Happy Birthday To Impunity City


Impunity City is 1 year old today. I have marked this event with the obligatory baked fare and illumination. I would make a wish, but like the blues song says, I ain’t superstitious.

Unfortunately, this momentous occasion has been marred with the re-election of Mayor de Blasio and the first anniversary of the victory of the Irrelevant President Donald J. Trump.

I will not let those things deter me from celebrating though. For I think I achieved quite a lot with this digital publication, which I had tried to start a long time ago but had a bit of trouble expressing my bitter thoughts and repressed rage into print.

Well, it’s been out for a good while and I have a lot of free time on my hands and momentum to keep this going. And recent events and incidents and the lack of effort by the ones that get paid to do the job of informing the public and expressing opinions and analysis has given me more inspiration and frustration.

Thanks to all, frankly the few of you, for checking in. I hope I get better at this to justify this blog’s existence.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Impunity City

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Look forward to another year of TRUTH & REALITY, while exposing the crooks, the bullshit and the nonsense in the NOT-GREATEST City in the world.


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