Joseph C. Wilson, 69, U.S. Ambassador, Iraq War Justification Debunker Who Didn’t Find Any Evidence Of WMD’s In Iraq Nor Any Weapons Deal They Made With Another Nation!

Ginger Baker, 80, Drummer, Cream, Blind Faith, Masters Of Reality

Jacques Chirac, 86, President of France, Iraq War Dissenter

J. Michael Mendel, 54, Producer, Television, The Simpsons, Rick And Morty

Diahann Carroll, 84, Actress And Singer, Television, Film And Theater


Rip Taylor, 84, Comedian, Game Show Guest

Robert Hunter, 78, Songwriter, Grateful Dead

Kim Stattuck, 56, Singer, Guitarist And Songwriter, The Muffs


Ming, 19, Tiger, Harlem Apartment Pet

Screenshot_2019-10-02 IBCBZQ23NJFCZHPJ3I2QVUO4YY jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 524 pixels)



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