Marvelous Marvin Hagler, 66, Boxer,  7 Year World Champion

Roger Mudd, 93, Journalist, Correspondent, Anchorman, CBS News

Yaphet Kotto, 81, Actor, Film And Television

Lou Ottens, 94, Inventor Of Cassettes Reign in Blood Cassette Tape

Lars Göran Petrov, 49, Lead Singer, Entombed


Norman Juster, 92, Author

Mark Pavelich, Hockey, Forward, 1980 Gold Medal Winner, New York Rangers

Irv Cross, 81, Cornerback, Philadelphia Eagles And L.A. Rams; Sportscaster And Correspondent, CBS Sports

Bunny Wailer, 73, Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, The Wailers

James Burke, 70, Singer, The Five Stairsteps

“Someday, we’ll put it together and we’ll get it undone”

2 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Wow, I had heard about Hagler, but not Yaphet Kotto, Roger Mudd or the others. The MSM really is sucking these days, especially now that a younger generation of meatheads are taking over.


  2. Yaphet Kotto was announced yesterday and apparently like his brilliant career and performances, is still underappreciated. Digital TV keeps showing The Monkey Hustle too. Although that movie is cheesy, Kotto showed how capable he was of being a top billed star.

    As for Roger Mudd, it shouldn’t be a surprise how muted the reaction was when he died from corporate news because of their new anemic standards of reporting in the last two decades and the collective Pravda like atmosphere under Biden.

    As for the others and because of editorial bias, Ooh Child is one of the greatest songs of all time and Entombed is one of the greatest bands from the Gen X era.

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