George A. Romero, Movie Director Of Horror And Macabre, Creator Of The Zombie Genre, Born And Raised In Bronx, N.Y.

They always come back to places familiar to them…

They’re coming to get you, Barbara…


2 thoughts on “Goodnight

  1. Oh damn, I did not hear about any of these deaths. I did not get any of the papers this past Fri-Sat-Sun.

    George was from my hometown of Pittsburgh and where he got his start.



  2. Romero and Landau died hours apart on Sunday,

    Fun Fact about Dawn of the Dead, it was in theaters as long as Star Wars was, just enough time for me to see it as a kid.
    Fun Fact about Creepshow, it was actually a comedy. Leslie Neilsen played a sadistic killer in it.


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