisania, a man mouthed off to a gang of thugs and one of them sliced his stomach opened and spilled his guts.

In Longwood at the Simpson St. Station, a man got shot at twice and hit on the arm on the platform.

In Crotona Park at the 174th St. Station, a man punched a 73-year-old woman in the face on the platform as she was waiting for the train.

Also in Crotona Park, a man got stabbed to death in his apartment.

Again in Crotona Park, two men beat down a man inside a liquor store following a confrontation on the sidewalk.

And again in Crotona Park, an off-duty cop got into a shootout with a man after he walked by his gang on the sidewalk.

A million dollar drug ring run by six men was busted by the feds inside an apartment. The product was a mix of heroin and fentanyl sold in single dose packets named after coronavirus and Kobe Bryant.

On the  Pelham Bridge, a man killed himself when he lost control while riding in his e-bike and fell off the sidewalk and went right under a vehicle in motion.


In Rockaway Beach, a man drowned in the water while swimming with his friends a day after Mayor de Blasio banned his constituents from swimming because he didn’t bother to have lifeguards trained and ready to save lives before the beaches officially opened and also banned playing sports on the sands as well (like say frisbee) while citing coronavirus to justify these restrictions.But surfing was exempted from the Blaz’s regulations even though it involves swimming when you have to paddle out to the waves and wipe out and it is also a sport. Which leaves the Rockaways clear for #SurferPrivilege domination.

Guardian Angel leader Curtis Sliwa saw this double standard and took the piss out of it by going for a swim in Coney Island. (Although he should have done it on Beach 90 st in Rockaway, that would have got an interesting reaction by both authorities and the surfers)

Also in Rockaway Beach, a woman committed suicide by drowning herself in the ocean.

Again in Rockaway Beach, a man shot a man death at point blank range as he was in the drivers seat of his car following shooting a man standing in front of a bodega.

In Edgemere, a man was shot to death by a park.

In Averne, a man was shot to death in front of an apartment building.

Also in Averne, a man took a gun he stashed on the wheel of a parked vehicle and then shot up a NYPD patrol SUV as cops were sitting inside of it.

In Far Rockaway, a man was shot to death on the street in broad daylight.

Also in Far Rockaway, a man was shot to death by a church courtyard by a rival gangbanger.

Again in Far Rockaway, cops rolled up to a shooting in progress as a man was firing at other people on the street and their patrol SUV got hit by a stray bullet. The cops caught up to the skel after he tried to ditch the weapon.

For some odd but mostly stupid reason, two NYPD Abrams style humvees rolled up on the street with militarized officers brandishing automatic rifles.

And again in Far Rockaway, a man mouthed off to cops and threw a bottle at them. Then 4 cops took him down and one of them placed a chokehold on him during the arrest, making the perp pass out. A cop had to pat his back to make him release the hold even thought the cuffs were already on him. It took four cops to collar one man and they still needed to put a submission hold on him. A hold that is now illegal.

In Long Island City, three men were arrested for breaking social distancing guidelines during a vigil for a slain rapper at the Queensbridge Houses. Yet again, there was a massive deployment of cops that weren’t utilized the same at constant blatant pandemic protocol violating by residents in parks in higher income areas.

Also in Long Island City, a building superintendent caught a private detective trespassing and demand I.D. from him. Then the man attacked him and choked him.

Again in Long Island City, two men held up a pharmacy by threatening a 74-year-old worker with a gun and then robbed some bottles of pills from over the counter.

In Jamaica, a man beat up his girlfriend then bashed a nailed wooden plank on her face a dozen times, leaving her permanently scarred and half-blind.

Also in Jamaica, two men got shot on a street corner while they were having a conversation with another man. One of them died later at the hospital.

Again in Jamaica, a doctor conspired with a man to write bogus prescriptions to get oxycondone to sell on the streets by using the names of his partner and two men serving time in prison.

And again in Jamaica, a man broke into a dentist office and stole a laptop and $400.

And again in Jamaica, two men got shot in front of a house at 4 in the morning and their shooter is still on the streets because they didn’t snitch.

And again in Jamaica, a man sneaked up behind a 61-year-old woman, snatched her purse and then threw her on the street when she resisted giving it up.

And again in Jamaica, two 19-year-old men got shot and killed from blasts to the head and stomach and another man got hit on the hip on the street during a drive by.

And again in Jamaica, a man sneaked into a house and snatched a wallet from a a homeless man who was crashing on the couch who woke up and caught him in the act. The man got into a tussle with the thief and extracted a knife in his hand and then admonished him by telling him the money in his wallet was all that he had left to his name. This made the thief remorseful and emotional as he revealed that this was his first robbery attempt which made the poor man sympathetic enough of his plight that he decided not to press charges even though the cops arrested him anyway. If this isn’t a sign of a new depression than nothing is.

And again in Jamaica, a pyromaniac who got caught setting off brush fires in four areas was found to have caused the death of a person and injuries to 9 other people from an arson of an apartment building he committed 14 years ago.

And again in Jamaica, a man and a woman committed suicide by jumping seven stories off a roof of an apartment building.

In Rosedale, an 18-year-old man was shot twice in the chest on a desolate street.

In Glendale and Ridgewood, a man broke into a pizzeria and stole a laptop and $200 then hit a Chinese restaurant and stole 33 bucks.

In South Richmond Hill, a man held up a bank by grabbing the manager and sticking a knife to his neck and demanding the teller to put the cash in an envelope he gave her. He then threatened to stab the manager again when the teller gave him a wisecrack, but he still made off with $2,300.

In Richmond Hill, a man was found dead with a broken neck inside a house.

Also in Richmond Hill, four men brutally beat down a man on a street corner just to rob him of his cellphone, debit card and 4 bucks causing him to fall in a coma and die two weeks later.

The shithead who robbed his victim’s property left his phone in a deli because he couldn’t access it and threw out his debit card because he didn’t have the pin. Leaving him with not enough money to buy a frappacino at Dunkin Donuts. Dick.

In Ozone Park, a man crashed his vehicle while driving under the influence of heroin, then died in a cell at the police station.

In South Ozone Park, a man got killed when he run down by a hit-and-run driver while he was walking in the street.

In Woodhaven, a man held up a bank with a note and made off with over $1,800.

Also in Woodhaven, a man got hit by a car while he was jaywalking and the driver kept going.

In Queens Village, a man stabbed his half-brother to death inside a burned up house they were squatting in.

Also in Queens Village, an off-duty cop threatened his wife with his gun during a domestic dispute.

Again in Queens Village, a man was found dead by firefighters while putting out a dumpster fire by a bank.

And again in Queens Village, a construction worker got killed at a developmet site when he got crushed by the forklift he was operating when it tipped over from the excess weight of the steel beams that were on it.

In Hollis, two men robbed $30,000 in cash and merchandise in a one month crime spree burglarizing businesses while they’ve been locked down since the pandemic hit NYC.

In Laurelton, a woman and her boyfriend abandoned her 6-year-old daughter on the street with only a plastic bag with her clothes. The child was saved by a woman who caught her running into the intersection. The monsters who dumped the girl on the street like garbage later told her father to pick up the “crying little bitch”

In South Jamaica, a man stabbed a worker for Popeye’s in the stomach when he wouldn’t give up his backpack.

In North Corona, a homeless man was killed by a man who bludgeoned his head with a concrete block on the porch of an abandoned house.

In Corona, a man slaughtered his wife and two sons to death with a knife inside their apartment.

Also in Corona, a man on a ebike collided with a 60 year-old man while he was crossing the street. The ebike rider wound up with a concussion.

In Woodside, a man picked open locks on a front door of an apartment building and stole a bike that was inside.

Also in Woodside, a man was found dead in a crawl space inside an apartment.

Again in Woodside, a man who crashed his car into an SUV ditched his ride and ran away as the driver of the vehicle he hit started chasing him. The man then jumped on the BQE and attempted to cross the other side but got hit and killed by an SUV.

In Jackson Heights, a man stabbed another man to death after he withdrew cash from an ATM machine.

In Astoria, a man and his girlfriend both got stabbed in the neck by a man they had an argument with inside a store. The man died later from his wound.

Also in Astoria, two men were shot at in a courtyard of the Astoria Houses.

In Flushing, a woman got killed in a crash on the Grand Central Parkway when her boyfriend lost control of his car while speeding and smashed into a guardrail.

Also in Flushing, a man was found dead in the back seat of an SUV that was covered in writing of graduation salutations.

In Kew Gardens Hills, cops responding to a lunatic waving a knife at someone on the street got into a collision with another vehicle causing them to crash into a entrance of a college. Both cops and the other driver were injured from the wreck.

In Kew Gardens, a man got killed by a box truck as he was crossing the street.

In St. Albans, a man killed himself when he crashed into a car in front of him while speeding on his motorcycle.

Also in St. Albans, an off-duty cop with prior DUI charges on her record went drinking and driving again as she crashed into a parked car.

Again in St. Albans, a man stabbed a man to death inside a house and stabbed another man profusely as he was fighting him off and trying to get away.

And again in St. Albans, two men were killed in a drive by shooting in their car while they were about to pick up their mother.

In Cambria Heights, a man speeding on the Cross Island Parkway lost control of his car then crashed into a tree and died.

In Howard Beach, six men were busted by cops during a warranted search for guns and other weaponry.

In Pomonok, a man shot at two men while driving in his SUV that he suspected of trying to rob homes in the neighborhood.

In Bayside, an impatient man muttered xenophobic slurs at a man in front of him while accusing him of spreading COVID-19, then attacked him while he was filming the altercation on his phone inside of a 7-11.

In College Point, a man was found dead face down on the floor of an apartment building lobby.

In Whitestone, cops responding to a 911 call led them to a house where a man was in the basement wielding a samurai sword. After the man relinquished his weapon, a commotion ensued and cops were having difficulty detaining him. So they shot him with their tasers causing him to go into cardiac arrest and then he died.

On Rikers Island, 100 inmates released from the prison to prevent infecting each other and employees and C.O.’s of coronavirus couldn’t keep their noses clean and returned there after still committing crimes.

Also on Rikers Island, two men tried to escape from prison as one got caught on the roof and the other trying to swim away in the water. The aquatic convict tried to escape again a few days later and was found on the roof of the prison. Still want to put neighborhood tower jails in the four boroughs Speaker Cojo?

Although it turns out that this convicts escape attempts are a protest against the still horrid conditions and environment at the prison regarding COVID-19 and the utter lack of prevention to stop the contagion plus the still prevalent inhumane maltreatment of the prisoners.

One man broke and robbed 21 small businesses in a 2 month crime spree.

Staten Island

In a woman shopping without a mask on in a supermarket was surrounded by a mob of workers forcing her out of the store while relentlessly heckling her.

In Mariners Harbor, a man shot another man and his pregnant girlfriend to death and wounded another woman inside their house while attempting to rob drugs.

Also in Mariners Harbor, two men held up a man at knifepoint on a street corner and robbed his cellphone and still slashed him on his hand.

Again in Mariners Harbor, a livery driver was attacked by four passengers as one of them slashed his hands. Then they kicked him out and stole his car.

In Stapleton, a woman was stabbed to death in her bedroom inside her house.

In Bloomfield, a man working at the Amazon fulfillment center got infected of coronavirus and died.

In Prince’s Bay, a man driving drunk and sans pants crashed his car into his mother’s house after speeding on the streets.

Also in Prince’s Bay, a man went nuts and vandalized a gratitude sign to doctors and nurses on a fence outside the hospital.

Again in Prince’s Bay, An unlicensed driver speeding on the street the wrong way crashed his car into an SUV, causing a pregnant woman in the front passengers seat to lose her baby in a miscarriage from the impact.

In Great Kills, a sanitation worker got arrested by cops after a warrant to search his home led to a discovery of a cache of guns and ammo plus fireworks, a flamethrower and other weapons.

In Meiers Corners, a man broke into a gas station and stole the cash register.

In New Brighton, two men broke into an apartment and robbed the resident at knifepoint.

In Bulls Head, a 79-year-old man got killed by an unlicensed driver in an intersection while riding his grandson’s bike going to get lemons at a store.

In New Dorp, two men jumped a man in the lobby of an apartment building and whacked him on his head and body with a metal cane then robbed his cellphone.

In South Shore, cops in pursuit of a car doing an illegal lane change got blitzed as the driver sped away as they were trying to pull him over. The driver then crashed into a city bus after running a red light and then he and his buddy got pinched trying to abandon the vehicle.

In Grasmere and Dongham Hills, three men burglarized three garages robbing a motorcycle, lawn furniture and an ATV.

In Port Richmond, a man was assaulted on the street with a crowbar.

In West Brighton, a driver lost control of his/her car and crashed into a fence while nearly hitting a woman on the street.

Also in West Brighton, a man got busted by a cop selling smokes laced with angel dust.

Again in West Brighton, a 13-year-old got shot on the street.

In New Brighton, a man slashed two women and one man with a knife inside an apartment building.

Also in New Brigthon, a man was shot at multiple times on the street.

In Castleton Corners, a man beat up another man inside a tea shop and then set the place on fire with his victim lying inside. The arson attempt injured 2 firefighters.

In Silver Lake, a man threatened to beat down a man with a bat during a bad drug deal, then he drove away in an SUV with the cops in pursuit and got nabbed trying to run away.

In South Beach, a man speeding on the street crashed into three other cars in an intersection and then into a utility pole causing it to fall down.

In Clifton, a man shot randomly into a crowd behind an apartment and hit a man in the face.

Also in Clifton, two men beat down and stabbed a man at his residence following a dispute.

In New Dorp, a man got caught shoplifting lady body wash at a chain pharmacy less than a week after he got caught shoplifting liquid detergent from another one.

In Eltingville, a man was busted by cops at his home possessing two automatic rifles and 3 guns without having a permit to hold them.

In Concord, a man drove up to a vehicle and shot the driver after they yelled at each other.

Auto thefts rose immensely in the first month of the city shutdown with most of the thieves coming from Queens and Brooklyn.

At the Staten Island University Hospital, a nurse stole a credit card from a man who died from coronavirus and used it for personal purchases.


The George Floyd Protests

Cops clashed with the protesters immediately at the start of the demonstration at Union Square as 200 people tried to march forward and cops randomly arrested attacked anyone after people in the crowd threw bottles, bricks, a garbage can and one attempted to steal a taser.The protest moved downtown and the clashes resumed. Over 70 protesters were arrested.

At Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the demonstrations against systemic police brutality reached critical mass as thousands of people assembled by the arena right in the face of the NYPD standing in battle formation, there to supervise and maintain law and order. Which they violated immediately with their robotic misinformed warnings accusing people of illegal assembly and followed with charging the crowds with naked aggression.

When the NYPD tried to move all who were detained to the precinct stations, a bus driver refused to assist them in solidarity with the movement stemming from an order from his transit union.

With the marchers heading towards Flatbush, a cop accompanied by a lieutenant badgered a young woman in front of him to move and smacked the phone out of her hand. When she walked past him again, the cop viciously pushed her to the ground close to the curb where she could have cracked her skull.

More clashes continued in Manhattan and Brooklyn as the demonstration arrived at Foley Square. Protesters amassed in thousands taking over the road on West Side Highway in Manhattan and marched in Staten Island where Eric Garner was tortured and killed by a cop on the street 6 years earlier in July. NYPD mass mobilization and aggression against the protesters by Barclays Center fueled the continuing chaos on the streets as cops sprayed chemicals on protesters which included two State Assembly Officials marching in solidarity with them. Protesters volleyed back projectiles at the NYPD miltia, hitting a cop in the face with a brick. Over in Brooklyn, demonstrations split up into divisions in different towns as tensions continued to get heated between the NYPD and the protesters as cops administered pepper spray throughout the crowd while a cop walked up to a man, pulled down his mask and sprayed mace in his mouth.

As the people continued to protest peacefully on the streets, the NYPD continued to disrupt their demonstration with naked aggression by shoving people and hitting them with clubs and even resorting to weaponizing their patrol cars to disperse the crowd, remarkably deploying two SUV’s down a street as people were marching, culminating in a standoff as people threw traffic cones and garbage at one while the backup SUV patrol car barreled through a group of people in on the road and then first one hit the gas and pushed a group down holding a barricade up as they tried to protect other protesters.

Although saboteurs continued to mingle among the masses of demonstrators. At one point, protesters amassed in front of a Target department store to prevent people from looting it and one of the demonstrators noted that they were undercover cops involved in inciting the chaos. A woman from upstate New York got caught trying to ignite a van with a molotov cocktail with four cops inside but failed.

As darkness fell on the evening following the protests and the NYPD battalions went home, the first night of looting of upscale brand stores spread out across lower Manhattan while rioting and destruction commenced in Brooklyn as patrol cars were vandalized and burned including a police van that was set ablaze by a molitov cocktail thrown from a van by a woman as her boyfriend drove, both of them lawyers currently unemployed. The man holds a chair on a community board in East New York. 33 cops got injured as well as hundreds of protesters who got arrested during the melees. At the end of the day, Mayor de Blasio praised the NYPD for “acting appropriately”

After that statement the following day de Blasio’s and Shea’s NYPD did some positive optics and afterwards got more hyper-assertive and reckless as they obstructed streets in Flatbush to cluster protesters and sent patrol helicopters to fly low to produce wind to throw them off balance and wailed on protesters around the Barclays arena later in the evening, even a reporter. A march in Harlem went awry when some people protesting threw blunt objects at a patrol van that was still occupied by a cop. He got help from other protesters who protected him from the people looking to foment unrest.

A clash in Union Square nearly got fatal as cops smacked protesters with batons and a man hit a lieutenant officer from behind with a brick, compelling a cop to draw his gun on the crowds which clear the street instantly. The saboteur looters continued to follow up the peaceful protests in Manhattan as they tore into the Macy’s flagship store and broke into and robbed more high end brand stores and chain pharmacies as they trailed marches down Broadway from Midtown to Soho, the latter area where the most organized plundering and destruction took place. In Greenwich Village, a cop got hit by an SUV full of crooks as they were making a getaway from a store they robbed. Although there were arrests, there were no sights of a mass formation of cops lined up on the streets like they were deployed against the protesters.

A few days after de Blasio praised his police force for their “appropriate” response to the protests and his mind blowing defense of his police departments weaponization of SUVs to use as cowcatchers to move protesters off the streets, news spread that his daughter Chiara got arrested while she was participating in the protests that involved throwing debris at his NYPD. Then the SBA police union released Chiara’s mugshot, and the Blaz kicked off his morning COVID19 update “media availability” by demanding his constituents to stay home and not exercise their rights to speak out and assemble in public so they don’t contract the novel virus. Even though de Blasio’s NYPD didn’t even enforce the pandemic protocols when rich young White people were congregating in parks in high area median income areas.

Concerned about the clashes and violence on the streets from the cops and protesters and the wanton looting from thieves exploiting the movement for materialistic reason and following a planned riot at the Queens Center Mall in Rego Park that got thwarted by the NYPD, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio announced an 11 p.m curfew and doubled the amount of cops deployed for the demonstrations and opportunity crimes to 8000. Hours later, President Trump mentioned in his talks with state governors that their police forces have to show dominance over the protesters.

Despite Trump’s vile comment, thousands still came out in droves and marched in peace and despite the curfew announcement it wrought the worst destruction and chaos of the citywide unrest so far as the looting and violence spread out in three boroughs even after the clock struck 11 as cops received the brunt of the beatings even with more of them on the street.

In Manhattan, looters tailing protesters down Broadway from Midtown on down the Flatiron District to Union Square tore up the wood panels, bashed windows and pillaged high end stores and chain pharmacies with ease, stealing upscale brand merchandise, jewelry, lux skateboard culture wear and even cough syrup and laxatives.  Small businesses like craft beer stores and smoke shops were not spared by the opportunistic thieves.

Protesters witnessing the bedlam behind them tried to stop them to no avail as they noticed how organized the criminals methods were, which was glaringly apparent at the second night of the pillaging of uber upper class Soho. As luxury SUV’s rolled up on the cobblestone streets followed by street urchins on foot and riding on app-share Citibikes and Revel scooters as they all made off with millions of dollars of merchandise without a single cop in sight. Most of the smash and grab heists went smooth except when one person got shot during the festival like plundering mayhem. Ubers and Lyfts were also utilized by the thieves which led de Blasio to order their app services shut down as well.

Riots also spilled over into the Fordham section in the Bronx. One cop got jumped by three men and barely got up as they fled. As a cop stepped out of his patrol car for only a second when a hit and run driver plowed into him with enough force to knock him 20 feet ahead into a street intersection.

Stunningly, people were rapidly wrecking shops, robbing merchandise from small businesses forced to closed because they weren’t essential to be open during the pandemic and setting fires all over the streets as cops deployed to stop the mayhem stood fast and let the rioting continue and let the Bronx burn again. This horror show was a total contrast to battalion of cops made to supervise and intimidate the protests calling for the end of systemic abuse of authority and race based brutality enabled by police precincts in the United States. Because said battalion remained squarely on the protesters.

The last 5 days saw over 1700 people arrested. As for the looters, 100 of them got arraigned and were instantaneously released because of the failed bail reform policy. While the protesters languished for 24 hours inside dirty cells without water or PPE’s as cops were guarding and monitoring them without wearing masks.

The next day Mayor de Blasio decided to ground the city for a week and advanced the curfew to 8 p.m. ending on Sunday which happened to be the day before the five boroughs were deemed safe to reopen in the “New Normal” under the existential threat of the pandemic as he lectured his constituents exercising their first amendment rights as if they were his daughter. Which did not deter the masses one bit. Thousands of protesters organized to use the first night of the early curfew to march to Gracie Mansion as they amassed on East End ave with chanting and silent vigils (in congruence with the last minutes and seconds of George Floyd’s life) as de Blasio’s NYPD surrounded his house and eight other blocks of the Upper East Side, blanketing it like a fort for the thin-skinned mayor.

With protesters still on the streets hours after curfew heading downtown, a NYPD battalion guarded the Manhattan Bridge as a critical mass of protesters were walking on it and got kettled by cops coming from both sides, leaving them clustered and trapped stories above the East River.


While uptown in Manhattan hundreds of cops were chasing demonstrators on the streets. Although the cops locked down Soho after the organized looting of the area, other thievery went on in some other areas of the city with less police presence. de Blasio tried to use this progress as an opportunity to push his narrative of denial but was cockblocked by a video of a bunch of looters dancing over the damages they left behind and then gave effusive (or is it elusive?) praise of the cops restraint again on the bridge while another police militia was beating up protesters on the west side downtown the minute the clock struck 8.

The NYPD was chasing and beating the shit out of anyone who was outside and that included the press. A reporter from Huffington Post was so livid about the violence and oppression dispensed by the cops of which he was a recipient of that he dropped all impartiality and wrote a scathing diatribe of his experience which landed him in jail. Riot cops surrounded and blatantly oppressed two reporters from the Associated Press from covering the dispersing and the physical abuse of the demonstrators, yelling at them to go home while making it difficult for one of them to get back in his car.

Taking inspiration from Donald Trump to enforce domination on the people they serve and protect, cops ambushed a bunch of protesters riding their bikes and assaulted them with billy clubs, ripped off their bikes from their hands and ganged up on professional nurses trying to help the people they brutalized on 3rd Ave. in Midtown; a block away from a NYPD precinct on 51st as they were obviously trying to “go home”.

The NYPD militia in Brooklyn blocked the Manhattan Bridge from protestors looking to go back home to the city and then charged at them as they retreated down Candam Plaza by swinging their clubs and yelling exhortations to go home as if they were sentinels. The cops then trapped them on the street using their patrol cars and unmarked cars and proceeded to violently arrest as many protesters that they could grab.

As protesters were leaving after another day of demonstrating at the Mayor’s house, the NYPD sentinels stalked them and attacked, chasing them on the street and arresting over 60 people on orders from Chief Monihan.

In Whitestone, a group of protesters hanging signs honoring Black Lives Matter and George Floyd on a street overpass were confronted by two men who were offended by their solidarity against police brutality. After one man tore down one of their signs the day before, they were badgered then attacked by a psychopath who tried to run them over with his car then ran out and chased them with a large four blade contraption attached to his arm and chase them with it while accusing them of throwing stuff at his car.

Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio continued their obtuse insouciance with tone deaf statements/endorsements of the NYPD’s barbarity enforcing the stupid curfew. Even though they could easily find out about the violence by going on social media or asking a reporter.

New York City’s police states war with the people started off with a bang with a protest in Brooklyn as Mayor de Blasio finally got to address and face his constituency after avoiding them since the protests started a week ago. (And arriving 20 minutes late with his wife as is wont of Mayor Big Slow)

Naturally, the crowd booed and cursed him out and turned their backs to him as he spoke for about five minutes as he skulked away with his wife that he’s trying to promote for the Brooklyn Borough President role. The pissant Mayor got all huffy after that during his media availability he got paternal and gave a stern warning (whining) to his aggrieved constituents to stop protesting on the streets as if they were his daughter, but mostly because he can’t defend the hyper-repressive actions of the blue wall of ultraviolence.

After an entire afternoon of peaceful marches populated by thousands, the clashes resumed in the town of Mott Haven in the Bronx as riot cops and silly looking body armored cops on bicycles preemptively kettled protesters assembled on the street many minutes before the clock struck eight and then proceeded to strike at them when the curfew was on. A Gothamist reporter unequivocally described the police escalation as a deliberate trap.

Under the command of Chief Monihan, the guy who feigned solidarity at a park by kneeling with other activists, the police continued to cluster the crowd as if there wasn’t still a novel virus pandemic around then actually had a massive horn go off when the clock struck 8 which instantly triggered the NYPD militia into attack mode. While every cop illegally covered their badge numbers with black tape to avoid identification during their organized brutalizing (basing it on their exploitation of fellow cops who died of COVID19 as a memorial), they clubbed and dragged to the ground anyone in their sights, saving most of their brutality for organizers and legal observers and collaring indiscriminately anyone they were able to grab including photographers, medics helping the injured, bystanders not moving fast enough to “go home” and people not even protesting and actually trying to get home from work.

According to Commissioner Shea, this premeditated and coordinated attack on free assembly was based on a gun possession arrest and two people detained carrying weapons of disruption in backpacks that weren’t even close to were the demonstration took place without incident in the afternoon.

A total of 250 citizens were arrested and locked up and cramped in cells together without PPE’s and were forbidden to be visited by their lawyers. While Governor Cuomo finally overcame his obliviousness after seeing a 75-year-old man get pushed to ground by cops in Buffalo, de Blasio maintained his insouciance by blowing off Offenhartz’s account of the rioting cops by saying he had eyes over there who saw a different “reality”. Although it turned out that some of those eyes were city hall aides that also got kettled by the police and somehow de Blasio’s own lying eyes didn’t acknowledge their accounts.

In the Upper West Side in Manhattan, deBlasio’s NYPD’s random and obligatory violence and arrests of protesters violating curfew continued even though it was still light out as if they were making a collective statement themselves, as they dragged a man out of his building and stopped and detained a livid and confused app-food delivery guy, accusing him of not working (he was).

The NYPD’s new and unconstitutional tactics to dominating the public extended to Crown Heights as a bunch of residents were having an bbq party outside their building when dozens of cops in riot gear rolled up and ordered them to get inside their homes because they were technically breaking curfew. Despite everyone complying or trying to comply, the cops unleashed extreme aggression and pushed them back into their building and started rumbling with them inside the vestibule and the hallways. Taking the curfew enforcement to purely paternalistic, fascistic and even idiotic new levels.

While this idiot was trying to break into people’s apartments and close their door while he was still inside, the other cops commenced swinging their billy clubs and cuffing people as backup riot cops stood in a hallway exhibiting a dystopian presence but mostly to prevent other residents to witness how the cops are conducting their arrests of their neighbors.

On Friday, the NYPD continued their attempts to dominate the streets throughout the day during various demonstrations but were held back by elected officials showing up to witness the confrontations and keep the peace. But later in Crown Heights, cops stalked, chased and assaulted demonstrators as they were going home.

The people still came out in droves to protest again on Saturday and de Blasio’s NYPD stood pat and yielded the streets to them. Naturally, no violence occurred except when one psychopath weaponized his car and jumped the curb nearly hitting a bunch of people but clipping a person on a bicycle.

de Blasio then decided to end the curfew that night. Over 2000 people were arrested, nearly hundreds of cops injured and dozens of vehicles destroyed, tens of millions of dollars of merchandise stolen and property damaged in the week of that policy failure. While cops were busy oppressing the public from demonstrating in solidarity and the free press from reporting their arbitrary enforcement of the curfew during the biggest week of unrest in NYC in this century as murders, auto thefts, shootings and burglaries went up and has continued their rapid upward trajectories in the aftermath.

And now you can add illegal fireworks to this list, as explosions in the sky and on the ground have been going off from sundown to sunset for two weeks as thousands and thousands of 311 and 911 calls were made by citizens demanding action from the police and receiving bupkis while patrol cars roll by as mats of firecrackers, m80s and mortars get ignited by anarchic revelers.

And this summer has only just begun. Plus we are still under siege of COVID19 as the streets are still amply deserted and stores are still boarded up. Although the existential threat of a novel virus that’s still infecting dozens of people daily in America did not the deter rich predominantly white hipsters and millenials from returning to their favorite bars a week after the curfew ended, as they opportunistically imbibed their open containers of booze and obstructed sidewalks with impunity in high median income areas like in the East Village with careless blissful oblivion.

When it was only a month ago that de Blasio’s NYPD was exposed for segregating their pandemic protocols by only excessively enforcing it in predominantly Black and Brown lower median income earning areas mostly in the North Bronx and South and East Brooklyn.

Heat map of the five boroughs broken down by precinct that shows areas where summons have been issued. The more summonses issued, the darker the color. Brooklyn and the Bronx have had the most summonses. The 69th precinct in Canarsie had the most.

When questioned about the rash of viral video footage of the cops violent enforcing of the guidelines and the focused targeting of few districts, de Blasio obstinately responded that the NYPD used proper restraint. A statement he would make only three weeks later after seeing the NYPD’s heinous decision to deploy two marked SUV’s to run over protesters in an deadly attempt to disperse them.

While the protests continue peacefully, the citizenry and the cops still remain on edge and at loggerheads. While laws are being enacted to finally clampdown on systematic police abuse (though incrementally), there’s still people on the streets  still yelling “fuck the police” and for their extinction.

Truly historic but dystopian times happening now in New York City…

…your city


A Police State Grows In Brooklyn And Permeates The News Coverage.

002Militarized local cop in tank aiming automatic rifle at a rolled-down gate just an hour after the sun rose.

Sunset Park and Crown Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y., America

This was some week in Kings County (that’s Brooklyn to all those only familiar with the brand) for high profile encompassing police activity.

It all started early Saturday morning in Sunset Park last week when 5 men ganged up on another man on the street and one of the perpetrators hit the victim with his gun. The goons ran into a motorcycle club with beat cops on pursuit and hid out there amongst revelers as a party was still raging from the night before.

As the suspects refused to come out, the NYPD came back with a warrant and extra backup to dredge them out. Which is actually understating  it, because they came with a virtual army.

(Photos by Theodore Presirienne, NY Daily News)

In what looks like a real-time embedded report by the NY Daily News, the militaristic deployment of local cops dressed in helmets, shields and toting automatic rifles which usually shows a presence at major transit hubs, parades and civil assembly protests crashed the party and emptied out the club of everyone inside and detained the suspects,who actually came out by themselves and surrendered, as they scared the shit out of the citizenry in the vicinity in a scene that looked like it was raid of a suspected hideout of a terrorist group in Fallujah or Gaza or a invasion by President Assad’s own armed forces in a town he would consider gassing in Syria.

Residents including students on spring break in nearby apartment buildings with views of the dramatic raid were told by the cops to stay away from their windows when they were about to film it on their phones, supposedly for their safety in case there was a shootout. Which makes no goddamn sense considering the ratio of firepower the militia outside was packing to the single gun the thugs used to bash a guy. The suspects eventually came out and surrendered and managed to get everyone inside detained and held in a paddy wagon for hours for their little street crime.

What gives this a high level of intrigue, especially considering that people were being discouraged/ordered by the cops not to film the “standoff”, is how the story was published by Tronc on the Daily News website and the city’s hometown newspaper.


Although the digital version has the complete story, the print edition just went with a photo montage and a eerily positive headline:



The online story also underplayed the role the militarized cops from the Emergency Services Division as the print version shows the presence of a armored personnel carrier, or what is more commonly known as a tank.


What the hell is this cop aiming at anyway? There has to be a wider resolution picture that this derived from. And what the fuck is a tank doing there on a local street in Brooklyn that you would normally see in NY Times international section of military incursions in a local town in Syria or Yemen. And again, what the fuck is a tank with a cop pointing his rifle at a steel roll down gated storefront when there were snipers on the roofs of buildings where people lived who were told not to film anything. The same can be asked for this grandiose and pointless use of military hardware and ordinance for a what is basically a typical arrest attempt of a group of hoodlums.  Unless the point is to show dominance and intimidation to the citizenry to accept a misleading sense of security and safety and a disturbing and risky new method to detain suspected criminals. Clearly the only people who were endangering the public weren’t only the thugs hiding out in some dank club for a few hours but the excessive frightening display of a militarized police force that looked like they were about to throw a coup against a dictator.

The potential for someone getting hit in the crossfire in the chance of any of these weapons being utilized in a dense local area is not being considered at all by N.Y.’s finest, mostly from the orders of the high brass in the precinct in that area or even from One Police Plaza (eh, Commissioner?).

Well, it’s fortunate it didn’t come to that. This time. Since the raid was confirmed to have come to a peaceful end.


Not so peaceful is the fact that there is absolutely no footage from the militaristic raid, when everything these days is instagrammed, facebooked and twittered by the public.

After this raid reached it’s peaceful end, it might have been safe to assume that some cops might stick around and canvas the area for the rest of the day to protect the public from other street fights or any other random criminal act or more likely to deter sexual assaults since reported rapes are up 25% in the city (no thanks to Harvey Weinstein). But somehow later in the evening there were no cops available by a karaoke club in Sunset Park, where a man inside was stabbed three times in the chest and died after he hailed a cab to take him to a hospital.

But this contradictory coverage of this raid pales in comparison as the vertical integration of journalism imposed by the police reached a nadir a few days later.

In Crown Heights, a man named Saheed Vassell was roaming around the streets holding a metal object pretending to shoot at people. He stopped at a corner in front of a fruit market when 3 patrol vehicles rolled up after 3 911 calls were placed. 5 cops, three plain clothes and two in uniform came out and immediately fired as they exited their cars after Vassal raised his arms holding the object. In less than 10 seconds, 4 of the cops shot him 10 times, 9 bullets hitting vital organs, instantly killing him as he bled on the concrete.

The metal object was a disassembled welding torch.

Video footage of Vassal of menacing passerby from store and street cameras was released by the NYPD a day after the shooting interspersed with dictated 911 calls (it’s swift release which CBS News website found to be unusual) . The video has no audio, making it impossible to determine the reactions of the callers or the operators.



A lot has been written more about Vassell than the 5 cops who showed up and gunned him down. Saheed was a former welder suffering from bipolar disorder, he lived with his family in a two-bedroom apartment and was well-known and beloved by the community there who knew about his mental condition but did not consider him threatening, had a friend who was shot dead by a cop as he tried to steal a car, he had 23 prior arrests.

But as for the 5 cops who gunned him down, no info at all but what the NYPD chose to release. Particularly the alleged fact proffered that the 5 cops assigned to the scene that they never shot at anyone before on duty, have all served on the force for about 6 years (all of them?) and the racial makeup of the officers were two white men, two black men and a southeast Asian man, this being the most specifically transparent of all the information the NYPD released so far. All of the cops were not equipped with body cams. The three plainclothes cops come from the anti-terror and anti-crime units. After shooting him down, the cops cuffed him.

Video footage of when the actual shooting took place was released just a day ago in the NY Post five days after the initial video above showing people running from the scene of the incident and a group of men walking towards Vassell across the street. The video like the others has no audio.

When Saheed’s father went to Kings County hospital to see his son in the medical examirer’s lab, he was turned away by “officials” there, refusing to let him see his son’s body.


The NY Post assisted the NYPD’s narrative by taking witnesses claims of Vassal as unhinged and terrorizing citizens before the shooting and a story in the NY Daily News describing one witness opinion that it was a clean shoot. The shooting went down less than 10 seconds, during that brief period according to the NYPD, cops exited their vehicles and ordered Vassell to drop it 3 times, Vassell aim his object and the cops shot him down. Although CBSNY interviewed two witnesses  that claimed no one said a word or even a warning that they were cops, which runs counter to the alleged claims of the NYPD’s source, also an unnamed cop, being that they will not release the names of the officers who fired the shots making it difficult to determine who actually gave the warning since no one knows who these cops are.

In the NY Daily News another witness who also never heard any verbal warnings from the cops described the swift reaction to the shooting by describing it as a hit. But judging how quick the cops were to shoot and how precise their shots were to bring him down (with the exception of one bullet that missed and hit a chicken restaurant nearby) and the fact (of the few available) that three of the cops came from special divisions conveys that it was something that the CIA would pull on a suspected terrorist or a foreign adversary. Which makes this incident just as similar and frightening as the militarized police deployment in Sunset Park.

Even though this has shooting has ignited outrage from the community in Crown Heights, the NYPD has meticulously macro-managed the incident. Even though it’s being covered in the daily papers, it has barely made news on television. (And for some reason, it has not been covered by progressive news sources like The Young Turks, as their youtube channel has not made any videos discussing this tragic and preventable shooting even though they have been meticulous in covering every story regarding excessive police force throughout the nation.)

Press conferences following the shooting from NYPD brass have been startling, starting with cop still calling what Vassell was holding a gun even after it was verified it was a piece of junk. Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce stressed how the cops did not have time for other options so they had to fire giving the immediate threat of Vassal’s stance. Even Mayor de Blasio, who was quick to the punch to prosecute a cop for firing his gun and killing Deborah Danner in her apartment when she swung a bat at him, defended this erasatz professional street killing by citing the split second decision the cops assigned there had to make.

Which flies in the face of the neighborhood policing campaign the city has been promoting for the last month. Vassell was a familiar fixture in the neighborhood and everyone knew he was mentally ill but not a consistent threat. Vassell was also well known by the cops in the precinct there so why the necessity to send undercover cops in unmarked vehicles instead of utilizing the neighborhood policing policy and sending precinct cops instead. (Maybe the two uniformed officers were from the precinct covering that area? Everyone is going to have to wait for that.)

And if there was only a split second to predetermine that Vassell was a danger to citizens and to the cops who rolled up, why couldn’t they take another second to determine that he was wielding a piece of junk so to avoid a tragedy and endangering the citizens and children around there? Considering that even in those 911 transcripts that no shots were fired and people couldn’t tell it was a weapon. Or maybe take another second to utilize a pair of binoculars to see what Vassal was actually holding. Because what he was pointing at them with was garbage. It didn’t have a trigger or a handle to grip on.

Apparently what was utilized instead was the precision policing program that is normally used to neutralize gang violence and gun dealing on one disturbed individual.

And what about those 911 calls. In every heavily publicized policing incident, the audio is readily available. The rationale for not disclosing these calls equally makes no sense and is open to interpretation and cynical suspicion. Is it to prevent people from telling what races the callers are? Being that Crown Heights has seen a rising racial makeup change because of rapid gentrification in the town. But why should that matter because these three callers were only worried about the safety of the people on the street at the time. How are could they or more particularly their voices be culpable for the death of Saheed?

Despite constant reassurances from high brass and our mayor, Vassal’s family and the people of Crown Heights as well as every other citizen demanding answers and full accountability and full transparency are being undermined by the machinations of the NYPD of what is ostensibly to build their case to justify the shooting as the investigation by the A.G. is in it’s nascent stage. As all the conflating descriptions of the shooting by the anonymous cops is set to assure their acquittal or even file a case against them at all.

If there are conflations to be made relevant to this killing of an innocent though mentally disturbed man, the manufactured justification for it to go with the media manipulation of the evidence and the coverage, look no further than any of the shootings resulting from excessive force in the midst of an arrest or an escalation during a routine stop or suspicion in the widespread publicized killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castle, Tamir Rice and Ramarley Graham, whose mother joined the Vassal family in solidarity to protest in front of City Hall on Friday.

And in eerily similar cases last March when Stephon Clark was gunned down in his grandmother’s backyard in a fusillade of bullets and also handcuffed as he bled out on the grass and Danny Ray Thomas, a mentally disturbed man who was shot to death by a cop after he approached him with his pants down to his ankles.

It’s like there’s a proclivity to shoot immediately under the slightest perceived or arbitrary threat. It might not only be from lack of training to handle situations with mentally disturbed people but from a pragmatic policy. Because video footage from 12 years ago surfaced last week of a sheriff who’s running for re-election was asking and answering a rhetorical question on a hot mic to reporter on how it’s more frugal for government finances to kill a suspect than it is to wound them.

“When a deputy shoots somebody, which way is better financially? To cripple them or kill them for the county?”

“Kill them?” someone off camera asks before Youngblood answers “Absolutely.”

“Because if you cripple them you have to take care of them for life and that cost goes way up,” he said.

Since we don’t know anything currently about the cops who shot down Vassel on a street corner in cold blood, something like this theory this asshole sheriff blathered out loud 12 years ago could be kind of an open secret or unofficial policy to enact swift lethal justice on people deemed to be expendable.

But for now we all have to wait till the investigation is final to know the intentions and names of the four cops and even for the entire footage that the NYPD has released in scant selective drips. This media whitewashing of the killing just might be under the influence and gamesmanship of recently appointed NYPD spokesman Phil Walszak, whose previous duties were to make de Blasio look good and act as an editor-in-chief to the press by demanding of them to only ask questions only about the topic the Mayor was discussing or interested in. His presence and the city’s (current) exploitation of the 50-a civil rights law protecting criminally incompetent and corrupt cops from the public’s demands of prior offenses while on and off the job.

Despite all the care being utilized to mollify the public of these situations, which is being met with hardened cynicism considering recent history and the fact that the handling of this shooting is straining credibility, compounded by the fact that Mayor de Blasio has no credibility at all, this is truly only the beginning. For now it appears that the integration of beat and militarized cops is now being implemented with regular crime-fighting, (d)evolving from the initial use of them for the free assemblage of protesters and exhibitions of defense from unconfirmed terrorist threats.

Which will inevitably lead to more unfortunate events like the street killing of Saheed Vassell and who knows what else since every citizen is being kept in the dark just so the Mayor and his NYPD can look competent and caring. Which will lead to more anger and confusion among the constituency, more protests that will lead to clashes between the people and the heavily armored cops and more expensive lawsuits and settlements against the NYPD, all of which definitely will not result in a-



A video made by a citizen Jose Lasalle of the community activist group CopWatch was released by news magazine The Indypendent of the scene possibly minutes after the shooting of Saheed Vassell by four police officers:

The video shows a police vehicle blocking the intersection and two cars in the middle of it, a woman confronting the cops who are motioning for her to back away but she still is able to get at a cop’s face. Cops surrounding the body and the two plainclothes cops standing on the corner where Vassell is lying dead on the sidewalk.

One of the plainclothes cop’s is wearing a T-shirt of The Punisher logo. The Punisher is a superhero comic book character who metes out justice by shooting and killing his foes and criminals on sight.


The Patch website for Crown Heights has the entire texts of the 911 calls.

The city has still not released the audio of the 911 calls nor the names of the cops.






















Governor And Aspiring President Andrew Cuomo’s Sneaky Political Patronage Hires Gets F.B.I. Attention governor of New York, expressing victimization from his latest visit from the feds.

Albany, N.Y.

Looks like Mario’s son Andy Cuomo is having another ethics debacle and again abusing his position giving to him by the voters who entrusted him with it.

The Times Union: FBI probing Cuomo office’s hiring practices

The FBI is investigating the Cuomo administration’s practice of hiring employees to work in the governor’s office while actually paying them through various state agencies and public authorities, the Times Union has learned.

Hiring pricey political appointees to work for the Executive Chamber — but paying them through other entities — has allowed Cuomo and prior governors to increase the size of their staffs while escaping criticism for inflating the Executive Chamber budget.

One type of evidence being explored by the FBI, sources said, are the written notifications that are sent by agencies or authorities to the governor’s office informing them of a new hire.

An analysis by the Times Union a year ago found that more than 40 percent of the Executive Chamber staff was actually on the payroll of public authorities or agencies. At the time, 89 of 209 Executive Chamber employees were on agency or authority budget lines.

That trend accelerated when Cuomo announced 27 new hires or promotions last March. All but a handful went to Executive Chamber jobs, but the Executive Chamber was actually paying just five of those people.

Many of the well-paid new political appointees announced in March were veterans of the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign that needed new employment. The moves also sparked further speculation about Cuomo gearing up for a 2020 presidential run.

Under Cuomo, in some instances the positions held by Executive Chamber officials have had a correlation with the entity paying them. In other instances there seems have been little link between the work being done and an employee’s source of income.

Take well-paid Cuomo speechwriters, Tom Topousis and Jamie Malanowski. Although paid to pen speeches for the governor, Topousis was hired in 2015 at a $125,000 salary as a “special assistant” at the Office of Children and Family Services, a child protective services agency.

Malanowski’s $120,000 salary, meanwhile, has been paid by the Affordable Housing Corp., a quasi-governmental agency that helps subsidize affordable housing projects.

One of the March hires announced by Cuomo was Joel Wertheimer, who in his prior job in the Obama White House was coordinating and reviewing briefing materials sent to the president.

In his new post as staff secretary for Cuomo, Wertheimer was hired at a $120,000 salary on the budget of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, an agency which helps people recover from addiction. He left the Cuomo administration in September, seven months after being hired, payroll records show.

In March, Cuomo also announced the hiring of Robert Gibbon, a former state Republican Senate staffer and an attorney. He was retained as assistant counsel to the governor for transportation at a salary of $105,000.

Yet Gibbon was hired for a budget slot on the payroll of the Justice Center, an agency meant to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect at homes for the disabled. After the Times Union inquired about Gibbon’s status, a Cuomo spokesman said he would be moved to the payroll of the quasi-governmental Thruway Authority.

These hires from the wracked DNC forms quite the cabal. Mario’s son again proves adept at spreading tax dollars like it’s coming out of his ass like diarrhea on patronage hires. How these generously well overpaid officials qualified for these positions absolutely don’t matter to a man with such lofty goals beyond his horrendous two terms as governor.

Nothing strange or unusual considering where these dubiously talented folk came from considering how much campaign money was accrued and spent by the partisan political organization. In fact lots of it by Figurehead Obama in his 2012 campaign virtually bankrupted it with the over-staffing of all this primo talent and candidate Manifest Hillary 2016 campaign ethically bankrupted it according to Donna Brazille and Wikileaks.

It’s an absolute certainty that the positions and the policies they are tasked with as not resulted in any proactive or positive gains or progress at all when it comes to services the constituency relies on. Like transit, transportation and housing. Even a basic thing to keep governing functioning honestly and efficiently like ethics. For these appointees seem more distracted with primping the Prince Andy for the high office than with the conditions of the roads, the subways, schools, elderly care and stemming the crises of cost of living and rental affordability, child abuse, homelessness and heroin and fentanyl addiction. The only thing these hacks specialize in is boosting their clients hollow profiles and watered-downed disingenuous promises and policies. No need to wonder why these problems still exist and persist.

As for ethics, these career politicos said fuck all to that certainly when they started their careers in government service. For it’s has always been about survival of the fittest, and have found a nice safe place from the man who betrayed his promise to stifle in house corruption and abolished the Moreland Commission when it was found to be in his palatial office.

All this falls in direct line with his atypical lousy judgement when it’s comes his choices of funding programs and of course the people he’s willing to associate with, like his honorary brother Joe Percoco, just recently busted taking bribes from a developer and hooking up his son with a plum job:

The Cuomo hiring practice is also a sidebar to the January corruption trial of former top Cuomo aide Joe Percoco and three others.

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office alleges Percoco accepted bribes from Syracuse developer Steven F. Aiello, a co-defendant in the upcoming trial. One government favor done in exchange for bribes, according to prosecutors, was Percoco facilitating a $5,000 raise for Aiello’s son in a new job in Cuomo’s office in 2015.

The son, Steven L. Aiello, was actually paid his $62,000 salary through the Division of Military and Naval Affairs, which manages New York’s military forces, records show. He has since left the administration.

Clear to see a pattern there. But with Mario’s son’s unquenchable appetite for more loftier heights and stupidly distracted with it that he let his shithead friend engage in nepotism hiring, he recklessly went into overkill with his executive office hires, leading to this FBI investigation.

And Andy is clearly feeling the heat up his ass as he’s in snowflake victimization mode.

NY Post

Team Cuomo called the Times Union’s report “absurd” and said the practice has been going on for decades.

“‎The agencies are all part of the same executive branch, and this administration follows the exact same lawful hiring process we inherited from previous administrations stretching back decades. If there are questions about it, call George Pataki,” said Cuomo spokesman Richard Azzopardi.

“In this environment, anyone can ask about anything, but the fact is the longstanding practice of detailing staff from agencies to work in the Executive Chamber dates back over 50 years to at least the Rockefeller administration and extends to the White House and the federal Department of Justice,” he said.

Or we can ask Governor Andy’s dad.

“Given that the Federal Department of Justice and the White House have a long history of utilizing this practice, perhaps the FBI can investigate them when this is charade is over.”
The paper reported that some employees do have some connection to the agencies or authorities they are paid by while in others they do not.

NY Daily News

“Have you been in Albany?” Cuomo sternly asked the reporter who asked the question. “Have you covered government? Do people who have political experience get hired by government or is it a new fact for you?”

“You have it going on in journalism,” Cuomo said. “What are you going to do different?”

Nothing like good old deflection and projecting. And the classic childish antidote of “they did so we can do it too”. With a sprinkle of the pervasive fascist trend of bashing and intimidating journalists.

The pressing thing about this for Andy is that he is the only one left from all those previous corruption cases in the last few years serving the state. Which makes him the only target or in his mind an easy scapegoat. The timing is pretty shitty considering his comfy seat in Albany is up for grabs this year, but it serves him right for having such shitty judgement in the first place.

Although it’s wishful thinking, an indictment against Andy would be sweet but it’s a long shot considering the precedence of a century of entrenched unethical political wheeling and dealing in New York. It is nice and karmic that he is feeling the same frustration and aggravation that his policy decisions have levied on his constituents, especially in the 5 boroughs, who continued to be subjected to it day after day, year after year.

Here’s hoping charges materialize, that way a new precedence can begin to get money and marketing out of politics and government. But mostly drop the bomb on this jerk’s deluded higher office ambitions.

If not, at least the nation can be secure in the knowledge that Mario’s son appointed a bunch of political mercenaries that couldn’t get their megalomaniac candidate Manifest Hillary to beat a boastful ignoramus manchild like our current President Figurehead Trump.








NYC Board Of Elections Broke The Law And No One Is Convicted Of The Treasonous Disenfranchisement Of The Constituency  Go ahead and try. I triple dog dare you.

WNYC: City Board of Elections Admits It Broke the Law, Accepts Reforms

The New York City Board of Elections is admitting it broke state and federal law when it improperly removed voters from the rolls ahead of the presidential primary last spring, including more than 117,000 voters in Brooklyn.

That’s according to a draft consent decree announced Tuesday— nearly a year after the Board was sued in federal court for violating the National Voter Registration Act and state election law.

The Brooklyn voter purge was first reported by WNYC just days before last spring’s primary election.

As a part of the settlement, the Board agreed to a series of remedial measures that will be in place at least through the next presidential election, November 2020 — pending court approval. The deal restores the rights of improperly purged voters and establishes a comprehensive plan to prevent illegal voter purges in future elections.

“I see their willingness to grapple with this problem as a significant step forward,” said Susan Lerner, head of the good government group Common Cause New York, the lead plaintiff in the case.

The lawsuit was originally filed in November 2016 by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law, Latino Justice/PRLDEF and Dechert LLP on behalf of Common Cause New York and several individual plaintiffs. In early 2017, both the Justice Department and New York State Attorney General’s office made motions to join the lawsuit.

“The suit was commenced because there were real problems,” said Ezra Rosenberg, with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law. “People were being kicked off the voter list even though they were eligible to vote in New York City.”

The consent decree requires the board to submit a plan to fix how it manages its voter rolls within 90 days. That includes documenting all the procedures associated with list maintenance and identifying specific staff at the central office and in the boroughs to oversee these functions.

NY Daily News: NYC’s Board of Elections will admit it purged more than 200,000 voters from city rolls

New York City’s Board of Elections will acknowledge it broke the law and be making serious changes in its practices, according to the proposed settlement of a legal fight over the purge of more than 200,000 voters from city rolls.

After many Brooklyn residents arrived at the polls during last year’s presidential primary to learn they were deemed ineligible to vote, the good government group Common Cause New York filed suit. State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the Brooklyn U.S. Attorney’s office joined the litigation.

But rather than slug it out in Brooklyn federal court, the sides have been working on a settlement for months. Now, a proposed pact slated for filing Wednesday would mandate reforms in the city election agency.

In a statement, Schneiderman said the city’s Board of Elections “illegally purged over 200,000 New Yorkers from the rolls, violating the law and New Yorkers’ trust in the institutions meant to protect their rights.”

Schneiderman said the proposed settlement “would overhaul NYCBOE’s practices for maintaining voter rolls, ensuring that the issues that led to the purges are addressed, and establishing frequent monitoring and oversight. My office will continue to protect all voters’ access to the polls and continue to fight to expand voting rights.”

First off before the obligatory rant, viewers should see how this was covered by the NY Daily News above in the actual newspaper, where yours truly and a vast majority of citizens still get their information first. It was buried in a bitty place in the middle of page 18:

Something of this severity should have been on the front page if the editors genuinely gave a damn about their readers. But I guess that because of the banal settlement the editors didn’t warrant it the attention they would give of Trump’s latest twitter vomit or some former child star turned skank adult’s recent exhibitions.

Now here’s something to ponder about as you head to the polls today citizens, or if you don’t bother to show up at all keeping the system rotten to the core and composed of feces.

For the plaintiff’s, being Common Cause, reaction to the leniency towards this attack on the voters, which resembles a sinister modern day tech version of suppressing suffrage involving all that resembles content and closure. When if it isn’t for the current cynicism of government and acceptance of endemic corruption and the decline of voter interest and turnouts because of it, that the individuals involved in this purge should be hit with massive fines, the loss of their jobs and even imprisonment for their reprehensible actions in the disenfranchisement of the registered voters. This is no better, in a passive aggressive method, than the way farcical obligatory elections are held under dictatorships. Instead these assholes at the B.O.E. get short suspensions and lame restructuring of their processes.

The twisted part of this current blight on this nation, the U.S.A., is how the methods to remove registrations off the rolls, which were mostly Hispanic and Asian, was almost similar to the tactics arranged by GOP officials, including current White House aide to investigate national voter fraud Kris Kobach to purge voter rolls in red states according to muckraking journalist Greg Palast:

Starting in 2013 – just as the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act – a coterie of Trump operatives, under the direction of Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, created a system to purge 1.1 million Americans of color from the voter rolls of GOP–controlled states.

The system, called Crosscheck, is detailed in my Rolling Stone report,
The GOP’s Stealth War on Voters,” 8/24/2016.

Crosscheck in action:  
Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107
Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257
Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008
North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393

On Tuesday, we saw Crosscheck elect a Republican Senate and as President, Donald Trump.  The electoral putsch was aided by nine other methods of attacking the right to vote of Black, Latino and Asian-American voters, methods detailed in my book and film, including “Caging,” “purging,” blocking legitimate registrations, and wrongly shunting millions to “provisional” ballots that will never be counted.

Trump signaled the use of “Crosscheck” when he claimed the election is “rigged” because “people are voting many, many times.”  His operative Kobach, who also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border, devised a list of 7.2 million “potential” double voters—1.1 million of which were removed from the voter rolls by Tuesday. The list is loaded overwhelmingly with voters of color and the poor. Here’s a sample of the list

Those accused of criminal double voting include, for example, Donald Alexander Webster Jr. of Ohio who is accused of voting a second time in Virginia as Donald EUGENE Webster SR.

No, not everyone on the list loses their vote.  But this was not the only racially poisonous tactic that accounted for this purloined victory by Trump and GOP candidates.

For example, in the swing state of North Carolina, it was reported that 6,700 Black folk lost their registrations because their registrations had been challenged by a group called Voter Integrity Project (VIP). VIP sent letters to households in Black communities “do not forward.”  If the voter had moved within the same building, or somehow did not get their mail (e.g. if their name was not on a mail box), they were challenged as “ghost” voters.  GOP voting officials happily complied with VIP with instant cancellation of registrations.

The 6,700 identified in two counties were returned to the rolls through a lawsuit.  However, there was not one mention in the press that VIP was also behind Crosscheck in North Carolina; nor that its leader, Col. Jay Delancy, whom I’ve tracked for years has previously used this vote thievery, known as “caging,” for years.  Doubtless the caging game was wider and deeper than reported.  And by the way, caging, as my Rolling Stone co-author, attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr., tells me, is “a felony, it’s illegal, and punishable by high fines and even jail time.”

There is still much investigation to do.  For example, there are millions of “provisional” ballots, “spoiled” (invalidated) ballots and ballots rejected from the approximately 30 million mailed in.  Unlike reporting in Britain, US media does not report the ballots that are rejected and tossed out—because, after all, as Joe Biden says, “Our elections are the envy of the world.”  Only in Kazakhstan, Joe.

While there is a great deal of work to do, much documentation still to analyze, we’ll have to pry it from partisan voting chiefs who stamp the scrub lists, Crosscheck lists and ballot records, “confidential.”

But, the evidence already in our hands makes me sadly confident in saying, Jim Crow, not the voters, elected Mr. Trump.

Now check out the what WNYC found which names were removed in the Brooklyn Primary Purge, in this case all were Hispanics and Asians:

Screenshot_2020-03-12 ArticleChart01 png (PNG Image, 717 × 1860 pixels) - Scaled (46%)


Now combine this with the recent revelations by former DNC Donna Brazile in her new book, which comedian Ron Placone remarked that the only way justice can prevail for people is if someone is given a million dollar book deal, on how “Manifest” Hillary Clinton took full control of the DNC in 2015 right before she declared her candidacy and a mysterious vanishing of 60,000 registered Democrats off the county rolls in Brooklyn caused by a CD-rom filled with spreadsheets of the voters that also disappeared in the same fashion. It looks like the de facto leader and candidate wanted to nip this primary in New York in the bud and the B.O.E. could conveniently blame the disenfranchising on a tech glitch or in this situation, oversight and incompetence. Because being stupid is not illegal. The latter has been utilized even after the supposed corrections were promised in bogus and misleading postcards after the presidential primary purge.

Even though these devious machinations passing as clerical and digital errors have been going on reportedly since 2013, these didn’t take true devastating effect until about the time when Ms. Clinton was running for president and the B.O.E. wasted taxpayer dollars trying to ward off accusations and lawsuits, which are still ongoing.

There has to be a tipping point for criminal incompetence like this. Although the slick execution and sophistication of this suppression of votes reveals and confirms a massive conspiracy for certain people to hold on to power. These wide ranging tactics, since they clearly and blatantly involve race, violates LBJ’s voting rights act from 1965 that was ratified after the brutal attacks in Selma, Alabama. Unfortunately, incompetence and stupidity, and the monstrous ambitions of a craven individual don’t count as or are exempt from civil rights violations.

It is preposterous that the B.O.E. can be trusted with the flow and the institution of democracy, no matter how much they fixed it after they fixed it.

Well it’s all better now. And the nation, particularly the citizens of South Brooklyn, can walk with their heads held high when they go to the polls and pick their favored candidates. Although with certainty, the cynicism will remain and continue to fester when the day is done and with 2 or 4 more years of disappointment from their chosen leaders. And the permanent government that has been made and nurtured by the willful mistakes and accidents by the Board Of Elections.

Don’t let this dissuade you all from voting though. Because that’s what they, the establishment politicians and the lousy status quo want. Change is obviously going to take a while and this is the only power you all have to obliterate the machine and the big club of owners ruining the republic and democracy. Fill in the circle and fuck up their pampered lives and elitist circles. End this shitty cycle one piece/one vote at a time.







Bawling Dirty Southeast Queens Councilman Ruben Wills Convicted

Ruby goes down in tears

Kew Gardens, Queens, N.Y.

Disgraced​ former​ ​Queens city councilman Ruben Wills cried like a baby as he was sentenced to two to six years in prison Thursday for looting public coffers​, pleading for leniency and maintaining his innocence to the end.

NY Post

What a crying shame. Ruby could have took his sentence in stride and come off with a sliver of dignity, but the guy is too much of a sniveling lout to do that. Also, he may have made his arrival to the big house more perilous with this cowardly display. Every corrupt and repeat offender knows that you have to look as tough as possible when you head to jail so you are not easy meat for the lifers in there. Take the classic Spike Lee movie “25th hour” for example, when Edward Norton’s character pleaded his buddy to beat his face in so he looked hard enough to avoid getting violated and pummeled when he shows up to jail.

Well, the big baby councilman just may have screwed himself over with his crocodile tear geyser. Not a surprise after almost a year of feigning injury and being tardy to avoid the hearings and slow down the judicial process, in effect robbing more money from taxpayers. It’s hysterical that Baby Ruby thought the judge was going to change his sentence with his sobbing even after throwing tantrums during the last hearings.

The Neoliberal Democrat Machine never did denounce him nor demand his resignation and had to wait for the judge and jury to do it for them. It makes it extremely hard to take their anointed candidate, Adrienne Adams, seriously or credibly, as well as the Machine itself, which despite of the antics and utter uselessness of Figurehead Trump and the disarray of the Neoconservative Republican Machine, they are still floundering trying to get constituents nationwide to trust and believe in them.

And being the history of incarcerated, ineffective, uninvolved and even under investigation elected officials of the dirty southeast of Queens, the Democrat party will continue to suffer and languish and will never topple the awfulness of the worst establishment Republican squatters of public office.

Anyway, what’s done is done and yet another difficult shitstain is scoured from the floors of city council until the next one comes in. Since the Republican party still refuses to nominate anyone with common sense, modern ideas and beliefs and even charisma to charm the citizenry, Ms. Adams will have no problem skating into office, but she will be compromised for the Machine put her there and will always remind her of that.

And bye bye Ruby for a while, and you better control the waterworks and your infamous temper. You’re not dealing with your equally corrupt peers anymore, or your ex-wife and kids or even female voters that you used to menacingly glare at. Justice has been served and you can move on with your life. So don’t worry baby Ruby, on the bright side, taxpayers are still funding your lifestyle.