2 thoughts on “Goodnight, Mary Tyler Moore, 80

  1. What a major talent and part of my teenage memories. Never missed an episode of MTM and even left a party to go and watch the finally of MTM. And of course the Dick Van Dyke which I never saw originally but would come home from school and plop down in front of the TV to watch reruns at 4:30pm. Also her little watched show “Mary” which only had 13 episodes and great supporting cast which had an early career performance by Katy Saga who was very funny. Sad watching your childhood and teenage stars leaving this world more and more.


  2. Holy Shit Katey Segal, This came out just before Married with Children too. This show had a lot of potential. Mary’s character here is more experienced and pissed off too. But even back in the 80’s audience’s tastes and desire to be informed was waning.

    Poor Mary, she really was passionate about journalism and working. This was a great find.


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