MAD Magazine, 67, Humor And Satire Publication



Arte Johnson, 90, Actor, Comedian, Television And Film

Rip Torn, 88, Actor, Film And Television


Jim Bouton, 80, Pitcher, New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots, Houston Astros And Atlanta Braves And Author Of Ball Four

Lee Iaccoca, 94, Automaker CEO For Ford And Chrysler

Billy Drago,  73, Actor, Film And Television


Gloria Vanderbilt, 95, Fashion Designer

Ross Perot, 89, Business Executive, Billionaire, Reform Party Presidential Candidate

2 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Wow, end of an era!

    The fact that Mad Magazine is dead really sends shivers up my spine. That was a cultural institution, right up there with Life Magazine and the Saturday Evening Post. But I guess there’s no room for a publication like this anymore in America; we’d rather celebrate our foolishness rather than make fun of it.

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    • I think foolishness was normalized with Trump AND de Blasio’s election victory, and currently being displayed brazenly by the Board of Elections with the DA recount

      Truthfully, I thought MAD should have ended awhile ago because most of their writers and artists are gone and retired. But it was really hard to find in local newsstands.

      There is the Onion, but that doesn’t have the same vibe that MAD had. It also has been slacking off a bit lately.

      By the way, did you notice how that Don Martin Fester Bestertester character resembles Bill de Blasio?

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